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    Rating: PG13
    Based on: Poke' Special Manga/Pokemon Adventures. This type of fanfic will be similar to that of the Poke' Special Manga/Pokemon Adventures. Meaning that it has some violence, romance, etc.

    NOTICE: This is NOT a novelization of the original Pokemon Special: Diamond and Pearl. It's MY OWN VERSION of it.

    Poke' Special Manga: Diamond & Pearl

    Volume 1
    1. VS. Staravia!
    2. VS. Chimchar!
    3. VS. Drapion!
    4. VS. Stunky!
    5. VS. Kricketune!
    6. VS. Golbat!
    7. VS. Carnivine!
    8. VS. Skuntank!
    9. VS. Rampardos!

    Volume 2
    10. VS. Drifloon!
    11.VS. Purugly!
    12. VS. Burmy!
    13. VS. Chatot!
    14. VS. Torterra!
    15. VS. Roserade!
    16. VS. Rhyperior! Pt. 1
    17. VS. Rhyperior! Pt. 2
    18. VS. Mamoswine!
    19. VS. Froslass!
    20. VS. Typhlosion!

    Volume 3
    21. VS. Murkrow and Misdreavus! Pt. 1
    22. VS. Honchkrow and Mismagius! Pt. 2
    23. VS. Spiritomb!
    24. VS. Psyducks!
    25. VS. Machamp
    26. VS. Croagunk!
    27. VS. Lucario!
    28. VS. Toxicroak!
    29. VS. Bibarel!
    30. VS. Yanma!
    31. VS. Floatzel!
    32. VS. Jynx!
    33. VS. Glameow!
    34. VS. Skorupi!
    35. VS. Weavile!
    36. VS. Combee!

    Volume 4
    37. VS. Unowns!
    38. VS. Psyducks II!
    39. VS. Ninjask!
    40. VS. Gliscor!
    41. VS. Drifblim! Pt. 1
    42. VS. Drifblim! Pt. 2
    43. VS. Hippowdon!
    44. VS. Alakazam!
    45. VS. Bastiodon!
    46. VS. Lucario II!
    47. VS. Lucario III!
    48. VS. Lucario IV!
    49. VS. Toxicroak II!
    50. VS. Purugly II!

    Volume 5
    51. VS. Abomasnow! Pt. 1
    52. VS. Abomasnow! Pt. 2
    53. VS. Abomasnow! Pt. 3
    54. VS. Weavile!
    55. VS. Glaceon!
    56. VS. Regice!
    57. VS. Skuntank II!
    58. VS. Dusknoir! Pt. 1
    59. VS. Dusknoir! Pt. 2
    60. VS. Absol and Vespiquen! Pt. 1
    61. VS. Absol and Vespiquen! Pt. 2
    62. VS. Staraptor!

    Volume 6
    63. VS. Froslass II! Pt. 1
    64. VS. Froslass II! Pt. 2
    65. VS. Floatzel II! Pt. 1
    66. VS. Floatzel II! Pt. 2
    67. VS. Abomasnow II! Pt. 1
    68. VS. Abomasnow II! Pt. 2
    69. VS. Dialga! Pt. 1
    70. VS. Dialga! Pt. 2
    71. VS. Mamoswine II! Pt. 1
    72. VS. Mamoswine II! Pt. 2

    Volume 7

    Volume 8

    Volume 9

    The Official Site of Poke' Special Manga: DP

    Chapter 1/Prologue: VS. Staravia

    It is a beautiful, bright morning in the town of Twinleaf. Up in the cyan blue skies, fly a flock of Starlies, chirping soothingly as they glide overhead. Yes, this is the region of Sinnoh; a mountainous region. All seemed calm and perfect outside. However, inside a local house, was a whole different story.

    This house was a large, white building with a forest green roof and two stories. Inside, a boy sat in the living room, on a couch, watching a Johto News Report. On the television screen, a tall blue-haired lady was reporting live from the Lake of Rage in Mahogany Town. The dark sky above her was pouring down blankets of rain, "This is Sheryl reporting live from the currently infamous Lake of Rage! It seems that the Magikarp native to this lake have been forced to evolve into Gyaradoses! One in particular has a shiny, red exterior!" She slowly turned around and shouted,"Oh look! There it is!"

    In the background, the atrocious Pokemon emerged from the lake, sending out waves of destruction in every which way. Sheryl managed to climb ontop of a small cabin near the lake and said, "It appears a young boy and his Typhlosion are trying to calm the Red Gyarados. Oh bless his heart! Oh my! The boy has_____"

    Back in the living room, the boy who had been watching the program is in disbelief that his mother would turn off the television, right at the climax of the documentary, "Mom! What the heck are you doing!!?? Now I've missed the conclusion!"

    The boy's mother simply replied, "Diamond, your eyes have been glued to the TV screen all morning. Besides, your friend Pearl just called. He's asking you to go over to his house for some reason. I could barely comprehend what he was saying, since he was in such a hurry." She smiled a bit as a petite, creamy-white creature with seemingly green hair appeared behind Diamond's mother, whose name was Ayako.

    Diamond frowned as he stood, "Yeah, Pearl's been acting different ever since he caught that Elekid." As he looked down at the creature, he beamed happily and said, "Hey, Sam? You wanna come with me to Pearl's house?" Sam, short for Samurai, was Diamond's Ralts and also his first and only Pokemon.

    What is a Ralts you ask? It is one of the currently 493 Pokemon in the world. Pokemon are known as pets, battle partners, research subjects, and much more. Not much is known about them currently, but much will be learned in the future.


    Diamond finally made his way outside into the neighborhood with Sam on his shoulder. Diamond was a rather good-looking fellow: tan, brown eyes, navy, and white teeth. You could say he was a perfectionist. He was currently dressed in dark blue vest, with a white collar shirt underneath with the collar flipped up, blue jeans, and red, white, and yellow shoes. On his head was his signature beret. If Diamond were to lost this hat, he wouldn't know what he'd do.

    As Diamond approached the front foor of Damion's house, it instantly opened up. A blonde haired boy came sprinting out of the doorway and rammed into Diamond, knocking both boys into the dirt.

    "Ow, Pearl. How many tmes in a week are you going to do that? Ah, dammit! Now I have a headache." Diamond got back to his feet as Sam began to soothe Diamond's pain by rubbing the sides of his head.

    Obviously, Pearl was the blonde-haired boy, dressed in an orange and white striped shirt, with dark gray pants. His nose wrinkled a bit as he said, "Ah, I see you've yet to release that Ralts. Anyway, did you see that Red Gyarados documentary this morning?"

    Diamond nodded his head, annoyed at the fact that Pearl disapproved of him having a Ralts. Pearl thought it was a feminine Pokemon.

    Pearl continued on, "Well, I was wondering if Lake Verity had a Pokemon like that too!"

    Diamond shrugged boredly, "I guess we could check it out. I've got nothing to do until later on when I start my journey. Fine, let's check it out then."

    Pearl grinned and said, "Let's go!" He took off running, before making a U-turn and saying,"Whoops, forgot something!" He ran inside of the house, and returned with a few Pokeballs at hand, as well as one containing an Elekid, from what Diamond can see, "Now, let's go!"


    The two boys hiked to the north and then the west before approacing Verity Lake Front. After about thirty minutes of no action occuring in the lake, Diamond got bored and sat on the grass, "Pearl, this sucks, Nothing's happening."

    Suddenly, there were loud rustles coming from the forest. Pearl, being overdramatic, grabbed Diamond and dragged him into the bushes. Two human figures emerged from the forest. The taller one was an elderly male with white hair, as well as a white mustache, and was dressed in a lab coat. The other one was a female, dressed in a mid-thigh-high black and pink skirt, a white skull cap, and pink shoes.

    From the bushes, Pearl chuckled and said softly,"That girl has a nice pair of legs."

    Diamond smirked and whispered back,"Yeah, but you'd never be able to..."

    Diamond was cut off by Pearl, "Hey, Diamond, they're gone!" The two removed themselves from the bushes as Pearl noticed a brown man-bag in the tall grass. Curious, he opened it, revealing two Pokeballs.

    Diamond stood beside him and said, "Those belong to that old guy and that girl, I assume."

    Pearl shook his head, "Quit being a goody-too-shoes, Diamond."

    Diamond exhaled heavily as he looked at Sam's Pokeball, muttering a few inappropiate words. Just then, two Staravias flew out from the trees and began to assault Diamond and Damion with multiple pecks to the head. Obviously, they came into their territory. In between pecks, Diamond and Pearl lost Sam and Elekid's Pokeball, both Pokeballs rolling into the lake.

    As Pearl fought back by punching one of the bird Pokemon, he shouted to Diamond, "Dia! Grab one of these Pokeballs! Maybe a Pokemon is inside of them!"

    Diamond nodded, swatting the other Staravia away. He grabbed the Pokeball on the rightside of the bag and lobbed it into the air. In a flash of white light, a chubby penguin looking Pokemon materialized as it said loudly, "Pip! Piplup!" Pearl took the remaining Pokeball and released what seemed to be a green turtle Pokemon with a branch on it's head,"Turt-wig!" Diamond knew the Pokemon he just released was a Piplup, and began to think of some of Piplup's attacks.

    The Staravias took flight and were coming right for Turtwig and Piplup. However, Diamond fought back, "Piplup! Bubble!" Piplup opened it's beak and sent out an array of bubbles, hitting one of Staravia's. This Staravia flew elsewhere, seemingly weak from an earlier battle.

    Now, it was Pearl's turn. He ordered a Bite attack from Turtwig as the grass Pokemon jumped up and began to engulf the entire Staravia's head in it's large mouth. The bird Pokemon landed on the ground and began to violently shake it's head in order to remove the turtle Pokemon from it's skull. Eventually, it prevailed, sending Turtwig ramming into Piplup. Piplup fell to the ground, but eventually got up, along with Turtwig.

    Staravia flew up in the sky again and proceed to use Wing Attack, but ended up flying straight into a tree in the forest, before wandering off.

    Diamond chuckled a bit, "It must have been confused."

    Just then, the Staravia returned, but it's sequel was cut short when it was shot down by pellets of fire. A pokeball was tossed from the forest and hit off of the fainted Staravia before taking it in. The pokeball shook for a while, before finally ceasing. The Staravia was captured! But by who?

