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Video and info in the article! GO Fest in chicago will kickstart it, and then it's worldwide. :B

Staff Anime Villain Collab - Earl de Darkwood - Interstella 5555

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The Retelling of Pokémon Colosseum
Paired to Sheep :>


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then it's worldwide
Broke my heart a little. I should go to Chicago lol


used Sacred Fire!

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I just wanna get Ho-Oh and Lugia!

Although an Articuno would be cool :)
I was Forever. You prob don't know me. I usually stop by at April Fools & at Unova's anniversary. Hi & bye!


we love our tennis

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That is one darn cool video! As more details of the legendary raids come out I'm starting to get more and more hyped for it but would still love to know more information. I think my favourite legendary to appear would be Articuno as I adore her and would absolutely love the chance to have one on my team but I don't think I'd complain about any of them really! Do we know how long the legendary raids will be in the game for or will they become a permanent feature?