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Aerion [OOC + SU] Rated M

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Rated M; GM'd by Raikiri & Supervegeta

The World

Claims have been made about the decency of our world, yet history has proven us wrong, time and time again. Aerion wasn’t born in chaos. We have made it thus.”

-Lord Robert of House Welm, Ethora

All is not well in the world of Aerion. The immense nation of Ethora is in turbulent times as its Houses feud amongst themselves following the sudden assassination of their king, which is gradually pushing the disjointed country to civil war. The frail land of Eveamoor struggles to maintain its integrity while it declines in economic collapse. The nations of Vanaheim and Falke, which have been at odds for centuries, are being slowly pushed to hostilities, and whispers have begun to be spoken of Vanaheim’s mobilization for war. The countries of the south are slowly being entangled in their own quarrels, as Palaven and Raelus both seek to strengthen their influence in the region of Rolsten, with Ellessar attempting to maintain some order of stability among the nations, and Bredon being caught in the middle of the others’ campaigns.

Indeed, Aerion is in shambles, and should the nations that inhabit it continue along this path, the world would ultimately destroy itself. Some comprehend the peril this world faces, and some would have something be done about it. On the isle of Ekilore has existed a structure of colossal size (extending high into the clouds and being visible from all regions of Aerion) called the Tower of Oculus, which was built long before many histories were documented. There dwells the Monks of Ekilore, who have resided there for as long as people can remember. Although the nations by no means see eye to eye, generally all respect, or at least value, the opinion of the Monks, which come often in the form of prophecies or divinations. On the 1792nd year since the Founding of Civilization (FC), such a prophecy was formed. The Monks of Ekilore invited to their tower emissaries of each of the countries to hear their prophecy, one in which they say could alter the fate of the world.


Presented to you are two options, two roads to journey upon. One road begins on Ekilore, where you answer the summons of the Monks. This path will take you on a quest all across the lands, where you attempt to change the course of the world, and thereby save it. The fate of Aerion is very much in your hands.

Yet in a world filled with strife is also presented the prospect of opportunity. For whatever purpose, be it gold, gods, guidance or glory (or whatever else your reason may be), you have recently begun travel with a group of mercenaries as they make their way through the land. You will accept contracts from clients, which could involve anything from slaying foul creatures, saving or protecting innocents, removing heads off individuals, and anything in between. Yet the life of a mercenary, especially in Aerion, may be more than it originally seems.


  1. All RPC and PC rules apply.
  2. No godmodding or bunnying, unless given permission.
  3. This RP is rated M for Mature, and that implies that there will be blood, gore, and quite of bit of violence.
  4. Have good grammar and spelling, as well as correct length in posts. We will require RP Samples.
  5. Only one character is allowed per person. NPCs are for the GM's use only, unless specific permission is given.
  6. We do not accept reservations. You can post conveying your interest and we’ll keep it in mind. However, this is not a first come, first served RP. Character Sheets will be open for about a week or so, depending interest, and then decisions will be given then. We also now accept reservations. Yes, this rule is very confusing. Just ignore it. Actually, don't ignore it. You'll just get bonus points for pointing it out. And a cookie. Medieval cookie.
  7. Keep on track with the storyline. Making your own subplot is fine, as long as you don't derail too far from the main story. If you do so, we may choose to remove you from the RP.
  8. Try to post at a reasonably consistent basis (based on the progression of the RP, of course). Obviously, your life takes priority, so if you know you are going to be absent, away, or unable to post for whatever reason, please let us know somehow so we do not drop you from the RP.
  9. Because of the RP, it is more than likely that characters will confront each other in combat. If/when those instances should arise, we expect maturity and poise in dealing with the way a fight should end up, whether by pre-agreement or general RPing etiquette.
  10. One of the most important things to do in this RP is to have fun. Arguments will not be tolerated (this is not to say that discussions are not allowed, in fact they are encouraged), but generally impeding the ability of one or others to have fun in this RP will be ground for said person to be removed.

Character Sheet

Age: (18+)
Race: (You can be Human, Elf, or Dwarf.)
Country of Origin: (You may be from any of the countries found on the map above. Country profiles are found in the section below, which has the information on the nations. We urge you to take a look at them before deciding where you hail from. Additional information can be provided through PM.)
Appearance: (straight forward)
Personality: (when evaluating the sheet, this section is probably the most important, and which might require the most work)
History: (Your back story. We urge you to look at country profiles when making your history, but this being an original world, feel free to roam. If you would like to make up a House, or a town, feel free to do so. There are few, if any, limits, we impose here.)
Weapon Preference: (Simply put, your preferred weapon of choice. Some countries specialize in certain types of weapon proficiencies, and that could factor into your choice. But do not think of it as a restriction. However, because of the rarity of magic in this world, if you choose to be proficient in that, you cannot be proficient in any other weapon. For everyone else, there are two options: One standard weapon, and one minor secondary one).
RP Sample:
Side: (Do you want to be a member of the Knights of Ekilore or the Mercenaries?)

If you have any questions regarding your character, feel free to message Supervegeta or Raikiri and ask.

Accepted Players



Time Line (for reference)

10,000 CE-> 1 CE = Creation Era

0 CE = 0 HA as this date represents a change in eras.

0 HA -> 3000 HA = Heroic Age

3000 HA = 0 FC as this date represents a change in eras.

0 FC-> 1792 FC (Current Date) = The Founding of Civilization

Country Profiles


Founded: 617 HA as a collection of tribes; Founded formally in 1099HA
National Capital: Rudell
Language: Ethorian; Which has become the Common Tongue because of its wide use.
Flag/Sigil: The Crowned Lion, with different colored gems around it

Government System: Ethora is traditionally led by a single king who supervises the actions completed by the different noble houses who rule over different political regions. These regions function as relatively independent nations but still pledge loyalty to the king. The individual houses are: Reigncliff, Taimor, Crosland, Larson, Welm and Morok.
Current King: None as King Eliwood has been assassinated.

Culture: Ethora has perhaps the widest range of culture of any country largely due to the stark differences between the given regions within the kingdom. However, trends do exist as the northern regions are typically more conservative and militant while the southern regions are more liberal, placing a greater emphasis on trade. Each region is governed by a noble house with extends its own beliefs and traditions into its code of laws and values, producing practically independent countries unified by history and tradition. Despite this, the king's word is recognized by all and is followed usually without question. This does not stop conflicts between the other houses, which occasionally erupt into total wars if not resolved. Rivalries amongst the houses have developed over the years, some friendly and others not so much. Ethora is a well respected nation regardless and its bonds are strengthened by the notion that Ethora is a land of heroes and legends, and that its glory is without rivalry. It is Ethora's destiny to region supreme. Ethora is also surprisingly religious, with 90% of the nation following the Council of Nine, 5% practicing the belief in the One, and the last 5% following lesser known belief systems. Several notable citizens have renounced their faith in spirituality completely. Social mobility exists, making its class system nothing more than a convenient way to classify its citizens. However, class distinction is very high, causing occasional social unrest.

Regions of Ethora:


Ruling House: Leonsbane, The Royal Family
Sigil:: The Crowned Lion, mentioned above
Colors: Blue, gold, black
Capital: Rudell
Major Cities: Camelot
Words: "For Courage and Honor"
Current Leader: None

Culture: Generally, Idir is a peaceful region priding itself on its developed cities, roads, trade, schools and overall prosperity. Idir is therefore extremely balanced in its culture and such, making its society a unique blend, inspired by the other regions.
Weapon proficiency, style, expertise: As to be expected from the "balanced" region, the soldiers of Idir are well organized and often specialized, with specific training given to specific soldiers. That being said, they are often well versed in many forms of combat regardless, able to adapt to many different situations. Generally speaking, soldiers of Idir are well equipped and heavily armored favoring the infantry approach, though forces sworn to the King himself are often mounted on white steeds. Broad swords and shields are favored, though men can be equipped with polearms and crossbows just as well. Idir is also home to the Lionguard, the best trained men in all of Ethora, who generally favor two handed swords and heavy plate mail armor.


Ruling House: Reigncliff
Colors: Red, yellow, brown
Capital: High Mount
Major Cities: Everwinter, Alcastus
Words: "Forever Vigilant"
Notable Auxiliary Houses: House Wagnar, House Grey
Current Leader: Hector

Culture: Bludrock is a region built on order and production, focusing on tangible concepts rather than the bliss of the abstract. Very conservative, Bludrock has established an ordered society based on a hard day's work, with a rigorous labor program to keep people working and always maintaining a military organization to keep the order. Unlike House Larson who thinks having more swords is the solution to most problems, House Reigncliff simply believes the government should use soldiers to keep order, therefore holding on to a peace through oppression approach. Bludrock is very much concerned with overall industrial production and trade to create prosperity. Everyone works and does their job and everything runs smoothly. Therefore, Bludrock has a very stable economy as the government continually opens up public work projects or brings in other businesses/families into the fold. House Reigncliff has their hands in every aspect of life in Bludrock as a result. The people of Bludrock are often tough and understand their place, becoming outstanding realists even if they are a bit close minded. Also, there is something of a cult of personality, with the people admiring the major houses in the region. House Reigncliff enjoys good relations with House Larson and on/off relationship with House Welm, but despises House Crosland and House Morok.

Weapon proficiency, style, expertise: Bludrock's military specializes in heavy infantry combat, outfitting its soldiers in heavy armor and giving them their choice of pole arms, swords, axes, and shields. Many favor heavy weapons such as two handed swords, axes or heavy pikes and spears as to disarm attacking cavalry or overpower lesser trained infantry.

The Golden Islands

Ruling House: Taimor
Sigil: Horned Whale
Colors: Gray and Blue
Capital: Rowanion
Major Cities: Dinas, Stormguard
Words: "Of Kin and Country"
Notable Auxiliary Houses: House Ballard, House Harcourt
Current Leader: Elizabeth; her brother is Alexander

Culture: The Golden Islands is a rich, beautiful and prideful region composed of grand cities built on hills, mountains or even on the water itself (such as Dinas, which is the equivalent to Venice). The Golden Islands is a cultural haven, with many of the great authors and artists of Ethora's history coming from this region. While cities are few in number, they are large and beautifully crafted with fine stonework construction. Port villages are common on the coast, as the Golden Islands are built on fishing and trade. As to be expected, the Golden Islands are very peaceful and quite wealthy, with wealth spread out. There is not a large aristocracy in the region, with a greater focus on the middle class. This has created a fairly harmonious society with a happy, optimistic population. House Taimor has great relations with House Welm and fair contact with House Crosland, though does not get along with House Morok or House Reigncliff.

Weapon proficiency, style, expertise: House Taimor has trained a large military force that favors fast paced combat. Specialized in sailing, the navy of the Golden Islands prides themselves on smaller, faster ships designed to outmaneuvered the large ships of Raelus for example. The soldiers that man these ships are well trained, and more than capable sailors, often considered the best in Ethora. The actual speciality of these men revolves sword combat. Lightly armored but well trained, they often use one handed long swords, holding either a smaller sword (duel wielding) or a sturdy shield in the other. Land forces in the Golden Army is rare, but specialize in standard infantry tactics, wearing heavy armor and are equipped with a standard sword and shield.

Silver Plains

Ruling House: Crosland
Colors: Black and off-white
Capital: Lios
Major Cities: Whitewalk, Gallen
Words: "Power lies in Greed"
Notable Auxiliary Houses: House Lolek, House Ethered
Current Leader: William

Culture: The Silver Plains is a region of farmers and merchants with large cities built surrounded by farming villages or port towns. The second of two regions that allow slavery, House Crosland has constructed a hierarchical society built on hard work and high taxes used to fill the coffers of Lord Crosland but also to fund an elaborate trade network. The people are often aware of this, but it is to their benefit as House Crosland has established large roads, grand cities and an excellent flow of foreign goods given the people a great quality of life. This has caused the people of the Silver Plains to be very materialistic and somewhat greedy, but also understanding that one needs to work to obtain such things. This is also a region that is family orientated, in which parents often train their children or send them to schools in order to increase their potential for higher quality of life. The Silver Plains has a wide mix of people and cultures as well, with different cities and districts built with different influences. House Crosland has good relations with House Welm and gets along with House Taimor, but has obtained the ire of House Reigncliff and House Morok.

Weapon proficiency, style, expertise: The Silver plains has produced the best standing calvary in Ethora, with skilled riders who can use many weapons on horseback with ease.


Ruling House: Larson
Sigil: Sword and Shield
Colors: Dark Red and Black
Capital: Redfort
Major Cities: Salamis, Lion's Gate
Words: "Fear Weakness"
Notable Auxiliary houses: House Varrick, House Duval
Current Leader: Erik

Culture: Bayren is a tumultuous region, racked often by economic hardship due to Larson's strong desire for security, paying little heed to economic development outside of public work projects to build roads and walls. Bayren values the military class at the highest and is known for having high taxes to fund its military growth. Bayren's cities are often large but sparse, with small undeveloped farming villages spread throughout. There is also a distinct separation between the rich and poor. People in the Bayren are typically pessimistic and follow the government for the simple fact that they know without it everything would crumble into chaos. However, they have amazing work ethic and show a commitment to better themselves and society around them. It is one of the few regions that has an explicit slavery and labor system in place. House Larson has a poor relations with House Morok and Welm, but manages to get along with its neighbor House Reigncliff.

Weapon proficiency, style, expertise: Despite having a generally small standing military, the forces in Bayren are considered to be among the best trained, specializing in a largely defensive style of combat. Equipped with large tower shields and a mix of one handed spears (such as javelins), swords, axes and maces, the military in Bayren focuses on outlasting the enemy and taking advantage of any weakness that presents itself. Bayren has also has specially trained ranged forces in order to aid in siege defenses. Calvary divisions are rare but present. Bayren also has some of the best military minds, becoming experts in siege and siege defense.


Ruling House: Welm
Sigil: Interlocking rings a circle
Colors: Purple on white background
Capital: Somersey
Major Cities: Haven, Edmos
The Words: "Peace through Unity"
Notable Auxiliary Houses: House Wellington, House Mortain
Current Leader: Robert

Culture: Elysia is the least developed, but most peaceful region in Ethora with a greater focus on cooperation rather than strict development. Visitors considered Elsyia to be the retreat of Ethora due to its tranquility. Small cities and villages spread out across the land often populated by farmers and hunters that cooperate with merchants and traders to transport the goods out of the region, either through caravans or ships. Elysia lacks any internal conflict and often strives for the greater good. This makes the people generally well-mannered and kind hearted, always willing to help others. With its small cities, the people of Elysia can be a bit simple minded and are easily amused by the stories of the big cities of Ethora. They are family orientated with an excellent education system in place. House Welm enjoys good relations (especially House Taimor) with most nations except for House Larson and House Reigncliff.

Weapon proficiency, style, expertise: Lacking an imposing military, Elysia has no established specialty, though it has been said they have excellent archers in comparison to other regions.


Ruling House: Morok
Royal Sigil: Dark Bull
Colors: Black, orange and red.
Capital: Baradoom
Major Cities: Siriuth
The Words: "Our Curse is Our Strength"
Notable Auxiliary Houses: House Cromwell, House Crewe
Current Leader: Marcus

Culture: A region believed to be suffering from a curse, Dredris lacks the wholesome family values of other regions, and is instead primarily concerned with the outside world. With limited farming projects, often serviced by slaves employed by the government, the people of Dredris are either soldiers, miners or traders, working for their families to spread the influence of House Morok. With few cities or towns in the region, Dredris has much of its population working as merchants, selling goods or working schemes in businesses or governments to establish areas of influence and exploitation. It is common for many merchants to get their hands dirty and deal in underhanded markets, working in human and drug trafficking. House Morok is known to work in the black market and have contacts with various dark guilds themselves. As a result, Dredris is a region that is rarely attended with few notable locations outside of the city of Baradoom which is the third largest city in Ethora, only behind Rudell and Lios. A cultural cesspool of foreign and domestic culture, Baradoom has a diverse population but unlike the region of the Silver Plains, it suffers from racism as well. House Morok has no allies in the Kingdoms but only exercises its hate towards House Crosland, Welm and Larson, often ignoring the others.

Weapon proficiency, style, expertise: A strange military system, Dredris has built a military that favors the sneak attack above all else, creating a light footed military at best. Often lightly equipped, Dredris uses lighter weapons with several functions. Often using bows, throwing spears, light swords and axes and light calvary, Dredris rarely engages an enemy head on. Dredris also has a skilled navy, with sturdy ships that have been built to take damage and light ships to navigate open waters.