    Pearl and Diamond looked around to see where the fire pellets came from, only to see the girl from earlier emerge from the forest, with a Chimchar infront of her. She didn't look too happy with the two boys.

    (Next: Chapter 2: VS. Chimchar)
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      Chapter 2: VS. Chimchar

      As Damion began drooling over the voluptuous girl, Hiro managed to recover the two Pokeball he and Damion lost in the lake. The girl seemed furious, as an ornage monkey Pokemon stood ready infront of her,"Just hand over Piplup and Turtwig, and no one will get hurt." Early after the battle against the Staravias, Turtwig and Piplup were returned into their appropiate Pokeballs.

      Damion scoffed and said,"For a girl of your calibur in looks, you sure are sasy. How about we battle for the Pokemon instead.?" The girl sighed as she placed her hands on her hips, thinking a bit before replying,"Fine...If I win, you two give back Prof. Rowan's Pokemon." Damion nodded and said,"And if I win, we keep our Pokemon and you go on a date with me." Diamond scratched his head as he held in his laughter. He went over to the sidelines, not really caring for the match.

      "By the way, I'm Pearl," the girl said cooly,"And that's all you will get out of me."

      Then, the match began. Pearl used her Chimchar, Pyra, while Damion released his Elekid, Volt. Pearl made the first move,"Pyra! Dig!" Pyra began scraping at the ground as it burrowed into the earth. Damion tried to counter,"Using a ground attack against an electric-type Pokemon is good and all, but Volt's strong!" Volt began rotating it's arms, generating electrical energy in it's plug-like horns. However, Pyra emerged from behind Volt, and quickly shot fire pellets at it's back, causing the Elekid to get slightly burnt and fall down. Before Volt could turn around, Pyra dug back underground and surfaced infront of Volt once more. The Chimchar then fire more Embers at Volt's stomach. This hit and run tactic continued for quite sometime as Damion began to get frustrated. Pearl smirked a bit and said in baby talk,"Aww, is the wittle baby getting upset?"

      Pyra finally remained surfaced, for good, staring down a weary Volt, lowering it's defense with a Leer. Damion fornwed and said,"I don't understand! Voolt asn't even been able to attack Chimchar." Pearl didn't bother explaining herself as she proceeded with the final blow,"Pyra! Flame Wheel!" Pyra rolle dup into a ball as it's tail of fire engulfed it's body in flames. It immediately zipped torwards Volt, slamming into the Elekid's stomach, as well as fainting it. Damion contained his anger and returned Volt into it's Pokeball. He made his way to Pearl and handed over Turtwig's Pokeball, reluctantly. Pearl gladly accepted it and looked over at Diamond to see if he'd give up Piplup. Diamond, who was looking elsewhere, said,"If you're waiting on me to return Piplup's Pokeball, forget it. You'll have to battle me as well." Pearl sighed as she went into her bag and took out a Super Potion to spray on Pyra,"Fine, but I have to make this quick. Prof. Rowan is waiting for me." Diamond stretched a bit before standing in Damion'splace. Damion was sitting on a nearby bench, contemplating on how he lost the battle. Diamond released Sam, while saying,"If you win, you get Piplup. If I win, I keep Piplup and Damion gets Turtwig back."

      Pearl smirked and said,"What? No date?" Diamond chuckled as he scratched his nose,"Well, if you insist." By now, Pyra was fully restored health wise and ready to go. Pearl started this match off as well, ordering another dig by Pyra. By now, there were several holes on the battlefield. Diamond smirked and said,"Sam, Detect!" Sam closed it's eyes and slowly dodged Pyra, who emerged in the ground underneath the Ralts. Sam opened it's eyes as Diamond said,"Good, now use Future Sight!"

      Sam began to utter it's name ritually, but nothing happened. Pearl smiled and thought to herselg,"He dodged my dig...but he won't dodge this." She looked down at Pyra and said,"Fury Swipes, girl!" The Chimchar sprung into the air and tackled Sam to the ground, scratching it excessively on the face. The Ralts held it's arms out and sent a small wave of psychic energy torwards the monkey and lightly tossed it into the air.

      As it slowly descended, a quick flash of emerald light hit the Chimchar higher as Diamond commented,"The plan is to keep Pyra off the ground. You can't dig in middair. Confusion keeps Chimchar going higher and higher." Pearl watched in horror and shouted,"Pyra!?" Finally, another wave of psychic energy shocked Pyra as it hurled to the ground face first, defeated. The final attack was the end result of Future Sight.

      Pearl returned Pyra and tossed Turtwig's Pokeball at Damion, who received it happily. She then walked over to Diamond with an unsatisfied look on her face, but she nodded. Her angry looked turned into a weak smile as she ran off. Diamond looked to his left and saw Sam dancing with it's new friend, Piplup, who had just been released from it's Pokeball. He smiled and knelt down to Piplup,"From now on, you are known as Trident." The Piplup nodded, agreeing with it's nickname.

      Damion and Diamond were now on their way back to Twinleaf, but up ahead at the crossroad, they discovered Prof. Rowan and Pearl standing there, as if they were waiting for their return. "The old guy looks mad," Damion said quietly as Pearl spoke first,"Prof. I'm so sorry, but these boys, well one of them at leasy, won Piplup and Turtwif fair and square." Prof. Rowan nodded and said,"Apparently, they must be at least decent trainers in order to have beaten my assistant." Pearl held her hands behind her back as he legs went pidgeon-toed. Damion caught himself staring at her legs again as Diamond elbowed him,"We're not certified trainers, per se. We don't even have Pokedexes." Prof Rowan's frown went away as he replied,"Very well, then. Come by my lab in a few hours and we'll discuss this matter." And with that, both the Prof. and Pearl walked off.

      As Diamond returned home, firstly, he showed his mother the new edition to his Pokemon family, Trident the Piplup. His mother smiled approvingly,"I hiess this means you're ready to go out on your own journey?" Diamond nodded and said,"Yes, ma'am." After a moment of silence, Diamond questioned his mother about Prof. Rowan,"I don't know much about him, but I do know his lab is in northwest Sandgem and he has a mysterious past." Diamond nodded as he headed up the steps and into his room to grab a Town Map off his wall.

      After spending a couple of hours upstairs, Diamond he strolled downstairs, only to see his mother chatting with Diamond's mothers. Apparently, Damion had already left for Sandgem. Diamond was somewhat hapy about this. He felt that Damion was holding back his potential. Basically, Diamond really didn't trust anyone but himself, while Damion relied on everyone to do the hard work for him.

      That night, Diamond snuck out the front door and walked north again into the woods. The sky was turning a darker hue of blue, almost black. For protection, Diamond allowed Trident and Sam out of their Pokeballs. Sandgem Town was a good hike away from Twinleaf Town. However, at the pace Diamond was going, it was going to be a long, long hike...END.

      (Next: Chapter 3: VS. Drapion)
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        Chapter 3: VS. Drapion

        The howling of Mightyenas could be heard as Diamond traveled along the route to Sandgem Town. It seemed as if he had been traveling for days the way he hiked; Diamond always takes time to stop and smell the roses or taking two steps forward and one step back. He was somewhat of a procrastinator. But eh, typical Diamond. Trident was walking ahead of him, while am slept inside his backpack. Peaceful....just how Diamond liked it.

        But abruptly, this peace was interupted when Diamond overheard men talking up ahead. He quietly wandered into the bushes and began to listen in on their conversation.

        "So, the boss is really going through with the operation this time? I didn't expect it so soon. It seems rushed." said one of the astronaut-dressed grunts. The other nodded and said,"Yes, however, we can't go through with it unless he captures some key Pokemon. Like the ones from each of the three mahjor lakes in Sinnoh: Verity, Acuity, and Valor."

        Diamond blinked and thought for a moment," Pokemon at the three lakes?" He recalled, one day in the past, seeing a pink Pokemon flying around the cave in the center of the lake, but he paid it no mind. As Diamond tried to recall this experience, Trident and Sam sensed some movement coming from behind them. They alerted the boy, as he turned around and witnessed the large creature. It was purple and mauve, and had a jagged exterior. "A...Dr..Dr-Drapion!" Diamond yelled as he ran out of the bushes, bumping into the green haired men.

        One of the grunts chuckled and said rhetorically,"Heh, what's the problem kid!? If you want to hand over your Pokemon, you best do it in an HQ of ours." Diamond stammered as he stared at the man,"Wh-why you I give you my ____" He was cut off by the arrival of the massive Drapion. Diamond gritted his teeth and faced the beast," 'Don't have many options, let's run guys!" He began to sprint past the scorpion Pokemon, leaving the men in the dust. The two men smirked as one of them said,"That Drapion sure comes in handy when detecting spies."

        Meanwhile, Damion was at the lab, discussing something with Prof. Rowan,"Where's your friend? It's almost 10:00 PM." Damion shrugged and said," Dunno...He probably got lost? He's prone to to wandering off and getting sidetracked. That's why I'm always ahead of him." The Prof. sighed and replied," I can't discuss this major situation without the three of you here. Pearl, my dear, go fetch the boy." Pearl nodded as she proceeded out the door...

        Back in the forest, Diamond was still being pursuited by Drapion,"C'mon, think! Think!" He said outloud to himself. Finally, he thought of something as he approached an oppening near the middle of the forest.

        First, he aboutfaced, while returning Sam to his Pokeball, knowing he would be of no use against a dark type Pokemon. Trident flipped infront of its trainer, knowing what to do. The current terrain on the battle field was dirt, and pretty thick dirt, a bad mix with water, but perfect for this situation.

        The Drapion finally caught up to Diamond and slashed Trident across the face. The Piplup fell to the grounf, but didn't get hurt too badly. Diamond ordered a Bubblebeam at the ground, and Trident did so. The dirt around Drapion began to get muddy and sticky; Very hard to become agile and mobile in. Diamond grinned and said to Trident,"Let's go! It'll buy us some a hell amount of time!"

