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"Destruction Saint, swims in blood.
Sealed away eternally.
Shattered cell, end begins.
Chaos for eternity."

Gold City was in widespread commotion. Ever since General Grett, one of the three Alpha Alliance Generals, made the announcement of the special festival commemorating the thirtieth year of the end of the Silver War and Darkrai’s defeat, Pokemon have begun pouring into the nation’s capital from all over Valkaria, and beyond. There is a some sort of ceremony held each year to celebrate the victory. However this year, Grett promised this festival would be bigger than any of the previous ones that came before. The biggest part about it: all in Valkaria were invited. The citizens from each city, the soldiers who protected them, the Sharp-Eye Corporation and its employees, the Seekers, even the Thieves were allowed an invitation. And of course, the Gold Tribe would be there as well. Ever vigilant, constantly on alert, they would handle be handling the bulk of the security for the event, even if they themselves are guests of honor.

Of course, there are those among the Gold Tribe that believe having this event in the first place is unwise. Especially among the older guard, the veterans who have been around to know better. Having this event drew too much attention, brought too many unwanted eyes, and simply was too risky.

As General Grett walks through the shining, bustling city of Gold, the capital of the Alpha Alliance, one of the Gold Tribe members old enough to remember what has happened, once more pleads with Grett not to go through with it. General Grett, a Sceptile whose appointment to General came not even a month ago, is by far the youngest General in the long history of the Alpha Alliance at 23. He has, however, shown outstanding capabilities as an orator and leader, and has a mind for tactics. There are those among the old guard of the Gold Tribe, as well as some of the older Alpha Alliance leadership, however, that question his war-time abilities. He has yet to be tested as a General in actual combat, mostly because the Alpha Alliance have been fortunate to not experience any major conflicts in the past three decades.

Walking alongside Grett are three Gold Tribe members. The first is John “Ripper” Aries, a Houndoom who was only a young ‘mon when the Silver War ended, but who remembered the tragedies of the time quite clearly, having lost his own parents during that war. He was doing the bulk of the talking to Grett. Behind them was the soon to be retired second-in-command, Benedict “Scar” Tiberius, a Mienshao and longtime veteran of the Tribe, who had the unfortunate fate of being corrupted by the Dark One during the Silver War before. Since then, he has sought redemption and has worked tirelessly to rebuild both the Gold Tribe and the Alpha Alliance. His efforts had not been in vain, and he is much loved by the citizenry. The last of the three Gold Tribe is the famed leader, Lyn “Guardia” Reed. In the past 30 years, Guardia the only major change to her appearance beyond her wearing fur and gruffier voice has been an enormous scar beginning across her left eye, continuing down across her face, down her neck and across his shoulder and all the way down to her mid-chest.

Lyn has been the leader of the Gold Tribe since Zane Tyrael’s death thirty years ago. Since then, she has worked relentlessly to not only resurrect the Gold Tribe, which at the time numbered less than a dozen surviving members, but to reconstruct them. Under her leadership, the world has seen the best of the Gold Tribe. This was not just in strength or cunning. This was in integrity and character. The trials of the Gold Tribe had always been challenging upon enrollment in one of the Gold Tribe academies. Yet final acceptance, beyond the trials of strength and intelligence, now rested with her. For this reason, many who would have been allowed into the Tribe on their abilities were denied simply because she didn’t believe they fit in. They were too self-serving. They had questionable motives. They weren’t entirely truthful. Anyone of these were enough for Guardia to disqualify a candidate.

For this reason, she had developed quite a bit of resentment from those who were turned away, and their families. However, among the Gold Tribe accepted and the citizens who have seen the Gold Tribe in action, she is extremely highly regarded and well respected. Many find her blunt demeanor and straightforwardness refreshing. She is not quite the hotheaded teenager she once was, but she will on occasion still challenge those she deems wrong. Age and wisdom, though, have taught her some degree of patience. For now, she listened as Ripper spoke to Grett.

“General, I know you have the best intentions of the Alpha Alliance at heart,” Ripper began, trying to match the Sceptile’s fast paced walking. “But I implore you once more to reconsider this festival.”

General Grett continued forward, chatting and waving to Alpha Alliance citizens as he passed by, all of whom returned the gesture. He was quite popular among the citizens, perhaps even as much as the Gold Tribe members. “Why do you fear such a thing, Ripper?” He asked the Gold Tribesman. “Hey, how are ya?” He asked a group of young Mareep teens passing by him, who waved back at the young General.

“I fear the repercussions which would follow. I mean, the Seekers are one thing, but Thieves too?”

“Snype and the thieves played their part in our victory in the Silver War. To not invite them would be insulting would it not?” He asked, as he shook that arms and paws of a few more Pokemon who passed by. The Pokemon seemed more politician than General.

“I suppose, but...what of other forces that would come?”

“What are you referring to?” The General asked, waving to more Pokemon as they waved back. All around, workers set up tents and booths, shops were busy with Pokemon buying trinkets and outfits. Many danced and sang along the streets at they prepared for the nights festivities.

With a hint of anger, Ripper responded in a raised voice. “I’m referring to the Dark One, Darkrai!” He exclaimed. Instantly, the Pokemon within the immediate area stopped what they were referring to and began to stare at Ripper, Guardia, Scar and the General. The General turned around and glared at Ripper, before noticing quite a bit of Pokemon staring at them. He held up his hands and motioned the people away. “It’s alright, everyone. Continue on with what you were doing, everything is OK here! Come on, we’ve got a party to get to!” The Pokemon quickly continued with what they said, though a few murmured to each other, looking back at Ripper as they did so.

General Grett gave all the Pokemon around a smile, before reaching for Ripper by the shoulder and bringing the others with him to the side, off of the main road. “Look, I can’t imagine what you guys must have gone through during those times. Especially you and Scar, Guardia,” He began as he gave the two he referred to a glance. “But we haven’t heard anything from Darkrai in thirty years. Every year we hold some sort of event, granted not as large as this. But every year we waited for Darkrai to return, and he hasn’t given us a sign. Not even a whisper.”

“That doesn’t mean he isn’t out there, waiting!” Ripper shot back. “I remember how those times were.”

The General sighed. “Well, there is a sizeable population of the Alpha Alliance who doesn’t believe that at all. You know what I mean.” The General referred to, of course, the recent set of younger Pokemon who have begun to dismiss many of the allegations of Darkrai, despite the Gold Tribe, SEC, and Seeker’s best attempts to convince otherwise. The movement, led by Commander Thomas Blake and known as the Valkarian Exposure, has been popular with many of the radical youth of the Alpha Alliance. Commander Thomas was in the running for General last month against General Grett in the election. Though Grett won, Thomas did continue his VE movement, which has grown since then. Among their firmest beliefs is that Darkrai hadn’t actually reappeared in the final moments of the battle with Rey. Since none but the final warriors in the chamber saw it, they believe it to be a conspiracy to cover up and save face for the Gold Tribe, who conducted their own Civil War, the Silver War, on Valkaria in an attempt to take over. Obviously, one of their main points they run on is the elimination of the Gold Tribe. Though the VE might be small now, they are expanding as time goes on.

“Pah! Fools, all of them!” Ripper spat. “They don’t know what the times were like. How could they even think like that?”

“Can you blame them? What solace is there in knowing that just around the corner waits a great terror waiting to destroy them all? There’s comfort in bliss.” The General responded. Guardia and Scar continued to silently stare between the General and Ripper.

“Yes, but…”

“But let me ask you something then,” Grett replied. “Should we all just abandon our lives to the rot of planning in fear? Or can we continue to move forward, as we have done for the past thirty years?” Ripper stared at Grett silently. The Sceptile General continued. “Yes, Darkrai is still out there, somewhere. I know it, you know it? But do we just mark this day like any other, and sit around and wait for him to return, and forget to live our lives?”

Guardia exchanged a glance with Scar. The General gave the three a bow. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I should be heading to the central courtyard to set up the rest of the event. As always Gold Tribe, it has been a pleasure conversing with you.”

“Likewise, General,” Guardia replied. The General proceeded onwards once more on his own, continuing to converse and wave to passerby Valkarians while Scar, Guardia and Ripper watched him.

“I like him,” Scar finally commented. “He’s a pup, but he’s got a nice head on his shoulders.”

Ripper turned to Scar abruptly. “How can you even say that, Scar?! You know better than most!”

“Calm yourself, brother,” The old Mienshao began, sitting down on a nearby rock to catch his breath. “Ugh, damn knees. Getting the best of me in my old age,” He began to rub them with his arms, while continued to talk. “We all know the risks associated. But he’s right about one thing: we can’t just sit around waiting for him to show up. That’s no life worth living. Ah, that’s the spot,” He exhaled a deep breath full of air, as he massaged a certain point on his leg. “We’ve built up our strength as best as we could over time. Besides, if something does happen, Darkrai or Thieves or whatever, we’ve called over half of the Gold Tribe to Gold City. We’re even getting some Beatrucian brothers and sisters. Not to mention the scores of Alpha Alliance soldiers stationed here as security, and the SEC watching our backs.”

“Uh..bu-, you ca-Guardia!” Ripper cried, turning to the leader of the Gold Tribe. “Please tell me you agree with me at least.”

“I agree,” She began, causing Ripper’s face to brighten up. “With Scar.”

“What?! Bu-”

“Brother, what more can we do now? We’re as ready as we’ve ever been right here and now. Maybe something will happen. Maybe it won’t. But sitting around worrying about it won’t solve anything. Let Grett have his festival. In the end, it wouldn’t have altered Darkrai’s choices on when and where he would choose to make his move.” He began to walk toward the main street one more. “I’ve got to go see to the security of the city, the rest of the Gold Tribe arriving, the choosing of a new second-in-command, and this old fart’s send-away,” She add, sticking a thumb at Scar who growled at her teasingly.

Guardia left her two brothers behind, proceeding to walk toward one of the main streets of Gold City. As she looked around, she noticed the smiling faces of the Pokemon running around merrily, the shopkeepers selling all manners of goods, the street performers, the storytellers, the dancing, the music. Everyone seemed in such a good mood. The city itself was completely restored and rebuilt, and looking better than ever. The streets were decorated and beautified, the homes were adorned with all manner of festive lights and enchantments. The Citadel, the large, pointed structure of marble and gold in the middle of the city, which is the birthplace of the Gold Tribe and their official home, shone proudly in the sky. She expected there was where she would find the bulk of the Gold Tribe who weren’t currently on patrol, as well as a lot of old, familiar faces too, some of which she hadn’t seen in years.

The festival was about to be in full swing.

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Snype and Charles Vensworth-Gold City Speakeasy Bar

Thirty long years of progress. Ever since the Silver War, Snype had focused his efforts in expanding the thieves to not only be a gigantic group of criminals throughout Eden Forest, but a bigger organization spread throughout Valkaria. All put together with new recruits, a gigantic communication network amassed with Ninjask and Pidgey, and just overall more organized then ever before. For the sole reason of causing trouble and making a living off of what doesn't belong to them! The thieves didn't have a whole lot of rules they needed to follow... other then avoiding murder or other extreme crimes, but despite their expansion, the group had kept fairly quiet, other then the very few times they've been spotted by gold tribe members. Nobody was even aware of how far they had expanded thanks to Snype's leadership. Today seemed like a perfect time for Snype to make a grand return with the thieves! After all, how could he miss out on a huge party like this?

While he could easily take the front door, that was just too boring for the Sableye and nowhere near as grand of an entrance. Besides, every guard at the entrance would pat both him and the other thieves down and he wasn't willing to have his privacy invaded like that. Snype had a secret entrance straight into the city, already known to several thieves who were sent on missions to take some loot from within Gold City if needed. The thieves would be heading toward a mountain path, just north of Gold City. Snype had a secret underground entrance prepared that would lead them to a hideout set up right inside of Gold City. More so an a bar then a hideout though. A speakeasy. It not only held thieves, but other criminals unaffiliated with them, and sometimes residents that were just looking for a good drink.

The entrance itself blended right in with the mountain side and was actually a large door that had to be unlocked. The catch was that there was no key to it. In order to take this entrance, it would have to be lock picked a very specific way. Otherwise, the lock would break and all access would be blocked. This is to prevent those that were unaffiliated with the thieves from sneaking into Gold City. And even if someone did discover it, Snype had prepared several traps within the tunnel which thankfully, he had notified the thieves of beforehand.

Once the group of thieves arrived to the speakeasy, he'd notice it was quite packed! Fair enough considering there was a festival going on and if it meant more revenue for the thieves, he'd take it! "Keheh, well boys and girls, we're here! Go on out and have yourselves a fun time in the festival! Kehehe." Snype said, rather excited to be making an appearance in the festival. He was practically a guest of honor after all! One of those who had seen Darkari with their very own eyes! At least, he considered himself a guest of honor. He was accompanied by several thieves of his choosing. Those who he felt deserved a bit of time to party and get some loot. One of them being Charlie, who Snype recalled had plenty of past history with the Gold Tribe. Understandable. A majority of the thieves all have a bit of a grudge with them, even Snype. Most of the new thieves were previously training for the Gold Tribe, until they were eventually rejected by Guardia. Snype didn't want such talent to be wasted after all~ If they didn't fit in the Gold Tribe, then they were well fit for the thieves.

"Kehe, soo Charlie right? I don't think I've brought ya along on little trips like these. Kehe. I take you haven't been this deep into the city in awhile." Snype said

The Scyther looked back towards the thief leader, shaking his head. "I've not been back to Valkaria even. I'm not entirely sure why, but the Gold Tribe don't tend to like me all that much." Charlie shrugged. "I dunno. Probably jealous or something. Knowing I don't have to follow rules any more or anything, you know?"

Snype walked up to the Scyther, giving him a light pat on the back. "Kehe, you and the rest of the thieves buddy! To be frank, I don't like em that much either. Ever since Guardia took over, getting new recruits has been super easy! Jealous sounds about right. Kehehe. I'm a way cooler leader anyways! Wouldn't ya say?" Snype said, giving off a playful laugh.

"Heh. I've put up with you for way longer than those obedient little kenneled Poochyena. Figures you're at least doin' something right, boss." Charlie returned, with a smirk pasted over his face. "So you're sayin' new recruits come quicker now? What's this Guardia person doing to help us out? Wouldn't have thought the Tribe would be wantin' to give us a hand after all, we ain't exactly the best 'a friends."

Snype decided to take a set in one of the tables. Course, he had to stand just to peek over the table due to how short he was. "Kehe, well, from what our communication network told me, The Gold Tribe has gotten alot more strict as of late. Imagine this scenario. You've been enrolled into an academy, training up to become the finest Gold Tribe member you could be! Studying up, training to become the top of the class, your set to go! Keheh... except there's that last stretch that can either make or break you." Snype took small pause, calling the Zangoose bartender to throw him and Charlie a glass to drink while Snype explained things.

"Ya see, once its time for you to become enrolled into the Gold Tribe, your given a one on one interview with Guardia. Not only as a taste of your strength and metal power, but also your character. Sadly, not everyone makes the cut and makes it impossible to join the Gold Tribe. Kehe... so after you hear the harsh news, what do you do? You've wasted years of education only to be declined! That's where the thieves come in! We bring em somewhere and have our own little interview, and promptly hire them if they fit the quota as a thief! Unlike Guardia, my standards aren't too high. Kehe. For all I know, we could outnumber them after awhile buuuttt lets keep that between you and me. I may not like them, but I'm not interested in starting any kind of war or anything like that. Too serious for my taste. Kehehe" Snype explained, taking a small sip from his glass.

"What's a war gonna do us good?" Charlie briefly considered taking a drink before he realised there was almost no way he could pick the thing up with his claws. "We don't exactly profit offa that and profit's what people like us do best. Just let it be known that these new guys ain't gonna be cuttin' into my cut, not as long as I can say somethin' about it." Truth betold, Charlie was actually less-than-pleased with the idea of Gold Tribe rejects joining up with them - and not only because his beef with the Tribe was one of the larger ones amongst the Thieves. "Especially if they've been trainin' for the Tribe. You don't think that maybe not everyone who tries to join up there is forced into it or somethin'. They join us on the rebound, then couple weeks later they're gonna realise they actually believe all that truth and justice crap the Tribe puts out. Then we'll be the ones with claws in our backs. You ain't worried 'bout that?"

Snype shook his head. "Kehehe, see this is why we have interviews. If we spot they still have a bit of regret or still want to try and win over the Gold Tribe, then they're out. I'm not as picky as Guardia, but I'm not stupid. Kehehe. That possibility does loom over us anyways. But if they're already in the thieves... what would ya do if ya left? Not like they'll have anything to spend when they do... kehehe.

"Fine. So we keep everything they stole. Big whoop. You know nobody who's runnin' wants to keep stolen stuff. Think of it this way, I left the Tribe in a rush, but if someone wanted to do even half the stuff I wanted to do to them on their way out... damage gets worse when they do it from the inside, boss." Charlie sighed. "I don't wanna trust Tribe."

Snype crossed his arms. "Hey ya don't have to. Kehehe. That's the beauty of being an independent group. Besides, if they wanna harm us on the inside, they'd have to speak to the forest first. Its not too friendly to traitors. Kehehe. I can't explain it myself but anyone who isn't a thief tends to get lost in that forest for a very... VERY long time." Snype explained, referring to the Eden Forest. It was its own living entity, being able to take out potential fires, regrow itself extremely quickly, and was just a gigantic maze. It was impossible to chart the Forest's route on any sort of map. "Its hard to explain, but the forest is our guardian. Believe in the miracle or not, its played a huge part in how we've been able to keep low for the past thirty years. Keheh... I can picture a couple of traitors still getting lost around that forest! Ohh the looks on their faces..." Snype looked over to the bartender. "Hey! Get this man a straw! Kinda tough to hold a glass with razor sharp claws ya know? Kehe" Snype said, teasing his companion there.

Charlie allowed himself an amused chuckle, before making his own call out; "And while you're there, how about we fetch this man a booster seat so he can sit down?"

Snype just gave off a loud laugh at that reply! "Hahaha! I like you already! People like you are the type that fit in perfectly with the thieves! Kehehe. Well, as much as I enjoy chatting in here, we should probably head out to the city and scout around! I got a couple of old acquaintances I'd like to see again. Hopefully these guys know how to throw a party! I'm expecting booze, women, and plenty of pockets to loot from. Kehehe." Snype said as he slipped off of his chair and walked over to Charlie. "Oh! Right! I really should tell you the password so that you can get back in here. Just in case." Snype leaned closer to whisper. "Kehehe... The password for this week is None of Your Damn Business." Snype simply said. While it sounded like he was just joking, the Sableye was serious. "None of your Damn Business" was literally the password to getting into this bar, and he switched it up every week.

Charlie desperately pushed any questions he had about what use a ghost had for women, or even booze to the far reaches of the back of his mind. Some questions were best left unanswered as far as he concerned. "Yeah, I need to start building up some spending money for the festival, didn't get as much of a chance as I'd hoped on the way here. Little cutpursin' on my agenda for a couple hours. Then we'll see how much this town's changed over the times. Like I said, it's been a while... See if they still call me Feint."

"Kehehe, sure! Just one thing before we leave." Snype crawled on over to the counter to get a good view of the rest of crowd. "Kehehe, hope you're all enjoying your morning! Since this is the most lively morning I've seen in our humble abode, I think it's fair enough that everyone gets drinks on the house! Whatcha say?" Snype said. The rest of the Pokemon in the bar gave a loud cheer! Holding their glasses up and taking a huge swig. Snype was gonna make sure he was the life of the party today! This was only the first step! As the counter got crowded up with eager Pokemon waiting for their free refill, Snype headed on over to the stairs, signalling Charlie to follow alongside him. The entrance was guarded by a Pangoro. His job was to answer knocks on the door as receive passwords. He was also the guard for anyone who wanted to try and sneak in.

"Mornin Boss! Enjoy your day out there." He said, opening the door for the Sableye and Scyther and quickly closing it behind them. As soon as he got outside, Snype placed his hood over his head, concealing his face a bit. They would find themselves in a right alleyway, not all that crowded but there was definitely a lot of noise forming up in the main streets.

"Right, I got work to do then. Time for me to bug out for now." Charlie smiled at his own horrid pun, as if he'd never heard it before. "Later." With a buzz, the Scyther flared up his wings, taking a low flight through the streets, startling a few pokémon who hadn't expected a top-speed Scyther today.

Snype nodded and also made his way into the streets, casually walking in the crowd and blending right in to carefully pick pocket a couple of unsuspecting saps of their change. He wasn't the king of thieves for nothing after all... first things first, he wanted to meet up with Guardia first before she got too busy. The King of Thieves was back!

Trainer Academy RP Pokemon
Snype (Sableye)- Lv. 52- Detect, Shadow Sneak, Will-o-wisp, Low Sweep, Foul Play, Taunt (Ability: Keen Eye)
Commodore (Porygon-Z)- Lv. 55 -Signal beam, Conversion 2, Recover, Tri Attack, Ice Beam, Trick Room (Ability: Trace)
Len (Poliwraith)- Lv. 53- Bubblebeam, Brick Break, Body Slam, Belly Drum, Sleep Talk, Rest (Ability: Water Absorb)
Able (Ninjask)- Lv. 46 - X-Scissor, Slash, Double Team, Protect, Baton Pass, Swords Dance (Ability: Speed Boost)
Kara (Gligar) Lv. 35 Acrobatics, Substitute, Fury Cutter, Knock Off, Slash,Toxic (Ability: Poison Heal)
Xerox (Ditto) Lv. 35 Transform (Ability: Imposter)

(In Box)
Shedinja- Lv. 35 Fury Swipes, Confuse Ray, Sand attack, Leech Life, Mind Reader, Scratch (Ability: Wonder Guard)
Omanyte- Lv. 35 Brine, Mud Shot, Rollout, Ice Beam, Protect, Bite
(Ability: Swift Swim)
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    Morning Training
    |Sylvio Arcansus, Joshua "Watchman" Vensworth.|

    The wind rustled through the trees of the park, the cold aura of the morning. A tall, thin Delphox was sitting elegantly on a rock amidst the overgrown forest, his legs crossed, looking upwards. His beautiful features were illuminated by the rising sun. Just the hint of a dreamy, mischievous smile begun forming across his snout, crowning his silver, pointy beard. Sounds of a Swadloon's efforts in training were reaching his ears from nearby, but he ignored them completely. Sylvio's attention would be focused anywhere but on his student he had taken under his wing, Joshua.

    Joshua, meanwhile, was holding onto a tree branch for dear life. It was almost comical seeing the small 'mon hanging in such a manner, trying feverishly to keep his grip on the branch as his form dangled helplessly in the air. He pulled himself up slightly, bringing his face just over the branch, before lowering himself down again.

    "Nine..." the Swadloon said, obviously straining with the exercise as he pulled himself up one last time. He struggled significantly with the last pull-up, sweat practically pouring from his brow. "... ten!"

    He abruptly let go, dropping to the ground with a loud thud. He whined in pain, both from the fall and the strenuous activity. Panting heavily, he looked over towards Sylvio, who appeared to be relaxing underneath the morning sun.

    The Delphox lost his smile when he heard "TEN!". He slowly turned to look at Joshua, perplexed. "Ten?" he said softly. "I do not suppose you are done?"

    Joshua stopped, feeling a little downtrodden at Sylvio's comment. While such remarks were not uncommon coming from the Delphox, they didn't give him any comfort. "I'm sorry... I can't do any more..." He wanted to do more, to become stronger; that was the whole point of these exercises, after all. However, his arms were only so strong, and physical strength was not something his species was renowned for.

    Sylvio's mouth dropped in a pretense look of sadness. "You're sorry? Shall I take pity on you?" he asked gently. "Will your enemies ever take pity on you?" He said, this time more sharply, more seriously, the angle of his eyebrows giving a cutting edge to his red eyes.

    "No... I..." Joshua looked down at the ground. He knew where Sylvio was getting with the training, and he understood the lesson completely. Even still, he couldn't help but feel like he was letting Sylvio down with his mediocre effort. "No. They won't...."

    "You should train more," Sylvio said, "physically and mentally. If you think this cruel world will be doing you any favors, one day you will be found in a ditch, crushed and broken and disappointed. Enemies will not take pity on you. Visible ones, or otherwise. Do you perhaps recall what I have taught you about trust? That it is best if it is a one-way street. If trust only comes towards you, it will never fail you."

    "I understand... I think," Joshua said, slowly shuffling over to where Sylvio sat. He had always pondered over Sylvio's advice regarding trust. Rationally speaking, it made perfect sense; trust was easily abused, and enemies, especially hidden ones, could very well take advantage of it. However... if trust was never given, how could one receive it in return? It was something Joshua had never been able to reconcile in his mind. "But what about family? Or close friends? Trust is important in some regards... right?"

    Sylvio stood up. "Your family is the Gold Tribe. Do you know what happened during the Silver War? Members of the family left on a trip. They came back and slaughtered those who they had sworn to protect. Trust... is an illusion, like pride. Like all illusions, it will fade." He ran one hand through his hair and the other through his beard. "I appreciate the one silver you pay me each week, although I have not any need for it - all the same, I have taken it upon myself to prepare you, so take a lesson from your wise teacher. Trust leads to downfall. If you truly wish to survive, you must do so alone. Be independent."

    Joshua looked up at the Delphox, sighing lightly. He felt like the Delphox knew what he was talking about, but likewise, he had a hard time coming to terms with his lessons, at least the philosophical ones. Still, he was thankful for the Delphox's willingness to teach him. Joshua reached into his jacket, pulling out a single silver coin and handing it to Sylvio. "I'll keep that in mind, Sylvio. Thank you."

    Sylvio took the silver coin and put it in his pouch. He looked at the morning sky, the smile from before coming to his lips. Joshua nodded, realizing their time was up. He had preparations to make for the upcoming festival, besides. He took his leave from the Delphox, shuffling away towards the square.
    "Johnny rocked that golden circle, and all those VIPs, and that music that had freed us became a tired routine.
    And I saw his face in close-up tryin' to give it all he had, and sometimes his eyes betrayed him, you could see that he was sad.

    And I tried to rock on with him, but I slowly became bored
    Could that man on stage with everything somehow need some more?"

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      Two... frenemies : Guardia and Penance

      Normally he was bright and cheery. Normally he would be eager to swing on in, kick open the gates and yell that he was in town and he was enjoying it. Today... at least at this particular time, he wasn't. He grumbled as he walked along, his arms crossed as he thought with the others. Even Brynn was concerned with this and she was the conservative one! He let out a distressed sigh and looked at Surge, "Where is she?"

      The Kadabra shrugged, "Beats me. Our signals are blocked and ports are out too you know." The other mon walking with the two had a hooded robe covering his body, but he did look over to Penance as he spoke.