Brief history:
  • The first "king" in Rudell ventured forth from the south and banded tribes to gather in a new alliance, then called the Confederacy of the Lion. This quest began in 610 HA and was completed by 617 HA.
  • 700 HA: The 1st Tribal War amongst Ethorian tribes began. Rudell's son, Leonsbane, claimed victory banding together the tribes that would become Crosland, Reigncliff and Taimor into his Confederacy. He officially proclaimed himself High Chieftain. Though later generations would change the title to "King", a new word invented by the great writer, Belaos in 1000 HA. Rudell was proclaimed the capital in 720 HA.
  • 732 HA: The Confederacy fought a lengthy war with the Dwarves called "The Bearded War". It ended in 745 HA after the Dwarves offered peace offerings Reigncliff armies. Starting 747 TA, a period called the "Dwarven Learnings" began. The period lasted till 793 HA, leading to great developments in language, crafts, and many other trades. It is here where the ancient language "Ethorgul" was born, language combining Dwarven and natural tongues of the ancient tribes. This language eventually evolved into the modern day "Ethorian."
  • In the 800s HA, several minor rebellions took place. Many of these were quelled by the Confederacy leading to a gradual expansion of the region. Also the beginning of persecutions against followers of Dabel began.
  • 1050 HA: The 1st Ethorian-Falke War took place in 1050 HA and took place against the growing Kingdom of Falke in the West which was breathing down their western borders. It was a long and bloody war. Ethora eventually succeeded in pushing Falke back. Following the victory, the Confederacy evolved into a Kingdom, though not without some hesitation by the clan leaders. The 2nd Tribal War began in 1090 HA but only lasted till 1094 HA. The resistance was put down and the Kingdom of Ethora was officially established in 1099 HA with the crowning of "King Leon the Lion." He was something of a tyrant.
  • Unity was not picture perfect as several struggles occurred and Ethora entered a state of flux in 1100s and 1200s HA. This time period was known as the "Time of Heroes" in Ethora. The most famous was Isaak who fought and killed the evil sorcerer Gallstaff. Also notable was the founding of House Welm, following the Noble Uprising of 1168 against the tyrant king, Flavius. Other notable heroes included King Eratia who protected the north from Vanaheim in 1190 HA, Isaak's descendent Artur who killed the Black Dragon of Bludrock and founded High Mount and Foror who journeyed into the deep south to found the beautiful nation that would evolve into the cursed land of Dredris.
  • In 1335 HA: The Bloody Hill Wars began between House Crosland and House Taimor. The war lasted till 1340 HA, when House Larson and House Leonsbane sent peacekeeping armies to quell the opposing forces.
  • 1544 HA: the 2nd Ethorian-Falke War began due to Ethorian aggression on the western borders. It lasted till 1577 with a peace treaty, splitting the middle region that divided them in half.
  • 1680 HA: The Border Wars broke out between Reigncliff, Welm, Crosland and Larson.
  • 1698 HA: The Border Law was established by the King, ending the war, dividing the territories evenly.
  • 1738-1749 HA: The First Slave Uprising.
  • 2000-2021 HA: The Second Uprising.
  • 2367-2370 HA: New war with Vanaheim, once again ending in stalemate.
  • 2532 HA: Ethora declares war on Shinguo, ravaging the southern kingdom and pillaging many of the port towns. In this team, Ethora takes the secrets of improved steel work and ship construction, building ships that are able to establish a system of blockades, dominating the Deep Blue for generations.
  • 2538 HA: Ethora "colonized" Eveamoor using their newfound advancements to push out opposing Falke forces.
  • 2749-2789 HA: The Golden War between Morok and Taimor began. This war eventually ended in Morokian victory, but is believed to be the reason for their curse as the forces of Morok committed several terrible war crimes against Taimorian citizens.
  • 2940-3000 HA: The 3rd and Final Ethora-Falke War. Ended in the founding of Eveamoor and the era of FC despite Ethorian dominance in the war.
  • 100 FC: The Grand Council between Ethora, Falke and Eveamoor established a weak alliance.
  • 203 FC: Rolsten founded primarily by House Taimor and Falke, as a show of peace and respect. However motivated by Crosland's greed, the good intent goes quickly sour over the course of the next hundred or so years.
  • 550 FC: Danger of Mages emerge. Persecution and Unrest begins. Several atrocities spurt up in the north, calling for military action and several near wars.
  • 600 FC: The Church of One was founded, causing further religious unrest. Many are executed for their heresy, proclaiming the Council of Nine do not exist.
  • 655-755 FC: The Great Persecutions against the Church of One began, pushing them into eventually to Palaven, a developing nation in Rolsten.
  • 818-838 FC: The Vanaheim Blockades was a military plan put into action by House Crosland, Morok and Taimor as repentance for the Warmwater altercations. Generally considered a success, this stimulates the economies of these houses for some time, until the Highmen push back.
  • 920 FC: The Southern houses engage in a brief war with Raelus over the status of the ZelIslands, a lost colony of Ethora. Taimor proclaims victory over Raelus with Morok's help and the two countries agree to divide the islands amongst themselves.
  • 1050-1100 FC: The Great Civil War.
  • 1100-1200 FC: The Century of Peace, established to rebuild and develop after the war.
  • 1237-1258 FC: Crosland expands their borders at the cost of Reigncliff and Welm through political schemes, corruption and blackmail.
  • 1279- 1300 FC: The Third Great Uprising.
  • 1320-1350 FC: Third Ethorian-Highmen War
  • 1420-1434 FC: The Trader's War
  • 1500- 1790 FC: Ethorian Renaissance.
  • 1702 FC: Ethorian King marries Eveamoorese Queen, developing a formal alliance. The aid is eventually cut off slowly following the Second Guild Wars. However friendly relations continue.
  • 1771 FC: Motivated by the allure of new technology, Ethora proceeds to expand territories, pushing their borders against Vanaheim, Mindirion, Eveamoor, and even pressures countries such as Falke and Miracyia.
  • 1781-1786 FC: The Rebellion of House Morok.
  • 1792 FC: Current Date

Founded: 537 HA
National Capital: Falcon Peak
Major Cities: Kirklandand Skyfall
Language: Falkmor or "Word of the Falcon"
Royal Sigil: A Falcon
Royal Colors: Black, Yellow, White
Words: "Among the Clouds."

Government System: Traditional Feudalism in that the king of Falke gives out land to his subjects in return for loyalty. These gifts of land are governed by the powerful families of House Hawke and House Highborn.
Current King: Frederick Highclaw III

Weapon proficiency, style, expertise: All forces in Falke specialize in archery and the use of spears and cavalry.

Culture: Since Falke's founding, it has always been a region that has attempted to be peaceful, organized and united. However, Falke's attempts have often been in vain, as Falke has been the subject of several invasions and rivalries with other nations, in particular Vanaheim and Ethora. While modern day Falkians do not hold on to the same level of spite towards Ethora or its people, there is still something of a rivalry and apprehension towards them. Most of Falke's dislike has been redirected at Vanaheim, its new rival in the FC era. The people and government of Falke like to think of themselves as open minded people living in a structured ordered society built on the ideals of peace and prosperity. Not as a conservative or self centered as Ethora's populace, Falke does keep its own hierarchy established in its social order with limited social mobility. However, Falke has a greater sense of social equality, limiting dissatisfaction in its population. Many Falke systems are content with their way of life, especially considering the social institutions in place, as Falke is a small(er) yet developed nation with an excellent education system and cultural developments. Falke is well renowned for its contributions to the arts.

Brief History:
  • Pre 537 HA: A strong clan led by a Falconious Highclaw bands together and defeats many tribes in western lands, absorbing them into their clan and developing into a large nation over time.
  • 537 HA: One Year War with Clan Hawke, their rivals in the east. Following the defeat, Clan Highclaw bands together the major clans under a single banner. That banner was called Falke.
  • 592 HA: Falke gradually consolidated power. Fildon, son of Falconious, devised a fiefdom system to divide the clan amongst the loyal clans. In return for protection and permission to live on the land, the clan leaders called Dukes in this system would pledge loyalty and service to the King. The Dukes would do what they wish with the land, though many would divide the land amongst family members (titled Vassals). Vassals would oversee the land as farmers, merchants and etc would live their ives. Vassals would be responsible for taxing collecting as such as well. The system was gradually refined, before it reached its peak efficiency by the end of the Heroic Age.
  • 713 HA: First Clan rebellion as House Highborn was displeased with borders. Ended with Highborn expanding slightly.
  • 839 HA: Falke expands into modern day Eveamoor. New houses are founded including House Raven and others.
  • 947 HA: Rise of King Frederick who revises the Feudal system to re-establish King's rule over the other houses, as House Highborn and House Hawke's powers were growing too large to maintain. King Frederick used a mix of political schemes and military prowess to do this.
  • 1050 HA: The 1st Ethorian-Falke War.
  • 1235 HA: The Noble Bird ship is launched to scout the Calm Blue.
  • 1367-1400 HA: Falke engages in a war with Miracyia over northern borders. Ends in Falke's defeat.
  • 1544-1577 HA: The 2nd Ethorian-Falke War began due to Ethorian aggression.
  • 1589 HA: Cape Falcon blockade
  • 1621 HA: The Navy rebellion, including in a Falkian group of pirates led by Lord Jaime is founded. They are eventually dispatched or defect to Highmen pirate groups over the course of the next 100 years.
  • 2532 HA: Falke avoids war with Vanaheim but continues to deal with piracy. Falke attempts to rebel at times, but is unable to overcome trials in Calm Blue.
  • 2601-2603HA: Falke-Highmen War. The war ultimately ended in stalemate.
  • 2716 HA: Falke sends cavalry to Ethora to participate in tournaments and dominates competition, fueling a rivalry between the nations.
  • 2940-3000 HA: The 3rd and Final Ethora-Falke War. The war itself lasted for quite a while across the central lands of Aerion, with neither side giving way for quite some time. However, the war ended one day, with the two sides attempting to reconcile their differences with the founding of Evamoor and the era of FC.
  • 100 FC: The Grand Council between Ethora, Falke and Eveamoor established a weak alliance.
  • 454 FC: Brief War with Eveamoor over borders. Ends in peace.
  • 717 FC: Falke decrees that Mages are a danger to society, sending them to jail.
  • 867 FC: Negotiations with the close-minded Rastra allow for Falke to help construct the port town of Eleusis, located at the desert nation as a mid-way town ships may rest at on its way to the lands in the Trader’s Waters. The port town has become largely unbound by any one nation, but mostly consists of Falkans and outcasted Rastrans.
  • 943 FC: The Flood. A day marked by a large earthquake said to erupt in the Calm Blue, which caused a tsunami to flood the coasts of Falke, and parts of southern Miracyia.
  • 1100s FC: Much like Ethora, the century was marked largely by an era of attempted peace and prosperity, which was essentially successful.
  • 1348 FC: A new religion based on the elements arises in the southern regions of Falke.
  • 1546FC: Near War with Vanaheim. A certain level of rigidness developed in the minds of many believing total war with the country would one day be inevitable.
  • 1632 FC: The tragedy of the Eagleclaw, where the ship was sunk carrying a colossal amount of gold. Rumors circulated that Vanaheim pirates were to blame, but nothing was ever confirmed. This continued to develop tension between the two countries.
  • 1687 FC: At a point when Falke and Vanaheim could go to war any day, a lady of House Highborn fell in love with a well-known Vanaheim pirate and set off to sea with him. This was despicable to House Highborn, but in reality, because of the close relationship believed to be had between pirates of Vanaheim and the crown, might have actually prevented war from occurring between the two countries for a while.
  • 1792 FC: Current Date

Founded: 206HA
Capital: Gryfor
Major Cities: Dergen, Renvall, Borr
Language: When the original humans separated and moved to form their own distinct countries, the people of the land that would be known as Vanaheim crafted a language based off the ruins of those who had inhabited the land many years prior. It is from this ancient language that the people of Vanaheim established their own tongue. They called it Ormurmal, “Language of the Dragons”. Vanaheim is proficient in the Common tongue as well, and Ormurmal has become largely ceremonial.
Colors: Grey

Government System: Vanaheim is ruled by their High King by blood and divine right. This throne has been challenged much in the past. The High King’s word is law, and those under him must obey and respect his will. A High King who does not hold the respect of the people is an unwanted position to be in. Directly under the High King is the Maerr (Maerrun plural), the Vanaheim equivalent of a Lord. The Maerrun rule Vanaheim’s cities as well as the surrounding territory around those cities, known as provinces. There are 6 Provinces of Vanaheim. Snowshire makes up on giant Province. The Maerrun rule these Provinces, while the King gets reports from a Maerr and rules the country as a whole.
Current Ruler: High King Ranulf “Ironfist” Hroaldr

Culture: The people of Vanaheim, known as the Highmen, are a warrior race, and are known by other races to be highly militaristic. They are excellent sailors, one of their major tools of trade, and own some of the best vessels in all of Aerion. Because of this, however, many in the nation also choose the life of piracy, primarily against ships of other nations, and on few occasions, port cities. They are generally enthusiastic warriors, and excel in all manner of warfare, but particularly at the sea level. Highmen have a deep dislike for most other countries besides their own, viewing them as inferior in strength, culture and religion. Above all else in their culture, however, is the pursuit for honor and glory. It is said that to take away a Highman’s pursuit at this is to take away their soul itself. No man or woman of Vanaheim is worth anything without such traits. A great emphasis is also placed on the family. Highmen are among the most devout followers of tradition.

Weapon Proficiency, style, expertise: The people of Vanaheim make excellent sailors, probably the best of any country, or at least one of the best. They prefer to use less armor in combat, and instead wear animal pelts like wolfs and bears. Highmen make the best axes in all of Aerion, and many of their warriors are quite proficient in the use of them. They also make excellent blacksmiths.

Brief History:
  • 206HA: Gylphi the Great crowned first king of Vanaheim.
  • 240HA: Gryfor established as Capital of Vanaheim.
  • 355HA: Eugard the Destroyer, one of the fiercest heroes in Vanaheim’s history, mysteriously vanishes in an expedition to Sky Sharp Mountains. He is believed to have died there. Because he was never actually believed to be killed in battle, the people of Vanaheim often turn to him when describing warriors who remain undefeated throughout their lives, and strive to be as he was in combat. In his life, he was said to be a man of incredible stature with patience on a short fuse. He would cut down anyone in his path, no matter how strong or large.
  • 602HA: Maerr Edgar Alfric of Rugard, a northern city in Vanaheim becomes first noble to become a privateer, and afterwards full-fledged pirate. The result caused a period of intense piracy in and around the shores of Vanaheim that continues to this day. Edgar Alfric, who became known as Edgar the Beserker, became a symbol to other pirates as the beginner of an era. He is often referred to by pirates of Vanaheim nowadays as a good luck charm.
  • 650-667HA: Vanaheim-Miracyia pirate skirmish.
  • 870HA: High King Adriac assassinated by his cousin Yore Isle for the throne.
  • 1024-1033HA: The period of time where it is said the greatest bout between a hero and villain took place in Vanaheim’s history. Barin and Borin were two men who lived very different lives, one choosing the live of a protector of a Maerr while the other choosing to turn to the life of piracy. It is said that both were excellent at their professions, and for almost a decade, the two men clashed with each other in major battles, neither getting the better of the other. They were said to hate each other tremendously. In one particular conflict, a fire broke out in the village where the two clashed. Putting aside their differences, the two of them rescued the town from the fire, only to pay with their lives. The tale is told to young children of Vanaheim to show the comradery expected of them towards their country, no matter how different their lives are, and no matter how different the man standing beside you may be.
  • 1190-1191HA: First Ethoran-Highmen war.
  • 1247HA: High King Gylphi IV dies after attempting an expedition into the unknown island of Drakin. No future attempts for an expedition were carried out for a long time, causing the island to fall into legend and the people of Vanaheim to believe it to be a cursed island.
  • 1298-1300HA: War between Eveamoor and Vanaheim, resulted in stalemate, but under the conditions of monetary items given to Vanaheim.
  • 1323HA: Colony established on Snowshire.
  • 1329-1380HA: Rule of High King Mikal. Mikal was known for his hatred of the other races, and adopted many policies to make Vanaheim free of other races, and home only to the Highmen. His policies included banning of other races in certain public and private areas, and marriage forbidden between a Highmen and another race, and other restrictions. His influence has caused a lot of hatred for other races for quite a while, and although somewhat dropping, continuing on through modern history.
  • 1498HA: Pirates sack the capital city of Aurur, Snowshire. High King Gellad of Vanaheim led an expedition into Snowshire and reclaimed the island a few months later.
  • 1512-1513HA: Pirate activities cause a mass invasion of Snowshire, once again claiming the colony under pirate rule. High King Gellad leads a second expedition to reclaim the island, but dies in the process. His son, High King Ausfult, manages to reclaim the island after an intense year of battling.
  • 1589HA: Disputes with Falke lead to the Great Blockade, a blockade of Cape Falcon by the Highmen ship armada. Blockade lasted for two months before a settlement was reached.
  • 1664-1668HA: High King Qumen killed in a raid by pirates off the coast of Vanaheim. The result led to his son, High King Oliraand to commence in what would be known as the “Noble War”, a war set to rid piracy off the coast of Vanaheim forever. It was one of the most bloodiest conflicts in Vanaheim’s history. By the apparent end of the war, High King Oliraand boldly proclaimed the “End of Piracy”.
  • 1689HA: Snowshire once more claimed by pirates in a mass invasion organized by “The Reaper”, a no-named buccaneer thought to be the greatest pirate in Vanaheim’s history.
  • 1691HA: Unsuccessful attempt to reclaim Snowshire from pirates.
  • 1693HA: Second attempt to reclaim Snowshire also unsuccessful. A third attempt was made later in the year, which was also unsuccessful. This would be the final attempt for a while.
  • 1709HA: High King Gylphi VII, also called “Gylphi the Wild” ascends to the throne. Several months later, he stages a plan and destroys all major cities of Snowshire through his armada of ships. The Reaper is said to have died in the bombardment, while others said he fled. Either way, the pirate was never seen or heard from again.
  • 1890-1903HA: Period in Vanaheim’s history known as the Secret Revolution. High King Alesir had fallen sick to a disease and, on his deathbed, announced that he did not wish his son to become the new king of Vanaheim because of his incompetence and lack of ability in fighting. Instead, the throne was passed onto Alesir’s childhood friend, Borir. The only problem to many was that Borir was well-known to be a pirate. Nevertheless, High King Borir took the thrown, and became the first pirate to become High King. During his primary years on the throne, he constantly traced back to his roots, allowing a lot of leeway for pirates, and even giving many land on Snowshire. In return, piracy against the people of Vanaheim was greatly reduced, and instead focused on foreign ships and countries. It is said that the pirates would forward part of their winnings to Vanaheim in this agreement, but that was never proved. All of this was said to be written up in a document called the Pirate Accords, but again, it was never proved. High King Borir had multiple assassination attempts on his life for such rumors and for his governing policy in general, but all were unsuccessful. Soon, the people of Vanaheim were beginning to realize the great amount of profit the High King was making for the country, and in turn for them. This greatly began increasing his popularity among the people, and eventually, no more assassination attempts were ever made again. When High King Borir finally died of old age, a new precedent was set for future kings that would be followed, and ultimately change Vanaheim’s history forever. Parts of Snowshire had permanently become a gathering place and safe haven for pirates, but Snowshire as a whole was still a colony of Vanaheim. Piracy against Vanaheim’s ships was greatly reduced, and remained this way throughout its history to this day.
  • 2254HA: Averted full-scale war with Miracyia thanks to diplomatic negotiations by High King Diggon, or as the people of Vanaheim referred to him, High King Diggon the Coward. Diggon made an attempt to avoid any unnecessary wars with other nations, and was a spokesman for peace among all nations. He was popular outside the country, but not internally.
  • 2357HA: Assassination of High King Diggon. Sarmin the Bold, later renaming himself High King Gylphi XII, takes over the throne.
  • 2367-2370HA: High King Gylphi XII of Vanaheim goes to war with Ethora. Second Ethoran-Highmen war. Ended in stalemate because terrain caused neither country to commit to an invasion.
  • 2532HA: Falke and Vanaheim nearly avert war, but tensions remained high. Pirate activity focused quite a bit on them for years to come.
  • 2601-2603HA: Falkan-Highmen War. Ends in stalemate.
  • 2712-2715HA: Vanaheim exploits Minidirion’s Reckoning fall, resulting in a very one-sided conflict landing Vanaheim territory over western mountains of Mindirion. Unbeknownst to Vanaheim, the mountains are filled with orcs, causing problems to Vanaheim’s southern borders for years to come.
  • 2770-2820HA: High King Aurogart ascends to the throne. He is also called Aurogart the Explorer, as he constantly sent ships for exploration purposes, including the lands which would later be known as Rolsten and Shinguo. Aurogart also sent the first ever second expedition to Drakin. The daring explorers never returned, much like the first exploration led by King Gylphi IV.
  • 2950HA-50FC: Establishment of Eveamoor as a country has led many outcasts of Vanaheim (and other countries) to leave their home in what was called “The Great Migration”.
  • 205FC: Piracy attacks begin on the north of Rolsten, with pirates eager to claim the wealth of the colony for themselves.
  • 750-800FC: Vanaheim Pirates make prolonged raids on Rolsten and Ethora’s southern shores. The Vanaheim Maerrun and High King maintain innocence of any involvement with the acts of pirates during this time. Period known as the Warmwater Altercations.
  • 855FC: Vanaheim ships engage with ships from Ellessar after an explosion on an Ellessarian ship occurs, resulting in blame falling on Vanaheim. Vanaheim deny the claims, and an altercation at sea occurs, resulting in a victory by Vanaheim. Total war averted after negotiations occur.
  • 1149FC: The Burning Winter, an event of unknown cause in which multiple villages in Eastern Vanaheim close to the coast were burned to the ground by an unknown source.
  • 1248FC: Ruld Gulfir writes, ‘The Ways of our Forefathers’, a book detailing how he believed the people of Vanaheim were naturally better in any feat they choose to achieve, and believed that it is the destiny of Vanaheim to rule all of Aerion. The book was popular in numerous parts of the country, and instilled a renewed nationalism into many, as well as racism towards other nations.
  • 1335FC: Vanaheim sinks Shinguo ships in the Deep Blue. Tensions were high for a while, but cooled down.
  • 1350-1370HA: Large scale conflict erupts with Ethora ultimately leading to a third Ethora-Highmen war.
  • 1546FC: War nearly averted with Falke. Tensions remain high with the country.
  • 1632FC: Falkan ship, the Eagleclaw mysteriously sinks off of Cape Falcon. The Eagleclaw was carrying a large amount of gold. Rumors said that Vanaheim pirates were to blame, but nothing was ever confirmed. Tensions continue to remain high between the countries.
  • 1687FC: The union of a noble of House Highborn of Falke and Vanaheim Pirate Moriggan temporarily cools tensions between Falke and Vanaheim.
  • 1792FC: Current Date

Founded: 0 FC
National Capital: Dalenham
Major Cities: Yamcha, Curilan
Language: Ethorian
Royal Sigil: The Mountain of Solace (The mountain Dalenham is built near)
Royal Colors: Emerald Green and Red
Words: "United We Stand"

Government System: Eveamoor is ruled traditionally by a popular monarch in that one is elected by the people for life. However, in recent years the rise of guilds has made many of these elections fixed by the heads of these guilds. The Guilds hold the real power in Eveamoor.
Current Queen: Madelaine Elizabeth Robertson the Sky Queen

Weapon proficiency, style, expertise: Nothing notable.

