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Razorwind's IV Bred Pokemon, Some Dream World and Egg Moves!

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Old November 24th, 2011 (12:36 AM). Edited November 25th, 2011 by razorwind124.
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    Hey everyone, I know I'm a bit new, but for several days now I've been breeding dream world murkrows for IVs and egg moves (Perish Song and Sky Attack)
    I also have a bunch of Axew, Archen, Shuckle, Skorupi (bred to know Night Slash), Heracross, and more. I might have some Litwicks hanging out somewhere. Ask if you want a particular pokemon. My boxes are getting really full (I have 3 boxes full of perfect attack IVs now, I think, and a whole box full of Murkrows) but it's a shame to release the pokemon I spent days breeding to perfection (or what I consider to be). I'm sure you understand.
    So yeah! Ask about any you want, nature or otherwise. I don't have anything I'm looking for at the moment, except for certain dream world females and a Snorunt. Aside from that, any offers are welcome (no hacked pokemon, please).

    Name: JADE
    FC: 2451 7130 5390

    -=Trading Rules=-

    • Follow Pokecommunity rules. Duh.

    • I will not take hacked Pokemon. No exceptions.

    • I raise my Pokemon for VGC competitions, so if I find that a Pokemon is NOT LEGIT, I will be unbelievably mad.

    • I'm not stupid. Don't try to trick me, or give me a bad deal.

    • I will trade for certain items, especially evolutionary stones (Dusk Stones in particular)

    • Fair trades only

    Available Right Now:


    • IV bred (perfect IVs available in Speed, Attack, Defense, and HP, maybe some others, some have multiple perfect IVs)
    • Many natures are available, more can be bred. As of right now I have released all but Attack and Speed boosting natures. I might have a Defense or neutral nature hanging around.
    • All of my Murkrow (right now) have Prankster, the Dream World (DW) ability. Honchkrow gets Moxie, you know! (Moxie and Rock Head are two of my favorite abilities)
    • Some of my Murkrow have the egg moves Perish Song and Sky Attack. I think they also have Faint Attack (though that's nothing special)
    • Most of my Murkrow are female
    • All Murkrow that I have for trade are Untouched (UT). If they are not level one, it's because they've been sitting in the daycare for breeding purposes.
    • A breeding pair may be available.


    • IV bred
    • Many natures
    • Bred to know Night Slash
    • Both standard abilities are available (Sniper and Battle Armor)
    • All UT


    • IV bred
    • Many natures available
    • All UT


    • IV bred for Sp. Defense and Defense
    • Many natures
    • Both abilities
    • All UT


    • IV bred
    • Many natures
    • Both abilities
    • All UT

    Those are just the pokemon I have oodles of. If you want anything in particular, ask. I don't feel like writing down every pokemon I have. It'd take days.

    Name: JADE
    FC: 2451 7130 5390

    My Trades!
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    Old November 24th, 2011 (6:16 AM).
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    Could I get your Skorupi and Murkrow? Any nature and gender is fine.

    CMT for this. Please post in my thread so I can find it quickly.
    Anya Odile // Bae'd to Quest // The Frozen Gate
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