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Pokémon The Kokuran Chronicles

Started by Team_SJK April 28th, 2011 8:43 PM
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Description: The long-overdue prequel to Darach and the Quest for the Gilded Wing, The Kokuran Chronicles focuses on not only the history of Kokuran Palace, but its most popular inhabitants as well.
Please note that strong language and violence are included in this fan fiction, and that being said, reader discretion is advised.

I hope that you enjoy reading the very first installment of The Kokuran Chronicles series, and I look forward to sharing my next fan fiction with you guys.

Now let's get on with the story, shall we?

This is but one segment of the story that follows the lives of Kono Kama and those dear to him. It also serves as a log of sorts for historical information concerning Kokuran Kingdom in the Johto Region.

Believe it or not, Kono Kama wasn’t originally a human being like you and I. During the 17th Century, he had a past life; he started out as a Riolu, and as time progressed, he became a powerful Lucario.

On the morning of April 15, 1658, Queen Harada, a lovely, ageless, black-haired woman whom Celadon City’s gym leader Erika takes after, woke up to someone knocking on her bedroom door in Kokuran Palace.

“Who’s there?” Harada inquired, shuffling out of bed.

“My lady, there’s someone at the gates who wishes to see you,” one of the guards stated.

“Please have them know that I shall arrive in a few minutes,” Harada replied.

“Yes, m’lady,” the guard confirmed.

Meanwhile, at the gates, the person shows his true form: it was none other than Arceus, the father of all that is living. A few minutes later, Harada arrives in the main corridor.

“Good morning, my lady,” Arceus began.

“Why, good morning, Master Arceus,” Harada replied. “Have you been keeping well?”

“Indeed I have,” Arceus replied in turn. “Anyhow, I found this egg in Viridian Forest, and I thought that you might like to have it.”

“It would be of great honor to look after it for you,” Harada answered graciously. “I shall care for whatever comes forth from it with deep, abiding love.”

“Well said, my lady,” Arceus commented, “and on that note, we shall meet again.”

Three months of monitoring have gone by, when all of a sudden, the mysterious egg begins to move.

“Everyone,” Harada commanded excitedly, “please gather ‘round at once. I have a feeling that our prince will soon hatch.”

Much to the Kokuran Kingdom’s delight, a male Riolu breaks out of its eggshell. Among all the people in the crowd, his attention turns to Harada,

“How adorable!” Harada remarked. “He sees me as his mother, and if that is what he wishes, then it’s settled. His mother, I shall be.”

That evening, when Lady Harada was just about to fall asleep, she looked over at the Riolu that had curled up next to her, and came up with a name for him.

“Zerios Kama Rán... that name ought to work nicely. When he’s older, I shall travel with him to Cameran Palace so that he’ll become a fine martial artist,” Harada pondered as she extinguished the oil lamp on her nightstand and went to sleep.

Several months of intense martial arts training in Rota with Zerios rolled by exceedingly fast for Harada. What is left now is the critical point: Zerios invests his time into a test of his own might, where he is instructed to defeat his opponent, Lucario Zaldin Koku Rán, within two minutes using the skills he has learned from his mentor. Zerios starts the test off right with a powerful, airborne hurricane kick.

“Tatsu-maki senpuu kyaku!” Zerios cried out as the side of his foot slammed into Zaldin.

“Perfect!” Harada called out, praising Zerios. “Keep it up! Only 90 seconds remain!”

Zaldin gets back up and lunges at Zerios, but ends up missing Zerios within inches.

“Shoryuken!” Zerios calls out, responding with a powerful uppercut.

“Excellent!” Harada spoke. “45 seconds to go! Make him feel the Aura and finish him!”

“Aura is with me…” Zerios mumbled.

“Say what, weakling?” Zaldin spoke, acting as if to taunt Zerios.

“I said… HADOUKEN!” Zerios yelled, hurling a mighty Aura Sphere at his opponent.

Zaldin is sent flying into the cement walls of the karate dojo, and is immobilized from taking more damage than he anticipated. Somewhat worried about the opponent, Harada tends to Zaldin as Grandmaster Chung wishes to speak with Zerios.

“Lucario Zaldin is out for the count! Zerios, congratulations! You have proven your worth and have successfully passed the test,” Grandmaster Chung exclaimed with joy. “There is nothing more which I can teach you. Please accept this ninjutsu outfit as a token of your achievement.”

Moments later, Zaldin regains his strength, gets off the ground, and brushes the dust off of his chest fur.

“Uff… that was an excellent fight, kiddo,” Zaldin said, placing his paw on Zerios’s shoulder, “I never expected so much power from a little squirt like you. I guess what they say about ‘large things coming in small packages’ is true. From this point forward, I no longer feel at liberty to call you a little squirt. You’ve definitely grown into a skilled martial artist; there is no mistaking that.”

April 15, 1659, at about 7 a.m., back in Kokuran Palace. Harada is still resting heavily while Zerios tries desperately to wake her up.

“Hm? Oh, it’s you, Zerios.” Harada answered drowsily. “You’re up early… what’s troubling you?”

“M’lady,” Zerios began, “I don’t know how I should say this, but somehow, I feel kind of different. More specifically, I feel as if things are about to change for me.”

Harada immediately realized what Zerios meant, and thus knew exactly what to do.

“Sounds to me like you’re almost ready to evolve,” Harada responded, feeling alert and upbeat. “I think we should head off to Sinjoh Ruins and meet with Arceus at once.”

Within seconds, Harada and Zerios arrived at the entrance of Sinjoh Ruins, where they met with Arceus as expected.

“Oh hello, my friends,” Arceus began. “How may I serve you?”

A few seconds pass, and Arceus already understands the situation.

“So, the time for your evolution, Zerios, is at hand, then. I feel as if a minute ago, you hatched from that egg, but that’s no longer important. When you feel that you’re ready to evolve, let me know and I shall make it happen.”

“Master Arceus, I have been ready to evolve from the very moment we set foot here,” Zerios replied.

“All right, then…” Arceus responded, “Let the evolution begin.”

“Hold it!” Harada shouted, “in case something goes wrong and you do not survive the evolution, I want you to always remember me.”

Just then, Harada planted a kiss on Zerios’s head, and the evolution began soon afterward. At first came a blinding light, which didn’t affect Harada, and about 25 seconds later, Zerios had evolved completely and perfectly. Harada ran over to give Zerios a hug, which he returned firmly.

“Ah yes, yet another successful evolution,” Arceus pondered.

“Thank you, Master Arceus,” Zerios spoke graciously.

“You’re very welcome. If there is anything else you might need, feel free to come to me anytime you like,” Arceus offered.

“Will do, Master,” Harada replied.

That evening, Harada decided to make dinner for everyone in the palace in celebration of Zerios’s successful evolution.

“Zerios,” Harada spoke, “would you like to try some of my ramen soup?”

“Thank you, m’lady, but no thank you,” Zerios said as he turned away.

“I think you need to loosen up,” Harada replied as she pulled Zerios back to the table. “As if just one small sample is going to kill you. Humor me and try it. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.”

After much thought, Zerios gave into trying Harada’s soup, which tasted surprisingly good to him.

“Well, m’lady,” Zerios spoke as his stomach began to grumble, ‘you can count on serving another bowl of that marvelous soup.”