Culture: Ruled by guilds, Eveamoor can be considered a dog-eat-dog country in which life is what you make out of it. Depending on where you live and profession, many people find themselves working in association or for guilds, earning whatever coin they can to support their family. In a sense, Eveamoor is built on cooperation, yet corruption has run rampant, causing a great deal of upheaval from lower-class citizens. With a ruling elite, Eveamoor has an often disgruntled and self sufficient population that has grown progressively more self centered, losing the stability that once existed. The philosophy that once bonded the nation together has led to a significant disconnect in the population due to the manifestation of greed.

Major Guilds/Families:

The Golden Authority Merchants Guild; ruled by House Castell (founded in 410 FC)
The Shadowfox Guild, a Merchant's and Thieves Guild; ruled by House Eyston (founded in 500 FC)
League of Warriors, a fighter's guild; ruled by House Rosland. (founded in 378 FC)
The S.S "Steel Safe" ; ruled by House Sanburne (Banking guild, dealing in underhanded manners including information, prostitution, human trafficking, drugs, etc) (founded 1256 FC)

Minor Guilds:

The Hounds: Hunting Guild and affiliates
Burning Anvil: Smithing guild, associated with House Castell
The White Guardians: Assassin's Guild
The Peddlers: Another minor Thieves Guild

Brief History:
  • 0FC: Founded out of peace between Falke and Ethora
  • 100 FC: The Grand Council between Ethora, Falke and Eveamoor established a weak alliance.
  • 235-243FC: The Reign of the lax Prince sinks Eveamoor into economic unrest.
  • 267 FC: Various businesses bond together forming guilds based on the manner of business alliances shown in Ethora and Falke. Operate in a more council manner in the beginning before ruling houses and business people cause many to operate in a hierarchal manner.
  • 303FC: The establishment of a Popular Monarchy begins after several incapable kings/queens rule in the lax Prince's wake.
  • 394FC: Laws concerning Guilds are passed, giving them room to operate in a free market economy.
  • 454FC: Brief War with Falke over borders. Ends in peace.
  • 634FC: Barters with Dwarves and Elves, and acquire new trade valuables.
  • 776FC: Formal navy is formed, modeled after trade ships.
  • 803FC: First Church of One opens.
  • 806FC: Elections are fixed by major families.
  • 843FC: The "secret" agreement is made amongst the families.
  • 903FC: Tax laws become lax.
  • 1379FC: Occupy Dalenham Movement.
  • 1381FC: Martial Law is established. Movement dies.
  • 1463FC: The Guild Wars begin as the individual wars conspire against each other, slowly driving the country into economic ruin. Let's just say the Assassin Guilds get rich off this.
  • 1507FC: Infrastructure begins to decline as guilds stop supporting country and hoard wealth.
  • 1589FC: Second Rebellion begins. Easily quelled after some agreements are made.
  • 1600s FC: Northern and Southern families/guilds attempt numerous tactics to stimulate growth in their regions and guilds but cannot stimulate anything without cooperation from other families. Due to distrust, no one agrees to anything for long. Eveamoor collapses.
  • 1702FC: Ethorian King marries Eveamoorese Queen, developing a formal alliance between figureheads. Economy is stimulated for a time due to Ethorian aid.
  • 1760FC: Ethorian aid is removed due to internal struggles and the second Guild Wars begin, though they are more subtle the previous conflicts.
  • 1792FC: Current date.

Founded: 9,358 CE
National Capital: Barazir
Language: Remkhuz or "Speak like a Dwarf"
Royal Sigil: Helmet of Thordain
Royal Colors: Blood Red and Black
Words: "Hard as Stone"

Government: Absolute Monarchy ruled by the Emperor or the Rasuh Etar. There is also the Grand Assembly (Mafol) which is composed of the leaders of all the major clans (now referred to as houses or Zoden).
Current Rasuh Etar: Orthen Durgon; son Danull Durgon

Weapon proficiency, style, expertise: Dwarves favor heavy armor and large powerful weapons, often used to end a fight quickly due to their low endurance.

Culture: Much of the culture of the Dwarves has been lost following the closing moments of the HA period leaving Mindirion as a shell of its former self. Organized in a strict caste society, Mindirion is currently rebuilding with a small elite ruling class guiding a growing middle class through a careful reconstruction. Dwarves favor organization, meticulous design, and wealth above all else and society has been guided by this for some time, hence the establishment of a caste based society, organized cities divided into different specialized sections, a specialized military and a commitment to mining, smithing and trading. Dwarves traditionally live in mountains, in close proximity to valuable stones. Ie. Dwarves like shiny things.

Brief History:
  • Before 5000CE: Dwarves were created and lived peacefully. Retreated to mountains early due to love of resources that were discovered. Enjoyed mining and crafting. Bonded with gods.
  • 5000CE: Dabel's forces created. Caused surface dwarves to retreat into caves. Some forces fought, but lost.
  • 5000CE-2000 CE: The Hiding period. Dwarven society is organized and engrained into tradition. Many customs that were established in the early years were lost in favor of new traditions. The first purging of the Mafol took place at 2560 CE in an attempt to remove weak families from the Mafol as they weakened the strength of the empire, but also the abudance of families made the Mafol unable to make swift decisions.
  • 1990CE-1320CE: The Driving out of evil from the land, including demons and orcs
  • 1300CE-1HA: Dwarves spilt into the Mountain Dwarves and Surface Dwarves. Surface Dwarves left the mountains and spread out, often bringing teachings to other regions. Mountain Dwarves returned to caves and stayed in the empire. Surface Dwarves cannot return to Mindirion as they are condemned.
  • 216HA: The Elves and the Dwarves fight. Leads to the rise of Glodin the Great, a Dwarven king.
  • 220HA: The Second Purge of the Mafol takes place as Glodin removed disloyal families from the Mafol.
  • 732HA: the Confederacy fought a lengthy war with the Dwarves called "The Bearded War". It ended in 745 HA after the Dwarves offered peace offerings Reigncliff armies. Starting 747 TA, a period called the "Dwarven Learnings" began. The period lasted till 793 HA, leading to great developments in language, crafts, and many other trades. It is here where the ancient language "Ethorgul" was born, language combining Dwarven and natural tongues of the ancient tribes. This language eventually evolved into the modern day "Ethorian."
  • 790-817HA: The Elves and Dwarves engage in another bloody skirmish leading to the rise of Gimili the Warrior.
  • 1536-1800HA: The Old War begins between the Elves and Dwarves. This war was largely fought in the caverns and forests of the two kingdoms and is obscure. Leads to many great war figures in each history.
  • 2387-3000HA: The 3rd Purge takes place and the reckoning of Mindirion is a end result. The reckoning is a combination of civil wars, rebellions and general chaos. Mindirion is considered to have fallen by the end of this period and has since been rebuilding.
  • 1792FC: Current date.

Founded: 3,330 CE (Following their exodus)
National Capital: Estel (Hope)
Major Cities: Aranwar, Fornond
Language: Elvish or Eldaquente (Elf speak)
Royal Sigil: The hands of Tella
Royal Colors: Dark Green and White
Words: "One World. One People."

Government: The Elves are traditionally lead by a congress of Kings or Druids. Each Druid leads a number of clans and these Druids meet together in times of need. At the current time, they are 3 total.
Current High Druids: Thalion, Vanya and Locien

Weapon proficiency, style, expertise: Elves employ the use of light armor and weapons, often dual wielding small swords or daggers and using long ranged weapons such as bows.

Culture: Elven culture is built around peace and appreciation of nature. Elves as a result, being wise, have stayed sheltered in recent generations as to avoid the warfare waged by their human counterparts. Divided into different tribes to allow Elves to affiliate with groups that share their belief systems, the Elves live fairly independent lives as a progressive, liberal people believing in equality amongst others. Elven pleas for peace and tradition have fallen on deaf ears in recent years, causing the Elves to dig themselves in a hole only associating with Falke on any level.

Brief History:
  • Before 5000CE: Elves lived peacefully scattered throughout the world. During this time they was no official government or sense of unification. Elves met the dwarves with little spite and was even at peace. It is believed the Elves saw and bonded with the gods at this time.
  • 5000CE: The first orcs, demons and monsters roam free. They raped, pillaged and destroyed many of the elf homes. Elves fought back, with some help from the Dwarves. However, they were driven back and lost many in the process.
  • 4000CE: The Elves began to concede defeat as the Dwarves retreated to their caves and strongholds, claiming they have their own problems to figure out. The Elves slowly retreated hoping to find a new home safe from the evil of Dabel. So began the Great Pilgrimage.
  • 3500CE: The Elves after much searching and fighting, find the forests they are now named "Tellaryn."
  • 3330CE: Miracyia is founded after the first Druid Queen unites the Elven peoples.
  • 1990-1320CE: Elves and Dwarves come from their hiding places and help the newly arrived humans drive out the evil of Dabel.
  • 1300-1HA: Elven teachings are spread to the humans of the west, namely the present day Falkians.
  • 113HA: Elves experience their first bout of internal strife as the elf Anduin creates a sacred ring, and uses it for evil. Anduin retreats southward and builds a great fortress of darkness. Anduin's younger brother, Estel, rises to stop him and leads a fellowship to stop. Estel is victorious and returns as a hero. The capital of Miracyia is named after him.
  • 216HA: The Elves and the Dwarves fight. Leads to the rise of Glodin the Great, a Dwarven king.
  • 333HA: The Legend of Airea. Elvish princess is kidnapped. Saved by Hero. You get the idea.
  • 390HA: The Bloody princess myth.
  • 538HA: Elves recognize the kingdom of Falke's founding. Aid in its creation.
  • 650-667HA: The Elves feud with Vanaheim.
  • 790-817HA: The Elves and Dwarves engage in another bloody skirmish leading to the rise of Legolas the Archer.
  • 1118-1200HA: The Elves travel to Rolsten, Shinguo, and Ethora seeking trade.
  • 1536-1800HA: The Old War begins between the Elves and Dwarves. This war was largely fought in the caverns and forests of the two kingdoms and is obscure. Leads to many great war figures in each history.
  • 1801HA: Both come to peace terms.
  • 2000HA: Elves agree to new terms for trade with several nations. Conceive the first real map of the world.
  • 2438HA: The rise of the great druid, Elrin who establishes peace between the feuding elven tribes.
  • 2800-3000HA: The First and last Elven Civil War begins with the death of Elrin. Ends in the splitting of the Elven kingdom into 3 tribes. The Wood Elves of the south, the Imperial Elves to the North and the Tellasons to the West.
  • 1050FC: Founding of the Mage's Guild by Elves.
  • 1792FC: Current Date

Founded: 378FC
Capital: Tallis
Major Cities: Irus
Language: The people of Ellessar speak the Common tongue of Ethora
Sigil: A black helmet in the center showing five silver swords extending from it.
Colors:Silver and Black.
Words: "Strength through Order."

Governing System: Oligarchy- Ruled by the Silver Authority. The Silver Authority is an oligarchic-based ruling system, headed by the 5 Regulators of the Authority. Each Regulator has the same amount of power, and demand absolute rule of the city-state of Ellessar. A policy can be overruled by a majority vote of the 5, and new policies can be implemented by a majority vote. If a Regulator of the Silver Authority were to die or step down from rule, the others would vote in a new member of their choosing.
Current Rulers: The Silver Authority
  • The 5 Regulators of the Silver Authority: Tybalt Greyhelm, Kilance Qarthwright, Hadrian Cromwell, Victoria Holden, Vermillia Bellasan

Weapon Proficiency: Ellessar, besides being known for their well-crafted ships, are also known for their swordsman. Swordsman of Ellessar are among the finest not only in Rolsten, but in all of Aerion.

Culture: The people of Ellessar are considered intelligent and known for a proficiency in abstract thinking. They are well-educated and well-spoken. Though less physically imposing than the other races, the people of Ellessar are shrewd diplomats and traders. It is for these reasons people of Ellessar are among the best in business terms, and a reason their city-state is quite prosperous (although a contributing factor could also be the rich land of Rolsten itself). The people of Ellessar also have a maintained sense of order and stability, both within their city-state and without. Being the oldest of the city-states, they take it upon themselves often to intervene in conflicts among the other city-states to maintain the given balance and stability among Rolsten. Their territorial claims are misleading. Although their city-state is the smallest of the four city-states, their military might is second only to Raelus. They also have quite a successful navy and are known for their unique ship designs. The people of Ellessar have a disgruntled relationship with the country of which they used to be a colony: Ethora. They often avoid trade with them if they could, and increase tariffs on most of the houses of Ethora. Because of this, and Raelus’ better relationship with Ethora, Raelus and Ellessar also do not get along.

Brief History:
  • 374-378FC: Civil War of Rolsten
  • 378FC: Establishment of Ellessar as a way to try something different than the traditional monarchy rule.
  • 378-421FC: Tight policies against foreign intervention, including trade with Ethora. Trade with Falke was generally permitted but with high tariffs. Immigration outlawed from Ethora and Falke.
  • 422FC: “The Gateway”- a policy shifting Ellessar’s stance on foreign trade, opening its ports to trade, but still exporting more than importing by a large amount. Foreign immigration allowed but still heavily restricted.
  • 598-604FC: War between Raelus and Ellessar. Ellessar ultimately loses the war, and gives up parts of their southern territory.
  • 692FC: The Silver Authority recognizes the Theocracy of Palaven as an independent city-state.
  • 749-756FC: A Member of the Silver Authority is assassinated. A heavy investigation is held to discover the culprit behind the event, but for a long time, no names could be found. Eventually, rumors circulated of a group known as the ‘Dark Hand’, which was said to specialize in murder as a service, and that it had a hand in it. Intense restrictions were put on citizens and large persecutions were made in an attempt to discover the whereabouts of the group, but nothing was ever found. It has since passed only into rumor that the ‘Dark Hand’ even exists.
  • 822-826FC: War between Palaven and Ellessar. It was dubbed the ‘Spice War’ mainly because of trade disputes that boiled over to conflicts, and then war. Ellessar ultimately wins, and forces Palaven to pay severe reparations.
  • 855FC: Vanaheim ships engage with ships from Ellessar after an explosion on an Ellessarian ship occurs, resulting in blame falling on Vanaheim. Vanaheim deny the claims, and an altercation at sea occurs, resulting in a victory by Vanaheim. War averted after negotiations occur.
  • 859-863FC: Second War between Palaven and Ellessar. Ellessar, although possessed superior military strength, recent skirmishes with Vanaheim caused them to be unprepared for another war. Palaven was victorious and seized a large chunk of Ellessar’s western lands. The result increased the territory of Palaven greatly, but also increased the amount of immigrants that fled to the country, given its less rigorous policies on foreigners.
  • 906-912FC: Ellessar provides aid in the form of weaponry and supplies to the ‘Fighters of Free People’ in an attempt to break apart Palaven’s power, which was successfully done in the formation of Bredon.
  • 1074FC: Aid sent to Bredon to prevent an invasion by Palaven.
  • 1229-1234FC: At the initiation of plagues in Bredon, Ellessar closes its borders to any outside influence, and trade is greatly diminished as well. An economic crisis resulted in this, leading to the ‘Border Revolts’, which were easily crushed. However, trade was later permitted with other countries besides Bredon, albeit with heavy restrictions.
  • 1401-1444FC: Long, bloody war with Palaven. As the aggressor, Palaven caught many by surprise with the all-out offensive, but eventually, Ellessar pushed them out of their country.
  • 1511-1514FC: Second war between Ellessar and Raelus. The result was a draw, with negotiations leading to an armistice.
  • 1531FC: Completion of the Arena of Champions. The Arena houses multiple events throughout the year, ranging from jousting to racing to gladiatorial-like events. The Arena has become popular, not only in the country but outside it, causing many foreigners from other nations to participate in its events. The Silver Authority, in response, issued decrees allowing foreigners freer access into the city that houses the Arena, as it is an excellent source of income.
  • 1639-1641FC: Ellessar and Shinguo got to a War at sea, with battles taking place all over the Trader’s Waters. Ellessar claims a decisive victory off the western shores of Old Zealand.
  • 1792FC: Current Date


Founded: 489 FC
Capital: Eldur
Major Cities: None
Language: Ethorian
Colors: Light Red and Black
Words: "Trial By Fire"

Government: Absolute Monarchy
Current King: Christian "The Burning King" Calason II

Weapon proficiency, style, expertise: The army of Raelus is diverse and skilled, capable of using a number of different weapons with skill and intelligence. However, they often favor the use of one handed swords and light armor, using speed to end fights quickly.

