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Hi, Bay here! Yes, another new fic by me. If you’re wondering, “Nothing, Everythnhg” is still going on and it’s going strong. :) More info about this fic here. There’s a couple other things I want to say though.

-This is a first time I’m doing a parody so it might be a little clumsy and sloppy at first, as far as what kind of comedy I really wan it to be (be it totally random, more sopshicated, etc.)Pretty much I wrote it from what kind of topics I want to address in each chapter and also put in a few random jokes here and there that’s related to the subject matter of this story. Also, if I went too far with some of the jokes, let me know and then I end. I try not to be too wild here. XD

-Like I said in the preview, it’s not to insult but poke fun of some of the mistakes in OT Journey fics. I’ll say I pretty much noticed those mistakes from reading a few fics, many parodies, and also discussions from this forum and others too.

- Also, I know there might be a few reviewers thinking that I’m making fun of their fic and that my reviews are lies. Rest assured the reviews I do are for real and that I would not lie on what I think of the fics. Again, this fic pretty much come from a couple other fics , from reading other parodies, and from discussions.This part is just incase.

-This fic may contain but limited too the following: Legendaries, spam, teenagers being Chosen Ones, shippings, evil Pokemon, plus many others. :P

This fic will be rated PG-13 for violence, language, and crude humor.

Now…to the main entertainment! (pushes the Play button).

Destiny’s Tricks

[An OT Epic Journey Parody by Bay]


Destiny, a girl that believed everything revolved around her and that she was destined for more. Damon, a boy who questioned things and thought there was something more to his life. Duku, a boy with a tragic life and too believed there was a reason for his life. The three would soon face challenges, angst, love, hate, lies, secrets…

Wait, why there seemed to be stories with introductions of the characters and of how they would deal things like angst and romance? To set the stage, right? Meh, none of my business. Let us get on with this story.

///The Story Begins…///

(Yes, this was an indicator that the story would begin soon. Anything I said before “The Story Beings” tagline does not count as part of the story. An author’s note, that was all.)

The scenery was a bleak one, per say. One building was in shambles, every wall and glass window broken. The smoke led the skies to being gray and covered the sun. As the flames died down, people began crowding around to see two teenagers getting ready to attack each other. This was a show they did not want to miss, so people began cheering to whomever they want to win.

Two people, two teenagers, two different genders. One has her whole body engulfed in blue flames while another has his right arm clouded in pink flames. Both grinned, knew this would be their final showdown, winner would take all.

After both finished charging, the girl roared while the boy twirled his arm around as if he was pitching a baseball. Roar of Time and Spacial Rend soon burst out of their bodies and then the attacks collided.

How did everything led up to this climax? Well, we would have to go back to the beginning so that you have just enough time to get to know the characters and cheer for them. Maybe twenty chapters before we get to this part? Still, you readers like to know every single detail about them even the non-important things, right? Before we get to when they first met, though…


To make the prologue even more exciting, it was a few hundred years before the event of those two teenagers dueling out came about. There was a huge war going on in the Orre region because of endless bragging between the people of Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh that their region was better. The war took place over there because none of the leaders want their region to be destroyed.

The battle was coming to its climax, like all the beginnings in movies, stories, games, and other media that started out with battles. So far everything was in chaos. Underneath the clouded sky there were men sending flames that flew high, catapults throwing spam, trolls beating some of the soldiers to death or making them cry, and many hacked Kygore and Mewtwo going against each other until one got destroyed. There were legendaries participating the battle, but many Celebi and Mew looking like half finished clones would say otherwise.

Okay, time to pick up the pace a bit, huh? What happened next was that things were about to change. Throughout the battle Lugia and Dialga were going against each other.

…Wait, was not Dialga supposed to battle Palkia, you asked? A while ago Palkia was blown into a hundred pieces by the Time Pokémon, which I would not go into detail.

Anyways, back to Dialga and Lugia’s battle. The great white bird with finger like wings and the majestic blue dinosaur with a big diamond on her chest took deep breaths. There were many burnt marks and grease from the spam dotted all over their bodies. After what seemed like forever, Lugia spoke.

“Your time’s up!” Lugia said in a sly tone.

Dialga rolled her eyes. “Have you been planning on using that pun for a while now?”

Lugia’s mouth stuttered for some time before he spoke. His anger rose when the realization hit him Dialga did not like that pun.

“Come on, it’s good!”

Dialga just stared at him with no emotion shown. Lugia was about to say something, but then shook his head and instead decided to say something else.

“Anyways, I think this battle’s drawing to its conclusion.”

“Too bad the readers didn’t get to see the emotions and feelings of the citizens affected by this war."

“It would bore them anyway,” Lugia reassured. “However, like I said, your time’s up! Prepare to be doomed with my Ultra Mega Blue Orb attack!”

The Johto legendary stretched his neck and his mouth began to have a blue orb and it was becoming bigger and bigger. After the orb was ridiculously big, it fired at Dialga straight on.


The flames screamed and ate her body away.


After a while, the flames died down and then her body was practically barbequed. The burned Pokémon’s slow crash on the ground soon caused a huge earthquake. Everyone in the battle then stopped and stared with concern shown on their faces at the fallen legendary.

Lugia smirked. “See, told you. Never mess with me and my well-thought out puns.”

Dialga coughed before she spoke her last words. “Before I die, I’m going to heed this warning. Palkia and I will be back again battling against each other in five hundred years, but as teenagers. The big clash will be at Veilstone City where everything’s going downhill.”

The white bird’s eyes twitched. He felt like slashing Dialga into a thousand pieces. Teenagers, why? Please tell me she’s joking.

“Why?” Lugia stuttered.

Dialga grinned but then coughed. “Because…it seems teenagers…are the most mature people around…or so I heard.” After she finished, she coughed some more and then died.

Everyone started crying and yelling up to the heavens. Many cussed and shrieked while others kicked sand. Only Lugia did not mourn, though. His mind still thought about how she would be back a teenager.

Better brace myself when that time comes.

It would be his biggest challenge yet, indeed.


Read quick on some of the things here:

-The beginning of the prologue pretty much was from that recent topic in the Authors' Cafe at Serebii of where it's a good place to start. Pretty much will say I too think it's a little tedious to wait for thirty chapters to have the story to the beginning to the flashback (that is if the prologue is a flashback, etc.).

-The second part of the prologue I basically got that idea from seeing one of friends having a new game and starts off with a war going on. XD

Well, I hope this fic is at least funny and hope I didn't do anything wrong. ^^;
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    This doesn't seem like a parody--it seems like a really improbable movie.
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      It's a parody if you understand where Bay got her ideas from. For those of us who have been on a lot of fanfiction forums, and have been around for a while, we kind of understand what she means. Like, on another forum that Bay (and a few other "regulars" here) is on, the part of

      Destiny, a girl that believed everything revolved around her and that she was destined for more. Damon, a boy who questioned things and thought there was something more to his life. Duku, a boy with a tragic life and too believed there was a reason for his life. The three would soon face challenges, angst, love, hate, lies, secrets,…
      would bring to mind one of the more popular fics. Not only that, but what Bay described is a nearly-common original trainer fic trio. (Uh, that last comma after "secrets" isn't supposed to be there, I believe.)

      This also holds true with the flashbacks of the prologue. As Bay said, that was inspired by a thread on another forum.

      So it is a parody. It's just not a blatantly obvious parody to anyone and their dog that reads it. You kind of have to have an idea of somethings that were brought up in the fanfiction world.

      Sorry to conquer your thread, Bay. A better review from me will come when I'm not running out the door to work! (Permission granted to kill me if I got things wrong!)
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      Yeah Shinnobitrainner, Hanako got it right. I understand why you think it's not a parody because it's not the usual ones like, say, a Mad TV skit or the movie Meet the Spartans where the audience will get the jokes as the TV show and the movie will make fun of real life events. This parody, however, is you would have to know pretty much what's going on in the fanfiction world. If you read my very long author's note, this parody is inspired by some other parodies I read, a few fanfictions I read/skimmed, and the discussions not only from here but also from Serebiiforums. Also, after the ending I also put in some of my inspirations for this prologue so that readers will kind of get the jokes somewhat. XD

      And Hanako, it's cool. Take your time on your review. :) And you're probably right on that comma thing. Kind of put that as the narrator is listing off things the teenagers will be dealing with but then suddenly stops and realizes almost all trainer stories have that introduction. XD (Goes edit)

      Well, since I'm here, expect Chapter One to come either Friday and Saturday. :)
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        Oh man, I quickly read this in school and was laughing. Then I read this again now and laughed! You did a great job on this, Bay!

        The three would soon face challenges, angst, love, hate, lies, secrets…
        Where would stories about teenagers be without angst and love? *covers up her own cheesy fanfiction scene*

        Two people, two teenagers, two different genders.
        Why do I think that there will be romance between these two teenagers?

        catapults throwing spam, trolls beating some of the soldiers to death or making them cry
        These are the two greatest weapons in war. Especially the flying meat by-product!

        “Your time’s up!” Lugia said in a sly tone.
        Cheesy puns for the win!

        “Because…it seems teenagers…are the most mature people around…or so I heard.”
        *snorts in laughter* I'm still picturing some more romance! I mean...teenagers, who are supposed to hate one another, and they are opposing genders! It all adds up!

        This was awesome. Thanks for the laugh, Bay! Can't wait for the next chapter!
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        Astinus: It seems like it's the rule of law that two different sexes must love each other but then battle also. XD And heck yeah, don't mess with the trolls and spam! ;)

        Well, since the beginning is just a prologue, why not go for Chapter One now? I’ll say this though: Don’t get your hopes up that this fic will be updated every few days. At the moment I’ll try to update it at least every couple of weeks. However, could be a chance I’ll post all of this before even getting all of Part One of “Nothing, Everything” posted. XD

        All right then, to the next chapter!

        CHAPTER ONE:

        ///Five hundred years later…///

        After the huge war between the four regions was over, everything seemed peaceful. There was still the occasional spam and bringing up of old arguments long dead, but overall everything was in order. However, that was about to change.

        In the huge Ilex Forest in Johto, Lugia and the three legendary dogs (or cats as many of the other legendaries mused whenever joking about their appearance) were discussing something very dire and urgent, and it had to deal with what was predicted five hundred years ago.

        “Okay guys, you all know what today is, right?” asked Lugia.

        “Is it Appreciate Legendaries Day?” asked Raikou while scratching his yellow fur covered with black stripes.

        “No, you idiot!” corrected the blue colored dog Suicune. While shaking her head, her purple mane swished and caused a few leaves to blow on Raikou’s face, which he then got them off. “Lugia, today is the day of Dialga’s warning, huh?”

        The Johto legendary shuddered at the thought. For five hundred years that warning kept coming in his dreams and he was not looking forward to it one bit.

        “Yes, Suicune. I’m bringing this up today because I want to say that we should brace ourselves for the worse.”

