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    The lakeside town of Shessalie Sunday July 1st, X784

    Overlooking Lake Cellis, Shessalie is a small town at the upper edge of Central Atria, its population only around 1,300 people. Its people have mostly lived a simple, self-sufficient life thanks to the bounty of the land around them, but it's begun to grow ever since the Burgess and Sons mining company established a presence there, and the town has slowly started progressing into the modern age. Most of the buildings are still completely made of wood and connected by dirt paths, but now most have basic things like electricity and indoor plumbing.

    Docks line the lakeside for the many boats crossing the lake, either for fishing, or to cut across to the mountains that house the mining operations. The town itself is unremarkable, but houses various craftsmen like the blacksmith and carpenter, and has services like an inn and a bathhouse. There are a couple cafes and restaurants, and even a recently opened shop for magic and magitech, though its selection is rather scarce. At the town's center is a fountain, this being where the townspeople congregate for the yearly festival at the end of autumn.

    Standing out from the rest of the town is the Burgess building, doubling as both a villa for the Burgess family and the headquarters for its operations in the town. the building is several times larger than any of the town's native homes, and has been gradually expanding. It serves as a permanent home for the servants who live there and Sarah Burgess, first daughter of the Burgess family.

    The nearest train station is at a town about a day away by carriage, but construction on Shessalie's own rail is underway.

    But of course, you haven't come for any of this. You're here for that building sitting atop a hill on the outskirts of town with a golden logo emblazoned on its sign: Phoenix Nest.

    The fledgling guild, Phoenix Nest


    The guild hall inside seemed to be set up like a tavern or restaurant, with tables in the main area and a bar in the back. The expensive-looking bottles lining the shelf behind the bar were a sharp contrast to the rickety-looking wood that made up the rest of the hall. A bulletin board labelled "Job Board" was posted off to the side with various papers pinned on it.

    On one side of the hall was a staircase leading up. Not much could be seen about the second floor from the first. The same could be said about the downward staircase on the opposite side of the room. And in the center of it all stood a small group of people, some of whom might be familiar faces.

    "Welcome, everyone, to what I hope you'll see as your new home!" Called the figure in the middle of the group, dressed in a simple robe. His long, gray hair was silky smooth and made in a braid that draped over his shoulder, reaching down to his waist. His face was narrow, his features soft, and his expression was comforting. Together with his calm voice he gave off a motherly aura, that voice being the only thing that made it clear he was born a man.

    "Or if not a home, at least just a place you can find comfort in," he added with a chuckle. "For those of you who don't know me, I am Myeloch Latare, great saint fallen from grace if the media is to be believed. But I don't think my past should matter here, nor should any of yours if you don't want it to. Here you can start fresh.

    Oh, and don't worry about any sort of entrance test. You're all in, if you want to be! Of course, it's not like I'm letting just anyone in, but considering the circumstances I've set up wards around the place that prevent anyone who'd harm the guild or its members from entering! And if anyone like that does make it in, these same wards will make sure they're swiftly dealt with. Though not dealt with in that way, I assure you I don't make a habit of hurting people!" Yet another lighthearted chuckle, though it didn't erase the weight of his previous words.

    "Unfortunately, I'm...uh... not actually here." He gave an apologetic look and a bit of nervous laughter. "Due to my... situation, the council has me on something of a leash. I'm speaking through a thought projection right now, which I can conjure up to talk to you all anytime! If you need to speak to me, you can ring this bell," he gestured to a crystal bell on the bar counter, "and if you'd rather speak in private I have another bell in my office. But don't worry! The other members will be more than happy to help, and in an emergency I can teleport here right away! Now..."

    He gave the floor to the rest of the group, who introduced themselves.

    “I’m Lina, Myeloch’s daughter!” The energetic young girl announced proudly. “I’ll be the one giving the grand tour! Well, as grand as it gets when the place looks like this, hehe. Don’t judge though, I did my best building it.” She was a petite girl with surprisingly bright eyes, considering their dull grey color. Her olive-colored skin was smooth, and her wavy red hair was cut just below the chin, the top tucked under a newsboy cap. She wore a button-up blouse, a skirt, and a tall pair of combat boots. She looked to be in her mid-teens, maybe 16.

    "I'm Sarah," said the next member in a tired voice. She looked much older than Lina, somewhere in her late-twenties. "Like the man said, don't worry about who I am outside the guild. Here, I kinda do a bit of everything. Receptionist, chef, bartender, you name it. I asked boss man for something to do and he gave it to me. I'll be the one to give you your guild marks, so just come to me when you're ready to commit." Her brown hair was tied in a ponytail, with a fringe covering one of her light-brown eyes. Her skin was pale, her dress was drab, and the rest of her was remarkably average.

    "I'm Boriel, I guess the guild's only S-class wizard right now," spoke the next one. He was a gruff man, maybe a bit older than Sarah. "That being the case, I'll probably be on jobs most of the time, but if you catch me while I'm here I'll help you out with whatever you need. Well, if its something I can help with I mean." He was easily taller than everyone in that group, packed with lean muscle and his tanned skin covered in scars. His long, messy black hair and stubble gave off a slovenly vibe for which his golden eyes seemed far too pretty. His outfit consisted of a plain shirt and pants, an open longcoat, and lots of seemingly random belts, all in black.

    "Aaaaaand saving the best for last, I'm Rowan!" The scarlet-haired young man next to Boriel spouted, harmlessly punching the shoulder of the gruff wizard. "I'll be making sure the old man here isn't lonely when I skyrocket to the position of Phoenix Nest's best wizard!" He announced. Everyone in attendance thought for a moment they could actually physically feel the confidence and warmth rolling off of him.The young boy standing next to Rowan was lightly bouncing on the balls of his feet, apparently requiring every ounce of restraint he had to hold in his excitement until then when Rowan leaned down and laid a hand on his shoulder. "And this is my little bro-"

    "I'm Patileer! Pat for short!" The boy burst out, interrupting his big brother and finally actively bouncing up and down as his garbled mess of an introduction escaped his mouth. "It'ssonicetomeetyouallandIcan'twaittobebestfriendsforeverrrrrrrr! And I'm going to be Phoenix Nest's next best wizard after my brother!" He finished, putting his hands proudly on his hips and puffing out his little chest.