Culture: Dominated by an absolute monarchy, the people of Raelus are very much at the mercy of the king who can act on any whim he wants. Raelus is a state connected with efficiency, production, development and dominance. Despite being a young nation, Raelus believes itself to be destined for greatness, especially in its relative dominance in Rolston and in the Trader's Waters. This attitude has become reflected in its people who are often confident to the point of arrogance and firmly believe in the guidance of the King, almost to the point of worship. This is appropriate considering the lack of religious worship in Raelus, as religion has become a backwards institution replaced by industry. As a scientific nation, Raelus invests much in education and the sciences, making several advancements in recent decades. Raelus has evolved into a militaristic nation with a large standing army and navy, having adopted a warmongering attitude in its quest for dominance. Raelus' government has made extensive use of mercenaries, privateers, and pirates in its expeditions, rather than endangering its people. Crime has become controversial in the country, being somewhat accepted by the government depending on the offenders. Dominated by a small ruling class, the government nevertheless has dipped its hand into many dealings controlling nearly every aspect of people's lives. The populace does not seem to care, having become used to the treatment but understanding that the King has the best intentions for its people.

Brief History:
  • 480-489FC: The Separatist War lead by Lord Byrce Drake founds Raelus in the south.
  • 570FC: Raelus expands westward. Raelus wins, claiming northern borders.
  • 598-604FC: Raelus goes to war with Ellessar.
  • 700FC: Raelus builds bigger industry and military with help from House Morok.
  • 727FC: Raelus invites Dwarven engineers to help produce stronger industry.
  • 835FC: Raelus opens several military academies that acquire worldwide acclaim, rivaling the institutions in Baren and Bludrock.
  • 912FC: Bredon is founded, causing Raelus to lose some territories. Sign peace treaty reluctantly, but quickly bully them for resources.
  • 1000FC: The Burning of the Southern wilds. On purpose. Get resources.
  • 1242FC: Raelus designs new ship design to combat southern piracy. Ships are strong and powerful, with long range technology.
  • 1390FC: Raelus invites Outcast Magi to live in country in exchange for service to crown.
  • 1475-1479FC: War with Palavan. Raelus wins.
  • 1511-1514FC: Second War with Ellessar. Draw.
  • 1575FC: Raelus introduces slavery policy for rich people. Basically can employ laborers for little to no cost. "Increases" productivity.
  • 1636FC: Using refinements to the ship designs of 400 years ago, Raelus begins to dominate the Trader's Waters as legal pirates, becoming the modern equivalent to the tyrants of the North. Engage in human and drug trafficking.
  • 1780FC: Christian Calason as an admiral employs the use of Mages to attack other ships with fireballs earning the Epithet of the "Burning King" upon his Kingship a few years later.

Founded: 692FC
Capital: Garius
Major Cities: Teyya and Ashera
Language: Common tongue of Ethorian.
Sigil: Bright white, with a red circle in the center, signifying the Church of One.
Colors: Red and White.
Words: "God and Glory"

Government System: Palaven is a theocracy dedicated to the One God. The head of the country is Armand Terrin, who also dons the title Voice of the One, and is said to be the holy connection between Aerion and the One. Alongside the Voice of the One is the Palaven Senate, the Senators of which are entitled to the same respect as the Voice himself, though not the same reverence. The Senate members are from the six main Houses of Palaven: Culliver, Ulminda, Sinoria, Caspian, Ersmend, and Artoss. Merek Culliver is the head of the Senate and hold the most power in all of Palaven besides the Voice himself. The Senate handles the day to day matters of the city-state, but the Voice ultimately has all authority over any matter, and can revoke a Senator’s status at will, and annul any law passed by any of them.
Current Ruler: Armand Terrin, the Voice of Palaven

Weapon Proficiencies, styles, expertise: Fairly knowledgeable with spears, but not their distinction.

Culture: Religion dominates the culture of the people of Palaven. Whether in a day-to-day conversation with siblings or a meeting with the Senate, the religion of the One is foremost in peoples mind, seen in their speech, as they are often referring either to the Voice of the One or the One himself. The lifestyle of Palaven's citizens is rooted in ceremony and tradition, so much so that outsiders who venture into the country often find themselves constantly in danger of breaking social etiquette, or worse, in some matter insulting their religion, which can spark outrage or even persecution.

Brief History:
  • 692FC: The Theocracy of Palaven is official founded by Mark Terrin and their followers. Mark Terrin becomes the Voice of the One, who speaks with the authority of the One God himself.
  • 712-717FC: The Holy Purge, an event marked by ordered persecution of citizens in Palaven secretly practicing any other religion than that of the Church of One. The Theocracy of Palaven also implemented new laws forbidding marriage with anyone of another religion, and association of anyone participating in religious meetings or gatherings of another religion.
  • 822-826FC: War between Palaven and Ellessar. It was dubbed the ‘Spice War.’
  • 859-863FC: Second War between Palaven and Ellessar. Ellessar, although possessed superior military strength, recent skirmishes with Vanaheim caused them to be unprepared for another war. Palaven was victorious and seized a large chunk of Ellessar’s western lands. The result increased the territory of Palaven greatly, but also increased the amount of immigrants that fled to the country, given its less rigorous policies on foreigners. Many say this boom in population from the immigration and larger size of Palaven was ultimately what caused the city-state to become more unstable and lead to the Rebellions for Freedom.
  • 901FC: First ‘Rebellion for Freedom’, caused by unjust laws and high taxes. Put down.
  • 905FC: Second ‘Rebellion for Freedom’ occurs in Palaven. The opposition is more organized with a louder message for changes in government. Attacks become more violent, and small skirmishes lead to eventual civil war.
  • 906-912FC: Civil War of Palaven, where angry citizens opposing the government rebel against the Theocracy. The people choose for their name the ‘Fighters of Free People’, with a clear message of independence and self-rule, which eventually turns into the cry for the development of a new country and a new system. Palaven loses the Civil War, and the Fighters of Freedom establish their own country to the south of Rolsten, taking Palaven’s lands.
  • 1073-1075FC: The beginning of the Crusades, a holy mission to purge Bredon of its heresy, which began as a clash of borders with Bredon, but what Palaven used as an opportunity to expand its borders into Bredon and covert the people who they believed to be heathens. Before the war could progress into a full-scale invasion by Palaven, Ellessar interfered and came to the aid of Bredon, so Palaven couldn’t increase their influence.
  • 1113-1123FC: Period in which the Theocracy of Palaven sends missionaries all across Aerion to spread the word of their religion. The missionaries are received properly in some places, but in others were mistreated, or worse.
  • 1230FC: Palaven closes its borders to citizens of Bredon to contain the Dark Plague. Later that year, the Voice of the One publicly acknowledged that the plague is a result of Bredon’s heresy towards the One. Reopens its borders later.
  • 1401-1444FC: The Second Crusades of Palaven. Holy wars launched against Bredon, Ellessar, and Raelus which culminated into a bloody war that last decades. The initial strikes were largely successful, with Palaven taking parts of Bredon, Ellessar, and Raelus. After a decade of fighting, all of Bredon was under their jurisdiction. However, as the battles progressed, Palaven was slowly lost support for the Crusades at home because of severe economic decline paying for the war effort. Palaven began losing many battles on its way to finally being sent back, and all territory reclaimed.
  • 1448FC: Assassination of the Voice of Palaven, Arold Terrin.
  • 1449-1468FC- Much as a response to the assassination of the former Voice, another set of Purges was initiated by the Church of the One. This was done also in response to the discovery of what the Church labeled a ‘witch’, named Bernkastel, who supposedly used ‘incantations’ to help sick people. In a similar manner as the first, many laws and regulations were emplaced, but even worse was the mass amount of killings and torturing that was done. At the death of the current Voice, the purges were ended.
  • 1475-1479FC: War with Raelus. Raelus ultimately wins.
  • 1500-1600FC: The Awakening- a time of advancements in military strength in the country. Palaven’s position in Rolsten and beyond was increased as many looked upon them in better light due to these advances.
  • 1792FC: Current Date.

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The Council of Nine

Founded: Dawn of Time; or an unknown date in HA
Countries that practice the religion: Ethora, Falke, Eveamoor, Ellessar
Belief: Belief in "The Nine" is to believe in a council of nine divine beings that had a part in the creation of the world of Aerion. The children of the supreme being Vesmir are believed have created the world in a vision bestowed upon them by Vesmir. Each Council god represents different aspects of the world, both physical and abstract. As a result, each god or goddesses is worshipped in different capacities, and worship is a very personal act. For example, sailors worship Atlantia as she is the goddess of the oceans while aspiring heroes would worship Fortis instead. Lives that are deemed worthy and filled with respect for the Nine are rewarded with passage to the higher plane of Astrum, while lives dedicated to Dabel (more so than the others) were sent to the depths of Infernum.

The Nine include:
Andal: God of order, honor, truth, nobility, light; Ruler of Astrum
Dabel: God of Chaos, corruption, desire, darkness; Ruler of Infernum
Tella: Goddess of nature and peace
Atlantia: Goddess of water/oceans and earthquakes
Makara: Goddess of magic and knowledge
Fortis: God of heroes, courage, resolve, honor and loyalty
Divum: Goddess of storms
Thordain: God of war, violence and conquest
Flamma: Goddess of fire

Other figures:
Tempus: God of the Sun
Lumes: Goddess of the Moon

The Creation Myth
In the beginning there was nothing. The universe as you know it was little more than a black abyss fueled by darkness and chaos. However, a being known as Vesmir, the creator of all, emerged from this chaos and brought with him order and salvation. He shaped the abyss and brought form to the universe. Within this form came the world, the sun and moon, the stars, the sky, the grass, the tress, the oceans, and all life as we know it. The labors put a great toll on Vesmir despite his vast power. To maintain the balance he sought to achieve in the universe following his labors, he created a number of powerful children. These children would continue to shape the world in his absence with the hopes they would honor his wishes and achieve his vision.

His children at the time were 7 in number: Andal, Dabel, Tempus, Lumes Tella, Atlantia, and Makara. And for a time there was peace and order, with each maintaining their domains. They mingled amongst each other, giving birth to new beings of power. From Andal and Tella, Fortis and Divum were born and from Dabel and Atlantia, Thordain and Flamma were born. Tempus and Lumes were absent from this mingling as these two were responsible for the cycle of day and night (respectively).

In order keep order, Andal decided to bring the beings into council. This was when the Nine were born: Andal, Dabel, Tella, Atlantia, Makara, Fortis, Divum, Thordain and Flamma. It was then that the Nine decided to take Vesmir's vision to the next stage.

Tella brought life into the world in the form of nature itself and her dreams of peace. Atlantia created the waters of the oceans, lakes and rivers and her wrath brought earthquakes. Divum became the created of the sky, and her various dances brought weather and storms. Flamma created fire and its many uses. And Makara was the bringer of intelligence, wisdom and magic.

Andal crafted the ideals of order, honor, truth and nobility as well as bringing the light of heaven to the world, which angels acting as the guardians of peace and order. Dabel created opposing ideals of chaos, corruption, desire, darkness as well as being the lord of the underworld, with his foul devils, demons and monstrosities seeking to spread destruction. Fortis created the ideas of heroes which would embody the qualities of courage, resolve, honor and loyalty. Thordain brought with him nothing but war, violence, bloodlust and carnage.

Tella wanted to share this wonderful creation upon its completion. Then the Elves were born. The Elves were a beautiful and fair race with a deep admiration for nature. They were immortal like the Nine if only because Tella envisioned them as a being of nature and one that should live with the earth until the end of times. The Elves lived in the world, alone and at peace. The Elves worshipped Tella, calling her a "God" in their native tongue.

However, Thordain grew jealous and wanted a people of his own. Working his sister, the two created their peoples. Thordian created the Dwarves and Flamma created the dragons. Dwarves were a small but strong race. They were hardy with muscular bodies with strong constitutions. They had a love of valuables, war and drink. The Dragons were a mythic and powerful race, capable of flight and fire. However, these beings were crafted in secret and in due time grew separate from the world. The dragons flew to the north where the dragon kings would unite them as a single race. The Dwarves retreated to mountains and caves, having little contact with the other beings, fueled by their greed and lust for wealth (and the craft of mining was soon born). The Dwarves became a conflict seeking race, often at odds with Tella's Elves. But peace was soon achieved, much to Thordain's dismay.

Dabel grew curious of these creations, but was unable to craft any original beings. He was a god of chaos and nothing is created from chaos. Using his talents of corrupting, Dabel twisted the minds and hearts of Elves, Dwarves and dragons. Thus arose the Orc-kin and the dark dragons. These manifestations ravaged the land. Orc raped and pillaged the land, murdering all stood in their way. Fire rained from the skies as Dragons unleashed their rage upon the world. Elves and Dwarves attempted to fight back, and succeeded for some time. Elves reclaimed a small corner of the world to call their own while the Dwarves had invented weapons to defend themselves from the Dragons of the north. However, both were overrun. Soon the world would be swallowed in flames.

Fortis and Makara looked at the world in pity and with Andal's guidance, they created Men. Men were to be an adaptable race capable of many feats at the cost of short life in comparison to their peers. Blessed by Fortis, the Men drove the Orc-kin into the deep bowls of the Earth. Many dragons were killed following the rise of men and like the Orc-kin, were driven into mountains and caves. Though many are believed to have retreated north, or simply left the world entirely.

This is how the world was born.

The Church of One

Founded: 600 FC
Countries that practice: Palaven, Ethora (5%)
Belief System: The Church of One's tenants as outlined in the Book of One believes in a singular god who created the world of Aerion with nothing more than a few words. As the supreme creator, the followers of the One dedicate their lives to the One out of respect and admiration. True believers ascend to Astrum while non believers burn in Infernum.

The Theocracy of Palaven follow their variation of the Church of One, which was established by followers of the One who fled from Ethora and other countries. Palaven follows the Voice of the One, who is said to be the ‘bridge between the One himself and the world of Aerion’, as said by their holy scriptures. Citizens of Palaven worship the Voice as he himself is thought to be divine, a direct descendant of the One. It is illegal to approach too close to the Voice, speak to him without first being addressed, touching the Voice, speaking up against the Voice, or harming the voice in any way, whether physically or emotionally. All are punishable by death according to the laws of Palaven and those of the Holy Scriptures. The Voice is said to have divine gifts that he could unleash anytime he wishes, and that through obedience, the path to enlightenment can be found.


Founded: Unknown exact date, around 2800HA-100FC
Countries that practice: Rastra
The Belief: Followers of the Sages of Wisdom. Their religion, called Shugalism and therefore their followers Shugalians, instructs the followers to physically and spiritually embody the qualities of Turuk Al Isben, the first Sage of Wisdom, and the founder of Shugalism. It is said that Isben ascended into the Realm of the Deities (their version of heaven), and followers of his beliefs and values can also ascend into the Realm if they are good Shugalians.
  • Shugalism advocates the pursuit of salvation through personal meditation on the names and messages of the Sages of Wisdom, which is written down in their holy book, the Hilarkan, which is the combination of the manuscripts of their teachings. Their teachings primarily are open-minded, allowing for pursuit of whatever paths of life one desires, so long as they do not intentionally harm others. However, their teachings do illustrate the need to be moral, as well as humble, good-intentioned, and peaceful.
  • Shugalism allows room for the deities and worships of other religions/Gods. They do not find that all other religions are wrong, but rather that the deities and beliefs of others are only an extension of the beliefs of the Rastrans, and that the gods of others are apart of the thousands of those that linger in the Realm of Deities. It is with this that Shugalism is accepting of other religions, even new ones that recently pop up. However, direct denouncement of the Sages is considered highly insulting, and those who do so are considered lost or tormented souls damned to anguish as their spirit is doomed to wander the world until they prove themselves a true Shugalian and accept the teachings of the Sages.
  • The Sages are said to all be a sort of reincarnation of the first, Turuk al Isben, whose spirit ascended into the Realm of Deities, but whose powers were passed on to the next sage. Upon the death of a previous sage, a new sage will be born. It is unknown when exactly the next Sage will be born. It could be a year after, or a hundred years. It is known when that Sage is born, however, because the eyes of a statue of Turuk al Isben, which is located in the Temple of Truth, the Sages’ official home, begins to shine. It is then that 3 ‘Watchers’, who are servants of the Sages of Wisdom, scour the kingdom in search of the new Sage, and once they are found, they are taken to the Temple of Knowledge, where they are said to be taught their powers from infancy. From then on, the Sage of Wisdom guides the people of Rastra as their leader.
  • There have been 11 Sages of Wisdom in Rastra. Solomon Rahz is the current Sage. Here is the list of the others:
    1. Turuk Al Isben- 100-140FC
    2. Harat the Wise- 219-284FC
    3. Nenat the Noble- 306-369FC
    4. Al Akal- 370-442FC
    5. Rant Kahl- 562-629FC
    6. Iben Induh- 789-853FC
    7. Galliah the Great- 1092-1166FC
    8. Makto the Mystic- 1324-1380FC
    9. Ejoifor Ofteh- 1426-1501FC
    10. Harul Ikedia- 1568-1619FC
    11. Solomon Rahz- 1776-


Founded: Around 200 FC
Countries that practice: Vanaheim
The Belief:
It is said that originally there was a chasm, a great abyss known as Ginagap, bounded on either side by fire and ice. When the fire and ice met in the center, they combined to form a great beast known as Rumir. From the void was also said to have created the High God Isir. Rumir, from his mouth, shaped and created the species of dragons. It was apparent from the beginning that the two beings could not get along, and it was then that the Great Battle had occurred, ultimately ending in the death of Rumir by High God Isir. From Rumir's dead body, Isir created the world. Rumir's blood was the sea; his flesh, the earth; his skull, the sky; his bones, the mountains; his hair, the trees. The new Rumir-based world was named Aerion where mankind would live.
  • From Rumir's remains grew an ash tree named Gelad, the Tree of Life, whose branches covered the known world and supported the universe. Gelad had roots going to each of the newly created 8 realms of the world. One root went into Vigard, the home of the gods, where High God Isir now resides, along with his kin. It is also said that a human who dies honorably in battle can also enter this realm at death. Another root went into the land of the dragons, the realm of Ormurheim.. The next root went to Alfenheim, origin of the elves. The root that led to Nithavellir was where the dwarves came from. Hielheim is the realm of the dead, of which all souls of the departed who did not die in a heroic way will end up, despite doing good deeds or not. Then there was the original land of ice (Niethalheim), and fire (Musipheim), of which a root extends as well. These realms hold few beings, but help support the other realms and the universe. The 8th root goes to the land of Aerion, where humans dwell.
  • Travel between the 8 realms can be done through the Enebrus, the lightning bridge. It is said whenever a thunderstorm is present, a passage is being done between the realms. However, this bridge cannot be accessed through certain realms, like the human realm, or Ormurheim, home of the dragons. The most common opening is from Vigard.
  • Vanaheim religion also foretells of “The End of Times”, also called Ragnarok. It is said that in a certain years that would be dubbed the last year, a great battle will take place. High God Isir has gathered other gods and humans deemed worthy over all time to prepared for the great battle at this end of times. At this time, the realm containing the dragons of Ormurheim will break, and the Great End Battle will begin. It is a battle High God Isir knows they cannot win, but it must be done nonetheless. In the process of the battle, every hero and god will eventually die, including Isir. It would be at this point that the great god who resides in Musipheim, known as Seren, shall come forth, and burn all realms into oblivion, concluding Ragnarok and effectively ending time. It is said that a lone male and a lone female will have survived the conflict to repopulate the human realm, and from the ashes of the battlefield the gods will revive. The worlds will restart anew, and on the back of a black dragon, so will all pain and suffering as well, but also hope and life. The cycle begins anew.
  • Vanaheim have their own calendar in relation to Ragnarok, but generally follow the Ethorian calendar for convenience.
  • There are many gods in Vanaheim myth. Here is a list of the most important:
    • High God Isir: Major god in Ragnel, ruler of Vigard, and the god of war, battle, victory, death, and wisdom. One of the three gods of creation, who made man, known as “High”.
    • Rosen: The god of stone and wood. The builder of the Enebrus, the lightning bridge.
    • Ven: god of innocence, beauty, peace, and rebirth. One of the three gods of creation, who made man, also known as “Just as High”.
    • Dargan: God of dawn, justice, inspiration, fish and the skies. One of the three gods of creation, who made man, also known as “Third”.
    • Fiera: Goddess of fertility, love, and winter.
    • Ullur: God of skill, hunt, anger, and duel.