        The two finally evaded Drapion as lights came into view. Obviously, they had finally reached Sandgem Town. Coming from behind Diamond was Pearl with Pyra by her side,"Where the hell have you been, boy?" Diamond turned to face her,"On my way here! I got sidetracked by some astronauts and their pet Drapion!" Pearl huffed, annoyed at his comment, and said,"Excuses, excuses. Come on, the Prof. has something for us to do." If Pearl had listened closely, she would've known that the "astronauts" were actually Team Galactic. An organization she knew of. Either that, or she purposely ignored it.

        When Pearl arrived in the lab with Damion behind her, Prof. Rowan nodded and began his statement,"I've selected you three as my primary assitants. My three Pokedex holders. In case you didn't know, I am a specialist at the study of Pokemon Evolution. You see, an evil organization known as Team Galactic, are out to force several, if not all, Pokemon to evolve. However, in the process of these evolutions, Pokemon give off extreme energy for a short period of time. Team Galactic is after this energy for unknown reasons. In any case, I'd like for you lot to help me in stopping Team Galactic. A thousand apologies for interupting your future goals. But, the world is in imminent danger." Damion nodded in agreement," Count me in. I'm up for being a hero." Pearl nodded as well,"Always by your side Prof.!" Diamond stared boredly at the Prof.,"No thanks. I don't want to get caught up in all this mess. I have badges to win and a Pokemon League to conquer." Prof. Rowan sighed and said,"Understood, lad." He handed Damion and Pearl Pokedexes, with one remaining on the table.

        "Damion, I would like for you to leave on your journey tonight. Pearl, you leave in the morning and Diamond...Ah, nevermind." Diamond sighed as he stared into space, thinking about something or better yet someone. His sister and his grandfather. Yet, that's another story.

        As the clock struck eleven, Damion bid farewell to everyone and led the mission. Diamond walked into the den of the lab and sat on the couch staring at Sam and Trident's Pokeballs,"We could really use your help Diamond." said a voice from behind him. It was Prof. Rowan.

        "Pearl has told me all about you. She says your a strategic genius. Dexterity at solving problems." Diamond shrugged and said,"I guess you could say that." "Well, we could really use that on our team. Is there anything I could do to change your mind?" Diamond stared into space again as he looked at the Prof.,"I would tell you, but, it's impossible. However, I'll consider it." He nodded. With that, he got up and walked away to the Pokemon Center to heal his Pokemon and rest himself.

        The next morning, Diamond awoke in his room at the Center, with a package on the table. He opened it and read the note that was inside. It was from Pearl. Diamond read the note outloud," Dear Diamond, I know you'll make the right decision. Inside is a Pokedex, Pokeballs, and other junk you'll need for your journey. P.S. Damion insisted that we each have a competition: The first to reach the peak of Mt. Coronet is the greatest trainer to come from Twinleaf Town. He's got a headstart so we better hurry!" Diamond smiled warmly as he gathered his new items and belongings and placed them into his backpack. He also placed a red scarf around his neck that was inside the package.

        When he swung by the lab, Diamond placed a note on the door, saying,"Professor, I want to help. - Diamond" It was almost 12 noon, but better late than never. Diamond began to sprint with his new running shoes to the northern route, to begin his journey. END VS. Drapion.

        Next: Chapter 4: VS. Stunky!)
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          Chapter 4: VS. Stunky!

          Route 202 was filled with tons of trainers itching for battles. Diamond took this opportunity to level up Sam and Trident, easily defeating five consecutive trainers. After Diamond finished off a youngster's Bidoof with Trident, a boy scout came up to him and challenged him to a battle. Diamond grinned a bit and said," Sure, why not?"

          So the match began. Diamond released Sam as the Ralts stretched, tired, but still able to battle. The boy scout released his Shinx, it's tail flashing when it roared cutely. "Sam use Growl!" said Diamond. Ralts ran torwards Shinx, making an intimidating expression while growling. Shinx stepped a way a bit, it's attack power lowering.

          "Shinx use Bite!" squealed the boy scout. Shinx quickled opened it's mouth and clamped down on Sam's arm. Diamond was about to call out a counter attack, when he smelt a disturbing fragrance in the air. Instantly, he covered his nose and exclaimed," Oh my god! What the hell is that smell!!? Your Shinx! It's due for a bath! NOW!"

          The boy scout covered his nose as well,"It took a bath earlier this morning, thank you very much!" Just then, a purple skunk Pokemon came from behind Diamond and peeked between the opening between his legs. The boy scout chuckled and said in a muffled voice,"A Stunky!" Diamond had a disturbed look on his face as he yelled,"Ah! Of all the Pokemon!" The Stunky looked up at Diamond, some what angry. It trotted infront of him and a released a rancid Poison Gas in Diamond's direction, immediately knocking the poor boy out.

          Later, Diamond came to, lying on the grass with the boy scout, Stunky, Shinx, and Sam staring down at him. The boy scout helped him up and chuckled," Heh, well, that Stunky sure knocked you out. By the way, I'm Jacob. And I now know that you're Diamond. I kinda peeked at your Pokedex Info and Trainer Card while you were out cold." Diamond dusted himself off and shrugged off what Jacob had said. He was currently focused on the Stunky.

          "Lookie-here, guy, don't ever spray me with that gas again!" Stunky appeared offended and sprayed Diamond again, however, it didn't knock him out, this time. Obviously, the Stunky was a female. A sassy one at that.

          Diamond sighed,"Well, I guess the onl way to solve this problem is to catch Stunky." Sam stood ready, but Diamond shook his head," Sam, you're not the best at physical based attacks. It's best if I used Trident against Stunky." Sam whined as it was returned. Apparently, Diamond found a new main Pokemon.

          Trident started the match out with a Pound attack, slapping the Stunky continously on it's rear-end-looking face. Stunky retaliated with a Poison Sting, barely piercing Trident's somewhat chubby stomach. Diamond was beginning to understand Stunky's plan and he thought to himself," It's trying to induce a poison status on Trident by using poison attacks, no less. Maybe Pearl's battle style will come in handy."

          Trident swatted the sting's away from his belly, while Jacob wondered how Diamond would pull this off. Diamond began his strategy," Trident, Bubblebeam Stunky and then the ground, as hard as you can!" Trident began shooting bubbles at Stunky to push it bag and then at the ground as it slowly lifted itself off the ground. This allowed to rise very high into the air. Stunky looked up but it was hard to spot Trident due to the noon sun hiding the Piplup in the bright rays. Diamond smirked similar to the way Pearl normally did," Science lesson, Stunky. When something falls from a tall height, the higher and heavier the object, the faster and harder it hits the ground. But, I'm not aiming for the ground! Trident, Peck!"

          From the skies, came Trident, descending rapidly torwards the skunk Pokemon, it's beack sharpening. Finally, Trident collided with Stunky, pinning it to the ground. An immediate TKO. For some reason, Trident was hurt after Stunky fainted. This was Stunky's special ability, Detonate. Jacob'ss eyes widen as he said," Wow! That was amazing!"

          Diamond smiled and nodded as he took out a Pokeball and tossed it off of Stunky. After a few wobbles, Stunky was captured! Diamond picked up the Pokeball and stared at it,"Welcome to the team, Rose." Jacob's face wrinkled as he said," Naming a Stunky Rose? That's ironic." Diamond nodded and said," Exactly."

          Later on in the afternoon, Jacob followed Diamond to the entrance of the next city, Jubilife City,"So, I guess this is where we end our crossed paths. I'm going home to Canalave. Where are you going? I'd expect you to go to Oreburgh where the first gym is?" Diamond nodded and said," Yep...See ya around kid." And with that, Jacob left to the west, while Diamond made his way to the nearby Trainer School...END.

          (Next: Chapter 5: VS. Kricketune!)
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            Chapter 5: VS. Kricketune

            Inside of the Trainers' School, Damion was looking over the information on the chalkboard, waiting for his father to return from the Jubilife Poke Mart. Just then, the school's door opened and in came Diamond, looking restored after his journey through the route to Jubilife City,"Hey, Damion."

            Damion turned to face Diamond and smiled,"Heh, I know you couldn't resist my challenge. Stick around for a while. My dad says he has a surprise for me." Diamond shook his head head slightly, not enough for Damion to notice, however. Why the hell should Diamond stick around for Damion's surprise? Well, Diamond needed a break, so he sat at a desk, studying the chalkboard as well.

            Damion's father returned to the school. Of course, he was a teacher at the school. He was a tall, lean man with short blonde hair, dressed in a blue blazer and gray slacks. However, he was empty handed," Ehm, sorry Damion. Someone's robbed the Pokemart. People are saying that they were stolen by men dressed as clowns."

            Diamond burst into laughter and said,"That sounds bizarre. Why would Damion the clown steal his own gift?" Damion glared at him and said angrily," Not funny. Come on! Help me catch these clowns!"

            The two boys went around the city, searching for the clowns, with no luck what-so-ever. Eventually Diamond asked a short, chubby man with brown hair, dressed in a suit, of he had seen said clowns. The man nodded and said,"Indeed I have. You see, I am the president of the Poketch Company, Mr. Yamanaka, as well as Jubilife TV's ownder. Those clowns have taken over the Jubilife TV Tower and there's no way of getting back in. I perhaps could climb the fire escape, but I'm not the athletic boy I once was." Damion looked to Diamond who appeared uninterested in the story.

            "We'll do it! We'll find a way in and get rid of those clowns. Come on Diamond!" The boys got directions from Mr. Yamanaka and made their way to Jubilife TV Tower. The tower had a jumbotron screen on it, but currently it was not functioning. Damoin led Diamond down the alley and began ascending the tower through the fire escape.

            Diamond and Damion eventually made it on the walk way and kicked two windows in. After doing so, they were now in a small office. They opened up the office door and were now in a dimly lit hallway. Meanwhile, a tall man dressed as a clown and his two fellow clowns stood at the end of the hall, laughing maniacly at their room full of Poketches.

            "Gee, Harold, we sure scored today! This is our best scheme yet!" Harold, the tall clown nodded and said,"You got that right it's our best scheme! Nothing can possibly go wrong!"

            "Yeah, but what if you get caught?" yelled two voices from behind the clowns. Diamond and Damion stood there, Rose and Volt were already out of their Pokeballs incase of battle. Harold smirked as he faced the two,"Surely you're not serious." Diamond smirked a bit and said,"I should say the same to you three, the way you're dressed." The two clowns ran off as Harold sneered while taking out a Pokeball,"Cowards..."