      "Of course I know." Penance stated angrily as he huffed, "I come here and what do I get? Not even a wave from her. Well, I'll just have to track her down the old style way. Here!" He reached out and grabbed Surge's ear as he made a turn down a street, "Now... where would guardy be..."

      "With other goldies!" Surge said cheerfully, the ear pull not really causing any pain to him.

      "Right!" Penance said with a smirk, "And all goldies think a like..." He thought for a moment then he jumped into Surge's arms. "Now! As we rehearsed! Aim and throw!"

      The Kadabra smirked as he pulled his arm back and threw the Golduck out, his eyes glowing blue as the Kadabra boosted his throw with some psychic power. The hooded mon looked over at Surge as he tilted his head, "How far do you think he'll go?"

      "WWWWOOOOOOHHHHHHOOOO!" Penance shouted out as he soared over a few buildings, the psychic attack fading after a few seconds as he kept on soaring until finally... he fell. Well, it wasn't a fall, it was more along him using his own psychic powers to lower his speed as he rolled along the street and onto his feet. He dusted himself as he looked around and saw Guardia a bit further along on the street and naturally he ran toward her, "Yo! G girl!" He snickered as he got in front of her and began walking backwards in front of her, "I heard you liek mudkips!"

      "Heh, Penance," Guardia responded, her tone hinting at her impartiality toward the Golduck. Over the years, she had developed a tolerance for the Madman, the likes of which she hadn't had before, though she wouldn't go so far as to call him a friend. An old acquaintance was more accurate. "I was wondering when you'd show up. It's been a while since I saw you last. "Whatcha been up to, making plans?"

      Suddenly his demeanor changed. He grabbed the Zangoose's arm and whipped her into an alleyway as he glared right into her eyes, "What the hell is this!?" He hissed angrily. "Do you have NO reason at all why this would be going on? I've been gone for what? Three months and you pull s**t like this!? Have you lost each and every single marble in that thick skull of yours? Did you forget what happened to your old man!?"

      He was about to speak more but then his left eye changed, instead becoming a steely gray color as he stood on back, "Sorry about that... he didn't mean it." The Golduck said, a softer and more feminine tone coming out of his bill. "He... He's just concerned Guardia. We all are." The Golduck walked over to another wall and leaned against it, "I guess... I guess to him it's different. We had a lot of people die, and many of his old friends died too." The water type smiled weakly, "It haunts everyone who was alive no doubt, but... I could see it slowly becoming this way. We have festivals now that probably also started as memorials but become celebrations instead. But... so quickly?"

      He sighed and then chuckled, "So... how goes everything? I hear Scar is retiring and Penance is going to be trying to push another book at him. Some fiction novel he's been writing up in his spare time about a young Golduck who heals the mind of an older Mienshao and the rest of the book being about how that old Mienshao pays the favor in a large mansion, which satin bedsheets." He shuddered a bit, "Sorry, almost threw up in my bill there. Anyways, you have some candidates up for the second in command right? Any of them poking you in the right ways?"

      Guardia was silent as the Golduck began his barrage of questions at her at first. He had a point, and the Zangoose leader completely agreed with it. For a while, these ceremonies held at the anniversary of the Silver War's end was about honoring the many who fought and died to ensure the continued survival of Valkaria. Eventually, the younger generation took it a different route, which bothered Guardia quite a bit for a long time. She constantly would protest it in her younger days, but as each year came along, the same nonsense happened all over again, despite Pokemon saying it wouldn't.

      "Oh, Arceus him and his books," Guardia groaned at the very mention of it. "Scar's gonna throw another fit, I guarantee it," She added with a chuckle. She walked over to where Penance, or rather Brynn, now leaned over the side wall, and leaned against it as well, watching the festivities continue from the main street as she crossed her arms. "I do have a few lined up. But, no offense to you Brynn, I'm not saying sh*t to you about it, especially while Penance is listening," She declared, giving the Golduck a grin. "Call it old habits."

      Brynn couldn't help but chuckle, "Oh, I understand that all too well." He patted the Zangoose's shoulder, "So, now that he's going to retire... I guess he'll find someone to hook up with. I mean, he's a great warrior don't get me wrong, but he deserves to have someone there too. Young ones to have a fun time with and just... enjoy his life. He managed to beat back something that very few could. He should be proud of that and..." He glanced around and leaned to whisper in Guardia's ear, "I have a surprise for him, not Penance. A present of sorts." He pulled back with a small smile, "I think he deserves a present that isn't some racy novel or the like. I found it in Anatellia. I think he'll really like. It's nothing TOO big mind you, but it's one of those knick knacks. Think he likes knick knacks? I mean, I haven't really seen anyone give him presents before."

      Guardia shrugged in response, pulling away a bit from the Golduck. She never liked it when others got right up into her face, especially Penance. Even if it wasn't necessarily Penance, but Brynn talking now, she still saw his face. "You can give him what you want, I guess," She stated, uncrossing her arms and pushing herself off the building to stare into the main street where much of the festivities have already gone under way. "I personally don't think he'd accept it. He'd say he was only ever doing his duty. Stubborn old bag of bones."

      Brynn smiled weakly, but he still couldn't hide the pain in his eyes as Guardia pulled away. "Yeah... uh... sorry about the whole, in your face thing. Three months and... you tend to forget some things." He nervously rubbed the back of his neck, "Uh... have you seen my brother around? It's been some time you know..." He frowned and then sighed as he placed his hands against his head, "You know... sometimes... sometimes I wonder if it was worth surviving if just to be treated like Penance." He chuckled softly, "Guardia... if you could have had the chance to choose life.... would you have taken it?" He asked softly.

      "Eh, don't mention it, it's not you, I just don't like 'mon in my face," She replied with a grin. She turned back to Brynn and put a claw on her chin, then scratched behind her ear to remember and answer her question. "Hmm, don't remember seeing him around just yet, but I won't doubt that he's coming along soon."

      The last question Brynn asked her made Guardia ponder for a moment. It was an interesting question, especially since asked to any different mon, you might get a different sort of answer. It was interesting that Brynn was beginning to ask these sort of questions, especially since she was technically with the Affiliates, the pre-Seekers, back in the day anyways. It made her wonder indeed how bad, or jumbled was it in Penance's mind. "Well...I guess it's different for every Pokemon." She said with a simple shrug, not really sure how to answer the question. Not really sure if she wanted to answer it either way.

      Brynn sighed, "Not... the kind of answer I wanted." Before she could say anything else that steely eye became a deep red against as a frown formed on the Golduck's face, "Well had fun? Good. I have a feeling this whole thing is going to be tossed around like a rag doll." He made his way out of the alley and turned his head back to flash the Zangoose a smile, "Don't worry, I have a plan." He burst into hysterical laughter just as Surge came up with a grin, "All the way here?"

      "All the way here!" Penance confirmed a he jumped onto the Kadabra's back, "Later G girl!" He said as Surge began to run off, but after Penance looked about for their third member, he slapped Surge on the head and the Kadabra ran off down past the corner.

      "Yeah...later," She said, also heading from the alleyway and down the main road as well. "...Madman."
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      Two Frenemi-wait...:Guardia and Snype

      As Guardia shoveled off from her small little meeting with Penance, she was suddenly overcome with a strange sense of nostalgia. She was remembering back to the Silver War as she, Zane Tyrael and the last bit of Gold Tribe and Alpha Alliance fighters walked through the streets of the ruined and torn Gold City. It was so different now, so full of life and partying. In truth, seeing what had become of honoring the dead who fell now did anger her a bit. She almost felt like she was ruining their memories, including her friend Zane's. It was years of built up discipline that kept her rage in check now.

      She proceeded onto the Citadel, where she expected that wouldn't be the only bit of nostalgia she would feel. Likely, with a city filled with...well practically everyone, someone unexpected was bound to show up.

      And unexpected was just what she'd get! And what better way to do it then a proper thief greeting? Snype would continue to blend through the crowd, spotting Guardia. He had a feeling she'd be heading toward the Citadel if she was out and about lke this, so he lurked around the area for awhile to catch sight of her. Snype didn't plan to steal anything since she was sharp enough to notice him surely... but it'd catch her attention! With his hood concealing his head, the Sableye moved in, reaching toward one of Guardia's pouches to snag a bit of cash. He was acting like an amateur on purpose just to get Guardia's attention. And to make sure that she could at least spot a common thief.

      Guardia felt something creep up behind her. She furrowed her brows and grabbed for the arm of the assailant. She was surprised someone even tried to make a pass at her belongings in the first place. Usually only those who didn't know who she was, or were just extremely foolish would do so. She suspected since she was facing away and the thief didn't see the Gold Tribe emblem, that was probably their reason.

      "You're either really, really stupid, or you just don't know better frie-," Guardia began to speak to the thief as she turned around. However, once she did, she instantly recognized the face behind the hood. "Snype?! You sneaky bastard!" She yelled at him, somewhat in a jesting mood, but also with some insult meant behind it.

      As soon as Guardia called him out, Snype showed off that big toothy grin of his, using his free arm to remove his hood. "Keheh, good to see you too! Thanks for the compliment." Snype said, not really trying to escape from Guardia's grasp, even though he could think of several ways to escape this situation. No need to get violent though~ Snype looked her over for a moment. "Well I can see that you've been doing pretty well the past couple years! How's life? Kehe" Snype casually asked. The King of Thieves was having a casual conversation with the leader of the gold tribe? Nothing unusual here.

      "Oh so much more interesting now that you decided to show up," Guardia responded as she released the hand of the Sabeleye and backed away a step. "I was wondering if you were even going to show up in the first place. It's been a while, hasn't it? Arceus, what has it been, sixteen years? Seventeen? You haven't been stirrin' up trouble now, have ya?"

      Snype simply snickered. "What kind of question is that? Of course I've been stirrin up trouble! Kehe. We have to keep you guys on your toes somehow right? If I were actually trying to rob you I'd have taken your whole belt! Lucky for you we're fairly acquainted so I'll letcha off free from these picky hands." Snype joked, giggling to himself. "Its been a busy couple of years getting the thieves back together. I'd say we're good as new at this point! Hey, hope ya don't mind if I invited a couple of buddies over to the party. They've been eager to have a good time!" Snype said, leaning toward her a bit.

      Guardia crossed her arms and shook her head. She let out a deep sigh before continuing. "As long as you keep yours in check, we'll have no problems," She stated. Guardia's relationship with the Thieves was probably far more lenient than past Gold Tribe leaders. Some people believed it was because she was friends with Noctus Gamble, the former second-in-command of the Thieves years ago, and Roswell, the previous King of Thieves. That may have been part of the reason, but Guardia always tried to stay focused on what she believed was the actual threat now: Darkrai.

      "You watch yourself now, Snype," Guardia declared in a challenging tone. "You may have been invited here, but I'll be watchin' you. One step outta line, and I'll be on you faster than you can say 'Zigzagoon', and no amount of your 'buddies' will save you. And if you think your thieves are good as new, wait 'till you get a load of my Gold Tribe." She grinned at Snype.

      "Heheh, your just upset cuz I almost kicked your butt last time we fought! Kehehe, kidding! I'm just here to have a good time and be the life of the party! I wouldn't miss something this big for the world! And don't worry. I already got a load of your new Gold Tribe. Kehehe." Snype said, subtly referring that he already knew what was changed up. He stepped up closer to Guardia and just leaning up against in a "buddy buddy" kind of manner. "A bit late to be keeping an eye on though me isn't it? You must have been pretty occupied the past couple years." Snype added

      "Heh, get your bug-eyed face away from me," Guardia demanded somewhat jokingly. He stepped away from Snype, and readjusted her belt that he had tried to grab a hold of before. "As busy as I've been, as we've all been, I always got time for the King of Thieves." She crossed her arms, backtracking to what the Thief had said moments earlier.

      "And what the heck do you mean you kicked my butt. I had you on the ropes!"

      Snype smirked, crossing his arms to mimic Guardia's movements to jokingly mock her. "Kehe, I think your memory is getting a bit fuzzy! I clearly remember that I had ya on your knees in defeat! It was so close that your practicly saying "Snype you're so cool! I wish I were that sneaky!" Snype continued to tease, obviously over exaggerating things. He barely remembered alot of what happened during that fight. Possibly a mental shield to keep those horrible events out of his head.

      "You are so full of yourself," Guardia said with a slight chuckle. "I was pulverizing you! You even needed help from your Jolteon buddy to stay afloat!" Guardia suddenly found herself bringing up the memories she'd rather keep buried down. Lot's of fighting, lot's of war. Too many dead friends. "But...whatever."

      Snype nodded. "Yeah. Best not go back to those times. We're buddies now!...more or less! Keheh. Say have ya seen Penance around here? I might go poke him for a bit. Me and him have a bit of unfinished business." Snype asked. Penance was the one who had gotten him out of the grip of the Silver Tribe and basically saved his life. But he still lost in that one first with him. A real cheater! Snype could respect that.

      "Yeah, we're real pals now," Guardia replied sarcastically. "Heh, funny you should mention him. I just saw him. He went off that way." Guardia stated as she motioned with her head in the direction she saw Penance go.

      Snype quickly perked up and looked over to the direction she motioned toward. "Aww I missed him! He isn't getting away from me that easily!" Snype said as he was just about to make a dash through the city, before pausing to say a couple more words to Guardia. There were already some folks in the crowd whispering to each other just by the mere sight of these two having a conversation. Word was bound to spread.

      "Kehe, maybe I should make a more grand exit? We're not exactly supposed to be "friends" in the public eye and all. Kehehe. Play along. Don't be afraid to get violent~" He said quietly. Snype stepped forward and quickly using his expert thief skills to yank Guardia's belt right off of her person! He'd quickly raise his voice to be more clear to the crowd. "Hah gotcha again! Wonder what the leader's payroll is? Kehehe!" Snype said loud and clear as the crowd that was passing by stopped to take a look at the "criminal act"

      Catching on to what Snype was doing, Guardia decided to play along and go through with the act. She feigned an angry glare, which didn't take much for her because she already looked angry all the time being a Zangoose. "You piece of sh*t! I knew I couldn't trust you. Once a thief, always a thief!" She yelled, bringing her claw to the side of her body and charging in to try and retrieve her belt while also attempting to slash at the King of Thieves.

      Snype actually took the hit! Taking a bit of damage and effectively dropping the belt for Guardia to pick up. "Gah, kehe. let my guard down there!" Snype swiftly hopped backwards, climbing up a nearby building and making an effective escape to the rooftop. He looked down at the crowd that had formed up. He still wanted to put on a bit of a show! "Kehe, you can keep the belt! I'm sure ya feel naked without it anyways! Keheh. I'll getcha a souvenir next time we meet" Snype said, showing that he actually stole a couple of coins! Nothing to cough at since he was being generous to her but still! Sneaky bastard indeed!

      "I'll see you all at the party!" Snype finished off, throwing a wink and blowing a kiss at Guardia to mostly to come off as the sly thieving type to the crowd. He was really overplaying his part but he got some cash at least! The Sableye swiftly made his escape!

      "Urgh, you lousy slimeball!" Guardia shook her head, walking over to her belt and adjusting it back onto her waist. She continued to eye the Sableye as he ran away. She continued to shake her head as she saw him escape. He was despicable, mischievous, and way too out of control. But...she did somewhat miss seeing his face around. A small grin formed on her face for the briefest of moments before she too turned away and walked on to the Citadel.

      Trainer Academy RP Pokemon
      Snype (Sableye)- Lv. 52- Detect, Shadow Sneak, Will-o-wisp, Low Sweep, Foul Play, Taunt (Ability: Keen Eye)
      Commodore (Porygon-Z)- Lv. 55 -Signal beam, Conversion 2, Recover, Tri Attack, Ice Beam, Trick Room (Ability: Trace)
      Len (Poliwraith)- Lv. 53- Bubblebeam, Brick Break, Body Slam, Belly Drum, Sleep Talk, Rest (Ability: Water Absorb)
      Able (Ninjask)- Lv. 46 - X-Scissor, Slash, Double Team, Protect, Baton Pass, Swords Dance (Ability: Speed Boost)
      Kara (Gligar) Lv. 35 Acrobatics, Substitute, Fury Cutter, Knock Off, Slash,Toxic (Ability: Poison Heal)
      Xerox (Ditto) Lv. 35 Transform (Ability: Imposter)

      (In Box)
      Shedinja- Lv. 35 Fury Swipes, Confuse Ray, Sand attack, Leech Life, Mind Reader, Scratch (Ability: Wonder Guard)
      Omanyte- Lv. 35 Brine, Mud Shot, Rollout, Ice Beam, Protect, Bite
      (Ability: Swift Swim)
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        A cast of characters

        "There he is!" Penance stopped the Kadabra as he hopped off his back and walked up to the hooded mon who sat on the bench and poked him a few times, "Well?"

        "I was tired, so I sat and let Surge find you." The hooded mon replied softly.

        "Well, you could have told me that!" Penance demanded angrily as he sat next to him. Already there were those looking at the two and quite aware of who Penance was. The Golduck pulled the hooded mon to his side, "Besides you should be, I don't know, having a good time!" He smiled widely. "Besides, we'll be having fun a lot here! Meet some goldies and what not!"

        The mon nodded, "That is true. Shall we get going then?"

        "DUH!" He snickered as he hopped off the bench, "First order is the podiums! We have to find one, and we have to claim it for the seekers! Second one is to give my book to Scar and make sure he signs it! I swear, by the end of this day, my book will have his signature!" He held up a finger to the sky, almost as if making a pact with Arceus then and there.

        Snype followed that path that Guardia motioned him toward. Surely Penance was somewhere around here... who knows what that Golduck was doing? Heck, he was more curious in what he'd been up to the past couple years... Looking down into the crowd he'd notice the familiar Golduck, paired up with a Kadabra and a hooded Pokemon. Shady! Being the nosey little thief he was,Snype decided to join in on the conversation, catching the little note about a book.

        "Keheheh... a book? I didn't know you were the creative type Penance!" Snype teased from behind them, showing off that big toothy grin of his!

        He turned on over and huffed as he crossed his arms, "Well, look who it is!" He said in a offended tone, "Going around and not even BOTHERING to contact me! Urgh!"

        "Urgh!" Surge joined in as well.

        Snype crossed his arms as well. "Keheh, aw comon. My contacts are reserved to thieves! I like to have unexpected appearances. But hey! I've found ya now! Its been awhile! Kehe. How've you been holding up all these years? Legit question, I could never guess!" Snype said, walking up closer to the Golduck

        Penance huffed, "No apology?" He turned about and poked one of Snype's gemstone eyes, "No apology? Then no talking!"

        "No chatting, dipping, or diving!" Surge added in with a nod.

        "Oh, he WOULD love to dive with Scar!" At that Surge and Penance burst into hilarious laughter over their 'joke'.

        Snype had to get used to how much of a character Penance was. Having a conversation with this guy was an adventure of its own! He hadn't quite caught on to the joke so he just rubbed his head. "Keheh... sure sure. Sorry for being silent for the past thirty years. Its been pretty hectic ya know? Kehehe. Ya know, you could have dropped by sometime if ya missed me so much! Kehe." Snype said, snickering a bit himself. He looked over to Surge and back to Penance. "Who's your friend?" He asked.

        "Ooooooh." The Golduck hopped up and clung to the Kadabra's back, "This is little Surgey, you remember him as the Abra with attitude!"

        "Turbo!" Surge said with a grin as he held a hand back and the Golduck slapped it.

        "Anyways..." Penance peeked over Surge's shoulder, "I got new friends. Better friends. Heh, a bit of history always helps in the seeking of answers." He explained. "But... I still have time for older mon. I suppose." He huffed a bit and wiped a tear from the corner of his eyes, "But I guess YOU were the one missing me. You sought me out no?" He said with a growing smile. "I bet..." His voice fell to a whisper, "You miss the chaos..." He snickered. "Everyone loves the wild side!"

        "To the fifth ride!" Surge claimed with a sage like nod.

        "Heh, maybe! I haven't partied like this in a long time what with all the work I've been doing back home and all. Kehe. Figured it'd be fun to see what the heck a fun guy like you is doing all the way out here! Already bumped into Guardia earlier to say hi. Kehe. We put on quite a show for the crowd. I even got a bit of coins from her! Hey you may have some cool new friends, but its hardly a party without the King of Thieves! Kehehe" Snype said

        Penance stared at him for a while and then a slow smirk formed along his face, "Oh... I wouldn't be so sure about that..." He said softly as for just but an instant a red glow entered the Golduck's eyes as his voice became just a shade deeper, "A more correct statement would be that it's not a party without... chaos." And soon that glow was gone with Penance snickering and then bursting into laughter, "Someone likes that spirit of yours it seems!"

        "Looks like it! Keheh. As long as ya don't try to kill me again or anything. So! You never answered my question! What are you doing way out here? You said something about a book?" Snype asked

        Penance tilted his head a bit, "That is ONE reason. So yes, that is ONE reason why I am here. Too bad you didn't ask for all the reasons I was here. Wasted question!" He stuck out his tongue, "Too bad so sad, the little ghostly lost a lad! He tried to play games but failed in the end, and now he will be known as a lazy friend!"

        The statement made... no sense to Snype. Figures though. Its Penance. "Keheh, I think you just don't wanna tell me because your ashamed of something! Is that right? Kehe" Snype decided to tease him to get the information out.

        Penance frowned and got off of Surge and picked up the Sableye by his throat and smiled at him, "You wasted a question. You lose, good day." He put Snype back down and patted him on the head as he made his way to his hooded companion, "Well?"

        The hooded mon pulled out a piece of paper from his robes, "It's like you said. One question... not very smart on it... thinks he's hot... eh.... stuff."

        Penance huffed, "I wrote another specific word!"

        "Yes... but I don't like cussing." He put the paper back in the folds of his robes, "So... a podium?"

        "Yes!" He jumped onto Surge's back again, "A podium to sing from! I must get the ballad ready!"

        Snype caught his breath after Penance grabbed him by the throat. Yeesh! Maybe he should have asked how they got affiliated! But from the conversation, Snype kinda caught on to some of Penance's schemes. Singing? A book? Maybe he was going for the creative route after all? Hard to tell but it was the seekers in a nutshell. Though before he could think too much on it, something else began to stir behind them as well. Pushing through the crowds was a large Charizard.

        "Make way!" He shouted as he had to push through the thick crowds as right behind him followed a Weavile who was looking a tad nervous.

        "Ah! There we go!" Penance hopped off of Surge's back as he ran up and winked at the Charizard, "Great, now... go and flutter off Demi. Like a Butterfree!" He grabbed hold of the Weavile, but not like he had with Snype. It was clear this was more of a friendlier embrace as suddenly that earlier goofiness seemed to fade from the Golduck. "Anyone give you a hard time up here?"

        "No." The Weavile said as he looked around uneasily.

        "Good good." Penance smiled a bit, "Glad you're here. It's going to be great, I'll promise you that. Stay by me." He patted the dark type on his shoulder as he turned back to Snype, his previous demeanor returning, "In any case a play. Buuuut, you're no play writer! Such sad times these are!"

        Surge tsked as he shook his head sadly, "Wallow and despair among the gloom!" He said in what could be considered a poetic voice.

        Yup. Seekers in a nutshell. From what Snype had heard from the Ninjask, they had become a group focused on spreading tales of what they had seen. They were basicly historians. Really crazy historians with a huge sense of creativity whenever they weren't fighting corrupted Pokemon.

        "Kehe, naw I'm no play writer, but I can at least appreciate fine art when I have the chance! And right now I have all the time in the world. Kehe. I take your play is going to be about the war right? Just a guess considering what you've all been busy with lately. Kehe" Snype said.

        Penance huffed, "Everyone's a critic!" He mused. The Weavile looked over at the Sableye and reached into his own pack. He pulled out what appeared to be a very expensive violin and he held out a bow along with it. He took in a deep breath and glanced at Penance who nodded.

        The Weavile held the bow out along the strings and began to glide it up and down. ( ) The melody was slow and relaxing as he his claws carefully danced along the strings, no doubt having to make sure they wouldn't slice through the fragile instrument. He only played for two minutes, but it was enough for some to glance over as Penance snickered, "Yes, probably a ballad." He said with a nod, "Anyways, you go and do... uh... Snype.... things. Obsidian!" The Weavile perked up at that. "We shall go and do Obsidian things!" He grabbed a hold of the Weavile's arm and began to drag him along as Surge and the hooded mon followed.

        Snype sat there as the Weavile played the violin. He had to admit, he was impressed. Penance was certaintly turning into one for the arts. Not what he had expected! Snype would have to give this play a go to see just what he could do. After contemplating what the heck just happened back there. Snype took care of his priorities at least! Said hi to Penance, Guardia... Snype was trying to remember who else he wanted to see? Surely that answer would bump into him eventually... He had more trouble to stir up! Hopefully the other thieves were having a blast around town, likely grabbing drinks or observing the attractions. He'd let Penance do... Penance things for now.
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          Razathiel, The Dreadmage
          Gold City – The Citadel

          It was times like this, around people, when Razathiel remembered just how much he hated people. Of course, he remembered that in almost every other situation imaginable, too – regardless, he was remembering it now, and that was the important thing. Pokémon of all kinds shuffled to and fro along the streets of Gold City, smiles on their faces and happiness in their hearts. The Ralts shuddered in distaste. He’d be sure to commend himself if he managed to get through the day without vomiting from all the disgustingly good vibrations.

          Raz was fortunate he had a smidgen of restraint, though he would certainly be more comfortable if he never had to use it. That wasn’t the case, however; he’d have to be a little less evil around here. He’d probably have to stop himself from killing anyone who dared cross him, and perhaps even – Giratina forbid – be nice to some degree. It was a sickening prospect for the Dreadmage, and he shuddered once more just thinking about it. Still, it couldn’t be helped. He had a good reason for being here, and he’d be damned if anyone dared to stop him. Now, if only he could just get to the Citadel, he could make his announcement…

          “Uh, excuse me, are you lost?”

          Raz ignored the comment. He’d sooner wish someone a good morning than stoop to taking directions. On second thoughts, no… he’d sooner take directions, wishing someone a good morning was just out of the question… it didn’t matter anyhow, he decided, as he’d never do either of those things as long as he lived. And besides, the Citadel was an easy enough place to get to.

          “Erm, did you hear me? Are you alright, little guy? Do you know where your parents ar-”

          Raz turned on the speaker in one swift motion, staff drawn. “Do you dare have the sheer insolence to speak to me in such a manner!?”

          The Gardevoir seemed aghast. “Uh- um, what? Uh, maybe?”