    "Alright everyone," Lina called, "once you've gotten your marks you can follow me!"

    The first floor of the guild hall is mostly just what's been described above. A door behind the bar leads to the kitchen.

    On the second floor are several rooms for housing guild members with nowhere to go. The rooms are small and completely empty save for a small bed, so anybody who can afford to would probably be better off finding lodging in town. A few of the rooms already belong to people. The second floor also has a library containing a number of useful books for learning and improving one's magic, several of them written by Myeloch himself. A staircase in the library leads up to Myeloch's office, that has a crystal bell and a board of S-class jobs.

    The basement floor is a training area with various magically-operated facilities. These include: practice battlefield that can be shaped to the user's whims with an earth magic lacrima embedded in the wall; a first-aid station with a healing lacrima; a teleportation ring that leads to a hot spring on the mountain, also protected by wards; and a metal magic lacrima for creating training dummies of varying hardness. All of these lacrima are supplied ether remotely by Myeloch, so they can be used to your heart's content.

    Main Story

    You've gone on Lina's grand tour and, whether or not you've found yourself disappointed, the fact remains that it pales in comparison to more established guilds. Nowhere is this more evident than the job board, where every request is along the lines of "Find my lost cat!" or "My stove is broken, please help!" with equally pitiful rewards.

    For now, you can either get to know your new guildmates, or check out the town. Or maybe you want to go ahead and take advantage of the guild's resources.

    And who knows? Maybe while you're keeping busy something exciting will happen?

    I'll put something cool here eventually.
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      Faye Aubrey

      Female | 18 | Wizard/Touched

      A JP post with Sephear part 1

      “I’m leaving.” Faye said with a somewhat higher tone than she usually spoke with as she stood at the door. It was time for her to leave the ordinary, two story cottage she lived in with her father. Of course she would have to go downstairs first and through the store of her father if she actually wanted to go outside towards the big, angry world.

      “Okay, dear. Please don’t forget the lunch box I made you!” A slightly slender man with a manly beard on his face came running towards her. In his hands was a small, cute package wrapped in a dark green cloth. Before he actually handed his daughter this cute little package, he leaped in to give her a warm hug.

      “I’m so proud of you. I will always be so very proud of you. Take care and come back home anytime.” he spoke. He waited a few more second before letting Faye go and pushed the lunch package in Faye’s tiny hands. “Off I go then. Thanks for everything, Dad.” Faye’s facial expression didn’t change much but it was enough for her old man to understand that she was trying to smile at him.

      Faye closed the door gently behind her and walked down the stairs. Before leaving the cottage completely, she took one more look around her. She had already stocked herself with enough lacrima stones for her weapons, yet she felt the urge to bring a little more from her father’s shop. She was going to be on her own now. A feeling that made her both excited but also very lonely. She was fearing what would become of her, she was going to a whole new town after all. One she had never even heard of nonetheless. Completely lost in thought and caught off guard, her father appeared behind her. “Here, take a few more. Just in case.” he said as he filled her pockets with two more lacrima wind stones. “T-Thanks, Dad…” Faye’s facial expression, again, didn’t change much but it was once again enough for her father to understand her gratefulness. She was his daughter after all. His only child and his pride. He couldn’t possibly not worry about her.

      Faye reached out her hand to the doorknob, for a second she was almost changing her mind, almost. Before she knew it, the door was already open. Her body apparently had already decided that this was the path she was going to walk. She was going to become a full fledged wizard and was going to join a guild in order to become one. A small piece inside her had also decided on this because her father seemed to like the idea so very much but that was enough to motivate the young Faye. There she went, heading out to the town of Shessalie, to join a guild with the name “Phoenix Nest”

      Upon arriving in the town of Shessalie, she could already see some people making their way in the direction of a steady Hill. On top of that was a building with golden letters saying “Phoenix Nest”. Of course those people were going to join that guild then. Hopefully Faye was not too late as it seemed to be busy, or so she thought. In actuality many of these people seemed to be heading towards town instead. So much for a busy guild but that didn’t matter to Faye. Something or rather someone she was interested in was the wizard supposedly leading this guild, Myeloch Latare. Upon walking inside the building, she found around 7-9 other wizards poking around. The main centre of attention was a slender old man and a small lady that claimed to be his daughter. Of course Faye had already met her before but it was still quite surprising that this old man had such a young daughter. It was almost unbelievable even. A few other wizard introduced themselves. A wizard with the name Boriel, a younger wizard yet still visibly older than Faye, with the name Rowan and a small boy with the name Patileer. It was a cunning name that Faye had never heard of before. She didn’t show any interest at all if you had to guess that from just looking at her face but she was in fact interested in the many new people here.

      After the small tour, Faye wasn’t disappointed but also not very excited about this building either. It was pale in comparison if you looked the other guild’s building that Faye had seen in magazines and such. Yet she felt like it could have the makings for a cosy guild. Faye decided to go upstairs after the tour and claimed a room that she believed wasn’t claimed yet. She unpacked the few things she had brought and readied the money she had gotten from her father to liven the room up. Faye was not much for furniture but she did feel like she could buy some better sheets and pillows.

      “No way!” A voice whined loud enough for Faye to hear before even leaving her room. “Now the the guild’s open I should be able to go on a job all by myself, right? Myeloch said they were all simple jobs! I bet he’d let Lina go on one by herself.” It was the youngest of Phoenix Nest’s founding members who had greeted the new entrants earlier, apparently having a disagreement with his older brother.

      “That’s because Lina’s not a kid, she’s a teenager and she’s mature for her age, too. She’s been doing odd jobs around town since before construction even started on the hall.” Rowan replied slightly scoldingly. “What have you done to prove you can be responsible?”

