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FireRed Pokémon Timeless Artifact

Started by Capitalist Ness March 6th, 2016 11:31 PM
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Capitalist Ness

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Posted May 28th, 2019
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Pokémon Timeless Artifact

Introduction & general description of storyline
Pokémon Timeless Artifact is a hack made on a Fire Red base. I decided that I am not going to aim for graphical/technical gimmicks in this project. The game itself will focus on storytelling(by no means it's gonna be like Gone Home, my hack actually has gameplay). The story's main themes are greed and corruption. Due to certain events, the player character gets an opportunity to form his own team with an eccentric newly met partner. He gladly takes it, which leads him to various situations of all sorts. The story's biggest conflict revolves around temptations given by endlessly expanding power and possibilities.

  • Modernization(Dollsteak's patch, infinite TMs etc.)
  • 491 Pokémon available to capture
  • New music
  • Various hidden details and secrets
  • Choices that might slightly change your game experience

Known issues
  • Player's sprite changes while running
  • Ugly pattern before the titlescreen appears(known issue with the method I used to insert the titlescreen)
  • A bunch of tile errors(there might be some I'm not aware of)
  • The world map still uses the vanilla player sprite
  • The player character's backsprite remains unchanged

During the development, I used various resources and I didn't pay mind to remember/write down the authors. There's a possibility I might've forgotten to include someone. Please inform me of that on PM.
  • SphericalIce - ASM, biggest help
  • Brzoz - helping me out in various tedious stuff
  • PMKK - few maps
  • Doesnt - help, some ASM
  • FBI - help, some ASM
  • Bela - help
  • VGMusic - music
  • MrDollsteak - decap and attack rombase, gen vi sprites
  • Chaos Rush - poke sprites
  • JPAN - rombase
  • ipatix - sound mixer
  • Alisa180 - all instrument patch
  • Josefig - honest advice regarding design and gameplay, grammar fix in the thread
  • Squeetz - music hacking help, samples and some music from his music patch
15 minute demo gameplay video

Alpha 1.0(Dead link)
Release date: 7th March, 2016
Notes: ~15 minutes of gameplay. Think of this release as a sample. It took me 2 years of development to reach this stage and I just couldn't wait any longer to release the game. The game ends after the first trainer battle. The path is simply blocked with a movement permission. The patch is in a .ups format.

Alpha 2.0
Release date: 4th May, 2019
Notes: ~30 minutes of gameplay. This version was made soon after the first alpha, but I didn't release it because I wanted to make it longer. Unfortunately, the game started bugging out and with every fixed bug an another one would appear. The game ends soon after first gym. There are no roadblocks, this version ends in a location with a bunch of unscripted OWs. IMPORTANT: Save state before every major fight! There's a chance of a freeze during screen transition to battle. It happens with the first gym battle and the boss battle after the 1st gym.

Developer's IRC channel
ayy lmao


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Posted February 14th, 2019
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Ayy, about time you posted this thread. It looks pretty decent too. The demo that's out is pretty good too, having just finished the whole demo I think the last one I played ended after the Mountain scenes. My only slight problem is that I feel like there needs to be more grass you actually have to walk through in after the Mountain scenes but right before the first town. Having grass mostly separated from routes is good, but I feel like there needs to be grass to walk through so it gives the player more of a reason to train more, especially before the first trainer battle. There, criticism of a very short demo you can't even really criticize right now. Happy?
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Posted December 4th, 2019
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Got any new screenshots? Specifically I'd like to see this wall.

Capitalist Ness

can't stump the trump

Seen November 28th, 2019
Posted May 28th, 2019
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I've released the second alpha. I've wanted to put more fixes before release, but I just gave up on it. I didn't want to bother with it since this hack won't be continued. I'm planning to start a whole new hack and I'd rather focus on that.
It ends after a major battle soon after the first leader. There are no roadblocks, it ends with a location with unscripted OWs. I am aware of the bugs present in this release, and a lot of music is bad unpolished mess.

Even though the project is dropped, I'd love to read some feedback. Your opinions and criticism will be important for me to keep in mind in the future.
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