pokegod investigation and crazy

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Posted March 5th, 2019
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doubts hack pokemon yellow

1 would be possible to put 3 Kanto regions johto eg Hoenn

2 to as size can expand a rom pokemon yellow
3 believe that my idea is crazy
4 apologize for making this short subject
and how much is the maximum you can put pokemon
and first I'm reporting to know my idea can

Pd because nobody says anything on this issue in this forum
taking advantage of the error glitch city could do more maps and can increase the amount of pokemon
my old profile -the-gatolete-2-

someone help me with some doubts yellow Pokemon and spam do not put this in my hand and later remove that my signature

link del tema
Urgente necitamos scripter para pokemon edicion zeo es verdad

Urgently seeks scripter for pokemon rpg maker xp and pokemon essentials

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