          “Do you even have any idea who I am, fool!? I could end you with a thought! Leave now, and cease your pitiful jabbering before I see fit to cease it for you!”

          The Gardevoir raised her arms slightly and slowly backed away, more in shock than fear. The group of surrounding ‘mon stood quietly, murmuring to one another.

          “What are you all gawping at?” The Dreadmage cried, slamming the bottom of his staff against the pavement. “Piss off!” And with that, Raz took his leave, muttering to himself. “Feckless drones, the lot of them. Disgustingly happy, writhing in their own ignorance… blegh, I should show them a good Shadow Ball or two… bastards… useless, moronic twits…”

          It took a short while of searching around amongst the gut-churningly pleasant populace before the Dreadmage found his way to the Citadel – like the rest of the city, people seemed mostly pleased with themselves, joining in on all the festivities. In the middle of the Citadel’s courtyard lay a temporary stage. A band played lightly off to the side, and behind lay a pond with a water feature of sorts – two Luvdiscs squirting water from their mouths. The urge to destroy it was almost too much for the poor Dark Psyker to manage, but he held his will and refrained from obliterating the thing from existence. He drew his mind away from the feature and onto his plans; the chance was his to take, and with this being the Citadel, there were sure to be some of those blasted, goody-two-shoes heroes around to take note of his message. He approached the stage, but was stopped for a moment by a ‘mon who appeared to be a director of some kind.

          “Excuse me, you’re not allowed on stage just yet, we-”

          Razathiel thrust a golden trinket in the Sylveon’s direction. “Gold Tribe, yadayada – peace, love-” The Ralts paused to retch for a moment. “It’s everything I stand for. Clearly.” Raz didn’t wait for a reply, shoving the director as he walked past. “Now get out of my way, you degenerate clod.”

          Without warning, Razathiel jumped on his staff and onto the stage, dragging the pole over to him with a Psychic grasp. His announcement would be a grand one, for sure. Firstly, the musicians of the band suddenly found themselves unable to control their instruments. Rather, they were being controlled by an unseen force, playing loudly and more intricately than they had been in the ‘mon’s hands. Deep, fierce chords rang out in grand fashion, and many turned to stare at the strange spectacle. As the music rose, a Thunderbolt descended from the sky, striking the area behind the stage – the pond, upon which sharp eyes would notice a single dead Magikarp now floating – and adding to the dramatic percussion unfolding. A pillar of flame rose above the stage in a show of brilliant pyrotechnics, and as the smoke cleared, a figure was revealed…

          A very, very small figure.

          “MWAHAHAHAAAAH! FOOLS! It is no member of the Gold Tribe before you! NO! It is I, Razathiel, The Dreadmage!” Raz let forth another Thunderbolt, and a second dead Magikarp rose to the surface of the pond behind him. “Listen, all, and listen well! I am no ally of yours, but for now, neither am I your enemy. I will lend you my power – not because I care in the slightest about any of your lives, but because I will be damned if that bastard Darkrai is going to ruin this world I will one day rule! For now we share a common cause, but let it be known that for even an ounce of treachery, I will see you rot in oblivion!”

          Razathiel hopped off of his staff – which previously he had been using as a booster stand of sorts – then slammed the hilt into the ground. With that, the music stopped, and the Ralts made his way off-stage.
          Turnips shall rise.

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          Old friends
          Snype & Sylvio

          After meeting with Penance and Guardia, Snype decided to start checking on the thieves to see if they were having a good time and perhaps stirring up trouble. He'd quickly become sidetracked though as he'd feel his shoulder being tapped. At first, he thought some amateur was trying to steal something from his bag so he quickly turned around. To his surprise, this happened to be a Delibird Courier.

          "Message for the King of Thieves. Here you go" He'd explain, handing the letter over to Snype. A letter? If this was a thief then he'd be messaged via Ninjask, Snype couldn't quite remember any affiliates outside of the thieves, other then a select few. He quickly opened the letter and got to business.

          Salutations, you worthless, pompous gasbag, who quite pathetically calls himself King of some doomed group of thieves.

          Snype just stared at the letter. Yikes. Someone sure didn't like him! But he decided to keep reading, almost ready to throw the whole thing away.

          Good! Now that I have your undivided attention, and certainty that you will not throw this letter away from the first few words you read, allow me to rephrase my introduction: salutations to you and your formidable allies, King of the Thieves. How fare you, Shadowstep, I wonder? Always seeking to expand your network, I presume? Why, you would be a fool not to, and you are no fool indeed. I am certain you have changed little since our last meeting. But, I will keep this letter short, lest text bores your eyes. I have a proposition to make that will prove rather profitable for both sides, should you agree to my terms, of course. The Sableye I knew would not pass on the opportunity I will offer him for all the gold in the citadel. Find the Torn Banner Inn, west part of the city, and come to the suite. You need not bring anyone with you.

          An old friend

          As soon as Snype caught the name Shadowstep, he immediately remembered just who this contact was. If this offer was to help the thieves further expand through the continent, or perhaps something more, then this already seemed like a promising opportunity. If anything, at least it was an excuse to see the guy again! Snype was having reunions left and right today. Snype headed to the Torn Banner Inn to get right to business. Thankfully the Inn itself wasn't too far off so the trip itself was short. Since front doors were for chumps, Snype clung onto the building and climbed on up to the second floor, searching for the suite that his old friend was in, which meant he'd have to peek in a couple of windows along the way until eventually spotting the correct room. He probably expected him to take that route anyway.

          The velvet chair with the Delphox sitting on it was pointed at the window, where Snype came in from. Sylvio had a half-smile plastered on his face. He hadn't changed much in nine years, and neither did Griff. The bulky Braviary that always followed the Delphox around was sitting quietly on his perch, next to the chair.

          Several things floated around Sylvio's chair, helped by his psychic powers. A spoon, two glasses, a bottle of wine, a golden coin, a compass, a book, a bunch of grapes. "Greetings," Sylvio said, calmly, "King of the Thieves! Have a seat, make yourself comfortable."

          Snype crawled right on in, quickly taking a seat for himself, or at least standing on it. Oh the woes of being short. "Kehehe, quite a nice setting for a reunion eh Sylvio? You two look like you've been doing well! Kehe. How has the past couple years been treating ya?" Snype asked, reaching over to snatch a grape and throw it into his mouth.

          Sylvio and Snype had met in Beatruce, ten years ago, during a summer when Sylvio decided to do some travels. As it happened, Snype was also traveling at the time under the name of Shadowstep, looking to expand the thieves in Beatruce as well. Something which he accomplished, establishing a base for them in Surina; Sylvio stumbled upon the base and hung out with the thieves, testing his abilities in their branch. He and Snype worked together, planned a few heists and robberies, but Sylvio refused to join the thieves. They parted as good friends when the end of the summer came.

          "Things have been going far too well, I'm afraid, there must be a catch," Sylvio jested, without seeming to mind Snype taking off a bite from his grapes; the grapes floated closer to the Sableye, as if he was offering them. The bottle tilted against one of the glasses, pouring red wine with a shade of purple; the glass then floated to Snype. "Drink," Sylvio said.

          Snype showed off his toothy grin, nodding and taking a sip from the glass of wine. Snype made a mental note to find himself a big meal after this. He'd been drinking quite alot today! Rightfully so since it was a party!

          Sylvio drank from his glass too, without using his hands, and sent it flying towards Snype's glass. "Cheers," he said, along with the sound the glasses made. "Now. Onto business." The Delphox leaned towards him, braiding his claws together skeptically while leaning on the arms of his chair. His face a portrait of firm seriousness now; the Braviary next to him seemed to share the exact same expression, although he could not talk. "You seek to expand the thieves, Shadowstep?"

          "Kehehe..." Snype simply snickered as he leaned forward from his seat. "You know me too well! Kehe. While I've expanded the thieves out to the most important spots, Such as around Valkaria and Beatruce, I'd like to go further and beyond. Kehe." Snype explained, joining him in a more serious tone. It was rare to see him like this considering out in public, he was rather cheery.

          "Mhmmheheh," Sylvio laughed snidely, amused, his red eyes glowing with mischief. "Karn, my friend. Karn. I have been busy since we parted ways in Beatruce. The influence of the Arcansus family is ever growing. I can help you... sneak a group of your people across the borders and into the Empire. I have a place that you will find most suitable for a base in Daggen. I can find you good people for the job and I can make sure the Guard does not boot out the wrong thieves and looks the other way when your people are... doing business. if you catch my drift. I only wish for an amount of your profits and an answer to this question: what do you truly wish for, Snype? Is it gold? Is it fame, is it glory, is it women? What is your motivation?"

          Snype's face started beaming. Karn was a fantastic region to start expanding toward, yet Snype didn't have many chances to go beyond those borders. Karn was a region of strength and power. Even the poorest sap on the street could rule the country if they were strong enough. Not to mention that duels could take place at anytime within the streets, and Civil War was very common within the region. At the same time though, this philosophy was a huge weakness. Despite their strength, who's to say those in charge had the intelligence to properly rule a country? It contrasted well enough with the thieves, who were known for their cunning movements. But the country was in economic strife. How could the thieves possibly make profit from there?

          From what Snype had learned, they also had one of the most powerful armies in the region. All it would take to rule over that entire country was for a certain someone to take out the emperor in a duel, which immediately got Snype thinking of the possible consequences of that scenario. Snype got shivers at the thought and legitimately felt scared.

          "I hadn't thought of it before, but Expanding to Karn sounds like the next best priority we should take. Our network has told me about the activity up in Karn and their philosophies... I can see it being profitable enough up there. Setting up another bar in their city should be simple enough, as well as forming a couple of bases..." Snype paused, leaning back on his chair. He figured if he was going to talk to anyone about his motivation, it'd be Sylvio.

          "Right... our motivation. Well, when I first became a thief, it was all about profit. Breaking the rules and such ya know? Kehehe... in a way, it still is. Otherwise we wouldn't be thieves." Snype said, simply leaving it at that unless he wanted to press him further on the question. Obviously Snype's motivation were much bigger then simply making a profit if he was going to expand this far out. That immediately caught Sylvio's interest. Seeing the cunning Sableye before him, he could not yet determine clearly what he sought. He stroked his pointy beard thoughtfully, smiling lightly at the Sableye, measuring him.

          "I had you for a resourceful person," he said, finally, "is that not so? Could it be, that the King of Thieves that talked of grandiose plans in the past, only be after the coin, and the fun?"

          Snype took another sip from his glass. "Oh of course. Keheh. But ya see, when when you get involved in a gigantic war beforehand, you tend to get a new perspective of things. That mess nearly destroyed the thieves. It'd sure suck if something like that happened again right? Or if somebody decided they wanted to be in control of the entire world with their massive egos and powerful armies. Like a certain tribe did years ago." Snype said, somewhat leading to his main point.

          The Delphox nodded, still stroking his beard, seeming to understand. "Mhm, mhm, I see where this is going," he said skeptically. He glanced at Griff, who looked at him with boredom etched on his face. The bird didn't seem to be listening to the conversation. Sylvio patted him on the head, took a sip from his glass and then filled it again. "Guardia was a thief, was she not?" he mused, having lost his smile, "was she the one who made the request? Or was it on your own initiative?"

          "Keheh... nah. The Gold Tribe has nothing to do with it. They probably aren't even aware of how far we've actually expanded. I figure it's going to be a matter of time before they notice though. I mean, come on. I'm giving you all this information right? Kehehe... information like this tends to somehow leak around." Snype said. He was mostly afraid that the Alpha Alliance would find this expansion to be a threat to either the Gold Tribe or the Alpha Alliance. The last thing Snype needed was a misunderstanding from false information. Even with close friends, he didn't seem very trusting.

          Sylvio shrugged nonchalantly. "They will find out, sooner or later. You can bank on it. But you are prepared, aren't you? As for my friend here, Griff, he has no tongue to speak of what he has heard here. And as for me, I have no reason to betray your secrets. Having the Alpha Alliance on the thieves tail would harm your expansion, and consequently, my profits. Speaking of which... I require a percentage of your earnings. Say..."

          Sylvio drank from his glass rather merrily, his half smile wider and wilder now. "Twenty percent."

          Snype quickly interrupted him. "Ten Percent." He said. A rather harsh decrease but this WAS a negotiation. He was interested to see what he'd do with that...

          Griff shook his feathery head, exhaling in disdain, staring moodily at the Sableye. Sylvio maintained the merry smile, only now it did not reach his eyes. "Seventeen percent."

          "Twelve Percent." Snype added.

          "Fifteen percent, and I part with my beloved magic compass," Sylvio said, almost triumphantly; the compass that was floating about him flew over to Snype's hands. It was golden inside, with silver needles that were pointing slightly to the northeast. "Keep it in your person at all times," Sylvio said, and added with an enigmatic grin, "you might find it more useful than a common compass."

          "Keheh. Deal." Snype said, grabbing onto the Compass. Fifteen percent wasn't a bad deal at all. If it helped him expand toward Karn, then he was willing to do whatever it took. There were several possibilities that he'd like to prevent from happening. by getting the thieves over to that country. He looked down at the Compass curiously, wondering what was so special about it. Nonetheless, the deal was set. Snype moved over to the window and let out a loud whistle. A Ninjask quickly flew over to Snype's location.


          "Plans for expansion to Karn has begun. Notify all the other thieves as soon as possible and pass it onto the rest of the network." He instructed. The Ninjask gave a small chirp and was quickly on its way!

          "Was a pleasure meeting ya again Sylvio. Kehehe. I got some partying to attend to for now! We can discuss this in depth later. For now, go down and enjoy yourself." Snype said, giving a small wave and climbing back down to ground level.

          "You can be sure I will enjoy myself to the fullest," Sylvio muttered, out of Snype's hearing. He petted Griff's head, who was still staring at the window, where the Sableye had jumped off from.

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          Abel "Atrox" Onderon - Two Hands of Gold

          Abel Onderon stomped through the main street of Gold City. His wasn't a casual stroll like the many other Pokemon he pushed aside. He walked with purpose, as if he were on a mission, even if it weren't entirely the case. Abel "Atrox" was sent from Onderon as an emissary to honor the ceremony of the dead of the Silver War. He was also here to represent the Beatrucian Gold Tribe in honoring the retirement of Benedict "Scar" Tiberius, the second-in-command of the Valkarian Gold Tribe. Normally the leader would take up the honor of attending, but recent developments in Beatruce left him preoccupied, so he was asked to go instead. In truth, he would rather be back in his homeland, with the rest of his tribe. Seeing the jubilant festivities that were going on here in Valkaria were a stark contrast to the harrowing occurrences going on in his own country, particularly to the north.

          Even if that weren't the case, Abel despised these sort of events. As far as he was concerned, they were a complete waste of time and money. For him in particular, they offered nothing of value. His only objective here was to watch the ceremony, attend Scar's retirement, and make the trip home.

          "Well, if it isn't the second-in-command of the Beatrucian Gold Tribe," A voice, as if right on cue, spoke out to the Medicham. Abel turned to see Scar sitting on a rock, apparently admiring the festivities. "Well met, brother." He stated with a smile.

          "And you as well, brother," Abel replied, though his tone didn't suggest anything of the sort. "This is quite an engaging party. Are you enjoying yourself?" He asked in a somewhat rushed and impatient manner.

          "You can stop the charade, Atrox. I know you despise small talk anyway," Scar replied with a smile. He was well aware of the Medicham's reputation, having met him dozens upon dozens of times during his visits to Beatruce, and to Abel's visits to Valkaria. "Looking for something? Or someone?"

          "Alright, I'm looking for Guardia. Seen her around?" He asked.

          "Yeah she was heading back to the Citadel last I checked."

          "I'll go there now," Abel declared. Any sort of chance for conversation was lost with him. In an apparent attempt to seem courteous, Abel decided to ask another question. "Want to come with me?"

          "Ah, no I'm quite comfortable here on this rock," Scar replied casually, once more smiling up to the Medicham in front of him.


          "Well, not really," Scar admitted, proceeding to massage his knees and feet with his arms as he continued. "But it's closer to the stage and at my advanced age, I prefer not to do too much excess walking."

          "Hmph," was all the Medicham replied with, turning around as he proceeded back from the patch of grass where he stood off to the main road toward the Citadel.

          "Something on your mind?" Scar called out to him before he went off to far. The Pokemon didn't even give the Mienshao any sort of proper good-bye.

          "I just find it odd you would have held the second-in-command of the Gold Tribe for this long if you're so useless now that you can't even walk. Perhaps it really is time for you to retire." He replied coldly. The odd thing was, as Scar had noticed in his previous encounters with Atrox, there was no real insult meant behind it, even if it sounded like there was.

          "Perhaps it is." He said back to him with a shrug.

          Without another word, Abel walked off from the old second-in-command of the Valkarian Gold Tribe and off to the Citadel to meet with Guardia. The sooner he was out of this country, the better.

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            Penance with some dashing of Alexandre and a pinch of Scar

            "Hehe, I think I spy with my little eye, a white speck in the cloud!" Penance said with a wide grin. The group was already at the rock Scar was at as Penance's smile grew wider along his bill, "Soooo... Scar~" He held out a book as he telekinetically flipped it open to a certain page, "Can you just look? It is NOT an biography this time! Oh no, it's fiction!" He snickered, "My best work I think so far!" He dramatically cleared his throat, "The tale of a Mienshao caught in the corruption of his mind, yet his heart opens for a young Golduck who helps him to see true love."

            Scar meanwhile was sitting on his little rock, enjoying the passerbys as they were enjoying themselves. It didn't seem quite enjoyable to watch other 'mon enjoying themselves, but Scar found it quite...enjoyable. That indulgence was soon subverted by the appearance of Penance. In his advanced age, Scar has rarely found the urge to hit someone over the head as much as he did Penance, but even then he kept his emotions in relative check. Mostly because of their past history of Penance saving him from his fate as a Sentinel, a fact Penance constantly reminded Scar of.

            "Penance, nice to see you again," He said dismally. he reached for the book, grabbing it with his paw and looking over the cover. He then proceeded to slash it apart with his claws.

            Penance gasped as he over dramatically fell to the ground, "My.... heart...." He gasped out before he collapsed to the ground and Surge stood over him with a saddened expression, "Oh woe to the world!" The Kadabra cried out, "Penance has fallen ill from a broken heart! Only love's true kiss can save him now!" And the psychic looked pointedly right at Scar.

            Obsidian looked around and rubbed the back of his neck, "Uh.... weren't we trying to find a podium?" He asked and the bait was taken.

            "That's right!" Penance said as he jumped to his feet, his 'illness' quickly forgotten, "A podium to sing to the heavens from!" He decreed. Obsidian flashed Scar a small apologetic smile as Penance went over to Surge and hopped on his back, "Scar, know any great podiums in hiding? The best are in dungeons you know!"

            "Podiums...?" Scar shook his head, then scratched his chin with his paw as he thought on that for a moment. Anything to get him away from me, I suppose can't hurt. "Ah, you know what? I'm fairly certain there's on down the road at the other end of the city. Large audience. Unclaimed. Perfect for you!" He declared with a somewhat forced smile.

            Penance leaned in really close and stared at Scar, "You suuuure?" He asked in a questioning tone.

            "Why yes, yes I am!" Scar exclaimed with forced excitement, perhaps a bit too obviously. He coughed a bit, having spoken much too loud for his old voice to take.

            Penance pulled back and smirked, "Great! Well let's head off!" He patted Surge on the head, "Giddy up!" The Kadabra began to run as the silent hooded mon followed. Obsidien followed, though not before flashing Scar a thumbs up as he mouthed 'you're welcome' back to the older mon as he ran along after.

            The old Mienshao nodded and gave a slight smile to Obsidian, understanding the predicament he was in when traveling alongside Penance, and respecting his desire to leave an old war Pokemon to his thoughts and the pleasantness of peace.


            Penance huffed a bit as he looked around a very empty stage that had some trash on it, "Oh joy!" He muttered as he kicked a twig to the side, "Yeah, fast one and such." He shook his head as Obsidian sat down on one of the stone steps and tuned his violin a bit, "Well... he is old. He tends to not remember things as he should, right?" He knew better, but there was truth in his voice as well.

            "Humph." The Golduck crossed his arms, "Well, he sent us to a bad spot then!"

            "Oh... I wouldn't say that.... uncle." Suddenly there was an explosion of sound and smoke all around the four that briefly clouded their vision and as right beside Penance would appear a Gardevoir with a smirk plastered on his face, "So, what do you think of this one?"

            Penance chuckled and looked at the younger psychic. He was of course taller than Penance, but unlike other Gardevoirs he had blue right eye even though his left was a normal red color. He wore a blue cloak with some silver trim around his form that actually helped to identify him as a male instead of a usual female Gardevoir. The main draw however was the cane he had with him. He didn't need it of course, but it helped to set the style and Penance could whole heartedly agree with it. The cane was ebony and had a steel tip and grip and even went for a more fancy look with a gem affixed to the top too!

            "Well well! Alex my main man!" Penance said as he warmly hugged the Gardevoir, though the taller mon had to bend over a bit.

            "Good to see you too uncle!" He glanced over at Obsiden and walked on over as he fist pumped with the Weavile, "Heh, how have you been?"

            Obsidien shrugged, "You know same old. But this is some festival isn't it? I haven't even seen the city this crowded before!"

            Alexandre chuckled a bit, "You haven't been back in so long and whenever you come it's not during a holiday!" He gave the Weavile a playful punch in the shoulder, "Seriously, you need to come back more."

            "And... where is Hanso?" Penance asked with a growing grin.

            Alexandre shrugged at the question, "Not sure to be honest. We split off and he went to do his own thing." He turned back to Obsidian and leaned on his cane, a bit of mischief in his eyes, "Hehe, so, think I can still dazzle you?"

            Obsidian puffed out his chest, "Heh, please! I've been to Anatellia you know! There is always an explanation!"

            "Really?" Alexandre reached under his cloak and suddenly a extremely large red curtain of sorts was pulled out, "Let's see." He smirked as he began to spin the curtain around in front of Obsidian. He wiggled the curtain a bit and pulled it away to reveal Obisidian still standing there. "Ha! I'm still here!" He proudly put his hands on his hips.

            Everyone began chuckling as Alexandre titled his head with a small smirk, "You sure nothing happened?"

            "Yeah posi-" He suddenly paused as he looked down, then yelped as he quickly glanced over his body. There were now golden rings that were wrapped tightly around his mid biceps and mid thighs and Obsidian blinked, "H-How did..."

            Alexandre bowed for his 'audience', "A magician never reveals his secrets Dian." He said with a wink. Penance snickered as Obsidian began working the various rings off, "Well you've gotten hip and hopping!"

            Alexandre nodded, "I've been trying my hardest." He explained, "But... I think the ceremonies are going to start soon. "Shall we head on over then?"

            "Of course!" Penance said as Obsidian managed to pull off the last ring, "I swear I'm going to figure that out." He muttered.

            Alex just chuckled and patted his dark type friend on the head, "Have fun Dian! It's a celebration right now! Plenty of lovely ladies to court with that violin of yours."

            Obsidian blushed crimson as he looked away, "I-"

            "Well let's get going boys!" Penance said eagerly as he patted the Kadabra "Next stop... TO THE FESTIVITIES!" As they were about to head out Penance suddenly stopped as a loud voice boomed throughout the city. Something about a death mage and all. Penance frowned, "Ooooooh, I see how it is!" He said angrily, "Someone trying to take MY spot light huh? Well, I'll show that guy!" He pointed out dramatically, "TO THE CEREMONY!"
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            Zai, the Absol
            Female, age 30
            Valkarian Gold Tribe
            Moveset: Perish Song - Play Rough - Stone Edge - Sucker Punch - Substitute - Thunder
            Alizai "Skuld" Arashi
            I.I :: Gold City
            Daughter of Gold

            "Festival! Festival! Yaaaay!"

            Alizai opened one eye, glaring at her children. "You interrupted a good dream."

            "There's a festival today!" yelled her youngest son, the Absol Ortaia.

            "Yes, I'm aware," she grunted, stretching to wake herself up. "But we still have a little while before anything starts."

            "We have to hurry!" insisted Vaitra, her youngest daughter, a Litleo.

            "Are you even listening?" Zai asked flatly.

            "C'mon, let's go!" Her other two children, Eona the Espurr and Ryder the Skiddo, grabbed her forelegs and attempted to drag her forward.

            "Of course you aren't," she mumbled. "Desmond, the children are waiting!"

            There was a brief pause, and then a deep voice boomed through a nearby doorway. "Okay, okay, I'm coming." Desmond, a very large Pyroar and Zai's husband, sauntered into the room with a yawn. "Everyone else still out and about?"

            "I guess so. About time we go and join them, rather than sleep the whole day away."

            Zai opened the front door and took a step out of Arashi Manor, family in tow. It was important that she be ready for this festival, and she honestly was excited for it, but the festival also brought to her a slight twinge of sorrow. It was a day to celebrate the victory of the Gold Tribe thirty years ago, but it mainly served to remind her that her father and aunt perished in war three decades ago. Sure, her aunt was a Ninetales and now existed as some sort of ethereal spirit that she wasn't really sure how to explain, but she could only see her on rare occassions. Her father, who had been an Absol, had passed on when he sacrificed himself, so she'd never even met him. He hadn't even been aware that her mother was with twins when he died, although her aunt assured her that he was now completely aware of their existence and in fact watched over them. It was some comfort to know that, and certainly more than most people in her situation would normally get, but the sad fact was that her father was dead and she had never had the chance to meet him.

            On the other hand, her uncle, who had been present in the final battle against Darkrai, was still alive and well. She would put aside the sorrows and try and enjoy the day, if not for herself then for her uncle and the rest of their family. She didn't really know any of the other veterans that had fought against Darkrai. She was acquainted with Lyn Reed, but they weren't exactly friends. She had the utmost respect for Guardia, though. She couldn't even imagine what it was like to be alive during the Silver War, or to have gone up against Darkrai. She had an idea from all the stories she'd been told, but it was nothing compared to actually having to experience it. Some people didn't even believe Darkrai had really appeared, either. Zai chose to believe that he had appeared. She trusted her uncle and the rest of the Gold Tribe. If she couldn't trust them, then there was no point in trusting anyone. In order to live in this world, one has to have faith in others. Without trust in others, what was the point in anything? Simply surviving is no way to live. Zai wanted to make the world a better place, not just get through her time in it by the skin of her teeth.

            "Oh, mommy, can we get some of that?" Zai was snapped out of her reveries by Ortaia, who was looking at and motioning to a pokémon who held a pile of Heal Powder.

            Eona tugged on Zai's fur, pointing at the pokémon. "Aren't you supposed to eat the powder? What's that pokémon doing?"