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Supervegeta's Characters

Varian Sigmund

Age: 25
Gender: Male
Nationality: Highmen (Vanaheim)

Appearance: Many of the people of Vanaheim have an established reputation for their appearance. Varian’s appearance doesn’t trail too far from the conception of a typical Highman. Like many of the people of the north, he has an imposing stature, standing at a height of 6 ft 4 in, or about 1.93 m. He has fairly pale skin, mostly due to the underexposure of being in the sun, which is rarely seen around Vanaheim. His body is well-proportioned. He is not overly muscled, but rather well-toned, neither being too skinny nor too large. He does however, have fairly long legs due to high length, allowing him to make long strides, especially useful in combat, making him not only quite large, but also exceptionally agile for his height.

Varian is usually found with a small beard, a bit different than that of normal people of Vanaheim, who sport rather large beards. Varian dislikes the look, and prefers a smaller, kept one. His skin is generally rough, with a set of three distinct scars going in a line across his cheek, many of which believe he has received from an encounter with a wolf, but Varian would never be the one to tell if that is really the case. His eyes are brown and his gaze appears as if he is always in a foul mood. However, that is just his normal gaze. Varian has relatively long, shoulder-length light-brown hair, which has been slightly combed back, but also chopped a bit to the side, giving him, as he would say, a perfect look for a mercenary.

Varian’s clothing isn’t exactly traditional, but combines a bit of his cultural background into it. He is found wearing a sleeveless grey leather vest. Around his vest is a baldric which extends across his chest and over his right shoulder, which is used to holster his two hand axes on his back, which are prominently displayed in an ‘X’ shape on his back. On his right shoulder attached to the baldric is a mass of grayish-white fur believed to originally be from a wolf, perhaps the same one that gave him the scars on his cheek, but again, Varian would never say. Varian also has a belt fitted tightly across his waist, and below that a pair of black pants of common fabric of the time. He wears boots, which are grey in color and reach just above his ankles.

Personality: Despite his appearance, Varian tends to somewhat break the norm of how most people view the average Highman, at least, to an extent. Where most Highmen are loud and rash, many will find that Varian is composed and a bit quiet. At least, compared to the average Highman. When in a group of familiar people, or people he feels more comfortable around, he would usually become more talkative. He does not wish to do so in front of people he is unfamiliar with, especially clients. However, when he does talk, many might notice his rather dark sense of humor. He often finds humorous that which others might believe to be sinister. He would more likely be the one to laugh at other’s pain and misery, especially if the circumstance of it is ironic, far-fetched, or unusual. With that is added a second dimension of Varian being slightly critical of others, and rather unsympathetic of their troubles, unless they are clients, in which case he is very sympathetic, especially if the compensation is good. This is to say that Varian may be a bit cold, but he is also practical and smart about it. He knows when he should and shouldn’t say certain things, especially if the consequences be the removal of his head. His true feelings, beliefs, and personality would never reveal themselves to anyone but close friends, and because of the very nature of his work, he has few of those.

Although he has mostly attempts o break away from the traditions of his forefathers, Varian finds himself instilled with a few values from his homeland. He is not religious, but still finds comfort in the words and sayings of the ancient tongue in Vanaheim, almost treating it as good luck charms. Although he has long strayed from the Highmen tradition of honor and family, some of those views still continue to work its way through his mercenary work, mostly having to do with family. Although he has long since lost any conventional family, he almost treats his mercenary group like an extended family. As their leader, it can almost be said that he could be seen as a head of a family, and as such, it is his job to keep the rest of his family safe, both with conventional and alternative methods.

History: Varian was born in the southern part of Vanaheim, in a village called Renvall. He came from a long line of Highmen who defended the Maerrun in the province there. His father is the latest to have taken up the guard of the Maerr, his mother dying in childbirth. It was expected of Varian to one day grow up to become the next guard of the Maerr, and continue the tradition the family held. However, Varian realized even as a child that the life of servitude was not for him. In his opinion, why should he have to pledge himself to someone without getting something in return? The concepts of honor and tradition alluded Varian, even as a small boy. His father would reprimand him in the hopes that he would eventually accept that this was his ordained purpose, but Varian never could say that he did.

However, as he became an adolescent, he was taught in the ways of combat. This part of Vanaheim tradition was one he cherished. It was taught in Vanaheim that a man who could not fight was not a man at all. Varian learned early on that there was wisdom to these words. But Vanaheim weren’t particular in terms of what weapons can be used. Varian wasn’t particularly fond of the large, single axe that had become common in Vanaheim’s culture. He preferred to be more agile and moveable in combat. In the end, he chose as his preferred weapon choice a set of hand axes. This allowed him to keep within the tradition of the axe, while still maintaining his agility. Varian learned early on in his life that he had a talent for combat, and very much enjoyed it.

As he grew and became a young man, an event happened in his life that altered his fate. Being from Southern Vanaheim, the villages to the south were prone to attacks from orcs and other foul creatures of the Cloudwalker Mountains. One night, orcs came down from the mountain and attacked the village. Varian’s father was among the men who defended the village, but by day’s end, he was murdered. In a single night, Varian’s life was changed completely. His father had left him everything. His property, his land, his money. Varian found himself for the next few weeks struggling to decide what he was to do. Although he had never wanted to before, he expected he would have to grow up to become a guard of the Maerr. That was his destiny. But that was the destiny his father had laid out for him. Now that he was gone, there was nothing truly keeping him there. So on a whim, one day, Varian packed a few of his belongings, and left Renvall, never to return.

For a while, Varian wandered. It would be an understatement to say that he was ill-prepared for the travels of life in the wild of Vanaheim. From the cold, harsh winter to the beasts that roam the country, Varian found himself realizing something crucial: He was taught how to fight, but not how to survive. His was supposed to be the life of servitude in a grand hall of a Maerr, not roaming the wilds. The day came when a large grey wolf had approached him, seeing Varian as his next meal. Although Varian didn’t know it that day, the wolf would be his test to see if he could truly learn to survive. A battle occurred, Varian’s steel matching against the wolf’s fangs and claws. Varian triumphed in a grueling contest, but not before the beast left a permanent mark on his face. He skinned the wolf for his pelt, and wore it with him ever since.

In the following town he visited after the event, he had heard about a merchant who needed passage between towns, and that he would pay anyone willing to accompany him as a guard. Varian heard, and decided to apply right away. It was his first true job as a mercenary. The first of many. His cargo had apparently been threatened by a bandit the day before, and the merchant expected an attack while on the road, which evidently did happen. The bandits came in a trio, but as Varian soon found out, were both quite slow and extremely ill-trained. Varian took care of them fairly easily, and lead the merchant to his destination. It seemed that Varian had finally found his calling.

Varian traveled all across Vanaheim for mercenary work. One day, he found himself in the southern village of Dergen, in the tavern known simply as Hergen. There, he met another mercenary named Cassandra whose sharp tongue and rash behavior seemed to instantly put him at odds with her. The two had a fight right in the tavern itself. For her size, the woman was an excellent fighter, and in the end, the bout ended in a draw. Recognizing her strength, Varian, on impulse, asked her if she wanted to accompany him as a mercenary. A bit to his surprise, she accepted. The two traveled together across Aerion as mercenaries. They were the ideal compliments to each other. They differed significantly in personalities, but were both guided by completion of their work, and the pay that went with it. They traveled beyond Vanaheim and through other nations, taking on any jobs they could get, and completed a good deal of them. They have been together for years now, and, although Varian would never outright admit it to the other, have become good friends.

Because of the adaptation to the weather, Varian removed a part of the wolf pelt off of his back, but kept a piece of it embedded on his shoulder, as a constant reminder to him of the day he considers he became a man, a tale he will probably never tell to anyone.

Weapon Preference: A set of hand axes. Varian prefers to move agile through combat, and instead of choosing a single larger axe as his standard weapon, chose two smaller ones which he uses to hash, slash, and bash opponents. Varian constantly maintains the sharpness and quality of the axes, although a chip could be seen on one of them.

Ser Roland of the House of Grey

Age: 30
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Country of Origin: Ethorian (House Reigncliff)

Appearance: Roland is what many would refer to as a handsome man. Standing at five feet and eleven inches, he is lean and well built. His skin, which is a slightly tanned white, is near flawless, having no blemishes, birth marks, or scars. He has short, fair, combed blond hair, and bright green eyes. He is usually found wearing heavy armor traditional to Reigncliff, with the traditional colors of red, yellow and brown on them. The sigil of Reigncliff is painted on his shoulder blades of his armor, with the seal of the House of Grey embedded on the front chest-plate.

When he is not wearing his armor, he is found could be found wearing a brown or yellow silk shirt with matching silk pants of high quality. He rarely likes to have himself be touched physically by others, especially those not of noble birth, so he usually wears a pair of brown gloves. Across his waist is a belt that helps holster his sword.

Personality: Roland is very much a knight of Reigncliff, and much of the culture of the house and region has shaped his character and personality. As many do from Reigncliff, Roland despises the Houses of Crosland and Morok. His relationship to House Welm isn’t great either, although he maintains that House Larson has some decency. However, recently, any house not of House Reigncliff could be considered an enemy, or at the very least untrustworthy. Still, he, along with everyone else of House Grey is an expected loyal servant of the House Reigncliff and a supporter of Hector’s claim to the throne.

In terms of Roland’s personal character, he has always been one to go by the book, preferring the conventional, established method over the abstract one. As he sees it, every problem could and would be solved if people understand their place, and standing is everything. A farmer should grow up to be a farmer, a knight to be a knight, and a king to be a king. Interaction between the social groups that do not belong together should, as he would say, be discouraged. He sees them almost as if they are from different worlds, and believes that is how it should remain. Roland believes laws should be upheld, and order, power and security should always be maintained. As he sees it, it is apart of his duty to protect the laws of the land, and the balance of power maintained here. Order, if established, should be upheld. Above all else, Roland despises traitors and lawless peoples, and rarely believes mercy should be shown to either.

Roland maintains a good relationship with his family, but scorns his younger brother Percival constantly. He wishes he would be more like him, instead of how he is, which he would refer to as disgraceful, and borderline treacherous. Percival’s ties to the Houses to the south has more than once angered him, and Roland believes had it not been for the fact that Percival was his brother, he would have killed him a long time ago.

This brings to the point of another characteristic of Roland, which is his apathy and heartlessness. He cares very little for the opinions of those below him, being very close-minded in that regard. He is also cruel when it comes to taking into account the feelings of others. He cares for no one but the success of House Reigncliff, the safety and security of his kin and friends, and the maintenance of established law and order.

History: Roland was born into the noble house of Grey by his mother Elinor and his father Sir Lawrence Grey. At an early age, he was taught all the necessities to becoming a dignified upper-classmen and a virtuous servant of House Reigncliff. Things came easy to Roland. He was both sharp in his studies and articulate in his speech. He took advantage of all of his opportunities into becoming a perfect knight, and many, it seems have paid off. As he began training for his knighthood, it became obvious he was not only intelligent, but also exceptional with a sword. He trained under the traditional methods, learning from the best swordmasters and eventually surpassing them in skill. At the age of 17, he was knighted and chosen as a servant of House Reigncliff. His reputation and actions, as well as skill with a sword have not only increased the name of House Grey, but also his own name.

He had participated in countless bouts and jousts, winning many, but his finest work came at the participation of the Grand Tournament in Ethora. He had participated in the tournament three times, and three times he had emerged as its winner. His victories and skill with the blade, which come largely from his exceedingly conventional methods of fighting have earned him the epithet of the “Beast of Grey”, due largely to it being so unclear as to how he fights so remarkably with such a traditional and plain technique. It was largely due to these victories that he was invited to join the Lionguard, the royal guard of the King of Ethora. Roland gladly accepted, and became a well-respected member of the Lionguard. His family is hailed and is one of the most well-known houses of not only Reigncliff, but even so, his brother could be considered to damage the good name of Grey. The assassination of the King had plagued Roland's relationship with the other houses, and caused his lecturing of his brother to increase. Roland has consistently tried to lecture his brother on the dangers his behavior causes not only to the family name and reputation, but to himself. As he put it, "those of the other Houses, especially in such treacherous times, should not be trusted."

Although Roland does not know what happens now that the Monks call for a conference, he knows he must attend as a representative of House Reigncliff.

Weapon Preference: Roland is a traditional wielder of a sword and shield. His shield proudly displays the sigil of House Grey in the center, and whose color is a golden-yellow. His sword is crafted in mountains of Bludrock by the finest blacksmiths.

Raikiri's Characters

Cassandra "Cass" Alexandera

Age: 26
Gender: Female
Nationality: Ethorian

Appearance: Cass is a character that manages to blend both beauty and grit into a seamless package with a bold appearance that is not easy to forget. Standing at about 5"5 (1.65 meters) with a thin yet athletic build, Cass has a capable figure who can hold her own in a fight with her surprising strength and agility. Cassandra's favorite quality is her curves, with a fairly large bust being almost far too noticeable. It becomes clear that Cass is bursting with confidence, wearing a perpetual smile.

Her short red hair is unkempt, with its strands at the mercy of the wind and her dark blue eyes beaming through loose strands of red hair that brush across her delicate facial features. However the gentle nature of her youthful face is offset by a certain level of roughness, including cached on dirt, light bruising and a few cuts and scrapes. Cassandra's eyes are generally warm and inviting, are capable of charming others with relative ease. However, others easily notice the lust that her eyes carry. She has a thin nose and face, with rosy cheeks that compliment her hair. Her skin, however, is lightly tanned making the rosy cheeks hard to notice.

Cassandra's clothing is your typical mercenary garb, being practical and functional. To show off her "qualities," she wears a low cut sleeveless white shirt, with a few loose laces around her cleavage. The shirt is clearly new, having not seen the wear and tear of her other articles of clothing. A small leather belt is worn around her waist holding her flagon of alcohol and a set of lock picks and keys. To keep practical, Cassandra sports a pair of dark blue cloth pants, with dark leather straps holding a pair of knives (one on each leg) and a pair of oversized black leather boots, keeping her feet protected. Over her right shoulder is a baldric which contains her finely crafted two handed claymore with a black hilt. Her hands are protected by a pair of worn leather gauntlets, which have seen many years of action as evidenced by the bloodstains.

Cassandra sports a new extra accessories. Notably, she wears a single necklace with a golden religious symbol hanging from a black leather strap. Cass has invested in some tattoos, with a black tribal symbols on her left shoulder and lower back. For difficult weather conditions, she owns a dark blue cloak. She hates wearing it, but carries it around nonetheless usually make anyone she travels with hold it for her.

Personality: Cass is not what you would call a prim and proper lady, being rough and rugged as your typical mercenary having made something of a name for herself due to her outrageous behavior. Cass is abrasive, immature, reckless, and vulgar reveling in simple pleasures and being generally hard to appreciate. This is likely a result of her overwhelming direct and honest nature as she is one to get to the point rather than tip toe around the issue, which in conjunction with her insensitivity makes Cass an unsympathetic and detached individual to say the least. Cass can be playful, however, often fooling around with others with her sarcasm and occasionally innocent humor. She does not take things seriously very often, looking at life as if it were a joke in itself.

She is an individualist, treasuring her own freedom above everything else and working for her own self interests, whatever they may be. Cass despises organized governments, strict traditions, and authority but does not actively pursue change. Instead she prefers watch everything unfold. She follows her whims and impulses doing whatever she feels like at the moment with little hesitation, valuing her own happiness above everything else. Therefore, Cass is not motivated by a desire to do good or evil and will only align herself with either if it serves her interests in some way. In this regard, Cass can take it a bit too far becoming overwhelmingly greedy and self interested, often asking "how does this benefit me?" when posed with any request.

Cass is indulgent, engaging in any activity she deems fun. Gambling, alcohol and aggressive flirting (she isn't picky by the way) are only the beginning for her. She can be often found at bars or taverns drinking to pass the time and then leaving without paying her tab. Cass takes any opportunity she can to break the law or cause, out of habit and simple fun. This goes in accordance with the fact that Cass has very flexible morals, and is not above committing questionable acts especially if coin is thrown into the equation. In fact, Cass can take things took far, reflecting near psychopathic tendencies. Being terribly volatile and easy to provoke, Cass loves to fight and get dirty. In combat, Cass gets caught up in the moment, often resulting in a poor fate for her opponent.

History: Cassandra was born into your typical upper middle class family in southern Ethora with an ambitious father and a mild mannered mother, it became quite apparent Cassandra was going to be a tool for her father to advance up the social ladder of Ethorian society. She was expected to wear pretty dresses, learn proper manners and show courtesy to all noble lords and ladies while her father continued to bolster his increasing reputation as a merchant and trader. It was a flawless plan on his part, with only problem: Cassandra herself. She despised her father and his dreams as she yearned for freedom, often attempting to foil his plans whenever possible. Her mother did her best to calm Cassandra, saying it was for "her own good" but such sentiments fell on deaf ears.

Cassandra's father planned for an arranged marriage to a member of a noble house in northern Ethora, believing the man could control the passionate Cassandra. Sadly, the man never had the chance as Cassandra ran away several weeks prior to the engagement. At the age of 17, Cassandra declared herself as "Cass" with the hopes of forging her own destiny and experiencing the freedom she so desperately desired. However, Cass stepped into a bigger world than she expected, quickly realizing that one does not get far without gold. Refusing to subjecting herself to working the streets in the city of Lios, Cass quickly left the southern regions of Ethora and set herself in the region of Idir where she entered a military academy to learn how to use a blade. Women rarely attended military academies, making her something of a novelty. However, Cass grew bored quickly of lessons and soon left the academy after stealing a few weapons and coin, and retreated north to Vanaheim after making several stops along the way for some employment as a mercenary.

Cass often took solo jobs or group employment, preferring to keep all the earnings to herself. A fan of escort missions and anything that involving killing someone, Cass built up something of a reputation during her travels to Vanaheim. However the renown of being a ruthless, efficient and greedy mercenary did not carry over the Cloudwalker Mountains into the snow covered reaches of Vanaheim, forcing herself to forge a new reputation, as reputation usually led to more and better paying jobs. For the next few years, Cass remained in Vanaheim, occasionally traveling back south in the colder months for sun and relaxation (as she is still a southern girl at heart).

