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Old 3 Weeks Ago (3:26 AM).
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How much of the actually game/comics/anime-givens do you use in your stories? Do you use everything down to the player characters, or just the regions, or just the Pokemon and create your own region?
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I use just the pokemon, and maybe some minor details from the anime. I never like using characters from the canon because I prefer to tailor the character to my plot rather than vice versa.

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When it comes to Pokemon, it's kind of mixed bag. Some instances I use a made up city and original characters, other times the canon region and characters in which I try to keep true as possible. Sometimes I allow myself some flexibility, though, like Pokemon learning more than four moves. I might mix and match, like for instance use the anime's setting when describing cities as the anime often gives a more realistic picture of a city's population and such.
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The continuity to my work is too warpped to go into, so I won't. But when it comes to Pokémon themselves, I try my best to keep them as faithful to the games as possible. The only concept I borrowed from somewhere else (the anime) is the Poke Ball mechanic of shrinking and expanding.
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Old 2 Weeks Ago (10:43 AM).
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The canon material I always use without any alteration is merely the world geography and the background histories.
Cultures and technology level depicted in any of the canon goes two-way, depends on the universe of my fic. Though most of the time I put in quite many original interpretation.
I never adapt any characters from any canon. Even there are gyms in the fic, you'll find the gym leaders changed to someone else completely different. Well, even the function of gym itself changed drastically within my fic. You won't think it is the same kind of gym depicted in any canon media.
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Old 2 Weeks Ago (9:17 PM).
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For me it's highly variable, yeah. I can go build an entirely new region full of Fakémon or I can write character pieces set like, inside of an episode of the anime. Depends what I feel like telling atm~
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Old 2 Weeks Ago (7:22 AM).
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In the one I'm currently writing, I'm using a handful of characters, the Pokemon, and the two regions from G/S/C.

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Old 2 Weeks Ago (7:28 PM).
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My setting is a mixed bag of stuff from various canons. I obviously use the Pokémon, there would be not much of a point otherwise ;-P Some of the player characters and NPCs, though I keep them quite away from the focus. The regions too, but mostly as a "part of the larger whole" thing which I have developed as my own setting, with its own regions.

I take concepts from PMD and the TCG when I find them interesting as well. Probably will from Pokken too, once I'm more familiarized with the game than "wooo, playing with Gengar!".

From the anime, mostly the positive vibe of the world in general but also some plot and broad strokes history stuff just with Ash completely removed except as a marketing tool.

The movies are for me an interesting case. For my setting they are "canon" in the sense that the events happened, just not in the exact manner or chronology that is shown in the movies. Ditto with stuff like Generations.
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