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Old February 25th, 2014 (8:18 PM). Edited September 13th, 2014 by Legendary_Trainer_Alexandre.
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    This is my first fanfiction on PC so I would greatly appreciate reviews thank you in advance (Flames will be IGNORED!!!)
    WARNING! This fanfic has generic character death, hunting scenes and T-Rated romance. If you are offended by this, click your back button NOW!! I claim no responsibility for your decisions whether or not you choose to read this.

    Prologue: Escape

    1800hrs, Basement 100th floor Area 51, Nevada, USA

    “The higher ups have deemed the project too inhumane to create more of them, thus you are to destroy your research, and kill Subject Alpha, these are your orders, good day,” a man said to a scientist over a TV phone.

    “Seymour! Delete all of the Super Soldier research, and terminate Subject Alpha!” the lead scientist said to Seymour.

    “What!? Why!?” Seymour asked frightened.

    “The orders just came in, so do it!” the lead scientist told Seymour while he was shredding the hard copies of the research they were conducting.

    “I’ve seen what Subject Alpha can do, so I know how dangerous he can be, but I’m not so sure that the director has, nonetheless, I have to kill Subject Alpha quickly and before he knows what happened, but I don’t want to do it, whatever, orders are orders,” Seymour thought as he walked down the hall to what he thought was an easy job, but little did he know, all hell was about to break loose. A little while later Seymour reached the lab doors, and put his hand on the fingerprint scanner before he heard a sound coming from behind the door and dismissed it thinking that the subject was experiencing another nightmare, the process did leave the subject with PTSD after all Seymour thought, but when the doors opened Seymour saw the carnage brought about by Subject Alpha, and was paralyzed with fear for a minute then pulled the alarm, but it was too late…

    Subject Alpha’s POV

    “So the US government is going to dispose of me are they? Like hell I’m gonna let them, time to get out of here,” I thought as the guards outside were receiving the order to terminate me. As one of the guards let me out of my pod I grabbed him by the neck and crushed it, then the other guards started to shoot at me, but I grabbed the first guard’s gun and picked them off with it, then another group of men, actually in the military, rather than just guards came and tried to subdue me using hand-to-hand combat, even though I had a pistol in my hand, I knew that the face masks they were wearing wouldn't be affected by anything smaller than a 50 caliber round, so I threw the pistol down and slaughtered the group using my bare hands, after that I went to the weapons cache and selected: one AR-15 semi-automatic rifle plus 1 crate of ammo, and one 50 caliber Desert Eagle pistol plus 1 crate of ammo along with all of each type of grenade they had in stock. Next I went to the Supply Closet and took a survival kit, and a dimensionally transcendental bag to put it all in. The final thing I did was head to the gate and punch in the code to go to the Pokémon Universe then set a timed charge that would explode the moment that I went through it.


    1900hrs, Vaniville Path (Route 1), Kalos

    “So, Serena and Shauna, are you ready to get your first Pokémon?” a young man about 14 years of age asked two young women also about 14 years of age to which they replied, “Yeah, Calem, we’re ready, and then we’ll get to travel around the region and take on the Kalos League!” While they were walking they saw a man come out of the woods on the left side of the path. The man looked like he had been running from something or someone though when he spotted the three friends he asked, “What region am I in?”


    2000hrs, Aquacorde Town, Kalos

    “So you three are meeting some friends here and are going to receive your first Pokémon, that’s good for you guys! OH ****! I forgot to introduce myself, I’m Alexandre Oeder, though you can call me Alex,” Alex said before walking off towards the Avance Trail or Route 2.


    2100hrs, Avance Trail (Route 2), Kalos

    “Damn them, those ‘normal’ Froakie, Frogadier, and Greninja, they hate me because I’m different, whatever I don’t need them, I’ll just find a human who’ll take care of me, the wild is overrated anyway,” a ‘shiny’ Froakie said as he was walking away from his former clan before spotting a tall muscular human male walking around as if he were looking for something, then the Froakie heard a bear’s roar, and it appeared that the human saw it too because he pulled out a weapon of some sort and laid low in the grass, looking to kill it, then the Froakie heard one loud bang then he saw the bear fall to the ground dead and the human get up and go over to the bear to prepare it for consumption. After the human was done with the bear, the Froakie went up to the human, and secretly pushed the button on a Pokéball which was on the ground near the human, and that was the start of the Froakie and Alex’s adventures in the World of Pokémon...

    A/N Pay no attention to the next few chapters they are currently being revamped.
    "Regardless the circumstances, I intend to question the defendant with all I have. *takes off glasses* For that is a part of my creed. -Miles Edgeworth in episode 5 of Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Dual Destines Check out my story Pokemon Dual Dimensions
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      Okay, stories belong in this main forum. The Writer's Lounge is for discussion topics only.

      Also, remember to press that enter button twice in order to get that space between the paragraphs.
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        Originally Posted by Slayr231 View Post
        Okay, stories belong in this main forum. The Writer's Lounge is for discussion topics only.

        Also, remember to press that enter button twice in order to get that space between the paragraphs.
        Thanks, merci beaucoup Slayr231.
        "Regardless the circumstances, I intend to question the defendant with all I have. *takes off glasses* For that is a part of my creed. -Miles Edgeworth in episode 5 of Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Dual Destines Check out my story Pokemon Dual Dimensions
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        Old February 26th, 2014 (10:45 AM). Edited March 10th, 2014 by Legendary_Trainer_Alexandre.
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          Here's Chapter 1. Enjoy, and don't forget to review. (Flames will be IGNORED!!!)

          Chapter 1: The Adventure Begins
          2000hrs, Vaniville Path, Kalos

          "Hmmmm...What Pokemon of the 721 species can both go into cyber-space and cross dimensions...Wait a minute could it be, Porygon-Z, but wait the Pokedex data for it says that it didn't work like it was supposed to, so what's up with that contradiction? Wait could I have also traveled through time as well, but wait that doesn't add up either. Whatever, I'll ponder that a little later, but first I need to think about how I'm going to survive here, in the world of Pokemon, because although I have general knowledge of the Pokemon world, I need to get a Pokemon of my own, along with basic supplies, which means I need cash fast." Alexandre thought as he went down the Vaniville Path towards Aquacorde Town, when he heard someone scream, being the kind of person who will help the innocent, he rushed to the area to find a punk kid attempting to have his way with a young brunette girl around 14 with pigtails.

          "Yo, get away from the girl now," Alexandre said to the punk darkly.

          "Heh, what are you her boyfriend or somethin'?" the punk said sarcastically.

          "No, but you'll be a corpse if you don't do as I say, kid," Alexandre said as he reached for his pistol.

          "That's it! Your ass is mine no one calls me kid ever!" the punk said as he charged, with a knife ready to attack Alexandre.

          "Didn't anybody teach you not to bring a knife to a gunfight, idiot," Alexandre said as he pulled the trigger on his Walther and ended the kid's life then dodged as the corpse slid by him. Turning to the girl he said, "Are you alright?" the girl could only stare in amazement as Alexandre helped her up, and gave her his shirt to cover her up, while he sewed up her clothes as he was doing that he made small talk saying, "My name is Alexandre. What's yours?"

          "M-my n-name's Shauna, thank you for helping me back there, but why did you help me?" the girl now identified as Shauna asked Alexandre.

          "It's because I can't stand to see someone harm those who can't defend themselves, like you in this case. I'm sorry if I caused you to be scared by killing that guy, but he shouldn't have tried to attack me, with his knife, although he should've known that I would've used my gun on him," Alexandre said as he finished mending Shauna's clothes. "Here are your clothes back they're good-as-new, I'll give you some privacy while you change," Alexandre said as he turned away.

          2030hrs, Aquacorde Town, Kalos

          "Where's Shauna, she should be here by now," a fat kid said with a worried tone.

          "I agree Tierno, I wonder what's keeping her," a smaller kid said to the fat kid known as Tierno.

          "I'll go look for her, Trevor, Tierno, and bring her here," a young blonde girl said to the kid known as Trevor, and to Tierno.

          "Alright, but be careful, Serena, there have been reports of rapists on the path at this time of night," Trevor said to the girl known as Serena.

          2030hrs, Vaniville Path, Kalos

          "Shauna! Shauna! Where are you!?" Serena shouted into the night when she heard someone say, "Over here, just go to the sound of my voice and you'll find your friend!" Serena confused about the male voice, that was supposedly with Shauna, and was worried that it might be a trap until she heard Shauna shout, "It's OK I'm fine! Come on over!" Then Serena went over to the voices and saw Shauna with a man who was digging in a lifeless corpse obviously looking for something, then turned to face Shauna and asked, "Who is that man?"

