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It seems you can get Mega Stones without participating in online competitions! However, you may still want to sign up for the February competition – registration starts soon.

Read the details here!

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Good to hear this, I suppose it means it will be easier for more people to access these Stones now.


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Thank god everyone can get them, I'm not too bothered about waiting either tbh.


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It's welcome news that it seems to be the case that you don't need to enter the online competitions to get the Missing Mega Stones.

I am disappointed however that there is no talk of when the other Mega Stones are being made available especially Gardevoirite. I really would not be surprised if Gardevoirite is not made available until next year.

So hackers can use Mega Gardevoir now whilst I have to wait until some indeterminate time. That's not fair.

Whilst the news that all Mega Stones will be made available eventually is welcome there is no excuse why they shouldn't be in the game in use first place.

Then again it is no secret that Game Freak love events whether it screws the fanbase or not.
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Posted December 21st, 2018
I signed up for it.

I know they would eventually be released in 2-3 months, but I'm going to join them until I get a gardevoirite.