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The Rainbow Challenge (Revived)

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Old July 12th, 2013 (12:02 PM).
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The Rainbow Challenge
All your Pokemon must represent the colors of the rainbow (Indigo and Violet to make Purple); Red, Orange (Brown in dex), Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple. Click here for a list of all the Pokemon showing what color they are.
After your sign-up, the next poster will choose the Pokemon for you. However, the maximum amount of Pokemon to share a type is 2. So you can either have all different types or 4 different types with 2 sharing.
Hacking in Pokemon is only allowed if it is necessary
Trading is only allowed for eggs
HM Slaves are allowed, but it must be released before you catch your last Pokemon.
Challenge ends when you beat the E4 and Champion.
You must choose either single or master challenge; single being one game and master being every region. If you are doing master, you can get a different set of Pokemon for each game if you so desire.
NEW! There are no official orange Pokemon in the dex, as in it isn't a color, so we have to use brown instead.

Name: Dark Leader Adam.
Games(s): Fire Red.
Challenge: Single

Single Champions:

Ultimate Champions:
LMFAO. Word up. Completed.
Kanto - Johto - Hoenn - Sinnoh - Unova

All credit for this challenge goes to Pave Low, I am simply reviving it.

PS. I deleted all current challengers because I feel as the post went inactive many of the people will not be continuing to play this challenge :D
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Old July 14th, 2013 (2:41 AM).
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@ Dark Leader Adam

(Thanks for reviving this :D) Good luck and nice team you got there ;D..decent balance

I'll join the fun, I'll play the opposite game

Name: TrollShammy80
Game: LeafGreen
Single or Ultimate: Single (for now)

Now let's see what kind of balance I can get

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Old July 14th, 2013 (10:52 AM).
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There you go. Good luck.

I'll join in.

Name: GoldenRayquaza
Game: Sapphire
Single or Ultimate: Single
pokemon lazuli • coming soon
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Old July 14th, 2013 (11:11 AM).
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GoldenRayquaza's team:
Red - Torchic -> Blaziken
Orange - Makuhita -> Hariyama
Yellow - Wingull -> Pelliper
Green - Tropius
Blue - Whismur -> Exploud
Purple - Gulpin -> Swalot

Some of the pre-evolutions are a different color, is that okay?

My sign up:
Name: Bob III
Single - Sapphire
Still looking for a better signature

Current Challenges:

On Hold: (Don't have X/Y)
Water UMC (FR/C/S/D/W)
Dragon UMC (FR/SS/S/P/W)

Complete Challenges:
Squirtle->Wartortle->Blastoise Solo Run (FR)
Flying Monotype (FR)
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Old July 16th, 2013 (6:40 AM).
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Bob III 's team-
Violet/purple: Sableye

Name: Awes@
Game: FireRed
Single or Ultimate: Single (for now)
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Old August 6th, 2013 (1:43 PM). Edited August 6th, 2013 by tnfsf11.
Posts: n/a
Awes@'s team:
X Electrode
X Graveler/Golem
X Rapidash
X Venusaur
X Poliwrath
X Haunter/Gengar

I'm not signing up... yet.
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