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Welcome to the Fourth exciting installment of our Journey!!!
if you haven't read my FIRST Challenge Log,
and check it out!!!
Don't read out of order!!


If you've been reading along from the beginning let me start by saying thank you and welcome back. Any feedback, advice, requests or comments you have would be greatly appreciated so please continue to PM me. Also, like the thread so I know you're enjoying everything!

Our journey in Honenn ended with some insanity and the details of what is really happening are still a mystery! Now in Sinnoh, will Dialga provide any clarity? Will Claire destroy us before we have a chance to find answers? Who really knows......other than me....because I'm writing it...

All of that said, TLDR!!!!!...
I'm playing...

Welcome to my Challenge Log!
I hope you enjoy!

All the rules are listed below. Every rule that differs from the standard Nuzlocke has been highlighted in Blue.

1. Any Pokmon that faints is considered dead, and must be boxed.
2. I cannot use any healing items..
3. I cannot buy Pokeballs (I can only use what I find)
4. I must nickname all of my Pokemon.
5. A black out/white is a "game over," even if there are Pokmon left in the PC.
6. Battle type is SET.
7. I can catch whatever I want.
8. At the end of the game I must catch all of of the legendaries to win..
9. No Duplicate Captures.
10. I can use HM slaves for moving around, but if I use one in battle it is an automatic game over.
11. None of the Pokmon in my party should ever be a higher than the Ace Pokmon of the next gym before and when I ENTER said gym. If a Pokmon is in violation of this rule it will not listen to me until the gym is defeated..
12. The number of Pokmon I can have in my party and boxes combined (including the death box) at any time is determined by the number of Gym Badges I have obtained plus two. (For example I can only have three Pokmon in my party once I have obtained my first Gym badge)

I will be playing Pokemon Diamond Version on a Nintendo 3DS.
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"Hello there! It's so very nice to meet you! Welcome to the world of Pokmon!" The TV blares as an older gentleman appears on screen. "My name is Rowan. However everyone just calls me the Pokmon Professor. This world is widely inhabited by creatures known as Pokmon. Here, I have a Pokeball. Touch the button on the middle of the Pokeball of you please."
I hold my toy Pokeball in one hand and slowly press its button to play along.

"No, no! Not that button!" The Tv continues. "The button on the Pokeball."

My eyes shoot open surprised, and a little terrified, at the videos intuitiveness. I glance around the room to make sure no one will see me as I obey the TV and press the middle button of the Pokeball on the TV screen. Suddenly a small Pokmon appears on the screen.

"Witchcraft..." I say out loud backing away from the TV.

"We humans live alongside Pokmon as friends. At times we play together and at other times we work together." The Professor continues. "Some people use their Pokmon to battle and develop closer bonds with them. What do I do?"

"Other than stand creepily still for an entire video?" I quip.

"I conduct research so that we may learn more about Pokmon." The small Pokmon disappears and his hand moves to his hip faster than my eye can make out. "Now, why don't you tell me a little bit about yourself? Are you a boy or are you a girl?"

I slowly back away from my TV and then dart to the top of my stairs. "Mooom, the creepy guy in the video is asking about my sex..."

"It's fine honey!" My mother calls back. "The video is interactive! Just finish it so you're ready for tomorrow!"

"But it's creeeppppyyyy..." I whine.

"Ok honey, moms going to finish her drink now! Go play!"

I grunt as I walk back, positioning myself in front of my TV screen and I notice the video hasn't continued without me. "Boy," I say with a raised eyebrow.

"All right, so you're a boy? Tell me what is your name?" The video starts again.


"So you're Knost? A fine name that is! Now this boy here! What might his name be?" The screen shows a picture of my neighbor.

I narrow my eyes as a sly smile crosses my face. "....Dr.Butts..." I say with as serious a tone as I can muster, extremely proud of my superior wit.

"Dr.Butts, is it? That's your friends name?" The Professor asks with oddly perceptive skepticism.

I squeak out a "...yes," trying not to laugh out loud as I hold my hand over my mouth, my eyes watering.

"All right...." the video continues. "Knost! The time has come! Your very own tale of grand adventure is about to infold. On your journey, you will meet countless Pokmon and people. I'm sure along the way you will discover many things, perhaps even something about yourself. Now, go on! Leap into the world of Pokmon!!!" The video ends with a *blip* and the screen switches to normal Tv as the news says something about a Gyarados.

"That was it?" I say with disappointment. "Ok then..."

I walk down the stairs and my mom charges me. "Knost! Dr.Butts came calling for you a little while ago! He said it was an emergency!"

I grin wide as I put on my best 'I'm innocent' face.

"Yes, I heard what you called our neighbor. Very clever." She laughs shaking her head. "Either way, I don't know what it was about, but he did ask that you hurry over."

I rush towards the door. "Don't go out in the tall grass! You'll get attacked!!!" I hear my mom scream as the door closes behind me.

I run to my neighbors house as he bursts out of his door and bumps into me. "You are such a douche." He says with a smile. "Your mom called my mom, who called that gossipy old lady, who apparently called the entire town and now everyone is calling me Dr. Butts!" He laughs. "You suck. And now, you owe me, so you and I are going to the Lake to find that Gyarados everyone's looking for! Hurry up or you'll owe me...a million, no, no...TEN MILLION DOLLARS!" He says mimicking Dr. Evil from Austin Powers as he runs off.