      “I helped Sarah stock the shelves! And I helped her move some boxes and paper, too!”

      “Didn’t you spill one of the bottles and hand her a bunch of the wrong papers?”

      “...Think you’re so smart just because you’re the big brother super wizard...jerk.” Young Patileer sulked so hard it almost seemed as if the air around him physically darkened. Thankfully the strange sight lasted only as long as it took Rowan to roughly ruffle his hair.

      “Aww, c’mon. Is it really that bad to have your big bro around on your first job?” Rowan asked, smiling apologetically.

      Pat’s pout waned and all the air he’d been holding in to puff up his face in an attempt to look mad whooshed right out of him, almost causing him to lose his balance. “Fiiiine. But you better not do everything for me! I wanna do a job like a real guild wizard!”

      Rowan’s smile became a smirk as he straightened up and playfully slapped Pat’s shoulder. “Wouldn’t dream of it, squirt! Jobs like that are beneath wizards of my calibre. When I save a cat from a tree or help an old lady across the street it’s because I’m awesome and it’s the write thing to do - plus cats are cute - not for the pittance these kinds of jobs pay.”

      Faye had heard all the noise from the new room that she settled in. As the curious person that she was, she went downstairs to find the two brothers fighting. They had introduced themselves just a little while ago but it was still refreshing to see them fight. It did feel like they were close. “A… cat?” Faye whispered to herself. She didn’t know the job system here so this would be a perfect opportunity to let these two show her how it works.

      “Uhm, would you…” Faye started but she hadn’t chosen her next words yet. “I heard you’re…” Faye’s expressionless face made it hard to figure out what she was actually thinking. Faye was not a shy person, everything but that but she was lacking in communication skill when it came to talking to people. While she was thinking too much about what they would say, her mouth had already chosen it’s next words.

      “I would like to accompany you on this job.”

      Faye was a woman of not many words, which had always bothered her slightly but she simply never knew what to say. This case was not any different. Even now she would fall into the depths of her mind, wondering if they would find her weird for not explaining more thoroughly why she wanted to join them.

      Pat began to bounce with excitement again. “Okay! Oh wow! Finally -” Rowan interrupted him by pressing down lightly on his head and smiling welcomingly at Faye.

      “We’d be glad to have you along, any member of Phoenix Nest is a friend of ours.” He explained. “But we haven’t picked a job yet, I was just giving some examples. He held a hand out in the direction of the job board near the bar. “You’re more than welcome to pick one out for the three of us and we’d be glad to accompany you. First, though...You probably already heard ours but might I ask your name, miss…?”

      Rowan’s words made Faye a little a shy. She coughed away her discomfort and looked them right in the eyes with her hazel colored viewers. “I-I’m Faye. Faye Aubrey.” She said with an unbelievable straight poker face as she made her way to the bulletin board. “Then how about this one.” Faye didn’t even look as she just aimlessly pulled a note from the bulletin board. “Cat stuck in tree. Help.” She read and showed the piece of paper to the boys. That’s when it suddenly occurred to her what she had just read and took the paper away from their view. “U-Uhmmm…”

      Rowan smirked good naturedly and Pat blurted out his response. “Wow, your name is as pretty as you are! And you’re funny, too!”

      “A winning combination if ever there was.” Rowan agreed with a slight chuckle before leaning closer to Faye and gently grabbing the posted job from her. “No need to be nervous, gorgeous. The quiet types have their own kind of appeal.” He teased with a slightly exaggerated wink, folding the paper into a little airplane. Sarah was arranging a few things over at the bar and he would not miss his opportunity.

      Faye wasn’t much for expressions but this did throw her off her comfortable stick. “U-Uhm…” was all she could blatter out.

      Pat watched in childish awe as Rowan kissed the tip of his own finger and pressed the finger against the paper plane, causing a glowing heart to appear on it with no signs of ink and the air around it to fill with a rosy aroma. He threw the plane and it glided smoothly, landing perfectly on the counter in front of Sarah just as she turned back around to scan the guild hall. “We’re off on a job, love.” He called to her. “Keep an eye on the kids while I’m gone, aye?”

      Sarah rolled her eyes, already entirely too used to Rowan’s antics but all the same she couldn’t resist a small smile. She waved him away in mock disgust as she took the plane and unfolded it to properly file it away.

      “Byyyyeeeee Sarah!” Pat shouted. “Bye, everyone else!” He continued, waving to everyone still in the hall. “Have a good first day!” And just like that, he was off, running out the main entrance without stopping to think about the fact that he was the only one who hadn’t even actually looked at the job they were taking.

      Rowan rolled his eyes much like Sarah and smiled apologetically at Faye again. “Sorry, he’s always like that. His energy will burn out enough to realize he’s got no idea where to go before he gets too far. Shall we, Faye?” He asked. Taking a few steps towards the door out of the hall.

      Faye watched the whole drama unfold before her eyes is dissarey. “Ugh… you’re that kind of man.” she whispered quietly, feeling flustered still all the same. Her eye twitched as she tried to shrug off this conflicted feeling. It was obvious, seeing as how Sarah reacted, that this was normal for him. She sighed and followed Rowan outside. “You do realize that that you’re the bad example here?” She told Rowan as she went ahead of him. She had no idea what their magic was but she would find out soon enough. Looking at Rowan made her feel slightly uneasy so she decided to just not look at him. The little Pat, however, was kind of cute.

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      A Job Well Done

      “Oh, you think so?” Rowan confirmed with another lighthearted chuckle. “You’re missing a little context there but still, if you think so that means you have a good discerning eye. Looks like we found a responsible new guildmate.”

      Faye ignored what Rowan said for her own good. “I think the note said it was in the town center. I haven’t walked around town yet. Do you mind taking us there?” Faye asked the little Pat. The urge to pat his head was there.

