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Old October 3rd, 2010 (8:11 PM). Edited December 7th, 2010 by Cherrim.
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w e l c o m e

First things first: the basics. A claiming thread is basically the place where you stake your "claim" on something. For example, if Cherrim is your favourite Pokémon for the obvious reasons that it is awesome, you would claim Cherrim. You can put the fact that you've claimed something in your sig or in the appropriate sections on your profile. There's not much more to it than that. A few things have changed since the last thread, namely the claim limits but I'm also ~officially~ allowing Gen 5 Pokémon. As their English names are released, I'll be changing the list to use them but for now, giving me the generally accepted Romanization is fine!

Note that there is no reclaim period! Anything that was claimed in the old thread is free to be claimed here. It's just easier this way.

Other claim threads: bishiepairingsongscelebrity

r u l e s
  1. No more than 6 claims per person. This is the size of a proper team in the game so it should be good enough! If you can't choose and list more than 6, you won't get any of them.
  2. No more than 12 claims per Pokémon. If you want to claim Cherrim and 12 people have already claimed it, tough luck. You'll have to choose something else or check if they are following the next rule...
  3. If you are banned for any amount of time or inactive for more than one month, your claims will be forfeited.
  4. If it has been 3 weeks since I last updated this thread, feel free to drop me a VM or a PM nagging me to update it. (This rule is probably the most followed rule. x_X)
  5. If you cannot follow the guidelines below, I may not add your claims. Also, I will not add the claims of people who cannot even spell the names of their favourite Pokémon.

c l a i m i n g

When making your claims, all you have to do is follow these simple guidelines. If you can't do this, your claims might not be added at all! (Depends on if I'm in a good mood or not and how long I've procrastinated on updating the thread!)
  • List your claims in alphabetical order.
  • Read the list to make sure none of your Pokémon have been claimed 12 times. (If a claim is full, there will be a :pokeball: icon next to it.)
  • Check the last updated time at the top of this post and make sure no one who has posted after that time has filled up your Pokémon's claim slots.
  • If you want to change your claims and I have NOT updated since you originally posted them, edit or delete your first post instead of posting again.
  • If the Pokémon you want to claim is not anywhere on the list, that's okay! That just means no one has claimed it before and you're the first.
  • Formes do not count! So if you claim Shaymin in sky forme, I will only give you normal Shaymin. Same with Giratina, Rotom, Deoxys, etc.