            Pop! His Pokeball opened and out came the red cricket Pokemon, Kricketune. It held up it's baton and began to wave it, using Sing. Immediately, Diamond and Damion fell asleep, along with their Pokemon.

            Diamond's eyes slowly opened, as he realized that he and his friend were tied up in the main office of the tower. Harold stood there with Kricketune by his side," So the sarcastic one is the first to awken. Heh, you'll also be the first to die. Kricketune, Fury Cutter!" Kricketune slashed it's baton across the boy's stomach. Diamond cried out in pain as he looked over to Damion.

            "These Poketches will be so helpful to me in the future. Heh, the future. Time. Time is of the essence." Diamond looked confused,"What do you mean?" Kricketune slashed Diamond once again as Harold said,"Shut your damn mouth. You'll speak when I tell you too." Diamond began to sweat as his stomach felt sore from taking a beating.

            Diamond began to brainstorm a way out this pickle, but currently he couldn't think of a thing. Mainly because he was getting his ass whooped by a man, dressed in a clown suit no-less.


            "Gaia! Now!" A Turtwig burst through the window and landed on the floor. It quickly used Razor Leaf to cut free Diamond and Damion, who had been conscious the whole time. Diamond grinned a bit and said,"You planned this all along?" Damion nodded and said cooly,"Yep. Sweet huh?" Damion made a weird face and said," Why the hell did you let me get my ass kicked by a Kricketune!?!?!?!?" Damion shrugged and said," Sacrifice."

            Harold shook his head,"This changes nothing!" He stood infront of the boxes of Poketches and declared an attack,"Fury Cutter!" The Kricketune went after Gaia. Gaia dodged the attack and used Body Slam on Kricketune. Diamond held his stomach as he winced a bit.

            Kricketune began to gain the upperhand after landing six consecutive Fury Cutters on Gaia. Diamond quickly returned his Turtwig and released Volt. The Elekid began to tremble a bit, and proceeded to glow. It grew into a larger and more powerful...


            Damion grinned and said,"Finally!" Harold looked uneasy and failed to call out an attack,"I'll take the initiative then!" Damion shouted as he ordered a Thunder Punch. Volt ran over to Kricketune and electrically jabbed Kricketune in the gut, KOing it with ease. Harold returned the Bug-Type Pokemon and fled, but first said," This is not the last time you'll see me. I will avenge my leader's disappearance. I've got one word for you two. ICE."

            Diamond blinked and was now even more confused,"First those Galactic goons and now Ice. What's next???" Damion shrugged and said," I dunno. But I don't think that Team Galactic and these clown-guys are related, villanous wise.'

            Much later...

            Diamond and Damion stood right outside of Jubilife TV Tower with a crowd, a news team, and Mr. Yamanaka surrounding them. After answering a series of questions, Mr. Yamanaka spoke,"I, Mr. Yamanaka, have declared these two young men as new owners of two of the only three new and improved updated Poketches. And as a treat for the viewers, how about you two have a battle? A quick one on one match I dare say!"

            Diamond looked to Damion as they nodded in unison.

            Diamond released Sam as Damion released Volt,"Heh! You have the upperhand in this match Diamond! Volt's tired. But no excuses when I win!"

            Diamond smirked and said," I wouldn't count on that, right Sam?


            Sam started to glow!


            (Next: Chapter 6: VS. Golbat!)
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              Um, isn't this very similar to my story?
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                Originally Posted by lilninjapig View Post
                Um, isn't this very similar to my story?
                I haven't read your story. '

                EDIT: Heh, well so it is. However, this fan-fiction is original. Yours is just a basic novelization, similar to's.
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                  So, why do you call it Pokemon Special Manga? It must have had some influence. Besides, not everyone can speak fluent Japanese to read the Manga Books. Besides, I don't visit Serebii regularly, so it has no influence on this.
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                    Originally Posted by lilninjapig View Post
                    So, why do you call it Pokemon Special Manga? It must have had some influence. Besides, not everyone can speak fluent Japanese to read the Manga Books. Besides, I don't visit Serebii regularly, so it has no influence on this.
                    Well, I've called it this for quite sometime, and no one has had a problem with it, so, the title stays. But if it helps, I'll alter the title.

                    Now do you have anything constructive to say? Enough about this dispute.
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                      I'd hate to butt in, but...

                      Originally Posted by lilninjapig View Post
                      So, why do you call it Pokemon Special Manga?
                      Um, maybe because the title Pokemon Special is just as well-known as Pokemon Adventures? It's not like the original name for that manga series is all that obscure. I've been calling it Special way before I stepped foot in Serebii, and so have most of the comic's fans. =/

                      Man. People write one fic, and they think they own the genre.

                      Sorry about that, by the way, Turtle. Anyway, while I haven't yet touched the DP arc (and thus can't quite tell if this is a word-for-word adaptation), I can at least see that the description's good. Paragraphing could use a little work, though. Remember, for example, that whenever you change speakers, you should begin a new paragraph. So, for example, a paragraph like this:

                      "Ow, Damion. How many tmes in a week are you going to do that? Ah, dammit! Now I have a headache." Diamond got back to his feet as Sam began to soothe Diamond's pain by rubbing the sides of his head. Obviously, Damion was the blonde-haired boy, dressed in an orange and white striped shirt, with dark gray pants. His nose wrinkled a bit as he said,"Ah, I see you've yet to release that Ralts. Anyway, did you see that Red Gyarados news report this morning?" Diamond nodded his head, annoyed at the fact that Damion disapproved of him having a Ralts. He thought it was a feminine Pokemon.
                      Should actually probably be set like this:

                      "Ow, Damion. How many tmes in a week are you going to do that? Ah, dammit! Now I have a headache."

                      Diamond got back to his feet as Sam began to soothe Diamond's pain by rubbing the sides of his head. Obviously, Damion was the blonde-haired boy, dressed in an orange and white striped shirt, with dark gray pants.

                      His nose wrinkled a bit as he said, "Ah, I see you've yet to release that Ralts. Anyway, did you see that Red Gyarados news report this morning?"

                      Diamond nodded his head, annoyed at the fact that Damion disapproved of him having a Ralts. He thought it was a feminine Pokemon.
                      See how the speakers and the new topic (character description of Damion, Diamond's actions) are in separate paragraphs? This is an improvement in that there's no longer confusion over who's speaking. (Not to mention it's grammatically correct anyway.) Before, the reader could easily mistake Damion's line for Diamond's because Diamond was the first one speaking.

                      I'd also, as a side note, attempt to avoid the word "obviously" and maybe try to introduce the character in a way that doesn't quite sound like you're either insulting the reader or smacking them over the head with information. For example, maybe try saying something along the lines of "Damion, as he was called" and insert his physical description into the action (like "he ran his fingers through his blonde hair as he stuffed his opposite hand into the pocket of his dark gray pants"). By doing that, you could avoid interrupting the flow of the story to talk about your character.

                      'Course, this is just what I gleaned from the first chapter. I'll come back and review the others later.
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                        'Kay, thanks! It's always good to get critism. I guess I should also say this is my first ever fic.
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                          Seems interesting so far, I look forward to reading more.

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                            Alright, VS. Golbat is currently in the works. Expect it by Friday or Saturday!
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                              Chapter 6: VS. Golbat

                              The crowd began to ooh at the sight of Sam evolving. However, Damion burst into laughter upon seeing Sam evolve into the feminine looking Kirlia,"It's even worse than before!" Diamond felt a lump in his throat as he looked down at Sam. The Kirlia did not appear happy with Damion.

                              Diamond's lump went away as he noticed Sam's expression,"Psychic!" Sam's eyes began to glow as it sent a wave of psychic energy at Volt, instantly knocking it out. Damion, for some reason, wasn't upset. He returned the Electabuzz, still chuckling.

                              "Volt was already weak from battling Kricketune. Besides, I need to hurry to Oreburgh City. Later." He took off running.

                              Diamond watched Damion and the crowd of people leave," Yeah, much later." As Diamond ventured through the route to Oreburgh City, he noticed a lake up ahead and decided to rest by it, allowing his three Pokemon, Sam, Trident, and Rose, to come out of their Pokeballs. Trident and Rose were both inspecting Sam's newly evolved body. While they were doing so, Diamond noticed two familiar figures on the other side of the lake. They each wore a space-like suit and had blueish-green hair,"Hmm....I wonder." Diamond stood up to get a better look.

                              From above the two men, a helicopter landed and ceased the propeller's rotation. A door slid open as a slender woman dressed in a more seductive spacesuit, came out swaying her hips as she approached the two men,"Commander Jupiter, ma'am, we've done what you've asked. We've managed to retrieve the girl. She's currently in the Secret Base."

                              Jupiter smiled as she said,"Thank you. You two will definately be rewarded for your services." She led them to the cave with Diamond secretly following behind them.

                              Diamond noticed on each of their uniforms a yellow G, outlined in black, "Team Galactic. I better stick around." Up ahead was a two way fork in the cave. Jupiter ushered her two grunts to the passage on the right, which was a path of steep hills, twists, and turns. All the while, Diamond tagged along.

                              Finally, the commander paused when they entered the secret base. Inside were several Pokemon, most likely drained of their energy, machines everywhere, and a girl tied up in the corner. Diamond peeked from the entrance and thought to himself,"Pearl!?"

                              Jupiter strolled over to the machine, smiling evilly," We've gathered enough evolutionary energy. Now, all we need is the jewel." She faced the grunts and then looked over at Pearl. She walked over to the unconscious girl, "Such a pretty young lady. She reminds me of myself at her age. So unfortunate for we have to execute her body." She took out a Pokeball and released a Golbat in a flash of white light,"Golbat..." She began, but was interupted.

                              "Don't even think about it!" Team Galactic's attentions turned to the entrance where Diamond stood boldly,"I've got to work on my catch phrases," he uttered to himself as Jupiter smirked.

                              She placed her hands on her hips and said," Hm...I know you. You're that kid who was supposed to be obliberated by our Drapion. I guess our grunts aren't top of the line after all. More like Neo Team Rocket grunts if you ask me." The two men behind her backed away as she finished her statement," Don't go anywhere! You two shall be punished." The two men stood there, frightened as Diamond exhaled deeply.