In the tavern called Hergen in the town of Dergen, Cass came across the mercenary named Varian, whose quiet and cold nature ticked her off to no end. They engaged in a classic bar brawl and much to her surprise, Varian did not stand down ending the fight in something of a stalemate. Varian extended an offer of a partnership of which Cass accepted, believing the man could hold his own well enough for a few jobs at the very least. Accompanying him across the lands of Aerion, they completed countless jobs together and even bonded as friends, even if Cass is ashamed to hang out with a man she finds quite unattractive, if only because he is scarred. Regardless, Cass does not regret the decision to join him for he is good company.

Specialization: Cass has gone through several weapons in the past, but has settled on her two handed claymore of which she calls "Red Snow" as this blade accompanied her on many journeys through Vanaheim dying the snow she walked through red with the blood of her enemies. It is a large steel blade with a shining finish and a black handle. She also carries around a pair of daggers on her belt. While skilled with a bow, she does not carry one with her at all times.

RP Sample:
Like the great Raikiri needs to complete such sections.

Percival Grey, serving as the Hand of Robert Welm.

Age: 23
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Nationality: Ethorian

Appearance: Constantly living in his brother's shadow, Percival never received the kind of words reassuring him of his appearance, though the few he received usually referred to his child-like innocence. Standing at around 5 feet and 10 inches (1.77m) in height, Percival has an average build, not boosting great strength or agility but enough to make him a fair fighter when the time calls. With pale skin with a few impurities (mostly the remnants of coming of age), Percival looks like a man that is beginning to come into his own.

Percival has fairly long blond hair, that is barely under control from regular maintenance, allowing it to keep a fairly shaggy form on top his head. Unlike his elder brother, Percival has inherited his mother's pale blue, bordering on gray eyes. Despite his kind nature, the eyes give off an impression of inner anger, which is more fitting for his brother and father. Percival's face has a certain fitting youth to it with a few marks of war, including a scar above his left eye and one on his right cheek, both coming from intense training sessions with his family. Even with these impurities, Percival is usually seen with a bright smile, giving off an aura of happiness and good will.

A per tradition, Percival dons a traditional suit of plate mail armor. Unlike his brother who openly displays his pride for House Reigncliff, Percival prefers neutrality with his armor being nothing more than a standard dark grey suit of armor with yellow accents outlining the armor. Percival wears black chain mail underneath for extra protection with finally a purple silk shirt and tunic underneath that, to protect the armor from rubbing against his skin. A dark blue cape/cloak is usually worn over this, to protect him from the elements. Across his waist, Percival wears a dark brown leather belt with his mace hanging from the straps. His shield is usually seen on his back, over his shoulder.

Personality: Percival considers himself a good person, regardless of what his family tells him otherwise. He sees himself as a fair minded, cooperative and kindhearted individual who believes in the "greater good" understanding that to for everything to work out people must work together towards of a common goal of peace and prosperity. To this end, Percival believes he grew up in the wrong noble house, more identifying with the Houses of Welm and Taimor which is only fitting since his mother spent more time in those regions than in Bludrock, often to visit friends.

Percival sees the world as a place that needs social equality, mobility and freedom and that people should be free to make their own decisions and that pure domination of others will never solve anything. Choice and freewill are key principles in his philosophy, which irritates his father and brother to no end (and has led to Percival lacking self confidence). The irritation is a two way street however, as Percival chides them for their lack of understanding when concerning others, their blind loyalty and close minded approach to life.

Percival is talkative and open when dealing with people, firmly believing that discussion rather than action is the educated approach to things. He always believes in a better way of handling things, which likely explains his lack of respect for many laws and the justice system of Ethora. In this regard, Percival is something of a reformer believing in radical change on several issues. He understands though that his desires are not universally accepted and hopes to change the system from the inside rather than open protest, keeping many of his opinions to himself, unless requested to express them. Percival is careful with his words, and always thinks before acting. Always striving to be a better person, Percival displays commitment to his causes and moves towards his goals for change being active in many respects.

He can, however, be quite naive and out of touch with reality. As a member of a noble house, Percival lived an ideal life rarely living amongst the common folk. As such, Percival lacks a deeper understanding of social norms or the functions of society which can explain his naive idealism. At the same time, Percival is easily amazed by things carrying a certain level of innocence. Equally amusing is that Percival can be shy around beautiful women. Generally humble and well mannered, he treats people with respect and goodwill, though he can be a bit too serious at times. He catches on to this fact and often attempts to correct the situation with a innocent remark or joke.

History: Born as the youngest child to Lawrence and Elinor Grey as the younger brother to Roland Grey, Percival was primarily raised by his mother, a woman from the south whose connections had caused Percival to frequently travel with her while Lawrence raised his prodigy of a son to become a great knight to serve not only House Reigncliff but the King as well. Percival received many of the same lessons as Roland did, but often with his mother's southern bias thrown in as subtext. In his youth, Percival was treated to the wonders of the south, including the Golden Islands and the Silver Plains, the great cities of Dinas, Lios and even Baradoom (though he was not fond of the laws there at all). Percival became exposed to many walks of life and different philosophies in his education, gradually despising the culture of Bludrock and the polices of the state.

It became increasingly obvious that Percival was not to become another faithful servant to Reigncliff…or anyone for that matter. Percival became an outspoken follower of a new ideal: social freedom and equality. These tenants are considered traitorous by many northerners, with his brother becoming Percival's debating partner. These debates usually ended in Roland storming away, unable to bear the sound of Percival's voice of reason. However, because of Percival's preference for social reform, he became quickly overshadowed by his brother who went on to become a champion and a member of the Lionguard. He became the ideal hero, while Percival remained in the dust as a mere outspoken noble in Reigncliff's chamber of Lords, which his father often struggling to keep him in line while his brother berated him for his actions and thoughts.

At the age of 18, Percival formally moved out of his father's house, practically removing himself from the House of Grey. This was not without some fighting words with his family, but Percival stood by his principles and moved out east to region of Elysia, where Percival served in the court of Robert Welm. Robert admired Percvial's outspoken nature and agreed with many of his beliefs, taking him under his wing to serve as a Knight of House Welm and in time as his steward and hand, essentially becoming his right hand man. When the Monks called for the conference, Robert chose Percival to answer the call believing he will do the right thing.

Specialization: Percival favors a flanged mace and solid steel triangular shield as his choice of equipment. Percival's equipment has been customized, with his flanged mace having a gold and black finish with its flangs at the top being a dark black. The shield is decorated with the sigil of House Welm.

RP sample:
Once again, the great Raikiri is exempt from such duties.


space adventure

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I liked the old name better lol

I debated with myself for long if I should try to join or not, but then I stumbled upon a picture of a red mage from ff I think and suddenly a character concept sprouted. I think I'll post what I have so far so you can say if this character would work or not at all :p

Firstly, I want him to be feminine looking half-elf. I'll have a story for it. Is that ok? Secondly, he might be a bit of a comic relief, but I'll make sure he can be serious as well. Or at least if forced, hrrm. Thirdly, he'll have two imaginary/schizophrenicly made-up companions who he believe are fairy versions of Andal and Dabel. He believes that they are constantly waging a war for his loyalty and trying to make him choose right or wrong whenever such a choice appears. Which most often will lead to the character doing something unexpected or neither right or wrong, if I'm able to play this out in a good way. His favorite gods will be Tempus and Lumis, even though they are not part of the nine, because he thinks they are the most fair deities, making day and night work for everyone regardless of deeds or beliefs. Also, he'll wear a red cape and hat with a feather and be more or less involuntarily obsessed with gold.

Please, grandpa and god, can I have him?

Xlugon Pyro

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This looks interesting. Sort of sandbox-ish. Humans, elves, and dwarves, eh? It's the plain race trinity! MAKES DECISION HARD TO MAKE. HRMMM...

I am a bit curious about that Snowshire place and also Drakin. Those islands in the northern corners. Also, as the person before me hinted at, is it possible to roll as a branch, mixed-race or sub-race of the big three (I'm going to start calling the plain race trinity that because it's shorter)? I want to play something a little more wild and if I read correctly, this is a custom world. :P

Also, what technological era is the world in? Is it a traditional medieval fantasy or is there industrial activity somewhere in the world? Are the religions just beliefs or do these gods actually exist in the world's universe, and is there the possibility of having a conglomeration of multiple religions for a character?

Feel free to respond in a PM if you prefer that.
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This looks interesting. Sort of sandbox-ish. Humans, elves, and dwarves, eh? It's the plain race trinity! MAKES DECISION HARD TO MAKE. HRMMM...

I am a bit curious about that Snowshire place and also Drakin. Those islands in the northern corners. Also, as the person before me hinted at, is it possible to roll as a branch, mixed-race or sub-race of the big three (I'm going to start calling the plain race trinity that because it's shorter)? I want to play something a little more wild and if I read correctly, this is a custom world. :P

Also, what technological era is the world in? Is it a traditional medieval fantasy or is there industrial activity somewhere in the world? Are the religions just beliefs or do these gods actually exist in the world's universe, and is there the possibility of having a conglomeration of multiple religions for a character?

Feel free to respond in a PM if you prefer that.
Please reply to Pyro's questions in this thread, because I'm wondering too :p


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@RHCP- I see no problem with that character. In fact, I quite like him, so go for it. xD

@Xlugon Pyro- Yes, if you wish you may become a half-breed of a race as well. That is allowed. The technology that of a traditional medieval world. If there are any more significant advancement than that, they would belong to the most advanced nations, though we won't be seeing much of that. However, there is also magic in this world, though as you notice through your reading of the histories of the nations (if you choose to do so) it is quite forbidden and even persecuted. Also, if you want to learn more about Snowshire and Drakin, feel free to read through the Vanaheim history, as that is that nation is the most connected to them.

In terms of religions, the Great Raikiri and I have made it so that this world is quite spectacular, and there is much possibility for divine existence, to the extent that anyone of these religions could exist. However, it is also possible that none of them exist. This will become more apparent as the RP progresses. So it is possible for these gods to exist. And yes, a character may have multiple religions if you so choose, but as long as the mix makes sense, as in, two religions that preach opposite things might not work (although I don't think we have anything like that, so you're fine).

@Lilizuki- If I understand your question correctly, we'd like to find some sort of middle path between the two, where the Rpers stick with the general story we outlined, but where they can also make up much of their own as well. This is, after all, an original world, and much can be thought of by the RPer.

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MichaelaTheUchiha is reserved.

As the divine Supervegeta has just notified me telepathically, we will accept a number of "reservations" but will only accepted the 10 we deem fit to be for the roleplay. We will likely start earlier however, since both he and I, the Great Raikiri, are impatient.


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Great, I'm impatient too. Please reserve me, then. I'll be a Knight of Ekilore, whenever I finish writing that history.

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I also get the impression that mercenaries and knights will be opposed to each other throughout the RP. I think the mercenary faction would better suit the character concept I have in mind, but I don't intend to play a character who's part of the antagonist faction (it's not my cup of tea). This character would unlikely to be an emissary given the ideology I have in mind for the character.
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Hey divinities, may I be reserved for a mercenary too? I've looked at a lot of old tapestries which gave me a idea for a character~!

(still a work in progress)

Name: Evelynn "the Dancing Sword" Tehyus
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Country of Origin: Eveamoor

Appearance: Standing at about 5'9, weighing in about 138 pounds, Evelynn might of gained a bit more weight over the years, but she still considers herself to still stand at a respectable, healthy stance. Her skin is as smooth as a baby's bottom, color toned at a lightly tanned color. Her body is not all that skinny, but she does keep herself in a good enough shape to continue with her activities with relative ease. Her eyes are a light brown color, resembling the common pavement. She keeps her red hair in a braided ponytail that is supported by brown bands, and that drops all the way to her thighs. There is not much else to say about her natural appearance - like any other human, she has 5 slim fingers in each hand, her ears are not too pointy and not too small, her 5 toes on each foot are not too big, and her nose is not too big or small either.

As for her attire, she traditionally wears two types of attires: one for a swift combat, and one for her leisurely entertaining dances. Both of these attires consists of light wear, since she greatly values great mobility. Her combat attire consists of her upper half of her body having a brown and golden lining breast plate on her chest, brown shoulder guards on each of her shoulders, as well as arm braces of the same color, braces on each of her forearms, towards her wrists, all decorated with her family's traditional sapphire jewel on each brace. On her bottom half, she wears a brown and golden lining skirt supported by a small yet thin belt. Underneath her skirt, she wears light brown tights that extends to her boots, which are long enough to reach her kneecaps.

As for her dancing attire, her upper body consists of a brown top that covers her breasts, as well as brown braces that cover her forearm, all the way to her wrists. On her bottom half, she wears red, bloated, yet easy-to-move-in pants that is supported by a darker red belt that is decorated by a big red ribbon. On her feet, she wears dark-red lace that supports the helms of her feet so that she would not get scratched whenever she dances on rock-filled surface. She carries a big white, skinny blanket that she uses to catch the eye of the men she entertains for money. Deciptful it might be, but that's what you would have to do in a dog-eat-dog society.

Personality: Evelynn is a young woman who derives from her own self-sense of entertainment. She would never do anything constructive unless she thinks ahead of the benefits for her. Benefits such as the money she could earn, or simply having a good enough time that even money can not buy - however, it would still be great if it could. Her detractors, either envious of her success or acrimonious of her flexible morality, have begun to use Evelynn as a symbol of what is wrong with the mercenary nature of Eveamoor. Evelynn dismisses her critics, saying that while her personal code of ethics is less ruthless than her competitors, "Everyone has a price".

Often enough, outside of hunting, and mercenary jobbing, Evelynn can act quite reprehensible when it comes to earning her fortune. Evelynn acts as a bi-sexual flirt at times to sway her "chosen one" into making them feel so good that they would want to do anything for Eve. Eve proved herself successful with this time and time again with her dancing, and sometimes outside of dancing.

As you get to know Evelynn better, Evelynn is rather enigmatic. She is sarcastic and witty, unintentionally even to the point of cruelty. Evelynn has a snide, sarcastic response to even the most serious subjects, and loves to tease the companions she befriended. However, Serene's sarcastic and harsh words are often well-founded, so she only uses them to express her disapproving opinions.

In combat, Evelynn prefers swiftness, and the ability to try and outsmart her opponents. She can do whatever it takes to win - even taunt her opponents into making a fatal opening for her to capitalize on. Thus, Time and time again, Evelynn proves herself to not only be strong, but to be quite sly.

Evelynn does believe in the gods and goddesses taught by her in the church of The Council of Nine, but at the same time, she does not believe that the divinity should not be an excuse for the deplorable living state one can live in - she's a woman that believes that to make your dreams come true, you have to make things happen yourself.

History: Being born in a somewhat lower-middle class in the city of Yamcha, Eveamoor, Evelynn grew up in a society where corruption deception was imminent. She grew up in a family of three: her mother, her father, and her younger brother. Hunting and fighting was in Evelynn's blood - her family was from generations of such activities. It was the only way for her family to gain the fortune they own today.

When Evelynn was 10 years old, her father, a veteran warrior who was a proud and famous warrior for the League of Warriors, taught Eve how to be strong, while her mother stayed at home to care for Eve's younger brother. Her father would usually take her to the nearby woodlands to hunt for boars, in an effort to teach her how to hunt. Other times, her father performed practice rounds with Evelynn to teach her how to fend for herself in the art of combat. She was mainly taught how to wield a broad-sword, since a lance was the main weapon of her family name. She was also taught how to wield a hand-axe too, since it was arguably the most versatile weapon when it came to hunting. However, Eve often sought the "easy way out" of her duties, which of course, according to her father, was quite foolish.

As Eve turned 15, she, according to her family, became old enough to work under hire. She had no choice to comply, even after refusal. Hunting of course was her main job, as she worked under The Hounds hunting guild. Gaining as much money as she possibly could became a reoccurring theme for Eve, as she sought job, after job to do so. One day, after an unsuccessful hunt, Eve decided that hunting was too much of a bore for her - it did not pay her well, and everyone seemed to have a stick up their asses when it came to the quality of work. However, despite her complaints, this was the only thing she could do to earn her money for the moment.

As Eve turned 18, even after job after job, her excitement was still not fulfilled. That was until after she listened to the playing of a lute that belonged to an old woman. It was strange - even from her current age, Evelynn could not explain why, but the music inspired her... she started to clap her hands, and move her body; it was dancing! Even if it was a low-brow dance, the dance was fun; was this the excitement that Evelynn desired?

The answer to that question became known as she sown fabric together to create new clothing - it was new attire that was not for hunting, but for dancing. She recognized that from her father's bloodline of warriors, she knew that her father would probably not approve of her recent behaviors. So, to keep her family from knowing, she began to perform on the streets under a different name, "the dancing sword". As the dancing sword, she seduce the audience that watch her perform, and from the seduction, they offer her bits amounts of money. It was starting to become more than the fortune she gains as a hunter.

Two years later when she turned 20 years old, her father one day put an end to her training. He decided it was time for Evelynn to become a full, successful warrior under the hire of the League of Warriors. Eve of course, did not enjoy this idea, but according to her father, as long as she was part of the Tehyus family, she had to act under a code of ethics that only a true warrior would understand. That was when Eve knew it was time to abandon her Tehyus name, and to confront her father.

One day, Eve challenged her father in combat. Her father was quite surprised, since Eve's training was officially over, so it was unusual for her to challenge him to a friendly spar. However, Eve had other plans: this spar was more than friendly, because there would be stipulations. If she wins, then she would be able to finally live out on her own, training, and doing jobs that she would choose-not her father's. Her father was skeptical of the terms at first, but he finally agreed. The battle began. As the battle progressed, Eve knew that her father knew all of her moves, after all, it was her father that taught them to her. So, Eve decided it was time for a new strategy. It was then that Eve revealed to her father a new arsenal of moves - one that greatly resembles her dance steps. Her father thought it was strange - these were not the techniques that he passed on to Eve, so was it possible that Eve had grown into an adaptable warrior? There was no time for sudelty however, since this was, of course, a duel.

Soon, Eve's lance was strewn away by her father, and thus, losing Eve the duel. Eve accepted defeat. However, her father recognized Eve finally accepting her honor and responsibility, which made him reconsider Eve's place upon this world. As a young woman, he thought it was indeed time for her to view the world on how she fits. He still prefers that Eve becomes a warrior, but, at the same time, he would not hold it against her if she prefers otherwise. That was when Eve told her dad the truth - she made dancing her profession as well as the art of hunting and combat. Her father wanted her to do the contrary, but he respected it. That was when her father gave Eve the family - jewels - two sapphires that was virtually priceless in the world. It was awarded to Eve's great grandfather after a great, yet very dangerous mercenary job he performed, and it was passed down from generation to generation. If Eve were to sell them, she, herself can become very rich. So much so that she can move on to a more comfortable society. However, he pointed out that her family had not sold the jewels for decades, since of course, it was what it defined the family. If Eve truly wants to get rid of her family name, it was right there in the palm of her hands. Eve did not respond to what she wants to do with these jewels, as she simply giggled.