Absol ★ anthony12306, 72pokemonmaniac27, Syvelocin, TwilightBlade, Rockxero
Aerodactyl ★ Spinosaurus, Warrior Rapter
Aggron ★ Blaziquaza, Spinosaurus, killet513, HallwayKid
Aipom ★ zappyspiker
Alakazam ★ Fever, anthony12306
Ambipom ★ Thunder_Brew_07, Fever
Ampharos ★ Artic.uno, Karpman
Arbok ★ Gearuvagen, CptSwaggerPants
Arcanine ★ Stingray, WonderGirl, murkage, Ynfiniti8, Wolflare, Inkpuddle
Arceus ★ Roxichu, アルセウス
Armaldo ★ Spinosaurus
Aron ★ Brendino, Wolflare, TheSmartOne, HallwayKid
Articuno ★ Artic.uno, SinisterEternity, Silmeria
Azelf ★ Erufuun
Azurill ★ nidorina
Bachuru ★ Forever, BinaryPeaches, HallwayKid
Baibanira ★ Mirby, ShinyPikachu777
Banette ★ TJgamer, Syvelocin, Silmeria
Baniricchi ★ Corruptodile
Baokkie ★ mal'akh
Bastiodon ★ Warrior Rapter
Basurao ★ Spinosaurus
Bayleef ★ Kip
Beedrill ★ mondays suck
Bellossom ★ BinaryPeaches
Bellsprout ★ Ayselipera, The Great Bee Sting
Birijion ★ SuperiorCat
Blastoise ★ Kepov, Fuyuhiko
Blaziken ★ Blaziquaza, 560cool., Thorns, GOG TOXIC, MewParade, TheSmartOne
Breloom ★ killet513
Buizel ★ zappyspiker, killet513, SamuraiMaster
Bulbasaur ★ Jordan, Syvelocin, MewParade, Gundisalvus Kuno
Burungeru ★ Reshiram Man, dithyrambos
Butterfree ★ IanDonyer
Caterpie ★ MurasakiYugata
Celebi ★ SkythurBathandBeyond151, Time Guardian
Charizard ★ Vulpes bicaudata, anthony12306, luf100, Kip, 72pokemonmaniac27, Sixto, Delphinus
Charmander ★ Vulpes bicaudata, Wolflare, Delphinus
Charmeleon ★ Vulpes bicaudata, Mew~, YungKnowledge
Cherrim ★ Lightning, HaloSonic, King Gumball
Cherubi ★ Lightning
Chillarmy ★ Patchisou Yutohru
Chimchar ★ AshPikastar, YungKnowledge
Chirachiino ★ .Eevee-Chan
Choroneko ★ Akita, Galukxy
Churine ★ Sydian
Clefable ★ TwilightBlade
Cradily ★ Bibliophibian
Crobat ★ Fever, Dark Sceptile, IanDonyer, Gundisalvus Kuno, HallwayKid
Cubone ★ IanDonyer
Cyndaquil ★ Bibliophibian
Daburan ★ SuperiorCat
Daikenki ★ PlatinumDude, Dark Sceptile, Pikapal642
Darkrai ★ AlexAhnon
Delcatty ★ The Great Bee Sting
Denchura ★ Forever, HallwayKid
Deoxys ★ Roxichu, HaloSonic, murkage, Rockxero
Desukan ★ Reshiram Man
Dialga ★ Time Guardian, SiReNzZ
Dokkora ★ Sydian
Donphan ★ Sixto, Gundisalvus Kuno
Doredia ★ parallelzero, mal'akh
Doryuzu ★ PlatinumDude, Sweet Candace
Dragonair ★ Galukxy, Mizan de la Plume Kuro, tobi-ksla, GlitchCity
Dragonite ★ Mirby, Delphinus
Drapion ★ Curious., Ynfiniti8
Dratini ★ Jordan
Drifblim ★ Reshiram Man
Drifloon ★ dithyrambos
Dugtrio ★ Spinosaurus
Dunsparce ★ Rockxero
Eevee ★ Vulpes bicaudata, .Eevee-Chan, Jordan
Electivire ★ Pikapal642, WonderGirl
Emonga ★ zappyspiker, Curious., AshPikastar, Destiny Demon
Empoleon ★ Curious.
Erufuun ★ Chord, Erufuun, TwilightBlade, Inkpuddle
Espeon ★ Mewtwo152, .Eevee-Chan, BinaryPeaches, Mizan de la Plume Kuro
Fearow ★ mondays suck
Feraligatr ★ tkallab, Pyrax
Flareon ★ Vulpes bicaudata, anthony12306, Kamiya-chan
Flygon ★ Blaziquaza, opticalmask
Froslass ★ parallelzero, Project., Mizan de la Plume Kuro, Fuyuhiko, Brendino, Necrø, Logiedan
Furiijio ★ Thunder_Brew_07
Furret ★ Stingray, IanDonyer, Sydian
Futachimaru ★ TheSmartOne, Futachimaru
Gallade ★ PlatinumDude, HaloSonic, Ynfiniti8
Garchomp ★ AshPikastar, GOG TOXIC
