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online battle and battle tower help. (Looking for help)

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Old September 13th, 2010 (4:29 AM). Edited September 13th, 2010 by ltsang.
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this is my first team. I need help with my team, here they are:

Houndoom level is 84:
Dark pulse
flame thrower

All them are dark type moves except for flame thrower. I will use these moves on a psyhic pokemon and flamethrower on steel, grass and ice types. And thief to steal items from players.
Ampharos level is 81:
Thunder bolt
Focus punch (delete focus punch to replace power gem)
signal beam
fire punch (delete fire punch for Iron tail)

Thunder bolt on flying and water types. I want to remove focus punch and teach it something else. I don't know what though. Signal beam for dark type pokemon. fighting types for dark types in the elite 4 against karen.
Dragonite level is 82:
dragon pulse

fly to go to different places and use against fighting pokemon. flamethower for grass, ice, and steel types. Ice beam and dragon pulse for dragon types and grass types.
Meganium level is 81:

razor leaf
giga drain
earth quake (delete earth quake and put in another grass type moves.)
solar beam

Grass type moves for water type and rock types.
Empoleon level is 47:
Bubble beam
hydro pump
drill peak

For rock and fire types and drill peak for bugs.
hearacross level is 34: The move set is not yet ready:
planning on teaching hearacross:

close combat
brick break
undecided 4th move.

Its for dark type moves. Well um I need some question and comments and someone to help me with this team. My team is mostly critical hits.

4th gen Heart gold: 0776-1220- 4403 (use for battling)

5th gen white: 3954 7616 0505 (WOOT!) Please teach me how to clone in white. Its a lot complicated than hg.

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Old September 13th, 2010 (6:04 AM).
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You should have variety on your moves. Only because houndoom is Dark/Fire doesn't mean it should have only dark and fire moves. In fact, if you have two moves of the same type, most of the times you'll use just one.
If you have more types, you can hit more things.

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Old September 13th, 2010 (7:50 AM).
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Also some of these items I can get and some can't: So I only have limited access to them.

Garr helped me with these two pokemons:
Houndoom item hold focus sash:

nasty plot
dark pulse
sucker punch
meganium need more attack
Item hold left over

seed bomb

This team above is when Garr tried to help me:

Here are my stats for my team:

Houndoom stats: hp 248, Attack 214, Defense 129, Sp atk 220, Sp def 157 speed 172. Nature is Brave Ability is flash fire.

Ampharos stats: hp 248, attack 159, defense 173, Sp atk 218, Sp def 184 Speed 117. Nature is relaxed ability is static.

Dragonite stats: hp 256, attack 264, defense 192, sp atk 218, sp def 174 speed 141. Nature is Quite Ability is inner focus.

Meganium stats: hp 232, Attack 154, defense 218, sp atk 137, sp def 193 speed 198. Nature is jolly ability is over grow.

Empoleon stats: hp 149, attack 104, dfense 83, sp atk 126, sp def 101 speed 71. Nature is lonely ability is torrent.

Hearacross: Hp 107, attack 99, dfense 65, sp atk 40 sp def 7, speed 70. Nature is naive ability swarm. Its not yet finished training.
4th gen Heart gold: 0776-1220- 4403 (use for battling)

5th gen white: 3954 7616 0505 (WOOT!) Please teach me how to clone in white. Its a lot complicated than hg.

Old September 13th, 2010 (8:04 AM).
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Jesus, those natures are horrible. Please re-breed. <--Go here to see ideal natures and sets.

Next, we dont want stats, post evs please, thanks. If you dont re-breed for good ivs and natures, ev train you will get absolutely massacred.
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I am assuming that you have no idea what significance natures, EVs, and IVs have in a battle. Even in the Battle Tower one bad battle can ruin a perfect streak. You really need to get something better out of it. Dark Azelf should get you covered but it's really beneficial to learn these things yourself.
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