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Most Valued Pokemon?

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Old July 9th, 2011 (7:04 PM).
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Moderators: I assume that we can post other competitive battling topics here, and not just RMT's, but if not feel free to close this. (I'm just trying to help the CBC get some more activity other than RMT's)

Since all of us here have teams built for competitive battling, I assume that most players will have a Pokemon that seems to shine above the rest of their team. For you, what is the MVP of your current team? If your team is constantly changing, or you have different teams for different tiers, which Pokemon have you used on any of your teams that you think is the MVP?

For me, it is probably my TR sweeper, Reuniclus.
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Old July 9th, 2011 (7:08 PM).
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TR Reuniclus was MVP on my team, when it was on. However I wanted my team to be heavily offensive, so I replaced it. Anyhow I think that the MVP on my offensive team is SubPunch Breloom, he's such an annoying .... y'know. Spore hits 100% of the time, (in most circumstances) I then sub then leech seed, then proceed to destroy them with Focus Punch. Ghosts just go "lol" at this set though ):
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Old July 9th, 2011 (7:28 PM).
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Honestly, I construct my teams so that each Pokemon has an equal and significant role to my team's success, if a Pokemon is lacking, then it's removed. Although, I'll be honest, I had to rely on Terrakion to net me a ton of kills, so I guess I could say it was the MVP of my old team, and while I'm hoping it doesn't get banned, I wouldn't consider it to be an unfair ban, as it certainly wreaks a copious amount of havoc. I really hate to rely on broken Pokemon like Reuniclus and Latios, the former being the more dangerous of the two, to win a match, I like seeing everything all come together, instead of just letting one mon beat everything.

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Old July 9th, 2011 (9:49 PM).
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Rotom-W. It has such excellent typing and Specs Volt Switch is so sexy.
Old July 9th, 2011 (10:40 PM).
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I gotta say, I really favor my Heatran.

Heatran's been a great asset to my team, especially when he can pull of Stealth Rock. Also, HP Ice has been invaluable, plus he can take hits like a champ. Personally, one of the best Leads I've used yet.

But I might have to agree with Dragonomega. Loom's been great to me too.
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Old July 9th, 2011 (10:46 PM).
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Haunter and Hitmonlee! I've never played competitively but I've beaten the entire Elite four with just those two.
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Old July 10th, 2011 (12:15 AM).
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Errrgh every Pokemon on my team is an MVP. In order of usefulness,

Regenerator Slowbro
Impostor Ditto

^ those two are my favorite Pokemon, so I just have to have them on all my teams :(

Zoroark lead, dressed up as Ferrothorn. Everyone and their mother runs something weak to Rock or Fire as their lead, and Zoroark does nicely to get rid of them. Plus, he eats Magnezone that tries to switch in on me...

Aaaand Perish-trapper Murkrow.

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Old July 10th, 2011 (12:31 AM).
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Emerald: Blaziken, even when he was 20 levels under a Pokemon with high stats, he'd still kick their arses!

Fire Red: Pidgeot or Charizard. Both were insanely helpful.

Silver: Typhlosion for sure.

Crystal: Either Feraligatr or Suicune

Soul Silver: In this game, I made it more "Everyone's equal", so I don't exactly have one. Also, I transferred a ton of Pokes from Emerald and Fire Red that were like almost double the levels of all my Pokemon so they are wayyy stronger.

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Old July 10th, 2011 (7:27 AM).
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Mamoswine is absolutely amazing and I don't think anyone can deny that. :)
Old July 10th, 2011 (7:50 AM).
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Originally Posted by Vrai View Post
Mamoswine is absolutely amazing and I don't think anyone can deny that.

Though it doesn't even come close to TormenTran. (:
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Old July 10th, 2011 (9:48 AM).
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CB Tar. I never thought it would be the MVP on my team, but after a TR from Reuniclus it just nabs so many kills. Might even end up as a sweep.

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Old July 10th, 2011 (2:57 PM).
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The MVP for my current team is Choice Scarf Hydreigon because it usually gets a kill in before switching out. An honorable mention goes to Ferrothorn for taking hits like a champ.

Old July 10th, 2011 (3:32 PM).
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Life Orb Weavile. I can sweep an unprepared team with just Weavile. Well, I guess that doesn't count. ))

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Old July 10th, 2011 (8:17 PM).
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i definitely have to go with my LO scizor, but specs rotom - w has proved to be very useful as well.
Old July 10th, 2011 (8:25 PM).
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Lugia. Has not only been my fav pokemon since the fated watch of pokemon the movie 2000, the power of one, but is also my strongest pokemon in SS, coming lvl 100.
Old July 12th, 2011 (11:23 AM).
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My Volcarona must be the star on my team.
He's strong and fast, and after a Quiver Dance, he can sweep a lot of pokés, if they don't resist his STABs.
Old July 12th, 2011 (11:29 AM).
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In more recent teams I've used, it would be MixTar. I used to not use Tyranitar very much, and when I did, it would only be for setting up Sandstorm/SR, but I can't see why I used to do that, now.
Old July 13th, 2011 (7:52 PM).
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uumm i think heatran was/is pretty awesome if you run the torment set anyway
Old July 13th, 2011 (8:38 PM).
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I've always been the type to only like the 1st Generation, but I'm in love with Scrafty...

He's so cute, and if you get one dragon dance up, you can destroy a whole team. <3
Old July 14th, 2011 (9:59 AM).
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Mienshao. Regenerator + Using Life Orb + STAB Hi Jump Kick is too fun lol.
Old July 25th, 2011 (7:13 PM).
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Oh, how I love my Terrakion. After that it's Hippowdon, then Conkeldurr.
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Old August 1st, 2011 (10:05 AM).
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Can't believe Excadrill wasn't even mentioned. Maybe everyone is just too annoyed with how well it works...

Anywho, my MVP is definitely Scarf Jirachi. Iron Head will destroy almost anything with its 60% flinch rate, and with all three elemental punches under its belt, there is little that can avoid being hit super effectively with proper prediction (not to mention a 20% chance to freeze, burn, or paralyze respectively.)
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Old August 1st, 2011 (6:06 PM).
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@cartercr: ScarfRachi is pretty decent, but the lack of power makes it kinda hard to kill something with flinch hax or super effective hits. ThunderPunch is pretty useless outside of Gyarados since other Water-types like Jellicent take a pittance from it anyway. I'd much prefer Trick to screw over Skarmory or something.

I think Scarf Abomasnow is pretty neat, especially when you need a weather check and none of your other members need to rely on Hail. Fast STAB Blizzards are admittedly very spammable that sometimes I wish I had more than just 8PP. SR can be played around, but it's still kinda annoying.
Old August 2nd, 2011 (7:27 AM).
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Blaziken. It is the strongest pokemon I've ever had.
Old August 8th, 2011 (9:52 AM).
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