            Zai glared at the pokémon. "Nothing. Ignore it." Her children turned and continued to walk. She took the opportunity to launch a small beam of electricity to shock the pokémon, causing it to jump from surprise and spill the powder all over the ground, before she turned and followed her children away.

            "We'll get you guys some fresh berries from the market," she added as they walked. This elicited a cheer from her kids, and they immediately rushed off to select some berries for themselves. "Goodness I hope the festivities start soon; I could use a distraction."

            "I'm sure they will," Desmond assured her as he batted her playfully with his tail.

            When Zai caught up with her children, she purchased the berries that they had selected and sat down as they ate.

            "Do you think your uncle is at the Citadel?" Desmond asked, petting Ortaia with one paw as the baby Absol ate.

            "Perhaps. I'm wondering if I should go and join him."

            "Go. I can keep an eye on the children. You get ready for the ceremonies."

            Alizai nodded and got to her feet. "I'll see you all later," she said as she nuzzled her husband and each of her children in turn. She then walked off to the Citadel, alone.
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            Annabelle Serta: Mission

            The festival in Gold City was now in full swing. For the vast majority of the citizens, it was a time of celebration and jubilation. For others, it was about honoring those who had fallen in battle. For some, it was a mix of both. For Hanso Sharp-Eye, founder of the Sharp-Eye Corporation (SEC), and former Gold Tribe member, it was about making sure everything didn't go completely off the wire. That, and finding out a bit more about the mission Guardia had planning the following day.

            With many Pokemon, it was tough to tell how much they've aged. With Pokemon who had fur, it was a much more easier distinction. When one looked at Hanso, they'd see relatively the same Gallade he was thirty years prior. Sure, his voice was a bit more raspier. He bent over a walking stick which he occasionally carries with him. His movements were a tad slower than they used to be. But he still was the same blunt, plain-speaking Pokemon he always was. Plus a mountain of gold in his pockets and a small army of employees working for him.

            Right now, Hanso was in a meeting with one of those employees in a house owned by SEC a few blocks away from the Citadel. Her name was Annabelle Serta, a brilliant and high-ranking scientist within SEC. She had already concocted a few impressive ideas during her tenure. He also heard she was a decent speaker too. "Right," Hanso began, taking a peak outside through the windows to make sure no one was around to hear them, though he doubted anyone would from the sounds of the partying. "So Guardia's got some kinda excursion planned tomorrow. I'm thinking its a good idea to have someone from SEC tag along with her."

            "I'll get a list of candidates right away sir," Annabelle replied, a series of names already appearing in her mind and organizing themselves according to rank, ability, integrity, tenure, and achievements (as well as a few other things). There were already names coming to mind, such as, "Brutus," she said aloud to her superior, "I've never met so exceptional of a supervisor." Brutus, a Garchomp with exceptionally keen eyes, had an ongoing study of both ancient Pokemon and the possibilities of future evolutions beginning with an extensive list of discovered fossils and another one filled with known mutations. "Panne is also of good merit and high standing." She had a study on plants and potions. Firstly to discover better, cheaper medical solutions for Poke-kind, and secondly to combine the DNA of known plants to make highly advanced crops. "Even Hudson would be perfect for the job." That Raticate always had a new invention up his sleeve. Soon enough he would break a record, Anna was sure. "There are even still more excellent choices, sir. I will make the list as narrow as possible." Anna could already see the faces of SEC members she'd greeted as she made her way through the festivities. If it weren't for professional obligation, Anna would have stayed away to delve into her studies once more. She was having fun, though her mind often went back to her work. Festivals had just never been one of her interests.

            "Alright, alright, settle down," Hanso replied, holding up a hand. "No need for the list. I was wondering if you'd go. Brutus, Panne, and Hudson are all good, but they're not suited for this type of thing, I think," He stated as he rubbed his chin.

            "Me!?" Annabelle's shock was evident in her voice, but she caught herself and lowered her momentary excitement to a professional level. "I don't mean to undermine you, sir, but..." Anna trailed off. Her wool would have been standing on end if it could do so. "What qualifications do I have?"

            "On a mission like this, I'm thinking being safer than sorry is the best way to go," Hanso began to explain, bringing his multi-colored eyes to the Mareep. "I need someone that'll help both the group and SEC, and help with both brain and brawn. Your pokerus will be a big help. Also, with our connections in other countries, I'll need someone who can negotiate if need be." He gave the Mareep a slight nod of his head. "I think you're the perfect fit."

            A sense of pride filled Anna's coat when Hanso mentioned her pokerus experiment. It was her accomplishment that had gotten her the mission, not necessarily her keeness (though there were plenty of SEC members with both). Still, her pride ebbed away into a prickling nervousness. Though she had experience with Gold Tribe members, hearing their names always reminded Anna of the trials of battling and fighting. Two things she wanted no part of. The possibility of that in her future made her... Reluctant.

            "Yes, sir," Annabelle answered Hanso. "I'll bring forth my best in this mission." There was no way she could refuse after all. He was her superior and while saying no didn't necessarily mean she'd be fired it was an area of concerned. And maybe... Just maybe... If she forced herself to look on the bright side of things, it may open up another opportunity.

            Hanso nodded again. "Good, thanks. I'll be counting on you, for more than just the mission...remember what we say."

            Anna nodded once more, this time more resolute than before. "Absolutely, sir!"
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            Just some casual banter
            Featuring Synner & Joshua

            Guard duty was considered relatively boring, even among the elite of the Gold Tribe. In the hot evening sun, all they would do was walk around and stay vigilant, which got boring when there was nothing to be vigilant for. Then again, maybe that was just Synner's luck. He and two of his brothers walked through the crowds, in a casual manner hardly befitting members of the esteemed Gold Tribe. Though vigilant was hardly the right word to describe the latter two. Having stopped at many pubs along the way, the two weren't in the best shape. Naturally Synner himself had declined every single drink – he couldn't have alcohol getting to his mind and destroying his system. A good thing too, for suddenly, a fourth member of the Gold Tribe joined them.

            "What do you three think you're doing?!" the large Emboar shouted as he approached them. It only took one glance for him to be able to tell that Synner was the only sober one of the bunch. "What happened here, Sahar?!"

            "Synner," the Malamar corrected with a gentle smile. "Well, it's as you might expect, brother: Terron and Quincy grew bored and resorted to their usual tomfoolery: ale, whiskey, beer, the like."

            The Emboar put his palm to his face and sighed heavily. "All right you two, you'll be having a word with Guardia after this. This is the second time you've done this; it's unacceptable!"

            Terron and Quincy only began to snicker, their half-aware minds unable to comprehend the situation. The Emboar reached out and grabbed the two by the hand before glancing back at Synner. "Sahar, you're relieved. I'll have a new group sent to take your route later."

            "Synner," he pointed out, but the Emboar had already begun walking away.

            "Relieved, hmm? I can go back to the Citadel, I suppose, although..."

            Synner began scrolling through his list of mental contacts. There were few who had allowed him to form a psychic link between their mind and his, but those few, he knew, were his most trusted allies. Well, seeing as this was a festival and there wasn't much else to do, he supposed some casual banter couldn't hurt. Who was the right person for such a thing?

            He quickly realized that nobody in his list fit that qualification. Sighing, he stopped scrolling as a name popped up. Joshua

            Synner hadn't talked to Joshua in weeks. Deciding it was the best option for now, he reached out to the mind of Joshua "Watchman" Vensworth.

            "Hey there Joshua! Long time no see. It's Synner. Would you like to meet up? I just got relieved from duty. What say... Quartz Street, hmm?"

            Joshua wandered around Gold City. He had already checked in with Guardia moments prior, tasked with patrolling the streets for any suspicious or unruly behavior. He wasn't particularly fond of patrolling. Too many people, too much noise; it was difficult for the Swadloon to concentrate with all the hubbub and bustling activity going on around him. Why couldn't the celebration be more peaceful? They could all gather quietly and read poetry and literature, and have a grand old time.

            Unfortunately for Joshua, he was in the minority as far as celebrations and festivals were concerned. Despite his forthcomings, patrol he must, and patrol he did. Several pokemon ran about as the festivities were coming to a peak. Shopkeepers and merchants quickly set up their stalls and merchandise, some selling snacks, others souvenirs, as well as a variety of different knick-knacks and trinkets.

            Joshua continued his patrol, trying his best to avoid the pokemon running to-and-fro. As he kept an eye out, his attention was drawn by a team of dancers in the middle of a large street. Two Kecleon performers, male and female, were in the midst of an intricate dance, their colors shifting constantly to different hues and shades. Behind them, a line of Furret danced as well, the striped 'mon moving in unison with each other. They swished their fluffy tails all around in carefully choreographed patterns. Even though Joshua wasn't interested in the festivities, he felt drawn to the dancers. Before long, he had found himself amongst the gathered crowd, watching the Kecleon dancers with intrigue.

            The two normal-types twirled about, huge grins plastered on their faces as they enjoyed themselves. Their movements were so fluid... yet so precise. Even Joshua had to admire their skill. Suddenly, the two broke away from each other, moving closer towards the crowd and they reached out, clapping hands and dragging eager audience members into their dance. As Joshua watched, he was caught completely off guard by the male Kecleon, the latter grabbing the Swadloon by the hand and dragging him into the middle of the dance.

            "Don't look so glum, friend! Enjoy yourself and dance a little!" The Kecleon said with enthusiasm. He spun Joshua around, the Swadloon too flustered to react properly.

            "Whoa! I- uh... I c-can't! I have to get back to p-patrolling!"

            The Kecleon's smile never faded, and suddenly, he had let the Swadloon go as soon as he had dragged him in. Joshua stopped for a moment to get his bearings, slightly embarrassed, but luckily the crowd didn't seem to notice. He quickly scurried away, returning to his patrol.

            "Crazy people," Joshua muttered to himself. He resumed his patrol, until he heard a voice... except it was coming from inside his head. He recognized it as that of Synner, realizing the Malamar was communicating with him telepathically. It had been a while since he had psychically spoke with him.

            "Quartz Street? I'm actually near there right now. Some conversation would be nice."

            Navigating through the ridiculously thick crowd was rather strenuous, so Synner opted to float slightly above ground using Psychic, allowing him to press forward much more smoothly. Skillfully dodging oncoming Pokemon, he caught sight of an alleyway he knew acted as a shortcut to Quartz Street.

            Synner practically dove into the alleyway, very nearly walking into a rather obnoxious Ursaring. Looking back out at the busy streets from the alley, he smiled to himself.

            "Heh, sure is rowdy out here..." Just then, he got a reply from Joshua.

            "I detect a bit of distress in your mind, Josh. The crowds getting to ya?" he asked with a somewhat sympathetic tone, despite it being a telepathic message. With that he began floating towards the other end of the alley leading to Quartz Street, his tentacles behind his back.

            Joshua was finding it difficult to not get stepped on by the several rowdy pokemon party-goers as he made his way towards Quartz Street. "I'm not a fan of crowds, no..."

            "Haha, yes, they can be quite a handful indeed. In any case, I'm almost-"

            Just then, Synner felt a rather powerful arm wrap around his chest, followed by a knife to the throat.

            "Hehe, managed to net me a Gold Tribesman. All righty kid, you know the drill, gimme all your gold or I'll slit yer f***in' throat," a burly Simisear threatened.

            Synner's smile grew, and he chuckled somewhat. "Oh, dear. To think I'd get caught up in such a... cliche situation."

            "One moment Josh my boy, somebody's gotten a little too rowdy," the Malamar communicated to the Swadloon, before slowly beginning to wrap one of his tentacles around the Simisear. Unlike most Pokemon he was not very limited by bone structure, allowing him to easily reach behind. The monkey, shocked by this, pressed the edge of his knife harder against Synner's soft flesh.

            "One more move and you're done!"

            "Oh, come now," Synner mused. "I'm sure you're simply grouchy because you didn't get enough... sleep." As soon as he said that, the Simisear's eyes became unfocused and his grip on the knife loosened. He subsequently fell to the ground, the Hypnosis attack having done its trick.

            Synner leaned down beside the Simisear, lowering his beak right beside the thief's ear. "Now... listen closely, thief," he began, placing a tentacle on the fallen 'mon's head. "Upon awakening... you will proceed to go back to whatever filthy hole you call home. Once there, you will rethink your life, and begin attempting to work as a productive citizen of the Alpha Alliance..."

            He repeated this a total of five times, his voice mellow in tone, before patting the Simisear on head and rising.

            "Pardon the delay, Josh. There is a bar at the end of the street named Oranbrew. I see no need to enter it, but it makes for a good meeting place, no?"

            Joshua briefly wondered what the holdup was. Probably some drunkard pestering for loose change, he thought. He looked ahead, as he was now on Quartz Street, taking notice of the bar that Synner had mentioned.

            "Why does it have to be a bar?" Joshua thought. If there was anything worse than festivals, it was the bars during the festivals. At least out in public the drunks were scattered and easy to avoid, but in a bar? A bar in the middle of holiday swing, no less. Joshua sighed, before approaching the swinging doors, tentatively entering the establishment.

            It smelled just like he thought it would. Musky and alcoholic, full of loud, boisterous pokemon as they celebrated and drank to their heart's content. How exactly Synner expected to have a decent conversation amidst this rabble was beyond him, but he was here now, so there was nothing to be done, really. He shuffled along, miraculously finding an empty stool at the bar. He hopped up onto the seat, his head just barely peeking over the edge of the counter, which he actually preferred. It would make him harder to see, and maybe he would be left alone until Synner had arrived.

            Working his way through the rabble of Pokemon clambering about was laborious to say the least. The bar was a tight fit, and Pokemon were drunkenly smashing into one another left and right. Synner found most of his attention fixated simply on navigating and dodging the sea of party-goers, though he did spot his friend Joshua sitting at the bar. On the other side of the room, he noticed a set of stairs likely leading up to a roof. Perfect. But with the bar getting more and more crowded, Synner doubted the poor Swadloon would be able to make it to the other side without a few bruises.

            "Hold on Josh, I have a plan." Before Joshua could object, Synner focused a Psychic on him. The Swadloon slowly began to rise into the air until he was high above the rowdy crowd, his head almost touching the ceiling. Then, Synner began to direct the floating Swadloon towards the stairs. Some of the Pokemon below took notice of this and pointed up at Joshua.

            "Hey! Look! It's a flyin' Swadloon!" said one drunkard.

            Another looked to him quizzically. "Where?" The 'mon's eyes widened as he looked up. "Ermagerd! There really is a flyin' Swadloon!"

            A more sober-looking Pokemon looked to them doubtfully. "Yeah, right, you two just had too much ta-" He too looked up, stopping mid-sentence. "What in Arceus's name? What is in these drinks?"

            Before long the majority of the 'mon in the bar who were still sober enough to see properly had stopped in their tracks to look up at Joshua. Most were laughing. Synner took advantage of the absence of movement to calmly walk over to the stairs, where he put the Swadloon down right on the top step.

            As expected, the stairs led to a roof. When the Swadloon touched down, most of the bar had returned to its former rowdy state, and Synner stood at the foot of the stairs looking up at Joshua with a smirk.

            "Well then, shall we? I'm certain the roof is far calmer than this place."

            Joshua cast the Malamar a look of slight irritation. "Was that really necessary?"

            Synner floated up the stairs and onto the roof.

            "Not to worry," he said to the Swadloon. "It was a convenient solution, even if it did involve a little ridicule. On the plus side, the more foolish of the bunch may fear you now that they know you can fly. That might play to your advantage later," he said somewhat jokingly. His gaze shifted over to the edge of the roof, where three young Pokemon sat with drinks in their hands and wide smiles on their faces. Synner guessed they must only have been around fifteen or sixteen. He floated up behind them and smiled down at them. They didn't seem to notice at first.

            "Underage drinking, hmm? Now now boys, I thought you would know better," Synner teased. The boys turned around, their smiles turning upside down.

            "What's it to you?" one of them asked. Deciding actions spoke louder than words, Synner crouched down and extended one of the smaller tentacles on his head, revealing a Gold Tribe armband.

            "Oh jeez, err..." one of them faltered as the other two got up, wide-eyed. "Um, err, we're, uh, sorry sir," he stuttered, before the three ran back down the stairs.

            The Malamar laughed a hearty laugh before motioning for Joshua to join him at the edge of the roof. He would report those young hooligans later.

            "The view's actually quite nice," Synner said, glancing down at the busy street. "Though feel free to hang back if you wish."

            Joshua slowly scooted over towards the edge of the roof, looking down at the large crowd below. The festival was growing in activity, and the sounds of laughter and cheer could be heard from all around. The Swadloon, however, did not echo these feelings. He simply scanned the crowds from his spot on the roof. Well, he did have to agree with Synner, the view was nice, even if it was filled with crazy party-goers. "It is a nice view, despite the circumstances."

            "Indeed," Synner agreed. "Yet... there is something wrong with it all, wouldn't you say?"

            Joshua nodded in agreement. "I do think the attitude for this whole festival is... well, a bit off." His gaze was drawn to several small children, running and laughing through the streets. "My father told me about the last war. Even though he was very young when it had happened, from what he told me... I don't know." Joshua sighed, looking at the obviously happy people in the streets below. "I don't think this festival is entirely appropriate. It's supposed to be a memorial, not a wild party with dancing and alcohol."

            "Ah, I suppose we have our outgoing young General Grett to thank for that," Synner said with a slight chuckle. Pausing for a bit, he too looked down at the crowd. As an experiment of sorts, he tried to focus on every single individual within his line of sight. The result was a writhing mass of Pokemon of all different shapes, sizes, colors, all rolled into one... it was almost beautiful, were it not so messy.

            His focus shifted solely to three bearded 'mon, each holding a glass of ale and singing loudly, disturbing passer-bys. "Do you think these Pokemon are truly happy, Joshua? After thirty years of somber memorials, it's only natural they would take this opportunity to try and drown the fear. The older generations have nothing to look to but the past: the sorrow, anger, and loss left behind by the Silver War. Meanwhile, the newer generations can only look to the future: fear and paranoia at Darkrai's return. The true purpose of this festival, my friend, is to bury these feelings in a grave of pretense happiness and glee; to try and forget the grim reality."

            Joshua pondered over what Synner had said. He partially understood what he meant... but he thought it foolish. "I can't say that I know much of what happened then. I wasn't even alive thirty years ago... but ignoring the reality because it hurts too much is not the answer, and making games of serious matters does you no favors."

            The Swadloon turned his attention towards a Lombre in the streets, playing a stringed instrument with a small grin. He strummed quickly, playing an upbeat song meant to invigorate and energize. Joshua almost envied their merriment... almost. "From the stories I've heard, the war was taxing on all sides. The Gold Tribe was nearly annihilated. I understand the desire for happiness, but this festival makes a mockery of what happened those years ago." He sighed, realizing he was being a downer on the mood. "I'm sorry... I'm being too negative, aren't I?"

            Synner shook his head, reaching a tentacle out to pat the Swadloon on the head. "No, no, you're right," he said. "Simply because it's the natural reaction doesn't make it the moral one. Many of our brothers and sisters realize what you're saying and oppose this festival entirely. I can understand their reasoning. To have seen such horrors, and then have this silly charade of happiness put on by the people, in honor of that." He shrugged, though the motion looked strange being performed by one of his body structure. "Myself, I'm neutral to the festival... at least, to its morality. It's the risk that come with this silly charade that has me on the tips of my tentacles."

            He looked over to Joshua with his usual gentle grin. "Tell me Joshua... have you ever wanted to see Darkrai for yourself?"

            Joshua looked up at the Malamar, slightly confused. "I'm not sure if I would want to. They say he inspires nightmares by just the mere sight of him..." He shuddered slightly, pulling his jacket closer to himself. The stories told of the Dark One... he often wondered if they were accurate or highly exaggerated tales of bleaker times. He doubted it was the latter, though, considering the majority of stories he heard all bore the same sentiments.

            "Well, I haven't been plagued with any nightmares... then again, the eyes I've seen Darkrai through aren't my own," Synner said as he turned to look at the crowds once more. "He's quite formidable indeed. His corruption spreads far and wide, creating the beings known as the 'Chaos' within one's mind. A parasite, if you will. I have heard that no amount of mental defense can withstand it as it slowly but surely takes over your mind..."

            Synner realized that might have been a little too much information. "Although, many of the stories you'll hear from anyone who hasn't seen him for themselves are likely to be exaggerated," he began on a lighter note. "I've heard stories of Darkrai being a 10-story-tall monster, or being the embodiment of Giratina himself. I find comfort in the fact that he's really no taller than I am." He laughed lightly. "Still. Formidable indeed. If the people here knew what the true threat was like, I'm sure no amount of partying would be able to hide their paranoia. But now look; I'm the downer this time. Haha!"

            Joshua gave a weak chuckle at Synner's comment, before nodding in agreement. "I just think this whole festival is... well, what I mean is..." he paused for a moment, trying to find the words for his thoughts. "I don't want to seem like I'm looking down on people... heh, me... looking down... that's funny," he smiled slightly, before realizing he was getting off track. "What I mean to say is, I just think this whole festival is pointless, I guess. We could be out doing important things, but we're sitting here partying for no reason..." Joshua shrugged as he thought about it. "I don't like time wasted...."

            Synner nodded. "I agree. It's true that the festival is pointless, no matter how you look at it... and dangerous at that. It has me somewhat... well, as close to worried as I can get."

            "When you think about it, it's fairly obvious: this festival is a buffet for Darkrai. The Dark One aspires to spread his chaos by corrupting others, and not just anyone: people of importance, who can easily use their influence to spread chaos further. There's many of them here. The King of Thieves, head of the SEC, that Madman, and our own leader Guardia, to name a few. People of all afiliations who he could use to spread his trademark fear and terror throughout all of Valkaria once again, and even beyond. He doesn't even need to appear personally. All he has to do is reach into a mon's mind, and..." He trailed off. The wide smile present on his face greatly contrasted the gravity of his words, so he continued a little easier, once again. "That's simply my take on things though. It's a worst case scenario, but I should tell you that I do have a plan should it be necessary." He chuckled a bit in an attempt to lighten the mood. "I do hope Darkrai holds off on the chaos until after I'm made the new second-in-command though," he joked.

            Joshua laughed again, though this time it was more honest and less faked. He had to admit, the thought of who exactly was going to get the role of second in command was weighing on his mind. He silently hoped it would be somebody who knew what they were doing, and not some insufferable fool on a power-trip. "Sometimes it's good to plan for the worst-case scenarios. However unlikely they may be, if it ever does happen, you'll be prepared."

            "Haha, all too true," Synner replied. "Besides the worst case scenario, I can picture a few more things going nasty with all this, from the inside." He looked over at the very end of the street, where two Loudred were making somewhat of a ruckuss. They weren't doing anything special at first glance; only handing out what appeared to be flyers.

            "Like that over there," Synner said, pointing a tentacle towards the two Pokemon. "Those two are part of the Valkarian Exposure. I'm sure you've heard of them by now; those silly conspiracy theorists who believe the Silver War and Darkrai were all just a sham. They're using this opportunity to bring masses to their cause. Most likely, they themselves believe in their conspiracies out of fear of the actual existence of Darkrai. With this entire festival being built on that fear, I'm sure Pokemon will come flocking to their cause. After today, the Exposure will likely start presenting a serious threat to the very existence of the Gold Tribe."

            "I don't understand them," Joshua replied, shaking his head. "It's one thing to want to forget bad times, but to deny them completely?" He readjusted his coat, the breeze on the roof chilling him slightly. "The whole point of history is to learn from past mistakes; recognizing what people in the past did right... and what they did wrong, and in turn, learning from that." He glared at the two Loudred Synner had pointed out. "Those people would rather forget it and not learn at all... whether out of fear or foolishness, I can't say, but either way, it's not good."

            He studied them for a moment longer, looking at their expressions, but unable to come to any real conclusions. He pondered a bit, before looking up at the Malamar beside him. "This may be a little far fetched, but do you think they have some kind of ulterior motive?"

            "Hmm. Now there's a thought," Synner said, taking his words into consideration. "I've learned that there really isn't such a thing as 'far-fetch'd' in this crazy world of ours. Considering they're trying to take down the Gold Tribe, the last line of defense for Valkaria, they could very well be agents of Darkrai. I mean if we're gone, takeover would be easy."

            "I'm not saying all of them would be corrupted," Synner continued, entertained with the idea. "Hypothetically, their leader and perhaps some of the higher-ups of the movement could be working for Darkrai. Gathering followers by using conspiracies that the fearful citizens are more than willing to absorb, and then creating a movement to destroy the Gold Tribe, made up of the very citizens we're trying to protect! Haha, the irony!" Synner let out a hearty laugh that lasted a few seconds.

            "Yes, that's a strategy worthy of the cunning of Darkrai. But hey... it's pretty far fetch'd, isn't it?" he said with a slight wink in Joshua's direction.

            "It is..." Joshua said, giving a tiny grin before his expression quickly returned to normal. "I don't know... maybe I'm over-thinking things... but it certainly wouldn't hurt to keep an eye on them."

            Synner nodded thoughtfully. "I have to thank you for giving me that thought though, Josh. Can't believe it didn't occur to me earlier. It'd be a little too much to report this to the higher-ups, seeing as it's a far-fetch'd theory, but I for one will certainly be keeping an eye on them."

            Not exactly the casual banter he'd been after, but most definitely an interesting conversation nonetheless. Still...

            "Oh, by the way, I didn't see you at the Citadel this morning," Synner said. Small talk wasn't exactly his forte, but he did enjoy the calm simplicity of it every now and again. "Forgive me for prying, I was just curious."

            Joshua fidgeted uncomfortably, once again adjusting his jacket around himself. "I was... uh, preoccupied this morning."

            The Malamar's brow furrowed as he eyed the Swadloon. Joshua was rather secretive sometimes, true, but he usually shared with Synner more than others. He suspected it must have been something shameful, or illegal. Though he doubted the latter.

            Should he pry further? Synner never was one to venture where he wasn't welcome, so to speak, but Joshua did need a little push now and again.

            "You can tell me, you know I won't judge you," Synner reassured. "I trust you. You trust me, don't you?"

            Joshua sighed. "I do... it's just..." he played with his hands nervously, looking down at the ground. "I've been taking lessons with this visitor in the city. Sylvio is his name." Even though it was probably nothing, the Swadloon felt like he was weak for taking lessons from outside sources, and didn't like to admit as much to others. As if his combat training at the Gold Tribe wasn't sufficient. "Mostly combat training, and such, though he usually throws in some philosophy ever now and then..."

            "I see," Synner said simply. "A wise choice, I'd say. Extra combat training never hurts. Shows how determined you are." He smiled down at Joshua. "Well, one thing is definite: you're no slouch, Josh, as much as some might like to think you are. Keep at it. As for this Sylvio character, I've yet to meet him myself, but I'm sure if he was chosen by you to be your instructor he must be good."

