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Can you do an article about what happened, for those who don't want to trawl through the liveblog logs?
It was basically a recap of all the news. It would probably be better to just read info off Serebii or another fansite from Tuesday and Yesterday.

There was also a literal yes man who kept saying 'Hai' which is Yes, Yeah or Yup in Japanese.


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Well this was boring. No wonder I slept through it hahahaha

Hopefully next week will reveal something that's new and worth discussing.
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I wish we coud have learnt a couple new things, but as some said before, we've already learnt so much about Pokemon Go, and Pokemon Sun/Moon this past two days that we can't be disappointed or sad.
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I think we got more than enough yesterday to keep people discussing and speculating for a good while. I was overwhelmed by the information we got from E3, so I wasn't really expecting all that much to come of this Pokemon Special.