                              "I know what you want," Diamond said as he took off his Poketch and threw it to the floor,"You can have it, as long as you free Pearl."

                              Jupiter smiled and said,"Agreed. Team Galactic appreciates your generous trade."

                              The two sides exhanged their deals. Diamond placed Pearl on his back, thinking," Alright, I've got about 2 minutes before they realize that the Poketch is a phony." In the blink of an eye, Diamond sprinted out of the base. Jupiter caught on to this and sent Golbat after the boy. Without command, Golbat used Air Cutter at the air infront of Diamond, causing him to stumble a bit, but he maintained his ground. As he ran, Diamond reached into his pocket to find Trident's Pokeball, all the while, piggy-backing Pearl. When he found the Piplup's pokeball, he released it as it ran with him," Trident, help fend off that Golbat!" Trident nodded as it shot Bubblebeam torwards the bat Pokemon, but Golbat easily dodged it. Trident became seriously angry at this and continued it's bubbblbeam assault, still unsuccessful. Diamond continued to run down the path until he arrived at the fork again, going down the other path this time with Trident and Golbat bringing up the rear.

                              Golbat swatted Trident with a Wing Attack continously until Trident finally landed a Bubblebeam directly at Golbat's left wing. This preoccupied Golbat for the moment as Diamond and Trident hid behind a large rock.

                              Pearl's eyes slowly opened as she felt Diamond's hands on her butt while he was carrying her. Immediately, she blushed and hopped off of the boy's back," Ugh! You perv!" SWAT! She smacked the boy so hard that he fell to the ground. Trident, bruises and all, seriously thought Pearl was a threat to Diamond's life. It opened it's beak and released a Bubblebeam on the girl until Diamond told it to stop. Tirdent folded it's arms, staring up at the girl before it was returned into it's Pokeball.

                              Golbat was long gone now. Diamond sighed as he gazed down the cave,"I think it's gone."

                              Pearl nodded as she flattened her skirt,"Thanks for saving me, I guess. Jupiter, however, did suceed in stealing my Poketch. Luckily I have an extra one at home." Diamond followed her to the exit of the cave which led to Oreburgh City. Pearl sighed and said," Oreburgh? I thought I was at the other exit." She faced Diamond," I'm headed to Floaroma Town. So I guess I'll see you around." She headed back through the cave as Diamond watched her leave.

                              Diamond ventured down into the city. Nightfall was coming as the sky turned into a burnt orange color.


                              " happy-go-lucky while you can. You're the first on my hit list, sugar." In the mountains stood a red headed female, dressed in a space suit that was styled like a skirt with metallic gray stockings. She was currently watching Pearl hike to Floaroma. She smirked and folded her arms laughing maniacally," You'll be annihilated or my name isn't Mars."

                              On the other side of the mountain stood Jupiter, overlooking Oreburgh,"By now, Mars is after the girl. Heh, I guess I'll take care of the boy myself, as a side journey for the real objective at hand." She descended the mountain slowly, her calm eyes piercing with anger. As she left, the scene of two battered and beatened bodies lie where she stood.

                              The bodies of the two grunts who failed to murder Diamond...Bite marks were all over their bodies, mainly their upperbodies.

                              Team Galactics was dead serious about whatever they were planning...


                              (Next: Chapter 7: VS. Carnivine)
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                                Chapter 7: VS. Carnivine

                                Nightfall had came in Oreburgh City. Diamond had just checked in at the Pokemon Center, healing his Pokemon. After they got healed, he went to the elevator and waited for it to open on the lobby floor. When it did....BAM! Diamond collided with Damion, habitually, as both boys fell to the cream-tiled floor. Diamond, getting used to this, didn't say a word, but Damion wailed out," Hah! What took you so long to get here? I've already beaten the gym leader here!" Both stood at the same time.

                                Diamond shrugged and said, "Whatever." Damion frowned, agitated at the fact he wasn't getting to Diamond.

                                "Anyway, I'm about to walk around town. Maybe even try to catch a few late night battles. Wanna come with?" Diamond sighed deeply, knowing that Damion wasn't going to let him refuse. He nodded his head and allowed Damion to lead the way.

                                While the duo were walking around town, they noticed several people running away torwards the Oreburgh Mine. Damion blinked and said," Ah? What's their malfunction? Oreburgh isn't a place to run away ----" Diamond cut him off as he pointed to the sky.

                                "What the hell is that?"

                                A large plant-likemonster was swooping down on the citizens, firing an array of Bullet Seeds, aimlessly. Damion's jaw dropped as he stuttered," A C-Carnivine? B-But why would a Carnivine be way out here in Oreburgh?"

                                Diamond nodded and agreed," There's more to this than that Carnivine. I'll go follow the people. Think you can handle this thing?"

                                Damion nodded his head as he watched Diamond run off. He turned his attention back at Carnivine and said," Alright now." He took out a Pokeball and released Gaia. The Turtwig bounced around happily, slightly cracking the ground.

                                "This is no time for playing, Gaia. Now, use Bite!" Gaia leaped up into the nighttime sky, trying to bite Carnivine's tail. Carnivine simply evaded the attack and countered with Bite of it's own. The Venus Flytrap Pokemon stuck Gaia's head between it's mandible and wouldn't let go. Damion gritted his teeth,"Ah..Oh! Razor Leaf!" Upon being in Carnivine's mouth, Gaia unleashed several razor sharp leaves inside of Carnivine, causing it to spit up the Turtwig.

                                Gaia's cranium was covered with a sticky saliva now. Instantly, it withdrew into it's shell, raising it's defense before coming back out. Carnivine opened it's mouth again, spitting out more Bullet Seeds. Gaia dodged swiftly as Damion began to gain the upperhand, "Headbutt!" Gaia jumped up and rammed it's skull with Carnivine's, knocking it to the ground.

                                Damion grinned and looked to Gaia," Alright, bud, time to try out that thing we were working on at the gym!" Gaia nodded as it cried out enthusiastically. It reared up and stomped the ground, sending a seismic, geographic, underground wave at Carnicine. This caused the Grass-Type Pokemon to fall into a hole; An instant KO.

                                Damion walked over to the edge of the hole with Gaia, gazing down at it," Heh, nice Earthquake, Gaia." He took out a Pokeball and tossed it at Carnivine.

                                1...2...3...Ding! Carnivine was captured! Gaia went into the hole to retrieve the ball. When it got back to higher ground, it spat the ball onto the ground as Damion picked it up, staring at Carnivine in it's Pokeballs," You're now known as Verde, I reckon!"

                                Meanwhile, Diamond ran after the citizens to see why they were going into the mines. Sam, Rose, and Trident all followed closely behind their trainer. Sam was quietly practicing punches; Trident had it's arms folded as it walked; And Rose had her nose in the air, as if she was the most pleasant smelling Pokemon in the land of Sinnoh.

                                When he reached the beginning of the mines, Diamond was about to head in...


                                "Heh. Where do you think you're going, boy?"

                                It was a familiar voice. Feminine, yet strong.

                                Diamond about-faced and came face to face with Jupiter.

                                "Payback is a must, right?" She said calmly. At her side was a ferocious skunk looking Pokemon. It had purple and tanfur, as well as a large resemblence to Rose,"Oh that's right! You haven't become associated with your Stunky's mother, Skuntank! Allow me to introduce her to you, personally. Night Slash!"

                                Skuntank leaped forward, it's claw surrounded by dark energy as it collided with Diamond's stomach...


                                (Next: Chapter 8: VS. Skuntank!)
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                                  Chapter 8: VS. Skuntank!

                                  Diamond was sent a few feet in the air before he fell to the ground. Jupiter smirked as she called for another Night Slash from Skuntank. Skuntank jumped up but was blocked by it's daughter, Rose. Skuntank simple performed the slashing attack on it's seed, slamming Rose into the ground. Diamond slowly stood, coughing up a bit as he called out,"Trident! Bubblebeam!" Trident opened it's beak quickly and shot several bubbles at Skuntank, sending it back weakly. Sam could only contribute by growling, lowering Skuntank's attack power. Rose was furious that it's own mother would dare to attack her. It ran torwards Skuntank, tackling it in the gut.

                                  Jupiter frown and said," Enough of this foolishness Skuntank! Burn that Stunky in hell!" Skuntank snarled fiercely as it opened its mouth, unleasing hell's fury on Rose,"Flamethrower!" A trail of flames left Skuntank's mouth. The flamethrower hit Rose, severely, sending the young Stunky into a pile of coal, burned and fainted. The coal caught fire, but Rose managed to roll away against her will.

                                  Diamond's eyes widen as he felt them water. But as he worried about Rose, Sam was the next victim. Skuntank released another Flamethrower on the Kirlia, sending it into the pile of flaming coal, severely burning it as well. Trident drenched the fire immediately with a Bubblebeam.

                                  Jupiter smirked and said seductively, but at the same time menacingly," Ready to die, are we? Skuntank! Exterminate with Poison Fang!" Skuntank sprang forward as Trident was about to attack, however, it was bit by the poisonous fangs of the skunk Pokemon.

                                  Trident fell to the ground, induced with the poisoned condition, and fainted. Diamond returned all of his battered and beaten Pokemon. Jupiter smirked evilly as Skuntank slowly neared Diamond, foaming at the mouth,"This could have been simple, boy! You made it hard on yourself. You leave me no choice." Something was spotted from the corner of Jupiter's eyes. A red jewel twinkled in the moonlight. She smiled and said satisfied,"Hmm."

                                  The commander walked over to the red jewel, which was buried in a pile of coal, and picked it up. She looked back over to Diamond who was slowly backing away. A chuckled escaped Jupiter's mouth, but then a frown as she saw what was behind Diamond. Slowly, she disappeared into the night.

                                  "That was a close one right?" A tall man behind Diamond said. Diamond jumped a bit, not expecting anyone behind him, much less a crowd of people. The man appeared to be in his early 20s. He had reddish brown hair, glasses, tan skin, and wore a grey mining suit with yellow and black striped. On his head was a red mining helmet. Damion stood beside the man and said," Sorry I'm late, Diamond. That Carnivine put up a good fight. I managed to catch it though. It was under the control of Team Galactic."