Gardevoir ★ parallelzero, HaloSonic, Mizan de la Plume Kuro, Stingray, Rockxero, mal'akh
Gastly ★ WilowWisp
Genesect ★ The Corrupt Plague
Gengar ★ TJgamer, Reshiram Man, nm legend, WilowWisp, Inkpuddle
Girafarig ★ The Great Bee Sting
Giratina ★ GOG TOXIC, CptSwaggerPants, Silmeria, dithyrambos
Glaceon ★ .Eevee-Chan, Roswell, Silmeria
Glalie ★ Project., WilowWisp
Glameow ★ Akita, WilowWisp
Gliscor ★ DonRoyale
Goruugu ★ Thunder_Brew_07, Reshiram Man, Corruptodile
Granbull ★ zoo3891
Grotle ★ ♪Twiggy♪
Groudon ★ Spinosaurus
Grovyle ★ DoctorFred
Growlithe ★ .Jessie
Gyarados ★ Fever, luf100, mondays suck
Happiny ★ nidorina
Haunter ★ Stingray, opticalmask
Hihidaruma ★ Mirby
Hitomoshi ★ otakulily, BinaryPeaches, AntiZero, silverdreams92
Hiyappu ★ Pyrax
Ho-oh ★ Hooh54
Hoppip ★ nidorina
Houndoom ★ opticalmask, Time Guardian, killet513, The Great Bee Sting, InfernoRogue
Houndour ★ Sixto
Hypno ★ Ayselipera
Infernape ★ Curious., zoo3891
Iwaparesu ★ King Gumball
Jalorda ★ Blaziquaza, CptSwaggerPants, SinisterEternity, King Gumball, ♪Twiggy♪
Janovy ★ Akita, ♪Twiggy♪
Jigglypuff ★ SonicThrust, Jordan
Jiheddo ★ ShinyPikachu777
Jirachi ★ SkythurBathandBeyond151, Jirachi², Inkpuddle
Jolteon ★ killet513, SiReNzZ, The Great Bee Sting, Delphinus, Inkpuddle
Jumpluff ★ mondays suck
Jynx ★ Ayselipera, zoo3891
Kabutops ★ Erufuun
Kangaskhan ★ InfernoRogue
Keldeo ★ Mew~
Kingdra ★ Sweet Candace, Stingray, Artic.uno
Kingler ★ Kepov
Kirikizan ★ Pikapal642, killet513
Kirlia ★ Syvelocin
Kojondo ★ Erufuun
Koromori ★ Kelp
Kyurem ★ AngelXavier
Lanturn ★ Necrø, TwilightBlade
Lapras ★ anthony12306, TJgamer, Warrior Rapter, Inkpuddle
Latias ★ Mizan de la Plume Kuro, WonderGirl, Kenpokid, TwilightBlade, Silmeria
Latios ★ SamuraiMaster
Leafeon ★ Artic.uno, Roswell
Ledian ★ xVenomx
Ledyba ★ xVenomx
Lepardas ★ Catman9222
Lucario ★ PlatinumDude, TJgamer, AshPikastar
Lugia ★ TheFuturePokemon, opticalmask, MewParade
Luxray ★ Akita, Kamiya-chan, .Jessie, Ynfiniti8
Maggyo ★ Rockxero
Magikarp ★ mondays suck, Brendino
Magneton ★ DoctorFred
Magnezone ★ WilowWisp
Mamoswine ★ luf100, Warrior Rapter
Mareep ★ Destiny Demon
Mawile ★ Stingray
Mebukijika ★ Dark Sceptile
Medicham ★ Gearuvagen, InfernoRogue
Meguroco ★ Bibliophibian, Corruptodile, silverdreams92, agentgeo
Meloetta ★ parallelzero, AlexAhnon, Spacial Sage
Meowth ★ luf100
Metagross ★ opticalmask
Mew ★ Roxichu, SkythurBathandBeyond151, MewParade, Mew~, YungKnowledge
Mewtwo ★ Roxichu, Blaziquaza, Mizan de la Plume Kuro
Mightyena ★ Wolflare, TheSmartOne, InfernoRogue
Milotic ★ .Eevee-Chan, mal'akh
Miltank ★ murkage
Minun ★ Sweet Candace, Kamiya-chan
Mismagius ★ parallelzero, tobi-ksla
Mudkip ★ 560cool., Kip, Jordan
Muk ★ zoo3891
Munchlax ★ RebelliousDuck, Karpman
Munna ★ King Gumball
Murkrow ★ zoo3891
Musharna ★ Dark Sceptile, mal'akh
Nidoran ♂ ★ AngelXavier
Nidoran ♀ ★ AngelXavier
Nidoking ★ Time Guardian, Gearuvagen
Ninetales ★ Syvelocin, RebelliousDuck
Ninjask ★ Gearuvagen
Nosepass ★ Lightning, SonicThrust
Oddish ★ otakulily, ©ereal Killer
Onondo ★ Corruptodile
Ononokus ★ Thunder_Brew_07, DonRoyale
Oshawott ★ zappyspiker, Astinus, Destiny Demon, Mew~
Pachirisu ★ AshPikastar
