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    Hello everyone! My name is deathsticker and I wanna make a pokemon fan game. I know there is a lot of work involved and making a game usually requires a team of people. But before I start trying to get people to help me, I have a lot of conceptual groundwork to lay. But, before i get in my questions that some of you can hopefully answer, I'll talk a little more about myself :D

    I have been playing pokemon since I was 4, way back in 1997. My favorite generation is 5th gen (Unova) because I like the philosophical themes represented by the legendary pokemon and team plasma, was as the darker and more serious color palette of the game's artwork. I typically like cute pokemon like Whimsicott or cool pokemon like Lucario or Zeraora.

    I havent played Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon because I had to sell my DS a while back to get some fast cash, but in all honesty after how easy Sun and Moon were, I ddint have a drive to get it. I liked feeling challenged by pokemon games like when I was a kid. So naturally im not too interested in the Let's Go games.

    As for non-pokemon factoids, I attended an art school for 5 years and studied digital illustration, but have fallen off after I decided to switch careers (going into nursing). Despite my departure from art, I would like to get back into it, though a bit more casually, and a pokemon fan game seems like good long term project for me to mess around with. I like to watch TV, play videos games, draw, and hang out with people. I love the sciences, especially biology and psychology as well philosophy. Anything regarding the human mind is of great interest to me.

    Now for tidbits about my project that I have figured out so far.
    - Utilizes a Fairy/Steel/Fighting type trio instead of fire/water/grass
    - Has a darker story that explores the themes of loneliness, abandonment, and the quest for the inner truth.
    - Has fakemon, aiming for about 75 or in total, with real pokemon from the games, though aside from a couple exceptions, I want to avoid 1st gen like the plague. Ive seen those pokemon so many times it has become boring for me and im about to make some enemies here, but i think they are kinda boring too.
    - Due to secret plot events, I plan on having alternate typing for some pokemon from the actual games. My plan is for them to retain their primary type in most instances, altering the secondary type, or adding a secondary type to pokemon who normally have a solo type.
    -I have the beginning of the story more or less fleshed out

    Development of the game will obviously require a lot of art (I hope for it to look at least as good Pokemon Ragnarok, a fan game i am still eagerly waiting for even though it is basically on an unannounced hiatus). But my main concern is any and all things coding. I have zero knowledge for coding and quite honestly dont have the patience to learn, especially since I begin nursing school soon.
    I dont know which rom is the best to use, which features are possible, the processing limitations, or any of that. So I have some questions, mainly about features I want to add to my game and I will likely come across more later on.

    For now, these are my main questions:

    Would creating a trainer level system that increases catch rate based on pokedex completion be difficult? What about pokemon bonuses based on an overhauled friendship system? I don't like EV's or IV's so i would to figure out some alternative way to get those numerical values added to the stats.

    How hard is it to add mega evolution?

    Can I make the games work like Sun/Moon where moves arent required to traverse the world and solve puzzles?

    What kinds of graphics limitations are there for the roms? Is it possible to increase the total resolution of the game? how hard would that be?

    Thank you for taking the time to read this, if anyone has any questions for me, let me know! I'm happy to answer anything :D
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    Hopefully you've been browsing the fan game area for those questions, definitely better than asking here since the fan game creators are more present in those areas =) Welcome deathsticker! Much luck on your project and I hope you'll ask us if you're not sure of where to post and etc. :>

    pair family mal llsif bandori ffxiv art
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      That sounds cool.
      And in my opinion you should spend some time learning to script and other stuff as they are the main components of a hack. Best of luck for making the hack! You can read diegoisawesome's scripting tutorial.
      Btw, welcome to PC!

      Name: Swellow
      Adopt one yourself! @Pokémon Orphanage
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