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The Pixel Art Hall of Fame
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Welcome to the new, updated thread for the Pixel Art Hall of Fame. Seeing as the old thread is out-of-date, I've decided to renew it here. In this Hall of Fame, first place winners of the Monthly Pixel Art Competitions (MPC) and Weekly Pixel Art Competitions (WPC) will be listed. In this thread, you will also find out how to host your own competition(s). To see the old thread, click me.
Pixel Art Contests
MPCs, formerly Monthly Sprite Contests, were originally held in 2004, and have been held mostly every month since then, right up to September 2010. There were some times where the MPC had seemingly been discontinued until March of 2009, where the monthly contests returned after an 18-month "hiatus". In short, MPC were held monthly (of course), and every month had a specific theme for the pixel artists of PokéCommunity to pit their skills in. First place winner gets their winning entry up on display in the Hall of Fame.

Since then, the Weekly Pixel Contests, run by Pixel Art moderator Scarf, began. WPC (as it is commonly abbreviated to) is essentially the same as MPC except is weekly instead, and as such the subjects are normally easier.

Another new "competiton" of such is Pixel Art of the Week, founded by Spherical Ice, in which five of the best pixels from the past week are shortlisted on a thread for members to vote for. Be sure to check out WPC and POATW in the Competitions subforum.
The subforum which you are currently in used to be called "Home of the Sprites," but has since been changed to the broader title that is "Pixel Art". Furthermore, the subforum "Pixel Projects" is a newcomer to the Pixel Art section, where anyone and everyone can partake in pixel games, communtiy projects or even request sprites/pixel art to be done in shops (shops were previously banned, however come the promotion of Scarf, they were allowed once again).
[jq]Before the name change, Home of the Sprites was more of a Sprite-related sub-forum rather than a completely pixel related one. Hence the reason why we only had mostly "Sprite Contests" rather than regular Pixel Art-based contests, though Pixel Art was still allowed during Sprite Contests. Because the name change was quite recent, it's best for you to know about this to avoid any confusion. You shall be seeing more Pixel Art related contests in the future rather than simple Sprite related ones; but regardless; their concept has never changed, contests have always a theme for entrants to abide by.[/jq]
I've got a great idea for a contest!
Shall I just post it?
No! Before heading down to the Competitions subforum to post a pixel art competition, make sure you'vePrivate Messaged a moderator of the Pixel Art sub-forum for their permission to host a contest. If you do not do so, and go ahead and post a competition without the approval of a Moderator, then it will be closed.

If a judge/host of one of the current competitions, such as POATW, the MPCs or WPCs are unavailable to judge/host, and you believe you have a good idea, than you must, again, PM a moderator and make sure there isn't already a contest of the same nature running (i.e if there is already a WPC, don't post one!).
Also, don't assume that hosting a contest, especially something like the MPC, is a walk in the park; it requires a cautious and responsible nature. A moderator will be the judge (no pun intended) of whether or not you have the capablilites of such a task. You may be asked for the following specifications, should you want to host one:
  • A theme for the contest - It goes without saying; every contest, POATW excluded, requires some sort of theme which the competitors must follow. It doesn't have to be exteremely broad or extremely specific, however failure to provide something as simple as this will definitely make your chances of being allowed to host a competition decrease.
  • Contest opening and closure - If you wish to host a competition, however won't be able to post it by the first day of the month, then you will need to provide dates for when the contest will begin, and it's deadline as well.
  • Choose judges wisely, do not make just anyone judges just because they happen to be your friends- Judges are not necessary for you to hold a contest, but if you think you're going to need any sort of help in judging and/or hosting, ensure you select who you want to assist you carefully; choosing your friends is not a wise move. 2 or 3 judges are normally adequate to form a proper, unbiased panel of judges. Right now, judges who are able to provide criticism and good comments on each and every entry willing to be entered is crucial, don't make somebody a judge solely because they happen to be a friend of yours, try for people who are known to be detailed when giving out comments on certain pixel work.
  • Are you sure you are confident enough to host the contest? - If you're not willing to take any responsibility for any rule-breaking that may go on during the contest, as well as promote good judges, then you're not fit enough to host it. So make sure you revise through necessary aspects first before considering hosting a month's contest. It can be a lot harder than it looks.
Basically it, you are allowed to copy and paste rules that were already in former contest threads if you are unsure of what to state as rules of the contest.
If you've still got a few questions or concerns you'd like to ask about, then feel free to PM me and I'll try to attend to them as soon as I can.
Hall of Fame
Originally written by Tendo, Kris and Signomi.
Welcome to the Pixel Art Hall of Fame, where the greatest of the great are displayed in all their..greatness. Here you will find each and every MPC and WPC winner, along with their fabulous winning entries, and various other information about them. By winning a Monthly or Weekly Pixel Art Competition will validate your work into this prestigious hall of fame.