        “Seriously, I don’t know why the so called ‘Chosen Ones’ are almost always teenagers,” the huge furry dog legendary Entei complained with a snort.

        “Well, I chose teenagers because they seemed to be more mature for the job,” Raikou said. “I think ten year olds are too young to travel and very immature for the job. Adults I think they’ll be too busy with something else to go for a journey.”

        “In some cases, yes. However, not all teenagers are more mature than ten year olds,” Suicune argued. “Celebi told me one time how when he chose one ten year old and one fifteen year old, he believed the ten year old was more mature than the other one.”

        “And here’s another problem! Why the only two things happen to us is we either choose the kids or they save us from some evil organization?” Entei asked.

        That question soon got all three of them rambling about that. Lugia sighed and shook his head. He too wondered that, but at the same time he knew the meeting would have to end soon. Before he stopped them from talking any further, he roared so loud that some houses a few miles away had their glass windows shattered. That got the three’s attention in mere seconds.

        “All right. Now, as I was saying, we need to prepare ourselves for the worse. This teenager who has Dialga’s spirit will be a tough cookie to handle.”

        “How about the one who posses Palkia’s sprit?” asked Raikou.

        “We’ll worry about that teenager too, but I’m really more concern of the one that has Dialga’s powers. Who knows what kind of mischief that teenager will do?”

        All three nodded, agreeing the same thing.

        “Now, I must go. Should get some supplies and then head towards Sinnoh. Remember, prepare yourselves.”

        Entei, Suicune, and Raikou nodded again and then Lugia began flapping his wings. After a few beats, the psychic-flying type flew up in the sky and headed east.

        “Buy, Lugia! Be safe!” all three dogs chorused.

        As soon as Lugia left, Suicune sighed.

        “What’s wrong?” asked Raikou when he craned his head.

        “Just hope he’ll be fine and not be splattered by spam again like five hundred years ago,” Suicune answered.


        The sun rose up to light up Twinleaf Town. There was nothing much but a few houses and one small pond everyone went to check their reflections to pity themselves or to hide some secrets down there. Everything was quiet and peaceful, saved for one house.


        Inside the home, a young black haired girl ran down the stairs while her pink skirt was moving up and down. The girl was so focused straightening her black and white blouse that she lost footing and fell down. After the last bump, the girl moaned and slowly got up.

        “At least I didn’t die,” the young lady muttered to herself.

        Remembering why she was running in the first place, she rushed towards the kitchen. When the girl was inside, her mother was drinking coffee, a plate of eggs and bacon already ready and set on the table. Her blue hair was moving gently thanks to the open window.

        “Hello, Destiny,” her mother, Dawn, chirped while her blue eyes were looking at her daughter’s brown ones. Many people would compliment how the two actually look the same except for their eyes and hair color.

        The girl, Destiny, quickly ate her breakfast and said while munching, “Why you didn’t wake me up?”

        “I thought you woke up already. Besides, I also have to drop your sister to Pokémon School. She’s waiting until she’s fifteen like you to start her journey.”

        And why? Dawn added to herself. I started my journey when I was ten and I was more experienced that way.

        “But the eggs and bacon weren’t eaten yet!”

        “I thought you were too excited to eat,” the mother admitted with a shrug.

        After she finished eating her breakfast, Destiny gulped on her drink and then said, “Whatever. I’m late so it doesn’t change anything. Dad still busy being a Pokémon Master?”

        Her mother just nodded and drank her coffee.

        “Well, I got to go now! I’ll let you know from time to time how everything went!”

        After a wave goodbye, the girl sprinted out of the kitchen and then charged towards her destination, Sandgem City.


        While the fifteen year old ran, many things went thundering through her mind.

        I think I’m destined for something more. And hey, my name is Destiny!

        Ever since she was a child, she thought she was born for something more meaningful, with her parents being Ash Ketchum and Dawn …in fact, Destiny was not sure what was her mother’s old last name. Both of them were respectful trainers and coordinators, so anything was possible for her.

        I think I’m destined for something more. I think I’m destined for something more. I think I’m destined for something more…

        Too wrap up in her thoughts, Destiny suddenly crashed onto a glass door. In cartoon fashion, her body slowly slid down towards the ground.

        “Ouch…” she moaned once more.

        The door then opened automatically and came out a white haired man wearing a long coat and carrying a suitcase. He sighed and shook his head.

        Is it just me, or it always seems the late ones will get the special ones? The League says to give them the really rare ones so that they won’t sue or burn the lab.

        As soon as Destiny got up, she forced herself a smile.

        “Oh, hi Professor Rowan! Sorry I’m late. Overslept.”

        “It’s fine,” Professor Rowan said with a tired smile. “Come on, let’s come inside.”


        Destiny let out a disappointed sigh when she saw there was nothing too spectacular about the lab, thought the place would be filled with new technology and many scientists. Instead, there were only a few machines, shelves filled with many dusty books, a couple of desks, and one skinny assistant typing on the computer. She sighed more heavily when she saw there was only a white hat on the silver desk. No pokeballs in sight.

        “What? There’s no pokeballs.”

        “Sorry, but three other trainers came before you. Don’t worry, I’ve a few spare ones somewhere in the other room. Also, I need to give you a pokedex.”

        Rowan quickly went inside the other room and took out many items while saying some rude things. Destiny’s eyes got wide while the assistant shook her head and then continued typing. After precisely three minutes later, Rowan came back with a pokeball and a pink pokedex, which Destiny grabbed quickly, her eyes went wide with anticipation.

        “Like, oh my gosh, what’s inside?”

        “Just open it,” Rowan instructed. Hidden though was a nervous tone.

        Okay, gotta prepare myself in three…

        Destiny pushed the white button and then bright light burst with life.


        The white light faded and it revealed a small brown fox-like Pokémon wagging its huge fluffy tail. Rowan closed his eyes shut and covered her ears.



        Destiny did not hesitate but hugged the Eevee so tight the poor little creature began choking to death. That caused the teenage girl to let go of her starter Pokémon .

        “Opps, didn’t meant to do that,” Destiny apologized with a giggle.

        After Eevee shook her head, Destiny opened her pokédex and it began talking in a chirpy voice.

        Eevee, a rare Pokémon that adapts to harsh weather by taking on different evolutionary forms.

        “WOW, SO COOL!”

        After Rowan uncovered his ears again, he coughed. “All right, Pokémon and pokédex are in check. Wait, there’s one other thing. If you want, you can have your Eevee evolve right now. I’ve some evolutionary stones with me.”

        “No thanks,” Destiny answered while petting her Eevee. “I’m actually thinking of evolving it to Espeon.”

        Professor Rowan’s eyes went wide at that comment. He then shook his head and laugh.

        “Espeon, ey? Well, you do know you’ll have to wait until both the daylight and when the two of you are more acquainted? I’m sure you want it to be a Jolteon already.”

        “Don’t worry, Eevee will evolve in no time, because I’m going to be really nice and never abuse it, EVER!”

        After Destiny screamed that last sentence, Professor Rowan felt his ears ringing. He shook his head a few times to clear his head and then smiled weakly.

        “Well, it’s all settled then, now you’re ready to…”

        His very encouraging speech was interrupted by a sound of the sliding door. In came a girl with long brown hair that matched the color of her eyes. When Dawn looked at her short sleeved blue shirt and red skirt, she shook her head.


        “Professor Rowan, sorry to come back but I seem to forgot my…wait, you’re Destiny, right?”

        Destiny raised an eyebrow and then said, “Huh? How do you know?”

        The brown haired girl blinked slowly and then scratched her chin.

        “To tell you the truth, I’m not actually sure. It seems as if everything’s revolved around you already. Maybe it’s also because you’re known to be both Ash and Dawn’s daughter.”


        Both girls turned around and faced Professor Rowan.

        “Destiny, let me introduce you to Carmen, one of the trainers that got their starter today.”

        “Really? Which one?” asked Destiny.

        Carmen gave out a smudged smile and then threw her pokéball. After the ball burst out light, it revealed a small blue penguin with a huge head and a small beak. Destiny’s eyes went wide and erupted in flames.


        “Destiny, she got it fair and square,” Rowan said while trying to calm her down.


        Carmen stared at her as if she was a crazy woman that had too many cat Pokémon. “Like seriously, chill. I didn’t know you wanted a Piplup.


        Eevee titled her head and then cooed, “Vee?”

        At first Carmen too was confused. Even though she chatted with that girl for two minutes, she already thought she was crazy.

        “Look Destiny, I don’t think you want to battle me yet.”

        “Why not?”

        “First of all, I’m eleven and starting on my journey…”

        “Well, I’m fifteen and I’m starting my journey here too,” Destiny interrupted. “I studied Pokémon at school.”

        “I’m not finished. Anyways, I’m starting on my journey here. I was actually runner up in the Kanto Pokémon League. Besides, I’m eleven and I already have experience in training.”

        “If you’re experienced, why don’t you have your Kanto Pokémon with you? Also, why are you getting a starter here?”

        “They’re all at Professor Oak’s lab to rest. Also, I want to start fresh and train different Pokémon to study what different skills and techniques Pokémon in different regions learned. I actually want to become a Pokémon researcher like Professor Oak and Rowan. ”

        Destiny still glared at her, not believing one thing. When she quickly glanced at Professor Rowan, he smiled and nodded.

        “It’s all true. Professor Oak called me to arrange for her to have her Pokémon well in advance. Also, I’ve seen her battle before. She’s really good.”

        “Anyways Professor, I just came to get my hat back. Seems like as if I forgot it so that I can meet my rival,” Carmen mused with a giggle. “Okay, see you soon. Will let both you and Oak know how things went.” She then gazed at Destiny. “And Destiny, I think we’ll battle together eventually.”

        “But how about now?” Destiny demanded in a whining voice.

        “Nah. More original that way to wait for the rival and protagonist to battle each other at the end than have them battle at the beginning and then rinse and repeat. Until then, ta-ta.”

        After returning her starter and getting her hat back, Carmen ran back and then was out of the lab. Destiny’s jaws just dropped.

        Rowan chuckled. “She’s something, huh?”

        Destiny instantly turned around and sighed. “Yeah, very rude and overconfident.” She then sighed again, deciding to forget about Carmen at the moment. “Well, I guess I should then start my journey. Before I go though, what two other trainers got their Pokémon?”

        “One is a boy you already know, your friend Damon. In fact, he’s waiting for you at the beach right now. The other trainer is a boy named Duku.”

        “Oh, cool! Thanks, Professor. All right, looks like I don’t need you anymore!”

        Destiny and her Eevee was about to rush out of the door but Professor Rowan grabbed the both of them. He glared at them as if a Pokémon was stolen and they would have to pay a huge fee for the damages.