“Glad you enjoyed it,” Harada replied. “I’ll gladly give you a bowl.”

April 23, 1674, approximately 3 AM. Lady Harada began displaying symptoms of what was thought to be an incurable form of pneumonia, leaving her bedridden for the last seven months of her life. In an attempt to prevent the pnemonia from spreading, Zerios poured out every last bit of his Aura, but to no avail. As a result, Zerios becomes indefinitely unconscious.

On November 27, two hours before her passing, Harada calls Arceus into the room, seeking all sorts of requests from him.

“Lord Arceus, I am afraid I do not have much longer,” Harada spoke, “and on that note, could you please bring my companion to me? It would make me feel better if I passed while he was at my side.”

“As you wish, m’lady,” Arceus replied respectfully.

About an hour later, Arceus brings Zerios, fully conscious, into the room where Lady Harada was on her deathbed.

“M’lady! No… this can’t be happening!” Zerios panicked, running over to embrace Lady Harada.

“Zerios…” Harada began, gritting her teeth in immense pain, “Don’t worry about me while I’m gone… our journey together... has been good… you’ve served a beautiful queen, and… you and I shared many adventures. Those memories… will always be with me… farewell, Zerios…”

“Farewell, my friend,” Zerios replied tearfully.

“And Arceus…” Harada continued, “See to it that Kokuran Palace does not suffer the same fate as I have suffered. Thus, the kingdom is now yours…”

“I shall, m’lady,” Arceus replied, feeling as if a hole had been torn in his soul.

Harada drew her final breath, and gave up her spirit. Mourning for the passing of his only friend, Zerios went out onto the balcony and let out a long, bone-chilling howl that could be heard as far west as Cianwood City. Other Lucario in the area heard Zerios and joined in on the chorus of howling. It was then that the entire region of Johto knew that Lady Harada had passed.

When Zerios went back inside moments later, an unknown force sends electricity surging through Zerios’s body. Zerios knew immediately who it was just by the frequency of their Aura: It was Xehanort, a corrupt, black-colored Lucario who wished to assume control over the entire region of Johto and to enslave every citizen who lived there.

“Xehanort! You treasonous bastard!” Zerios yelled, gritting his teeth. “Master Arceus! Don’t let Xehanort get away with ruling over Kokuran Palace! I beg you!”

“Rest assured, comrade: the only thing Xehanort will get away with is a one-way ticket to Hell,” Arceus replied.

Just then, Zerios fell limp right beside his closest companion.

“Harada’s passing, Zerios’s death… Xehanort shall surely pay for all of this,” Arceus thought aloud. “Right now, he’s probably wanting to play cat and mouse. Well, for my departed friends, I’ll guess buy into it, but I’ll have him know: he’s definitely failing in epic proportions.”

“Yeah, like that’s gonna happen!” Xehanort taunted.

“I see you’ve gotten up your courage to face me, you cowardly traitor,” Arceus replied, “are you ready to get stuffed into your own tomb?”

“If you’re going to go down with me, then... hell yes I’m ready to fight!” Xehanort replied back.

“Well, words don’t do it justice, punk. Let’s get right to it, and I mean now!” Arceus concluded.

At the very last second, Arceus summons one of his servants, Darkrai, to cooperatively take care of Xehanort for good.

“This is so not fair!” Xehanort griped. “Heh, doesn’t matter, since both of you will be dead soon.”

“Don’t be so damn cocky, traitor,” Darkrai snapped back. “There’s nothing you can do now except enjoy your stay in Hell. You’re no match for us Legendaries, we’ll have you know!”

The first move used was Darkrai’s Dark Void, which puts Xehanort to sleep. The next attack was a good-sized Aura Sphere, which drops Xehanort’s health power down to just two points. With the remaining strength, Xehanort tries to return the attack using an Aura Sphere, but ends up failing miserably. The final blow was dealt to Xehanort, and Arceus banished Xehanort to the underworld, never to return again.

“How do you like us now, Xehanort?” Darkrai spoke in a mocking tone.

Arceus bowed his head, morosely thinking about how he could have prevented Harada’s untimely passing and Zerios’s twist of fate.

“Master Arceus? Is something the matter?” Darkrai inquired.

“I should have been more attentive to them… Harada and Zerios didn’t have to die like they have,” Arceus replied remorsefully. Moments later, Arceus bursted into tears.

Sensing the sadness inside, Darkrai went over to his master to give him comfort. For the first time in all of Mahogany Town’s history, it rained for three days straight as a result of Arceus’s sorrow, and for some reason, everyone in town could sense that Arceus was grieving, not because of the rain, but rather the sudden drop in the pressure that Arceus has been known to exert. The other Legendary Pokémon soon join Darkrai and Arceus’s side, sharing in their sorrow. This goes to show that even Legendary Pokémon, no matter how savage or good-natured, can express emotion toward humans. And thus, our story truly begins here.

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Son of Arceus

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July 17, 1738. It is exactly 5:00 AM, and the world is still dark, though the dawning of a new day is well underway. Somehow, Queen Harada’s tomb had been broken into. Not by humans, but rather by Pokémon, and by no means whatsoever was it your everyday Pokémon. It was a legendary Pokémon who couldn’t see fit that Harada spent the rest of her life in his domain: it was Arceus.

Raikou and Entei helped keep the cornerstone out of the way while Arceus and Suicune brought the surprisingly still intact body of Harada out of the tomb. From thence, Arceus brought Harada to her bedroom and gently rested her on the bed. Looking up to the heavens, Arceus recited a prayer that would ultimately bring Harada back to life. And then the crucial time came at 5:52 AM: before regaining consciousness, Harada took the form of another lovely young woman with long, wavy, light-brown hair, named Lynea Harada, or Lyn for short. Arceus even froze her age progression so that she would always appear to be 19 years old.

“Welcome back, m’lady,” Arceus said with a smile on his face.

“Thank you for bringing me back… It’s been a really long time since I’ve felt this good,” Lyn replied, “I wonder how well Zerios is keeping...”

“About Zerios...” Arceus responded, “He was slain by Xehanort, the same evil being who gave you that horrible curse.”

“Oh, I see,” Lyn thought, sitting on the edge of the bed. “I suppose there’s not much I can do about it, then.”

“Actually,” Arceus went on, “I was contemplating reviving him, but the problem is, it would have to be a year from now before he’s fully complete.”

“Hmm,” Lyn pondered, “either way, I’ll be longing for his return, in whatever form he takes, be it human form or his original Lucario form.”

Lyn then rises to her feet and takes a look at herself in the mirror closest to her bed.

“Seems like time has never affected my beauty, either,” Lyn commented to herself.

November 27, 1739. About 6:00 AM. Deep in the dense wooded area surrounding what we now call the Lake of Rage, a female Riolu named Kyoko is out for her daily walk, when she accidentally discovers an abandoned baby boy, with his head resting against the roots of a tree. Tilting her head to the side in curiosity, the Lucario takes a chance on getting a better look at the boy.

“Handsome little boy, isn’t he?” Arceus spoke, startling the Riolu.

“Well, good morning, Master Arceus,” Kyoko responded. “Yes, indeed, he is a cute little boy. I wonder if Father would permit me to take care of him…”

“There’s no better time to ask him than right now, because he’s coming this way as we speak,” Arceus replied.

Just then, a yellow-colored Lucario, named Tetsuo, approaches Kyoko, Arceus, and the boy.

