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Posted August 12th, 2020
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Hello and I wanted to make a conversion on all of these overworld sprites of R/S/E npcs and playable characters to FR/LG style and finally they're fully made, though some of the npc color's are just borrowed for their original ones and maybe I could corrected that in the future somehow. Here it is:



Brendan & May:

Emerald variant:

OR/AS variant:

They're all free to use(credit if you like) since my purpose is to create a resource for the hoenn ones and to prevent sprite clashing if anyone wanted to make a another Gen 3 style game and more fitting like the Gen 4 did.

Well the playable ones also had some additional sprites to make it compatible to FR/LG's. The gym leaders are based to BW2 sprites some main NPC's are more based on the source artworks and also added some additional sprites for extra purposes. although there are some latest ones on newer generations so please appreciate these classic designs at least.


Extended FR/LG player's mother OW's

Extended FR/LG player's OW(hoenn based)

Special Thanks:
Spriter's resource for the sprites provided there.(you'll might notice it)
Game Freak for all of it's sprites and designs.
Kalarie for the ow references made.
And all pokecommunity discord for help there.
If someone i didn't mention above please let me know and have a great day!



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Wow, really well done!
These will be a great resource for fangame devs to use! Good job!👍