            "Actually, that reminds me," he said, his mind suddenly hopping onto a different train of thought. "When was the last time you spoke to Charlie, Joshua?"

            Joshua froze in place, growing noticeably uneasy at the mention of his brother. He hadn't spoken to Charlie since he had found out that the Scyther had left the Gold Tribe. Truthfully, he didn't even know where he was. Charlie had all but disappeared after he was found out, running off to join the thieves, and Joshua hadn't seen or heard from him since. "A very long time time ago..." he finally said, almost whispering. "I don't really want to talk about him..."

            "That's too bad," Synner said with a melancholy tone. "I've probably already told you this, but he was a friend of mine during his time in the Gold Tribe. It's true... his moral compass wasn't exactly straight, but I think there was some shred of goodness in him somewhere. It was just overshadowed by the stress of having all of the Vensworth family's expectations placed upon his shoulders, I imagine." Joshua simply stared blankly at the streets below, nodding once in understanding. He knew the feeling all too well...

            "I'm not trying to justify what he did, of course," Synner continued. "Let's just say that... different minds have different ways of dealing with things. Evidently, yours has a more... moral way, seeing as you are in the same situation as he was."

            Synner shook his head. "Ah, it seems I ended up talking about him anyway. My apologies," he added, despite the speech being entirely intentional. "Well, you know, I... don't expect great things from you, per se. Rather, I wouldn't be surprised if you did great things."

            "It's fine," Joshua said softly. "It's just... I'm not sure how to feel about him yet." He sighed again, taking note of several Gold Tribe members patrolling down in the streets below, suddenly remembering that he was supposed to be keeping watch as well. "I'm sorry, but I should probably get back down there. I'm supposed to be on patrol duty today." He looked up towards Synner, giving the Malamar a friendly smile. "I appreciate the chat, though. We should catch up again sometime... when the streets aren't filled with crazed party-goers, that is."

            Synner reciprocated, nodding and offering a smile in return. "I look forward to it."

            He continued standing there after Joshua had left, looking out over the expanse of Pokemon littering the streets. So many individual minds, each with its own inner workings... rarely did he get an opportunity to appreciate how many Pokemon there were in this world. And he knew he was only looking down at a tiny fraction of them.

            Then the Loudred advanced through the crowds, creating a small pocket of bare pavement around themselves as passer-bys swerved to avoid them. However, occasionally one would stop and take a flyer. Synner sighed.

            "The Valkarian Exposure, hmm? What trouble indeed..." he muttered to himself, as he used Psychic to lower himself down into the crowd, to join the festivities.
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              Razathiel, Charlie and the nutter

              "-So of course I accepted! I mean what's NOT to accept am I right? So cue me and the main head chatting it out a bit more and he goes and takes my queen! Well, I couldn't really stand for that so I struck down his bishop. Man he was ANGRY! Especially with the after party!" Penance burst into more laughter as the others with him just more along didn't get the joke... well everyone but Surge who laughed along with him.

              "So... this ceremony starts when?" The hooded mon asked.

              "Hm... it might start faster if you PIPED DOWN!" Penance crossed his arms and looked around, "You know... we do need some new pipes now that I think about it. Next order of business! We go and find blue pipes. It's the color of the season you know!"

              "I thought right now orange was the big deal?" Alexandre asked with a bemused look on his face.

              "Obviously you have no taste in fashion!" Penance huffed, "Blue is in right now. Soon however the color in will be black, that's when the prices will get REALLY high if you get my meaning!" He snickered. "Anyways... hm... fun... where is fun?" He looked about.

              "I thought we were looking for podiums?" Obsidian asked.

              "Podiums are already last century." Penance replied with a dismissive wave of his hand, "We need something entertaining... something that gets the blood juices flowing!" As they began approaching the stage Penance glanced around, "Hm... a entertaining thing that will boil..." He could tell there were some people that were looking around in shock and others that seemed to have confused looks on their faces. Of course they were mostly staring in a certain direction and Penance followed their eyes, his smile curling up as he patted Surge on his shoulder, "Up two!"

              The Kadabra began walking forward and stopped in front of a little cloaked mon. Raz, the subject in question, had departed from the stage and was currently lining up for a refreshment. Lining up, as in, waiting at the front - which he had immediately deemed his own place. Technically, no-one had been there at the time, but he still counted it as pushing in. Penance twisted himself around and hung from the Kadabra's shoulders with his legs as his back laid across the Psychic's chest and he stared upside down at the little mon, "So... stealing thunder or fire?" He queried.

              Razathiel stopped short, raising his left eyebrow beyond what should by all means have been physically possible. "... What in all the hells are you talking about?" the Ralts moved his staff to bat away the intruding Golduck. "I have no time for you. Remove yourself from my way." Raz took a step forward and shouted up at the counter. "One razz smoothie. Now."

              Penance huffed and moved his legs so he could drop onto his back... or he would if he hadn't used a bit of psychic to lower himself down. "Well well, anger is short isn't it?" He said with a growing grin. He tugged a bit along the back of the cloak, "I imagine you must be short sighted."

              Raz spun 180 degrees, eyebrow now raised even further. "Hmm, yes, short- you know what else is short? People who are without torsos! Leave me, lest I make you." He turned once again to the stall, where the smoothie was now in place. He took a look at it, then quickly replaced it, dissatisfied. "Get me a bloody straw! A swirly one!"

              That caused Penance's smile to widen even more "Oooh?" At that his left eye became a steely gray, "You know... I haven't met many mon such like yourself." The softer voiced Golduck said, "I will say this as a warning... really don't push him because if you do he'll throw you off a cliff."

              The smoothie popped down onto the counter once more without a word. Raz couldn't reach, but levitated it down into his hand. "About time. Prick." He took a sip, beginning to shuffle away. "What was that you were saying, Golduck? I couldn't hear you over your pretentious warnings and needless third-person narrative." He shook his head, muttering. "Egh, what is it with this city and annoying me?"

              The steely gray faded as it warped back to a red iris, the Golduck's smile forming once more, "Ooooh, annoying? Gosh and dang! You really shouldn't have a rain shower you know! It's like a thundercloud over your head." Penance placed one hand behind his back as he continued smiling, "It seems to me that your sines and cosines are quite opposite!" As he spoke bits of water began to drop onto Raz's cloak. In fact, above Raz's head was a floating water pulse that indeed was being a sort of thundercloud over him!

              Razathiel let loose a Psyshock at the 'cloud' above him, bursting the Water Pulse and scattering droplets over the nearby area. The Dreadmage turned. "Sines and cosines are opposite! That is the entire point of them! Now go! I care nothing for your fruitless dioramas! Were both my hands free-" He took a sip of his smoothie. "- I would have obliterated you already! Now kindly do me a favour and f*ck off!"

              "It's nice y'know. I thought I wouldn't get anythin' like this outside the forest." From apparently nowhere, the world's scruffiest Scyther decided he was going to be a part of this conversation. Specifically, he seemed to want to address the Golduck. "You know, someone of your age'd know better, buddy. I mean, picking on this poor little innocent kid, you should be ashamed!"

              Raz, of course, descended into a flurry of curses almost immediately. Calling the Dreadmage a 'kid' was on his instant curse list.

              Penance flashed a smirk at the Scyther as looked at his eyes, "Ooooh. Ooooh.... I smell that scent." He leaned in close and took another deep whiff. "Hm... been around someone I know have you?" He said with a snicker, "It's faint... very faint, but still the same." He eagerly jumped up and somersaulted back to land on Surge's back. "Still, it is interesting that I might smell that smelly smell that I haven't smelled in smell o years." He snickered, "Be careful around him I say, he's a wily one."

              The Golduck thought for a moment more, "You know... you shouldn't talk to me like that." He said slowly, "Madness... is quite an affliction." He chuckled more, "And I should know..." He patted the Kadabra as he turned and began to head back to their group, "After all, I am the MADMAN!' He crackled with loud laughter for a while.

              "That was the Madman?" Razathiel took a sip of his smoothie. "Figures. I mean, I'm insane. That was something else." Though at that moment Raz's straw would suddenly be pulled out of his mouth as his smoothie seemed to have a vengeance against him. The shake splattered out from the tip against him as the Madman's mocking laughter could still be heard.

              The Ralts was silent with fury. He didn't care much about the mess - no, Psychic cleared that up pretty quickly - but that was a perfectly delicious, and, uh, evil, definitely evil, smoothie. Revenge, though, was something that The Eye of Dread did best...

              On the other hand, Charlie burst out into a raucous laughter, "You know, I don't support bullying, but this 'Madman' guy has a knack for it!"

              "Shut your mouth, you cretinous slob." Razathiel snapped, sending a lovely lawn table set - chairs, parasol and all - nonchantly in the Scyther's direction. "I have vengeance to sate."

              "Jeepers!" Charlie deployed his wings to evade the table, every bit as nonchalantly as Raz had thrown it his way. "You're sure one stroppy little boy aren't you!" he said, his voice oozing sarcasm. The thief gently set himself back onto the ground, turning to the stand, looking to at least make a quick hit of gold out of this exchange. "If this kid's causing you trouble, I'll remove him from the area for a price!"

              "Try it, bug, and I'll swat you! Gah, I have no time for this; revenge is afoot!" The Ralts saw his chance, spotting Pidgeys frolicking above the streets - of course there'd be an abundance of wild pidgeys in the city - and so he let loose a Thunderbolt upon them. It missed them entirely, though that hadn't been the intention; rather, it simply frightened them. Frightened them enough to accelerate certain... biological processes. In the street where Penance (or rather, Surge) ran, a bombing run commenced.

              As said Pidgeys would start getting closer Penance happened to place one hand behind him as he levitated up a unoccupied table that served as a shield of sorts, but by that time he had gotten back to the other three there and Raz could clearly see each member of his group. It was almost as if Penance wasn't the last bit bothered by stray pidgeys or the like!? How could someone who stood face to face with Darkrai not be scared of Pidgeys!?

              Though suddenly Penance seemed to remember something. He jumped off of Surge's back and ran over to where the Scyther was. He smirked and poked him in his side, "Hm... you've seen ghosts lately right? Well then! You should come with me!"

              "Wait, what the f-" Charlie barely even had the time to react as the Madman grabbed a hold of him. "Who the f*ck do you think you are?"

              He grabbed hold of his arm and began to pull him along, his grip surprisingly strong, "So how are you buggy? Up on the weather? Down in the pits and slumping up dirt?" He asked, completely ignoring the Scyther's questions, "Personally I feel that to get to know new friends one must... slump together!"

              "Dude, I do not wanna be your friend!" Charlie protested, tugging against the Golduck's insane grip - even pulling his wings and legs into the affair got him almost nowhere, "Friends like you tend to leave their friends tied up at the bottom of lakes!"

              Penance looked back as his smile grew even wider, "Once, but that was a long time ago! ... Or was it last week?" He shrugged, "Oh well. Well let's introduce ourselves eh? I'm Penance, though some call me Penny but you can't cause you aren't special!" He tugged on the arm a bit, "And... here we are!" They were now at his little group as Penance quickly pointed out, "Surge, Obsidian, Hoods, and Alexandre. You forget a name and you'll be punished with lost points!" He snickered, "So let's walk and talk! That's why you're here after all!"

              "Walking and talking ftw!" Surge cheered as the Kadabra raised his spoons in some sort of victory.

              "Dude, I don't care, just get the f*ck offa me! I don't care about your points, or your little gang of meddling kids or whatever it is you're doing here! I'm just a damn thief, I ain't got nothing for you!" Charlie was still about as co-operative as an anvil and trying to drag himself to a halt as much as one. "F*ck do you even want with me?"

              At that Penance's eyes glittered. "Oooooh, a thief eh. Hehe, I knew I smelled that Sableye's scent off of ya." He snickered, "I haven't seen good old Snypey in so loooong. I'm sure you can be a good bug and lead us to where he is right?" His smile grew a bit more, "Or... I could find a roof to hang you off of while I tie ya up and have that be some bait for him." He snickered, "I don't know... what do you think?"

              The hooded mon sighed, "How about we just let him go? He obviou-"

              "Shhh!" Penance quieted him, "I know what to do..." His eyes glittered as he looked right at the Scyther, "Hm... Alex my dear boy... how good is your rope tying again?"

              "Try it, you crazy quack and you'll end up ribbons, y'hear? I ain't playin' games with ya, freak!" Charlie brandished his spare claw to Penance's face to bring his point home. "Ya let me go now, ya got me?"

              Penance just smirked all the while, "Hehe..." He stepped on back slowly, "Well... you're right. I must have... overstepp-NOW ALEX!" The Gardevoir was quick to step into the area that Penance had vacated, his eyes glowing a deep blue as he stared right at the Scyther, "Why don't you go to sleep now?" He asked as his hypnosis attack shot out.

              Charlie murmured as his eyes closed, and he slowly slumped to the ground, snoring exceptionally loudly the whole while, twitching claws even once he'd hit the dirt. "Good idea. Sleepy-bye-byes time."

              Penance blinked and then he chuckled as he walked up, "Now... shall we get a bit of rope?" He said to Alex, "Oh... Snype says he's good and all, but this will blow him out of the water!"

              "Not gonna happen, featherhead!" Charlie's eyes snapped open as he dropped the ruse - in one motion, getting up onto his wings and into the air, making one furious swipe at the Golduck that had dragged him out this way now he'd drawn closer.

              Penance could have tried to block, but he didn't, he let the scyther drag along his arm as instead of pain, he burst out into laughter. He stepped back as blood dripped from his wound but he was in hysterics, "Oh that is WHAT I like to see!" He said with a smirk, "Underdog about to go down... and suddenly the rising!" He snickered more, "Hehe, so you can choose to hang around or you can go off buggy, but you were a lot of fun! Nowhere near as much as the little guy was!"

              Alexandre smirked, "Heh, he does have willpower, I will say that." He leaned a bit more on his cane, "I must agree, he is interesting."

              "You're a crazy mother-" Charlie caught himself before he got more agitated and made a stupid decision he was going to regret. "I'm outta here! You can find some other plaything!" Turning tail to the group of wackos that tried to grab him, Charlie got on the run as fast as his wings could take him through the air.

              All the while as the bug ran away... once more he could hear the laughter of Penance still going loud as ever.
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              Sylvio & Guardia

              Sylvio had gotten Griff to fly him over the city, in search for the Citadel. A little bird had told him that the leader of the Gold Tribe, which Sylvio was dying to meet ever since he arrived in Valkaria, was headed towards the Citadel. Bright news! Sylvio hoped to have a private chat with her. So, he made Griff land on the gates, sat on the ground cross-legged next to the bulky Braviary and poured himself some wine, watching absent-minded the Pokemon on the street rambling about.

              It was getting to be quite an interesting day for Guardia, and that was saying the least. She expected to run into quite a few old and familiar faces, of course. But they all seemed to be piling up to speak with her one after another. Thankfully, with the Citadel so close in sight, she can get down to a bit of planning just before the ceremony would take off. As of yet, nothing major has occurred which seemed to throw off the party or immensely threaten the security of Gold City or its citizens. She hoped it stayed that way as she walked along the path toward the Citadel.

              Once the Delphox saw her, he got up on his feet, rubbing his hands together and eyeing her gleefully, a merry glow in his eyes. He slightly bowed to show respect, tilting his head in a nod of acknowledgement. "Greetings," he said warmly, politely, "Guardia Lynn, I presume? There is only one Zangoose with your notable features." His eyes were drawn to the massive scar that ran across the Zangoose's body, then he quickly averted them to look in her eyes. "I am Sylvio Arcansus, first rate duelist in Karn and teacher here in Valkaria," he said, the accent of a foreigner too obvious. "I teach young Joshua "Watchman" of the ways of life. Could I have a moment of your time?"

              Guardia cocked an eyebrow, looking up and down the Delphox who had just appeared before her and bowed. She looked from between him and the Citadel tower behind him, before giving a small sigh. "Look, Sylvio, was it?" She asked again to confirm the name. "It's great to see someone of Karn here. I didn't expect anyone would. But if there's nothing urgent, I do have duties to perform. Perhaps we can chat later, at the ceremony, or after?"

              Sylvio's lost his merry glow and his smile dropped; his entire face tightened only for a moment, but at the very next moment, it slipped into a soft state, although the smile was gone. "It appears the leader of the Gold Tribe does not care for its expansion outside the borders," he said softly.

              Guardia was preparing to sidestep the Delphox and proceed onward to the Citadel, but stopped dead in her tracks when he mentioned the Gold Tribe's expansion. She instantly turned back to Sylvio and stared intently at him. She wondered what he presumed to know about such expansion, and if she were to listen how he would be able to help in any way. Who exactly was he? Guardia was cautious, but curious. "And what would you be able to do about that?"

              "Oh, wonders and wonders," Sylvio said, his expression getting more serious with every word. "As I mentioned before, I am a duelist in Karn, the leader of a reputable family. Ours was a family well known for generations to maintain the tradition of skilled warriors, well endowed in the matters of the Empire, but the name Arcansus has not held the importance that I gave it in centuries. I have as my allies two of the Grand Generals, and we have discussed the future of the Gold Tribe's expansion in Karn. Our homeland has seen many wars indeed, but the support of the Gold Tribe would certainly... enhance the Emperor's rule. It would prevent ambitious warriors from causing ruckus, and as we focus in peace, we may restore the economy to a more proper state, but also work towards the freeing of the slaves."

              Guardia did not break her gaze off the mon, listening intently to what he was saying. When he finished speaking, she responded. "And what would be your goal in all of this? Are you just a patriotic Karnian trying to see your country be better?"

              Sylvio looked at her carefully, measuring her, quite perplexed. He sighed. "Have you ever been in Karn, Guardia Lyn?"

              "I have," Guardia replied quickly, crossing her arms. "Have you, Duelist Sylvio?"

              Sylvio's face lit up, and he laughed merrily; he didn't seem offended. "Distrust. A good quality for the leader of the Gold Tribe, given the history of your people. I commend you. But if you have ever been in Karn, then you would know that it is not easy for one to grow fond of the country. Everyone is obsessed with death. The weak are oppressed by the strong. All that matters is physical might and reputation. Those in power seek to further their own, and truly, it is impossible to survive in Karn if one does not follow suit. The only difference between me and the common duelist is that I wish to expand my influence in other ways, besides dragging my foes through the streets to establish my dominance or sticking their heads on a spike outside my front door, and that is precisely why I have come to find you on friendly terms."

              "Hmm..." Guardia pondered what it was he was saying to her. In many ways, it was true. The way he described Karn was relatively exactly the way it was when she saw it. Another thing she noticed, however, was that was not likely to change easily. When a culture endures the same sort of ideals for so long, the people of that culture become embroiled in it. "And does your Emperor know that you come to me with your friendly terms?"

              The Delphox stroked his silver beard, cautiously watching Guardia. "I fear not. Were he aware, there would be a chance that he would not approve of the liberties I took."

              "Yeah, I'm pretty much certain you're right," Guardia responded, thinking back to her own past visits to Karn, and in particular to Emperor Edgar Rionart. Guardia wasn't certain about the stories of the long-ago Emperor Galleon Gamble until she had met Edgar. "And that's exactly why I can't go along with whatever it is you are trying to do," She stated sympathetically to the Delphox. "Maybe your heart's in the right place, but Karn is unforgiving and the Emperor even less so. I'm lucky enough to have secured some sort of relationship with the 'mon, but it's more fragile than an Oddish egg. I can't jeopardize it."

              "Ah!" Sylvio exclaimed, somewhat hurt, but he quickly regained his composure. "I see how things are. You are a careful person, and if that is how you do things, then so be it. But do not forget me, Guardia Lynn. If things are ever more favorable between your people and Karn, I will be somehow involved," he jested.

              "I guess if we cross each other again, I'll keep that in mind," Guardia replied with a nod. "You know if I could improve the situation in Karn, I would. I'd love to have the Gold Tribe helping there. But...Karn doesn't seem like a place that would ever allow it, as it is. So..." She shrugged, and gave the Delphox a slight nod of the head. "I better get going, Sylvio. But I probably will see you at the ceremony later, if you'll attend."

              The Delphox looked at her sideways, as if he was just about to laugh at what had just happened. But he didn't. He bowed slightly again to show his respect, and did not spare another look on her as he climbed onto Griff and flew away.

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              Golden Exposure
              Alizai, Penance, Synner, and some poor saps

              Penance hummed to himself as the group walked merrily along. Alex and Obsidian were hanging back as they swapped stories of what had happened during the past few months when suddenly Penance stopped the group, "Hm..." He thought for a moment, "Let's see... where were we again? These decorations are throwing me off!" He complained. "I need some little... aha!" He looked into the crowd and then shouted out loudly, "OOOHHHH ABSOL!!!" He hopped off of Surge's shoulders, "I NEED SOME HELP HERE!"

              Alizai turned towards the voice, startled. "Penance?" she questioned, staring at the Golduck that was approaching her. "Didn't think I'd be running into you today. Well, at least not so soon."

              Penance smirked and reached down to poke her head, "True true, been what, years?" He leaned down closer and whispered softly, "I would never be able to forget a face like yours." He gave a sly wink and pulled away, "AAANNNNYYYways, my group and I are confazzled and bebuzzled by all the colors in the squares and chairs! Mind if you lead us to the nifty stage? You ARE Gold Tribe, so I'm sure you're more than eager to help!"

              "Sure, I suppose. I was just on my way to the Citadel, and the stage should be on the way there. Follow me." Zai turned back in the direction that she had been walking, motioning for Penance to walk alongside her. "It's not that far."

              Penance, however, didn't smirk at her calm demeanor; instead he frowned and motioned for the others as he walked and titled his head just a bit, but then he shook and kept on walking, "Heh, you're like your uncle." He said softly.


              Along the main path toward the Citadel, one particular Hypno was greeting citizens as they passed him left and right. He would on occasion speak with them briefly, or pass along a few parting words to them. The Hypno, known as Thomas Blake, was a former Commander of the Alpha Alliance forces, and current leader of the political movement, the Valkarian Exposure. The VE, as it is often called, has a few main goals, including to remove the Gold Tribe from Valkaria, and to make it known that Darkrai had no part in the Silver War. Their belief is that the war was conducted by the Silver Tribe, the traitors of the Gold Tribe, and that the Gold Tribe use Darkrai to cover up their errors.

              It is a movement that has gained some steam in the recent years, despite losing his election for General a month ago. Many Pokemon still believe what he has to say. He is known to make quite passionate speeches, even if they sometimes are a bit eccentric, reflecting on his interesting personality. Still, to those who align themselves with the movement, he is much liked. Even now, he seeks to be a central part of the anniversary of the Silver War, acknowledging the many who died, but debunking Darkrai's involvement.

              "Ancients," came a voice from behind the Hypno as he walked along. "I was wondering about Ancients."

              The Malamar who was floating along casually beside him eyed him with interest. He had made sure to take the Gold Tribe armlet he always carried off for now, in order to make this a little... easier.

              Synner crossed his tentacles and smiled politely, not seeming to pay any heed to the contrast between these two gestures. "They weren't members of the Gold Tribe, that much is certain. They were mindless beasts; that much is fact. So where were they from? How did the Silver Tribe acquire so many of them, and force the countless amounts of them to do their bidding? According to your theory, of course, Mr. Blake."

              "Hmm?" The Hypno turned around to see a Malamar beside him. It was not the first time he was challenged on his claims. He often enjoyed conversing with others on them, because usually he managed to convince them they were wrong. "Well, the world is a large and mysterious place, sir. Every day, I see new species of Pokemon come forth to our country the likes of which have hardly stepped foot here often before. Case and point with you, good sir," He stated with a smile.

              "I cannot recall the last time a Malamar was in Valkaria. But they are around. As are the 'Ancients', as you call them. They are exactly what you are. Just Pokemon."

              Synner nodded thoughtfully. "You have a point, new species of 'mon aren't that irregular. Yet... are normal Pokemon truly that mindless?"

              "Now, I know what you may be thinking: they were normal Pokemon, so they weren't mindless. Weren't they? I think, with the countless testimonies of Valkarians living in that day and age, we can all agree that their near-lack of sentience is fact. I myself have spoken to various Pokemon who were ruled over by the Silver Tribe, and have questioned them on the nature of the Ancients. The majority of the claims were similar in nature: they were cold, expressionless, murderous, vicious, and followed every command given to them by those of the Silver Tribe. And that's not even taking into account how many there were, and how they just kept coming. If you do not believe me, you can question any number of older citizens hereabouts once they've sobered up."

              "So Mr. Blake, does that sound like 'Just Pokemon' to you?"

              "You can make a thousand different claims besides Darkrai as to the nature of these Pokemon," Thomas continued without pause. "They could just be very well disciplined, although I myself do not believe that. Quite a bit of my followers have used that interpretation. I prefer to think that they were placed under a very powerful curse that the Silver Tribe discovered in the Northern Lands. To dispel the existence of any such device would be foolish, I believe, as I myself have seen the potential of many to do just that," Thomas chuckled a bit.

              "To claim that it is instead the work of a Dark One, a mythic legendary, is even more incomprehensible, good sir."

              "And what curse do you propose could cause such a thing?" Synner asked with geniune curiosity. "After all, curses by definition cause harm, punishment, and other such things upon individuals. They have a variety of uses and effects, but most certainly do not have the power to revive the dead." He paused for a moment, collecting his thoughts. "Yes, it may seem presumptuous to assume that the Ancients were revived time and time again for re-use, as we have been told. However, there is much proof to support the claim. Several Alpha Alliance soldiers have reported seeing the same Ancient two or three times on different battlefields, after they were sure they had slain him in a previous battle. An Armaldo with a crooked claw, a Bastiodon with a large scar on its face, or an Omastar with a cracked shell, as just a few examples of definitive features that would set them apart from others of the same race. One Ancient with a completely different color scheme was reported being seen at the battles for Cape, Gold, and Albia."

              He sighed. "Heh, I could go on, but I think I have a general understanding of your mindset now." He proceeded to pat the Hypno lightly on the shoulder, and offer him a wink. "Pleasure talking to you."

              Thomas chuckled a bit. "Oh come now, sir. You don't presume to provide a statement without giving me another chance to rebuttal, do you? I do believe that Darkrai's power does extend to those you call the 'Ancients' of the long forgotten times here. However, as I am well read, I do believe that it is not all Ancient Pokemon that were followers of Darkrai in the Ancient times, but rather that all of Darkrai's followers were simply those Ancient Pokemon. I suspect if we looked hard enough in the world, we would find more of their kind."


