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Here's a silly and hopefully fun game - share the titles of your fics, but rename them into a clickbait title. Up to you how much spoilers you want to include for your stories, but don't do spoiler titles for other people's fics please.

Some examples I'll throw up of my own to get us started:

The Retelling of Pokemon Colosseum --> What Really Happened In This Crime Filled Region!
Unfortunately Blue --> One Of These Cute Dogs Is Not Like The Others
Fairy Tale --> Several Pokemon Change Type Overnight! Number Five Will Shock You
A Change of the Season --> This Shocking Celebrity Death Throws Town Into Chaos
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Ooh, that looks fun. I'll give it a go.

Through the Scope --> How the World is Going to End Sooner Than You Think
Through the Aura --> Top Five Reasons Not to Assassinate Hitler
Through the Darkness --> High Schooler Robs Jewelry Stores, Find Out His Secret to Success
Masks Within Masks --> Top Five Ways to Impress Your Boss
Beaten Beater --> Kick Your Crippling Depression to the Curb With Ten Easy Steps

Wow, that was fun!

"Knowledge is Power."
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LOL over Through the Aura and Beaten Beater's clickbaits. Darren is actually Nanu.

Okay, let's see, for a few fics I posted here:

New Paths --> Professor Kukui and Team Skull's Guzma Are Sighted Together! Best Friends, or Something More?
The Scent of Roses --> A Gym Trainer Caught Living Together With An Ex-Galactic Scientist!
Foul Play -- > Unova's Elite Four Grimsley Sighted In Alola! Is He Leaving The Pokemon League For Good?

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    Pokemon Moonlight Silver--Dedicated Fan Re-imagines the Pokemon Anime in a Way You've Never Seen it Before!
    The Pokemon Anime Remix Project:

    Pokemon Moonlight Silver--A re-imagining of Johto, without all the filler.

    Pokemon Island Sun--a live episode by episode remix of the Alola arc as it airs, done as a collection of letters
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    Neat, I'll give it a try (I'll also include some stories I plan to write):

    PMD the series #1 Dreams from the future --> Time Travel done right
    PMD the series #2 Gates to Infinity --> When you fight for the apocalyptic power you never knew you wanted
    PMD the series #3 Flowing Destiny --> Dark, Darker and explosions better than Micheal Bay
    PMD the series #4 Against the World --> Final Fantasy + Pokémon Mystery Dungeon + Laser Beams on roller skates.
    PMD the series #5 Psycho V --> A game of life, death, cults, sacrifice and punkish style from your parents teenage years.
    PMD the series #6 Distortion --> Power, Revenge and World Obliteration done all more than once.
    PMD the series #7 Spirit Eclipse --> Dive into the mind of a serial killer (Pokémon edition)
    PMD the series #8 Boundless Refract --> Meet the worst in you, literally.

    Shattered Crests Bk 1 --> Your normal life ends in a night, cheers
    Shattered Crests Bk 2 --> How not to compromise with moves

    Worldless Act 0.0 --> Who wants to see a lot of dead bodies?
    Worldless Act 0.2 --> How not to kill a God.
    Worldless Act 1.0 --> You don't know anything, but do everything
    Worldless Act 0.8 --> Massacre, chaos and mayhem the musical, except not a musical

    Sometimes the best things come out of Conflict. It's inherent that there will be some head butting but good stuff can come out of it.
    ~Cliff Lin
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