        “Now hang on one second, young lady! I’m tired of trainers just coming here to get their Pokémon and then leave! That’s why my research is going slow now these days! Luckily one of the new features in the pokédex is a videophone. You bet that I’ll take advantage of that and keep checking up on you. Understand?”

        Destiny now had only one feeling towards the professor: fear. Both she and her Eevee answered with a gulped.

        “Good. Now then, have a safe journey,” the professor chimed all of a sudden.

        Not wanting to be screamed again, both Destiny and her Eevee thundered out of the lab in just a heartbeat. The professor chuckled and then shook his head.


        Pretty much what inspires this is of complaints that every journey fic starts out with the main character late and then get a special Pokemon and of how rivals are like Silver (GS games) or Gary (anime/RBY games). May (RSE games, not anime) is a nice one. XD

        Well, hope this chapter is as funny as the prologue. Expect Chapter Two to come most likely in late April, possibly after I got done with one of my midterms. ^^
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        Okay everyone, here's Chapter Two! Sorry it took a little while, been busy with school, work, and "Nothing, Everything". Well, hope you guys enjoy this one.

        CHAPTER TWO:

        ///Now where should we start…///

        “Destiny, are you there?”

        Lugia was flying at Canalave City looking for any teenagers around. It was still early on this windy morning so not much people out yet except for a few fishermen. He smiled, thought the city would be a very comfortable and quiet place to live in if he was a human. There was the gym and Pokémon Center but also the Harbor Inn, the Canalave Library, and many cabin-like houses. The legendary Pokemon’s smile got bigger when at the port he saw a teenage black haired girl looking at her black and white blouse and pink skirt.

        That’s must be her. I can feel the Chosen One powers surrounding her.

        Could not wait to do this, he took a deep breath and then spoke in a very powerful tone, each word caused the wind to be stronger.


        Part of Lugia wondered how he suddenly knew Dialga’s teenage form would be inside the body of a girl named Destiny Ketchum. He then shrugged, decided it must be because it was part of his psychic abilities.

        After hearing that, the girl turned around and stared at Lugia in a confused look. “Excuse me, I think you got the wrong girl.”

        Lugia titled his head and glared at her as if he was told he was in a different region.

        “So you’re not Destiny Ketchum?”

        The girl shook her head. “No. My name’s Hikari and I’m waiting for Uxie to tell me more information about my destiny.”

        “So you’re already chosen?”

        The teenager grinned and nodded. All of a sudden, two different female voices was heard.

        “You’re waiting for Uxie? I’m waiting for Azelf while my two other companions wait for Uxie and Mespirt, though not here and instead at a cave somewhere.”

        “I’m actually chosen by Giratina and I’ll be meeting him at Iron Island.”

        Lugia turned around and saw two teenage girls coming, both look exactly like Hikari. When he saw Hikari and the two other Chosen Ones side by side and staring at him, he felt his head was about to explode.

        “Wait, there’s three Hikari?”

        “No, I’m Failynn,” answered one of the girls.

        “And I’m Mitsu,” answered the other.

        Lugia stared at them longer, still confused why the three looked alike. He then shook his head to clear his mind.

        “Wait, let me get this straight. You all three are already chosen?”

        All three girls nodded.

        “Well, then why all of you look alike and wearing the same clothes?”

        “I guess it’s the new craze,” Hikari answered with a shrug.

        Lugia shook his head, thought this would get him to nowhere. At least he knew Destiny was not here.

        “Whatever! All you three find other Chosen One fics to star in. Scram!”

        Wanted to show he meant business, he roared and then flapped his wings. The wind made the three girls shield their faces with their hands, many leaves and splashes of water hitting them. As soon as the gust died down, all three girls screamed and ran. Lugia chuckled at that sight and then flew away.


        Still wounded from not battling with her rival Carmen, Destiny kept huffing and puffing while walking towards the beach.

        “That stupid Carmen! Thinks she’s much better than me? I’m the one that studied Pokemon while she battled. What can you learn from battling, anyways? Ha, I’ll show her that I’m better than her as I’m destined for greatness!”

        When she stepped on the sand, her eyes suddenly see the person she was looking for. The boy ran his fingers through his puffy blonde hair and then his hazel eyes twinkled when he looked at her. Besides him was a green turtle Pokemon with two leafs on his head and a bottom yellowed jaw. He was sleeping, his shell shined from the sun.

        “Destiny! Finally, you’re here!” screamed the boy while waving.

        “Damon!” Destiny said while waving back. “And kawaii, you got a Turtwig!”

        “I know. He’s awesome, huh?”

        The Turwig suddenly snored and then a bubble came out of his nose. Destiny’s eyes got wide, as if they contradicted what Damon said. She then shook her head.

        “Anyways, I see you got an Eevee there. Something’s wrong, though.”

        “Huh, why?”

        “Eve?” the Eevee asked in confusion, her head titled every so cutely.

        “Eevees are usually natives of Kanto and Johto. Even then it’s hard to get those things.”

        Destiny shrugged. “I’m lucky, I guess.”

        Damon shrugged too. “Anyways, I really can’t wait for this journey to start. This is going to be so fun. Just you and me…”

        Just you and me.

        Damon then looked as if he already ate too much of his favorite ice cream. For the past few years he had a crush on Destiny but never told her. What attracted to her….well, what was more important was eventually his crush would cause drama of sorts and his heart would soon be crush.

        “Damon? Damon?”

        Destiny’s voice woke Damon up from his daydream. He then blushed dark red in huge embarrassment.

        “Yeah, Destiny?”

        “I think I already found my soulmate?”

        One of Damon’s eyes went wide. “Excuse me?”

        Destiny pointed to a green haired boy with his long sleeve button shirt moving gently from the breeze. While his hands were brushing the sand off from his brown pants, his dull colored eyes showed of tragedy and no happiness in his life.

        “Wait, you mean you think that emo kid is your soulmate?”

        Destiny nodded. “Of course! Have you ever heard of opposites attract? Seriously, this happens in all trainer stories I heard on television. A beautiful and sweet girl falls for a handsome but quiet boy. The girl then is the only one able to have the boy open up more and then the two live happily ever after.”

        Damon felt his heart skip a beat when he saw Destiny’s eyes turned into hearts and some hearts floating around her. The Eevee just titled her head, not knowing that her trainer was now in love.

        “Don’t tell me you want him to join us?” Damon asked with urgency. “He’ll slow us down! That emo kid will probably want us to feel sorry and such.”

        Destiny instantly stop from her lovely-dovey phase and glared at him angrily.

        “Of course! I think it’ll be fun with the three of us! And don’t argue as I’m going to be right when there will be lots of drama soon!” After she finished, she then winked to no one in particular.

        Damon titled his head in confusion but then shrugged. One thing for certain was that he did not want to create an argument that might make Destiny only want that emo boy and her traveling alone.

        “Okay, fine. I’m not looking forward to this drama coming up, though.”

        Destiny squealed and then walked slowly…or should I saw hopped towards the boy. As soon as she was close to the boy, the girl tapped him on the shoulder. The boy then slowly turned his head to stare at her with confused eyes.

        “Huh, for some reason I for sure know your name is Destiny!”

        Destiny squealed. “Don’t worry, everyone knows me because my parents are Ash and Dawn, two great trainers. So, what’s your name?”

        “Duku,” the boy said simply. There was no smile on his face. “I came here because back at Hoenn I’m supposed to be going to another town with fresher air because of my poor health. However, it seems I accidentally feel into the ocean but was wash ashore here. It was as if I was meant to be here instead or something.”

        Destiny’s eyes already welled up in tears. “Oh my gosh, that’s so sad! You having poor health and also lost while on your journey!”

        Duku was at first unsure about how to react, but then decided it was probably just a girl thing to be already swayed with tragic events like that.

        “Well, if it makes you feel any better, I’m alive and that’s all that matters,” he assured with a smile.

        As if by magic, Destiny squealed and then hugged him tightly, which took Duku by surprise. Both teens then heard Damon’s voice.

        “Ahem. Guys, sorry to break up this first love in sight thing, but I think this plot should be moving along with all of us going to our first destination, Jubilife City.”

        Knowing that he was right, both teens nodded. The three were about to leave until they suddenly two objects wash ashore. They were two orbs, one blue and one pink. Destiny and Duku, curious what those things are, bend then and almost touch it until Damon screamed.

        “Wait, guys! You don’t know that those things are?”

        Too late. Destiny and Duku touched it and then all of a sudden, blue and pink flames engulfed their bodies.


        Dang teenagers. Why it always have to be them?

        Lugia’s mind was still thinking about that warning Dialga told him five hundred years ago. Now today was the day it would happen, it would be the worst day of his life.

        I will be damn if the Chosen Ones are teenagers aga-


        Lugia felt his head was about to explode after hearing two different voice, a male and female one, screaming. After the screaming was over, he could only think of one explanation.”

        Crap, it’s starting now.

        Wanting this Chosen One introduction to be done and over with, Lugia began flying faster towards the source of the scream.


        “Destiny, Duku!”

        The flames soon started to faded and then both Duku and Destiny fell down, both their bodies not having any burns. How could that happen when Dialga was burned back to death in the prologue? Oh wait, I think I was too quick to ask. Anyways…

        “Um…what happened?” Destiny moaned.

        Right on que, a heavenly male voice spoke ominously. The breeze began to pick up with each of his majestic and holy words.


        All three teenagers and the two Pokemon gave confused looks. They then looked up and saw a huge bird Pokemon with hand-like wings staring at them.

        “LUGIA?” everyone shouted, even the Pokemon though in their own language.

        “Yes, the one and only. Both of you touch the Adamant Orb and Lustrous Orb, respectively. Now you two will have the powers of Dialga and Palkia.”

        Destiny’s eyes went wide. “Wait, we have the powers of Dialga and Palkia.” She then screamed, which made everyone cover their ears. “I know I’m destined for something!”

        Duku was speechless. For years his tragic made him not liking himself and not sure if he should be living. However, the prospect of being the Chosen One could change all that. Damon, on the one hand, was scratching his chin. There was something wrong about him being in this region in the first place.

        “Wait, Lugia. You’re a Johto legendary. Why you’re here telling them that and not one of the Sinnoh legendaries?”

        “Well, both Palkia and Dialga died five hundred years ago and the other legendaries already have their Chosen Ones being picked. Besides, I’m just telling and not choosing. Speaking of five hundred years ago, there is something I should say. During that time before Dialga died, she prophesied of how both she and Palkia will go against each other at Mt. Cornet, but as teenagers. Pretty much you two kids touched their spirits there.”

        “Is it accident or meant for us?” Duku asked.

        “Most likely it’s meant for both of you as Dialga did say there will be teenagers the one battling up there. Also, seems like this story pretty much will dealt with you two dealing with this conflict, especially when both of you are more likely to fall or each other sooner or later.”

        Duku did not listen on the part of how the two of them will fall for each other. His mind was still thinking of how he was a Chosen One. Already Destiny welled up tears. The teenager could not believe she would have to defeat her possible soulmate.