          "That's Alexandre, he saved me from a rapist, and mended my clothes for me, while I wore the shirt off his back. I think he's looking for the bullet that's in the rapist's body," Shauna explained to Serena.

          "Ah! Found you, you little bugger!" Alexandre said as he retrieved the bullet from the punk's corpse. Turning to the two girls that were chatting, he said, "Hello, may know your name miss."

          "I'm Serena, thank you for saving my friend, but why were you looking for that bullet?" Serena asked Alexandre as he washed his hands and the bullet.

          "Well...I actually try to reuse my bullets, and casings, because it's cost effective, and easy to do," Alexandre said as he searched for the casing that went with the bullet.

          "Well, that's interesting, but why don't you use your Pokemon?" Serena asked.

          "I'm from a dimension that doesn't have Pokemon in it, just humans and animals, I got sucked into my laptop while looking for work, by the way I'm 19 years old, and have no Pokemon of my own. Actually I really have nothing at all save for what I brought with me, my pistol, my wallet with my Driver's license in it, 100 extra clips of ammo, the clothes on my back, my combat knife, and this bag, so yeah, well I could take whatever money the punk had, so that solves the money issue for now, but as for Pokemon, that's a whole different story," Alexandre said as he went through the dead punk's pockets.

          2100hrs, Aquacorde Town, Kalos

          "Hey, Shauna, Serena over here!" Tierno shouted.

          "Oh! Hey Tierno, Trevor, do you have an extra Pokedex?" Shauna asked Trevor.

          "Yes, why?" Trevor asked.

          "Because of me," Alexandre said to Trevor.

          "Ummm...What's your name, sir?" Trevor asked Alexandre.

          "Alexandre, and you don't have to be afraid of me, I only protect, not kill mindlessly," Alexandre said in a reassuring manner.

          "Groovy, Professor Sycamore was wanting to have five people help him complete the Pokedex, but we couldn't find anyone who was willing to help him, but let me ask you; why do you want to help the professor?" Tierno asked Alexandre.

          "Long story short, I'm from another dimension, and I need all the help I can get in order to survive here," Alexandre said to Tierno.

          "Well, that was new. Anyway, which of these three starter Pokemon do you want? Fennekin, Chespin, or Froakie?" Trevor asked Alexandre.

          "Hmmm...I like all of them, but which one best suits me? Fennekin ultimately becomes Delphox, and is mainly a special attacker, then there's Chespin which ultimately becomes Chesnaught, and is mainly a physical attacker, and Froakie which with its hidden ability Protean becomes Kecleon two-point-oh and when it's shiny on top of that then it's even cooler, and I know it's possible to get a shiny Froakie. Well, I guess I've got my starter picked out," Alexandre thought.

          "Have you made your choice yet?" Trevor asked.

          "Yes, I have. I choose Froakie!" Alexandre said with determination.

          "Alright then, I'll choose Chespin," Serena said.

          "That means I get Fennekin then," Shauna said.

          "Well, now that's settled here are the Pokedexes, they are a hi tech encyclopedia that automatically records data for the Pokemon you catch or see, try them out on your Pokemon," Trevor said.

          Pokedex Entry: Froakie
          Classification: Bubble Frog Pokemon
          Height: 1'00" or 0.3m
          Weight: 15.4lbs or 7.0kg
          Entry: It protects its skin by covering its body in delicate bubbles. Beneath its happy-go-lucky air, it keeps a watchful eye on its surroundings.
          Ability: Protean
          Nature: Adamant
          Moves: Pound, Growl, and Bubble
          Alert! This Pokemon is Shiny!

          "Hot damn! A shiny Protean Froakie. This is my lucky day!" Alexandre thought as he reviewed the summary of his Pokemon on the Pokedex. "Alright then Froakie your new nickname is Ninja. What do you think about that nickname Ninja?"

          "Froakie Fro Fro Froakie! Whatever the hell you say, cause I really don't care, you're the trainer not me!" Ninja the Froakie said to Alexandre in perceived approval.

          "Hey Alex, um can I call you Alex?" Shauna asked.

          "Sure, I don't mind, my name's probably too long to remember isn't it?" Alex said in approval.

          "Well I want to battle you, so that you're my first opponent!" Shauna said excitedly.

          "Well, props for enthusiasm, but I know I'll beat her, due to type advantage, but it's rude to refuse a challenge, so I'll beat her then give her some advice on how to better herself. Oh well, time to battle," Alex thought as he accepted her challenge.

          Battle 1 Vs. Shauna

          *Insert music here*

          Alex: Are you ready to battle me?
          Shauna: Yes! I'm ready! You'll be Kinnekins' first opponent!
          Alex sweatdrops Alex: Ugh...I feel sorry for that poor Pokemon, at least she loves her Pokemon, but is rash when choosing nicknames. Oh well, at least it's not Mr. Snuggles...that would be horrible. Go Ninja!
          Shauna: Go Kinnekins!
          Alex: Ninja, use Bubble and dodge whatever attack your opponent throws at you!
          Shauna: Kinnekins, dodge and use Ember on Ninja!
          Ninja dodges the Ember and hits Kinnekins with Bubble
          Alex: Yeah! That's it Ninja! Keep on using Bubble until the opponent faints
          *Insert Phoenix Wright Objection 2013 music here*
          Shauna: Oh no! Kinnekins use Ember on the Bubble attack then use Scratch on Ninja
          Alex chuckles Alex: Too late Shauna! There's no way you can deflect all of those bubbles!
          Kinnekins fainted
          Shauna: Oh no! I lost.
          Shauna paid Alex €300

          "Wow are you an expert?!" Shauna asked Alex.

          "Yeah, sort of, comes with where I come from I guess hahaha!" Alex said with a chuckle. "Remember, type match-ups and strategies on how to overcome a type disadvantage like if you can teach Solarbeam to a Fire-type Pokemon then you have a move that can 'bust' them, it's what I would do, I plan on having Ninja here become a weakness buster somehow. If you work hard at it you can become strong too," Alex said with wisdom.

          "Thanks for the advice, I'll see you around Alex!" Shauna said as she went off to Santalune Forest.

          "Um, Alex I want to tell you something," Serena said.

          "What is it Serena?" Alex asked.

          "I'm in love with you, I'm 19, like you, but I can't help it because you're a kind man, and you are mysterious which piques my interest," Serena confessed.

          "Well, why don't we take it slow and build up our relationship, cause we barely know each other, not exactly the best way to start a romantic relationship with," Alex said like a sage.
          "Regardless the circumstances, I intend to question the defendant with all I have. *takes off glasses* For that is a part of my creed. -Miles Edgeworth in episode 5 of Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Dual Destines Check out my story Pokemon Dual Dimensions
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            Sorry I didn't get to this earlier. College leaves me not wanting to do much, so I normally only review during the weekend, but I had a rare spur of motivation, so here's my review.

            Grace was understandably frightened when a man fell out of her television and on to her floor,
            Okay, "onto" is one word.

            ‘It’s the Cyber-Thief, but why during the day, and in Vaniville Town?’
            Normally, thoughts are italicized to indicate that it's different than talking.

            Chapter 1:

            (ugh...that was horrible. I feel sorry for the Fennekin.)
            I'm always against putting parenthesis in stories. I've never seen a situation where I was happy with it, and I'd much rather people not use them.

            (the region is based off of France)
            Same thing applies here.

            Okay, one thing I'm noticing right off of the bat is that you're telling me the story, rather than showing. Here's what I mean:
            A young man named Alexandre was sitting at his computer when he was pixilated and sent into his laptop where he saw a Porygon-Z in cyberspace, and immediately freaked out, causing him to end up in Vaniville Town, where Grace was watching television, unfortunately for Alexandre a string of robberies, where the thief used cyberspace (and a Porygon) to commit the robberies, was going on.
            You're telling us all of these details, and quite frankly, it's a little overwhelming. You don't need to include all of this at once. Only show it when it's relevant.

            Getting back to showing v telling, like I said before, you're telling us all of this. I have no idea how any of this happens. I'm not talking about the reason all of this happens, but I'm talking about what it looks like. To help with showing, try asking the questions, "who, what, when, where, why, and how?" It will help a lot when attempting to show a scene. Basically, you're describing what everything looks like. I'm not the greatest at showing, but I'll try my best to give an example. Instead of telling us Alexandre is pixelated, show us:
            Alexandre felt a tingling sensation start on the tips of his fingertips. Assuming his hand had just fallen asleep, Alexandre didn't bother to look down. Soon, the tingling sensation spread up his arm, and up to his shoulder. Alexandre let out a scream as he looked down. His entire arm was dissipating before his very eyes. His hand was almost completely gone, but his arm now looked like the "snow" one would get on the television screen when one flips to a channel that doesn't have a signal.

