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Idea Monster battling game (non-Pokémon)

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Old March 7th, 2013 (2:27 PM).
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Feel free to move this is it is is the wrong forum.

As I've been writing in C++ and becoming well at coding I've been getting ideas for a game. This game wouldn't be pokemon, but something similar. As most of us can agree, pokemon has been lacking in the recent years from storyline to the pokemon themselves.
What if there was something with the same concept (become stronger, capture monsters, compete), but better!? Here are a few of my ideas.

Monsters each have 3 stages in there lives. [Baby, mid-life, elder.]

Capturing a monster will not be at random depending on a ball. The ability to capture a monster will depend on the strength of your inner power that these monsters can see. The gain inner strength throughout the game.

The game will be a 3D game and you can travel the world as a whole, thoughout different countries.

There will be boss monsters, (I really hate calling them monsters, just haven't found a name for them yet) .. There will be a boss for every type of monster. You battle them all thoughout the game.

Feel free to post more features. Writing this will begin in about 3 months as I'm still learning C++ for 3D games.

Thank you

Coming soon...
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Old March 7th, 2013 (4:28 PM).
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I think this idea has potential if you develop it well. The hero could possess an attribute that determines how he catches and handles his monsters. I think I will learn C++ to help you out too.
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Old March 8th, 2013 (11:58 AM).
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While I disagree with your notion that Pokemon has been becoming lacking in recent years, your idea does seem intriguing. So do you mean that monsters join you based on how much stronger your own are than themselves, or that it's related to the player's "inner power?" It sounds similar to Dragon Warrior Monsters, but that's definitely far from a bad thing. How experienced are you with 3D? Speaking from experience, such a game is a huge undertaking and shouldn't be done lightly, especially with a large-scale idea with multiple countries/continents.

As a suggestion for finding an alternative to monster, think about what makes your creatures different from other varieties of monsters. Pokemon are "Pocket Monsters" (or Capsule Monsters if you're in the mood for a history lesson), Digimon are "Digital Monsters," and Telefang features "Electric Monsters." (Correct me if I'm wrong on that one; I only played the pirated copy dolled up to look like Pokemon Diamond and Jade) What are these creatures' role in the world you're hoping to build? Are they dangerous foes, or friends to humanity?

Need a question about the game industry/game dev process answered? Feel free to get a hold of me; I'm a freelance game designer/generalist.
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