        “No, that can’t happen!” she whimpered. “Duku and I are meant to be together!”

        “Sorry, but that bound to happen if this journey were to have a tragic ending.”

        “One more thing,” Damon asked. “If you’re not a Sinnoh legendary, then what’s your purpose here besides telling them that?”

        “Let’s say I’m here to join the ride. Well, nothing more to say but good luck, kids!”

        In the speed of light Lugia flew off. Everyone just stared at him as if he was some lunatic. Silence held on for some time, but it did not last long as Destiny’s laugh broke the curse.

        “Come on, you two! I think this will be a really fun experience! We’ll save the world and our Pokemon will be better then everyone’s else!”

        All of a sudden Destiny began strutting and then was singing very energetically. Everyone glared at her in confusion.

        “My Pokemon brings all the boys to the yard and they’re like, wanna trade cards? Damn right, I wanna trade cards! I can beat you, I’ve got Charizard!”

        Both Turtwig and Eevee tilted their head and muttered in bewilderment. Duku’s eyes went wide while he was still thinking what to make up of it. He then whispered to Damon.
        “Is she always that crazy?”

        Damon gulped and then laughed nervously.

        “Yeah, she can be weird sometimes. Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it.”

        Duku grunted and shook his head, believing that would not be the case.

        Sure hope so.

        A few things I want to mention:

        -The part where the three "Dawns" appeared is bascially based how most of the original trainers fics I saw seems to use the character design of the games. XD Also, the joke “Go find other Chosen Fics to find” I got it from the old Looney Toons cartoon called “Red Rodent Hood” and there’s one part where Sylvester the cat (think I spelled his name wrong, lol) was playing the part as the wolf in Grandma’s clothing but then found four other cats also as wolves in Grandma’s clothing. XD

        -The song Destiny sang at the end is based around that avatar ( the one with May, Ash, and the Charizard card) that parodies the song "Milkshake" by Kelis. Seriously, that avatar rules. XD

        Well, hope you guys enjoyed this chapter! Next one shall come soon! ^^ And oh, forgot about this: I’m doing a PM list so if you guys want me to PM you when the next chapter is posted, let me know! ^^
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        Okay, everyone…are you ready, ready, ready, ready, ready, for a new chapta? ;)



        Inside a dark room, a man with spiky silver hair and wearing a uniform that looks like a spacesuit was writing something. Could it be an outline of his great scheme? Who knows. He suddenly stopped and glared at what he wrote, one part made him gasped. .

        Plan: Get Destiny Ketchum.

        He was not sure how in the world he came up that name. For some reason though, he felt the urge to find and get that girl fast. The man believed she would soon be a threat to his crime syndicated organization.

        No one messes with Cyrus and Team Galactic.

        How Cyrus started out Team Galactic was a mystery. His past was also not much known. There were a few stories of how he spent too much time with machines and robots, thus led him to hating emotions. At least a Smeargle did not drain his brain, that was for sure.

        Cyrus began to chuckle, which then turned to one of those cheesy villain laughs from some cartoons to indicate they are indeed, evil.


        The evil laugh not only filled his small office but his hideout place too.


        After the three teenagers found out the prophecy predicted by the late Dialga and returned their Pokémon in their pokéballs, they took Route 202 towards their destination to their first city of the journey, Jubilife City. Nothing worthwhile happened at Route 202 (no Pokémon came out sadly), so already they made it to the city in only a couple of days.

        The three teenagers gave out amazed gasps and screams when they laid eyes on that city. There were many tall glass structured buildings like the Jubilife TV Station and the PokéTech Company. Many people and Pokémon were walking together and enjoying each ones’ company. Seems like everything was in harmony until…

        “HEY! GET OUT OF MY WAY!”

        “I know that voice! It’s Professor Rowan!” exclaimed Destiny.

        “Professor Rowan?” asked Damon. “Why he’s here in the first place? Also, aren’t we suppose to be the ones here first, not him?”

        Duku just shrugged and then answered, “It doesn’t matter. What’s important now is we must save him!”

        Both Damon and Destiny nodded and then the three rushed towards the source of the noise. It did not take long for them to come and saw two blue-green haired people in uniforms, which look like spacesuits, harassing Professor Rowan. No, not that kind of harassment. This is a PG-13 story for goodness sakes. Instead, they kept pushing him back and forth and trying to grab the briefcase, but the professor used it to whack them a couple of times. With faces being bruised, they glared at him with clenched hands.

        “Give us that briefcase! We know you have some very important information in there!” demanded one of them. He then pushed the old man down to the ground.

        “Yeah, give us that briefcase!” demanded the other, but this one it was a female one. Unusual both look the same but are different genders, huh?

        “Never!” screamed Professor Rowan while getting up. “Whatever’s in this briefcase is none of your business!”

        “Yeah, because we’ll fight you if you harass him any further!” yelled Destiny in a very heroic manner, pointing her fingers at them.

        Everyone turned and saw the three teenagers glaring at them and already had their pokéballs on their hands.

        “And who are you guys?” asked the female grunt.

        “We’re Destiny, Duku, and Damon, and we’ll defeat you!” exclaimed Damon.

        “Huh, just a couple of punks. We can defeat them, right?”

        The female grunt nodded and then both of them threw their pokéballs. After the pokéballs cracked open, one revealed a gray cat with a springy tail and another one a purple skunk with puffy cheeks and a white streak on his forehead running through to its fluffy tail.

        “All right, let’s get this battle started!” proclaimed Damon.

        All three threw their pokéballs and then Turtwig, Eevee, and a Pokémon Damon and Destiny suddenly gasped at. He was a small monkey with brown fur and a flaming tail. The fire type’s huge eyes went wide and then he titled his head.

        “It’s a Chimchar,” Duku answered. Destiny and Damon still stared at the Pokémon with squinted eyes, but then they shook their heads.

        “Damon, you watch out for Professor Rowan. Duku and I will take care of these two Pokemon.”

        Damon’s jaws dropped. He thought this would be his first battle, but that chance would soon be lost.

        “What? Why?”

        “For now only two is needed and I think our Pokémon could take care of those guys better.”

        The boy’s mouth was about to open, but then he closed them and sighed. Damon decided protesting would probably lead him in not joining on the journey with them. Plus, he wanted to still be with Destiny…even if he would have to stay with Duku. True, he does not know Duku very well yet but predicted he would steal Destiny from her, thus he believed it was right for him to call the quiet teenager a jerk. However, why he was not doing anything about it, not making Duku leave the group?

        Too wrapped up on those thoughts, Damon gasped when he already saw Glameow and Stunky fainted, full of scratches and bruises. Eevee and Chimchar, however, were left unharmed. After the two grunts returned their Pokémon, the female one pointed her fingers at them.

        “This isn’t the last you’ll see of Team Galactic!”

        The two Team Galactic grunts then ran off, dust picking up. Everyone just stared at them in confusion but then Professor Rowan chuckled.

        “Oh, hey you three. So glad you guys came, and at the right time too.”

        “Wait, Professor. How did you get here before us? Also, why you’re here?” asked Damon.

        “Oh, I used a flying Pokémon to come here. Also, let’s just say I’m here for something important. And to Destiny, told you this is not going to be the last time you’ll see me.” He said that last sentence with a wink.

        Destiny just gave an uneasy laugh. All of a sudden, a huge man in hitchhiker clothes and wearing a hat came in with color pencils and a drawing notebook. He panted a few times and then wiped the sweat off his forehead.

        “Sorry to intrude but I can’t help but saw you two battle with magnificent skills.”

        Damon’s jaws dropped again.

        Magnificent skills? I didn’t even get to see it!

        Destiny blushed. Duku, on the other hand, just smiled uneasily. He was not too sure how to react. He thought it was a nice compliment, but it was his first battle and he felt weird being praised already. It was as if something already made him a change man. He then frowned.

        Oh no. I’m still a quiet boy with a tragic life and am surprised I did my first battle.

        All three teenagers’ thoughts were interrupted when the mysterious man continued speaking.

        “Anyways, my name’s Jack and I’m an employee at Jubilife TV. I come and draw pictures of great trainers in the making. I want your guys’ permission if the both of you would come with me and I can draw Eevee and Chimchar over at my workplace.”

        “Sure!” Destiny squealed.

        Duku shrugged and then said, “That’s cool.”

        “Great! All right, to my place then!”


        Inside the second floor of the Jubilife TV building, the professor, the three teenagers, and their Pokémon were inside a brightly lit room with horizontal stripes on the walls and flowing green curtains. Jack was sharpening his colored pencils, and after he finished that task, he smiled.

        “Okay Destiny and Duku, how would you like your Pokémon to be drawn?”

        As everyone stared at the man’s drawing pad, he first wrote two names:



        “I think that’s enough!” Damon insisted. “I think people will already know what those Pokémon look like.”

        “No, I don’t think so,” Professor Rowan informed. “What if someone thinks a Chimchar is a lizard with a fire tip tail and an Eevee a Digimon? Jack, maybe do a black and white sketch of them.”

        James nodded and then sketched Eevee and Chimchar.

        “I think that should be good,” Professor Rowan praised with a smile.

        “Hold on, not yet!” protested Destiny. “There should be color! What if someone will confuse an Eevee with a Vulpix? Also, that would probably make someone think that Pokémon is a shiny, and everyone hates it when someone has a shiny.”

        “I don’t think anyone will confuse the Pokémon,” Duku countered. “Pretty much everyone here will know what kind of species an Eevee is, even without color.” He then began pointing at the various black and white sketches. “See, that’s a Poliwag, that’s a Hypno, that’s an Arcanine, and that’s a Porygon.”

        “Well, you may know those Pokémon, but what if someone else doesn’t.”

        Duku chuckled. “I doubt so.”

        Destiny felt her heart pounding faster and faster. For a second she thought steam came out from her ears.

        “Can too!”


        “Can too!”


        “Can too!”

        Eyes twitching and feeling like he was having a headache, Jack shouted, “Okay, ENOUGH! Am tired of the argument on how much detail I should put on the Pokémon. I’ll just leave the picture like this and that’s that!”

        James did as he said as he just pinned the drawn pictures of Eevee and Chimchar on the wall. Damon, Professor Rowan, and the two Pokémon sighed in relief while Duku and Destiny glared at each other at first and then turned their backs from each other.

        “Something tells me those two will fall for each other someday,” Professor Rowan whispered with a chuckle.

        “Of course they will,” Damon whined with his head down.


        Back at Cyrus’ office…

        “What? Two teenagers starting on their journey beat you guys?”

        “Yeah, and it was over just like that. It was as if no one else saw it,” answered a female voice.

        Cyrus sighed and shook his head. Already he was embarrassed his team members were beaten by teenagers starting their journey.

        “Looks like they’re hot on our trail. For now, try to keep an eye on them.”