“Ah, there you are, Kyoko,” Tetsuo spoke, giving his daughter a hug. “What do you have here, a human? My, that’s a rare specimen…”

“Yes, indeed,” Arceus replied. “And to think his parents left him here because they were afraid of the gentle creatures that live in this forest… a sad story, if you ask me.”

“So, may I take care of him, father?” Kyoko asked with excitement.

“On your own, I’d have to say no...” Tetsuo replied.

“But father? We can’t leave him here alone like his neglectful parents,” Kyoko contested.

“Please let me finish,” Tetsuo spoke sternly, “I was saying that we all should chip in and care for the boy as if he were one of our own.”

“Your father has a point, Kyoko,” Arceus chimed in, “it will certainly take more than just one Riolu to raise a human child.”

“Well, I think we better get going,” Tetsuo concluded. “Gotta report the good news to the rest of the forest, if you know what I mean. It was certainly great to hear from you, Father Arceus.”

“One thing before you guys go,” Arceus continued, “I’ll have you know: the human you’ve just adopted? He was the prince of Kokuran Palace’s earlier days. When he comes of age, please tell him that there is an old friend waiting for him at Kokuran Palace.”

“By your command, Father,” Tetsuo acknowledged. “On that note, we shall see you again someday.”

“Have a wonderful day, Tetsuo,” Arceus concluded, “give my regards to Kei, if you’d please.”

At that moment, Tetsuo, the boy, and Kyoko parted ways with Arceus. Walking home together.

“So Kyoko,” Tetsuo began, “how do you feel about helping raise a human?”

“I feel excited about it. Sure, it’s a steep challenge, but I think it’s nothing I couldn’t handle,” Kyoko replied.

“To be honest, I feel the same way,” Tetsuo continued. “Raising a human is something I’ve never done before, but it’s a challenge that I’m willing to embrace. On top of that, I’ve got a feeling that it’s going to be extremely easy to raise him.”

After a few minutes of walking, Tetsuo and Kyoko arrive at their family’s home, a tree house located relatively high up into the canopy. Such placement of housing was an ingenious idea, as it is easier to avoid trainers. Tetsuo’s spouse, Kei, was waiting by the door as the two of them worked their way up the spiral staircase leading to the tree house, while the boy rested soundly in Kyoko’s arms.

“Welcome home, Kyoko and Tetsuo,” Kei spoke, “whatcha got there?”

“You’ll never believe this,” Kyoko replied. “I was out walking in the forest, and I accidentally discovered this human child resting against a tree stump. And so, father and I decided to take him under our wing.”

“How strange is that,” Kei thought aloud, “as I recall, our neighbors, Schuyler and Guardia just adopted a baby girl.”

“What? No way!” Kyoko exclaimed.

“This snout of mine never lies,” Kei responded.

Just then, a Gallade named Schuyler Shima, and his wife Guardia Shima, a Gardevoir, cross the bridge that interconnects the two tree houses and pay Tetsuo and his family a visit, with their two daughters in tow: Kairi, a Kirlia; and Tsuki, the baby girl they have just adopted.

“Top o’ the mornin’ to ya, Sir Tetsuo,” Schuyler greeted, in his thick Irish-type accent. “I see that ya have a human laddie of your own. An’ havin’ said that, congratulations, govnah!”

“Why thank you, Schuyler,” Tetsuo replied, “in fact, Kyoko here found him during her daily walk.”

Upon hearing this, Kyoko’s face turned slightly red from embarrassment.

“Aheh heh, there’s no need to feel embarrassed, lass. It’s quite all right,” Schuyler laughed. “So, have ya thought of a name for that little bloke?”

“Hmm, Kono, I guess…” Kyoko thought aloud.

“Kono Kama, eh? What a jolly good name! I love it,” Schuyler replied. “An idea had just struck me: quite possibly when Kono comes of age, I’d be willing to train him in the ways of the fencer, and for no cost, nonetheless. How’s that for a ripper of a deal?”

“Can’t say no to that,” Tetsuo replied, “I was intending to raise him as a skilled fighter, anyhow, so swordplay would be an excellent thing to have under his belt.”

“That’s exactly what I was thinking,” Schuyler replied.

While Tetsuo, Kyoko, and Schuyler were having a friendly chat in the front of the tree house, Kei and Guardia keep up with each other in the back.

“That’s a beautiful little human girl you’ve got there, Guardia,” Kei spoke. “She’s just as beautiful as her older sister, Kairi.”

Standing alongside her mother, Kairi smiled cutely at Kei.

“You’re too kind,” Guardia replied, also in a thick Irish-type accent, “We have decided to name her Tsuki, and if memory serves, that’s Japanese for May. I daresay that little chap of yours is quite the charmer himself. Thought of a name for him yet, have you?”

“We were thinking about naming him Kono, but that isn’t our final decision, of course,” Kei replied. “And yes, Tsuki does indeed mean May in Japanese. Lovely name, I might add.”

August 6, 1749, 10:15 AM. The time has come at last for both Kono and Tsuki to begin training in all sorts of aspects, including using Aura, swordplay, ninjutsu, and daily exercise, among others. The first lesson that Kono and Tsuki had learnt – a lesson that they both picked up on rather quickly – was how to use their Aura Senses. During phase one of training, Tetsuo led Kono and Tsuki out into the middle of a sandstorm, and instructed the youths to find their way through the sandstorm to a clearing on the other side using only their Aura Senses. Kono succeeded quickly and easily, almost as if he jaunted through the same stretch without the sandstorm. Tsuki had a little trouble in trying to use her Aura sense, but she quickly got the hang of it. The second phase was a little more involved. The youths were assigned to create Aura Spheres and, with all of their strength, throw them at a nearby practice target. Both youths succeeded yet again, although Tsuki was able to create Aura Spheres using only one hand.

November 26, 1757, 1:21 PM. The day of Tsuki and Kono’s final examination has come. Even though they had been training together, the assessment ruled that the two of them spar against one another. Neither Tsuki nor Kono felt at liberty to object. The first part of the assessment involved the use of Aura Spheres to neutralize the opponent within 30 seconds, a task that Tsuki succeeded at, but also one in which Kono was still given a fairly high grade for his superlative defense strategies. The next part of the test required the use of ninjutsu, leaving Kono in a world of success. In the final part, which consisted of a mock sword fight, Tsuki came out on top yet again.

“Well done, my human friends,” Tetsuo began, “you have done quite well during the examination. I’m deeply sorry to have to say this, but the time has come for both of you to live on your own, without our further assistance. As a token of our appreciation and a reminder of our time together, I want you to have this Riolu named Ryuichi. You can call him just Ryu if you so desire.”

“We will certainly miss both o’ ya,” Schuyler spoke, “Luck be with ya, always.”

A few hours later, Kono and Tsuki found a fine looking home in the middle of Mahogany Town, which they essentially turned into a training dojo of sorts.

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November 27, 1757, at around 2:00 PM. Kono and Tsuki had already said their goodbyes to the community who had raised them, accepted the gifts entrusted to them by Tetsuo, and are now searching for a purpose for their lives. To start with, the two of them went to the nearest weapons emporium, so that they might have highly efficient defense. It was there that for the first time, Tsuki saw Akira Muramasa, the handsome king of Kokuran Palace at only 19 years old, standing at the checkout counter. Never losing his nerve, Kono walks coolly up to the counter.