            Alexandre leaped up out of his chair, but fell to the ground when he realized that his legs were now starting to disappear. Little particles of "snow" flew off of his limbs and shot into his laptop. Before he could let out another scream, Alexandre's entire body was turned into pixels and sucked inside his laptop.
            So something along the lines of that. With this, you really get the sense of panic I would imagine one would feel as their body is being sucked into their laptop. Plus, it's a lot of time to take in what's happening. When I read that first paragraph, you lost me immediately. It's too much in too little time, and a lot of the details are unnecessary.
            causing him to end up in Vaniville Town, where Grace was watching television,
            I don't need to know this right now. All I need to know is that Alexandre was sucked into his laptop. It's a good idea to have the reader as much in the dark as your main character, unless you're shooting for situational irony, but I doubt that' what you're going for here. Just remember to reveal details on a need to know basis, and to describe what happens. Description adds a layer of depth to the story that will make it pop off the page even more.

            Another issue I'm having with is the characters. To me, they don't seem real. Here's what I'm talking about:
            She then searched the man, and found out that his name was Alexandre, that he carried a pistol and knife, but no Pokéballs leading her to believe that he was some sort of poor sap who was accidentally dropped off there.
            So you're watching TV, when all of a sudden, a man falls out of it onto your living room floor. I don't know about you, but searching the man would be one of the last things I would be doing. Plus, what was Alexandre even doing with guns when he was browsing his laptop? I get he's from America, but that's pushing the gun stereotype a little too far. :P

            “Before I answer your question, I would like to know your name,” Alexandre told Grace.
            I doubt that would be the first thing he asks. I mean, if you found yourself in a room you've never seen before, I'd be asking where I was, rather than asking who the girl that just walked in her name.

            “Ahhh, now I see what’s going on here, I’m in the Kalos Region, which means that Porygon-Z actually works as programmed meaning that… Aw ♥♥♥♥, I’ve gotta get a Pokémon, a Pokédex, and a few Pokéballs, and on top of all that I’ve got absolutely nothing in terms of money, damn my luck! To answer your question, no it is not, it is a country in my dimension” Alexandre said.
            For a guy that just got sucked into a new dimension with no obvious answer on how to get home, Alexandre is taking this pretty well. With the way he's acting, I start to think that getting sucked into video games is just a weekend hobby for him. His body language doesn't match what the scenario is asking for at all. That's the biggest problem I'm having right now. The characters don't seem to be realistically reacting to their surroundings. Ask yourself what you would do. Believe it or not, but your reaction is pretty much what anyone would do. Someone tells me I've just been teleported into a pokemon universe, and I immediately think they're joking.

            ALERT! This Pokemon is a Shiny, and has its Hidden Ability of Protean
            This immediately set off red flags in my head. So Alexandre just so happens to get a shiny starter with a hidden ability? Remember, there is no such thing as coincidence when it comes to writing. No one is going to be impressed by your character catching a rare pokemon. You control everything that happens here, so nothing is simply coincidence. I'm starting to be wary of Alexandre as a character now. He's cool, calm, lucky, and beats his first opponent in one hit. I'm starting to lean towards calling him a Gary Sue, but I'm going to hold back on that for now. Just keep that in mind for the future.

            Speaking of the battle:
            Alexandre: You sure you wanna fight me?
            Shauna: Yeah, I really want to have my first battle be against you!
            Alexandre: All right then. Go, Ninja!
            Shauna: Go, Kinnekins!
            Alexandre: Ninja, use Bubble on 'Kinnekins'! (ugh...that was horrible. I feel sorry for the Fennekin.)
            Shauna: Dodge it quick!
            Alexandre: Smirks Too late!
            Ninja won in only 1 attack.
            There's nothing here. I'm trying to get into this battle scene, but I just can't. There's no description, no action, and no emotion. Remember to describe, that will help a ton. About that dialogue, please refrain from using script dialogue. It doesn't fit with the rest of the story, and I'm not sure why you switched over.

            Overall, there's a lot of work that can be done. The story has promise, but I must warn you. Please don't make this too similar to the games. This might sound harsh, but if I wanted to hear the storyline of the game again, I would play it. It makes the story predictable and dry, which is never a good combination to have. I'm saying this because so far, the first chapter is an exact replica to the games, which makes it pretty boring. I don't know what your plans are for this story, but if you're following the game plot, I would consider revising.

            Like I said before, the story has promise with the criminal running about, but be wary of the game's plot.
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              Here it is Chapter 2! Please don't forget to read and review, also NO FLAMES!!! I will douse them with my Mega Blastoise
              M-Blastoise: RRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!

              Chapter 2: The Bug Badge

              Alex’s Log: Day 2
              Yesterday I was looking for work on the Albany Democrat Herald’s website, when I was transported to the Pokémon Dimension, specifically Vaniville Town in the Kalos Region, where I was mistaken for a person known only as the Cyber-Thief, who apparently uses a Porygon to travel to the houses of his victims via cyberspace, takes all the jewels, leaves behind a note saying, ‘The Cyber-Thief was here’, and then leaves the same way, leaving nothing else behind, thus no one has been able to catch him or her, but if I catch that bastard, they’re gonna wish they hadn’t done what they did, because I almost died because of it
              End Log

              0600hrs, Aquacorde Town, Kalos

              Ok, so I need some supplies for my journey, and it needs to be €300 or less, and I also need directions to the nearest military surplus store along with a map,” Alex thought as he came upon a local man who appeared to be in his 60s.

              The following conversations are in French

              “Excuse me, sir, but can you tell me how to get to the nearest military surplus store?” Alex said to the elderly local man

              “The military surplus store is on Sun street, and in order to get there you have to turn right on 14th street, then continue until you see the 7-11 to your right, you turn right there, that's Oak street, at that point go to the first right turn as if you were driving and take it, that's when you're on Sun street, and the store is the first building on your right” the elderly man said to Alex as he handed a map to Alex.

              After following the old man’s directions, Alex went into the store looking for a World War II era Mauser Karbine 98, an ammunition reloading kit, and 100 cases of 7.92x57mm bullets, if that didn’t cost over €300 that is.

              “How much is all of this?” Alex asked the store clerk.

              “Your total is €250,” the clerk flatly told Alex as he counted the €250 Alex paid.

              Once Alex left the military surplus store, he made his way towards the Pokéball Boutique in order to buy a few Pokéballs so that he could add to his team.

              “Hello, how much is one Pokéball?” Alex asked the store clerk.

              “One Pokéball costs two Euros” the store clerk said to Alex.

              “I would like 25 Pokéballs please,” Alex requested as he paid €50 to the clerk.

              End of French conversations

              0800hrs, Avance Trail (Route 2), Kalos

              “Hey! Serena, Shauna! Catching any Pokémon yet?” Alex shouted at the two young ladies.

              “Great! You’re finally here, now I can show you how to catch a…” Serena said before getting cut off by Alex.

              “I already know how to catch a Pokémon. I’m technically not a rookie trainer, if you consider the dimension I’m from has Pokémon video games in it, in fact, if you were to count that, I’m actually the champion of every region so far, but this is different, so I’m not, but just throwing that out there. You can show Shauna how to though,” Alex revealed.

              “Oh, I didn’t know that,” Serena said surprised.

              “It’s fine, I’ll go on ahead and find some Pokémon to catch, along with some game animals to hunt,” Alex said as he was looking around.

              After searching for some time Alex found a wild Pidgey in the tall grass, happily eating a worm.