        “Yes, sir.”

        After the female grunt hung up, Cyrus closed his cell phone. He began massaging his forehead..

        They had beaten my grunts. They should have just shot them or something. That would mean though this story won’t be epic and a waste of time.

        In an instant though, he grinned.

        Oh, I’ll get them for sure.

        Once again Cyrus began laughing in a cheesy manner.


        A couple of things.

        -One joke “At least a Smeargle didn’t drain his brain,” is actually a joke made by Sike Saner on one discussion about Cyrus. XD

        -The scene with Jack not sure how much detail he should put on the Pokémon is inspired by an old discussion of how much detail a Pokémon should have.

        -The villain laugh is inspired by a discussion on villains in this forum, muhaaaaaaaaa. =D I’m fine with villains laughing but there has been a few that laughed very cheesy. XD

        Hope you guys enjoy this chapter! Next chapter shall come in late June, after school is over. ^^
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        Here’s Chapter Four, the somewhat Father’s Day Special! ^^ Also, I’ve tried my best to get the grammar mistakes out of the way and even tried to say it outloud to myself, but there could still be a few silly ones, so that’s fine if you guys can catch them (yes, I’ve read your review of NE, duncan! XD). ^^;


        That same night, everyone settled in at the Pokémon Center. Inside their room, both Duku and Damon were sleeping while Destiny made a phone call. Her eyes were becoming sleepy from staring at the screen for quite some time.

        “Come on, Dad. Please pick up!”

        Finally, the screen lit up and revealed a man with messy black hair and zig zags on his cheeks. He stared while his eyes were blinking.

        “Who’s this?”

        Destiny squinted her eyes. “Um, it’s me, Desitny, your daughter!”

        At first Ash still gazed on with confusion, but then he chuckled.

        “Oh, Destiny! Sorry hun, almost forgot I had one. You and your mother know I can be clueless sometimes.”

        Destiny shook her head and sighed. “Anyways Dad, want to say that today I entered Jubilife City and tomorrow I’ll be going to Oreburgh Gate.”

        Ash grinned. “That sounds cool. You know, I’m proud of you. First, you graduated first in your class and now you’re beginning your journey. I remember on my journey it only took me a couple of days to travel from my hometown to the closest city.”

        Destiny felt her cheeks burning. She rubbed her head and laughed.

        “Well, glad to hear that. Just want to let you know how I’m doing. I’ll talk to you again later!”

        Ash smiled. “Can’t wait.”

        After the screen turned black, Destiny sighed and her shoulders slumped down.

        “Wonder how long Oreburgh City is from here,” Destiny muttered.


        Next day our heroes went inside Oreburgh Gate, a small cave trainers must past in order to enter Oreburgh City. They are trying to find a couple of Pokemon to put in their team and very vital if they were to go against the gym leader of Oreburgh City. So far, nothing.

        “Urgh, how many hours have we been in this cave?” complained Dawn while taking deep breathes.

        “Four hours,” answered Duku. He too was panting.

        “Seriously, I’m getting bored. Why don’t we just go to Oreburgh City and then try again tomorrow?” Damon asked.

        After Destiny took a few more deep breathes, she grinned.

        “Good idea. Should we do this, Duku? Duku?”

        When Destiny saw Duku, he did not look at her back. Instead, he looked down, deep in thought. He felt a little dizzy, however.

        Already I‘m having doubts about this journey. Many things happened. I was wash ashore, found out I’m one of the Chosen Ones, beaten Team Galactic, and fought with Destiny many, many times alreaady.”

        “Duku? Are you all right?”

        All of a sudden, Duku gazed back at Destiny with a confused look.

        “Huh? Yeah, I’m okay.”

        “Doesn’t seem like it. You look very sick. Are you sure your parents say you need fresh air?”

        “Of course!” Duku snapped. “Gosh, do you ever listen?”

        “Well, I was just wondering,” Destiny apologized, though in an angry tone.

        Nervous the argument would be even more heated, Damon whistled and then the two teenagers turned around.

        “You know what, I’ve a better idea. Let’s try to find some other Pokémon in that other room and then we can retire for the night if we don’t find any.”

        Already Destiny and Duku nodded. After Damon chuckled, the three went to the next room.


        When the three were inside the next room, there was not much difference except for a huge pond. For an hour now, they still had not found anything.

        “Seriously, this is getting tedious. Urgh, maybe we’ve better luck tomorrow,” Destiny mourned and then her head was down.

        Seriously, this is not going the way I wanted to go. I‘m suppose to be having good luck! I‘m one of the Chosen Ones, damn it!

        Her thoughts were interrupted when Damon asked a question to everyone.

        “Hey guys, something suddenly came to my mind. All right, pretty soon we’ll have a full team, right?”

        Both teens nodded.

        “I’m curious. What are your guys’ stances of underused and overused Pokémon?”

        “Excuse me?” Duku asked.

        “Well, from many years watching Pokémon Championships, there are certain Pokémon being used more than others. And here’s two of the overused ones.”

        “Huh?” asked both Destiny and Duku with wide eyes.

        The two then turned around and saw a long haired girl wearing a short dress with an orange lizard swishing his fire tip tail. A red colored fox-like Pokémon with a yellow tail and fur around his neck was tailing behind.

        “Char!” Charmander cheered.

        “Eon!” Flareon whined.

        “Don’t worry, you guys. We’ll get a Pokémon here somewhere. Looks like there’s only going to be water Pokémon, though. Come on, let’s go back and keep searching.”

        The three then left the room, just like that.

        “Huh, that’s kind of random,” Duku pointed out.

        Ignoring that comment, Damon coughed. “Anyways, what do you guys think about the concept of overused and underused Pokémon?”

        “I think it’s better to use overuse Pokémon. Like seriously, that would make other trainers like you!” Destiny answered.

        “Underused Pokémon for me. I’m tired of seeing everyone on television using Absol and Grovyle, as those two are really common for trainers back at Hoenn.”

        “OU!” Destiny protested.

        “UU!” Duku argued back.





        Annoyed at their bickering, Damon whistled to bring their attention back to him once again.

        “Seriously, you guys sound stupid saying the initials. Well, I think there is no sure thing as overused and underused Pokémon. Any trainer can use any Pokémon he or she likes and as long as they take good care of it.”

        “If you think that way, why you asked?” Duku questioned.

        “Just wanted to know if you guys do believe in underused and overused Pokémon,” Damon explained with a chuckle.

        Destiny just grunted. “Okay, enough about underused and overused Pokémon. I think we looked inside this cave long enough, so I… oh my gosh!”

        “What is it, Destiny?” Damon asked.

        “I think I see a Pokémon, and a shiny one too!”

        “Where?” Duku asked.

        Destiny pointed to where a shiny Psyduck gazed at its own reflection. Its huge eyes were looking at its body in disgust, the same color as the pond. After hearing the echoes of a female voice, he slowly turned around to look at her.

        “Psy?” the Pokémon asked in confusion, his head titled to the right.

        “Hey Duku, would you consider it an underused Pokémon or an overused Pokémon?”

        Duku’s eyes went wide. His mouth opened, but then he closed them. He would hate it if he and Destiny argued again. After an unsure noise, he spoke.

        “Underused, I guessed. Don’t see too much trainers with it, most likely because of the stereotypical portrayal of it being stupid.”

        “Psy?” the shiny Pokémon asked again in confusion.

        “You know, it looks very sad and also it looks like it wants to be with you.”


        Duku bit his lips and then stared back at the Psyduck. That Pokémon wanted to be with him?

        “I hate to say it, but seems like Destiny’s right. Hey, you two are a match made in heaven!” Damon exclaimed with a smirk.

        Duku’s mind was still wrapped about the idea of that Psyduck wanting to be with him. However, he was not sure if he should trust them. He decided to ask.

        “Hey there little buddy, what did you say you join me?”

        In an instant, the Psyduck smiled.

        “Sure!” the shiny Psyduck answered.

        Duku’s eyes went wide. He just could not believe what he heard.

        “Wait, what? Also, you talk?”

        “Actually, it seems you can only understand me,” the Psyduck answered, as if he already knew Duku was the Chosen One.

        “Hey, I can understand you, too!” exclaimed Destiny, in tiptoes. her hands clasped together.

        “Then I guess the both of you are Chosen Ones. How sweet!” the Pokémon answered with a smile and then she turned to Duku. “So, you better catch me before I keep following you like that Jigglypuff that kept following Destiny’s dad.”

        Duku was at first startled by this but then smiled. He thought it was cool to have a shiny as a Pokémon and believe maybe his life was not tragic after all, for the most part.

        Maybe I’m cursed being a Chosen One and getting this shiny Psyduck, but it’s still cool to have a Pokémon as a shiny. Every trainer in Sinnoh’ll admire me, possibly around the world! Maybe that will cure my depression!

        Quickly, he grabbed a pokéball and threw it at the Pokémon. When the ball hit the ground, there was already a ping sound. Duku picked it up and grinned.

        “All right! I caught a Psyduck!”

        Destiny grinned. “Congrats on catching your Pokémon!”

        Damon frowned, felt a bit uneasy about it, though. He thought Duku was going to ditch that Pokémon and let him sulk about his shiny body forever. Things changed though when Duku caught it.

        Great, now people will either praise him or throw spam at him. Actually, I would like that. Still, Destiny thought it’s cool. Maybe I should get myself a shiny Pokémon too and she’ll probably like me.


        Decided to retire for the night, the three got out of the cave and were only a few hundred feet away from the city until Destiny heard whimpering.


        After she gasped, Destiny turned around and saw an injured Shinx. The lion Pokémon’s blue and black body was filled with scratches.

        ‘Oh, my gosh, it’s hurt! I’m going to take it to the Pokémon Center!”

        “Wait, Destiny! Be careful with it! Maybe it’s best to put it in a pokéball!” Damon warned.

        Destiny touched Shinx gently, but the Pokémon yelped in pain. The girl’s eyes widen.

        “Sorry, little guy. Look, we need to take you to the Poké…”

        Destiny stopped and gasped when she suddenly saw her hands glowing blue. At first Shinx yelped even more in pain but then when the glow faded, he cheered and licked Destiny’s face. The girl’s eyes widen when all of her scratches were gone.

        “Did I just heal it?” Destiny stuttered.

        Duku and Damon did not answer. Their mouths were left open the whole time. Not too far from them, a shadowed figure behind a tree watched the whole thing and then laughed.

        “So it’s those Chosen One kids I heard about,” the figure whispered. The voice was feminine and scratchy. “Tomorrow they’ll be in for a big surprise.”


