Magikarp Jump Update!

Started by Radiating June 8th, 2017 6:49 PM
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We reeled in a big update! Get your Magikarp ready and take the plunge!

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A new update for Magikarp Jump has been released!
This update includes:
・You can now challenge the Heal League!
・You can now fish up new patterns of Magikarp!
・New events have been added!
・New Friendship Items and Decorations have been added to the Diamond Shop!

We reeled in a big update! Get your Magikarp ready and take the plunge!

woah, I'm still in the fast league, and there's already a new one? What is hype.

Also, new patterns is always exciting. Do you think we'll get the Super Old Rod for this?

inb4 kanto starters friendship items.


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i continue to be the queen of sneaky post merges
cool update! i'm playing now, hoping to spot some of the new patterns.


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This update is awesome! Just after I beat the final league too, so now I've got more stuff to challenge. This league is gonna be a paaain. Any idea what the new patterns are...?
I haven't caught any yet :( I'll keep you updated!


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ya (p^-^)p Sweet. I'm about halfway through the luxury league atm and playing a lot so it's nice to have more to look forward to, even though I know that final match in the luxury last league is really hard lol. Exciting!


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I'm so happy! Even though I'm still at the great league, it's awesome to look forward for more. More decorations and friendship items? Time to start grinding for diamonds. Either that or I lose my wallet...

EDIT: Greninja OP.


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Grinding for diamonds is a really tough task. Wish I hadn't wasted so many at the start of the game.
I knew you'd regret it :P


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ah nice! lookin forward to the new patterns this update has. i'm only on the third league but hopefully i can get caught up with the update.