5 years later, Eve became 25 years old. She still lives with her family in Yamcha, but with her father retired due to his old age, so it was up to her and her younger brother to seek money for the family. Eve still hunts under some occasions, and even dances in her free time. She even became a bounty hunter for hire. Bounty hunting became her profession since, according to her, she "had a way of finding the people she loves". Tales came to Yamcha of her success, as one would state, "be sure to look for the dancing sword", and for the right price, she would take up the offer, as two jewels on her prospect shines with the sunlight.

Weapon Preference: Evelynn uses her Broad-Sword in combat. She calls it "the singing blade" since, according to her, each time she uses her sword, it sounds like it signs to her. Not very understandable, but only Evelynn knows. Her secondary weapon is a hand axe, which she mostly uses this for hunting.

RP Sample: From Arcanum

Lynn Colthearts - Mission One

Januvale's port side was about as peaceful and calming as the town. Perhaps for now, at least. Lynn, the overactive 16 year old girl who was born in raised in this town, faced the port's waterside with relaxed eyes. Of course, she had been at this port many times during her walks in and about this town; she knows that this port was peaceful, and very good for her "chi" as she called it. In other words, her: how-lucky-I-am-going-to-be-energy-today. In any case however, she knew that there would be no time for sightseeing and taking in the view -- there was something that needed to be done before the day was through. Just a few feet behind her was a small, monkey like pokemon, whom on top of its head, had a herbal leaf, and all green in color, including its tail, except its face, which was beige.

"Sage, Pansage..." (Yuck, I despise salt water...) the pokemon known as Pansage remarked, with a disgusted look on his face.

I wonder where that cursed boat is... Lynn thought. And, I wonder if that curse was because a drunken sailor smashed a piece of glass against it's drunken friend in dispute of a trading card... In any case, ITS UP TO ME TO DISPEL IT! Lynn then got out a small red-jeweled object from her dress. According to her, it was a talisman that she inherited from her mother. "With this, the curse shall be lifted from that boat!" She inquired, as Lynn then felt a tug on her dress.

"Pan, Pansage!" (Before talking to spirits, you might want to look over here,) Pansage suggested, tugging on Lynn's dress to get her attention. Then, when Lynn stopped to glance downward at it, the Pansage pointed towards a fairly large ship. This was their objective.

"Ah, excellent work, Pansage!" Lynn complimented, turning her attention towards the ship. "The cursed ship...perhaps it's no curse according to Jerosh, BUT, curses are not to be taken lightly. I mean, what if it's just a warning -- a WARNING FOR THINGS TO COME!"

"Sage..." (Oh dear...)

"I MEAN, THINK ABOUT IT!" Lynn bawled, tightening her grip on her talisman. "Someday, the passengers and pokemon on board WILL TURN INTO POLITOADS! With BAD BREATH! With... A MUSTACHE! Let me tell you Pansage -- I think mustaches look ugly."

"Sage... Pan... Pansage..." (But... I love mustaches... I dream of having one someday... Pokemon will think I am handsome...)

However, Lynn was obviously unaware to what Pansage was truly saying, so, her resolve was still set. "...That's why this curse must be broken, and the pokemon that is responsible inside, must be captured!" Lynn explained. "Well, our first priority is to get in side the ship of course... I'm sure the sailors inside will gladly let us in."

"Pan, Pansage!" (Yeah! I mean, those sailors are downright jolly, you know? They'll let us pass!)

* * * *

"YOU SHALL NOT PASS!" a sailor declared, who only Lynn and Pansage could only meet with towards the only way inside the ship's hull. His shirt has blue and white stripes and his pants was a very clean white. His strong muscles could only be outmatched by his short, stubby hair. Yup, it's a sailor alright... Lynn thought.

"Sage... Pan..." (There goes my jolly idea in the crapper...) Pansage sighed.

"But, why can't we just go in?" Lynn asked.

"We're handlin' a situation in which we are trying to control a wild pokemon!" the sailor replied. "We can't let young punks go in there and mess up our whole plan!"

"...What is this... plan?" Lynn asked, with a obvious certain doubt in her mind.

"WE... ACTUALLY HAVEN' THOUGHT OF ONE YET!" The sailor explained, grinding his teeth in frustration. "BUT WHEN WE DO, IT IS GONNA' TO BE THE BEST! WITH BLACKJACK! AND A HUGE EXPLOSION IN THE END! In fact.. forget the blackjack!"

"Sage, Pan..." (I never knew people normally enjoy playing card games on boats... But with fireworks?) Pansage remarked.

"Well actually," Lynn said to the sailor. "My name is Lynn. I've come on behalf on Jerosh Ja. Perhaps you know of him?"

"D-Do I know of em'?!" the sailor repeated in anguish. "H-He's the greatest top ranked trainer of Arcanum! But... what business does he ask of you in this humble ship?"

However, Lynn didn't answer. She stood there, motionless and quiet, on the spot she stood coming here, staring off towards the sky.

"Um...Lynn?" the sailor asked, trying to grab her attention, to get her to answer his question.

"Sage! Pansage!" (Hey! Can't you see she's having a flashback?)

* * * *

Lynn followed Jerosh all the way towards his humble home. His house was quiet, yet very comfortable to live in. Lynn was almost jealous stepping side, as Jerosh closed the door behind him. I suppose he's not used to spiritual company... Lynn thought, as Jerosh invited her to sit down the living room's chair. He paced in and out of the room, pondering something to himself. Then, he stopped and focused his attention to Lynn.

"That mark..." he started. "How did you get it?"

Lynn then glanced at the mark she received last night. That dream was still burned to her mind. "Well..." Lynn began to explain. "Uh, I had a dream you see, it was weird, and very dark, oh, and there was this Zekrom...he showed me images of the town burning down and I was like...OH NO! THE TOWN! But then he told me that this shouldn't of happened, and I was like, why not? OH, AND BY THE WAY THIS POKEMON WAS REALLY SCARY. The spirits didn't like him much...I guess. But then! Before I knew it, I woke up! However, then realized; this black and white mark appeared on my wrist! IT WAS A CURSE FROM HADES! I thought, FOR STEPPING ON THAT CRACK YESTERDAY!"

Jerosh nodded, as he got the gist of Lynn's tale. However, instead of being surprised, he was more worried. "Your guardian is calling you... I know how that is." He explained, as he then suddenly shows his own wrist. Lynn could only jump to what she saw then -- Jerosh had a mark of his own. "I too had a dream some nights ago, telling me to prepare... This must have been what my guardian meant. Prepare you." Joresh then fixes his dark gaze on Lynn. Lynn now thought that this problem was not to be taken by a mere talisman. "I don't really know who you are, but you don't look ready."

"Even not... spiritually?" Lynn asked. Jerosh promptly shook his head signalling an answer: No.

"You have to honor your Arcanian ancestry and follow the call. But you won't go anywhere until you've proven to me that you're ready. I know what I'm talking about. You... you need pokémon. A journey through Arcanum is too perilous nowadays without trusted pokémon by your side."

"While I do not qsh to discuss my ancestry... A trusted partnered pokemon?" Lynn asked. "Indeed... I never had one before. I've only read tales of people with their pokemon towards unexplored lands."

"Well, today is the day that you will acquire one," Jerosh said, as he looked out the window. "Down at the docks by the shore, there is a big ship from the east that came in just the other day. It carried explorers that had been meddling with things in the Arca Islands in the sea to the east. They had to make a stop here because they said something was wrong with their ship. Some believe they are cursed, but I know better... They have picked up some freepassagers. Pokémon from the islands. The Arca Islands are sacred to us, but the eastern explorers do not care--"

"I STOPPED AT CURSE," Lynn bawled. "There's actually a CURSE involved?"

"Absolutely not," Jerosh replied. "That's not the actual concern here."

Lynn stood in thought. I must see this first hand! I want to dispel all curses, and be one with spirits! she thought. Then, with a more determined voice, she asked, "Master Jerosh, what do I have to do then?"

Joresh then walks up to a nearby shelf, where a lot of different pokéballs are lined up. He carefully chooses a normal looking one. "Head down to the docks and find one of these pokémon. They are probably either roaming the shores, hiding in the storage huts or making mischief on board the ship. If you tell the sailors I sent you, you'll be allowed on board. Bring one of those pokémon back to me here, somehow."

So a POKEMON is cursed... very well then. Lynn thought, as Jerosh hands her the pokeball, as well as another pokeball, except this one was empty. Jerosh took a serious, deep breath.

"I will loan you one of my young but trustworthy pokémon. If you can get it to trust you, and manage to bring back one of the pokémon at the docks before the end of the day... then I believe you are ready."

Lynn nodded that she knew what she had to do at last. From reading all of the pokemon picture books, she caught on on how to open and close pokeballs, as well as catch pokemon. She then took a quick glance at the pokeball which, according to Jerosh, contained one of his trusted, young partners. Lynn decided to find out what the pokemon was, by throwing the pokeball in the air, opening it up. The released energy then sent out what it seemed to be a herbal small monkey pokemon. It had its eyes closed, but then, as it yawned, it opened them, only for his first sight to be young Lynn, staring towards it.

"Pan.. Sage..." (And I was having such a nice dream about banana's too...) Pansage yawned.

* * * *

Now, as Lynn's flashback drawn to a close, she and Pansage were both escorted into the ship's hull. It was a marvelous ship; it was clean, spacious,and very sea worthy. Pretty soon, the group met up with a young boy, however, he was slightly older than Lynn.

"O-oh!" the boy greeted. "Master Bruno! Who... is this with you?"

"Takato, this is Lynn, and she's gonna help us here," the sailor now known as Bruno explained. "Lynn, this is Takato. Me' proud apprentice!"

Apprentice...? Should that be like, a first-mate? Lynn questioned. "Nice to meet you Takato."

"Yeah... likewise! Hehe..." Takato suddenly swooned, with his cheeks glowing a rosy red. "You... are a very pretty lady, miss Lynn."

"Thanks..." Lynn thanked, not taking an interest in Takato's complement, but, was still being nice about that he even did. It was quite a stretch in which she was called 'miss' when she was 16 years old.

"Sage... Pan," (Poor boy doesn't have a chance now,) Sage remarked with a chuckle.

"Takato, have you prepared our plan?" Bruno asked him with a confident smile.

"Um... well," Takato replied, with his voice starting to shake. "Th-the fireworks were all burnt out. S-sorry... But... we have plenty of ice cream!"


"Wondrous idea, master!" Takato complemented. "We have plenty of cooking dough and storage milk!" However, even Pansage detected the sarcasm in Bruno's loud voice, so, he could only respond by rolling his eyes.

"If I may," Lynn intervened, as all eyes were now glued on her. She then had an open smile. "I have an idea."

* * * *

"So... what's the meanin' of dis' again?" Bruno could only asked, as all four of them were seated inside a separate room part of the ship's interior. They were all seated in a neat circle, holding hands with each other, and with Lynn's talisman sitting right on the center of the circle. Lynn had her eyes closed.

"This is the technique of the Colthearts clan," Lynn explained, still having her eyes firmly closed. "We are going to communicate with the ship's cursed spirits and ask them why they have decided to join us today."

"WAIT, MASTER, THE SHIP IS CURSED?!" Takato asked out of agony, as he tried to release his grip from Bruno and Lynn beside him. "I changed my mind about this -- I WANT OFF-- "

"SIT YER' BUTT DOWN." Bruno ordered, pulling Takato back in the circle. "If I'm gonna stomach through dis', you sure as hell will! Think of it as a no guts, no glory tranin'."

"Okay..." Takato replied softly, taking deep breaths to calm himself down.

"Okay... let the spirit communication commence!" Lynn announced, as everyone in the room closed their eyes.

"Sage... Pan, Pansage," (Is it too late to say, I feel like an idiot? Because... I feel like an idiot.)

"Showa matta quo mo hro twoa motta ku konhora... Showa matta quo mo hro twoa motta ku konhora!" Lynn chanted, as everyone then by now, couldn't believe that they were getting through with this. "Spirits of this vessel... show yourself! Show us your pain! Your plight! Your hate! Why do you embrace your hate? Give us a sign... Any sign!"

Then, there arose the sound of rustling and clatter inside the quiet, dark room. "AH!! MASTER IT'S WORKING!! HIDE ME!! HOLD ME!!" Takato jumped, clinging on to Bruno.

"Get offa me!" Bruno demanded, shoving Takato aside, with his eyes open. "I hear it too... That came from the ship's warehouse department... It's close from here."

"Okay!" Lynn grasped, as she stood up, having her eyes open, with Pansage following after her. "The spirits are near! Let's go get them!"

* * * *

The ship's warehouse was well lit, and pretty spacious, despite it holding some of the ship's cargo. The sounds of rustling and crunching could only grow louder and louder as Lynn slowly opened the door. When the door was wide opened, the first thing Lynn and the group saw was a frizzy-looking, golden-brown tail. Then, Pansage, Bruno, and Takato slowly went in after Lynn, trying to figure out who that tail belongs to. Before they knew it... they soon found themselves almost singed by a flame of fire.

"P-Pansage--?!" (WHAT IN THE NAME OF ARCEUS--") Pansage gagged, surprised at the ordeal. Of course, that was only because grass pokemon hated fire. However, that could of surprised anyone.

"A fire spirit?!" Lynn could only guess. "Show yourself!" As soon as they knew it, the fairly small perpetrator showed itself from the bunched up boxes. It had a body which was covered in golden-brown fur. It also had a large, bushy tail, fluffy collar and a tuft of fur on its head; all of which are a lighter toned golden brown. It was then that Lynn and the group knew it wasn't a spirit; it was a pokemon. Flareon.

"Flareon! Flare!" (Burn, burn, BUUUURN!) Flareon cried, as it spouted fire from its mouth, and shot it at random directions, almost singeing at the group.

"It's a... Flareon," Bruno explained. "It must of gone on board while we were at the Arca that's what was wrong with da' ship... dis' Flareon was messin' around in it!"

"Sage... Pan..." (Is it too late to mention I REALLY hate fire?) Pansage gagged.

"But... but... BUT!!!" Lynn cried, drooping her arms in anguish. "IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A SPIRIT!! THIS IS SO UNFAIR!!"

"Pansage!" (Then again, it IS the pokemon Master Jerosh said we had to get...)

"We'll handle dis', Lynn!" Bruno said, as he got out a pokeball from his pocket, and held it in his left hand. "Come, Takato!"

"Yes Master!" Takato replied, as he too,got out a pokeball from his pocket, and held it with his right hand. Then, Bruno and Takato both sent out their pokemon.

"GO FEEBAS!!" Bruno called out,sending out his flopping Feebas.

"GO MAGIKARP!!" Takato called out after, sending out....his flopping Magikarp.

"Sage, Pansage," (Something tells me... I will not like the look of this,) Pansage worried.

"Ready Takato?! After me!" Bruno announced. "Feebas, Splash attack!"

"Right, Master!" Takato called back. "Magikarp, Splash attack!"

The two fish pokemon then started to flop even more at a rapid rate. And more. And more. And more. And more. And more. And... more. It came to a point to where Lynn realized nothing was going to happen.

"Flareon! Flare!" (Annoying fishes! YOU MUST BUUUUURN!) Flaroen cried, as it once again shot out its flamethrower, scorching the two fished on where they...flopped. They now just... flipped, as they both fainted.

"No... our... communication..." Bruno said, could not believing his Feebas and Takato's Magikarp fainted before their eyes. Bruno was now on his knees. "Our duo attack failed... WE'RE DOOOOOOOOOMED!"

"DOOOOOOOOMED!" Takato continued, as he also, fell on his knees in a crushing defeat.

"Pan...Sage," (They're...not very good,) Pansage remarked.

Lynn knew that she had to do something. She glanced at Pansage. "Pansage, let's get in there!" said Lynn, with Pansage now looking a bit glum. "Now let's see...what did Jerosh say you're attacks were again... oh yeah! Pansage, use your Match attack! I MEAN -- Scratch attack!"

After a few seconds, Pansage knew that this was inevitable, so, Pansage finally got over its fear of being torched, at it nodded to try and proceed with the attack. It opened up its fierce claws, and charged right towards the Flareon. Flareon was quick however, as it was able to hop out of the way.

"Sage... Pansage?" (I... don't suppose you want to talk this out? Without burning, of course...? Haha?) Panage asked from begging, as it was slowly backing away from the Flareon.

"Flareon! Flare, Flare!" (Foolish monkey! You must BUUUUURN!) Flareon cried, as it was now chasing Pansage, trying to hit it with a hot, singeing Flamethrower. Pansage managed to dodge everyone handily, and swiftly, but, only barely.

"Shoot! Come on, come on..." Lynn mumbled to herself, trying to think of an idea. Then, she found one. "Vine Whip! Ah, of course -- Pansage, use Vine Whip!"

Pansage heard the command, as it jumped on top of one of the ship's cargo boxes, with Flareon trailing behind on lower ground. Pansage then quickly sprouted two vines from the leaves it had.

"Pansage!" (This time, I'll slap some anti-pyro sense into you!) cried Pansage, sending out its vines to whip Flareon's cheek, repeatedly.


Pansage stopped for a brief moment while Flareon was staggering, to look awkwardly at Lynn and her questionable cheering. Then, it continued to slap Flareon with its Vine Whip, until it had enough playing the sadist role, and retracted its vines. Flareon shook its head, trying to regain some composure.

"Flare...Eon!" (ARGH... Darn it!) I t cried, seemingly in pain from the Vine Whip. However, it wasn't out yet -- it then performed a quick attack, as the unexpected victim, Pansage, got hit hard, and was sent flying towards the wall.

"Are you okay, Pansage?" Lynn asked, concerned.

"PW-an...Wage..." (I tink my node id browken...) Pansage replied, as he got up, rubbing his nose.

Let's see... Lynn thought. Jerosh also "something about a direct Lick attack that can cause paralysis...Aha! Lynn then turned toward Takato. "I need you to distract Flareon, while Pansage tries to counter-attack! The spirits will guide you!" Lynn explained to him.

Takato rose up from the floor, finally getting over his crushing defeat. "Okay, I'll try..." he replied with a nod. "HIIIIIAAAARGHHH!" However, much to his dismay, he can only get as far as 2 feet before he slipped.

Flareon and Pansage turned towards where Takato made a huge 'THUD', with Lynn being worried, so she rushed over to where Takato fell over. "Ow... Lynn..." Takato cried. "What... happened?"

"You tried to run after Flareon," Lynn explained, pointing to a yellow, blunt object. "But two seconds later, you slipped on that banana peel."

"Sage...Pan, Pan, Pansage," (Shoot, that's my fault lad. I was hungry after that channeling you see, and I had an extra one, so...) Pansage explained.