      “Yeah!” Pat agreed, his eyes practically sparkling. He spread his arms as if they were wings and ran happily towards Shessalie’s fountain, the town’s only real landmark. By the time the older wizards caught up he was circling the fountain happily, at one particular moment Pat hopped from the cobblestone path onto the side of the fountain and then back down again and Faye could swear that she saw a flower up out from between two stones when Pat’s feet left the ground.

      “This fountain’s been here since this town was just a couple of houses out in the countryside if what I’ve been told is right. The place doesn’t have a lot of history but what there is to find is nearly all right here.” Rowan explained. It was a nice fountain. Smooth, well-shaped stone, clean, the water flowing through it looked perfectly pure and even drinkable but like the rest of the town, it was otherwise rather plain. Patileer finally slowed down and stopped next to Rowan, looking to him for directions. “Alright, guys.” Rowan began. “I’m just here as a chaperone, I’m not supposed to be doing any jobs for any of the newer folks right now, so what are ya’ll thinking of to find this cat?”

      “Maybe if we meow loud enough it will meow back at us?” Pat proposed.

      “Sorry buddy, maybe if we were shapeshifters but all you’d be likely to do with that plan is annoy the neighbors.” Rowan shot him down.

      “I think that would be rather cute instead,” Faye whispered to herself again but coughed at her own clueless words. It was like Rowan said, other than the fountain this town was everything but a high-end city. It brought back some memories from her hometown, however, the happy memories would soon turn into the sad ones before she left with her father for the big city. Faye tried to shrug off this feeling once again, it was all she literally did every day.

      Faye thought back about the question Rowan had asked. What could she do to find this cat? Faye thought hard and raised a finger to her lips. Faye's magic was darkness magic so it wasn’t really useful for finding things. She did have learned to look at the shadows of her surroundings. Fate hastily looked around on the floor around her near trees. She couldn’t see anything out of the ordinary, unfortunately.

      “Meow.” Faye blurted out as she held a flat hand to the side of her mouth to make her sound louder. “Meow” she repeated as she walked around a little bit more. She just thoughtlessly decided to go ahead with Pat’s idea. Though it wasn’t as Faye expected that the cat would meow back at her. She wasn’t looking inside the trees either. As Faye walked around more she heard some rustling from a tree next to them, also a tail moving swiftly judging from the shadows on the ground. “I think it’s that tree.” Faye spoke as she pointed at the tree with another expressionless face but it was comical after the situation just now.

      “Oooh, oh!” Pat blurted out, stopping next to Faye and looking up at the tree. “There’s a lot of frustration up there! A little fear, too, more since we got here.” He saw a pair of pale amber eyes looking down at them from the cover of the leaves. “Kitty! Here kitty! It’s okay, we’ll protect you!” The cat’s head poked out of the leaves and it looked down at them, it leaned forward like it was preparing to jump down but backed up at the last moment. The jump was just too far down for it to go and it wasn’t about to trust some strangers to catch it. Pat’s eyes teared up almost immediately upon the cat recoiling, and the air around him grew a bit colder and damp. “Please, kitty? We’d never hurt you, we love cats!”

      Faye looked at goosebumps on her arms as Pat was getting more sad. The cold air around her made her even more visibly confused. “What the…” Faye squinted her eyes at the cat and watched its behaviour rather than Pat’s.

      As if in response to Pat’s worsening mood the cat’s hackles lifted and its fur fluffed up slightly in fear. It hissed at the young boy and that was enough to force a sob out of him. Rowan looked around them suspiciously, on guard for something nobody else could guess at. When the cat only seemed even more reluctant to move Pat’s sadness at not being trusted was overtaken by frustration. The air warmed and a breeze began to pick up. Patileer pouted so hard and screwed his face up so much he looked as if he’d just drank pure essence of sour and he stamped his foot. “Kitty get down from there right now!” As if on cue a powerful gust of wind blew from next to the tree, weaved through the leaves as if they weren’t even there and shoved the cat right off its branch with a yowl.

      Faye almost immediately responded with a cloud of darkness made from her fingertips at the area she guessed the cat would fall. The cat landed a little to the side of the soft looking cloud but the cat was okay nonetheless. Faye looked at Pat, wondering what his power was. “Look, Pat. He got down safely, no need to be sad anymore.” she told the little guy, she could have thrown some kind of feeling into that but hey… What is empathy, right?

      The burst of anger seemed to have left Pat as quick as it had shown up and he beamed at the sight of the cat touching the ground safely.

      The whole magic gust stroke a nerve. Was he able to control the weather or something? That sounds like quite a dangerous kind of magic. “We finished the job, now what?” Faye asked the slightly older her wizard.

      Before answering, Rowan turned his attention to the cat, which was backed into a corner by the tree, staring at the wizards with panic in its eyes at the strange circumstances of how it had come to leave the tree. Rowan stepped closer and knelt down near the cat, holding his hand out, palm up and just out of reach of its claws. The cat stared at his hand for a few seconds, hackles still raised. Then, inch by inch the cat drew closer and began to sniff his hand. When the little ritual finished Rowan very slowly began to rub his fingers against its chin, the cat pressed into him and he pets it more properly before finally scooping it up.

      The little furball was a mass of purring and relief and if Rowan’s smile was any indication he felt much the same. In fact, Faye didn’t just see the gladness and warmth on his face, it was almost as if she could feel it brushing against her own mind likes waves on a shore. “Now we bring this little guy home, I’m sure his family must miss him. Thankfully I recognized the name on the poster, I’ve become acquainted with quite a few of the townsfolk since Pat and I came here.”

      The sensation of the warmth coming from Rowan made Faye feel a little uneasy yet quite warm inside herself. Watching the cat cuddle up to Rowan reminded her that if her cloud had been just a little bit more off, the cat would’ve come to his end due to Faye’s inability. She was filled with insecurities about her own affinity. “That cloud was so much smaller than I intended it to be…” she thought to herself. It was another sign she could not control her power well.

      “That was awesome, Faye!” The younger brother interrupted, running over and hugging the young woman around her shoulders. “You saved the kitty!” Next, he jumped over to Rowan and began scratching between the cat's ears, which it certainly had no complaints about.