                                  Diamond nodded and said,"My Stunky was once under the control of Team Galactic."

                                  Damion looked up at the Man and then at Diamond,"This is Roark, he's Oreburgh's mining captain as well as the Gym Leader." Roark nodded at Diamond.


                                  Roark led Diamond to the mines as Damion headed back to Oreburgh City. Roark began to explain what he knew about Team Galactic," You see, Team Galactic has 3 commanders: Jupiter, Mars, and Saturn; 3 executives: Venus, Neptune, and Pluto. And a maniac of a leader."

                                  Diamond looked up at Roark, who was doing something witha rock. Roark shrugged and said,"Unfortunately, I don't know much about the leader, let alone his name. They're main goal has to do with outer space. If you ask me, they could've went to Mossdeep in Hoenn if they wanted to go to space. Take that crap elsewhere, you know?"

                                  Roark released his Onic and ordered a Rock Smash. Onic slammed it's tail down on the rock, crushing it easily. A few pieces of rock flew everywhere, but nothing special came out. Diamond shielded his body as Roark said," That's a Rock Smash. Here." He handed the trainer a hidden machine,"It'll help you on your quest to stop Team Galactic. It's the HM Rock Smash."

                                  Diamond nodded as he placed it in his inventory,"Thanks, but the Team Galactic controversy isn't my only journey. I'd like to challenge you to a gym battle."

                                  Roark smirked and said,"Meet me at the gym."

                                  It was midnight. but the time didn't stop Diamond from battling Roark. Before getting to Roark, Diamond easily defeated the gym trainers, only using Trident. Finally, the real match was about go underway.

                                  Roark started off by releasing his Onix. The rock snake Pokemon roared as Diamond released Sam. The match proceeded. Diamond pointed forward,"Future Sight!" Sam's eyes started to glow as it foresaw an attack. Onix took this opportunity to Bind Sam between it's boulders.

                                  Roark smirked and said,"Using Future Sight made your Kirlia an easy attacking target!"

                                  Diamond clenched his fists and said," Confusion!" Sam, even while being squeezed by Onix, unleashed it's psychic power as Onix lost hold of the Kirlia.

                                  Roark thrusted his hand forard,"Stealth Rock! Go!" Onix flung jagged, sharp rocks arond Sam, preventing escape.

                                  Diamond looked confused ,"Ah..No problem! Calm Mind!" Sam began to relax, upping it's special stats. Onic proceeded to use Rock Smash, but was hit by Future Sight, causing the giant to fall, knocked out. Diamond smirked and said,"Alright! Good job Sam!" Sam nodded, still trapped between the rocks. Roark released his last Pokemon, a dinosaur-like creature with a large cranium.


                                  Roark wiped his nose with his index finger," Meet my tank, Cranidos. When he's through with you, you'll wish you never even came to Oreburgh City Gym!" Cranidos began to kick his left foot back and forward like a Rhyhorn. It lunged forward, headbutting Sam in the head. A critical hit!

                                  Sam fell to the ground in a daze, but got up. Diamond took a deppe breath,"Oh man...Sam! Future Sight!" The Kirlia's eyes began to glow, but immediately afterwards, Cranidos headbutted Sam again, only this time, the marking on it's head was glowing.

                                  "That was a Zen Headbutt! Now, for my favorite. Double Headbutt!" Roark snickered as Cranidos ran forward, headbutting Sam yet again. It sent the Kirlia into the air quickly. Cranidos jumped high into the air, above Sam, and headbutted it into the ground. Sam was blasted through the battlefield and created a hole, which it lay in, fainted.

                                  Diamond's eyes widened as he returned Sam, looking across the battle field at Cranidos.

                                  The prehistoric Pokemon started to glow. Roark laughed and said,"You'll be the first contestant to ever face my newly evolved....


                                  Cranidos grew larger; It's cranium growing bigger. Finally, it stopped growing and glowing, revealing Rampardos: A navy blue dinosaur with piercing red eyes, sharper horns, and a much larger, headbutting head. Diamond sighed and released Trident.

                                  The Piplup looked up at Rampardos as the dinosaur Pokemon glared down at it, roaring loudly. Trident looked unmoved as it held up it's head proudly, wanting to be taken seriously in this final match. Diamond smiled a bit and said," Alright Trident! We've got a lot on our plate, so get ready to eat!" Diamond immediately began to come up with a plan, however, he wasn't exactly expecting Cranidos to evolve into a Rampardos! END.

                                  (Next: Chapter 9: VS. Rampardos!)

                                  The final chapter is approaching. Will Trident be victorious over Roark's tank, that is, Rampardos? Prepare for a great and entertaining battler as well as the conclusion to Volume One!
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                                    Chapter 9: VS. Rampardos!

                                    Rampardos roared to the heavens, but Trident stood its ground. Roark chuckled a bit and said," Bless it's heart. The little fella thinks its actually got a chance at winning!"

                                    Diamond gulped," Enough talk! Trident, Bubblebeam!" Trident ran forward, spurting bubbles at Rampardos. The dinosaur Pokemon was hit, but it wasn't fazed that much.

                                    Roark grinned," Rampardos, Ancient Power!" Magically, rocks appeared infront of Rampardos. It roared, sending the rocks at the Trident. The Piplup was hit continously. Immediately afterwards. Rampardos performed Double Headbutt, sending Trident crashing into a wall. Roark folded his arms as he thought to himself," Father told me to show no mercy to this kid. If he's going to stand a chance against what's ahead, he'll have to quit holding back."

                                    Trident slowly fell face first off the wall. Diamond watched and winced, saying to himself," Gotta think of some way to stop Rampardos." He began to reminisce about an earlier event.


                                    Before Diamond went to the Pokemon Center, he was confronted by a man wearing hald a mask. The right side of his face was covered with a seemingly smiling mask. The man was dressed rather weirdly. He was wearing a purple armored top, with a black vest ontop of it so only the sleeves of the purple top showed, and purple slacks.

                                    He spoke in a raspy voice," Hey kid, you want to defeat the gym leader easily?"

                                    Diamond, wanting a competitive edge, nodded and said, "Sure."

                                    The man snickered, "Give one of ya Pokemon this TM, Ice Beam. Ice type attacks are strong against rock type Pokemon. No thanks are neccessary. It's a personal gift."

                                    Diamond looked confused as he furrowed his brows," Personal gift? From who?"

                                    The man smirked and disappeared, however a voice could be heard," A gift from the Mask of Ice.."

                                    His voice trailed off...


                                    "Hey kid!? You okay over their?"

                                    Roark shouted, confused. Diamond had been in a trance for a little while. The gym leader shrugged and said, " Well, I guess I'll finish this! Rampardos, Double Headbutt!" Rampardos footsteps pounded the ground as it neared Trident.

                                    Diamond clenched his fists, thinking back to his loss to Jupiter. He never wanted to see his Pokemon dominated like that ever again.

                                    Trident stood, unmoved by the charging Rampardos, waiting on Diamond's command.

                                    Diamond smirked and said," Trident, Ice Beam!" Trident instantly opened it's beak, unleashing winter's fury onto Rampardos. The headbutting Pokemon was stopped in its track, slowly backing away.

                                    Roark chuckled and thought," Show me what you got kid!"

                                    Diamond looked over at Roark as the gym leader shouted, "Take Down!" Rampardos broke through the Ice Beam, tackling Trident fiercely.

                                    Trident was thrown back, but it fell on it's two feet. Without command, it used Ice Beam once more, thrashing Rampardos' stomach. Diamond thrusted his right hand forward,"Bubblebeam!" Trident switched beams as the bubbles pounded Rampardos' skull.

                                    The pre-historic Pokemon fell to its knees, almost completely wiped out of its health points. Roark shook his head, "Tsk, tsk, he may be down, but he's not out Rampardos finish this now! ZEN HEADBUTT!"

                                    Diamond scoffed," Trident, ICE BEAM!"

                                    In a collision, smoke filled the battle field. On one end stood Roark, wondering what the outcome of the battle was. In his opinion, it was a win-win situation. If he won, well, he won. If he lost, he helped further the strength of a potential elite trainer.

                                    On the other end stood Diamond, determined and eager as ever. For the first time in his life, he went with the flow of battle rather than plotting up some sort of strategy to win. For once battling felt less predictale.


                                    When the smoke cleared, it revealed Trident, standing, arms folded on top of a knocked out Rampardos. Diamond grinned happily as he said," Heh! We won!" Trident nodded as it merely walked back over to Diamond. Trident wasn't one for celebrating. Still, it looked happy.

                                    Roark returned his Rampardos as he walked over torward Diamond and Trident," Congrats to you and your Pokemon. I reward you with the Coal Badge. It allows your Pokemon to use Rock Smash. Also, take this TM, Stealth Rock." He handed Diamond all of his rewards as Diamond placed them in his possession.


                                    Diamond stood near the north of town at the Oreburgh Mining Musuem. Roark grinned and said," I'll tell you what kid, you promise me that you'll take care of Team Galactic, and I promise you a gift from the mines. Deal?"

                                    Diamond nodded and agreed, "Deal!" The two shook hands as theyy said their goodbyes. Diamond was heading north to the short route to Eterna City.

                                    Unknowingly, he was being watched by the masked man who gave him the TM, Ice Beam," we're forever connected." He chuckled before disappearing...


                                    Pearl has just arrived in Floaroma Town. She smiled to her Pokemon, Pyra and Aves, saying to them, "Welcome to Floaroma!"

                                    Watching from the Valley Windworks, Mars smirked, as she said to her grunts, "Begin the next phase of our mission."

                                    The grunts nodded and soluted their commander," Ma'am, yes, ma'am!"

                                    When her grunts left, Mars stared out the window again, watching Pearl carefreely stroll around the flower filled town," Heh..heh..."


                                    Volume 1 is completed!

                                    Preview for Volume 2:


                                    -What exactly does Mars have in plan for Pearl?
                                    -What Pokemon does Pearl plan to catch with the Sweet Honey?
                                    -What's the deal with those Psyducks anyway???

                                    All this and more in Volume 2!
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                                      Wow. It's practically just like the manga. What I want to know you have language packs installed to decode that baffling Japenese writing, or is it you or a friend?
                                      JB IZ THE OVERLORD!