              Wild Battle One: Vs. Pidgey
              Alex: Go Ninja!
              Pidgey: Aw ♥♥♥♥, another Trainer out to catch me, oh well, time to send this one packing like I did to all the other Trainers who try
              Alex: Ninja, use Bubble on Pidgey
              Ninja’s attack missed
              Alex: Damnit that Pidgey’s fast, fine we’ll attack just as it’s about to hit us Ninja, use Pound now! Yes! That Pidgey’s weak enough to be captured!
              Alex used the Pokéball
              Pidgey’s data has been added to the Pokédex

              Pokédex entry: Pidgey
              Nickname: N/A
              It is docile and prefers to avoid conflict. If disturbed, however, it can ferociously strike back.
              Average height: 1’00”/0.3m
              Average weight: 4.0lbs/1.8kg
              Actual height for this specimen: 2’00”/0.6m
              Actual weight for this specimen: 8.0lbs/3.6kg
              Ability: Keen Eye
              Nature: Adamant
              Gender: Male
              Moves: Quick Attack, Wing Attack, Steel Wing, Feint Attack

              Hmm…just like in the anime with all the different sized Pokémon, although the game’s height is in there too, which means that Ninja’s of the average height and weight. Interesting, I’ll have to watch all of my Pokémon, even those of the same species, due to the height and weight differences,” Alex thought as he saw the height and weight of the Pidgey he just caught, while noting the lack of information with Ninja.

              Alex, after putting his Pokédex away after catching all of the different Pokémon species in the area, leaving him with 18 Pokéballs left, started to look for some game animals for dinner that night using what he learned in his dimension to outsmart the animals he was hunting. After a few hours Alex saw a Eurasian bear near a kill, so Alex climbed a tree at least 500m away from the bear after bathing in vinegar, lined up the iron sights, to the bear’s head, and shot it just as it looked up at him, as if smelling the vinegar in the air, and killed it. Alex went to work immediately, skinning, gutting, and cleaning the bear to get it ready for consumption.

              1900hrs, Santalune Forest, Kalos

              “Damn, getting that bear took a lot out of me, better set up camp for the night, fortunately Ursaring don’t live in central Kalos…or is that different too? Oh well, better put the meat in the tree just in case of bears, Ursaring, or both,” Alex said as he began to dig out a fire pit using the Brown Bear paw gloves he made with the claws attached to the ‘toes’ of course. Being satisfied with his fire pit he took off the gloves and went to gather large rocks to put around the fire pit, then once that was done he went to look for firewood, to start a cooking fire with; that is after he found a fire Pokémon with Ember.

              Alex’s Log Day 3
              After finding a big Eurasian Bear, killing, and preparing it I set up camp for the first time in the Pokémon Wilderness, the first night didn’t count as I was in the hotel in Aquacorde Town, which for some reason, the room was all paid for by Professor Sycamore, though all the rooms for the ‘Dex holders were paid for by him, I still find it strange that he prepared to have five people assist him in researching Mega Evolution, when Grace Rider didn’t even have a child, it’s probably my imagination or somehow the professor was actually informed of my arrival into the Pokémon World. I guess I won’t know unless I get to his lab in Lumiose City.
              End Log

              0600hrs, Santalune Forest, Kalos

              “Ahhh…I haven’t had this much peace and quiet since…ever!” Alex said as he cooked breakfast using a Torchic he found during the night.


              2100hrs, Santalune Forest, Kalos

              DAMMIT!! I forgot to buy a fire kit, and I haven’t gotten a fire-type Pokémon yet, so I can’t cook anything, let alone start a cooking fire…” Alex said as he heard a scream in the night.

              “T-Torchic…” a Torchic was saying as it was being abused, by its trainer, as Alex ran on the scene.

              “Who the ♥♥♥♥, are you?” the abusive trainer asked Alex.

              “I don’t have to identify myself to you, ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥. I would ask you your name, but I’d prefer that you be identified as a nameless bloody pulp on the ground, because you are abusing that Torchic. Now why are you doing that?” Alex said to the trainer.

              “What I do to my Pokémon is none of your business ass-wipe,” the trainer replied.

              “Actually, it is because I made it my business, and if you won’t tell me, I’ll blow out your kneecaps and watch as you suffer, and torture you in every way possible without killing you until you tell me what I want to know, so I suggest you talk, or you’ll be the one screaming,” Alex said as he reached for his Walther.

              “It lost a battle against a grass-type Pokémon! There I said it, now leave me to my business,” the trainer said in fear of the possible torture.

              “Well, I guess I’ll make sure that you never battle again, oh by the way, what, do you want written on your tombstone, after I kill you?!” Alex said as he aimed his pistol at the trainer’s head.

              “Ooh, a toy gun, I’m sooo scared,” the trainer said making fun of the Walther in Alex’s hand.

              “Actually, it’s real, and it works too, it’s my personal side arm, I bid you Adieu, mother♥♥♥♥er!” Alex said as he pulled the trigger, and slew the trainer who picked the wrong day to abuse his Torchic.

              End Flashback

              “Hey, Torchic, let’s get you a little more plump, get you healthy at least, that ass of a trainer probably starved you for long periods of time didn’t he?” Alex asked the Torchic, not wanting it to be in that condition when he got out of the forest.

              1000hrs, Santalune City, Kalos

              “Finally, the bug-type gym, but first I need to check the condition of this Torchic, and report the body,” Alex said while thinking, “Fortunately, I didn’t leave any evidence connecting the incident to me, the only thing I left was a grave marker with the words ‘Pokémon abuser’ on it.”

              The following conversation is in French

              “Excuse me, nurse, but I have a malnourished Torchic I found in the ‘care’ of an abusive trainer, while I watched, the trainer was shot point blank by a masked man, after killing the trainer the masked man took all the evidence with him, but left the Torchic behind, so when he left I took the liberty of burying the body and putting up a grave marker, so that the police, can find and dig up the body if that’s necessary, and took in the Torchic so that it can get all the treatment it needs,” Alex told the nurse in charge.

              “Oh my god! I’ll tell the police immediately, and give this Torchic a full scale check-up, and get back to you with the results. In the meantime why don’t you go out and see the town, there’s a hat boutique right next door to us, I believe you’ll love it,” the nurse said in shock and calmly, respectively.

              End of French conversation

              1030hrs, Santalune City Restaurant, Kalos

              “Hey! Alex can we join you?” Serena asked while shouting.

              “Sure why not, I need people to talk to that aren’t the police,” Alex said while drinking a Coca-Cola, and waiting for his order of escargot, that’s cooked snails for you non-cultured people, and side of fries.

              “Ah company for you, monsieur?” the waiter said as he brought Alex’s order.

              “Oui, monsieur waiter, they will be on my tab,” Alex said to the waiter.

              “Fantastique! What will you be having today, madamoiselles et monsieurs?”

              “Ummm…I’ll have le soup de jour with a diet Pepsi, and some breadsticks,” Shauna ordered.

              “I’ll have un steak-frites with a Coca-Cola please” Serena decided.

              “Just water for me please,” Trevor requested.

              “Same here,” Tierno said to the waiter.

              “Very well then your orders will be out shortly, thank you for ordering,” the waiter said as he went to tell the chef.

              “Thanks for treating us to lunch, Alex” the group said to Alex.

              “No problem, I came upon some extra cash, ‘from a dead guy’ and thought I’d treat myself to something while in Kalos, it’s as close as I’ll ever get to France, thank goodness I decided to take French during my early years, because it’s helped me out a lot here,” Alex said leaving the part about looting the dead guy in his thoughts.

              “So what did you want to talk about?” Trevor asked.

              “Ah yes, well last night I saw a Torchic being abused for losing to a grass type Pokémon, but it appeared to have been starved for long periods of time prior to the trainer’s untimely demise, and I’m pretty sure that the police will want to interrogate me as the only witness of that bastard’s murder, granted I had a bear skin on and was hiding in the brush but nonetheless I’m still a witness, and will be treated as such, anyway I thought I’d update you all on what’s been happening since we split up at Santalune Forest,” Alex explained to the group as their orders were delivered to them.

              1100hrs, Santalune City Police Department, Kalos

              The following questioning is in French

              “Ok, I’m Detective Bouchard, and according to your Pokédex you are Alexandre, correct?” Bouchard introduced himself to Alex.

              “Yeah that’s right, so Detective ‘Big Mouth’ tell me how long is this going to take, because I wish to have a gym battle with the gym leader Viola sometime today,” Alex said to Bouchard

              “That depends on if you give me your whole account of the crime in question or not,” Bouchard said oblivious of the insult Alex said about Bouchard’s name.

              “I’ll answer your questions to the best of my ability and not withhold anything,” Alex said with fake fear.

              End of French questioning

              1200hrs, Santalune City Gym, Kalos

              “Wow, the Pokémon games, and anime don’t do Viola’s pictures justice at all, I wonder how much it would cost in order to have my portrait done by Viola?” Alex wondered out loud not knowing that Viola was right behind him.

              “Well that depends, are you here for a battle?” Viola asked Alex suddenly.

              “HOLY MARY MOTHER OF GOD! You scared the ♥♥♥♥ out of me, Viola, but yeah I’m here to challenge you. Why do you ask?” Alex asked surprised.