“Well, good afternoon, governor,” Akira began.

“Afternoon, sir,” Kono replied.

“I am just curious: is this, by any chance, your first time buying a sword?” Akira inquired.

“Yes, it indeed is,” Kono answered.

“You are not alone. I’m looking at getting my first sword, as well.” Akira replied back.

“Okay, stranga,” the merchant said in a gravelly tone, “yer sword is ready. Now, don’t go takin’ down elephants with it, ya hear?”

“You got it,” Akira laughed, “well, Kono Kama, we shall meet again soon.”

“How the hell did he know my name?” Kono thought.

“And what can I do for you, govnah?” the merchant inquired, with his attention directed toward Kono.

“I’d like to have the same sword as that bloke you were talking to,” Kono replied.

“Ah, the good ol’ Aura Blade, eh?” the merchant confirmed, “Eheheheh… a wise choice, mate. With it, you can use just about any Aura attack you can think of. I’m runnin’ a special on these beasts, and for a limited time only, it costs 100 Pokédollars. Whaddya say, stranga?”

“I’ll take it,” Kono replied, giving a new 100 Pokédollar bill to the merchant.

“Is that all, stranga?” the merchant asked one more time.

“I think this will do for know,” Kono replied.

“Eheheheheh, thank you! Five minutes, and yer sword’ll be ready,” the merchant said,

Five minutes of clanking had passed, and Kono’s sword was ready.

“Here you go, stranga,” the merchant said, presenting the sword and its cordovan sheath to Kono, “have fun with this little beauty, and come back anytime.”

Kono left the shop with his new sword in hand, and Akira appears from nowhere.

“Now that we have our swords,” Akira spoke, “why don’t we both try them out? I challenge you to a quick, painless duel.”

“We’ve only just met, and yet you wish to battle with me?” Kono inquired. “Very well. I accept your challenge… en garde!”

Meanwhile, back in the shop…

“What can I do for you, poppet?” the merchant asked.

“Got any suggestions for good weapons?” Tsuki inquired.

“If you’re interested, I’ve got the ever-popular Aura Blade. This mean little bugger enhances any Aura attack you can think of,” the merchant responded.

“Sounds good,” Tsuki spoke, “I’ll take it.”

Tsuki lays down a nice-looking stack of 100 PokéDollars onto the counter and pushes the money closer to the merchant.

“It’s going to take a little bit before she’s ready, stranga,” the merchant spoke, “in the meantime, feel free to have a look around.”

And so, the sword fight was underway. The fight continued for five minutes, and from that point, Akira and Kono entered a chance.

“This is far too fun for it to end so suddenly,” Akira remarked.

“You couldn’t have said it better,” Kono replied.

During the last 10 seconds of the battle, Kono was able to work the sword out of Akira’s hand, causing the blade to fly out of bounds and get stuck in the ground, pointed end first.

“Kurushii tatakai datta…” Kono spoke, winded from the battle.

“Hey, now don’t feel hard on yourself. That was an excellent battle,” Akira said, also out of breath.

“I must admit, you did exceedingly well, yourself. I’ve never seen such superlative skills in a stranger like you,” Kono replied.

“You’re too kind, Sir Kono,” Akira replied, “anyway, after having a battle this good, I wouldn’t mind recruiting you. Say, I don’t believe we’ve properly introduced each other. In that case… the name’s Akira Muramasa.”

“Kono Kama,” Kono spoke.

“Pleasure to meet you, Kono,” Akira replied.

“...So that’s where you got to, Kono,” Tsuki spoke, exiting the weapons emporium.

“Well, who might this fine person be?” Akira inquired.

“That would be my girlfriend, Tsuki Shima,” Kono replied, “we used to train in the Peaceful Forest together.”

“Ah, I see,” Akira replied.

“Why hello, m’lord,” Tsuki said to Akira.

“Pleasure to meet you, Tsuki,” Akira responded before kissing the back of her hand.

“I bet the ladies love you, m’lord,” Tsuki remarked. “I don’t think I could blame them.”

“So, how about we pay a friendly visit to my wife, Queen Lyn Harada?” Akira offered.

“Why not?” Tsuki replied.

“No objections, m’lord,” Kono responded.

After much walking, the three of them arrive at the gates of Kokuran Palace.

“For some reason, this palace looks familiar to me,” Kono thought. “I feel as if I’ve lived here before.”

“Guards, please open this gate at once,” Akira commanded.

“Yes, Your Highness,” the guards confirmed, opening the gates by Akira’s command.

With no further delay, Tsuki, Kono, and Akira sallied forth to the throne room, where they met with Queen Lyn.

“Lyn,” Akira began, “these are a couple of friends of mine. We’ve just met today, in fact.”

“How do you do, m’lady?” Tsuki said, bowing before Lyn. “Tsuki Shima, at your service.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Miss Shima,” Lyn replied.

“The name’s Kono Kama, m’lady,” Kono said, also bowing.

Just then, a seemingly lost connection had formed between Lyn and Kono.

“For some reason, I feel as if I’ve known you before,” Lyn thought aloud.

“That’s strange,” Kono replied, “I feel that way as well.”

“That’s because both of you were close friends a long while back,” Arceus chimed in, appearing in the doorway as if from nowhere.

“Then that must mean… you were previously a Lucario named Zerios Kama Rán,” Lyn concluded. “In that case, welcome back to Kokuran Palace, Kono.”

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April of 1774 began on a joyful note. Queen Lyn and Tsuki Shima had hit the second month of pregnancy, and both had hoped to start a family by the end of the year. Using her psychic powers, Lyn identified her child’s gender: Lyn would be giving birth to a little girl. Kokuran Palace longed to meet their very first princess.

“Akira, I think I just felt a kick from our little girl,” Lyn spoke gently. “Please come here and place your hand on my stomach… she might do it again for you.”

Akira placed his hand on Lyn’s stomach as instructed, and immediately afterward, the fetus kicked again.

“Sounds like we’re going to have a strong little girl,” Akira remarked.

“I have already gotten to thinking about what name to give her,” Lyn went on. “And having said that, what do you think of the name, Caitlyn? I personally like the name.”

“Like they always say,” Akira replied, “whatever is good for the goose is also good for the gander. And besides, I think Caitlyn is a wonderful name.”

Meanwhile, in Kono and Tsuki’s dojo in southern Mahogany Town…

“Kono, come quickly!” Tsuki began. “Our little boy has begun kicking!”

“This I have got to see,” Kono replied, running into the same room as his wife.

Just then, Kono placed his hand on his wife’s stomach, and felt a kick from his son. This is when the two of them thought up a name for him.

“Darach… Hirokazu… Konokama,” Kono thought. “That’s it! Darach Hirokazu Konokama!”

“Darach, eh?” Tsuki pondered. “For some reason, the name ‘Darach’ evokes a sense of strength and courage… what a great name.”

“Alright, it’s settled, then… our son’s name will be Darach,” Kono concluded.

Six months later, the seasons of summer and autumn had cycled through, leaving the world under a cold, white veil of snow. But for both Kokuran Palace and the Mahogany Town Ninjutsu Dojo, things were about to seem warmer and cozier.

