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Hopes and fears of the upcoming generation six?

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Old May 2nd, 2013 (1:35 PM).
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What do you want generation six to introduce or change? What do you fear that they might add or alter to the game? This includes Pokemon, mechanics, you name it; anything that is related to battling.

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Please don't add new types. Please for the love of all that is Zayn Malik.

Things I want them to introduce are namely just different type-combinations as well as more moves that mirror others we currently have in different types and physical / special spectrums. Apart from that, I want more rapid spinners. Seriously.
Old May 4th, 2013 (10:51 PM).
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Garchomp gets dragon dance and fire punch, Salamence gets Brave Bird, they bring back the half defense mechanic for explosion xD On a more serious note I'd like it if the dragon of the next generation would be fire/dragon and purely special based with at least 100 base speed if not 101 would be fun to troll with they change the mechanics of curse so that the pokemon is still cursed after switching out, an ability that punishes priority users the same way magic bounce punishes hazard setters. something to give hail teams a boost, a fire/grass type

Fears: More over 135 base stat pokemon like haxorus and chandelure, more broken abilities, a new typing, the dragon will be as underwhelming as hydreigon, More steel types, More weather abusers, more ice sharders and worst possible outcome a new hazard i.e. flame spikes burn the user upon switching lol
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Old May 5th, 2013 (8:30 AM).
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What if they add a whole bunch of good defensive Pokemon and everybody starts using stall in OU ?? I really like how the majority of OU is offensive because I just find it more interesting and more fun than stall. I think a new type could either be really good or really bad, so I don't really have that much of an opinion on that.

Old May 5th, 2013 (11:40 PM).
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Don't do what Gen 5 did. I fear Nintendo will dig themselves into a deeper hole by adding more uberzle3tz powerful Pokemon. At the moment Smogon is working with trash but I fear they may have to work with dung next gen.

On the bright side, I really hope they get things right and we have a balanced, creative and ideal metagame. Perhaps do something about this Dragon centralization by making good Ice types? An Ice/Steel would be cool.
Old May 8th, 2013 (5:49 AM).
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I'm a little apprehensive about Generation 6, as I have fears that the absurd power creep of Generation 5 will only be exacerbated by even more ridiculously powerful Pokemon. I'm also pretty stressed about what could happen with weather, rain in particular; but hey, if it shifts Smogon's opinion on rain, that's always a plus. Compounding these is the small but existing possibility of the introduction of a new type. Pokemon is now far too well-established and based around the existing 17 types; adding more will make everyone's lives harder.

I am hoping that some currently non-existant type combinations will come into being, for example Ghost / Steel or Fighting / Dragon. Knowing GameFreak, though, whatever comes under that type will probably be Pachirisu-level horrible. Which, quite frankly, is a very jarring possibiliyy.
Old May 8th, 2013 (7:44 AM).
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Good Rapid Spinners for NU, maybe some extra fun offensive attackers, a Psychic/Fire might be awesome, in fact more Psychic-types for NU and other dark types kind of like Skuntank ~

But yeah, I want more of stuff like that for NU. If anything I just want NU to have a few extra fun toys to play with, which hopefully these games will bring!

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