      Faye was left thunderstruck after Pat’s little hug. She was absolutely not used to this kind of behaviour. She was filled with more warmth. Though the feeling of unease wouldn’t go away. Why was that? Was it even unease? It was a feeling Faye couldn’t describe anyway. The more she got involved with these two the more curious she got about their magic too. Whatever it was, it was something interesting. Faye went against her own will and took a glimpse of Rowan’s face, he smiled slightly as he stroke his fingers through the fur of the little creature. Faye sighed and looked away from both brothers, while her cheeks turned slightly rosy.

      “In that case, you know where this cat lives then?” Faye asked Rowan. The moment Faye wanted to come closer, the cat started hissing again. “Okay, maybe not…” Faye decided. She didn’t want to make the cat feel even more uneasy. It did make her a little sad that the cat didn’t want her to come close and Faye couldn’t help but wonder why.

      “Don’t worry, it’s a bit of a walk, you’ll have time to get him to like you,” Rowan assured her. “All you have to do is relax a bit. Animals tend to be much more empathetic than most humans. Regardless of whether you chalk it up to a sixth sense, their sharpened primal senses letting them do things like smell fear or whatever, a lot of animals can sense when people are uneasy towards them. Cats especially tend to be like emotional mirrors, they often react with the same kind of feelings they sense from a person. In short, if you’re afraid of the cat, they’ll be afraid of you.” He began to lead the way towards the cat’s home but slowed himself down to stay next to Faye and keep her in reach of the cat. “If you approach a cat with patience, confidence, and friendliness, more often than not they’ll act the same way towards you. Especially if you let them get a good sniff of your hand before you try to touch them~” He finished, holding the cat slightly towards the girl, which brought another pout out of Pat when the cat was out of his own reach.

      Faye was silent for a while. So cat’s were able to feel how she was really feeling? Well that’s inconvenient. Faye slowly reached out her hand to the cat while trying her hardest to think about nothing. It was really hard though as there was always some sort of insecurity but the cat accepted. He sniffed her hand and allowed Faye to pet him. Faye eagerly took the opportunity and scratched his ears thoughtfully. While her face was still expressionless, there was this warm fuzzy feeling Faye had inside. She was happy at least the cat accepted her.

      “ Thank you…” Faye said really quietly. It was obvious she didn’t want to repeat those words though.

      Rowan simply smiled wide again and said nothing.

      “And here you are, Mrs. Nelson!” Rowan announced as the door to the house opened before the trio of wizards. The…ahem hefty woman who stepped forward squealed with delight and held out her arms, catching the cat when it excitedly jumped out of Rowan’s grasp and into hers.

      “Oh! Th-th-thank you so much, mister Hoskel...I don’t know what to say!” She looked back into the house over her shoulder and shouted. “Norman! Norman, Leonard is back! Get the children!”

      “Oh, don’t thank me, miss.” Rowan began to correct her. “All I did was carry little Lenny back here.” He stepped aside to reveal Faye hiding behind him and forced her to reveal her shyness head-on, pushing her softly towards Mrs. Nelson. “This young lady was the one who really saved your precious fuzzball. Faye here is one of Phoenix Nest’s new wizards! She just started today, this is her first job and she’s the one who caught Lenny when he fell out of the tree he was stuck in.”

      Pat pushed at Rowan with a huff. “Hey, I helped too! I wa-mph!” His voice was muffled by Rowan’s hand covering his face and forcing him to stand behind his big brother, out of sight for Faye’s moment.

      Faye didn’t know what to do and her usual expressionless face turned just slightly into one with a little bit of expression. One of a panicking person at least. “I-It wasn’t just me! Little Pat here helped too…” Faye said but apparently, it was too quiet for the woman to hear. “Oh thank you so much!” The woman clasped her hands while Faye just shyly looked at Rowan, hoping he would step in… but of course, he wouldn’t do that. This was probably way too funny for him. “Y-You’re welcome…” Faye spoke softly while looking at her feet.

      Rowan stepped forward before Mrs. Nelson could get too far ahead of herself and cleared his throat. “With that done, we should get going. Sorry we can’t stay for dinner, but now that the guild is finally officially open we’ve got to have all our new members ready in the evening for the...festivities.” He tried not to let too much mirth bleed into his mention of plans for the night but some slipped through anyway. He tugged just lightly enough on Faye’s shoulder for Mrs. Nelson to take the hint and let go of her hands. “Just make sure Sarah gets the reward so she can give us our payment and we’re all square, have a good night~”

      “Yes, yes of course!” Nina Nelson agreed. “Norman will be over with the fee soon, thank you again!”

      Faye sighed in relief. Rowan really saved her there. Faye was a little awkward when it came to sudden interactions that she couldn’t prepare herself for. What a strange first day this was.

      “Wooo!” Pat cut off the farewell, raising his arms and cheering. “First job complete!” He ran in a short circle, his excitement almost making it seem like he was glowing. He grabbed Faye’s hand and pulled her in the direction of Phoenix Nest’s hall while Rowan looked on with amusement. “C’mon Faye! Let’s go tell everyone we’re real guild wizards now! Ah, I can’t wait to see what Sarah makes for dinner tonight!”

      Faye was surprised when Pat grabbed her hand but was soon at ease. She had gotten a little used to Pat by now. He was just a child after all. “Maybe this isn’t so bad after all.” Faye thought. The people here were kind and they didn’t seem to notice any difference in Faye’s appearance from a normal regular human. Faye reached with her hand towards the top of her head, right where her small horns were supposed to be and rubbed her hair more around so it was not accidentally visible. She was hoping everyone in the guild was as kind as Rowan and Pat were.

      Back in the building of Phoenix’s Nest, Faye turned to both Pat and Rowan. “Thank you for accompanying me today.” she said coldly but did bow down out of respect. “I have claimed a room upstairs and will be staying in this building.” Faye slowly came back up. I came from the city so I don’t have any connections here.”

