shop in overworld and world map

Started by gatolete22 July 25th, 2015 6:23 PM
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shop in overworld and world map

ordering rules
  • 1- Overworld orders accepted, world map, overworld pokemon hack and essentials
  • 2- Do not bw world map and only do dp HGSS
  • 3- Pokemon overworld not be done only trainer
  • 4- If you can give me some pictures of your fangame trainer or hack and tell me if it can be eg network of fire bw HGSS etc.
  • 5 and credit plase

my old profile -the-gatolete-2-

someone help me with some doubts yellow Pokemon and spam do not put this in my hand and later remove that my signature

link del tema
Urgente necitamos scripter para pokemon edicion zeo es verdad

Urgently seeks scripter for pokemon rpg maker xp and pokemon essentials

my new shop


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Posted February 15th, 2020
Hey there! This seems cool, and I'm glad you want to help people, but can you post pictures of work you've done before? To run a shop, we need to see examples what you're capable of. Can't expect someone to buy a product they can't see, after all!