December 12, 1773, approximately 5:37 AM, Lyn began having contractions. Akira quickly got the designated nursemaid’s attention and the two of them made haste to Lyn’s side, only to find Arceus right next to her, making Caitlyn’s birth feel more comfortable to Lyn.

“Master Arceus!” Akira exclaimed, “fancy I’d find you here!”

“Likewise, Lord Akira,” Arceus replied, “I’ve decided to make your daughter’s birth feel far less painful for Lyn.”

“I appreciate your help, Master Arceus,” Lyn grunted.

“Alright, Clarisse,” Akira shouted, “here comes our fair Princess Caitlyn… bring me the towel at once!”

“Yes, milord!” Clarisse replied, grabbing a towel and bringing it to Akira.

And then came one last yell from Lyn, followed by the crying of a baby. Akira jumped at the opportunity to wipe away the blood from the baby’s frail body, and then envelop his daughter in a finely-quilted blanket. Before Akira had the chance to let Lyn hold her daughter, Arceus requested to see the baby for a moment.

“Lord Akira,” Arceus spoke, “if I may, I would like to bestow my blessings on this child, blessings of long, healthy life, as well as remaining unstained by evil.”

“As you wish, master,” Akira replied, paying obeisance to Arceus.

Arceus then breathed on Caitlyn, ceasing her crying, helping her sleep soundly, and absolving her of original sin. As she was being passed off to her mother, Caitlyn remained asleep.

“She’s absolutely beautiful!” Lyn exclaimed as tears of joy welled up in her eyes.

“I congratulate the two of you from the bottom of my heart,” Arceus said to Akira and Lyn. “I foresee that you both will make excellent parents for Caitlyn.”

“Thank you, Master Arceus,” Lyn and Akira replied.

December 15th of that same year, at 7:42 AM, Tsuki also began having contractions, and wanted Kono to be by her side. To Kono’s surprise, Arceus stood by Tsuki’s side, making the birth more comfortable, just as he had done for Rin.

“Seems to me that the son of a samurai will soon be born,” Arceus remarked, “I’d go get a towel and a blanket, if I were you.”

“Yes, of course, Master Arceus,” Kono replied, bowing his head with respect.

“Alright, Tsuki, I want you to take it easy, and keep up with the deep breaths,” Arceus requested, “I will continue to significantly reduce the pain for you.”

Not a moment too soon, Kono returned to Tsuki’s side, with a towel neatly stacked on top of a blanket. A yell had reverberated through the dojo, and then a baby’s cry soon followed suit. With lightning-fast reflexes, Kono took the towel and wiped off the blood from Darach’s body and wrapped the boy in the blanket, in the same manner as that of Akira.

“This is my cue to bless him,” Arceus insisted, “If you would, please bring him to me.”

“Yes, master,” Kono replied.

Much like he had done for Caitlyn a few days earlier, Arceus breathed on Darach, thus calming him down, allowing him to rest soundly, and absolving him from original sin as well. Once Arceus had finished blessing Darach, Kono placed the boy into his mother’s arms, never disturbing his sleep.

“If only there was a way I could archive this precious moment,” Kono pondered.

“Well then, have I got something special for you,” Arceus replied, “You need only look at that wall over there.”

Kono obeyed Arceus’s command, and had a look at the wall. A vibrant, fully-detailed painting had filled the previously unoccupied spot since the last time Kono gazed upon the wall.

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June 2, 1785. Roughly 10:00 in the morning. Darach is heading for Ilex Forest, with his Growlithe named Byrne walking right by his side. As the two draw close to the palace, someone calls out to them from the balcony above.

“I hope you’re not going to Ilex Forest without me, Darach Konokama,” the voice spoke.

“Who said that? How do you know my name?” Darach replied.

“Turn around and look up, you silly boy,” the voice replied in turn. “It’s kind of obvious, don’t you think?”

Darach did as instructed, and to his surprise, he sees a beautiful girl standing on the balcony. Standing next to her is a Vulpix, who seems interested in Byrne.

“Well, hello there, Princess Caitlyn! Beautiful morning, yes?” Darach said.

“Beautiful, indeed,” Caitlyn replied. “If you would, please wait a few minutes as I come down to join you on the walk to Ilex Forest. That is, if you don’t mind me joining you.”

“Why would I object to walking with a beautiful young person like you?” Darach spoke in a slightly obsequious manner.

“Ah, you’re too kind, Darach. Anyway, I’ll be down shortly.” Caitlyn confirmed.

Inside the palace, Caitlyn asks her parents, Lord Akira and Queen Lyn, about her plans for the morning.

“Mother… father…” Caitlyn began, “Would it be all right if I took a walk with a bloke named Darach Konokama?”

“Is he older or younger than you are? If he is older, then I cannot permit you to do so. I’m just looking out for you, that’s all” Akira explained.

“In actuality, he appears to be younger than I,” Caitlyn replied.

“I would be favored to see this Darach Konokama that you speak of,” Lyn requested. “That being said, I want you to bring him in.”

“Yes, mother,” Caitlyn replied.

Meanwhile, back outside…

“Oi!” shouted one of the palace guards, “What’re you doin’ loiterin’ around on Palace Property like that, young man? I oughta have ya arrested for this!”

“I’m not loitering, I’ll have you know. It is called waiting for Princess Caitlyn,” Darach said.

“Well, she’s not permitted to leave the palace, so just go home or I’ll arrest ya!” the guard replied.

“Who left you in charge of the palace?” Caitlyn spoke.

“Princess?” the guard said, in a surprised tone.

“You heard me. Let Konokama pass by at once, or Lord Akira or shall deal harshly with you,” Caitlyn spoke sternly. “That is an order!”

“But Princess Caitlyn!” the guard defied.

“JUST LET DARACH IN,” Caitlyn said, angrier than ever. “Hmph! Some obedient guard you are…”

“Oi! I resent that comment!” the guard replied.

Caitlyn then uses her psychic powers to grab the disobedient guard by the collar of his chain mail.

“Are you finished with wasting our time? You always forget that you’re talking to the daughter of a man who can and will crush pitiful tyrants, such as yourself,” Caitlyn warned. “You have no power over me; you never have, and you never will. Now, leave us in peace, Muskha Zenigata.”

Finally, after much ado, the guard permitted Darach to enter the palace.

“Whew! Thank you, Your Highness,” Darach spoke with relief. “That Muskha would have had me with mash and mushy peas had you not intervened.”

“Eh, don’t mention it,” Caitlyn replied.

Moments later, Darach and Caitlyn arrive at the throne room.

“Mother… father… this is Darach Konokama, brought here by your command,” Caitlyn stated.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Your Majesty,” Darach spoke gallantly as he gets down on one knee before Akira and Lyn.

“Equally, Sir Darach,” Lyn replied.

“Konokama… why does that name sound familiar to me?” Akira pondered. “Oh yes, that’s correct! You’re the son of Kono Kama, aren’t you?”

“That I am, m’lord,” Darach said. “I don’t mean to intrude, but may I ask how you know my father?”

“That’s quite all right, as I didn’t take the question as intrusive. Anyhow, to be honest, Kono and I have been good friends for the longest time, and it all started at a weapons shop,” Akira explained. “We are seeking a commander for the Kokuran Army, and I thought your father might be interested. Perhaps I shall visit your house sometime later. You may rise, Sir Darach.”

Darach then got off of his knee and stood straight and tall, like a grunt in boot camp.

