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Some of these new areas are looking really nice!


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It's so beautiful :3


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Apparently I noticed Silvally is genderless (and going by that, Type: Null as well). Guess that means we have to give up any hope for egg moves on that guy.

I also noticed the male protagonist running through a field of flowers, so I wonder if this means the flowered grass mechanic from X/Y is back as well?

Also, Pa'u Oricorio is using what appears to be the Psychic-type Z-Move. It looks damn awesome. And Pokedex Rotom appears to be vital if we want to track down certain Pokemon since they appear only in certain very specific grass patches.

Eevee also confirmed as #123 in the Alola Dex, with Vaporeon at #124, Jolteon at #125 and Glaceon at #130. That confirms Flareon is #126, Espeon is #127, Umbreon is #128, Leafeon is #129 and Sylveon is #131.

Edit: Exeggcute and Exeggutor are #269 and #270 in the Alola Dex! They are going to be native to Poni Island (the fourth island aka late in the game) according to the Dex leak.
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