                                      Here's the link to my PMD fanfic!


                                      ...and its short story spin-off!

                                      And...the sequel's beginning!

                                      Name: Baby Charmander
                                      Adopt one yourself! @Pokémon Orphanage
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                                        Originally Posted by jb0000612 View Post
                                        Wow. It's practically just like the manga. What I want to know you have language packs installed to decode that baffling Japenese writing, or is it you or a friend?

                                        This is my own version of the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Manga. All the ideas in this are either mines or inspired by the Poke Special Manga.

                                        Due to confusion, I have changed the names in accordance to the way the game makers name the characters.

                                        Diamond will remain Diamond.
                                        Damion is now Pearl.
                                        Pearl is now Dawn.
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                                          Chapter 10: VS. Drifloon!

                                          Floaroma Town was a flower-filled village. It appeared to even hypnotize people into adoring the flowers. Nonetheless, the town was peaceful. Or so it seemed...

                                          To the northwest portion of the city, two Team Galactic members entered the Floaroma Meadow. As they entered, a man had his back to them, and he appeared to be standing on a ladder, taking some Sweet Honey from a Combee Hive. The old man began to whistle innocently, singing a lovely tune.

                                          "Ah, it's a beautiful day as usual. Of course, it'll rain tonight. This here lovely city can't possibly stay bright and filled with flowers if it doesn't rain." The old man descended the tree,a pail full of Sweet Honey. As he turned around, the Team Galactic duo confronted the man," Give us yer Honey, if ya know what's good for yer!" The old man slowly backed away,"!"


                                          Dawn had just exited a local store, leaving out with a handful of dress up items," Boy, it's a good thing I came when I did! I would've never gotten these clothes had they not been on sale! I even got a Sprayduck and a free berry." She began folding the Dress Up Clothes and placed them in her backpack," Well, there's not much to do here...I guess I better keep on moving. Hearthome City is right around the corner."

                                          Dawn continued on, walking along a bridge where she saw a girl crying her little eys out. The little girl was dressed in a yellow dress with a white collar, red dress shoes, and a red boy was elegantly tied in her short brown hair.

                                          Dawn tilted her head confusedly and began to try and see what the problem was," Excuse me, is something the matter?"

                                          The girl revealed her face, drowning in tears," -sniffle- Astronaut....They-took-my-daddy!!!! -hic--sniffle-"

                                          Dawn instantly realized who the culprits were," Where did these 'astronauts' take your daddy?" She knelt down, looking the girl in her eyes.

                                          The girl wiped away her tears," A building by the mountains. Up ahead!" She pointed to a red building, surrounded by 5 windmills. A large billboard had printed on it "The Valley Windworks". The girl faced her again," He works late every Friday, but he came home early this Friday. Then, he left back out because he forgot something. But he hasn't come back because I saw the 'astronauts' take him!"

                                          Dawn stood and straightened down her skirt," I'll go get him. You go back home, okay?"

                                          The girl nodded as she ran back to Floaroma.

                                          Dawn shook her head as she neared Windworks," These guys have got to be kidding me. What could they possibly want with an old man?"

                                          Dawn finally approached the frontdoor of Windworks. However, blocking her way was.....a purple balloon? "Loon.." It said mysteriously.

                                          "A Drifloon." Dawn said cooly, already having it recorded in her Pokedex, but not captured. The Drifloon reared up and unleashed a minor gust onto Dawn, causing the girls skirt to fly up, revealing her lower body underwear. Luckily, no one was around to see her.

                                          The girl immediately blushed as the Drifloon floated back and forth, seeming to laugh. Dawn was not pleased with this," You perv!" She took out a Pokeball and released Aves, her Staraptor," Aves! Teach this pervert a lesson!" Staravia, without command, smacked Drifloon with a Wing Attack. Drifloon thudded back onto the door.


                                          Mars shifted as she heard the thudding sound ," Hm..." She headed down the dark hall and looked into the room where the little girl's father was being held," Was that you? I told you couldn't escape." The man was tied to a chair, duck tape tied around his mouth, arms, and legs. A muffled sound was heard from the man. Mars smirked as she swayed her hips, nearing him as she sat in his lap," Oh, you want to escape?"


                                          The impact of the slap caused the man to fall to the floor," Not on your life, sport." Mars said calmly as she left the room, returning to her post.

                                          Outside, Dawn had managed to almost completely weaken Drifloon. She took out a Great Ball and tossed it at Drifloon. The ball bounced off of the balloon Pokemon and wobbled one second before exploding.

                                          Drifloon was not captured!

                                          Dawn groaned and said," Alright, dammit!" Aves took flight again, awaiting for a command now.

                                          Drifloon, however, didn't wait. It pounded Aves with one of it's strings, coming back at twice the power that Aves had sent its way. Payback.

                                          Dawn began to get frustrated. She returned Aves and released Pyra, her reliable starter Pokemon, a Chimchar. Pyra began to engulf her body in flames as she rolled into a ball. Dawn grinned as she called out her signature move," Flame Wheel!"

                                          Pyra shot forward, slamming into Drifloon's face and ricocheting off of it. Pyra landed on it's feet, waiting for the outcome.

                                          Drifloon slowly floated to the ground; it's eyes now were X's.

                                          Dawn took out another Great Ball and tossed it at Drifloon. The purple balloon Pokemon was instantly captured. Dawn ran over and picked the Pokeball up," Now you won't be able to peep at girls anymore, Peep." She said, naming her newly acquired Drifloon.

                                          Suddenly, the door opened as Mars stood there, clapping her hands slowly," Bravo. Brava! Quite a performance from a halfway decent coordinator! Your precious little Pyra and Staravia are beautiful, yet weak."

                                          Dawn sneered as she stared back at the red headed woman," Heh...thanks for the compliment, I wish I could say the same for your putrid pale face. Ever heard of the sun?"

                                          Mars stood in the shadow of the building and said," Quiet! Beauty is never a requirement in battle. However, strength is much needed. Purugly! Front and center!"

                                          From the shadows inside the house, emerged a large blue and white, fat cat looking Pokemon. It's ears were large and pointed; it's tail similar to a spring," Puuuuur..." It said in a way that would give you goosebumps.

                                          Dawn's eyes twitched at the sight of the disgusting looking Pokemon,""

                                          Mars smirked and said," Oh my? Purugly got your tounge?"

                                          The Purugly roared again before jumping up rather quickly for it's size, and slamming into Dawn's stomach. The girl was sent across the field, thudding into the ground.

                                          Mars smirked," Quick Attack is an Egg Move of Purugly. Team Galactic always makes sure they have the best Pokemon. What are you going to do child? Your scrawny contest Pokemon are no match for my powerhouse Pokemon! Mwaha!"

                                          Dawn stood, holding her stomach, thinking to herself," She's right....I'm no match for a Purugly....Damn..What am I gonna do?"


                                          (Next: Chapter 11: VS. Purugly!)
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                                            its pretty good.,

                                            a few more paragraphs like Jax was sayin earlier..

                                            one of da best fanfic i hav seen so far!
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                                              Originally Posted by Lord94 View Post
                                              its pretty good.,

                                              a few more paragraphs like Jax was sayin earlier..

                                              one of da best fanfic i hav seen so far!
                                              Yeah, I was thinking about that too. I didn't want to make the chapters so long that it didn't attract reviewers and viewers. I'll lengthen the chapters. Thanks for the comments and crit!
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                                                Alright, this fic is not dead and/or dying. I'm currently in the works of doing VS. Purugly! I'm also thinking of making chapter screenshots!

                                                Also, I'm thinking about tying the three Legendary Lake Pokemon to our main characters. I'll keep it a secret until further along in the story. Maybe once they're in Canalave.
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                                                  Chapter 11: VS. Purugly

                                                  Dawn sat there on the ground, staring up at the evil that was Mars and her Purugly. At the moment, Dawn's Pokemon, Pyra, Aves, and Peep, were all wiped out from the battle they eached participated in. Unfortunately, Dawn didn't bring any of her extra Pokemon she had at the lab.

                                                  Oh well.

                                                  Dawn stood up, straightening out her skirt," Alright then." She placed her fists up," Put'em up!"

                                                  Mars burst into laughter and said," You cannot be serious! How dare you insult me with asking for a fight. I'll take you out of your misery. Purugly, Quick Attack!" Purugly dove forward to attack. It's face piling with sweat from the intense heat coming from the sun.

                                                  Almost immediately after Purugly dove torward her, Dawn slammed a sphere-shaped item on the ground, bringing up smoke. As the smoke cleared, the girl was gone.

                                                  Mars looked around for the girl, but Dawn had already entered the Windworks. This caused the Galactic Commander to become very annoyed," Try to trick me, will you? Purugly, after her!"

                                                  The tiger cat Pokemon raced into the building with Mars following closely.

                                                  Dawn ascended the steps of the inside, panting for breathe," Luckily, I had that Smoke Ball, otherwise I'd been cat food." She elegantly jumped to the top of the steps, only to hear a door slam from the lower level," Damn it, she caught me."

                                                  She heard a muffled cry for help in the next room and quickly sprinted into the office-like room. There, the little girl's father was on the floor, tied to a chair, and gasping for help. Within a minute, Dawn untied the man as he began to thank her," Oh, thank you for rescuing me!"

                                                  Dawn looked to the entrance of the office and said," Save it for later."

                                                  Mars stood tall, smirking down at them," Alright, it's the end of the line, for real this time."

                                                  Dawn got to her feet and said," You're right. For you anyway." She took out a Pokeball, and released Pyra, her Chimchar.

                                                  Confused, Pyra looked back to it's trainer, knowing it only had a certain amount of hit points left," I know you're tired, girl, but this is important."

                                                  Pyra nodded, and slowly turned to face the ugly-looking Pokemon.

                                                  Mars didn't hesitate any further," Hypnosis! " Purugly slowly opened it's mouth, releasing a spiral wave of energy. However, Pyra managed to dodge the attack with ease, because of her nimble moves.

                                                  Dawn smirked and thought to herself," Pyra and I have done some intense training since we lost to Diamond. She should be close to it by now..."

                                                  Pyra curled itself into a ball, and without command, blasted forward in a ball of fire. The Flame Wheel ricocheted off Purugly's face as the Tiger Cat Pokemon grimaced in pain.

