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Significant Off-site Pokemon games

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Old April 18th, 2009 (6:03 AM).
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Hello everyone!

I decided to compile a list of some significant off-site Pokemon games that people may find interesting or inspiring. These games are not listed on PC. This should coincide with my recent post about significant games.

Standalone games
These are the sort you download and play on your PC.
Pokemon PC
A complete 3 dimensional games with cell shaded like graphics. Actually awesome for a one man effort.

Pokemon Den of Ages
This game is based on visual basic on a prefabricated game engine. It's a good effort but buggy.

Pokemon World Online
Well organized MMO effort.

Browser games
These are games I've personally tried and think were significant.

Pokemon Story
You might not think this is much but when I was back in school, this game inspired me for all my Pokemon games. I was super impressed with this game. It's like an adventure book that tells you what page to go to. Please do note when this was made. It was a long while ago :-)

Pokemon Black
This is in SPANISH. The website sells in-game credits for text messages. They say they will have an English version of the game soon. Warning: This game contains lots of popup adverts.

Other Browser games
These are games I have not personally tried but do serve as a basis.

Pokemon Battle Arena
Made by guy from Pokemon World Online. Seems to be Pokemon crater.

Pokemon Indigo
Another browser based game.


Unavaillable games
These games might be unavailable but can be a source of inspiration.

Pokemon Fantasy (video)
This was once an MMO where you play as a Pokemon. I thought this was pretty significant and original. It's dead now unfortunately because we don't have the server software.

Please post some games and I'll add them here.
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Old April 29th, 2009 (10:14 AM).
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A nice list you have here. It's a shame a few of them (like Pokemon PC) aren't actively developed anymore.
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Old April 29th, 2009 (11:45 AM).
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Yeah, Pokemon PC was the first Pokemon fan game I was ever exposed to. I'd love to see it worked on again.

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