“Well, Caitlyn, I approve of your walk with Sir Konokama. Also, on your behalf, Darach, I approve of any subsequent, unrestricted visits to Kokuran Palace,” Akira stated.

“I approve as well,” Lyn agreed.

“And Darach,” Akira chimed back in, “being the master psychic that I am, I foresee that sometime in the not too distant future, you’ll be the king of Kokuran Palace, and a fine king, nonetheless. All that being said, I hope the two of you enjoy your afternoon together.”

“Thank you, m’lord,” Darach acknowledged. “Ready, princess?”

“I think you already know the answer to that,” Caitlyn laughed. “We shall be back by sundown, and on that note, see you later, mother and father.”

“Have fun!” Lyn replied.

Moments after Darach and Caitlyn left the throne room, the guard who hassled the youths earlier was called into the court.

“Commander Muskha Zenigata, I would like to have some words with you,” Lord Akira said, angered by the misfortune the guard had given to Darach and Caitlyn.

“Is there something wrong, Lord Akira?” Muskha questioned, trying to act innocent.

“Don’t play dumb, Muskha,” Akira replied, “you know that defying a monarch’s command and civil disobedience are against the Code of Laws here at Kokuran Palace.”

“But I didn’t defy anyone!” Muskha insisted.

“That’s two offenses then,” Lyn declared, “defying commands from the Royal Family, AND lying directly to the queen and king’s faces. You just cannot get yourself into more trouble, can you?”

“Muskha, on behalf of the Kokuran Kingdom, you are being exiled to the Orre Region, never to return for the rest of your life,” Akira concluded. “If you come back, Arceus will see to it that you be severely punished. You are hereby dismissed.”

“You can’t fire me!” Muskha contested.

“Too late, Zenigata... I already did,” Akira replied. “Either you can find your way out of this palace, or you can be escorted out. It’s your choice. Good day, sir.”

“M’lord!” Muskha defied yet again.

“I believe I’ve said good day, Muskha?” Akira said sternly. “Guards, evict this traitor from the palace at once!”

Meanwhile, on the road to Azalea Town, Caitlyn and Darach get to know each other a little better.

“So you’re a psychic user, correct?” Darach inquired.

“Not only that,” Caitlyn responded, “I am also an Aura user.”

“Really…? I am an Aura user, myself.” Darach continued. “I believe it comes from my father’s side of the family.”

“Interesting,” Caitlyn pondered, “well, there’s a patch of tall grass up ahead; What do you say we go for a run over there?”

“Why not? Darach replied.

Just then, Caitlyn’s Vulpix and Darach’s Growlithe started playfully chasing each other like a pair of wolf cubs.

“Well, isn’t that just cute?” Caitlyn said as she watched the Vulpix and Growlithe play. “I think Moro really enjoys being with your Growlithe. By the way, what’s his name?”

“I call him Byrne,” Darach replied. “Haven’t had him for very long, three months, to be exact.”

“And it seems as if he’s already attached to you,” Caitlyn remarked. “I think that’s adorable!”

All of a sudden, the rustling of leaves caught their attention. Byrne assumed his defensive stance, while Moro stopped in her tracks.

“Who’s there? Reveal yourself at once!” Darach warned the unlikely visitor.
“It’s okay… I can sense the Aura in this one.” Caitlyn observed.

“Take it easy, Darach. Your father told me I’d find you here,” a gruff voice began.

“Ryu? What are you doing here?” Darach inquired.

Out from the trees came a Lucario, with a rucksack slung over his shoulder.

“Darach, when you forgot your backpack at the house, I was wondering the same thing… Good afternoon, Princess.” Ryu spoke as he bowed before Caitlyn.

“Hello, Ryu,” Caitlyn replied, “have you been keeping well?”

“That I have,” Ryu responded. “Hey, have you heard? Lord Akira fired that guard named Muskha.”

“Odd,” Caitlyn pondered. “Muskha was giving poor old Darach a great deal of grief, right Darach?”

“Indeed he was. For some reason, I could foresee the kingdom being overthrown by that unprofessional son of a biscuit,” Darach pointed out. “I’m glad Lord Akira put that plan to an end.”

“Amen, I say to you,” Ryu replied.

After Darach finished talking, his gut began to grumble.

“Thanks to Madam Tsuki Shima, I have just the remedy for that,” Ryu said, pulling a couple of sandwiches, wrapped in cloth, out of the backpack. “Would you care for a turkey sandwich, milady?”

“Oh, that would do very nicely.” Caitlyn responded. “Turkey happens to be one of my favorite foods.”

As Ryu continued to search through the backpack, he found three bars of dark chocolate near the bottom.

“What’s this? Three bars of chocolate? Why would Madam Tsuki Shima pack three bars of chocolate?” Ryu pondered.

“Well, if you think about it, that would mean there’s a bar for each of us,” Darach replied. “One for you, one for me, and one for Princess Caitlyn if she cares to have one.”

“I think the sandwich is fine for now,” Caitlyn replied politely. “Mother and father always tell me that it’s extremely important to watch my weight. Then again, I have had a hankering for chocolate lately.”

“So I take that as a yes?” Ryu asked.

“That is correct,” Caitlyn responded.

Meanwhile, in Mahogany Town, Lord Akira arrives unexpectedly at the doorstep of Kono Kama’s Japanese-themed home. Tsuki Shima answers the door, while Kono is just finishing with training one of his students in his dojo, located in the basement.

“Well good morning, Lord Akira,” Tsuki said as she knelt before him, “have you been keeping well?”

“That I have, thank you,” Akira replied. “Do you know if Kono is around? I’d like to speak with him.”

“He should be done training his students in just a few minutes,” Tsuki answered. “In the meantime, please come in and make yourself comfortable, m’lord.”

“It would be of great pleasure,” Akira responded.


“Excellent job, Sir Lexion,” Kono said, wiping the sweat from his forehead. “For the next session, I want you to begin working on what is known as the ‘airborne hurricane kick.’”

“Yes, sir,” Lexion replied, also wiping his forehead with a towel.

“Until next time,” Kono went on, “class is dismissed.”

“Kono,” Tsuki said as she descended the stairway, “we have a guest in the living room. He is royalty, I might add.”

“What excellent timing! I just now finished training Sir Malonius,” Kono replied, ascending the stairs with Tsuki and Lexion by his side.

The three of them made their way to the living room, where Akira had taken his seat.

“Well, if it isn’t my good friend Kono Kama,” Akira began. “Have you been keeping well?”

“That I have, m’lord,” Kono replied. “I daresay that you couldn’t have picked a better time to arrive, as I’ve just finished training this little bloke right here.”

“I bet you didn’t know this, but that young man whom you’re training is my nephew,” Akira pointed out.

“Good afternoon, uncle,” Lexion spoke, taking his seat next to Akira.

“Good afternoon, Lexion,” Akira replied. “Have a good training session, did you?”

“That he has, m’lord,” Kono answered. “I must say, he is quite the fast learner. Already, I’ve got him learning some high-level martial arts, and it has been two weeks since I started training him.”

“I see,” Akira replied, “well, would you like to move this fine training dojo to Kokuran Palace? We’ve got an opening for a lead military commander, and I thought maybe you’d like to fill that position. What do you say about that?”

Kono thought about it for 5 minutes, and soon came to a consensus.