"Flareon! Flare, Flare, Eon," (GRR... THAT BANANA PEEL MUST BUUUUUURN!) Flareon roared, as it prepared its Flamethrower once again. Lynn knew that this was her chance.

"Aha! Quick Pansage!" Lynn called out. "Use your Lick attack on it's side!" Pansage obeyed, as it quickly leaped from against the wall, and stuck its rough tongue out, until it came on contact with Flareon's head. Then, it quickly licked the golden-brown fur from Flareon. Flareon was surprised, so it couldn't perform the Flamethrower he had planned. Then, Pansage quickly hopped back as he saw that Flareon didn't counter attack -- it was paralyzed.

"Pan, Pansage," (Yuk... he tasted like Skitty litter...) Pansage gagged, as it was spitting out the horrible taste from licking the Flareon.

"Now Pansage, Scratch!" Lynn ordered, as Pansage opened its claws again, and, without worry, it scratch the helm of Flareon's face, sending it crashing against the wall. Lynn now knew, it was time to catch it with a pokeball.

"Spirits, guide this pokeball!" Lynn commanded, getting out the empty pokeball from her dress pocket. "Pokeball, go!" She then threw the pokeball, towards the half-fainted Flareon. The pokeball opened, releasing energy which sucked Flareon inside.

The pokeball then shook once.

Then twice.

Followed up with a third time.

"I hope this works..." Lynn commented.

To be continued...


The pokeball shook once more, but then, it stopped. Everyone in the room hd a collective silence until...'PING!' Flareon has been caught. Lynn had a wide smile on her face as she grabbed the pokeball from the floor.

"Pansage, I did it!" Lynn announced. "I caught Flareon!"

"Sage..." (Yeah... SHE did it,) Pansage mumbled, rolling his eyes. it then hopped towards Lynn, as Bruno and Takato finally stood back up.

"By my beard..." Bruno gasped. "Well done! Haha! Takato could learn a thing or two from that!"

"I...guess I could," Takato chuckled, blushing. "Hey, can we do that again--"


* * * *

An hour later, Lynn, along side her new Flareon in his pokeball, Lynn's pokeball shined along with Pansage waddling alongside her, arrived in front of Jerosh Ja's house. Her pokeball shined against the sun's reflecting rays, signalling that this is a job well done. Lynn then knocked at Jerosh's house, but, found that the door was already opened. Lynn thought it was strange... it was as if Jerosh knew that she would past this test or something. But, oh well -- it wasn't the time to get sentimental. She opened the door, with Pansage following just behind her.

"Hey Jerooooosh!" Lynn called out. "I'm back! I got the pokemon that you wanted me too! His name is Flareon; a real...HOT HEAD!"

Pansage face-palmed.

Mission One - Complete!

Other: She's an actual bi-sexual. It'll be quite apparent.

Side: Mercenary

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@Xlugon Pyro- No worries. This RP isn't necessarily divided into two sides that are protagonist and antagonist in nature. But it is true that the two groups will meet throughout the RP. The nature of those meetings will be explained as the RP progresses.
Another question: What kind of beasts exist in Aerion, and more specifically, if I'm allowed to make up a creature and what are the limitations of the strengths and abilities of these beasts? This has nothing to do with my character's race in case there's any confusion on that front.
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@Lilizuki- Reserved

Raikiri is more an expert on magic in the world, but I will answer what I can. As I understand it, you can be born with it or it can be trained, though training nowadays is hard to come by because of the rarity of it (that isn't to say that it is impossible, it is just hard). Generally, though, people may seek out tutelage because they have been born with it, so as to learn more. Magic can be increased in potency and capability through staves, staffs, or other wand-like weapons, but it is not required. (Again, the extent to which they exist will be further explained by Raikiri).

@Xlugon Pyro- Both mythical and nonmythical beasts do exist in Aerion. Wolves and Bears are common in some areas, as well as many other animals we have in our world. Orcs, Trolls, demons, and other abomination-like beings are also present, but are not that common (though Orcs are). There are no werewolves or vampires, nor are there dragons present (we didn't want to be cliche). If you have something in particular you're looking for, PM myself or Raikiri later, we'll see if we can give the OK, or work something out.

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@Xlugon Pyro- Both mythical and nonmythical beasts do exist in Aerion. Wolves and Bears are common in some areas, as well as many other animals we have in our world. Orcs, Trolls, demons, and other abomination-like beings are also present, but are not that common (though Orcs are). There are no werewolves or vampires, nor are there dragons present (we didn't want to be cliche). If you have something in particular you're looking for, PM myself or Raikiri later, we'll see if we can give the OK, or work something out.
The creature I have in mind is completely original but I was looking more for a list of abilities that would go too far. As of right now I haven't fully developed the creature but if I do I'll let you know.
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@Red: You are reserved.

Because Supervegeta forgot about you.

I'd like to be reserved, please.

How does magic work? Is it drawn from the aether? Do people need to use existing items to power it? Is it created through rituals? Are people born with it, or is it trained?
Ah I was hoping someone would ask about magic. Supervegeta covered the basics very well considering our limited discussions on magic when developing the RP. I will summarize and explain the best I can without boring anyone.

Origin and accessing magic: Magic is drawn from one of two places and subsequently has two names: Arcane and Divine. Arcane magic is drawn from one's spirit and the potential one has to command it is something you are born with. In this regard, not everyone is a candidate to to be a great wizard and a strong spirit to control the Arcane is something you have or not. Think of it as a natural gift or skill. That being said, it is difficult to control and is potentially very dangerous if one does not receive training. This danger has made many afraid of magic and is the core reason for a number of inquisitions and the widespread purging of mages in the land of Aerion (especially in the land of Ethora) leading to is rarity. However, Mage's guilds still exist and many students of Arcane magic go there to learn, control and develop their abilities.

Divine magic is drawn from one's faith in a certain divine being, whether it is an established figure or not (meaning it is does not have to be one of the major figures from any religion and could be "made up"). Many Priests fall under this category for example. Divine magic is less dangerous and primarily used for healing and the like, though it can be used to curse others for example (if the patron deity is "evil" or "dark"). Divine magic is still fairly rare as to access it someone must have strong faith in a figure and like arcane magic be well trained.

Staves and augmenting magic: Staves, rituals, and other tools can augment and strength magic. Staves are usually used to channel, strength and help control magic, rituals and ceremonies can focus or strengthen it and other tools like wands and books do exist and do much of the same as I just said.

Rarity and use: Magic is increasingly rare because being a mage, wizard or any title is a stigma that often leads to imprisonment or worse death. People do not like magic for it disturbs the peace and is a constant threat. Magic is very powerful and power corrupts. Therefore, using magic in a public space is not a good idea for example, as you will likely be captured or killed on the spot by the townspeople or if you are lucky, the local town guard. Magic is often confined to the home or in the case of divine magic (which is generally more accepted), a church or shrine.

However, Raelus is one country where Arcane magic is more accepted, as the government makes extensive use of the offensive properties of Arcane magic in its military conquests. In this regard, mages are more of a resource however.


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Copy-pasta XD

Victoria “Alys” Taimor

Age: 22
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Country of Origin: Ethora

Standing at five foot six, Victoria isn’t very tall, no taller nor shorter than the other girls her age around Rowanion; even her older, bossier sister Elizabeth is only slightly taller than herself. Her weight as well is nothing special, most of the girls her age weighed between fifty and sixty kilograms, and at fifty-six, she is only slightly about the average and has quite a slim figure. The only things she lacks more than other girls is her chest which is a bit smaller than that of her female friends which she sees more of a blessing in disguise than anything else. Like the other girls in Ethoria, Victoria has lightish, pinkish skin, however due to her disliking of staying couped up inside like a lady and preference for the wide expanses of the outdoors, her skin has taken a beaten from the sun, now slightly darker than those of the females around her. Much to her sister's dislike, Victoria also has callouses on her hands and a couple of scratches here and there from being outside.

Her hair is a rich auburn in colour, falling to just below her shoulder blades and naturally soft and smooth. This often leads people to believe that she is not related to her siblings, whom both have their mother's blonde hair, rather than their father's auburn hair. She cuts her to no lower than shoulder blade length to make it easier for her to move around, yet still look like a girl when she needs to. When it comes to moving swiftly outside, she will tile her hair up into a ponytail. Beneath her fringe lies a pair of green eyes, slightly lighter in shade than her brother's and sister's. Contrast to her auburn hair, her eyebrows are actually slightly tinged with blonde, hence why she often hides them beneath a fringe, yet doesn't let her fringe get long enough to obscure her vision.

Being apart of the high class, she was often taught to wear magnificent silken thread dresses that would press tightly against her body making it hard to breathe, high-heeled shoes requiring a certain amount of skill to walk around, and a variety of necklaces, earrings and bracelets to compliment the overall look; as well as having her hair done up in what was considered the 'latest fashion'. Although she does not mind wearing these due to years of having to do so, she prefers her civilian clothes and hunting leathers as opposed to this for greater freedom of movement. Despite the urging from her sister, she will often take to the masses of the public in her civilian or hunting gear in order to better blend in and 'fit in' with the locals around the town of Rowanion. However due to her status, they know who she is and will more often treat her with respect than the ignorance she desires.

A belt wraps around her waist to hold up the tight leather pants that end halfway down her calves; an attachable sheath for her curved hunting knife sits on her right hip. below this are her leather boots with shin guards that cover the skin left over from the bottom of her pants, leather buckles keeping them close to her shins so they don't move around when she does. Above her waist is a tight leather corset that has more freedom than the ones she is strapped into for dresses; accompanied by a hood that, when on, just touches her eyebrows. Slung over her shoulder is her quiver of arrows, pockets running up and down the outside of it holding different items to tip her arrows with; from paralytics, to poisons, to blunting heads. Her bow usually rests over her right shoulder. On her left wrist is a simple leather arm guard while her right arm guard extends into a half-glove to protect her fingers when holding the bow.

Personality: Victoria is an outgoing and straight-shooting type. Enthusiastic and excitable, she lives in a world of action. Blunt, straight-forward risk-taking means she is willing to plunge right into things and get her hands dirty. Unlike others, she lives in the here-and-now and places little importance on what might happen or theories. She prefers to look at the facts of a situation, quickly decide what should be done, and execute the action and then move on to the next thing.

Victoria see’s rules and laws as guidelines for behaviour, rather than directives. If something needs to be done, she would rather do it and get on with it than follow the rules. Despite this, she has a strong belief in what is right and wrong as what she perceives to be so, and will stick to this principle faithfully. This meaning that her own integrity will stop her from doing anything she feels to be wrong under any circumstance.

Fast moving and fast talking, Victoria takes the time to appreciate the finer things in life. She has a silver tongue, her ability to improvise not only in speech, but in actions as well. She will more than likely make things up as she goes along rather than following a plan. Victoria likes to have fun, but sometimes her idea of fun can be hurtful to others without being aware of it as she does not really care about the effect her words have on others. This doesn’t mean she doesn’t care about people, rather she makes decisions based on facts and logic and doesn’t take people’s feelings into account.

Victoria had trouble in school due to her lack of patience with theory. She would often get bored with classes in which she felt she would gain no useful material that could be used to get things done. This doesn’t mean she isn’t smart, she is fairly intelligent, but she deals better with hands-on situations than theoretical ones.

Victoria is somewhat restless and gets frustrated easily when restricted or confined and unhappy with routine chores. She has a natural abundance of energy and enthusiasm and can get very excited about things.

History: Victoria’s birth came as a surprise to Arthur and Maria Taimor following the birth of their eldest daughter, Elizabeth three years later. The House Taimor had been expecting a boy ever since Elizabeth’s birth, suffice to say they were a little disappointed with another girl, but House Taimor saw it more of a blessing in disguise. It wasn’t until four years later when Victoria’s brother Alexander was born was the House Taimor finally happy to have a son, that Victoria began to dislike being in the House. Victoria soon began to dislike the attention Alexander was getting as the first born son, and being in the shadow of her older sister Elizabeth didn’t help either. In her younger age, Victoria liked to escape the house and play with the other children in the streets and fields while her mother took care of Alexander and Elizabeth learnt how to become queen. Quite frequently she would come back to the house bruised and muddy after a day playing, her clothes showing rips and holes much to the dissatisfaction of her house maiden. Victoria soon became accustomed to wearing the restricting clothes that was required of high-born children, however preferred more loose fitting clothing.

As soon as Victoria came of age, she joined her sister in the classroom, being taught by the houses tutor in how to speak and write Ethorian alongside learning how to act like a lady. Victoria being the active child that she was preferred the outdoors, and would be scolded for turning up late to her classes which she attended to much dissatisfaction. While her sister excelled in acting like a lady and learning in the classroom, Victoria lagged somewhat behind, excelling more in the field and outside. Nether less, for the next couple of years; she attended class and learnt to act higher class until the age of eight when she befriended the son on the local weapons’ smith. Unlike her sister who excelled in politics and her younger brother who would soon be taught how to handle a sword, she found her interest in befriending the people of Rowanion. Victoria knew most of the children in the city by name, but very little knew of her actual title; she hid under the alias “Alys”, fearing that if the others found out about her heritage, they would treat her differently.

Tyler was the first to recognise her royal status, as the weapon smiths’ son, the two encountered each other when their parents would discuss matters concerning both parties, and quite often the two would run off to play. One day, Victoria escaped the household to go play with the other children, only to find Tyler there as well. Before the boy could say anything, Victoria initiated a game of ‘hide and go seek’ and ran off, pulling Tyler by the hand. The two hid and Victoria threatened the boy if he was ever to let her identity slip. After this, they soon became good friends, and often spent time around Tyler’s father’s workplace. Here, Victoria came across the bow, after deliberating with Tyler’s father; the two soon began learning to use the bow. For the next ten years, the two learnt to use the bow together, often going on hunting ventures once they were fifteen to train on moving targets like animals. Through this period, the two became quite close friends, however due to their status, they were unable to become anything more; Victoria’s family beginning to shun her friendship with the boy.

Once the two grew to the age of eighteen, they grew apart. Tyler ended up joining the archery segment of the Taimor army, spending long periods of time away from the city while Victoria went back to learning how to be a high class lady. By now, the children Victoria had played with in her young age were in the work force and as such she knew many people around the city of Rowanion; making her more social than either of her siblings. Although now they know of her status, many still refer to her by her alias, “Alys”. At this time, Elizabeth ascended to the head of the house after the unfortunate event of her parent’s ship being burnt down by Raelus’ pirates under orders of the Burning King. Their untimely death meant the Elizabeth was still somewhat unprepared to become head of the house, but regardless of this she still became head of the house with help from her advisors to lead. Alexander continued his training to become a knight and Victoria continued to practice with her Bow, now having a bow specially crafted to suit her and now moved more freely around the city of Rowanion and befriended more people with her parents out of the way. Victoria soon after had a falling out with her sister who wanted to wed her off to one of the lesser houses in order to form a stronger bond for them with some of the other Ethorian houses. She left the city of Rowanion to travel the Ethorian countryside, taking up whatever work she could find from working in the fields, to the taverns, and even some mercenary work where she soon met, Varian Sigmund who assimilated Victoria into his ranks; Victoria running under her alias of “Alys”. Often, she would leave the mercenaries to pursue other jobs, but would always end up returning to the group of mercenaries.

Weapon Preference: Bow and Arrow is her primary weapon, however she also has a hunting knife, and can use it in close combat situations if the need arises.

She also has a Brown Falcon; named Castiel.

RP Sample:

October Carter – Syndicate HQ, Birmingham, England

October rolled over, placing a kiss on the lips of the hulking Adrian beside her. She ran her fingers lightly up and down one of his arms, marvelling at the extra pair of arms that wrapped around her. All four arms were the same length, and Adrian’s training meant they were quite muscular as well allowing him to lift up to twice what he could with one set. After meeting with Adrian and bringing him back to the Syndicate, they had hit it off, training together as they got along quite well. Neither regarded Jeremy with anything but disdain, however Jeremy brought that on himself when he chose not to fight. So they ended up being the only two training, and despite being pitted against each other multiple times, soon became close.

She was interrupted by the sharp, incessant beep of the alarm clock on the bedside table. Rolling over, she whacked the top of it, hitting the snooze button that would allow for ten more minutes of rest. When she rolled back, she was greeted by an open-eyed Adrian.

“Morning, how was your sleep?” He asked her, briefly resting his eyes before opening them again.

October cuddled further into Adrian’s ripped body, “The best in a while, it’s been lonely without you here.”

“I’m back now,” he wrapped his arms around October, giving her a hug, “so it’s back to the normal routine. I assume Fletcher and Jeremy are up already, I’ll go wake up the younger ones, can you wake up Erika and the other guy?”

Something sparkled in October’s eye, “you mean Leon? Of course I can!” She slipped into a bra and underwear, throwing on one of Adrian’s shirts that came down to just above her knees. She left the room, blowing a kiss towards Adrian on the way out.

Walking lightly down the hall, she watched each nameplate carefully, looking for the one with “Leon Nef” etched into it. It didn’t take her long before she found it. Carefully opening the door, she made her way into the room, creeping over to the sprawled figure. Taking off Adrian’s shirt, she bent over till her face was only an inch from Leon’s face. “Wake up, sexy,” she whispered in his ear.

Leon opened his eyes and observed the figure in front of her, before replying, "How much?" a smirk covering his face.

Slapping Leon across the cheek, she pulled Adrian’s shirt on, storming out of the room and slamming the door. Angry, she made her way down to Erika’s room, composing herself into a nicer mood before knocking politely and entering.

“Erika dear, its breakfast time,” she said cheerily with her head through the door. She closed the door behind her, making her way down the hall and into the lounge area where Jeremy sat at one end with Fletcher. October positioned herself at the other end of the table, ordering a bowl of muesli and yoghurt.

Adrian Santoro – Syndicate HQ, Birmingham, England

Once October left, Adrian stretched out in bed before swinging his legs over the side of the bed and putting on the pair of jeans sitting on the floor from yesterday. He was still quite tired, after having spent only a couple of days in America had been enough to give him bad enough jetlag. The world still felt like it was uneven, but not to the extent it had been when they arrived, so apart from a couple of minor stumbles, he had no trouble really moving.

Adrian left his room in time to see October enter Leon’s room, her apparent excitement about waking Leon up worried him; Adrian knew October well enough that she was probably going to try and annoy him in some way. Regardless, Adrian walked in the opposite direction, coming to the doors of the two new recruits; Jericho Heiko and Archie Reevs.

He knocked quite loudly on both doors before he entered them, “Up and at it guys, get dressed and join us for some breakfast!” he announced before leaving them to their own devices and headed towards the kitchen. At the table already sat Jeremy and Fletcher at one end, with October at the other end, slowly eating her muesli and yoghurt. Adrian ordered Bacon and Eggs accompanied by a protein shake and joined October at the table, sitting next to her as he waited for his meal to be brought out to him.

Every so often, he would look up at the door, waiting for the others to arrive for breakfast until his freshly made breakfast was served in front of him.


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The RP sample can be from another RP you're currently in. Preferably recent.

@Ichiro- Character is accepted! Welcome to the world of Aerion.

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