        A few things:

        -One part of Ash saying Destiny is the top of her class is of how in many fics the main character tends to be the one graduating as valedictorian or scored the highest on the tests. I actually did that mistake in “Nothing, Everything,” my main character top of her class…though she is very obsessive with history. That really still doesn’t make it right, though. ^.^;
        -The OU/UU debate is from this old discussion about whether it’s right or wrong to be using OU/UU Pokemon and which is better.
        -The last part in which Destiny heals Shinx is of how there always seems to be trainers who gives the Pokemon to Nurse Joy to heal and then the Pokemon actually then likes the trainer instantly. The thing with that is…let’s just say I’m one of those people that believe sometimes it takes a while for Pokemon and humans to bond. :P

        Next chapter shall come in a couple of weeks. Also, now that summer’s here, a chapter shall come every couple of weeks. ^^
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          Wow, how about that. I was just browsing through at Serebii, read through some chapters, figured you had enough reviews as it was, and come here to find the same thing... with no attention at all!

          That's just criminal.

          But having read just the first couple chapters, I'm afraid I have nothing to add to what you've already been told elsewhere >__>; Pun Lugia is epic win/hella funny, Destiny is annoying the general parody is solid. There are a few situations, however, where it's tough to say whether something is excellent imitation... or just plain bad writing.

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          Hey, Banov! Haha, glad you like Pun Lugia. I seriously don't remember how I got that. O.o It's probably while I was at work, though. XD

          There are a few situations, however, where it's tough to say whether something is excellent imitation... or just plain bad writing.
          Sorry to ask, but can you give me a couple examples on which situations is tough to say it's excellent imitation or plain bad writing. It's just that a comment like that and not giving examples of how my writing is bad makes me wonder how it's really bad and if there are ways I can improve. Also, kind of wonder if by "bad writing" you meant the mechanics or the elements like cliches and such. ^^; I'll say that true there might be a few places I could've add a bit more description, as I've a couple of my reviewers already mentioned, but it's just me wanting to get to the action and jokes. XD Thanks for the reivew, though. ^^
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            My apoloies, sir.

            Perfect example:
            After Rowan uncovered his ears again, he coughed. “All right, Pokémon and pokédex are in check. Wait, there’s one other thing. If you want, you can have your Eevee evolve right now. I’ve some evolutionary stones with me.”

            “No thanks,” Destiny answered while petting her Eevee. “I’m actually thinking of evolving it to Espeon.”

            Professor Rowan’s eyes went wide at that comment. He then shook his head and laugh.

            “Espeon, ey? Well, you do know you’ll have to wait until both the daylight and when the two of you are more acquainted? I’m sure you want it to be a Jolteon already.”

            “Don’t worry, Eevee will evolve in no time, because I’m going to be really nice and never abuse it, EVER!”
            This conversation comes off as very forced, and the option to evolve eevee right away strikes me as some kind of cop-out. Dawn's overzealousness does help us remember this is intended as PARODY... but, I feel that you could have tried to make it more natural and flow easier, and let the content speak for itself rather than the style.

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            Oh, I see, so it's more of some conversations. Hm, well for that example I kind of want to show a few things. One, too many trainers start out or have Eevee, even though I love the little guy. ^^; Two, that last sentence is meant to be how it's the main character would usually give a monologue how they'll never abuse Pokemon and such. I get by what you meant of how that conversation was forced. Hm, maybe I should've put the reason Rowan got evolution stones is because those things are to be given to late trainers also...or else they might sue/burn the lab. XD Yeah, I guess if there'll be conversations that will dealt with subjects like love/fans/clubs/ etc., I might put a bit explanation somewhere so that the conversations doesn't seem forced and also at least the readers will get a heads up of what they'll talk about. XD

            Thanks for the explanation. ^^ This is my first parody so it's a bit hard for me how I want this fic to be written. However, I seriously don't want this fic to be confused as really bad writing and considered it one of the really bad ones that'll have people spork it. XD
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            I, Bay, approves this next chapter to be dealt with canon, Elite Fours, and a sucky gym battle! XD Would say more about those subjects but let’s get on with the main entertainment!

            CHAPTER FIVE


            The next morning everyone was eating breakfast inside the Pokémon Center. The teenagers were eating eggs and ham while the Pokémon were eating PokéChow. Today there was no bacon, but that was okay for the heroes--- they hated bacon anyways. There were a couple trainers who complaint about that though, but Nurse Joy shooed them away (with a rifle) before they attack her.

            “Hey guys, I’ve a question,” Destiny asked. “This has been on my mind for some time. What you two think about canon?”

            Damon choked and after drinking orange juice, his eyes became all watery. Duku’s right eye went wide.

            “What?” Duku questioned. “Never seen those things used except in movies.”

            “No, not cannons. Canon. Ya know, the world a series like a show or game is set in. What would happen if, say, we change canon a bit? For instance, we go and make our own version of the series?”

            Ah canon, what the world the original creator thought about. The creator’s mind kept pulsing with ideas how to create the world and the time and situation it was in. Sweat and tears came about while thinking about the characters affected by it. After perfection, the show or game would then be enjoyed by the audience. That did not stop a few fans’ overactive imagination on thinking what if situations inside their heads. Whether that was good or not depends on the individual.

            “As in, change the world? No way I want to do that,” Damon answered in a harsh tone. “That’s disrespectful to the series. Why would you go and make your own version of that world? You’re better off making your own.”

            “But how about some series having more than one canon?” Duku asked.

            Damon shrugged. “I say either pick one or mix them.”

            Duku grunted and then closed his eyes. “I say screw canon. Pretty much the world is against me as it is.”

            Damon glared at Duku angrily. He breathed deeper and felt his heart pumping faster and faster. He then sighed and shook his head after having a clearer mind.

            “There are some canons more flexible than others. Still, the people that break canon are the ones that do it for wish fulfillment.”

            “Well, then I wish the world isn’t against me. Already I got sick, washed ashore, got powers, battled an evil team, and got a shiny. If this adventure were a story, I would change it so my life isn’t hell.”

            “And maybe get all the hot girls you want,” Duku joked with a snicker and deception in his eyes.

            Duku’s eyes went wide and his cheeks blushed. Destiny giggled when she saw that. Maybe he does want a hot girl to be with? All of a sudden, everyone paused when they heard an old woman’s voice.

            “Are you three Duku, Destiny, and Damon?”

            Everyone turned around and gasped when they saw a pale skin woman wearing a coat over a dress and a scarf around her neck. Her small cheekbones and blue eyes gave the impression that she would not harm a fly.

            “You’re Bertha, one of the Elite Four!” Damon cheered, his finger pointing at her.

            Bertha giggled. “Yes, indeed. I’m actually here to tell you something.”

            Duku’s eyes squinted. Already he knew what this Elite Four was up to.

            “Wait, you’re going to tell us that Destiny and I are Chosen Ones and must save the world from Team Galatic? Is that all Elite Fours do now these days?”

            Bertha gasped and then her mouth was wide open. It was not of her going to say Destiny and Duku are Chosen Ones but the other comment. It was true that not only legendaries but Elite Four tell the Chosen Ones of their destiny. Despite them able to defeat evil teams and other unholy forces at hand, in the end it was predicted the Chosen Ones were to save the day. However, she then shook her head and chuckled.

            “Yes, true. However, there’s something else I want to give you.”

            Everything went too fast. Brenda instantly took Destiny and Duku’s hands and then put silver bracelets on them. Damon stared at them with great interest while the Pokémon titled their heads, wondering what those things were.

            “What the hell?” Duku complained.

            “Oh, pretty bracelets!” Destiny complimented while gazing at it.

            “Those aren’t just any bracelets, they’re tracking bracelets. You see, this is Cynthia’s idea. She knew that Dialga’s prediction would come soon and that we, the Elite Four, should track you two incase something happens.”

            “Track us down?” Duku asked. He then slammed his fist on the table. “Why?”

            “This always tends to happen to fresh Chosen Ones. Usually they don’t know how to control their powers the first time, so it’s best we look over the both of you for a bit.”

            Duku’s mouth began stuttering. Cynthia’s idea? Do not know how to control their powers the first time? He then shook his head. Things could not be any more unusual, could it?

            “This is just some hoax. That’s it, I’m taking off this thing.”

            He was about to take it off but then electricity curled around all over his body. Everyone gasped when Duku’s body became fried and had burnt marks all over his body. Bertha then giggled.

            “Almost forgot, the bracelets also has a system to not let you take it off until we say so. Well, I better go now and talk to other Chosen Ones about this. I’ll call you two from your Pokédex later.”

            After Bertha left the building, both Destiny and Duku sighed and their heads were down.

            “Great, more torture,” Duku muttered.

            Knew Bertha made them that way, Damon smiled. An idea hit him on how he could cheer them up.

            “Come on, guys. Hey, why don’t we train our Pokémon for a while and then take on the gym?”

            Thought that was a good idea, both Duku and Destiny nodded.


            After everyone had finished training, our heroes headed towards the gym. Inside, the walls were painted pink, but the battlefield was filled with rocks and boulders scattered everywhere. In the middle waiting was a young man wearing a hard hat. He dusted off the dirt from his mining clothes and then straightened his classes. The man then gazed at them with a smirk, as if he knew them already.

            “Hm, let me guess. You three are Destiny, Duku, and Damon, right?”

            The three just nodded. They also already knew what he was about to say next.

            “Seems like you three are the Chosen Ones. I battled a few of them before. The only thing I’ll say is I’m Roark and I do rock types, so you guys better be prepared. All right, boring introductions aside, time to start this. Who’s first?”

            Duku was the first one to step onto the field. His hands began twitching and he was taking very deep breathes. This was his first gym battle, so he was not sure what to expect. That, and he heard Sinnoh gym leaders were stronger than Hoenn ones (he did not know though there were some accusations that a few of the Sinnoh gym leaders gave their Pokémon some enhanced EV training steroids).

            “Good luck, Duku!” Destiny screamed. She then blew a kiss, which Duku ignored, much to Destiny’s dismay.

            “I choose Psyduck!”

            The ball burst opened and then Psyduck was out, dancing.

            “Oh, so this is going to be my first battle! How jolly!”

            “Aw, that’s cute what she said!” Destiny told Damon, who gave her a confused look.

            “Um…I don’t have Chosen One powers, remember?”

            “I guess I’ll start off by releasing Onix! Go, my friend!”

            Roark threw the pokéball and then a huge snake like Pokémon with rocks as its body came out. The Onix then gave out a roar, both Destiny and Damon’s bodies shaking.

            “Okay Onix, start out with Rock Throw!”

            The Pokémon nodded and slashed his tail on the ground. Rocks were then thrown and rushing towards Psyduck.

            “Water Gun every rock close to you!” Duku ordered.

            “Sure thing!”

            Each time there was a rock close to her, Psyduck just spit water at each one. After using Water Gun on the last rock, she jumped for joy.

            “Tackle!” the gym leader commanded.

            “Water Gun!”

            The rock snake slithered in fast speed and was about to tackle Psyduck, but she jumped and shot a huge Water Gun attack all over Onix, which halted him. In less than a few seconds after, the Pokémon was already down, his eyes swirly and body all soaked. The Psyduck screamed out of joy and then danced again.