Palkia ★ SonicThrust
Paras ★ xVenomx
Parasect ★ xVenomx
Pelipper ★ Performancev2
Pendora ★ Roswell
Persian ★ Akita, Elite Overlord LeSabre™
Phione ★ Destiny Demon
Pichu ★ Lightning, zappyspiker, Necrø, Mew~
Pidgeot ★ Brendino, Gundisalvus Kuno, GlitchCity
Pikachu ★ Skymin, Galukxy, Sweet Candace, MewParade, Astinus
Piloswine ★ Chord
Plusle ★ Kamiya-chan
Politoed ★ Chord
Ponyta ★ .Jessie
Porygon ★ Niprop
Porygon2 ★ Niprop
Porygon-Z ★ Niprop, DoctorFred
Probopass ★ Lightning, SonicThrust
Purugly ★ CptSwaggerPants
Pururiru ★ silverdreams92
Quagsire ★ Project.
Quilava ★ Kip, Sydian
Raichu ★ Kip, opticalmask, SamuraiMaster
Rampardos ★ Warrior Rapter
Rankurusu ★ SuperiorCat, Pikapal642, Karpman
Ranpuraa ★ AntiZero, dithyrambos
Rapidash ★ .Jessie
Rayquaza ★ Blaziquaza, 72pokemonmaniac27
Reshiram ★ Mewtwo152, SinisterEternity
Rhyhorn ★ mal'akh
Robushin ★ Karpman, DonRoyale
Rotom ★ dithyrambos
Salamence ★ Time Guardian, 560cool., GOG TOXIC, DonRoyale
Sazandora ★ PlatinumDude, Spacial Sage, Sixto, InfernoRogue, Rockxero
Sceptile ★ Thorns
Scizor ★ anthony12306, Thunder_Brew_07, GOG TOXIC, WilowWisp
Scyther ★ SkythurBathandBeyond151, mondays suck, Sixto, GlitchCity
Sentret ★ Bibliophibian
Seviper ★ Gearuvagen, CptSwaggerPants
Shandera ★ Sweet Candace, Artic.uno, AntiZero, Reshiram Man, Live_Wire466, dithyrambos
Shaymin ★ Skymin, Roswell
Shelgon ★ Project.
Shikijika ★ Dark Sceptile
Shimama ★ Lightning
Shroomish ★ SonicThrust
Skarmory ★ Kamiya-chan
Skitty ★ SuperiorCat, TheSmartOne
Skuntank ★ CptSwaggerPants
Slaking ★ Mewtwo152
Smeargle ★ Sydian
Smoochum ★ zoo3891
Snivy ★ SuperiorCat, 560cool., SinisterEternity, Destiny Demon, ♪Twiggy♪
Spheal ★ Sixto, TheSmartOne
Spinarak ★ Project.
Spoink ★ Destiny Demon
Spiritomb ★ Silmeria
Squirtle ★ TJgamer, SamuraiMaster
Stantler ★ Dark Sceptile, Project.
Staryu ★ Ayselipera
Sudowoodo ★ Jordan
Suicune ★ Artic.uno, Wolflare
Swampert ★ Thorns
Swanna ★ Mirby
Tabunne ★ BinaryPeaches
Tauros ★ Gundisalvus Kuno
Teddiursa ★ Bibliophibian, Wolflare
Togekiss ★ Pikapal642, Erufuun
Togepi ★ nidorina
Torkoal ★ agentgeo
Torterra ★ Curious., ♪Twiggy♪
Totodile ★ BinaryPeaches
Treecko ★ TJgamer
Turtwig ★ SamuraiMaster, ♪Twiggy♪
Typhlosion ★ Pikapal642, Sweet Candace, HaloSonic, Ynfiniti8, SinisterEternity, Kenpokid, TwilightBlade, Mirby
Tyranitar ★ 560cool., Catman9222, Warrior Rapter, agentgeo, SamuraiMaster, DonRoyale
Ulgamoth ★ Urugamosu, AngelXavier
Umbreon ★ zappyspiker, AshPikastar, .Eevee-Chan, Kip, Sydian, Erufuun, Brendino, MewParade, SinisterEternity
Unown ★ Brendino
Ursaring ★ DonRoyale
Vanipeti ★ SonicThrust
Vaporeon ★ Syvelocin, Roswell, Karpman
Venomoth ★ Gundisalvus Kuno
Venusaur ★ King Gumball
Vespiquen ★ Curious., The Great Bee Sting
Victini ★ alphabetsoup102062
Vulpix ★ Galukxy
Walrein ★ AngelXavier, Mirby
Weavile ★ Daeva
Wooguru ★ IanDonyer, Live_Wire466
Wynaut ★ AntiZero
Xatu ★ 560cool., Time Guardian
Yanmega ★ GOG TOXIC
Yuniran ★ SuperiorCat, King Gumball
Zapdos ★ Vulpes bicaudata
Zeburakia ★ .Jessie, AngelXavier, Ynfiniti8, InfernoRogue
Zekrom ★ Mewtwo152, HaloSonic, Corruptodile
Zorua ★ Skymin, Roswell, Mew~
Zoroark ★ Skymin
Zubat ★ HallwayKid
Zuruzukin ★ Thunder_Brew_07