      “Nothing wrong with that,” Rowan assured her. “Neither do we, besides what little we’ve made since Boriel brought us here. We’re orphans, so we totally get it!”

      Pat nodded vigorously. “Or at least, we were! Now Boriel’s family...and Myeloch and Lina and Sarah all feel more like family every day!” For once a thought popped into Pat’s head that actually made him a tad bashful, looking at his feet. That still didn’t stop it from escaping his lips. “Maybe someday...all of Phoenix Nest can be like a big family…” Rowan pat Pat on top of the head and the little guy jumped, apparently not realizing he’d spoken out loud. “Eep!” His cheeks blossomed with the flush of embarrassment and the air around him grew noticeably hazy as if trying to hide him from sight. “I-I-I I mean I just hope everyone gets along becauseit’simportantforteamworkinaguildandohmygoshohmygosh.” Without another word, Pat pulled the hood of the cloak he’d stolen from Roran over his head and ran straight to the brothers’ shared room, the cloud of mist following him the entire way.

      Rowan chuckled heartily after Pat was out of earshot. “Ah, what a sweet boy...too busy trying to be like me to even realize what a hopeless romantic he is...I can’t wait to see what kind of man he becomes when he grows up. Of course, first I’ve still got plenty of growing of my own to do. The path to world’s greatest wizard can’t be a short one, after all! All the greatest wizards we have right now are old farts for a reason!” That one actually got a laugh out of Sarah, who’d overheard from the bar. “Glad you liked it, gorgeous! Just...don't tell Boriel I said that, aye?”

      Faye crossed her arms and shook her head in disapproval. “At least he isn’t a hopeless flirt like his brother is.” Faye commented with her straight expressionless face. It would probably be taken as teasing even though Faye was quite serious about that, Pat would grow up a good man the way he is now. “There is no woman that’s going to be fooled by that behaviour.” Faye continued. “I hope so at least…” Faye turned away from Rowan and watched the people that were occasionally walking by. It was quite a sight to see.

      “...I’m going to do some sightseeing and train afterwards. I’m not going to be the world’s greatest wizard but I want to at least be able to make my father proud.” Faye made her way towards the door while waving with her right hand. “Thanks again for today. I won’t forget this favor.”

      Once outside Faye stood still and kept wondering. “Orphans…?” Faye repeated quietly. Faye was a quite surprised to hear that from the two brothers. There was this sudden heavy feeling that Faye felt in her chest just thinking about it. She grew up without a mother which had troubled her for years and even now while she’s become an adult, it sometimes bothers her still. She doesn’t know whether her mother is still alive or what has become of her. Even so, she still had her father that she could rely on. He raised her the best he could. Rowan and Pat had neither. They probably grew up without a father or mother they could rely on. Even though Faye is not very good with empathy, she did feel sorry for them. “At least they have this fella… Boriel?” Faye’s eyes drifted towards the sky and watched the clouds flying by. She had only just noticed how beautiful the weather today was.

      That’s when something occurred to Faye. It was such a beautiful day. Where did that gust of wind from earlier come from then? And why was it suddenly getting damp and cold at that time too? Faye started thinking more and more about it. She knew it probably had to do something with Pat’s magic but the curiosity she had in it kept growing. She also just remembered herself that she never saw Rowan use his magic other than that time he was teasing Sarah. It confused her. She had never seen anything like it.

      Faye shook her head. “I’ll try to figure that out at a later time I guess.” she told herself and put both of her hands behind her head as she walked off in the direction of the town.

      "Ever looking forward, ever thinking back. Everywhere you've been, everyone you've met was another step on your path, shaping your future even as they become part of your past. One must never discount the pieces that have made up your journey until now but to lose yourself in them would be equally great folly, instead let them hoist you up, carry you on until you find the strength to walk for yourself. So it is that I continue towards that endless horizon. Ever thinking back, ever marching forward, inexorable as the history that brought me down this road. This Lonesome Road."
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      Primilla and Patileer

      Falling Into You

      Primilla wandered lazily up the stairs, not in any real rush. She could have afforded to rent a place in town easily enough with the money she had saved, especially if her parents chipped in, but the thing about money was that you’d cease to have it if you spent it. She’d be perfectly happy in whatever Phoenix Nest provided as long as it was clean and had a comfortable enough bed.

      Finding herself in a hallway dotted by several doors, Primilla was left with a dilemma. Which room did she want? She supposed they were all much the same. Whistling to herself, she closed her eyes and swung a pointed finger up and down the hall. Opening after thirty seconds, she made her way to the door she found herself aiming at. Opening it and strolling in.

      The room wasn’t bad at all. A queen-sized bed dominated the centre of the small room, a small wooden chest for storage at its foot. Along the right wall stood some simple wooden cabinet and on the left an empty closet with its door hanging open.

      “I thought they said the rooms would be pretty much empty. This is great!” Prim said happily, flopping comfortably onto the bed, ignoring that she’d left the door wide open.

      Upon leaving Faye, Rowan and Pat were heading towards the live-in rooms when Pat tugged on his big brother’s shoulder and sped up a little bit. “Come on! Now that we finished our first job it’s time for some rest! I’m gonna go take a nap!”

      Your first job.” Rowan corrected Pat, halting them both. “And we barely even did anything on that job, if you’re that ready to slack off you’ll never learn anything.”

      “But I-”

      “Can always do some more later, fine, fine. Just make it a short nap, I’m gonna go get some practice in.” Rowan finished.

      “Okay!” Pat agreed heartily, zooming off without a moment’s hesitation. He ran all the way back to the room he and Rowan shared full throttle, failing to even notice that the door was already wide open despite Rowan having gone elsewhere and diving straight onto the bed...and the person he hadn’t realized was there.

      Primilla was unceremoniously jarred from her daydreaming by the impact of another person jumping on top of her. She yelped with shock, flailing about underneath her assailant until they shifted their weight enough that she could get her arms under them and shove them off of her.

