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This is fine.

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You can host competitions in Pokémon Sun and Moon, and try out rental teams in battle!

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Posted June 9th, 2018
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I was really excited for this feature. I thought it would include a lot more customization on the competitions you host than it actually does, which was quite a let down for me. I wanted to make competitions where I limited pokemon used to a single type, or make them all level 5 for a little cup, only use pokemon from a specific region, or make a sky battle tournament. Instead, there's not a whole lot of customization. I hope that changes soon because my quirky competitive creativity demands it for myself and my friends! Plus it would be fun to have friendly competitions here in the community
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Well this is a new feature if nothing else.

QR codes to try out new teams. Don't think I'll be using this to be honest. If I want to try out say a Trick Room team or a Sun Team I can just breed them and run through the (Hax filled but still somewhat fun) Battle Tree.

This may help alleviate one of my biggest complaints with online battles though of all teams looking the same.

With QR codes being used here it is even more baffling they didn't use them for the missing Mega Stones.

I am also somewhat disappointed that it's yet another thing for the battlers. All Non Battlers have got through events this Gen is Magearna. A Shiny Rowlet distribution say or new clothes distribution (Say a Decidueye shirt for boys and a Primarina one for girls) would give non-battlers something to receive.
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But when it comes time for a real competition, you’ll have to put together your own team—Rental Teams aren’t allowed in formal tournaments.
It's not very hard to hax an identical team so I wont be surprised if some cheap players just get good rental team and "clone" it for tournament use instead of training their own team by themself.
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