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I demand the right to claim:

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Doredia ★ parallelzero
Froslass ★ parallelzero
Gardevoir ★ parallelzero
Meloetta ★ parallelzero
Mismagius ★ parallelzero

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Thanks in advance!


Aipom ★ zappyspiker
Buizel ★ zappyspiker
Emonga ★ zappyspiker
Pichu ★ zappyspiker
Mijumaru ★ zappyspiker
Umbreon ★ zappyspiker
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    Please and thank you.


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    And of course...

    Chillarmy ★ Patchisou Yutohru
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    Bachura ★ Forever
    Denchura ★ Forever

    (Don't know whether you're going to spell them this way, but that's how I do it, so yeah!)

    Your own very Pokémon story is about to unfold.
    You'll face fun times and tough challenges.
    A world of dreams and adventures with Pokémon awaits!

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      Sky Shaymin ★ Skymin
      Pikachu ★ Skymin
      Zoroa ★ Skymin
      Zoroark ★ Skymin
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        Aggron ★ Blaziquaza
        Blaziken ★ Blaziquaza
        Flygon ★ Blaziquaza
        Jaroda ★ Blaziquaza
        Mewtwo ★ Blaziquaza
        Rayquaza ★ Blaziquaza
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        Glameow /// Akita
        Persian /// Akita
        Janobii /// Akita
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          I think I'll be claiming


          That is all.
          I can feel your fever, taking over me.
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            Skitty ★ SuperiorCat
            Tsutarja ★ SuperiorCat
            Rankurusu ★ SuperiorCat
            Yuniran ★ SuperiorCat
            ★ SuperiorCat
            ★ SuperiorCat

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              I'd like
              Espeon- Mewtwo152
              Reshiram- Mewtwo152
              Slaking- Mewtwo152
              Zekrom- Mewtwo152
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                I guess I'll just...

                Blaziken - 560cool.
                Mudkip - 560cool.
                Tsutaja - 560cool.
                Tyranitar - 560cool.
                Xatu - 560cool.

                And SkittyOnWailord made me lol ! :-)
                Well, okay. I'm here just to chat with people. Don't really care about signatures and stuff.

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                I would like to claim:
                Torterra. - Curious.
                Empoleon. Curious.
                Infernape. Curious.
                Drapion. Curious
                Vespiquen. Curious
                Emonga. Curious
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                  Thanks. ^-^
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                  I'd like to claim:

                  Daikenki --Pikapal642
                  Electivire -- Pikapal642
                  Rankurusu -- Pikapal642
                  Togekiss: Pikapal642

                  Thank you!
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                    I'd like to claim:

                    If it's OK, can I have my claims have my alternate account ('Zard) in parentheses? In other words, can they be listed as "Vulpes bicaudata ('Zard)"? If yes, that's great, if no, that's OK.
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                    Okay. I'll like to claim these Pokemon Please.
                    ~ Choroneko

                    Thank you :P
                    Old October 4th, 2010 (10:58 AM).
                    ©ereal Killer's Avatar
                    ©ereal Killer ©ereal Killer is offline
                    Illusions or Real Illusions ♥
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                      Nature: Hasty
                      Posts: 311
                      I would like to claim ---->

                      Oddish ©ereal Killer

                      Thank you, that will be all ^__^
                      "within the truth hides the lie... within the lie hides the truth"
                      That is the Mist
                      Old October 4th, 2010 (11:22 AM).
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                      HackER In Progress
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                        I would like the right to claim:
                        and Scizor
                        Projects In Progress:
                        LP of FireRed Omega (See "Current Challenges")
                        Hack of FireRed: Pokemon OnyxBlack

                        Current Challenges:
                        Doing a combined Random Water Mono-Type, Catch em' All, Survival challenge for Fire Red Omega.

                        Completed Challenges:
                        Mono-Type Fire, Water, Grass, Psychic, Normal, and Dragon
                        (One for each)

                        Charizard, Lapras, and Starmie Only Runs
                        (One for each also)
                        Old October 4th, 2010 (11:27 AM).
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                          I will claim

                          Lugia - TFP
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