      “The hell?!” she accused, leaping to her feet on the bed, in a fight-or-flight position, legs flexed and arms wide and forward ready to grapple the attacker if they were making another move. Upon seeing the figure now on the floor though, she froze in place with her head cocked to the side. “The kid?”

      “Owwwwie!” The lump groaned, straightening itself back into the shape of Patileer and rubbing the sore spot on his head. “I don’t remember the bed ever being so lumpy...or bouncy, it felt like it hit me when I-” His eyes made their way up to the top of the bed and he froze. “Eep! W-why are you in my room?” He asked, now sounding less hurt and more curious, trying to blink a tear out of his eye.

      “Your room?” Prim said, jumping down from the bed to land in a crouch next to the kid. Her head remained cocked to the side but dropping the reactionary posture.

      “Yes, my room...well, our room, mine and my big brother’s.” Pat responded, now resolutely pouting. “We’ve been here for a long time already. We even have a bigger bed than the other rooms because we have to share until I grow up a bit more…”

      “Oh… uh… whoops?” Prim offered sheepishly, jumping up to her feet and offering her hand to Pat to help him up. “My bad then! I didn’t hurt you did I? I’ve been told I can be a bit overboard.”

      Pat took her hand gratefully and sprang up with no signs of his previous pain or shock. “Wow, me too! A lot… especially by my big brother… but now I’ve got it in common with someone, cool! What’s y-” The young wizard stopped in the middle of a word, staring curiously at the girl. After a brief pause he began to lightly smack the palm of his hand against his ear, as if trying to get out water. Suddenly he stiffened and seemed aware of the real world again. “Whoah! You feel weird!” He took a step back from Prim and closed his eyes, slowly she began to hear him humming, changing in pitch and tone multiple times. “Hm. Noooo, it’s more like…” The experiment continued until he reached one steady tune and hummed it for a solid ten seconds.

      Out of nowhere Patileer grabbed Prim’s hands in his and shook them happily. “I’ve never met someone like you before! You feel so strange… and you’re super strong, too! What’s your name?!” He was practically glowing! Wait, was he actually glowing?

      “I am weird!” Prim said cheerfully, allowing herself to bounce up and down along with Pat as he vigorously shook her hands. “I’ve never met anyone like me before either. Oh, but my name is Primilla - Prim in short - not Weird. Being called Weird would be weird.”

      Primilla continued the enthusiastic shaking, not put out at all by how enthusiastic Pat was. Actually, his enthusiasm was kind of infectious in a way. It was just plain fun to be around. That being said, she wasn’t so caught up in the moment that she didn’t realise that she was jumping up and down with a human light bulb. She stopped mid-bounce.

      “Speaking of weird though, your eyes are orange now… and you’re literally glowing.”

      “Huh?” It took a moment before what she said properly registered and when it did Pat turned beet red. No, actually it was more like a steamed lobster… in fact he was burning up! The heat stung Primilla’s hands just enough for her to let go of Pat in surprise and allow him to stumble backward and thump his rump right into the low cabinet on the wall. “I-I-I’m sorry! It’s just meeting new people is a ton of fun and I’m so glad to have guildmates now and you’re so unique and interesting and I got carried away and - and -” He stopped for a second and his mouth simply hung open while steam literally poured out and rose away, which seemed to vent just enough heat to calm him down and let him continue. “Please don’t hate me.” He muttered at the end, barely audible.

      Prim stood there unmoving for a second before suddenly erupting into a torrent of uncontrollable laughter as she watched Pat freak out and start billowing steam. She was practically in convulsions, almost missing the last quiet remark.

      “Hate you?” she said, shocked “Why would I? You’re hilarious! Don’t get sad or it might start raining or something.” Genuine sentiments or not, she couldn’t help breaking down into more laughter as she imagined a cartoony rain cloud appearing over the pair of them and bucketing down. “Relax.” Prim added with a grin.

      Her words went through with shocking ease and Pat quickly regained his normal color, matching Prim grin for grin. “Okay! Hey, did you notice the training room when Lina brought the tour there earlier? I bet someone as strong as you could get a lot done there! Your magic must be cool, too!”

      “Uuuuuuuh -” Prim began “I don’t know if my magic would really classify as cool to most but I like it anyway! I can show you if you want, I did see the room.”

      “Ohhhh yesyesyesyes!” Pat chanted, bouncing once again. “This is gonna be great! I barely got to see any of Faye’s magic at all earlier! Let’s go!” Without waiting for a reply, he was off, charging away from the rooms and towards the training area at a nearly inhuman speed for a boy his age.

      “Wait that’s not what I mea-” Primilla started to yell after Pat, quickly abandoning the idea as futile. “Oh screw it.” She said to herself before taking off after the young mage, once again leaving the door wide open behind her.
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      Punch this rock!

      Once Primilla caught up she was greeted with the sight of the room already in use. Before she even entered the room she could hear the telltale sounds of materials being formed or transported through magic and flying through the air. What awaited her inside was a veritable volley of spears and arrows appearing along the walls of the room and flying towards the center, right at Patileer’s older brother, Rowan. Each projectile that flew towards the wizard missed narrowly as he weaved, ducked, dodged and bent, several coming so close it was impossible to tell if they missed by chance or not. Eventually it seemed dodging wasn’t enough and Rowan bent his elbow to thrust his palm upward, allowing an arrow to pass through the gap between his forearm and shoulder while simultaneously breaking the haft of a spear, the longer half of which he used to smack several other missiles away just before the assault stopped.

      Last but not least, a large boulder formed in the area the previous attacks had come from and flung itself right towards the wizard. His eyes narrowed and he took a deep breath, holding his right hand palm out toward the boulder. Just before the massive rock struck, Rowan’s index, middle and ring fingers clumped together and he thrust them the last few inches his arm could stretch into the boulder. It froze for a split second then shattered, raining down pebbles and debris around the arena. With his practice complete, Rowan bowed to an invisible opponent and turned towards the entrance. “Oh, hello there! We’ve got visitors here already? Good! I like that dedication!”