“I will accept the position as Lead Commander, Your Highness,” Kono decided. “We shall move into Kokuran Palace when Darach returns home.”

Just then, Darach and Caitlyn arrived at the front door.

“I’m home,” Darach called out.

Surprised at seeing Lord Akira in his own home, Darach once again fell to one knee.

“You know,” Akira began, “you won’t be needing to kneel before me any longer, since I’ve decided to let you, as well as your family, live in Kokuran Palace.”

“We shall be moving in immediately,” Kono added.

“What? Darach’s coming to live with us? Today just cannot get any better, can it?” Caitlyn spoke in an excited tone.

“I see you’ve become very fond of Sir Konokama, Caitlyn,” Akira commented, “to be perfectly honest, I think quite highly of him myself. These days, it’s really kind of hard to find young men as noble and pure of heart as Darach. I may have said it before, but he shall make a fine monarch of Kokuran Palace sometime in the not-so-distant future. That is enough talk for now. I think we ought to get things packed up and ready to move to the palace.”

“Lord Akira,” Ryu began, “if there is anything I can do to assist you, have me know.”

“That I shall,” Akira replied.

By the end of the afternoon, Kono, Tsuki, Darach, and Ryu had completed moving, and have just begun settling into their new home, in the East wing of Kokuran Palace.

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August 19, 1796. Kono Kama was called to assist Lord Akira and his infantry in the battle against Kokuran Palace’s first major threat: an army of Shadow Soldiers, or humans with extendable claws. Darach was left in charge of the throne while Akira was away. This battle took place in the area now known as Greenfield, located just south of Goldenrod City.

Kono, Akira, and the Kokuran Army were approaching the battle area, when Akira noticed an all-too familiar face giving out orders to the Shadow Soldiers.

“What the…?” Akira thought. “Why in the hell is Muskha controlling those infantrymen?”

“That’s what I say,” Kono agreed. “This gives me the creeps just thinking about it.”

In a figure that looked very much like Ganondorf from The Legend of Zelda, Muskha turned and faced his opponents with a sneer.

“Welcome, feeble occupants of Kokuran Palace…” Muskha cackled.

“Kill the traitor!” a couple of headstrong soldiers yelled as they charged Muskha.

The Shadows backhanded the oncoming soldiers, killing them instantly.

“The battle doesn’t start until I say it does, you fools!” Muskha growled. “Not until I go over the important stuff.”

“Well, go over it already!” another soldier jeered. “You’re wasting our time!”

“Anyway,” Muskha continued, “If the Johto Region wins the battle, then I’ll remain on the summit of Cold Mountain, and you can live in peace. However, if the Orre Region wins, Akira will have to take my place, while I become married to Lady Rin. Do you have any objections, Lord Akira?”

After 30 pressured seconds, Akira comes to a consensus.

“So be it, Muskha Zenigata. We shall commence battle at once!” Akira yelled. “Iku ze!”

Seven minutes into the battle, Johto had lost seven out of 150 soldiers, while Muskha’s army lost twenty-five out of 150. Just as a Shadow Soldier was about to strike, Akira was quick enough to decapitate his adversary, but couldn’t see his next assailant… until it was too late. Another Shadow Soldier had gotten Akira in the back, mortally wounding him. Shocked at what he saw, Kono ordered the rest of his army to finish off the Shadows while he tended to Akira.

“Just go ahead and fight without me… my psychic powers will keep me alive for a bit,” Akira cried out.

Over the course of two minutes, the Johto Army had all but lost to Muskha, with the remaining 143 soldiers down for the count. Determined at keeping Akira alive, Kono never left Akira’s side.

“It’s all over! The Johto Region has lost! Now take your place on top of Cold Mountain, Kono Kama!” Muskha growled.

Not a moment too soon, a thunderstorm with torrential rainfall begins to rage. Looking up to the heavens, Kono thanks Arceus for looking out for him during battle, and seizes the opportunity to use one of his most favorite Sword Spells: Rising Blue Lightning.

“Actually, Muskha…” Kono began, “it’s all over for you. Shin no tatakai wa… korekare da! Have any last words? No? Then it’s time to cast you back into the Dark Void from which you and your weak Shadow Bastards came. Mamoru dekimono no tame ni… makerarenai!!”

Kono unsheathes his sword, and pulls off a few fancy moves to throw the Shadow Soldiers off guard. Then, he extends the sword into the air when they least expect it.

“Tachiagari... Ao... Kaminari!” Kono screamed.

Lightning strikes the blade, flies from the hilt, and goes straight into the hearts of the remaining Shadow Soldiers, killing them instantly, while leaving Kono and Akira unaffected by the intense surge of electricity. An Aura Staff then fell from the sky. Kono caught it with split-second reflexes, almost as if he expected it.

"This is my cue to get the hell outta here!" Muskha panicked.

As Muskha was beginning to run away, Kono appeared as if from nowhere and blocked his path.

“Where do you think you’re going, you cowardly bastard? Inside this here Aura Staff, that’s where!” Kono taunted.

Kono swung the Aura Staff, trapping Muskha in the process. Seconds later, Arceus appeared by Kono’s side, thanking him for saving the Johto Region from Muskha’s grip. 20 minutes later, the rainstorm lets up, but the cloudy darkness still remains. Kono returns to Akira, who has one final request.

“Kono…” Akira spoke in pain, “Tell my wife… and my beautiful daughter… that I love them, and… I’ll forever be in… their dreams...”

“By your command, comrade,” Kono acknowledged.

“One more thing before I pass…” Akira said, “my throne… see to it that Sir Darach takes it for me…”

“I shall,” Kono replied.

“Thank you… comrade…” Akira answered.

At that moment, Akira drew his final breath and fell completely limp in Kono’s arms. It took everything for Kono not to break down on the battlefield.

On March 10, 1797, Kono made it back to Kokuran Palace safe and sound, but with grief written all over his face.

“Father? Are you okay?” Darach wondered.

“Kono? Please tell me what’s troubling you,” Lyn suggested.

“Your husband… he… is no longer with us. I’m deeply sorry.” Kono replied. “Before he passed, he wanted to have you know that he loves both you and Caitlyn.”

Queen Lyn and Caitlyn both broke down and cried for what seemed like forever to them. Being the gentlemen that they were, Kono and Darach embraced and comforted Lyn and Caitlyn respectively.

“Darach,” Kono said, “Lord Akira also mentioned that his throne is now officially yours. I’d imagine he’d be thrilled to see you look out for the Kokuran Kingdom.”

“That I would,” a familiar voice rang out.

Shocked at what they just heard, the four of them looked over at the main corridor. To their surprise, it was Akira and Arceus standing side by side.

“I just couldn’t stand to see all of you grieve over my good friend, Akira,” Arceus explained. “Hence, I decided to have him appear to you as a vision.”

“Yes, Sir Darach, that throne is all yours,” Akira spoke. “I figure I wouldn’t be needing it since I found my way to heaven. Please take very good care of the kingdom, won’t you Darach?”

“Yes sir,” Darach replied, “I swear on my life that nothing evil shall become of our beloved kingdom.”

“Well said, Konokama!” Akira exclaimed.

“Hmm…” Darach pondered aloud, “being the king of Kokuran Palace sure is a huge responsibility. However, it’s nothing I truly cannot handle, so long as Caitlyn is by my side. And with that said… Caitlyn, will you marry me?”