            “What?” Roark roared with one brow up. “How you did that with just one attack?”

            “Water does twice the damage on both ground and rock,” Duku answered with a smirk. “Studied that at school.”

            Roark’s eyes got wide. He was about to open his mouth to scream, but then he made a “whatever” gesture with his right hand.

            “Okay, so Duku wins. Who’s next?”

            Damon stepped inside the battlefield and already threw his pokéball. The little device burst open and his Turtwig came out, who then exclaimed happily. Roark threw his second pokéball up in the air and then a huge rock with tiny arms gave out a battle cry.

            “Geodude, Magnitude!”

            “Turtwig, Withdrawal!”

            Geodude nodded and leapt up. His body then slammed onto the floor. Before the ground shook, Turtwig withdrew into his shell. When the shaking was over, Turtwig got back out, unscratched.

            “Okay Turtwig, now Razor Leaf!”

            Turtwig shook his head and then sharp leaves instantly cut Geodude’s body. Already Geodude fainted the same way Onix did. Again, Roark’s eyes got wide.

            “Let me guess, grass has the same effect as water, correct?”

            Damon just grinned and then nodded. Roark clenched his hand, wanting to punch both of them right now. However, that was a one way ticket to jail. He sighed and then glared at Destiny.

            “I guess now it’s Destiny’s turn.”

            Destiny nodded and then step inside the battlefield. She then took out her pokéball, threw it, and soon Shinx came out. Roark threw his pokéball, light burst out to reveal a small gray dinosaur Pokémon with a huge blue colored forehead. He smirked when he saw Shinx.

            “You’ll lose, kitty cat!” Cranidos mocked.

            “You wish!”

            “Cranidos, start off with Headbutt!”

            Cranidos’ forehead began to glow and then the Pokémon charged towards Shinx.

            “Dodge and then Bite!”

            As soon as Cranidos was close to Shinx, the little cub dodged and then bit his arm.

            “Ow, that hurt!” Cranidos screamed in pain.

            The electric type grinned. “Gotcha!”

            “Good job! Now Thunder Fang!”

            “Thunder Fang?” Roark asked.

            “Already found out he learned it!” Destiny answered with a wink.

            Shinx chuckled and then electric sparks crackled on his teeth. After a few seconds, Cranidos’ body was electrified. When that was over, he too fainted and fell down. Roark’s jaws dropped.

            “What, how I was defeated by three teens in less than a few minutes? Usually my battles are longer than that.”

            “I guess we’re just lucky,” Destiny said with a shrug. “Now, give us our badges.”

            As much as he hated that, Roark grunted and then took out three badges from his pocket to give to the three teenagers.

            “Okay, this first badge is the coal badge, which will allow you not to only move on but also later let you use a Hidden Machine called Rock Smash. Good job you three,” he congratulated dully.

            “Thanks!” All three said.

            “Now, I’ll warn that the next battles won’t be as easy as this. So you better be prepared.”

            He then walked away towards a door and closed it shut, which startled the teenagers and the Pokémon. After a long moment of silence, Damon spoke.

            “Huh, our first badges! Okay, I think we should head straight to Eterna City now, which is not too far from here.”

            Duku and Destiny nodded in agreement and then everyone left the gym to go on to the next part of their adventure.

            -BACON! Okay, there’s this one member at another forum who said there always seems to be bacon in every breakfast scene in fics. So yeah, decided to do a quick reference to it. ^^;
            -Yep, yep, yep, the infamous canon debate. Here’s the thing: I’m just portraying both sides to it and not preaching which side is better. Got it? ;)
            -Elite Fours--- there was one time one of the members here explained how Elite Fours seemed to just go to the main characters and either tell them a situation or give them something and they’re not really doing anything much. Seriously, Elite Fours can kick butts too! =D
            -The gym battle--- well, since everyone’s complaining how boring the gym badge route is and how boring writing gym battles are, here’s a faster route. XD

            Okay then, next chapter shall come sometime in mid July. Until then, bye-bye!
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            Yes everyone, this story is coming back! =D Okay, wanna say sorry in advance if this chapter isn’t that funny either. Trying to go through with this story again so it might take some time until things get really good. ^^;

            Also, sorry if this chapter seems to have a lot of stuff going on. I have complaints how a few chapters were short, so decided to add a couple short chapters together. XD

            Okay, enjoy!

            CHAPTER SIX

            For the next few days the three teenagers were going to Floaroma Town. They battled other trainers and also trained their Pokémon, but since it would be boring to highlight every battle and training maneuvers, let’s fast forward to them at Floaroma Town.

            It was nighttime when they entered the city. Floaroma Town had a few buildings like the Pokémon Center and the Pokémart, but the ground was covered with flowers of all kinds of colors and smells. All three awed at the sight and smelled the flowers.

            “This town is beautiful!” Destiny squealed.

            “I know! Look at all of the flowers!” Damon yelled out in agreement.

            “Come on, we should go to the Pokémon Center!”

            The three dashed towards the Pokémon Center and when they came inside they bumped into Nurse Joy, which caused everyone to crash down. Not long though, they got up slowly.

            “Watch where you three are…” Nurse Joy all of a sudden paused and smiled. “You three are the Chosen Ones, huh?”

            “Of course!” Destiny exclaimed in delight, her index finger pointing towards the ceiling. “Seems like now everyone knows about us, huh?”

            Nurse Joy nodded. “You guys seem to have fans already.”

            Everyone froze and their eyes went wide.

            “Fans?” all three asked at the same time.

            Nurse Joy nodded once again. “I guess you three hadn’t watched the news yet.” She checked her watch and giggled. “Oh, the six o’ clock news is on! Maybe they’re doing that special again!”

            As Nurse Joy was walking, the three followed. The teenagers stopped and gasped when they saw a huge screen HD TV in front of them. The nurse grabbed a remote and turned on the television, which showed a purple haired woman with a lot of makeup on her face and wearing a black blouse.

            “Hello, this is Trisha Haley reporting for Pokémon News. Today we’re going to take some time to report on three potential trainers: Destiny Ketchum, Duku Takeda, and Damon Thorn!”

            “Hey, that’s us!” Destiny squealed. When Duku hushed her, she sulked.

            “Now, we hadn’t got the chance to interview them yet, but looks like they already have fans.”

            Scene transitioned to the rapid fans. Many of them were holding signs like “We love you Destiny!” and “I want to marry Duku.” The screen then showed two pigtailed female twins holding a sign that read “Duku, Destiny, and Damon are the best!”

            “I think what Pokémon Damon will get next is a Budew!” predicted one of the twins.

            “I think he’ll get a Shinx!”

            The other twin glared deadly at her and stomped on the ground. Damon gulped.

            “Hey, Destiny already had a Shinx! And don’t tell me it’ll be cute the two will love each other!”

            “It will!” the other twin argued.

            “It won’t!”

            “It will!”

            Scene cut. Damon took a huge deep breathe. Next scene showed drawn pictures of Dawn and Duku kissing.

            “Seems also some fans are predicting Dawn and Duku are meant to be,” the reporter narrated.

            It was Destiny’s and Duku’s turn to gulp. Their eyes went wide when they saw one poster with badly cut out photos of themand the words “Together Forever” in blue marker ink. Duku hid his face with his hands.

            “Please turn off the television.”

            The nurse smiled and she turned off the television.

            “I assume this is a bit too much, huh?”

            All three teenagers gulped once more and nodded.

            “Wait Destiny, I thought you like everything centered on you,” Damon questioned. “Also, I thought you like Duku!”

            “True,” Destiny admitted and then scratched her chin. “Still, seems like Duku and I aren’t getting along with each other yet. Weird.”

            “Ha, why would I want to be with you!” Duku shouted

            “Shut up!” Destiny hissed back.

            “All right, enough!” Damon went and was between them, his hands on their faces to prevent a brawl coming. “Let’s forget about this and eat dinner. Agree?”

            Thinking the same thing, Duku and Destiny nodded.


            That same night the three were together in one of the rooms. Destiny was grooming both her Eevee and Shinx while Duku was already sleeping and Damon on the computer. Eevee titled her head while staring at Damon.

            “Hey Destiny, you know why he’s on the computer?” Eevee asked.

            Destiny shook her head but smiled. “Want me to ask him?”

            Eevee nodded. “Yes, please.”

            Destiny picked Eevee up and, with Shinx following behind, went to where Damon was.

            “Hey, Damon. Eevee here wants to know what you’re looking at.”

            Damon took a quick glance at Destiny and her Pokémon and then rubbed Eevee’s head. The little brown fox closed her eyes and purred.

            “Actually, I’m looking at a forum board and they’re already commenting about us.”

            Destiny and her Pokémon gave stunned looks to Damon.

            “Forum boards, why? Also, didn’t your mom tell you to not talk to strangers online?”

            “It’s fun. Sometimes posts lead to very interesting discussions. I’ve been to a couple of them to chat with other people about some tips on Pokémon training. Also, my mom knows and she said it’s cool as long as I play it safe.”

            Decided to not argue about this further, Destiny just nodded. “Okay, any comments about us so far?”

            Damon scrolled down and moved his mouse to a thread called, What u think of Duku, Damon, & Destiny?!. He clicked on it and then Destiny and her Pokémon began reading some of the comments.

            Posted by: Miss Elegance

            I think all three have potential to be great trainers in the end. Heck, they even beat Roark in less than a few minutes.

            XXXMiss EleganceXXX

            Okay, good enough, Destiny thought. She read the next post.

            Posted by: DukuxDestiny4eva

            DukuXDestiny is loved, 4eva and eva :3


            Destiny squealed very loudly. Both of her Pokémon titled their heads in confusion while Damon covered his ears. Ironically, Duku was still sleeping. After calming down, Destiny continued reading.

            Posted by: MackDaddy

            They all suck! Come on, no trainer would wait for five more years to STUDY. Real trainers go and experience training for themselves. Another thing is it seems the world is revolving around them. Each time the news comes on, there’s a report about them, even about a new Pokémon they caught.

            Also, seems their journey is going to be predictable. Eventually they’ll stop getting badges and both Duku and Destiny will battle against each other until one dies, and the other one will be all emo. Also, I’m actually more interested in hearing stories of people in other careers like fishermen and ruin maniacs instead of trainers. Don’t know why we keep cheering on trainers, even though I’m one myself.

            I’ll end this by saying if I read another poster predicting what Pokémon those three will get or another person supporting DamonxDestiny, DamonxDuku (yes, there were some posts about that ship), or DukuxDestiny shipping, I’m going to slam my computer out of the window.

            Destiny began gritting her teeth. Tiny pieces of her teeth flew off, if that was possible.

            “That bastard! How dare he criticize us! Where does he live?”

            Damon chuckled. “Don’t worry, Destiny. Forget about him. We should go to sleep now and then train for a bit tomorrow.”