      “Your brother isn’t half-bad.” Prim said to Pat from her place next to the younger mage, genuinely impressed with the display. It looked to her that Phoenix Nest really was the right place to be if she had her heart set on making an impression at the Grand Magic games. She grinned sheepishly at Rowan as she continued. “Well I’m not sure dedicated is the word but yep, I’m here!”

      “Rowan’s super strong!” Pat agreed heartily. “Pretty soon he’s going to be the guild’s strongest wizard! That’s why I wanna be like him!”

      The big strong wizard in question scoffed. “Oh please, I’ve still got a long way to go!” He protested with a chuckle. “Who knows how long it will take to surpass the geezers. Besides -” He lightly punched Pat’s shoulder. “You’re stronger than I am! Even if I am still a better fighter.”

      “Oh come onnnn~ No I’m not -” At the word ‘not’ Pat punched Rowan’s shoulder in kind. Then Rowan wasn’t there anymore. A quick glance showed the two younger wizards that he was slumped against the wall, trying to shake a bout of dizziness away. Pat positively squeaked in shock and remorse before running to Rowan’s side. “I’m sorry! I meant to be gentle! I didn’t mean to...ahhh.”

      Rowan’s hand rested itself on Pat’s shoulder and he straightened himself up. “Relax, relax, I’m fine. It takes more than that to do me in!... Just don’t ask me to do anything too delicate or precise for… let’s say an hour.”

      “Why’d you want to be like your brother when you can already blast him across the room with no effort?” Prim said, head tilting to the side again as she peered at Pat as though looking from a distance. “Isn’t it better to want to stand on your own feet anyway?”

      “Because he’s my big brother and he’s super cool!” Pat argued. He seemed about to say more but instead he just looked down at the floor. “I may be strong but other than that I’m useless. I can’t even use my magic when I want to. I don’t even have my physical strength all the time. And Rowan’s the only person who can teach me to get better! There’s no one else to - sniff - show me…”

      “Seriously getting concerned about rain here.” Prim said, elbowing the kid in the side as gently as she could. “Snap out of it already, relax. Your magic is impressive, wait until you see how weak mine is next to it. Geez.”

      “OH! What’s your magic?!” Pat demanded, drawing closer to Prim. “Show me! Show me show me show meeeeeeeeeeee~”

      “Sure, sure. Why not?” Without further warning, Prim’s form was instantly replaced. Where a moment before a young woman stood, now a pretty blue and white bird flapped its wings in place in the air. A moment later, Prim was standing there, sheepishly rubbing the back of her head and displaying a cheery grin. “That’s pretty much it. Not quite as flashy as yours but it’s got it’s perks!”

      Rowan snapped his fingers and nodded his head with a grin that mirrored Prim’s. “Ah, I see now, that explains why you feel so strange. You -”

      “You’re a bird!” Pat interrupted. “I thought that you felt familiar!”

      “Complex and intelligent like a human.” Rowan continued as if he hadn’t been cut off.

      “But with a steady, constant hum like an animal!” Pat said.

      Rowan stopped next to Prim and both continued in unison. “Nobody’s ever really felt like you before! So utterly unique! You really are totally -”

      “Cool!” - Pat

      “Interesting!” - Rowan

      “And the bird you turn into is really cute!” Pat finished sweetly.

      “Not every day I get that reaction!” Prim exclaimed with a giggle “You pretty much hit the nail on the head though. Like I said earlier, I’m weird and I don’t think there’s anyone else out there quite like me. I do make for a cute bird though, huh?”

      Apparently after he’d said it out loud Pat had already moved on because now he was bouncing on his heels and biting his lip. “Heyheyhey! Prim! Show Rowan how strong you are!” Without waiting for an answer he dashed past both of them and to the room’s magical interface. A boulder much like the one Rowan had shattered as they entered appeared in the center of the room and Pat pointed at it excitedly. “Punch this rock!”

      “Uh… sure, why not?” Prim said with a shrug. She walked up to the boulder and looked it up and down for a second. It might have looked for a moment like she wasn’t sure she could do it but she would quickly put anyone’s doubts aside. “Wanted to make sure I wasn’t going to break anything else by mistake… I’ve got in trouble for that a lot in the past. This’ll be easy.”

      Without further pause, Prim pulled back her right hand, curling it into a fist as she did so, and then drove it hard into the stone. The minute her fist touched the surface of the boulder it exploded under the impact, dust and shrapnel scattering in all directions.

      “Demonstration complete, I suppose!” Prim smiled “Now it’s your turn. You’ve got to explain that weird magic of yours to me. Why do you glow?”

      “Haven’t you ever heard the phrase ‘glowing with excitement’?” Pat queried. “That was me!

      “Had that part worked out, Pat. I’m asking why you literally were glowing with excitement.” Prim responded, sticking out her tongue at the boy for good measure.

      “Our magic reacts to emotions to physically affect us and the world around us.” Rowan explained. “It’s basically on all the time and there’s really no turning it off so it takes a lot of practice to control. Pat… well, he feels a lot and still needs a lot of practice on the control part so stuff like that tends to happen around him.”

      “Makes sense to me!” Prim said “You’ll get the hang of it when you grow up then. Awesome!” Prim ruffled Pat’s hair for good measure “I still want that demonstration though.”

      “We’re a small guild and everyone seems nice so far.” Rowan said. “So I’m sure we’ll all become a tight little bunch before long, you’ll see plenty, I promise.”

      "Ever looking forward, ever thinking back. Everywhere you've been, everyone you've met was another step on your path, shaping your future even as they become part of your past. One must never discount the pieces that have made up your journey until now but to lose yourself in them would be equally great folly, instead let them hoist you up, carry you on until you find the strength to walk for yourself. So it is that I continue towards that endless horizon. Ever thinking back, ever marching forward, inexorable as the history that brought me down this road. This Lonesome Road."
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