Darach then got down on one knee in front of Caitlyn, and from nowhere, he pulled out and presented to her the most beautiful ring she had ever seen.

“Darach, it would be most favorable to spend the rest of my life with you.” Caitlyn replied. “Thereby, I accept the marriage proposal.”

The atmosphere of the throne room had gone from morose to merry in a matter of seconds. Akira’s soul could finally rest easily, knowing that Darach had vowed to treat the Kokuran Kingdom as if it were his own child.

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The date is August 31, 1799, and the time is 1:59 PM. The entire community of the Kokuran Kingdom had congregated in the throne room in anticipation of the palace’s very first wedding. Darach waited patiently on the steps in front of the throne, dressed in his finest tuxedo. The bell tower then struck two, and without missing a beat, Caitlyn processed up the aisle looking lovelier than ever. Carrying the train were none other than Caitlyn’s bridesmaids and Darach’s mother and adopted sister, Tsuki and Mariani, respectively.

“Dearly beloved,” Shonosuke began, “we are gathered here today to witness the sacrament of holy matrimony, for Darach Hirokazu Konokama, son of the great Kono Kama; and Princess Caitlyn Harada, daughter of the esteemed Queen Lyn Harada. If anyone objects to this marriage, please speak now, or forever hold your peace.”

The sanctuary fell so silent that you could literally hear a pin hit the polished cement floor.

“Alright then,” Shonosuke went on, “Do you, Caitlyn Harada, take Darach to be your lawfully wedded husband, in sickness and in health, till death do you part?”

“I do,” Caitlyn responded.

“And do you, Darach Konokama, take Caitlyn to be your lawfully wedded wife, in sickness and in health, till death do you part?” Shonosuke continued.

“I do,” Darach replied.

“By the power entrusted by Arceus, I now pronounce you - Darach and Caitlyn - man and wife. Darach, you may kiss the bride.” Shonosuke concluded.

Moments later, Queen Lyn rose from her throne, and invited Darach to come forward.

“Lord Konokama, please kneel before me,” Lyn requested.

As required, Darach knelt before the queen with his right hand over his heart.

“Darach,” Lyn whispered, “I’ll have you know something: you made the right choice in wanting to marry my daughter and in keeping our fair kingdom alive. Lord Akira would be extremely proud of you. You can also wear Akira’s crown whenever you like.”

“Yes, m’lady,” Darach replied in the same quiet tone.

Without hesitation, Lyn places the crown, which once belonged to Lord Akira, on Darach’s head.

“Now, Lord Konokama, please rise and greet your kingdom,” Lyn requested once more.

Just as Darach and Caitlyn had left the altar and stood in the main doorway, the audience broke out in utter excitement as they welcomed their new king, while Caitlyn had cast her bouquet into the crowd.

“Everyone, may I have your attention, please?” Darach began, “we shall commence the wedding reception when the bell tower strikes four, so please be sure to come in your finest apparel. We look forward to seeing you later, and until then, the king’s court is adjourned.”

Kono dismissed his knights, and before leaving the court, he asked if he could talk to Darach and Caitlyn privately.

“Congratulations on behalf of both of you,” Kono began, “it’s hard to believe how 25 years have gone by so quickly. I feel as if yesterday was the day you were born. But that’s water under the bridge. I have some things that belonged to my ancestor Sir Aaron, and I would like to pass them on to you. That is, if you don’t have any objections to it.”

Kono then pulled out an Aura Staff and a set of traveling clothes, both of which belonged to Sir Aaron. Darach, on the other hand, was left awestruck..

“It would be of great honor to keep the tradition alive. Therefore, I willingly accept the responsibility of passing Sir Aaron’s staff and apparel on to generations to come,” Darach replied.

“Well said, my son,” Kono replied in turn. “Well, I think I better prepare for the reception. And on that note, see you in a few hours.”

As of 3:59 PM, all of Kokuran Palace’s nobles, as well as their relatives, had already taken their seats at the reception, and were waiting for their king and queen to arrive. Just then, the bell tower struck four, and not a moment too soon, Darach and Caitlyn appeared in the doorway, more dressed to kill than ever.

“My friends,” Caitlyn announced, “On behalf of Kokuran Palace, I would like to thank all of you for celebrating with us this afternoon. The valet service will be around shortly to take your orders for dinner. Also, there will be a fireworks display promptly after sundown, so if you’d please, join us in the palace garden at that time. Until then, I hope that you all have a marvelous time.”

A half an hour had passed, and everyone was just about finished with their dinner.

“Please excuse us,” Caitlyn spoke respectfully, “There’s something that Lord Darach and I have to take care of. Darach, please come with me at once.”

“Yes, m’lady,” Darach replied. “Please do excuse us, everyone.”

Just then, Caitlyn took Darach’s hand, and the two of them hurried up to the west-facing balcony of their second-story bedroom.

“Finally, a chance for the two of us to be alone,” Caitlyn sighed with relief. “And would you have a look at that gorgeous sunset!”

“Indeed,” Darach agreed. “Caitlyn, I cannot explain this, but… I feel as if I’ve loved you since forever.”

“Strange,” Caitlyn replied, “because I feel the exact same way. I must confess, there is something about you that reminds me of how loving and caring my father was. I just wish he lived to have seen me walk down the aisle.”

At that moment, Caitlyn became very tearful, and Darach was quick to embrace her.

“My lady,” Darach began gently, “There’s a time and place for mourning, and I daresay that now is the least opportune moment for such. In fact, I’m sure Lord Akira is smiling upon us at this very moment. And besides, to see that his beautiful daughter is contented would definitely make him happy as well. What would make me happy right now, is to see your face, and without these tears that conceal your inner beauty.”

Feeling comforted, Caitlyn gave Darach the biggest hug she could muster – the strongest hug that Darach had ever felt. Down below the balcony, the crowd began to cheer at Caitlyn and Darach, wishing for them to kiss each other. Just after Darach kissed Caitlyn, the first of many pyrotechnics in the display was ignited, and before everyone knew it, the entire night sky was illuminated by fireworks, making for an enjoyable view for not only those living in Johto, but for those living in Heaven as well.

“What a gorgeous pyrotechnics display, no?” Arceus remarked.

“Yes indeed,” Akira agreed.

“I had just gotten to thinking,” Arceus pondered, “how would you guys like a second chance at life someday? I can pull some strings and let you guys pick back up where you left off. It would be like you had never passed away in the first place. What do you say?”

The members of the Kokuran Army became so overjoyed that they couldn’t object to such a wonderful offer.

“You know,” Akira began, “that wouldn’t be such a bad idea. How does sometime in 1806 sound to you?”

“You have yourself a deal,” Arceus agreed.

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I've merged your first chapter with the opening post in this thread, as it is a FF&W rule to have a prologue/chapter in your first post. *motions to said rules*

As a beside you might want to slow down a lot with posting - just that it's less likely to get reviews for a fic which has had 7 chapters posted within half an hour.


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I've merged your first chapter with the opening post in this thread, as it is a FF&W rule to have a prologue/chapter in your first post. *motions to said rules*

As a beside you might want to slow down a lot with posting - just that it's less likely to get reviews for a fic which has had 7 chapters posted within half an hour.
The merging of the first chapter and the opening post is much appreciated. :)
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