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    I'm looking for someone who will co-write a fic with me where Sir Aaron and his Lucario are reincarnated due to the agreement made by the higher ups. Below is roughly half of the first chapter if anyone is interested. I'm kinda desperate because I would like to get the story posted asap. The guideline for the story is 24 chapters, 1250 (1150-1350) words per chapter. I would love it if the first chapter could be 1350, the second 1250 and so on.

    Celebi fought hard on the matter, but finally got Arceus and Dialga to agree. The future was a terrible place with the two factions of Red and Green still at war. They had been this way for decades with no hero rising to the challenge to stop them. Might even be that one wasn’t born yet and wouldn’t be for quite some time. They couldn't wait or there wouldn't be a world for future heroes to be born into. They needed a hero to calm the fighting and Celebi knew the perfect ones for the job.

    "Celebi! What are you doing here?" Mew asked her friend, as she appeared before her at the Tree of Beginning.

    "You know what I'm here for." Celebi answered as she glanced to the crystalized figure at rest in the heart of the tree.

    "It can't be!" Mew exclaimed.

    "Yes, he is the only one. Arceus has agreed and so has Dialga. I need a favour from you, though." Celebi requested.

    "What?" Mew inquired.

    "I need you to sneak into the castle and retrieve the staff of Sir Aaron. He needs Lucario."

    "That's all? That's easy! Sure, I'll do it in no time! Back in a flash!" Mew giggled as she teleported out.

    Celebi sighed. Her friend always had so much energy and seemed too childish, despite her position of the holder of all genes in the world. Still, Mew would get the staff no problem. She could walk in and take it if she wanted to or teleport out. Celebi looked to the second trapped person she needed. She needed to revive him. Her own temporal powers would allow that, as she would increase the time surrounding him to strengthen the dormant aura inside him until it burst. Thus, she hoped, it would bring him back to full life. She closed her eyes and lifted her arms, surrounding him in a temporal bubble.

    Celebi honestly hoped this would work.


    Mew teleported into the castle and floated up toward the light fixture. Now all she needed to do was find Sir Aaron's staff, without getting caught. Seemed easy enough. Mew searched the room she was in and saw nothing.

    If she were the queen, where would she put a staff of the aura guardian who gave his life in an attempt to quell the fighting between the two sides? This would be very important and she would want everyone to see it… the main hall which happen to be the throne room!

    Mew teleported in and saw no one there. She smiled as this was perfect. She just grabbed the staff and popped out. She then floated down and picked the staff up with Psychic. As she went to turn around and leave, she heard the door.

    "Oh my!"

    Mew fully turned around and saw the queen standing there. The blonde ruler had her hand over her mouth in shock. From what Mew wasn't sure. It could be the mystical Pokémon floating in the hall or the fact said Pokémon was attempting to steal a treasure of the kingdom.

    "Please listen, your highness!" Mew said quickly. "We are trying to revive Sir Aaron, so he may once again try and stop the fighting. No one else but him can do this. We have no time to wait or lose. If we are successful in reviving him, he will need his staff and more importantly… Lucario, who lies trapped inside."

    "Are you saying Lucario is in there and this madness can end?"


    "I would very much like to see peace, Mew. Please then, take the staff and return our guardian to us, so he may once again try and stop this war."

    "Thank you." Mew said, as she bowed to the queen before flying off with the staff trailing behind her.

    As she left, the queen kneeled down in front of the painting of Sir Aaron that was finished not that long ago and clasped her hands together. She prayed to Arceus that they would successful and she would be able to see the world at peace.
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