              "Well, here's the stage!" Zai stated, stopping in front of the large structure. "Was there any reason you were looking for the stage, or were you just excited for the festivities? I have to go find my uncle in the Citadel, so I can't stay too long."

              Penance tsked and pulled in the Absol close, "Aw! But why leave now? I'm sure you're bored of all those duties and all! Take a load off! Relax!" He grinned widely down at her, "I'm sure we're all dying to see what will happen here later after all! The excitement is in the air after all!"

              "I'm sure today will bring many exciting things, but I do have to get some things ready before things actually kick off. My uncle is one of the pokemon being honored here today, after all. I figure I better find him soon."

              "How DARE you!" A voice was heard shouting. It was a Sandshrew who had piercings on and a tattoo of a sweater vest jacket, accompanied by a Greninja who looked just as pissed off. The pair were approaching a Malamar and a Hypno who appeared to be having a discussion of some sort. "You are your opinionated falsehoods! It's 'mon like you that's bringin' down this country! Why don't you take yer fancy Gold Tribe and your Darkrai and LEAVE!?!"

              "Yeah, get the hell outta here!" The Greninja added with a sneer. "You don't know what you're talkin' about!"

              Penance suddenly twisted his head as he shoved the Absol to the side, "You're not as interesting anymore!" He said with a dismissive wave as he walked on over, "Oooooooh. What do we have here? A play and a show?" He asked. HIs eyes caught on to that of the Malamar and the Hypno, but he smiled a bit more, "Ooooh, Thomas! Have your tea cups been fine or has the tea spilled everywhere?" He asked with a sarcastic tone.

              "Mmm, Penance," Thomas said with a nod. The two other Pokemon, apparently followers of the VE, replied more hatefully.

              "It's Penance the deceiver!" The Greninja yelled, his eyes filled with anger.

              "Penance the liar!" The Sandshrew added. "He's just as bad as the Gold Tribe. Spewing his nonesense everywhere! Seen Darkrai around lately?! Huh?!"

              Penance yawned as he walked on over, but then turned to the side and leaned over, his elbow resting on the Sandshrew's head, "So, been picking up stones and twigs or perhaps pushing boulders?" He inquired as he ignored the question from his current 'furniture'. "Well you're here and we're there also. I think today's schedule might flip upside down. What do you think?" He asked the Malamar, "Screws getting loose or will the hammers flip instead?"

              "H-hey, get offa my head!" The Sandshrew exclaimed, trying to push the Golduck off of him.

              The Malamar was hardly surprised by the sudden outburst from the two. He'd seen their faces in the crowd nearby moments earlier and expected them to react somehow. What did surprise him, however, was the other Pokemon who walked onto the scene: a rather loud-billed Golduck. He recognized the face instantly, though he certainly hadn't expected him to show up here.

              As Penance Malum turned to query him, Synner simply began laughing, mostly at the simple improbability of the situation. He laughed loudly, catching the two Pokemon from earlier off-guard. It lasted a few seconds, but once he'd finally slapped his knee once it died down. "I'm a Malamar! I always love it when things flip upside-down," he replied jokingly. "But who thought it'd be here of all places that I get to meet my favorite author?"

              Synner hovered over to the Sandshrew and allowed his own tentacle to rest on the Sandshrew's head, much to the dismay of the giant rodent. His grin became sly as he locked eyes with Penance. "My name's Synner... hehe, I've read all your books, Mr. Malum."

              Penance's smile grew, "I see!" He huffed as he looked over at Thomas, "At least SOME mon have good taste in literature!" He said in a snide tone as he looked over back at the psychic, "Well well which part would you say is your favorite my fine... eh... tentacled friend!" He asked in a gleeful tone. He turned back to look at the Greninja, "Waiter, get us some tea please, and try not to get Thomas here too light of a plate, he cracks all of them!" He soon burst into laughter after that.

              "Waiter?!" The Greninja roared loudly, fuming at the Madman.

              Confused and a bit shocked at having been pushed aside so suddenly, Zai walked over to the group of pokemon, who were now the center of attention in the area. "What exactly is going on here?"

              Penance reached over and pull in the Absol, "And this is Alizai! A dear old relative of a friend from long ago! He kind of... blew up. Not in the best of ways." He said with a small nod.

              "That would be my father you speak of," Zai stated flatly, not surprised by how delicately Penance broached the topic. "And who do I have the pleasure of greeting?"

              Synner looked over to Alizai. "Oh. Hello Zai," he said politely. He didn't know the Absol that well, but he'd seen her a couple of times when he'd been talking to her uncle, Raishuma. An old Zebstrika who had been in the fight with Darkrai, and who he'd gotten certain... information from.

              It wasn't exactly the norm for Synner to be acting this foolish, but... seeing as he'd momentarily resigned from the Gold Tribe he didn't see the harm in using up a little more of his happiness reservoir. "This is the table," he said, pointing to the Sandshrew, and wrapping a tentacle around him to spite him further. "That's the waiter," he pointed to the Greninja. "And that there is... uh..." Synner looked to Thomas. "What is he? The chef? Another waiter?" he asked Penance. "I suppose it's up to you Mr. Manager. Oh, and I did particularly enjoy your first book, in which you stormed in with the Affiliates and saved Cape City from certain doom. That was indeed a thrilling read."

              "Gold Tribe here too?!" The Greninja exclaimed as he saw the Absol. "That's it, these guys are gettin' on my nerves!" He shouted angrily.

              "Mine too!" The Sandshrew yelled from under the weight of the two larger Pokemon.

              At the Shrew's yell Penance lightly popped him on the head, "Hey, tables can't talk." He then paused and looked up at Synner, "Or... can they?"

              Synner shrugged. "If chandeliers can talk, why not tables?"

              The Greninja got into a battle pose, while the Sandshrew branded his claws and prepared to slash at the two above him. "Hold on! Gabe, Sven! Cut it out, there's no need for violence!" Thomas protested, trying to calm two of his most loyal supporters down.

              It was past words for them, as the Greninja proceeded to strike at the two with a Night Slash, while the Sandshrew clawed his way up to try and slash the two from below.

              As soon as they began to move Penance's eyes glowed a deep blue. There were tales about how powerful of a psychic he was, and it was showing now. He didn't do anything to HARM them, oh no... they were now going to harm themselves. In an instant he twisted around as the Sandshrew was levitated up just as the Greninja's night slash was coming at them. Likewise the Sandshrew was also swinging his claws and both were so close that it would probably be too late for either attack to stop.

              "Okay, what in Arceus' name is going on here? Penance, do you try and piss off everyone you meet or is it just something that comes naturally?" Zai growled, though more out of annoyance at the pokemon attacking than at Penance himself. "Today is a day of celebration, not violence born from some stupid argument!"

              Zai watched as the two pokemon accidentally hit each other with their attacks, sending them both sprawling. They simply got up and shook it off, only looking angrier now than the moment before. "If this continues, I will have no choice but to intervene," Zai growled at them.

              "The Goldtribesman is right, guys!" Thomas implored his two followers. "Just stand down!" He cried. The two didn't listen, even at the request of their leader. The Greninja went in for another Night Slash, the Sandshrew proceeded to shoot mud into the faces of the others with a Mud Slap.

              Penance had to sigh as a green protect quickly shielded him from the attacks, "In case you all weren't aware, I didn't do anything. They started attacking, not me."

              Synner employed the exact same tactic, forming a more blue Protect of his own down which the mud slid. He stood straighter, and his expression quickly turned more serious.

              "Alright, enough playing around," he said with a sigh. He reached out with his Psychic grip, rendering the Sandshrew completely immobile. His focus shifted to the Greninja, whose Night Slash had likewise been deflected by the Protect. Though, he was a Dark type, preventing the Malamar from gripping him.

              "Zai, would you mind taking care of the other one while you're here? I think these 'mon need to calm down a little."

              Zai shook her head and sighed. "I swear, even when I leave my children with their father I just get stuck with more children." She took a step forward and surprised the Greninja with a Sucker Punch, knocking it backwards. She then took a moment to charge some energy, causing her fur to stand on end as static began to build. A second later, she loosed a powerful Thunder at the big blue frog, essentially shocking him into submission.

              The Greninja fell to the ground, knocked out. Thomas quickly ran over to check on him. "Gabe!" He cried, seeing that the Greninja was breathing normally. He sighed in relief, then looked over to where the Sandshrew Sven was kept immobilized. "I apologize for my followers. They won't cause anymore trouble. Just move on. Please."

              Synner looked down at the three, removing his Protect. His face was once again plastered with a wide smile.

              "Not to worry. It's more along my fault," he said, removing an object from his pouch. Deciding to no longer hide it, he placed his Gold Tribe armband back on the head tentacle where it belonged. "And his," he said, pointing to Penance.

              Synner floated over to the Greninja, placing one tentacle on his wrist to check for a pulse, and another on his head. "He'll be fine," Synner said, before turning to Zai. "You didn't have to be so harsh though." He chuckled lightly. "But thanks for the help."

              Synner removed a tentacle from Gabe's wrist, but he kept his other on the Greninja's head for a moment longer, and closed his eyes. He stayed there for several seconds, for no apparent reason, before finally rising.

              It was only now that Synner looked around to actually acknowledge the large crowd that had gathered around the group. "Hmm. I should be taking my leave," he decided. Turning first to Penance he said, "Nice to have met you, Mr. Malum. I hope to read a sequel in the near future!"

              Then he turned to the Hypno. "Pleasure to have met you as well, Mr. Blake. Hopefully we will have a better chance to argue in the distant future."

              "Hopefully without such consequences too," Thomas added, waving him off.

              "Oh, and Zai. I might be dropping by your house later. The name is Synner, by the way; I'm a friend of your uncle Raishuma. I'll be needing to talk to him a bit."

              With that, he simply began floating away, his mind already on other things.

              Penance whistled a bit as he kicked a rock away, "Hm... sooooo," He said slowly, "I see your teacup didn't smash this time, which is a shame because it has so much tea in it!" He nodded. "Still, I know how lower guys can be." He said with a small smile, "Happens all the time with me." He shook his head, "Sad times are these that violins end up unstrung, right?"

              He didn't wait for a reply as he began to make his way back to his group, "Oh Thomas!" He called back, "We really should talk again like last time! Except... no more fanatics!" He gave a wink and skipped on away.

              Zai grunted. "Sorry for the attack, but it was the quickest way to end this pointless battle. I bid you good day." She turned away from the pokemon and resumed her trek to the Citadel, alone.
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                The Partiers and the Party Pooper
                Jetstream, General Warren, the Emerald Sentinel, and Guardia

                War...War never changes. But partying...Partying is always exciting! One particularly drunk Alpha Alliance general stood at the head of the town square downing an entire barrel of ale. A literal barrel. The square was lined with various food stands and alcoholic beverages such as ale, mead, and ale. Warren let out a roar of approval as he finished the barrel, then tossed the wooden structure to the ground. "ARE YOU HAVING FUN YET?!" It had seemed that this fun-loving general had attracted quite the crowd.

                There was a brief respite before the crowd gave a cry of agreement. This was going to be one of the most rowdy parties in Alpha Alliance history, and General Warren Karkanos was going to lead the Hell out of it. He picked up a brand new tankard and turned back around to his people. He raised high and boomed out, "JOIN ME FOR A SONG!" With that, he launched into a chorus of some folk song that he butchered.

                "GOLD TRIBE THE BRAVE, GOLD TRIBE THE FEW! GOLD TRIBE, WITH POWER PURSUED!" A wrong line, but no one was going to tell that to the man with the cannons with the power to punch a hole in a Steelix. "PHYSICAL PROWESS AND SPIRITUALITY, NOTHING CAN STOP THEIR SUPER JUSTICE REALITY!"

                The loud roars coming from the town square attracted an individual who didn't usually hang around the drinking scene, but a party... Well, that just looked like too much fun for Kaveri "Jetstream" Vian to pass up! And with Cal off on guard duty, there was nothing stopping the blue Floatzel from joining in! So she did, latching onto some random 'mon in the crowd, their arm slung over her shoulder and her arm over their shoulder, and she launched into song with the rest of the drunkards. Well, she herself was the only one who wasn't drunk; she'd just gotten there after all, and she knew better than to get tipsy at a time like this! But she was all for the partying!

                Kaveri wasn't satisfied with being all the way in the back though, oh no. She eventually wiggled her way to the front of the crowd, nearly right before the Blastoise that was running the gig, where she goaded him on with loud cheers.

                While the more important characters conversed and carried out their important duties Breaking the Fourth Wall sort of the party was only got rowdier and rowdier. General Karkanos had just broken the record for most barrels of ale consumed, the previous held by himself. This is why his men respected him. He was always game for a drinking contest, he was always game for telling war stories, and he was always game for a party. He stumbled over to a nearby table and took a seat at on a stool, causing it only to shatter beneath his drunken weight.

                "Dear Arceus," He grumbled as he stood up. "I really need to stop doing this..." A phrase he said almost every night when drunk. Warren turned to his groupies and attempted a drunken bow. "Ladies and gentlemen, I must be off...For Genatorial reasons." With that he stumbled away, looking for the other generals. He had the famous ability to lose his drunkenness when it was necessary.

                Kaveri was quite disappointed when the drunken Alpha Alliance General tottered away, the crazy party gradually dying away in his wake. Aww... Well, she couldn't let him go without saying hey and congratulating him on his spectacularly horrendous singing! He seemed like a pretty great guy after all, surely he'd wanna be friends, eh? And so, the Floatzel darted after him, weaving through the crowd until she caught up. "Yo, Blastoise dude!" she called, perhaps a little more loudly than was necessary since she was almost right next to him, but then again, the town square was full of noise already. "Great stuff out there today, really! We should hang sometime, maybe I could get you a few drinks later, eh? You seem to be the type who likes drinks." She chuckled; as if his downing of barrel after barrel of ale hadn't made it obvious enough.

                The general turned to his new fan and gave her a look that screamed 'death.' "Lassie, do you know who I am?! I am General Warren Karkanos, leader of the Alpha Alliance ground troops!" After a moment of silence, he burst out laughing. "I'm sorry, little lady. The drink's going to my head. I'll be fine soon." He laughed a bit more. "But I'd love to take you up on your offer. Anybody willing to buy me a drink might as well be Arceus himself." Warren continued his stumbling, "I think we might have to...what do you kids say? Hang out?" He chuckled. The general's stumbling slowly turned into walking as the alcohol disappeared from his blood stream.

                The Gold Triber grinned, not really seeming too upset at being seen as a child. That seemed to be the impression most got when first meeting her, and it was the way she usually acted, so how could she complain? "I don't think I'm anymore of a kid then you are, Sir General." She zipped a couple feet ahead then turned around to face him, bowing low and presenting her Gold Tribe insignia to him. "Jetstream of the Gold Tribe, at your service." Straightening out again, she returned to walking at his side, the insignia stowed away beneath the her red float. Normally she would display it proudly for all to see, but she'd found that many of Valkaria's citizens felt more comfortable speaking to her if they didn't know she was a member of the Gold Tribe, so it stayed hidden when she was out to mingle with the public. "I guess after being in the Gold Tribe for 20 years, I really should start paying more attention to who is in power," she laughed. "But anyways! About that 'hang out' thing. I..." Her attention was drawn away from Warren suddenly as she caught sight of an imposing emerald green figure ahead of them. Letting out a snicker, she continued her previous sentence, "...have to get my brother to come along for the ride. Just a moment, please."

                Wasting no time, Kaveri made a few pounds forward, then exploded up into the air with an Aqua Jet to shoot herself forwards. She brought the attack-turned-transportation to an end right over the green Dragonite, causing her to fall down on top of him.

                Karkanos gave a gruff grunt as the Floatzel wandered off. "Hyper active little child." With that he wandered off himself to find the other generals.

                Patrolling: seemed like that was all he ever did anymore, of course there wasn't a whole lot else to do in times of peace. Cal certainly wasn't going to complain about peace, that was the ultimate goal of the entire tribe, besides this party wasn't for him anyways. The way he saw it it was to honor those who died in the silver war, but he felt it also had another purpose people didn't think of enough. As he walked through the streets taking in all the splendor around him it occurred to him that he was being a hypocrite, all that work so that he could keep people safe, and he was bored with safety.

                Guardia meanwhile was walking along the same street. She on the other hand was just glad things were staying safe despite so many different powder kegs around which could set off a whole world of trouble. Along her path, she noticed a familiar Dragonite, Callimer Vian, known as the Emerald Sentinel in the Gold Tribe. She was familiar with most every Gold Tribe member that now because she had the opportunity to sit down with each one of them. However, Sentinel stood out for a few reasons. The first and obvious one was his size and appearance, which made him quite unique compared to other Pokemon, even to other Dragonite.

                The second reason was his title. She remembered it mostly because it reminded her of the Sentinels she fought back in the Silver War. However, Sentinel was nothing like those poor unfortunate souls who were tainted by Darkrai. He was one of her favorites. "Hey there, brother!" Guardia called out from her side of the street as the two passed by each other. She stopped walking right next to him and gave the Dragonite a smile.

                Cal was pulled out of his little over-thinking session when he felt a presence that was both commanding and reassuring, his eyes finally refocused and he saw none other than Lyn "Guardia" Reed herself. She smiled at him and he smiled back, dipping his big head slightly. "Hello, Guardia, how's today treating you so far?"

                "Ya know, if I'm being completely honest, pretty damn...interesting," Guardia replied with a grin. She contemplated going into detail with him and sharing her thoughts, but she never was much for doing that in the first place. She looked around for a moment, making sure no other ears were on them for the moment, before she moved in closer and spoke to Cal barely above a whisper. "The King of Thieves and the Madman are both in town now. Pass it along to any other brothers and sisters you see. Keep your eyes peeled for anything...well you know."

                "I believe it, I'm sure there must be plenty of things that could happen around our 'storied' leader at any gathering of Pokemon this big." He adopted a sly smile and looked around a moment before continuing. "Personally I just can't get into the festive spirit, I don't have anything against parties, but it just doesn't feel like this one is for the likes of me." When Guardia leaned in to whisper to him one of his antennae perked up at the news. "Oh yeah? Then you must be having a very interesting day indeed, considering, well, you're previous acquaintanceship with them. I'll make sure to keep a close eye out, if either of them takes something too far I'll teach them the Gold Tribe's not something to laugh at." He flexed one of his powerful arms for emphasis. "If I can't enjoy the festivities I may as well do my duties like any other day."

                "Heh, alright then, carry on. If I don't see you before then, see ya at the ceremony," She said to him, proceeding to walk off with a smile on her face. Yeah, that right there was the other reason he stood out.

                "Got'cha, see you then." Cal continued on his path with much the same smile on his face, he could always count on Guardia to make him feel secure in whatever he was doing, or tell him where he screwed up if he was wrong.

                Cal wasn't really given a heck of a lotta time to think on his conversation with Guardia as a blue Floatzel suddenly fell onto his back, the water-type wrapping her arms and legs about his torso and peering over his shoulder at his face with a cheeky grin. "Heya, bro! How goes it?"

                "Just talking to the boss-lady." Cal answered, reacting to his sister's sudden interruption of his thoughts with nothing but a smile, he always had time for her. "Although she's not much of a fan of being called 'boss' or a lady." He added with a slightly worried look back behind him at the departing Zangoose. "So what have you been up to? Besides reminding me that I don't have the option to greet 'mons by climbing on them unless it's a Snorlax or I wanna kill someone, that is."

                "Ah, just talking with one of the locals who didn't end up actually being a local," Kaveri said, perking up and sliding down from Cal's back so she could swivel around and motion towards... no one. Frowning slightly, she glanced around. It seemed Warren had already disappeared into the crowd. "Ah well," she said with a shrug, her cheerful countenance returning. "He should be easy enough to find later, probably in the middle of another drinking party or something." It then dawned upon her that she still had not told Cal just who she had met, and she continued on, "Anyways, as I was saying. Met a Blastoise who ended up being one of the Alpha Alliances generals, heheh. The plan is to meet up with him for a drink sometime or another, but I suppose that really depends on whether or not I can find him again... or he finds me, I dunno." Shrugging again, she turned to face forwards again as she walked along beside her brother, adding almost as an afterthought, "You're coming too, just by the way. Gotta force ya to have some fun somehow!"

                Kaveri was hyper as ever, and it was likely nothing would slow her down while there was still partying going on, but somebody had to be on the lookout. "Whoah whoah whoah, slow down a bit there. I'm all for fun, but I can't just stop watching everything, there's more than just Valkarians and Gold Tribe here...and...well." He leaned in close to whisper in Kaveri's ear. "Guardia's seen the King of Thieves - Snype or whatever his name is - and that crazy schizophrenic Golduck at the party. Who knows what either of them might pull off? I've got to stay sharp to make sure everyone doesn't get robbed blind or savaged if Penance snaps."

                Kaveri cocked her head to the side, listening intently to what Cal said and gave the smallest of nods. No one would've been able to tell what was really going through her head, though, as she threw back her head and laughed and continued in her usual tone of voice. "Seriously?! Those guys are here? Heh, that should make things real interesting around here!" To be completely honest, she was a bit curious about the two. She'd heard quite a bit about them back when Wildfire was still alive, then later from Gold Tribe veterans. They seemed like quite the interesting characters.

                Cal put his hand on the Floatzel's muzzle in an attempt to quiet her at least a little. "Shhhh! Guardia doesn't want everyone knowing, besides if they know we know they'll know we're watching for them. You can't go blabbing about them out loud."

                Kaveri's smile didn't falter as she chuckled and shoved Cal's hand away from her muzzle, lowering her voice into a conversational tone that wouldn't pass on to any around them unless they stuck their noses right between the two siblings. "Don't worry, I didn't say their names outright. For all they know, I could just be talking about some old friends; there's nothing to tell them who I'm really talking about. Besides," she added with a wink, "it'd be more suspicious if we kept whispering back and forth."

                "Not at all, brothers and sisters whisper to each other all the time, they'll probably think we're just gossiping or sharing some stupid made up language." Cal countered, adding in a chuckle for good measure. "Besides, I really shouldn't be swinging arms with everyone who's drinking right now, remember what happened the last time I drank too much? These legs weren't made for dancing, and when I'm angry - especially if something's making me stupid - these arms are WAY TOO made for smashing things."

                Kaveri glanced at Cal then down at herself, then doubled overly laughing. This went on for a good few minutes and drew quite a few stares before she was finally able to calm herself enough to speak again. "Because, I'm sure anyone could tell at a glance that we're siblings, heehee!" She chortled, whiping tears of mirth from her eyes. "Anyways. You won't needa drink any alcohol if you don't wanna. I mean, I'm probably just gonna have a cup or two, don't wanna get drunk and have Guardia breathing down my neck. Just get some milk or something. The point is to have some fun, though!"

                "I really have to keep an eye on things Kavvy." Cal slipped into his silly old nickname for her but he kept talking. "Somebody needs to be watching, Guardia can't be everywhere at once so if I party that means someone else can't... Besides, I don't really see any of our brothers or sisters keeping their eyes open, which means I've gotta pick up the slack."

                "Kill joy," Kaveri huffed, crossing her arms. "You make it sound like I'm slacking off," she grumped. There was a note of teasing in her voice, though, and her eyes were still sparkling playfully. Though truthfully, even when she was off having a good time, she always had an eye on what was going on in the surrounding area. "Well, I'm off to go find some more festivity to keep an eye on since you seem to be avoiding it all." It's not like she just went for the fun, after all! Someone had to be in the middle of all the rowdiness to keep it from getting too rowdy, and who could possibly be better for the job then her? With a wave to Cal, she stuck her tongue out at her younger brother childishly before scampering off, disappearing down another street.

                Cal waved back and watched Kaveri go. I hope she doesn't think I was talking about her not paying attention, I know she's not slacking off... much. He actually would have liked to go with her, but he meant what he said, and he knew he'd get distracted pretty easily in the middle of partying, even if Kaveri didn't. So he kept up his rounds, playing the part of the big intimidating Dragon-type in the hopes that just by him looking serious some of the partiers who might have acted up would think twice.
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                Snype and Jetstream
                The Thief and the Weasel

                Snype was thinking about meeting up with Hanso somewhere along the lines... though if anything, he was busy watching over the SEC network. He wondered if the network had a similar hidden purpose to Snype's thieves? Would make sense considering he was the one who had asked the favor in the first place. It wouldn't hurt to see how things were. Snype wasn't too active right now. Mostly walking through the crowd rather casually. No need to hide his face after that one scene with Guardia. The compass he had received from Sylvio was interesting enough though... Snype would eventually figure out what he did, but right now he was looking to have a fun time.

                Parties seemed to have scarcified themselves Kaveri found as she peered down every street in search of signs of rambunctiousness. Everyone she came across seemed to either be too drunk or too serious, and thus weren't really a lotta fun to be around so didn't stick around them. Then she skidded to a stop and backtracked to look down a street she had just run past, trying to find what it was that had caught her eye... There! A Sableye, and interesting looking one at that. Interesting enough that she was pretty certain he was Snype, the King of Thieves. Well, there was only one way to find out! Or, two really: the direct way or the indirect way. Kaveri decided to go with the indirect way.

                First checking to make sure her Gold Tribe emblem was still out of sight, Kaveri darted down the street after the Sableye. When she was nearly upon him, she feigned a trip and fell right on top of him. Her paw delved right into his backpack as she fell, grasping the first thing it touched - a Destiny Knot - and pulling it out as she pushed herself upright, apologizing profusely. "I'm terribly sorry! Didn't see ya there, shorty!" Before she had completely risen and revealed her paws, she passed the Destiny Knot off to one of her tails behind her back, then from their stored it beneath her float. A fairly sloppy steal, but she wasn't really trying to take anything; just a test.

                Snype noticed the Floatzel fall on top of him, "Ack!" He shouted out as he hit the ground. Though he'd be quick to realize the weight of his bag was somewhat lighter...The Sableye played along just to humor her. Snype got up onto his feet and rubbed his head. "Ack... keheh... wouldn't be the first time someones tripped over me I suppose!" Snype said, acting as if he hadn't realized he was pick pocketed. Simply forming a sense of false security!

                Kaveri was just the slightest disappointed when it seemed the Sableye didn't seem to notice that he had been pick pocketed. No, wait, she was incredibly disappointed. But this disappointment did not show on her face as she kept smiling, insisting on dusting the Sableye's cloak off. "You should try growing a few inches, buddy!" she laughed teasingly; of course she knew Sableye were naturally that short. She'd have to find a way of getting the Destiny Knot back in the Sableye's bag without him noticing now, hmm... She was momentarily distracted from this as the curious compass he was holding caught her eye, and she cocked her head to the side. "That's an interesting little item. Different, but interesting."