            Destiny grunted, still wanting revenge. Again, how dare he criticize her, the main heroine whom everyone loved already? She then nodded, decided to just let him be. He would get a good beating from her fans eventually.


            That same night, a red haired woman in a spacesuit-like dress and long boots looked at the Pokémon Center. After glaring at that building she closed her eyes.

            Boss says those three teenagers are inside and two of them are actually Dialga and Palkia.

            Her eyes snapped open, the same color as her hair. She tapped her chin lightly, still deep in thought.

            Hm, I must somehow make them come to me.

            After a few more taps on her chin, she snapped her fingers.

            Yeah, that should work. Let’s see how heroic they are.

            Satisfied, she grinned and then walked slowly away from the Pokémon Center.


            After a couple more days doing some training at Floaroma Town, our heroes took Route 205 so that they could head out to Eterna City. While walking slowly for an hour to embrace Mother Nature, Destiny and Damon talked to Duku about some of the internet comments they read last night. That gave Duku a huge straining headache, so he began to rub his forehead.

            “I think what’s disturbing is the one that comment we should be together,” Duku told Destiny. “Again, hell that I’ll stay with you forever and forever!”

            “Come on! Don’t deny that we’ll get together eventually.”

            Duku’s eyes twitched when he saw Destiny’s eye lashes moved. He gulped hard and shook his head.

            “You know what’s weird? One minute we’ll fight and then the next you want us to be together.”

            “Because there’s a thing called opposites attract!” Destiny answered with a wink. “Besides, I do want to be with you, but all you do is arguing with me.”

            Damon did not pay attention to Duku and Destiny’s argument. Instead he enjoyed the scenery. The route had a stream besides it, running very smooth. The warmth of the air was just right, and also the grass was green and healthy. Today was perfect until…

            “Damon, watch out!” Destiny warned.

            Damon did not realize there was a small girl in a red bow and yellow dress running towards him. Before he knew it, both bumped into each other and fell down.

            “Owwie…” the little girl moaned and then her eyes flowed with tears.

            As soon as Damon got up, his body began shaking and he closed his eyes in embarrassment. He was not sure how to make her feel better.

            “Look, I’m sorry that I bumped into you. I didn’t know you were coming…”

            “No, it’s not that,” the girl sobbed and she got up slowly. “It’s just that my dad works at the Valley Windworks, but Team Galactic took over the place!”

            All three teenagers gasped and their jaws dropped.

            “Really? Them?” Duku asked, his eyes bloodshot.

            The girl slowly nodded. “Yeah. I wanted to enter but the door is locked. I was about to break a window but then one of the grunts grabbed me and then was thrown on the ground!” She cried and had her hands together in a pleading manner. “Please guys, save him!”

            “Those freaks!” Destiny yelled in an ominous manner. “She’s right! We need to save them!”

            “But Destiny, how about the second gym!” Duku asked.

            Destiny froze and her body began shaking. She then slowly turned to glare at him.

            “Duku, there won’t be a second gym with Team Galactic running around. Now, the sooner we defeat those guys, the better.”

            The way she spoke to him was of haunting realization and deep annoyance. When Damon heard what she said, his eyes blink. He thought he heard a fifty year old lady speaking to Duku.

            Duku’s eyes went wide. True, maybe Team Galatic might go and take over the second gym. He heard stories before of how other evil teams took over buildings. For once, Destiny was right.

            “Okay, you have a point there,” Duku agreed and then huffed. “Still, I don’t really feel like being the hero. I just want to enjoy this journey, that’s all.”

            “At least it’ll make this journey more exciting!” Destiny said with a smile.

            Damon felt uneasy about this. True, in part he agreed with Destiny, but he too just wanted a simple journey. Just go get badges, train, maybe meet a few girls (until he realized Destiny was the one), and the League. He gave an unsure sound before he spoke.

            “Is it just me, or does every trainer goes against evil organizations and have legendary powers? I love excitement and all too, but sometimes I do wish to just enjoy the moment.”

            “Come on, Damon! I bet it won’t take long!” Destiny pleaded.

            Damon was soon enticed by Destiny‘s eyes. They were shiny but watery too, as if there was so much sadness in them. Not wanting to break her heart, he smiled.

            “Okay, we’ll all go.”

            Destiny began jumping and had her fists punching up in the air. Duku shook his head and sighed while the little girl just stared in confusion.

            “All right! Mission: Valley Windowrks commences right now!”

            Destiny dashed off towards the Valley Windworks and both boys followed.

            “Be careful guys!” the little girl screamed to them. “Good luck!”


            When the three made it to the Valley Windworks, they first took a quick glance at their surroundings. There were windmills scattered everywhere. Across from them was a brick building with a glass dome as its roof. Outside a blue haired man wearing a space suit was guarding the place.

            “That must be the place!” After she screamed, Destiny pointed to the grunt.

            When he saw a teenage girl pointing at him, his eyes went wide. He immediately went inside the building.

            “After him!” Duku commanded.

            The three went and tried to open the door, but it was no use. While Duku and Destiny tried again to get inside, Damon had an idea, so he quickly ran around to find a rock. It was not long until he found a huge one close to the honey tree. Damon grinned.


            He picked it up and went to the window on the right side. There, he saw the same grunt that locked him, Destiny, and Duku sticking his tongue at him. That did not bother Damon, though. Instead he smirked and showed the rock to the grunt. The Galactic member suddenly had his jaws dropped. Damon then threw the rock, which broke the glass. Not only that, the rock hit the grunt’s head and left him unconscious. More fun than having the heroes battle that grunt for the key, huh?

            Anyways, Duku and Destiny gazed at the broken window with surprised looks. Not wanting to waste time, Damon told them to move on and motioned his hands to go through it. The three then dashed inside. While running, they keep looking around to see if there were any people. Nothing much except there was many desks and generators. The three halted and gasped when at the end of the building they saw a few employees on the floor, all tied up and their mouths covered. Next to them were two more grunts and a woman whose space suit was a little different as it looked more like an unusual dress. The three teenagers stared at her angrily.

            “Are you the boss of Team Galactic?” Duku asked in a threatening tone.

            “No, but I’m Mars, one of the commanders. Our boss, Cyrus, told me how there’ll be three teenagers coming here.” She paused, closed her eyes, and snapped her fingers.

            The two grunts ran and grabbed both Duku and Damon. Both screamed and pleaded for them to let go, but they did not. Destiny gazed at Mars in confusion.

            “Why you didn’t grab me?”

            Mars smirked.“I want to battle you.”

            Destiny bit her lips and she clenched her fists. “Battle me? If you want to stop us, why don’t you just shoot us?”

            The commander wriggled her finger and made a tsk tsk sound.“Because then the story would end sloppily. That, and the boss has some other plans for you and Duku.”

            Destiny gritted her teeth. The boss having plans for them? How could that be? He had not meet them yet! Then again, all villains were like that. The heroine shook her head and grabbed her pokéball, no other choice.

            “Fine. Come on out, Eevee!”

            Destiny threw one of her pokéballs and then her Eevee burst out of it. When Eevee saw Mars, she stared at her as if she was an ugly Pokémon. She snarled and her eyes were full of anguish.

            “Don’t tell me I’ve to battle against that woman.”

            Mars chuckled and grabbed her own pokéball. “Aw, an Eevee, how cute. I got the perfect playmate for her. Go, Purugly!”

            The ball was thrown and a very fat gray cat Pokémon came out. As she was walking slowly with her tiny legs, her purple ears twitched.

            “Ha, an Eevee? Man, this should be easy!” the Purugly said with a smirk.

            “You wish, ugly cat!” Eevee spat back.

            Mars twitched her mouth, not actually sure what the two Pokémon were talking about, but then she shook her head. That did not matter. There was a battle that needed to be done and over with.

            “Start out with Scratch!”

            “Go for Tail Whip!”

            Purugly dashed off with claws sticking out on her paws. She was about to slash Eevee, but the Normal type used her fluffy tail to slapped the cat Pokémon’s face. Mars screamed in horror and her eyes became wide when she saw her Purugly’s face covered in bruises.

            “Go for Faint Attack!”

            “Watch out and then use Sand Attack!”

            Purugly ran again but this time she soon disappeared. Eevee looked around at both sides and then on her right Purugly suddenly reappeared and was about to charge at her, but Eevee kicked some sand (how it could be inside a building I am not sure) and it hit Purugly’s eye.

            “My eyes, my beautiful eyes!” the Purugly mourned.

            Destiny jumped and cheered. “Great! Okay, finish that cat off with Quick Attack!”

            “Finish off?” Mars muttered in confusion.

            Eevee ran in quick speed and rammed onto Purugly. The cat Pokémon screamed in pain and then fainted. Mars’ eyes bulged and her face was the same color as her hair and eyes.

            “HOW? Seriously, how can an Eevee defeat my Purugly?”

            Eevee stuck her tongue out at Mars and then jumped on Destiny’s arms. While petting her, Destiny spoke.

            “Well, I’ve been training my Pokémon with love and care while you train yours for greed and power.”

            Mars grunted andthought to herself, Don’t know how many times I heard that in my many years on this team.

            All of a sudden, Eevee’s body glowed and she was changing shape. Everyone gasped and stared in wonderment at the evolution process. Eevee’s tail became thin and split into two. She also was growing taller at a very fast rate. When the light faded, her skin turned purple.

            “Oh my gosh, you turned into an Espeon!” Destiny squealed loudly. Everyone covered their ears so that they could save their hearing.

            “All right!” Espeon praised and then grinned.

            “Don’t tell me it’s from love and care that evolved your Eevee,” Mars complained in an annoyed tone. She too did not know how many times she heard that.

            “Maybe,” Destiny answered with a wink.

            Mars shook her head and closed her eyes. “Urgh, whatever. Come on guys, I think we should run now and tell the boss about this!”

            Mars and her two grunts dashed out of the building and then the three teenagers and Espeon began untying everyone. After all that was done, there was one gray haired man in a lab coat walking close to the teenagers.

            “Hello, my name is Rick and I run this place. I assume my daughter told you we were in trouble, huh?”

            All three teenagers nodded. The man laughed and grinned.

            “Good. As a gift, I’m going to give you this Pokémon.”

            Rick grabbed a pokéball from his desk and gave it to Destiny. Curious as to what Pokémon it could be, Destiny threw it and after the ball was opened, a purple balloon with cotton on its head and a huge yellow X on where its nose (or mouth?) would be came out.

            “Hello, Destiny!” the balloon Pokémon cried out.

            As usual, Destiny squealed over anything cute and as always everyone covered their ears.

            -The shipping thing at the beginning was inspired by, well, shipping. XD
            -The little Valley Windworks arc in this chapter is basically a tongue in cheek thing on boss/commander battles.

            Well, hope you guys like this chapter! Next chapter coming in late August!
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