              “Well, I really like that bearskin outfit you have. Did you make it yourself?” Viola asked Alex after complimenting his clothes.

              “Yeah, I did make it myself, and I hunted, killed, and prepared the hide of the bear myself as well,” Alex answered Viola proudly.

              “Well, I’ll tell you what, I’ll take your picture for free if you win our battle, but if I win then you’ll have to pay full price for your picture, and the price is €1000 for one portrait. What do you say to that deal?” Viola asked Alex.

              “I accept your bet, Viola. I’ll win against you and your precious bugs using my type advantage, and power,” Alex smugly said.

              Gym Battle One: Vs Viola
              Alex smirks
              Alex: Prepare to lose Viola!
              Viola shakes her head
              Viola: We’ll see. We’ll see.
              Alex: Go Torchic
              Viola: Go Surskit
              Alex: So far, so good, just like the games and the anime, but what’s going to be different from either of those outlets? Torchic use Peck on that Surskit and don’t let up for even the smallest unit of time!
              Viola: Not bad, but can you handle this? Surskit use Quick Attack to dodge its Pecking!
              Alex: Just as I thought, but what she doesn’t know is that Torchic is only going to get faster, and will eventually catch up to Surskit, and Peck it for the knockout.
              Viola: Why isn’t he attacking Surskit with any other moves, and why is that Torchic getting faster? Does that Torchic have the ability Speed Boost? Is that his plan, using Speed Boost to gain an advantage over me in speed? If that is his plan then I just fell right into his trap, damn he’s good, using the abilities of his Pokémon to the fullest. I must commend you Alex, taking advantage of both type matchups and your own Pokémon’s abilities you truly are talented as a Trainer, but I won’t be beaten that easily! Surskit use Bubble on that Torchic quickly!
              Alex: Torchic, jump over all the Bubbles, and then dive using Peck directly on top of Surskit!
              Viola: What?! No Surskit! Ergh, return Surskit, well that was a good first round, but now here’s round two, go Vivillon!
              Alex: I’ll stick with Torchic thank you very much. Now Torchic use a rapid fire Ember on Vivillon!
              Viola: Agh! Vivillon use Gust to counter the Ember attack!
              Alex smirks
              Alex: Thanks for the Fire Spin, Viola, now Torchic launch it at that Vivillon and let’s win this battle!
              Viola: ♥♥♥♥! I fell for another one of his traps Vivillon get out of there quickly! Damn, I guess you win.
              End Gym Battle One

              “Here’s your Bug Badge, and now say ‘cheese!’” Viola said as she lined up her camera for Alex’s free picture.

              “CHEESE! That line is really overused.” Alex said with a fake real smile.

              Preview for Chapter 3
              “Hey, Alex, the police chief asked me to give you a copy of the Cyber-Thief’s profile and the case notes to read at your leisure,” Detective Bouchard said as he handed Alex a large binder marked ‘Cyber-Thief’.
              "Regardless the circumstances, I intend to question the defendant with all I have. *takes off glasses* For that is a part of my creed. -Miles Edgeworth in episode 5 of Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Dual Destines Check out my story Pokemon Dual Dimensions
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                OK here's Chapter 3 and as you can probably guess there is a scene or two where the Cyber-Thief makes an appearence, and steals something from somewhere. Read and review, because if you don't my Mega Mewtwo Y will pelt you with Psystrike.

                M-Mewtwo Y in Darth Vader's voice: You will obey my master, and join the Dark Side of the Force.

                Chapter 3: Enter the Cyber-Thief

                1200hrs, Détourner Way (Route 22), Kalos

                After defeating Viola and receiving The Bug Badge, TM83, and a 22x18 and 6/8” photograph of himself in his bearskin clothes, rolled up and in a photo carrying tube of course, Alex went to Route 22 to capture all the Pokémon living in the area when Detective Bouchard ran up to him saying, in French, “Hey, Alex, the police chief asked me to give you a copy of the Cyber-Thief’s profile and the case notes to read at your leisure saying something about you being a bounty hunter or something like that, anyway here’s the case file, but be careful, that bastard can probably rob you through your Pokédex as it is connected to the Oak Research Network, and all that information is valuable,” Detective Bouchard said as he handed Alex a large binder marked ‘Cyber-Thief’ and headed back to the police department. Surprised by the police’s generosity Alex put the file into his travel bag and continued to complete the Central Kalos Pokédex as much as possible.

                1300hrs, Parterre Way (Route 4), Kalos

                Once Alex caught all of the Pokémon on Route 22 and ‘met’ Alexa, Viola’s older and somehow sexier sister, he headed to Route 4 trying to get to Lumiose City, and complete his Pokédex at the same time, by this time all of Alex’s Pokémon, except those that evolve by stone or don’t evolve at all or that are already in their final form, had evolved into their second stage, so that Alex’s team was as follows:
                1) Frogadier, a shiny one with Protean, and is nicknamed Ninja
                2) Pidgeotto, that’s twice the average height and weight of its kind
                3) Combusken, which prior to Alex’s ownership of it was abused by its trainer for losing to a grass-type Pokémon, and also is the same as the event that the world got as a promotional tool to showcase Mega Evolution, and comes with its Hidden Ability, Speed Boost and the Mega Stone, Blazikenite
                4) Pikachu, with a Light Ball
                5) Vivillon, in High Plains Forme, which is my native pattern
                6) Dunsparce, which is just plain ordinary
                and thus was already a force to be reckoned with, by the time he was fighting the first Trainer on the route Gardener Wheaton.

                Battle Two: Vs. Wheaton
                Wheaton: Better watch out now boy, my Corphish’s got sum sharp claws! Go Corphish!
                Alex: Hmph, well let’s see if you can keep up with the times, old man! Go Pikachu!
                Wheaton: Corphish use Bubble on it now!
                Alex: Pikachu, use Electro Ball on the Corphish, and destroy those Bubbles!
                Wheaton: WUUUUUUT! H-h-how?!
                Alex: Simple, Water conducts Electricity thus, Corphish is weak against Pikachu.

                After wandering and battling trainers Alex was suddenly greeted by a strange, but likable duo named Sina and Dexio, who said that they were Professor Sycamore’s previous assistants, but couldn’t attain Mega Evolution for one reason or another, but as they were about to tell Alex about the Fairy type he cut them off saying that he already knew about it, and is already prepared to deal with it, but thanked them for trying to inform him about it.

                1400hrs, Professor Sycamore’s Lab 3F, Lumiose City, Kalos

                “Ah, tu es Alex, oui?” Professor Sycamore asked Alex.

                “Yes, but tell me something, did you know about my arrival before it happened, Professor?” Alex asked back after confirming his identity.

                “Yes, I did, because I was informed by Arceus in a dream via Cresselia, which is strange because I’ve never heard of Arceus doing that before, ever, so when he revealed that to me I knew that I had to prepare for your arrival somehow, and then I decided that I should give you a Starter Pokémon, and a Pokédex to help with the adjustment period, though it seems that you’re already used to being here,” Professor Sycamore explained.

                “Well, actually, the Pokémon World isn’t that much different than my world, except for the Pokémon of course. Though I think that Arceus might have used a Porygon-Z to bring me here because I was brought here through my laptop, and was subsequently mistaken for that Cyber-Thief bastard, and almost killed, by the way I’m taking the League Challenge,” Alex summarized after explaining his theory on how he was brought to the Pokémon World.

                “Interesting theory, mon ami, but why Arceus would do that though is my question,” the professor said to Alex.

                “Well, I think that Arceus did that to be subtle about it, I mean having a Palkia appear right in front of an urban city would cause an uproar, and cause my world to ban Pokémon in all forms from it and cause your world to cease expanding and cause an eternal time loop, which would be bad, considering that Arceus knows that he owes the existence of this world to a man in my world named Satoshi Tajiri and his childhood hobby of insect collecting, and the Game Boy Pocket, I think that Arceus would want as little attention from my world’s media as possible,” Alex theorized. As Alex and the professor were finishing up their conversation Serena and Shauna entered the lab to talk to the professor as well, it was then that Professor Sycamore challenged Alex to a battle against the three Kanto Starters.