                Snype sniffed a bit as his cloak was dusted off by the Floatzel. She didn't realize that Snype realized! He decided to keep this act going a little longer. "Keheh, oh this thing? Just a small gift from a friend of mine. Pretty nifty. Could be useful if I'm off traveling or something. Keheh..." Snype already had a plan to get his stuff back but wanted to learn a little more about her first. His eyes gave off a small glimmer. "So~ what's a gal like you doing around here? What's your name?" He asked with a small grin.

                Kaveri gave the compass another brief glance, then looked back to his face. Hmm... "Aren't you usually supposed to give your name before asking for someone else's?" she questioned with a raised brow. No, manners weren't really something she was big on. But what if she had been wrong...? Everyone slipped up sometimes, so maybe this really was the King of Thieves, and he was just having a bad day or something. So maybe if she could wheedle his name - his real one - out of him, she could officially confirm who he was or wasn't.

                Snype gave a little smirk. "Oh, my bad. I shouldn't be so rude in front of a lady. Kehehe" He joked, not really one for manners himself. "To be fair though, you DID kinda trip over me, so I'm sure we can twist some of our manners around right?" Snype said, stepping closer.

                Well, he had her there. Chuckling lightly, Kaveri bowed her head in defeat. "Very well, then. My name is Kaveri. It was a pleasure running into you." She smiled cheerfully at her own pun, then looked expectantly to him, waiting for him to return the favor and tell her his name.

                While she was introducing her name, Snype already got right to work. His shadow would start to move right below Kaveri, passing right behind her. The Sableye stepped a bit closer, crossing his arms "Kaveri eh? Kehehe. Fine name. Well, I guess fair is fair. I'll letcha know my name." He said, his eyes giving another glimmer. "Keheh.. the names-" Before Snype finished, he suddenly vanished, as if his figure had suddenly faded away. In reality though, Snype appeared right where his shadow moved to. He was in position to get his stuff back. But where did she store it? After a small pause, he clung right onto the Floatzel's back.

                "Keheh, Snype. King of Thieves at your service!" Snype said.

                Kaveri blinked at the Sableye's sudden disappearance, but she didn't remain inactive for more than a moment. That moment was long enough for the Sableye to grab onto her back befor she could spin around. "So it is you!" she declared triumphantly. She then glanced over her shoulder at Snype, frowning slightly as she realized her situation. "...You're gonna steal something, aren't ya? Eh, fair is fair I guess." She wasn't too terribly worried if he did take anything. All she had on her was his own Destiny Knot, a bit of gold, and... her Gold Tribe emblem. Hmm. Him getting that could be slightly problimatic.

                Snype crawled up her back a bit, poking at her float a bit. "Kehehe... not the kinda reaction I'd expect. And Fair is Fair? Kehehe... so what, ya stole from me too? Thanks for telling me! Would have left ya alone otherwise!" He lied, obviously knowing from the start. It was just so fun to screw around like this! "Kehe, so, where do ya hide this stuff anyways? Lesee..." Snype said, starting to crawl around her back a bit uncomfortably. Eventually he'd move up to her float. He was Small enough to dig his hands right on in even crawl under it if he so pleased. Not like he knew where exactly it was so he'd just take a gamble at what he'd dig out.

                Kaveri rolled her eyes, snickering. "Heh, right, of course you didn't." As he took quite awhile to find anything though, she craned her neck around to look at him. "...Ya know, for a King of Thieves, you're taking an awfully long time." Well, she supposed to method of storage wasn't exactly conventional. She'd have to apologize to all Buizels and Floatzels now that the King of Thieves had discovered it.

                Snype was crawling all over her, searching along that float to find anything. Snype was taking his time just to be a creep and make things awkward! That annnddd he had never stolen from a Floatzel before... Eventually he pulled out the Destiny Knot that she had taken from him. "Ahh! Kehe. Ya know, if I were you, I'd have taken some of my coins first. Its pretty easy to figure out a different in weight when you take something big like this." Snype said, placing the ball of string right into his backpack.

                "Hmmm? What else do we have here?" Snype said as he stuck his head under the float once more to investigate her other belongings.

                Oop, seems he'd found her other items. "Not much, I'd imagine," Kaveri said in a casual tone as she finally decided Snype had had enough time crawling around on her back. She reached an arm back and groped about until she caught ahold of the Sableye. She wasn't sure where; shoulder or something. Neck maybe? She hoped not. Pulling him from her back, she dropped him back in front of her. "Nothing much back there I'd imagine you'd be interested in. Well, except maybe the money," she said with a smile. She was pretty sure he'd seen the emblem, though. Well, not like it mattered anymore.

                Snype chuckled. He managed to swipe a coin at least... but something else as well. "Kehehe, aw I think I found plenty of interesting stuff in there!" Snype said, showing that Gold Tribe insignia right in his hand. "Soooo Gold Tribe huh? What is Guardia getting paranoid or something? Kehehe. Orr maybe your just a fan of the King of thieves hm? Your technique could definately work on some less experienced targets. Not too bad for a beginner thief." Snype said.

                Yep, there it was. Kaveri blinked calmly, the smile still ever-present on her muzzle. "Heh, you really think I'm all that bad? I saw ya and figured you fit what I'd heard about the King of Thieves, so I thought I 'd test the waters, see if it really was you. Seems I was right, too!" She cocked her head to the side again and chuckled. "Though I'm not claiming to be a professional necessarily. I've just got what Wildfire taught me." Eyeing the insignia in his hand, she added, "Mind if I have that back? I'll catch it from Cal if he finds out I lost it."

                Wildfire... Snype recalled the name. So they were acquaintances huh? Interesting. Snype wondered what the relationship was? "Kehehe, hey you had a good eye! I'm surprised you didn't catch on from my laugh. Keheheh..." Snype said, sticking his tongue out to tease her. "Hmm... I dunno... I kinda like shiny stuff! What's in it for me?" Snype said with a smirk, being the sneaky bastard he was known to be.

                "Oh, I dunno... I have this interesting little trinket here, but I'm sure it's nothing you'd be interested in." Here, Kaveri held up the compass she had taken an interest in moments before. Unnoticed by the Sableye, she'd swiped it from him as she had lifted him down from her back.

                Snype snickered, noticing the familiar compass in her hand. "Ohh... kehehe...
                touché~" Snype said, walking up to Kaveri and handing over the Gold Tribe insignia. It didn't really have much value to him anyways compared to the compass. "You're not too bad actually. Keheh. You'd probably make a pretty good thief yourself if you're ever interested," Snype said, throwing her a wink.

                "Heheh, tempting offer, but I'm pretty happy with where I am right now," she chuckled, passing the compass back to him once her Gold Tribe insignia was safely situated on her float again, though now it was out for all to see it. Then she held out her paw to shake. "I suppose I should introduce myself properly. I'm Jetstream of the Gold Tribe."

                Snype likewise, shook her hand in response. "Kehe, well like I said, I'm Snype. Just Snype. Kehe. A pleasure." He said, bowing his head slightly. "Keheh... I think I'm taking a liking to ya. What are you up to right now, besides saying hi to yours truly? Kehehe." Snype asked, poking her belly lightly.

                Kaveri returned the favor, lightly prodding his forehead. "Oh, just looking for a good party. Someone's gotta keep an eye on the more rowdy folks, yeh know? And it's good fun getting right in the middle of stuff, so I gave myself the job."

                "Oh? Kehehe. Same here! I'm looking for somewhere to crash and just have some fun in. Kehehe. Ya know what? I like you. Maybe we should stick together and see what kinda parties we can crash? I can show ya what kinda parties the thieves can throw. Kehe." Snype said.

                "Lovely as that sounds, I don't know how good it would look on my record if anyone found out I was hanging around with the King of Thieves," Kaveri said with a wink. "Perhaps another time when there aren't so many eyes watching and judging. I've got the Gold Tribe's honor to uphold and all after all, ya know?"

                Sype crossed his arms. "Keheh, aww not as much reward if you don't take any risk! Keheh. If there's any time to party with the thieves, it's when we're actually allowed to roam the streets without guards breathing down our necks every step we go! You could say you just have me under surveillance. Ya caught me doing some suspicious stuff and now you're keeping an eye on little old me! Now THAT would look good on your record! " Snype suggested.

                Kaveri stroked her chin thoughtfully, nodding her head as she grinned widely. "Hmm, you have a good point there. And if anyone complains, well, they can just go shove a stick up their butts!" she declared, giving one final nod, a cheerful twinkle in her eyes. "Lead on then, good Sir King! It only seems right that you go in front if I'm supposed to be keeping an eye on you, heh."

                Snype clapped his hands together. "Good! It's a date then!" He joked. "Comon! Kehe. Let's see what kinda trouble we can find! Maybe find ourselves a bar to cause some ruckus in... pull a couple pranks... ahh the ideas are endless!" Snype said, snickering.

                "Indeed," Kaveri said with a snicker of her own. Truth be told, keeping an eye on Snype wasn't just a pretense to hang out with him. He was the King of Thieves, after all, it would probably be best if someone made sure he didn't steal the livelihood of every Pokemon in town. "With how crazy things already are, just imagine how much crazier it'll get once the festival really gets going!"

                Snype turned back to Kaveri. "Keheh, oh it hasn't even started yet! I plan to make the most of my time here. And I sure hope you are too! So uh... what kinda stuff do you gold tribe folk do for fun? Actually better question, what do YOU usually like doing for fun? Kehehe. I'm expecting drinks to be involved once we find somewhere lively." Snype said.

                Kaveri was half a pace behind Snype, not wanting to look quite too much like she was all buddy-buddy with him for the sake of the public eye. "Nah, you can drink as much as you like, but I tend to have more fun when I'm sober," she said, that playful twinkle entering her eyes again. "It's easier to tease the drunks when I'm not as drunk as they are." Then she remembered his original question and cocked her head to the side in thought. "Hmm... well, when I'm not helping out with classes at H.A.S. or off on some mission, I can be found wherever the party with the most ruckus is. There's always some party to be found somewhere if you look in the right places, no matter what time of year it may be!"

                Snype turned around and started walking backwards while chatting with Kaveri. "Oh? Kehehe. In that case we may see each other a couple times after this. You're alot more fun then most of the other Gold Tribe folk I've bumped into. Kehe. All so serious! Well... to be fair they have every right to, but ya know... keheh. I can respect a gal who likes to let herself go every once an awhile." Snype said.

                "Every serious side needs a fun side, and for the Gold Tribe, I guess I'm that fun side," Kaveri replied with a wink.

                "Well said. Kehe. Comon, let's find a party to crash~" Snype would add.

                Trainer Academy RP Pokemon
                Snype (Sableye)- Lv. 52- Detect, Shadow Sneak, Will-o-wisp, Low Sweep, Foul Play, Taunt (Ability: Keen Eye)
                Commodore (Porygon-Z)- Lv. 55 -Signal beam, Conversion 2, Recover, Tri Attack, Ice Beam, Trick Room (Ability: Trace)
                Len (Poliwraith)- Lv. 53- Bubblebeam, Brick Break, Body Slam, Belly Drum, Sleep Talk, Rest (Ability: Water Absorb)
                Able (Ninjask)- Lv. 46 - X-Scissor, Slash, Double Team, Protect, Baton Pass, Swords Dance (Ability: Speed Boost)
                Kara (Gligar) Lv. 35 Acrobatics, Substitute, Fury Cutter, Knock Off, Slash,Toxic (Ability: Poison Heal)
                Xerox (Ditto) Lv. 35 Transform (Ability: Imposter)

                (In Box)
                Shedinja- Lv. 35 Fury Swipes, Confuse Ray, Sand attack, Leech Life, Mind Reader, Scratch (Ability: Wonder Guard)
                Omanyte- Lv. 35 Brine, Mud Shot, Rollout, Ice Beam, Protect, Bite
                (Ability: Swift Swim)
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                Dread Near the Citadel
                Alizai, Guardia, and the Dread Fairy

                Zai entered the Citadel, searching for her uncle. She walked down the first corridor a bit, trying to find someone that she recognized and that might be able to assist her in finding the old Zebstrika.

                At the same time, Guardia had just reached the Citadel, proceeding through the massive marble front doors. It was surprising how long it had taken to get there, but that was mostly because it seemed she ran into every notable...'dignitary' in this city. At least that's what it felt like. She let out a deep sigh, looking around the Citadel to see what was happening. A familiar Absol caught her eye. "Skuld!" She exclaimed at the sight of her sister.

                Alizai turned at the sound of her title, which indicated someone from the Gold Tribe was addressing her. "Oh, Guardia. How are you today? I'm looking for my uncle at the moment. You haven't seen him, have you?"

                Guardia offered the Absol a simple shrug. "I haven't seen him yet. I only just got inside right now. Maybe he's around here? I asked all the Gold Tribe to check in with me at the Citadel at one point today just so I know who's here and who isn't. Most did it in the morning or somewhere in the city. Haven't seen him yet though."

                Zai nodded. "Then I'm sure I'll find him in here. Was there something that you wanted to talk to me about, or were you just saying hi?"

                "Hmm, you've heard I'm planning a little trip tomorrow, right?" She asked Zai.

                "Trip? No, I'm not sure that I have heard about it," Zai stated, her interest piqued.

                "Well, I'm getting a group to come with me tomorrow. You'll probably hear a bit more about it after the Anniversary ceremony when I choose a new second-in-command. Basically, we're gonna try and search for clues on Cresselia," Guardia stated to the Absol. Before she could reply, she spoke again. "I know what you're probably thinking, kinda a worthless trip. For most who weren't there when Darkrai came, maybe it is. But this is top priority. Your dad was one of the brothers I could depend on the most back in the Silver War. I see a lot of him in you. I want you to join us."

                "Worthless? No, that's not what I was thinking at all. The way I see it, even if we don't find something to dispel Darkrai, any clues on making our lives safer or better in some way is completely worth our time. It's better to be safe than sorry, and if we're prepared to overcome a legendary pokémon, what aren't we prepared for? So, yes, I would be glad to join you."

                "Great!" Guardia exclaimed excitedly, slapping the Absol hard on her shoulder. She looked around the rest of the Citadel, going up to another Gold Tribesman and passing along a message to him quickly, before returning to Zai. "Well, I've done what I needed to do here. Most everyone not on guard duty will be joining us at the ceremony, so I'll be going there now. Care to come?"

                Zai took another glance around the corridor before responding to Guardia. "I suppose I'll have to meet up with my uncle eventually, so it can't hurt to come along for now."

                Guardia nodded and proceeded back outside the doors she came from, back out into the bustling streets of Gold City. Unfortunately, the situation outside wasn't quite so... without violence, as it once was.

                "DUDE! You can't just burn my flyers, man! SO not rad!" A young Primeape stood angrily, remnants of burnt paper scattered at his feet. He glared at the 'mon before him, who happened to be short, cloaked, and wielding a particularly harsh, grating and high-pitched voice.

                "Silence! Darkrai is as real as anything- which is less than I can say for this disaster of a language leaking from your mouthhole!"

                "Lay off, dude!" The Primeape launched what appeared to be a punch - it was difficult to see, however, as a sudden blast of energy to the facial region left the Primeape sprawling on the floor.

                The culprit bent down, though he was so short he didn't really need to. "You are lucky, fool, that I didn't see the need to kill you, today."

                Guardia, having seen what had just happened before her, felt the urge to step in only when threats were made. She could tolerate drunken disorder and minor skirmishes only so much. "Hey, whats' the problem here?" Guardia asked the two 'mon.

                "The 'problem' is that this nonsense-spouting hooligan could have spilled my drink." Raz explained, taking a sip from his new smoothie. He seemed to glance at the lid suspiciously every once in a while. "No worries, however. Problem dealt with." Raz kicked the floored Primeape lightly - but not too lightly - prompting a groan.

                Zai blinked, a bit bewildered. Nonsense spouting she could understand, but death threats over a smoothie? They were delicious, sure, but not worth murdering someone over. Well, not usually. Sometimes they were. But it was her job to prevent that. "Just stop the fighting now, before things get out of hand," she advised.

                Raz rolled his eyes. "In case I failed to make it clear, this fight is quite thoroughly over; as much as I would like to rend his soul from his beaten, battered corpse, that doesn't appear to be an option under such-" Raz shivered. "civilised circumstances. Regardless; Razathiel, The Dreadmage, at your service. Or something of that ilk, I don't particularly owe you anything - still, I trust you heard my announcement."

                "Sadly, no, murder isn't really tolerated here. It's kind of a no-no," Zai said, a little bit of sarcasm in her voice. "And with a title like 'Dreadmage,' I'm sure you're disappointed with our lack of morbidity."

                "More than you can imagine."

                "Anyways, no, I didn't hear your announcement."

                The Ralts raised an eyebrow. "Are you serious? What about you?" he demanded, directing his query at Guardia.

                "Can't say that I did," Guardia added with a shrug.

                "Oh..." Raz, said, frowning with disappointment. "Are you sure? There was loud music and lightning bolts and everything. Pyrotechnics, too. I was quite pleased with those. No? Not ringing any bells?"

                "You're not drunk, are you, Razorshpiel?" Guardia asked as she cocked an eyebrow. "I didn't see anything of the sort, but then Gold City is a pretty big, and I was a bit preoccupied so..."

                Raz's natural scowl returned with ease. "F*ck off. Don't patronise me. And 'Razathiel' is how people with functioning mouths pronounce it."

                "Mind your manners!" Zai growled, suddenly annoyed with the tiny pokémon. "You're speaking to the leader of the Valkarian Gold Tribe!"

                The Dreadmage grinned. "Aha! Perfect! Screw it, I suppose I'll just relay my message: blah blah, I am Razathiel, as you now know, I'm evil, I am temporarily lending you my magnificent dark powers for this quest of yours because, like you, I wish to see that bastard Darkrai toppled from his silly throne. Now - there is to be no confusion, my motives are entirely my own, and I care nothing for you piddly little heroes or your 'innocent' civilians! Clear?"

                "Regardless of who you are, while you are in Gold City you will obey its laws and customs." Zai was glaring at the puny fairy, making it clear that she did not like him nor was she going to tolerate his misplaced ego.

                Raz groaned. "I am aware of that, that's why that Primeape is anything more than a smear right now."

                "This is an important mission. I don't know you," Guardia began, looking over to Zai. "You ever heard of this guy?"


                "I thought as much," She crossed her arms and looked back at Raz. "I'm not against bringing anyone that could help us, but I'm not in the habit of bringing along people I don't know or can't trust," She said, looking back over the Primeape he was messing with before. "I don't even know what you would bring to the table."

                "Egh," Raz scoffed. "Aside from my considerable psychic and magical abilities, I happen to have garnered a fair deal of information from ancient tomes and the like that may be of use. I am no slouch. Believe me, I'm not hoping to defeat Darkrai just because I feel like it."

                Guardia put a hand to her chin and pondered for a moment. Having someone with a wealth of information could definitely be useful. And if he was as strong psychically as he claim, that would definitely help. Still, she was cautious about accepting him off the bat. "Tell you what, we'll be having a semi-gathering after the ceremony. It'll be here at the Citadel. Come over and we'll talk more about it. Fair?"

                "Very well! You will not regret this decision." He turned to Zai with a smirk. "You probably will, for a little while, heheheeee... Ah, but I digress. I won't kill you. It wouldn't serve me at all. Wipe that look off of your face."

                "You won't kill me, but not because it wouldn't serve you; you wouldn't be able to," Zai snorted, practically ignoring the smaller pokémon. "We'll see if you have what it takes later."

                Raz returned the snort. "You know nothing of my power. You know what they say about people who make assumptions... they end up mutilated by dreadmages."

                "And you know nothing of mine, so don't assume anything either. If you believe that you have as much power as you claim, you can prove it later. For now, I have things to attend to."

                "I'm sure you do, and I'm sure I will."

                "Stay outta trouble before then," Guardia declared to the Ralts, before proceeding off with Zai toward the ceremony grounds.
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                  The Date ...Wait, What?
                  Snype and Jetstream

                  It seemed that whatever temporary dullness had overcome the streets earlier had quickly faded back to a more rowdy atmosphere as those who had been drunk sobered enough to go get drunk again, and those who hadn't been drunk yet went to go get started on getting drunk. Everywhere Kaveri and Snype went, there were parties here, parties there, parties everywhere! Now they just needed to figure out which one to crash; there was such a thing as too many choices.

                  Now this was lively! There were even a couple of thieves here! "Kehehe, I figured this part of town would have the most activity! Keheh, comon! Why don't we find ourselves a drink or somethin? Seems like a fair way to start off! That bar over there oughta have somethin nice for us eh?" Snype said, pointing to the nearby building.

                  Kaveri nodded eagerly as she looked where he was pointing. "Sounds Splendid!" She was about to rush towards the bar, but then she paused for a moment and stowed her Gold Tribe emblem out of sight. "No need to ruin a splendid atmosphere by letting everyone know there's someone from the Gold Tribe watching them, yeh?" she said, grinning down at Snype, then pointing dramatically. "Now then! To the bar!"

                  Snype nodded and threw the doors right open as he walked in! The entire bar looked over to the door, quickly recognizing the King of Thieves and started to talk amongst themselves. "Keheh... looks like I'm a popular one..." Snype said. The security there was on high alert incase Snype wanted to try and steal something. Paranoid much? Snype headed on over to the counter and got himself a stool. Thankfully he could see over it this time! "Keheh, hey! A drink for me and my lady friend here!" Snype called out. He motioned Kaveri to sit beside him.

                  Kaveri was quick to take the offer, shoving a 'mon out of the way that seemed to be going towards the same seat as her. "Sorry, mate!" she called after them apologetically. The drunken Pokemon didn't take much notice of her, though, instead stumbling away to a table. Kaveri shrugged, turning back to face the bar, though still observing the rambunctious Pokemon about the bar. "You picked well! Heheh~."

                  Snype gave her a pat on the shoulder for that. "Of course! I got an eye for this sorta stuff~" He said, throwing another sly wink toward her. The Toxicroak bartender would return to the counter, giving the two Pokemon some large mugs of beer to drink down. Snype held up his glass to Kaveri. "Keheh, cheers" Snype said, waiting for her to respond to the gesture.

                  "Cheers!" Kaveri exclaimed, clashing her mug against Snype's. Then, she downed the beer in a few large gulps. She didn't drink often, and she didn't drink a whole lot even when she did drink, but whatever she did drink, she drank fast. She slammed the mug down onto the counter and burped loudly. "Wups, 'scuse me," she giggled.

                  Snype nearly spat out his drink when he heard that loud burp! This gal was something else! "Woooo! Kehehe. Nice one!" Snype said happily as he took another chug of his drink and gave off another loud burp in return. "oops~! Scuse me~ Looks like we're even?" Snype said with a mischievous snicker as he placed his mug down. He tapped the counter to get another set of drinks for the two. "So you said you know Wildfire? I remember her... never got much of a chance to chat since we were busy fighting together and all. Kehe." Snype said.

                  Kaveri stared at her mug for a few moments with a frown of concentration, hoping she could make this one last longer than her last cup. Since she was planning to stick around in the bar for awhile longer, she didn't wanna be dragged into getting one drink after another, so the longer this mug lasted the better. "Yeah, she adopted my brother and I a year after the Silver War ended," she said with an easy smile. "Though, she was more of a mentor to me than a mother," she chuckled. "Not that that's a bad thing. I learned a lot from her."

                  Snype smiled, just holding his drink casually. "Ahh... I see she's been pretty busy lately huh? Yeah that Silver War was a real doozy..." Snype said, giving a long awkward pause before taking a sip from his drink. "Phew... keheh... I don't think I wanna get under the influence before the Ceremony. I can save that for afterwards. Kehehe. We can really let our wild sides out then!" Snype cheered.

                  "She was pretty busy, yes." Kaveri's smile took a sad turn. "She passed on ten years after the war. The Life Flames had taken too much out of her. But." Here, a flicker of pride entered her gaze. "She was able to revive the Heroes Alliance School before that."

                  Kaveri didn't remain down for long, as she took one more gulp of her drink then nodded. "Heh, you're right. I think this is about all I'm having," she chuckled, sloshing around what was left in her mug.

                  Snype smiled, just about finishing up his own mug too and shaking his head a little, somewhat feeling the effects. "Heh, well good to hear she left behind a legacy. I'm sure she'd be pretty proud of ya!" Snype said, nudging her again. Maybe Snype was being paranoid, making the thieves into some form of failsafe for the Gold Tribe... nah. He had to be ready for any possibility.

                  "Ya know... I actually haven't eaten all day I realize! Kehe. Maybe we should order ourselves a small meal too? Dunno if you're hungry but I sure am!"

                  At the thought of food, Kaveri's stomach growled loudly. She patted it with a sheepish grin. "I'd say that about answers your question, heheh. A meal sounds grand! I'd offer to pay for you, but I think if you use that coin you got from me, it should pretty much count as the same thing," she said, sticking her tongue out at the Sableye in a childish manner.

                  Snype chuckled at that. "Gee, I'm not a very good thief today am I? Paying meals and such. Keheh. You're lucky that I like ya!" Snype said, poking the Floatzel on the nose teasingly. "Kehe, I don't usually get meals in Gold City. Obvious reasons. Kehe. Know any good places nearby?" He asked.

                  A good place... Having grown up in Gold City, Kaveri of course knew lots of good places. But where was one that was nearby and that would leave them with plenty of time that could get to the ceremony? The answer came pretty quickly as she remembered what street the bar was on, and she nodded. "Yeh, I know a good place! It's just a block down from here, actually. It's got a pretty wide assortment, but the roasted berries are the best."

                  Snype turned in his seat. "Roasted berries? Ohh sounds delicious! Kehe. Please lead the way! If it's good maybe I'll let my buddies know to do some business there if they're ever nearby. Kehe," Snype said, hoping off his seat and leaving a bit of cash on the bar counter. "Lead the way! Or, point the way for me so you can "keep an eye on me". Kehehe."

                  "But of course," Kaveri said, following the Sableye outside. She glanced around just to confirm their position, then pointed down the street. "Down that way. It'll be on the right, a place called Berry King."

                  "Fitting name," Snype commented. Low and behold, the building had a sign right over it with that very name. Snype's stomach was grumbling loudly just at the thought of getting a taste of that delicious food... he normally preferred munching on gems but having something juicy was always a close second! He stepped right on inside, taking a look around. "Kehe, how about a table over there by the window? Just incase anything funny happens outside."

                  "Great minds think alike!" Kaveri laughed. "I was about to suggest the same." She pulled a chair out at one of the empty window tables, then waved over the nearest waiter. "An order of roasted Pecha berries for me please!"