Mpc Winners

July of 2005
Contest Theme: Patriotism
1st Place Winner: Ionem
Winning Entry:
-Image of winning entry unavailable-

August of 2005
Contest Theme: Back to School
1st Place Winner:
Winning Entry:

September of 2005
Contest Theme: Superheroes
1st Place Winner: Gothsinn23
Winning Entry:

October of 2005
Contest Theme: Friendship
1st Place Winner: Signomi
Winning Entry:

November of 2005
Contest Theme: The Four Seasons
1st Place Winner: Hollietree
Winning Entry:
-Image of winning entry unavailable-
--There was no contest in December 2005--

January of 2006
Contest Theme: Christmas
1st Place Winner: Ho-Roudon
Winning Entry:

February of 2006
Contest Theme: Valentines
1st Place Winner: Sylphiel
Winning Entry:

March of 2006
Contest Theme: Technology
1st Place Winner: Allstories
Winning Entry:

April of 2006
Contest Theme: Emotions
1st Place Winner: Signomi
Winning Entry:

May of 2006
Contest Theme: '80s Arcade Games
1st Place Winner: Sylphiel
Winning Entry:
-Image of winning entry unavailable-

June of 2006
Contest Theme: Mythology
1st Place Winner: aocom
Winning Entry:

July of 2006
Contest Theme: Freestyle - Limited Palette
1st Place Winner: aocom
Winning Entry:

--A contest was held during August, but the results were never released--
September of 2006
Contest Theme: Custom Pokémon
1st Place Winner: Fox♠
Winning Entry:

October of 2006
Contest Theme: Halloween costumes
1st Place Winner: mazilwolf
Winning Entry:

--There was no contest in November--

December of 2006
Contest Theme: Christmas
1st Place Winner: Samson
Winning Entry:
--There were no contests in 2007 untill September--

September of 2007
Contest Theme: Communication
1st Place Winner:
Winning Entry:

--There were no contests until March of 2009--
March of 2009
Contest Theme: Green
1st Place Winner:
Winning Entry:

April of 2009
Contest Theme: April Fools/Silly
1st Place Winner:
Winning Entry:

May of 2009

Contest Theme:
1st Place Winner:
Winning Entry:

-There were no contests until November of 2009
November of 2009
Contest Theme: The Seasons
1st Place Winner:
Winning Entry:

-There were no contests until June of 2010-

June of 2010
Contest Theme: Restricted Palette
1st Place Winner: Kinarii
Winning Entry:

July of 2010
Contest Theme: Favorite Pokémon
Restrictions: 80x80 Canvas
1st Place Winner: NovaStar
Winning Entry:

August of 2010
Contest Theme: Game Mockups
Restrictions: ≥ 100x100 Canvas
1st Place Winner: Logiedan
Winning Entry:

--A contest was held during September, but the results were never released--
-There have not been any MPCs since August of 2010-

Wpc Winners

-note that WPCs are not always held on the same day.-
August 1st, 2010
Contest Theme: Fusions
1st Place Winner:
Winning Entry:

-Image of winning entry unavailable-

August 10th, 2010
Contest Theme: Limited Palette
8 colours.
Optional Theme: Hobbies
1st Place Winner: Kinarii
Winning Entry:

August 20th, 2010
Contest Theme: Man vs. Machine
≤ 300x300 Canvas
1st Place Winner: Chibi Robo
Winning Entry:

-WPC #4 had no entries-
-There was no WPC until the October 24th-

October 24th, 2010
Contest Theme: Fakemon
Generation I Style: 56x56, 4 colors.
Generation II Style: 56x56, 4 colors.
Generation III Style:
64x64, 16 colors.
Generation IV Style: 80x80, 16 colors.
Generation V Style: 96x96, 16 colors.
1st Place Winner: icychill66
Winning Entry:

(Generation III style)

November 5th, 2010
Contest Theme: Isometric
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