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Spoilers WisherWisherWish's Review on "Pokémon: Advanced"

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Old October 27th, 2012 (8:17 PM). Edited October 29th, 2012 by WisherWisherWish.
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While I heard of Pokémon way back when it first started out, it was Hoenn that really got me into the franchise, especially the show. But almost 10 years later, does Hoenn still hold strong or does it fall compared to the other seasons? I plan on finding out!

I hope to review every Hoenn episode from Advanced to Battle Frontier, maybe even the movies!

Pokémon: Advanced

Episode 1: Get the Show on the Road

Team Rocket's failed attempt to catch Pikachu has left the little yellow Pokémon dangerously ill. Littleroot Town has no Pokémon Center so Ash turns to Professor Birch for help.

First we meet ten-year-old May. Wait a minute...

She doesn't look 10-years-old! She looks old enough to be my cousin, who's 16! Seriously!

Anyway, she tell us how she's interested in traveling and visiting new places. Then. May encounters a wild Duskull!

I know this is anime physics, but this is just insane. You can't encounter Ghost Pokémon that early in Hoenn, especially in Route 101.

But here's the shocker. SHE SAYS SHE DOESN'T LIKE POKéMON! Wow May, you picked the PERFECT show to be in. You would've been better off in something like Yu-Gi-Oh!, at least it would just be cards, not actual living creatures. Not to mention, she's going to see Professor Birch to become a Pokémon Trainer. That's like saying you're a vegetarian but you go ahead and go to hamburger eating contests for the heck of it.

Then we get the Advanced theme song, I Wanna Be a Hero. It's alright, I guess but definately not one of my favorites.

Next, we see Ash and Pikachu arriving at the port at Littleroot Town on boat, with Pikachu still under the weather.

This continued from an earlier episode, where Team Rocket accidently caused Pikachu to get sick from magnetic waves. Trust me, Pikachu gets sick A LOT, so don't be too worried.

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Old November 5th, 2012 (11:00 AM).
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I admit that I did'nt care for the series at first for a few reasons, but since then I have grown to love the AG series (up until season 9[usa/non-japan]). But I enjoy you review.
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Old November 8th, 2012 (8:54 PM).
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nice review, I honestly don't get May at all ._.
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