                  Snype took a moment to think of what he wanted... he wasn't really sure what was good or not since this was his first time! "Uh... I'll get the same." Snype said, giving off that sly snicker. The waiter looked at Snype a bit nervously and nodded, heading off to get food prepared. "Kehehe, some folks are pretty scared of me I guess. I wonder if they tell scary bedtimes stories about me or somethin? Keheh. Be a good little girl or else Snype will get ya!" He said with a playful laugh.

                  "Heheh, it wouldn't surprise me! Being a ghost-type and the King of Thieves? I can imagine that could make for some interesting bedtime stories, heheh." The food wasn't long in coming, since their weren't really many orders before theirs; most of Gold City's population seemed to be out in the streets or bars rather than a quiet little restaurant like this one. The waiter came with the two plates, each piled with a few roasted Pecha berries and sprinkled lightly with sugar. Kaveri nodded in thanks then dug in, munching cheerfully away on her meal.

                  Snype looked down at his plate and started to dig right into his food! He was rather surprised by the taste. It was pretty darn exceptional! "Mmmm~! You got good taste for food. This is pretty good stuff! Keheh. I oughta invite some of the other thieves to eat down here... infact... "Snype put his fingers to his mouth and gave off a loud whistle once more. Almost instantly, a Ninjask flew right in and over to Snype. It scared the hell out of the other customers. There was a sound of glass breaking in the background.


                  "Let the other thieves in town know that this places has a King of Thieves seal of approval. Kehe. They'll know where to go if they're hungry." Snype said, throwing a berry over to the Ninjask as a bit of payment. It munched on the berry rather quickly and nodded to Snype.

                  "Mmm has my vote! Will do boss!" The Ninjask said, zooming out into town. Snype had a hell of a communication network.

                  Kaveri let out a few hoots of laughter, calling out to their waiter, "You might wanna get ready, hehehee! Looks like this place is gonna be getting some major business soon!" The waiter took a moment to register what the Floatzel had said, still a bit stunned by the Ninjask's sudden entry and equally sudden exit. When the 'mon came back to his senses, though, he nodded rapidly and hurried off into the kitchen.

                  Snype laughed along with her. "Kehehe! Better set up some extra seats too! They're a rowdy bunch lemme tell ya! Hahaha." Snype said. "Kehehe, you're alot of fun to hang with! Ya sure you don't wanna be a thief? You'd fit right on in with us! Though I guess after all the effort getting with the Gold Tribe, you don't wanna just turn away from that right?" Snype said, munching on a few more berries.

                  Kaveri nodded. "There's that, yeah. I've practically worshipped the Gold Tribe since I was a kid. And I kinda owe it to Wildfire to pick up where she left off." As she bit into another berry, some juice that had managed to survive evaporation squirted onto her face. She sat there blinking a few moments, berry juice dripping from her muzzle, then chuckled sheepishly and licked it off.

                  "Kehe, alright fair enough. But hey if you ever get interested, then feel free to lemme know. As long as ya don't decide to be a spy and spread information around. Kehehe." Snype joked. He picked into his big teeth and got some berry pieces out and into his mouth. He threw out a mischievous smirk afterwards. "I think I can trust ya enough though. I mean after all, we've been having a pretty fun first date right?" Snype joked, hoping he'd get a reaction out of that little comment. The Sableye tried his best to hold back his laughter.

                  Kaveri blinked at him rapidly a few times, then snorted. Then snorted again. The snorts soon turned into howling laughter as she banged her fist against the table, doubled over in her chair. "D-date... Oooooh, just... just imagining the look on Cal's face if he th-thought I was dating the King of Thieves...!" she managed to gasp out between peals of laughter. "Oh, the Pokemanity!"

                  Snype didn't know who Cal was, but he could picture the reaction would be hilarious! "Hahaha! H-hey! You should totally tell him that! Give him a drink or something when you do! He'll spit take more then he drank up! Hahaha! I'll pay money to see that! And I'm the blasted King of Thieves! Kehehe!" Snype said, falling off his seat and rolling on the floor laughing!

                  It took a good five minutes at least before Kaveri was able to come down. When she did, she glanced out the window to check the position of the sun... And noticed it was quite a bit later than she had thought. "Oh, we should get going if we're going to make it to the ceremony!"

                  Snype nodded. "Kehe, yeah! I'll catch up with ya there. Kehe. I got one more thing to take care of before I see everybody." Snype said, getting up from the floor and brushing himself off. He of course, payed for the meal using the money he had stolen.

                  Kaveri patted the Sableye on the head, chuckling shortly. "A'right then, you take care of yourself, Sir King!" With that, the two parted ways, Snype going wherever the heck he needed to go, and Kaveri heading toward the Citadel.
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                  Just some casual planning
                  Featuring Synner & Hanso

                  Synner's earlier talk with Joshua, and his subsequent meeting with the Valkarian Exposure, had gotten him thinking. He sat on the roof of a three-story-building, overlooking the crowds as they all began to flock towards the city center for the upcoming ceremony. Thoughts bubbled in his mind; thoughts of the danger that the Exposure presented. They seemed to him like... a Magikarp. Flailing helplessly at first, it is seemingly harmless, but if left unchecked for long enough, it would grow into a monster that could ravage the seas.

                  Thoughts soon turned to ideas, and those quickly grew into... plans. Synner grinned to himself and got up. He knew what he had to do... but he didn't have much time.

                  The Malamar quickly set out, opting to levitate from roof to roof. Some of the Pokemon below looked up at him curiously, but he continued nonetheless. His gaze was fixed on the opposite side of the street, where he would no doubt find the place he was looking for.

                  Finally, he laid eyes upon it. Across the street from the roof on which he stood, a building marked as an SEC Network Station stood tall and proud. Descending from the roof, he floated casually over the crowds as he crossed the Pokemon-flooded streets.

                  Only two 'mon seemed to be present within the building. Synner suspected the rest of them must have gone to attend the festival. Regardless, that was all he needed.

                  "Good day," he said to one of the Pokemon in the room. "I realize this is a little untimely, but I'd like to speak to Hanso SharpEye, please."

                  "Hanso?" One of the two Pokemon, a Mankey, inquired. "I'm not sure where you've been, but Hanso SharpEye has stepped down as CEO of the Sharp-Eye Corporation. His son, Winoc, is handling the job now. If you'd like to make an appointment to speak with him, I'd be happy to look through his schedule and set up a date at the earliest convenience."

                  Synner chuckled and moved the tentacles on his head about, revealing the one with a Gold Tribe emblem fastened around it.

                  "I am Vindicator, of the Gold Tribe," he said, his tone authoritarian. "I know Hanso isn't the CEO anymore, but he's still with the SEC, and I'm sure one of you has a Psychic connection to him. If you please, I'd like to speak to him personally. It's..." He lowered the pitch of his voice slightly. "Regarding the Dark One."

                  The Mankey and the Kadabra who sat next to him both exchanged glances with each other. The Mankey nodded to the Kadabra, who nodded back at him. Suddenly, the Mankey chirped up and smiled brightly at Synner. "Ah, come to deliver the packages for the day, eh Steve? Go ahead and drop them off out back! Reg, will you help him out with them? They seem kinda heavy," The Mankey asked the Kadabra.

                  "Sure thing. Come on, Steve, follow me," The Kadabra stated, getting off of his chair and proceeding to the back of the building, where the two of them stood alone and out of the public eye. "Alright, open up your mind to me. I'll locate Hanso and then feed him into you," He asked the Malamar. "Me going into your mind for a moment is just a precaution. Hanso's had some...bad experiences with going into others' minds in the past."

                  Synner nodded sympathetically. "Indeed, I understand."

                  He proceeded to open his mind just enough for the Kadabra to establish a link. He'd have no problem protecting the more precious parts of his mind if it came to that, so he didn't need to worry. Still, it never hurt to be cautious.

                  The Kadabra concentrated for a moment, before creating the link in Synner's mind and nodding. "Alright," He then closed his eyes, keeping them shut for a while. Nothing seemed to happen to those who watched from afar. Inside the mind, however, the Kadabra was establishing a link between Hanso and Synner. Eventually, the Kadabra silently opened his eyes, and stepped to the side a bit.

                  From inside Synner's mind, a voice came. "...This is Hanso."

                  "Ah, good day Mr. SharpEye. My name is Synner of the Gold Tribe, although... today, I come acting somewhat independently from them," Synner replied in a chipper tone. "You see, I have a proposition for you, and the SEC. I'm sure you've heard of the Valkarian Exposure, yes?"

                  A bit of silence followed the question, but soon came a reply. "I know them."

                  "Good. Well, on the outside, they may appear to be a fairly innocent group of 'mon with a certain opinion. Which is perfectly fine. However, I believe that soon, they may begin to present a serious threat to the Gold Tribe itself."

                  Synner paused for a moment to let that sink in. "You see, they already have supporters all over Valkaria. And one of their main goals is the elimination of the Gold Tribe. True, it seems ridiculous to think they could actually cause us to disband, but times are changing. Pokemon of the newer generations look at things in a different light, and with such a huge lack of proof for the claims made by the Gold Tribe... frankly, the Valkarian Exposure's claims would make perfect sense to this generation's mon. I've already seen them amassing countless more supporters at this festival alone. And some of them are quite prone to violence... why, one of my sisters and I were attacked by a couple of them in the streets earlier."

                  "But I... I have come to you today with proof, Hanso. Proof that only those few in the Citadel that night possess, yourself included."

                  Just then, an image would flash for the briefest of moments within Hanso's mind. An image of something dark; something which would seem all too familiar to the Gallade. "That, Hanso, was a memory I just let you see. I myself obtained it and some others like it from a friend who was with you in the Citadel. Compelling proof, isn't it? Now... what if we weren't the only ones who could see this?"

                  "Well, the Exposure has a lot of support. Even outside of the Alpha Alliance, if you didn't know...what do you have in mind, exactly?"

                  Synner chuckled lightly. "Haha, it's not my intention to outright destroy their group, Mr. SharpEye. I believe as much as anyone in free speech. However... once I present them with this evidence, whether they like it or not, their decision may change under the circumstances, and the movement is far less likely to present a threat..." He grinned. "Here's the plan..."

                  "...whatever happens, it will certainly heavily affect their decisions on the matter. All I want is for the Pokemon of Valkaria to make the right decision, and be given the truth. I do hope you and the SEC will assist me in providing them with that much, Mr. SharpEye.

                  "....I see," Hanso replied. "Well, there's an issue of privacy in this but...I do understand what you're doing. Makes sense. I'll have someone give you what you need."

                  "On that subject... it won't be that easy," Synner continued. "I may have skill in matters of the mind, but this is hardly something I can do on my own. I'm going to need the co-operation of the SEC's members if I'm going to pull this off. You see, the reason I've chosen this timing in particular to contact you is because the ceremony is about to begin. It's the perfect opportunity to carry out the plan. However, I'll need... at least fourteen members of the SEC at my command, at least five of which should be skilled Psychics. I request that a moderately powerful psychic network be formed between all fifteen of us. Is that acceptable?"

                  "I'll be there will the team of psychics," Hanso stated.

                  "Good, good," Synner replied. "One last thing. On the subject of Darkrai. It is only a suspicion at this point, but I feel that he may somehow be involved in the creation of the Valkarian Exposure. I have no proof to support this claim, so I won't press on it any further than I have to, however... as a precaution, there is a certain resource that I may require from you. Personally..."
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                  A tense meeting.

                  Joshua continued his patrolling down the streets, dodging the drunks and more rambunctious party-goers as they careened through the streets. The longer he went on, the more the crowds began to act up, and the more it began to wear on his nerves. This festival couldn't end fast enough...

                  "Hey! The trash bin is over there!" Joshua called out, seeing an obviously tipsy Vigoroth tossing his empty ale bottle on the ground. Joshua sighed, shuffling over and picking it up, tossing it away. "I swear, manners have all but disappeared here..."

                  "Oh look, someone else who's refraining from the party scene?" A certain over-sized dragon came traipsing up to Joshua and smiled at him. "Litterbugs sure are annoying right? But at least they aren't fighting I guess."

                  "Hm?" Joshua looked towards the voice, seeing the green Dragonite walking towards him. He recognized him as Callimer, though he couldn't say he personally knew the dragon. He heard stories, and had seen him once or twice around, but not much more than that. "Yeah, I suppose so. Still, this festival seems to be bringing out the worst in everybody."

                  "All too true, especially in a party as big and important as this one I'm afraid. I'm all for fun and even some crazy partying occasionally, but in this case I don't quiet feel like the methods match the morals if you will. I still appreciate what we're celebrating, but is this the way to do it?" Cal let out a big sigh and grabbed another piece of trash to throw away. "If it's frustrating for us I can only imagine the kind of nonsense Guardia's already dealt with today, and she's probably got more in her path too."

                  Joshua nodded in agreement. "I don't think we should be having this 'festival' in the first place... but that's not really my place to decide." He took a look around at all the happiness and cheer, sighing lightly before turning once more towards the Dragonite. "Well, at least it's only for today, I suppose."

                  Without paying much initial attention to the two conversing in the middle of the street, Abel walked right in between the two Pokemon. As he did, he knocked right into the two of them, which caused him to avert his gaze from his planned destination and turn back to the Swadloon and Dragonite. "Watch where you're standing, citiz-" Abel began, before noticing a gold tribe insignia on the Swadloon. He immediately stopped his statement, and began a new inquiry. "Where did you get that, boy?"

                  Joshua muttered an apology to the Medicham as he brushed past them, until he turned around with a question. Joshua looked at Abel, confused. "Get what? W-what are you talking about?"

                  Abel approached right in front of the Swadloon, then leaned over and tapped the gold tribe insignia with fervor. "This, boy. Where did you get it? Because it clearly doesn't belong to you."

                  Joshua backed away a bit nervously, unable to look the Medicham in the eye. "B-but it does belong to me... I'm a... ah..." he stammered over his words, sweat forming on his brow, before he cleared his throat. "J-Joshua 'Watchman' Vensworth, s-sir!"

                  "You must be joking," Abel replied, crossing his arms as he looked down at Joshua. He shook his head before he continued. "If this is a joke, I assure you it's made in very poor taste. The crime is very harsh for theft of this magnitude where I come from. Harsh but fair."

                  Joshua began to panic slightly, feeling incredibly intimidated by Medicham accusing him of theft. "No no no! I swear, t-this isn't a-"

                  "Hold on, hold on." Cal stepped forward and made himself known, since Abel seemed to be pretending he wasn't even there. "I know of him, this is indeed Watchman; I try to be aware of all of my brothers and sisters. You should settle down a bit, people might think you're one to jump to conclusions."

                  Abel turned his gaze from the Swadloon to the large Dragonite. Upon examination of this interestingly colored Pokemon, Abel found he too had a Gold Tribe insignia on him. "And you are?"

                  Cal straightened his back and recited "Callimer 'Sentinel' Vian. You know most pokemon are taught to introduce themselves before asking the names of others. I can only assume from your ignorance of who we are that you are either a recluse or Beatrucian. So who might you be, brother?" At first he spoke sort of sternly while he looked at Abel's badge, but he evened out near the end before he said 'brother' since he didn't know whether this Medicham deserved his respect or not yet.

                  "Atrox," Abel answered plainly, the only indication of explaining who he was. "So he's Gold Tribe then? Hmph," Abel once more returned his stern gaze to the Swadloon. "Apologies for the confusion. I expected the Gold Tribe to appear more formidable and intense and less....this," He stated as he gestured to Joshua.

                  Joshua looked down at the ground in embarrassment. "I-I'm sorry..." he muttered.

                  At that, Abel would find the tap of a very sharp claw on his uncovered shoulder. "Excuse me. I happen to have noticed you're an a*shole." came the voice of the Scyther behind the claw. "Now, let me be clear. I planned to lay low in the city during this festival and I didn't want nothin' to do with causin' trouble" Charlie lied. "But if you keep being an a*shole, we gonna be havin' some trouble, you hear?"

                  Joshua perked up at the Scyther's interjection. That voice... it couldn't be, could it? He tried to get a closer look, but with Abel in the way, combined with his short stature, he couldn't.

                  "Excuse me." The Dragonite cleared his throat at the Scyther's interruption. "In case you didn't notice, I had no intention of letting Watchman be picked on. This was a just a little bit of culture clash, our Beatrucian brothers and sisters haven't had quite the same experiences as us. There's no need for threats, and I won't have them made unnecessarily right in front of me." Hie antennae perked up at the Scyther's badge and he looked at it closer. It's real, but then... "Hmmm... I could have sworn I knew almost everyone in the Valkarian Tribe... forgive my ignorance but who, exactly are you?"

                  Charlie crossed his claws across his chest. "I'm not threatening anyone. This guy's going to leave 'Watchman', as you call him, alone and there won't be a problem. As for who I am, my name's Charles. Or that's what my pompous old git of a father would have me call myself. Charlie's better. You might have called me "Feint" once, because yes, I was a part of your tribe before I woke up and smelt the bullsh*t. Following the Vensworth legacy, my ass. I got outta the tribe. And I'm sorry to see that my little bro's in it now."

                  Everyone was beginning to blabber way too much for Abel's liking. He turned around to the one who called himself Charlie, getting a good visualization of his face for later. He would need it. He didn't like the way he was talking. Sounded like someone who would be causing trouble. He then turned back over to Joshua and Cal. "Right, remember what I said about watching where you're standing. Streets are for walking, not talking. Besides, brothers, you ought to be focused on patrolling rather than chatting anyway," He declared, before brushing past the three of them.

                  As Abel left, Joshua got a good look at the Scyther. Not that it was really necessary at this point; his fears were confirmed when the Scyther introduced himself. Joshua just stared at Charlie... unsure of how to react. He just froze in place, completely silent before finally blurting out the first excuse he could think of.

                  "The Medicham is right... I, uh, I have to get b-back to patrolling!" Without another word, he turned tail and scurried away, not quite running, but much faster than normal pace. There wasn't a destination in his mind; anywhere but there was all that mattered to him.

                  Cal had been disappointed, for a minute he thought Charlie might have actually been someone he'd forgotten about, or at least someone likable. But all pretenses of politeness shattered when his dislike of the Gold Tribe surfaced. As everyone else made their exit Cal looked at Charlie, his eyes much colder than before. "Let me be perfectly clear, I don't really give a Raticate's ass what you think of the Tribe, I know what my family is like now and that's all that matters. And frankly, I hope you have a good time at the party. But cause any real trouble, and I'll escort you out of the city myself, even if it means carrying your crushed body the whole way." And he walked off without giving the chance for a retort.

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                  Thomas Blake and the Valkarian Exposure - Running Late!

                  "Wew!" Thomas Blake, leader of the Valkarian Exposure exclaimed as he dropped the body of the still unconscious Gabe beside him, resting on the side of the road. He had been carrying his body for the past hour or so, trying to get him to the ceremony with him. Thankfully Sven the Sandshrew was there to help him, but he could only handle so much weight. If only Gabe weren't a Dark type, it would be so much easier. Thomas panted heavily, his breath short and his body sore. "Sven, what time is it?"

                  "Almost six in the evening, Tom." Sven replied, sitting beside the Hypno.

                  "Six?! Damn it, the ceremony is going to start soon! We'll never make it like this...." He said worriedly. He looked down at the unconscious Greninja, and shook him a bit. "Come on, wake up!"

                  "Looks like he's out cold..." Sven stated.

                  "Damn it, alright we're gonna have to go without him!" Thomas declared.

                  "Eh,'s only the ceremony. We don't have to be there, do we? Why is it so important?"

                  "Sven...the ceremony is where everyone's going to be. I have to make sure no lies are spoken about what happened in the Silver War. It's the best chance to command everyone's attention and gain followers. I have to be there," He said to Sven sternly. Sven stared back, a bit of worry in his eyes, looking down at Gabe on the floor.

                  "O-ok. Yeah, I get you. What about Gabe?"

                  "I'll tell some Alpha Alliance soldiers to go pick him up and take him to medical along the way. Come on, let's go!"

                  Guardia and Hanso - Eve of Commencement

                  The Festival had been in full swing all day. If it won't go down as the largest celebrations Gold City has had in a long time, it'd definitely be on the top of the list. As the hour grew later and the sun began to descend, many of the Pokemon had a specific destination in mind: the center courtyard of Gold City, Liberty Square. There, a stage and podium was set up, with flowers and decorations hanging from the sides of it. In the center, an enormous wreath had been set up, where Pokemon had been adding the names of those they had lost in the war for over two days. By this point, the wreath was covered in little tiny paper marks, to be lit up at the ceremony in remembrance of the day. Also on the stage were two giant goblet-like structures with fire brewing from them. It was the grandest stage of all of the ones scattered around Gold City.

                  Guardia had just arrived next to the stage, seeing an already massive gathering of Pokemon around it as they eagerly awaited the commencement of the ceremony. General Grett was already there, talking with some of his fellow Pokemon, as was General Riken, a veteran of the Silver War. Guardia also spotted quite a bit of Gold Tribe brothers and sisters as well, with more coming by the second. He expected he would eventually see Penance and Snype here, as well as Hanso. Upon further examination of the area, he saw that Scar had been there the entire time, sitting on the same rock he was left on when they departed each other earlier that day. She wondered if he had been sitting on that rock the entire time. Guardia gave the Mienshao a wave, who waved back at her.

                  Suddenly, a light tap was felt on Guardia's shoulder, causing her to spin around. To her surprise, it was her old friend, the Gallade Hanso SharpEye. "Hanso!" She exclaimed happily. The two embraced for a moment. "Good to see ya!"

                  "You too, Lyn. How's the Gold Tribe doing?" He asked her.

                  "We're good," Guardia stated, giving the Gallade a wide grin. "You know, doing what has to be done, and the like."

                  "That's good, I'm happy. I hear good things."

                  "Yeah, well. I always had this crazy Gallade watching my back, keeping me focused," She replied back, referring to Hanso. Although he hadn't always been around when he left the tribe at the end of the Silver War, it was him who gave her the support to become leader in the first place. She never did forget that. "How is everything at SEC?" She asked curiously. SEC had expanded so much now in the past thirty years. Whenever Guardia reflects on it, she is often quite surprised that he had managed to pull it off so successfully.

                  "Well, Winoc's running a tight ship," The Gallade with the oddly-colored eye began, looking around the sea of Pokemon gathering around the stage. "I'm guessing we'll see him somewhere around here eventually."

                  "Yeah...lot's of 'mon showing up." Guardia agreed, also looking through the crowd of Pokemon. Something caught her gaze and she nudged Hanso to show him. "Look there," She told him, motioning at the Hypno VE leader Thomas Blake who had just ran over to join the crowd of Pokemon around the stage. "Those guys get on my nerves."

                  Hanso nodded in agreement. He thought for a moment, particularly about what he had been planning earlier with Synner. A question came to his mind. "...What do you think's their angle?" He asked.

                  "Hmm? What do you mean?" Guardia inquired.

                  "I mean, why do you think they're doing the things they are? Do they really believe them?" He began to watch the leader closely as he forced himself through the crowd to get a better view to the front. "Does he?"

                  Guardia watched the Hypno with Hanso, looking back to the Gallade afterward. He definitely knew something was up, and she was curious what that was. "What have you heard?"

                  "Just rumors...we'll talk more after." He stated.

                  All around, the Pokemon murmured and chirped excitedly to see the ceremony commence.

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                    A Small Reunion: Siblings Reunited

                    Penance saw that the whole area was getting crowded now as Alex smiled, "Ah, what a lovely atmosphere! So, I'm presuming I can keep Obsidian company for a while? Don't worry, I won't take him far away!" He said to Penance as he grabbed the shocked Weavile's hand and before he could protest the dark type was dragged off into the crowd. Penance got off of Surge and frowned, "Keep an eye on him." He told his Kadabra friend softly.

                    He glanced around, his bill widening as he saw some white and green. "Your turn." He murmured to himself as his left eye became gray once more. He made his way through the crowds and let out a light cough, "Ahem. Brother... it's been some time."

                    The Gallade turned around at the sound of the familiar voice, one he hadn't heard in a year or so. "Sis!" He said a bit loudly. He went in to give her a hug, but quickly pulled away. He felt a bit strange hugging her ever since she had been in Penance's body. "How've you been?"

                    Brynn giggled and playfully punched his shoulder, "I've been alright. I won't force you to hug me in public." He said with a wide smile, "I've been good, mostly been going around quite a bit as you can imagine. I know the ceremony is starting soon, but I just wanted to see you. We really should have time... you DO have time right? Now that you aren't heading your group now."

                    "...Yeah I have some time. We'll talk after, OK?"

                    He nodded, "Oh, uh, Penance did run into Alexandre. Just thought you should know." He put a hand on his shoulder as he managed a weak smile, "But... I would like that." He quickly pulled his hand away as he squeezed his eyes shut, "Sorry sorry, I forgot you hate that." He rubbed his forehead, "Heh, I can be a klutz sometimes huh?"

                    Hanso palmed his hand into his face. He disliked the fact of his son getting to close to Penance, but he had been doing it now for years and it wasn't likely to change, no matter what he said. "No arguments here," Hanso teased his sister. "Hey...Brynn," He began, giving her a slight nod and a smirk. "It's good to see you again...well, you know what I mean."

                    Brynn truly smiled at that, "... Thank you Hanso. Really. In any case, I better let Penance get ready, but I'll lead him away for now." As the Golduck began to walk away he turned around for a second, "But you know I'm still taller!" Brynn stuck out his tongue playfully as he kept on walking away.
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                      Kaveri came to a halt at the edge of the crowded Liberty Square, huffing a bit from her hurried jog to get there. It seemed her rush had been for nothing, though, as the ceremony hadn't yet started! Well, that was a relief. It meant she had time to find Cal! She couldn't really sit through such an important ceremony without her blood brother by her side, yeh? Normally she'd have an easy enough time finding him, but with a crowd this large, there were plenty of figures equally as imposing as his... Hmm, how to find a big green dragon... Oh, right, tall buildings!

                      Aqua Jetting herself up to the second floor window of the nearest building, Kaveri grabbed onto the windowsill and surveyed the crowd below. 'Where oh where could her little bro be... Aha!' Shoving off the wall, Kaveri Aqua Jetted herself through the air juuuuust far enough... then dove down towards the green blot below, reenacting the way she had tackled the Emerald Sentinel earlier by once again wrapping herself around him. "Found ya! You'd think it'd be easier to find an eight foot tall dragon, but noooo. Eh well, I've found ya now!" Sliding down from his back, she slipped around to face him, remembering something very, very important. At least, she thought it was very, very important. "Oh yeah, ran into Snype earlier. Ya know, King of Thieves guy? We went on a date and stuff. It was great," she said, watching him with an expectant smile as she awaited his reaction.
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