                Battle 3: Vs. Sycamore
                Alex smirks knowingly
                Alex: I already know what you’re going to use, and they are Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle, so I know that I’m going to win.
                Sycamore: Wow! Very good, memorizing my line-up, your dimension must have some sort of video game strategy guide for our dimension, oui?
                Alex: Yeah, it does. I pre-ordered both the game and the guide, although some things are different, like there are no version exclusive items and Pokémon, meaning that I’ll become a Mega Evolution Master; that is if I’m deemed worthy by the Mega Evolution Guru!
                Sycamore: Wonderful! Go Bulbasaur!
                Alex: Go Pidgeotto! Use Wing Attack on the Bulbasaur now!
                Sycamore: Bulbasaur use Leech Seed now!
                Alex: Dodge it Pidgeotto and continue the attack!
                Sycamore: Hmmm…Bulbasaur use Vine Whip to jump and dodge that Wing Attack!
                Alex: Don’t let it dodge, use Quick Attack to catch up then turn it into Wing Attack and knock it out!
                Sycamore: Well, that was a new one, oh well a loss is a loss, go Charmander!
                Alex: Return Pidgeotto and go Ninja!
                Sycamore: Well that’s your plan huh? Using type matchups to your advantage, I must say that that’s quite clever of you, but it still won’t be enough to beat me! Charmander use Ember!
                Alex: Ninja, use Water Gun.
                Sycamore: Oh, I forgot that you already have stronger Pokémon than I do. Hahahahah! Go Squirtle!
                Alex: Return Ninja and go Pikachu!
                Sycamore: Squirtle, use Water Gun!
                Alex: Pikachu, use Thunderbolt!
                Sycamore: That’s alright, you’re already an expert anyway Alex.

                End Battle 3

                “Well, I want you to have another starter Pokémon, they’re of the species that you battled so…” the professor said as Alex cut him off saying, “I want Charmander.”

                “Ok, that was quick, why Charmander though?” Sycamore asked.

                “Because of both Mega Charizards though I prefer Mega Charizard Y over Mega Charizard X, because of the abilities, but I can always breed a physical Charmander for Mega Evolving into Mega Charizard X,” Alex explained.

                “Alright, here are both Mega Stones for Charizard then,” Sycamore said satisfied with Alex’s explanation.

                1400hrs, ???, Kalos

                “Alright! Finally the jewels of the Parfum Palace are mine, and it’s all thanks to my Porygon that I cracked the safe and hacked the security system, I’ll just snatch them and be on my way” a young man about 14 years old said as he stuffed the jewels into his duffel bag, and dropping a note, then silently leaving, via the computer, leaving no prints, and no other evidence besides the note.

                1500hrs, Sycamore Labs, Lumiose City, Kalos

                After receiving the Charmander from Professor Sycamore, Alex headed back down to the first floor, where he saw Sina talking to a man whose hair was like the mane of a male Pyroar, when Sina pointed Alex out to him.

                “So, you are one of the people Sycamore sent to assist him in his research, my name…” the man said as he was cut off by Alex saying, “Lysandre, the creator of the Holo Caster, and a man of royal blood, descendant of AZ’s younger brother, am I right?”

                “Yes you are, but how did you know that?” Lysandre asked as Alex leaned in and whispered into his ear, “I also know that you’re the leader of Team Flare, and are planning to use the power of both Xerenas and Yveltal to turn the Pokémon world into my world, and I know all of this because I’m from another dimension where this is just a worldwide phenomenon and I’ve played the game so I know all of your secrets, but until you reveal your hand it’ll stay a secret, so consider yourself lucky that you have everyone else fooled, because I’ll keep this world safe, and make it more beautiful at the same time.”

                “Farewell, then Sycamore’s assistant, until we meet again,” Lysandre said in shock though keeping calm.

                “Hey! Alex! What are you going to do now?” Serena, Shauna, Tierno, and Trevor asked Alex.

                “I’m going to go buy the Mega Stones for Blastoise, and Venusaur from the Stone Emporium, since they’re cheaper here than in my game, then I plan to get my hair cut, because my hair is way too long, it’s waist length, so I’m going to get cut down to neck length and getting my bangs trimmed to just above my eyebrow, that way I look like a man again,” Alex said as he set off for Vernal Avenue.

                “Hey, Alex, will you meet me at Café Soleil after you’re done with your errands?” Serena asked after catching up with Alex.

                “Alright, you can consider it a date!” Alex said to Serena as he turned on to Vernal Avenue.

                He said date, eeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkk!” Serena thought as she went to the Café Soleil.

                The following conversation is in French

                “Bonjour, monsieur, what do you have for sale today?” Alex asked the owner of the Stone Emporium.

                “Well, I have this Blastoisinite. It will cost you €1,000 though, do you think that you can handle it?” the owner asked.

                “I’ll take it and the other Mega Stone you have as well, so here’s €2,000 for the both of them,” Alex said as he handed the owner the money.

                “Here are both the Blastoisinite and the Venusaurite, and I thank you for your patronage,” the owner said as he handed Alex the two stones.

                End French conversation

                “Tiens, monsieur, I just noticed your style and want you to sell me your bearskin outfit for €5,000, and access to our shop, and even if you need time to think, the offer is still here,” a female employee of the Boutique Couture asked of Alex.

                “Do you mind if I hunt another Eurasian Bear first?” Alex asked the woman.

                “Not at all, monsieur, I realize how much sentimental value it must have to you,” the woman replied

                “All right, I’m going to go get my hair cut now. Au revoir, mademoiselle,” Alex said with the intention of getting the fur as soon as humanly possible.

                The following conversation is in French

                “Bonjour, madame, I would like my hair cut to look like a man’s,” Alex said as he let his hair down.

                “Ummm…Alright then sir, right this way,” the stylist said as she and Alex made their way to an open chair.

                “So, were you born a male, sir?” the stylist said as she was cutting Alex’s hair.

                “Yes, at least that’s what’s printed on my birth certificate,” Alex said with frustration.

                “Sorry, sir, but it’s just that your hair was so long when you let it all down, that I was confused,” the stylist apologized.

                “I forgive you, but it’s partly my fault, for having hair that grows really fast,” Alex said.

                “Well, if you’re looking for a survival kit with barber’s tools in it, then you should go right next door, the stuff there is really cheap, but is the best kit you’ll find in Kalos. Oh and your total for this haircut is €15,” the stylist told Alex as she finished up with his manly hair cut.

                “Here’s the money, and thank you for lightening the load on my head,” Alex said as he handed the stylist the money.

                End of French conversation

                1800hrs, Café Soleil, South Boulevard, Lumiose City, Kalos

                “Tiens, Serena, ready to go inside and have dinner together?” Alex said as he came back from the survivalist store, and from getting nice casual clothes, and getting rid of the bear smell, by showering twice with soap.

                “Yes, I am ready. What took you so lo…ng?” Serena asked as she turned around to face Alex, and saw just how nice he looked after he prepared.

                “Sorry, I had to make myself presentable for our first date,” Alex said with the charm of a suave rouge, while Serena was speechless at the transformation from outdoorsman to gentleman.

                “You, look like a respectable man, it’s nice,” Serena complimented Alex.

                “Well, shall we head inside?” Alex asked offering his arm to Serena who took it and went inside for their date.

                “Excuse me, I would like a table for two please,” Alex requested.

                “Of course sir, right this way please,” the waiter said. Once Alex and Serena got to the table, they saw Lysandre and a woman wearing what looked like a costume for a movie talking together, Lysandre was saying to the woman, “You are young and beautiful, my friend, but don’t you wish you could stay that way forever?” but the woman replied, “If that happened then, I wouldn’t be able to expand and play other roles as I get older, Lysandre,”

                “Isn’t that Diantha and Lysandre talking together?” Serena asked rhetorically.

                “Yeah, I would be wary of Lysandre though, I’ve got this feeling that he is not to be trusted at all,” Alex replied with a warning tone.

                “Well, if it isn’t the people that Sycamore asked to assist him, it is good to see you again, especially you Mr. Oeder, yes Professor Sycamore told me your name, if that’s what you’re thinking,” Lysandre said before walking out of the café.

                “I’m sorry about him, he sometimes says weird things, about beauty, and how it should be preserved,” Diantha said.

                “It’s fine, Madame Diantha, as Lysandre pointed out I’m Alexandre Oeder, and this young lady here is my date for the evening, Serena. Enchanté,” Alex introduced himself and Serena disregarding what Lysandre said earlier.

                “Well, I hope you two have a wonderful evening, I must be off; I need to speak with Augustine about something. Enchantée à tu, aussi Alexandre,” Diantha said as she also left the café, and as Alex and Serena sat down at their table.

                “Wow! It’s not every day that you get to talk to a famous movie star!” Serena said excitedly.

                “Well, it is when said movie star knows the guy who sent you on your journey,” Alex said in an as-a-matter-of-factly tone as the waiter came to take their orders.