                                                  Pyra released the heat from around her body, as she panted tiredly," Chim..." She said fatigued.

                                                  Just then, Pyra started to glow, slowly increasing in size. Dawn smiled to herself, not pressing the button on her Pokedex that would prevent Pyra from evolving into...

                                                  In place of what once was a Chimchar, was now a taller monkey with a different shade of orange fur. Around it's neck was what looked like white fur. Above her nose was a red marking which changed into a blue circular formation around her eyes. Her tail was much longer and had a longer strand of fire at the tip. Her hands were also much bigger and at the forearms were gold marking that went around her arms.


                                                  Pyra raised her arms happily, admiring her newly evolved form. Her energy was now restored!

                                                  Mars looked uneasy,"...Purugly! Quick Attack" Purugly dove forward torwards Pyra.

                                                  Dawn smirked cutely and said," You should know, Pyra is now much faster than your Purugly now. She has a new attack, according to my Pokedex. Pyra, Mach Punch!"

                                                  Pyra leaped up into the air, and seemingly vanished.

                                                  Purugly looked around.


                                                  Pyra had appeared infront of the confused Pokemon and punched it so hard that it flew into Mars.

                                                  The man smiled happily and said," Mach Punch is a Fighting-Type attack. Your Purugly isn't doing so well after that attack."

                                                  Dawn looked down at a knocked out Mars," Eh..Neither is she. Well, we better get outta here before ol' witch here wakes up."


                                                  Dawn waved goodbye to the little girl and her father as she headed torward the Eterna Forest.


                                                  Mars was somewhere up in a Honey Tree on Route 205, tears in her eyes as her nose was bloody red from being hit in the face by Purugly, when the tiger cat Pokemon was hit by Pyra's Mach Punch.

                                                  She held out a communication device as a man with spikey, sky-blue hair appeared on the screen," Status report, Commander Mars."

                                                  Mars sniffled," Mission...-sniffle-...not accomplished."

                                                  The man on the screen turned his head as the screen turned black.

                                                  Mars burst into tears once more, only to fall out of tree and be knocked out cold again.

                                                  (Next: Chapter 12: VS. Burmy!)

                                                  Notice: Sorry for the short chapter. This was just a Mars intro chapter. As you can see, she's very.....bizarre. Heh, anyway, be prepared for more surprises in the next chapter! You can guess that the next chapter will be in Eterna Forest.

                                                  Volume 2 will be a somewhat comic relief Volume.
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                                                    Chapter 12: VS. Burmy!

                                                    The sun was slowly heading torwards the western portion of Sinnoh.

                                                    Dawn looked down at the Poketch on her wrist, noticing it was about 5:00 in the afternoon. It was Friday, meaning Dawn's plan to make to Eterna City by Saturday was going well. Currently, she was in the seemingly endless Eterna Forest. The entire forest was filled with tall grass, trees, and Sweet Honey trees. All the while, Dawn placed the Sweet Honey she received from Floaroma Town on the appropiate tree.

                                                    She knew that one of the Professor's assistants would stop by the trees in 12hours. Dawn seemed to be interested in finding a certain Pokemon who only appears in Honey Trees.

                                                    As she walked, Dawn gently scratched her arms," Ah. This is a Bug-type Pokemon's paradise."

                                                    Besides this, it all seemed boring, yet peaceful.


                                                    Dawn looked up in a tree, noticing a tall, slender young lady with emerald green hair. She was dressed in a long-sleeve emerald dress and forest green boots.

                                                    The woman appeared to be struggling at maintaining her balance on the branch of the tree," Oh....I! Ah!" The woman quickly fell out of the tree and landed on Dawn.

                                                    Dawn fell onto her back as the young lady fell ontop of her.

                                                    Luckily no one saw this, or else this would be a very pleasing moment; especially for a young man.

                                                    Or even a woman...

                                                    The lady quickly stood, as she dusted herself off, " Oh, my apologies. I was searching for my Burmy. It ran away from me while I was trying to breed it. I'm Cheryl by the way."

                                                    Dawn stood up as well, cleaning her self off, " I'm Dawn." She stretched her arms out before sighing melodiously," Had it been one of my Pokemon, I'd've been crying by now." She smiled happily and said," I can help you find your Burmy if you'd like. Not that I have much to do in here anyway, just need something to keep me occupied."

                                                    The two young women decided to travel together through the forest.

                                                    As they began their escapade through Eterna Forest, they failed to find any sign of Cheryl's Burmy. All the while, Dawn held off wild Buneary, Wurmple, and Kricketots with her Staravia, Aves, and her Drifloon, Peep.


                                                    A young man and lady surrounded Cheryl's Burmy torwards the edge of the forest. They were dressed in wacky, and strangely, casual clown suits and had a quarter of a mask covering the top left corner of their faces.

                                                    "Oh now you in big trouble, Burmy!" The man said dimwittedly. A Murkow was perched on his shoulder.

                                                    The woman nodded, as her Misdreavus floated beside her," Now, you no run from us!"

                                                    The bagworm Pokemon glared up at the two, shaking it's leaves violently," Burm! Burmy!"

                                                    The man yelped," See you no know we are the Dusk Twins. I Mark and she Marcis!" Marcia nodded immediately and repeatively in agreement as Burmy became tired of this useless introduction.

                                                    It instantly sprinted away from the Dusk Twins, leaving a trail of green leaves behind it.

                                                    While Cheryl and Dawn were searching for Burmy, they noticed the trail of leaves, leading to a rock literally smothered in moss.

                                                    Dawn approached the rock as Cheryl watch from a distance.

                                                    Suddenly, Burmy shot up from behind the rock, clinging to Dawn's shoulder. Cheryl giggled," Yep, that's her!"

                                                    Dawn managed to calm the Burmy down, as she slowly held it in her arms, hugging it to her bosom," Oh my goodness! It's so adorable!" Tears began to run down her cheeks.

                                                    Cheryl chuckled at the emotional girl," I caught this Burmy to mate with my Mothim. However, it struggles to evolved into Wormadam. Also, it appears to be attached to you, literally."

                                                    Burmy squirmed it's way out of Dawn's grasp and clung onto her navy blue hair.

                                                    Dawn sighed," Well, I am attractive aren't I?"

                                                    "Stop in name of Ice!!!"

                                                    What could possibly be the source of this horrible grammar? None other than the Dusk Twins, of course!

                                                    Mark stood there, hands on his hips as his right eye blinked, annoyed," What in name of Ice you doing with me Burmy!?"

                                                    Marcia glared at her brother," You mean our Burmy, brother."

                                                    Mark nodded and said," Our Burmy!"

                                                    Cheryl placed her hands on her hips now as she yelled back," Excuse me, but that Burmy belongs to Dawn now. You can't have it!"

                                                    Dawn nodded as the Burmy rested on her shoulder. She whispered to it gently, uttering it's nickname," Queen."

                                                    Mark and Marcia both yelled in Unison," We no take that. Go Murkrow! Go Misdreavus!" The dark crow Pokemon and the banshee Pokemon both darted torwards Cheryl and Dawn.

                                                    Dawn smiled as she said," Let me handle this, Cheryl!" She took out Peep's Pokeball, and released the purple balloon Pokemon," Stockpile!"

                                                    Peep slowly inhaled a large amount of air, as it began to increase in size. It's body started to give off a pink aura as it's defense increased.

                                                    However, Murkrow managed Peck Peep right on the yellow X of the Drifloon's face. Also, Misdreavus face became very intimidating as it used Mean Look to prevent Peep from being recalled.

                                                    Dawn smiled and said," Like I'd recall Peep anyway." Queen watched from Dawn's shoulder, admiring the beauty of Peep's Stockpile aura.

                                                    Cheryl smiled and said," I'd like to help! Go Chansey!" She took out a Pokeball and tossed it beside Peep, releasing the giant, pink Pokemon, Chansey," My Chansey is different from normal ones. It loves to attack." Chansey nodded as Cheryl commanded an Iron Tail, while Peep Stockpile once more.

                                                    Chansey ran forward, whipping it's slightly long, stub tail across Murkrow and Misdreavus's body.

                                                    Mark looked displeased on the sideline," Marcia, your Misdreavus no strong. You hold back Murkrow!"

                                                    Marcia glared back at her brother," No, your Murkrow act like dufus!"

                                                    The Dusk Twins continued bickering as Peep Stockpiled yet again as Dawn asked the two a question," Do you two spit on each other?"

                                                    The twins ceased their bickering and said together," No, no, no."

                                                    Dawn smirked," Hmm...Funny. Peep enjoys spitting. Spit Up!"

                                                    Peep opened it's mouth and exhaled a large beam of pink energy torwards Murkrow, sending it flying into Misdreavus; which sent the two Pokemon flying into their trainers.

                                                    Dawn smirked happily as she returned Peep," You see Queen? I can make you that elegant in battle like Peep." Queen smiled happily as Cheryl and Dawn walked over, looking down at the Dusk Twins and their Pokemon.

                                                    Their clothes were partially torn as their eyes were spinning out of their sockets," Ew, that's gross." Dawn said, disapprovingly as her nose wrinkled.

                                                    Cheryl looked on," Should we just leave them here?"

                                                    Dawn nodded as Cheryl shrugged. The two walked away from the "massacre" as they edged torwards the end of the forest.

                                                    Cheryl smiled as the forest finally cleared into Eterna City," Ah, Eterna City. Now I can go home. Where are you going?"

                                                    Dawn smiled as she looked out into the city," I'm looking for a friend of mine to help me with something." She thought to her self,' Stop in the name of Ice? "

                                                    Cheryl blinked," A friend?"


                                                    Diamond was on a bridge near the entrance to Eterna Forest. He was currently battling his newly acquired Pachirisu against a Fisherman with six Magikarp.

                                                    Diamond looked very annoyed by this as he watched his Pachirisu spark the fish Pokemon into unconsciousness. Diamond walked off as Pachirisu hopped after him," Ah...I hate Magikarp trainers..."


                                                    (Next: Chapter 13: VS. Chatot!)

                                                    Author's Note: This is one of my favorite chapters. I love Mark and Marcia and their stupidity.
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