                “What would you like to order tonight, mademoiselle et monsieur?” the waiter said.

                “I would like the escargot avec un sandwich de fromage, with a Coca-Cola, and a side of fries,” Alex ordered.

                “Make that two please,” Serena said.

                “Very well then, your orders will be out shortly and I’ll go get your drinks, oh and you get free refills here,” the waiter informed them.

                As they waited for their orders Serena asked Alex, “What do you do in your free time when you’re alone?” to which Alex replied, “Well, back home I used to drive myself to the shooting range back in my town, and practiced my sharpshooting skills, with my Mauser, and practiced my skills with my Walther, I also went to the fight club to practice my hand to hand combat skills and my mixed martial arts skill because even though I’m a black-belt in Chun Kuk Do, I still practice to keep my skills sharp, as Bruce Lee, an actor in my home country once said, ‘I refer to my hands, feet, and body as tools of the trade. The hands and feet must be sharpened and improved daily to be efficient.’ So that’s what I do, and now I teach my Pokémon Chun Kuk Do in order to improve their speed, strength, and reaction time in battle. If you want me to I could help train you and your Pokémon in Chun Kuk Do.”

                “Ok, now who ordered the Coca-Cola and who ordered the Coca-Cola?” the waiter said as a joke to which Serena and Alex laughed.

                As the waiter left to help the other patrons, Alex asked Serena, “Now, what do you do with your free time when you’re alone?” to which Serena replied, “Mostly I studied in my room, in preparation for my journey with Pokémon. Now I train my Pokémon and try to get experience as a Trainer, and plan for my gym battles ahead of time, although I never knew that the martial-arts were such a big help to your Pokémon, then again, I’ve never read about it in the books I had or that my parents had on Pokémon training.”

                “Yeah, I figured that since Machop use martial arts in their battles, that other Pokémon can benefit from them as well, and tested it out on Ninja, and Ninja was faster and stronger and was able to dodge quicker than other Pokémon who did not receive this training, maybe I’ll write a book about my findings,” Alex responded to Serena’s comment about not knowing about the benefits of the martial arts on Pokémon, as their food arrived.

                2000hrs, Versant Road (Route 5), Kalos

                Well, now that I’ve got a travelling partner, I should think about setting up camp, geez is it winter ‘cause it just got a whole lot darker, in the two hours it took us to get to this area, though that Lucario of Korrina’s is oddly intimidating even though it wants to go with me on my journey, but it’s testing me to see if I’m worthy of being its Trainer, fortunately for me I don’t need roller skates to go on the grinds, my balance is all I need to complete her puzzle,” Alex thought as he told Serena that they were going to stop for the night.

                “Umm…I’ve got my tent, but where are you going to sleep?” Serena asked worriedly.

                “I’m going to build my shelter, bed, and blankets from our surroundings,” Alex said as he came out of the bushes in his bearskin outfit.

                “You’re going hunting, but we ate dinner already,” Serena said curiously.

                “I know, but I’m going hunting for my blanket,” Alex said as he strapped his hunting equipment to him.

                2100hrs, ???, Kanto

                “Ahhh, here we are at Silph Co.’s vault where they store all of their important research documents, and prototype products. Porygon, this is going to be our biggest haul ever, and if we weren’t famous before this heist, then we are going to be more famous than the legendary trainer Red who’s training on top of a mountain, heheheheheheheheh ahahahahahahhahahahahahaha!” the Cyber-Thief said as he started digitalizing all the contents of the vault, and sending them to his base of operations in Kalos. A few minutes later the Cyber-Thief’s Porygon finished digitalizing all of Silph Co.’s secrets and prototypes when the Cyber-Thief placed his signature note and left, no one the wiser to his theft.
                "Regardless the circumstances, I intend to question the defendant with all I have. *takes off glasses* For that is a part of my creed. -Miles Edgeworth in episode 5 of Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Dual Destines Check out my story Pokemon Dual Dimensions
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                  Sorry for the long wait, but I had writer's block. Anyways here's Chapter 4

                  Chapter 4: Wake Up You Damn Snorlax!

                  Alex’s Log Day 3
                  Well, here I am on the third day in the Pokémon World and still have no way to communicate with my family back home, also I did some reading on the Cyber-Thief, and apparently nobody knows the gender, IP address, or the whereabouts of him, although I’m giving him a temporary gender, until I catch him in the act, also he’s stolen over €10,000,000 worth of property, all without a single sighting of the perp, whoever he is he’s a genius, masking his IP address, using his Porygon to get him to and from the crime scene, though he did make one fatal error: he pissed me off, Serena and I are heading to Camphrier Town today, hopefully we find out about Mega Evolution here, and that it’s different from the games to where I can find the Mawilite in the castle before the Elite Four, but we’ll see.

                  End Log

                  0800hrs, Versant Road (Route 5), Kalos

                  “Morning, losers,” a male voice said as Alex reacted in a flash and punched the intruder in the face.

                  “AHHHHHHHH! GODDAMMIT WHY THE HELL DID YOU PUNCH ME IN THE FACE?!” the kid screamed in pain from a broken nose, as Alex and Serena got up.

                  “OK, a) you deserve it, and b) never ever get close to my face when you try to wake me up, that is a reaction I developed while camping. I broke quite a few noses doing that, eventually no one got close to my face while waking me up, though on occasion there are a few new faces who don’t know about that or believe the other campers when they speak of my reaction, and wind up with broken noses,” Alex answered while shaking off his hand from the punch.

                  “I’m glad I didn’t do that,” Serena said while trying to process the speed of Alex’s punch.

                  “Why did you call us losers in the first place?” Alex asked the kid.

                  “Because, you’re CAMPING on Versant Road, and you in particular are sleeping in a hobo tent!” the kid said while pointing at Alex’s homemade shelter laughing at it.

                  “I would beat you in a Pokémon battle, but I haven’t had anything to eat yet, and you’re not worth spending my Pokémon’s energy on,” Alex said as he sent out his Combusken and had it use ember on the fire pit.

                  “Wow! This food is really good, Alex!” Serena said as she ate the bear bacon and pheasant eggs.

                  “Really?! You’re eating wild things; I prefer real food…OWWWWWWWW! WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR *******!!!” the kid said badmouthing the food Alex cooked before getting a punch in the face.

                  “a) You’re being a jackass and b) all things that are edible to humans are ‘real’ food save for other humans and Pokémon. Now shut the hell up, sit down, eat, and be lucky that I’m not sending you away with the thought of food and make you hungry,” Alex said while dishing up a plate for the kid after punching him in the face.

                  “Fine, by the way my name is Salaud,” Salaud said.

                  “Well, you certainly live up to your name,” Alex said.

                  “I know it’s cool, huh? Well, later losers, I’m off to beat the seven remaining gyms and go to the Kalos League! Oh, but don’t feel bad I’ll let you watch as I beat the Champion and win! Hahahahahahahaha!” Salaud said as he went off towards Camphirer Town.

                  “Is there a tournament to select the strongest challenger to fight the Elite Four and Champion?” Alex asked Serena just after Salaud was out of earshot.

                  “Yeah, there is a tournament at Le Chateau Ultime just like all the regions do, why?” Serena asked.

                  “Because in my world in the manga and the anime releases of Pokémon every region has a league tournament where the winner earns the right to challenge the Elite Four and the Champion in an Official league battle, rather than if one were to just battle them on the road,” Alex replied.

                  “Oh I see, anyway we should break down the camp and head off to Camphirer Town,” Serena said.

                  1000hrs, Camphirer Town, Kalos

                  The following conversation is in French

                  “Ah, Alex, it’s me Detective Bouchard from Santalune town, although I have to confess that I’m part of the Police Nationale and am the rank of Inspecteur-Général, and am working with the international police on the Cyber-Thief case as of now,” Inspecteur-Général Bouchard confessed to Alex after greeting him.

                  “Hey, ‘Big Mouth’, what did that bastard steal in order for you to be working with the International Police on this case? Oh and this is my assistant Serena I just hired her, but she has to write any information I get about this case” Alex asked while giving Serena clearance to sensitive information about the case, under the disguise of a secretary working for him.

                  “Ah I see. So yesterday the Cyber-Thief stole the Jewels of the Parfum Palace, and all of Silph Co.’s most sensitive materials, unfortunately no one is allowed to know the exact contents stolen from Silph Co. though it is rumored that they had a cloning machine schematic among the items stolen,” Bouchard said as he called over an plainclothes Inspecteur.

                  “You called, Inspecteur-Général?” the Inspecteur asked.

                  “Yes, I did Inspecteur Balourds, I want you to give Chasseur de Primes Alex here the list of items stolen from the Parfaum Palace, and the incident report of the Silph Co. robbery, and tell Looker to watch out for Alex as he’s out and about, but if Looker’s here tell him to come and meet Alex,” Bouchard said to Balourds as she gave Alex the necessary papers of which Alex put into his case file then handed it to Serena as part of her cover.

                  “Yes, sir Inspecteur-Général sir!” Balourds said as she saluted Bouchard, turned on her heel and went off to get Looker as she was ordered to.

                  “We would love to meet Detective Looker, but we’re also assisting Professor Sycamore in his research on Mega Evolution and must be going, though we might drop by the scene of the crime at Parfaum Palace later. So for now we bid you adieu.” Alex said wanting to complete his errand and investigate the crime scene.

                  End conversation

                  “Ummm…Why did you tell him that I was your recently hired assistant Alex?” Serena asked as soon as they were out of earshot of the police.

                  “In order to get the information from the police without sending you away and besides, I knew that you wanted to be one of the first people to know about anything that they were investigating and this is no exception as there are two new crimes committed by the Cyber-Thief: the Parfum palace jewel theft, and the Silph Co. robbery, so for now that’s your cover,” Alex replied.

                  “Hi, and welcome to the Shabboneau Castle, though there’s not much to see here this is one of the oldest castles in the Kalos region, so feel free to look around and stew in the history of the place,” a man assumed to be the tour guide said.

                  “Um, I have to ask, is there any information about Mega Evolution here?” Alex asked the tour guide.

                  “No, well not to my knowledge at least, but feel free to look around anyway,” the tour guide said as a man came in saying, “Sir! It’s back!”

                  “Damnit! I left my PokéFlute at the Parfaum Palace, and that jackass at the Parfaum Palace probably won’t give it back!” the tour guide shouted.

                  “Well, we’re heading that way anyway so we can get it back for you ummm…” Alex said before realizing the tour guide never gave his name when the tour guide said, “My name is Gaël

                  “Right, Gaël, we’ll get it back for you, so you can wake up that Snorlax,” Alex said before turning on his heel and heading towards the Parfaum Palace with Serena in tow.

                  1100hrs, Parfaum Palace, Kalos

                  “Halt… Wait you’re the Chasseur de Primes the Inspecteur-Général was talking about! I’m sorry sir, and M’am, here let me get you inside,” the police guard said while saying, “Tiens, Gatekeeper, these two are part of the investigation, let them in for free, or you will be charged with obstruction of justice!”

                  1130hrs, Inside Parfaum Palace, Kalos

                  “Ah, judging by your appearance and from the fact that you got in so easily you must be…TRESPASSERS!” a mysterious man said while pointing at Alex and Serena.

                  “Totally, wrong ummm…” Alex said before being told, “My code name is Looker, and you’re not trespassers, then who are you two?” Looker asked after ‘introducing’ himself.

                  “I’m the Chasseur de Primes Alexandre, and this is my secretary Serena, and before you go judging, I’m terrible at book keeping, so I hired her to do the books and keep the case files up to date,” Alex said convincingly.

                  “Ah, sorry, but you really don’t look the part of a bounty hunter though,” Looker said, while digesting Alex’s appearance.

                  “Well, I’m also an assistant to Professor Sycamore and competing in the Kalos League as well, so I have to keep my appearance like a traveling trainer,” Alex said.

                  “Well that makes sense, as we don’t want the Gym Leaders to get the wrong idea,” Looker said convinced of Alex’s and Serena’s cover story.

                  “How long do you cops intend to keep the tourists out of MY castle?!” a man who apparently was the owner of the Parfaum Palace said.

                  “As we said before until the investigation is done thoroughly…Oh! The Chasseur de Primes Alexandre is here. Sir, please help me calm down the owner,” an officer asked Alex.

                  “A Chasseur de Primes, how pathetic that the police are resorting to the likes of THEM!” the owner said in disgust.

                  “Well, I’m here for two reasons: one the Snorlax is back on the bridge, and the owner of the Shabboneau Castle needs his PokéFlute in order to wake it up, and two I’m here to investigate the scene of the crime, so please bear with me,” Alex said ignoring the owner’s dislike of bounty hunters.

                  “So, let me get this straight, Gaël needs the PokéFlute because the Snorlax is blocking the bridge to Connecting Cave?” the owner asked.

                  “Yeah, it’s also an inconvenience to the Police Nationale, and you wouldn’t want to be arrested for obstruction of justice would you?” Alex said to the owner.

                  “Fine take the goddamn thing, you filth, and hurry up and get done investigating so that I make more money charging people to see MY castle!” the owner said pissed off at the police and at not making money during the investigation.

                  1300hrs, Rivère Walk (Route 7), Kalos

                  “Tiens, Gaël, here’s your PokéFlute back, apparently the police are over there because of something, and they may need to come over here, so they gave it to us, after we stated the situation to them,” Alex said while maintaining secrecy about the specifics of the crime in question and his involvement as part of the investigation team.

                  After receiving his PokéFlute, Gaël started playing the all too familiar tune of Pokémon Red and Blue and woke the Snorlax up, of which then attacked in a grumpy rage.

                  Vs. Snorlax

                  Snorlax: SNNNNNNNOOOOOORRRRRRRLLLLLLLLLAAAAAXXXXXX!? Damn it all why is it that I have to be woken up when I was napping peacefully!?

                  Alex: Go Ninja! Use Thief on that glutton!

                  Ninja transformed into a Dark type. Ninja stole the foe’s Sitrus Berry.

                  Snorlax: SNORLAX! SNORLAX! **** you ******* that was my lunch!

                  Alex used one Pokéball. shake, shake, shake, ding!

                  End wild battle

                  Snorlax’s Pokédex data
                  Name: Snorlax
                  Nickname: N/A
                  Ht: 6’11”/2.1m
                  Wt: 1,014.1lbs/460.0kg
                  Ability: Immunity
                  Entry: Its stomach can digest any kind of food, even if it happens to be moldy or rotten
                  Nature: Adamant
                  Moves: Zen Headbutt, Recycle, Belly Drum, Rest
                  "Regardless the circumstances, I intend to question the defendant with all I have. *takes off glasses* For that is a part of my creed. -Miles Edgeworth in episode 5 of Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Dual Destines Check out my story Pokemon Dual Dimensions
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                    Okay, there are things about this fanfiction's main character that bother me. Alex:

                    Has an usual spelling of his name,
                    Gets away with murder more than once,
                    Is extremely violent with no consequences,
                    Is violent right in front of his travelling companion/(girlfriend?) who is calm and nice, yet she doesn't call him out on it,
                    He has tons of weaponry most people wouldn't own,
                    He knows how to re-use bullets, which is hard to do an requires several tools that would be hard to carry,
                    and he gets super lucky with his pokemon. I mean, a randomly special Pidgey? Blazekinite so early? Shiny HA Froakie?!

                    A lot of these traits are Mary Sue indicators, because they all show how the world of the story somehow seems to revolve around Alex.

                    Aside from those issues I have with the main character, I just think the Pokemon World feels weird. I mean, I know it's a kids' game world, but even crazy, extraordinarily evil people (Ghetsis, for example) don't need to swear a lot to be evil. Having everyone use swears harsher than a "what the hell" or "sh*t" seems really strange to me.

                    Also, why does nobody think it's odd that Alex is from an alternate dimension? And nobody has trouble believing it, either.

                    Of course, this is all my opinion. I don't know your logic behind the choices you made.
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                      In response to ShivaDF's post I'll be changing some of this fanfiction, such as the MC, with him I'm going to do a complete overhaul of his character and try not to turn him into a Gary Stu type character, but he'll still be a badass though, and there'll still be realistic themes, like the evil teams are going to have weapons, and are going to be immoral to a certain degree (i.e. Team Flare members are going to take hostages, and are going to commit armed robbery, but they are not going to murder anyone [The 'Ultimate Weapon' is going to do that for them] or rape people). So until the MC is fixed this is going to be on hiatus. Thank you to everyone who reviewed, also if anyone wants to be in the story PM me the OC form below:

                      Personal goals:
                      Back story:
                      Main Pokémon:
                      "Regardless the circumstances, I intend to question the defendant with all I have. *takes off glasses* For that is a part of my creed. -Miles Edgeworth in episode 5 of Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Dual Destines Check out my story Pokemon Dual Dimensions
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