-I lead the way to the Lake as Dr. Butts continues on about finding a shiny Gyarados. When we get there we see a man who looks like the Professor from the video I'd watched earlier and a girl looking out at the Lake. I can't hear what he says, but he doesn't stay long and leaves without a word. Dr. Butts sees that he left his suitcase and runs into the grass to grab it so I follow him in. We're immediately attacked by two Starly and I fall into the suit case causing three Pokeballs to fall out. I pick one up and throw it...and a Chimchar pops out!! It takes down the Starly with ease!!!

-Chimchar and Piplup, Dr. Butts' Pokmon, return to their Pokeballs and we laugh at how cool the whole exchange was.

-Unfortunately, the girl who was with the Professor catches us and has us follow her back to town to fess up to our incident.

-We get back to town and...I was right! The old guy was the Professor from that creepy video! We try to give him back his Pokmon, but he refuses them and runs off to his lab.

-I return home and my mom tells me I need to go and apologize further to the Professor in Sandgem town. I put on my new shoes so I can run there and I take off.


-It's a long trek to Sandgem town and we're attacked by various Pokmon, which Chimchar protects me from valiantly, but we make it in one piece luckily. I'd hate to return a dead Pokmon :/

-When I meet with the Professor he says I can keep the Chimchar and asks me if I want to Nickname it!! Heck yes I do!!!

Welcome.....ENMA the CHIMCHAR!!!!

With a temper as fiery as his buttocks, this little guy seems to be ready for a fight at any moment.
NATURE: Naughty
HP: 20
ATK: 13
DEF: 10
SP ATK: 11
SPD: 11


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-I go home, tell my mom the good news and introduce her to Enma. She wishes me luck and I pick up a Parcel for Dr. Butts. His mom says he's in Jubilife so I'll head there first and hopefully pick up another Pokémon!!

-I get to Route 202 and Dawn, the girl who works with the Professor, meets me to show me her Pokémon catching techniques. The whole process is pretty straight forward, but it pays off because she gives me 5 Pokeballs!!! (I can't buy any Pokeballs per my own personal rules, so starting out with some is amazing)


-After parting ways, I meet up with Dawn again in Jubilife City. She tells me that Dr. Butts is at the trainer school....Dr. Butts lol

-The Level Cap for the first Gym is 14...that's low. Enma is already Level 10 which is worrisome.

-I get to Route 204 and find some Budew!!! I'm gonna catch one!!

-The first Budew I catch is an Adamant nature...nah. I send that little guy right back into the wild lol It's a wasted Pokeball , but...I just can't use an Adamant Roserade haha

-The next Budew I catch is a winner!!!

Introducing.....TANGO the BUDEW!!!!

We first met Tango as she danced up to Enma batting her eyes and flirting hard. Although hard to believe, she seems undeterred by the differences in their egg groups and the fact that Enma's mere presence could be her end as her attraction to Enma is absolute.
NATURE: Modest
ABILITY: Natural Cure
HP: 18
ATK: 6
DEF: 8
SP DEF: 11
SPD: 10



-I had planned originally to catch a Budew with Poison Point, but I couldn't release a Modest nature when I'm trying to conserve Pokeballs.

-The next Pokémon I want for the team isn't available for a little while so I'll have to be careful with these two.

-Trained Enma and Tango up to Level 11 and 9 respectively. Time to find Dr. Butts.


-Gave Dr. Butts his parcel and he revealed it was actually a Town Map! Apparently he already had one so he gives me the extra. Nice!

-He says the next Gym is in a city called Oreburgh so that where he's headed. I guess that's my next destination as well.

-I battle two trainers in the school. Enma crits the first trainers Abra with an Ember and takes down the second trainers Abra.
Tango learned Stun Spore!! And I got TM 10 - Hidden Power!!

-A man stops me outside of the Trainers school and tells me he invented something called Poketches. He says if I find three clowns that he hired he'll give me one....I hate clowns...

-I find the clowns and get a Pokewatch! It's kind of awesome. Still hate clowns though.


-Dr. Butts jumps me as I enter the route and demands a battle. I'd like to be like, "thanks no thanks," but he throws out his Pokémon before I can object.


-Dr. Butts leads off with Starly so I swap Tango out for Enma who takes a Quick Attack. Enma uses an Ember next and burns the Starly greatly weakens it. Next turn Starly goes down to another Ember.
-Next Dr. Butts sends out his Piplup so I again make a switch and send out Tango who takes a Growl. Tango uses Absorb 3 times (wow that's such a weak move) to down the Piplup.

-We win! Dr. Butts vows to never lose again. He runs off to the next town to take on the Gym! I think I'll follow suit!

-I'm finding it difficult to level up Tango due to the type of Pokémon in the area, wild and domestic. Hopefully that changes soon because Enma can't take much more experience being level 12 already.


-This is it. The last stop before Orburgh City Gym.


-We'll train up here hopefully getting both Tango and Enma to Level 14 despite my worry that we might accident over level one of them before the second Gym.

-I have to take the risk however because I know this next Gym has a Cranidos featured in it. I don't know if my team has the defense to live that kind of power.

-Hopefully this isn't where our journey ends.

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-I needed to level up Enma a bit more so I explored the mine to the south of the city. It's a good thing I came down here, because I found the Gym leader! She shows me how to use Rock Smash and then scurries off to her Gym.

-Once Enma is level 14 I'll take her on.

-Two seconds later...

ENMA hits Level 14 and evolves into MONFERNO!!
Still extremely hot tempered, I often have to apologize to opposing trainers because of how ferociously Enma likes to end his opponents. Also, I think he's been watching too much Naruto because he keeps using hand signs before he's kind of adorable though...don't tell him I said that lol
NATURE: Naughty
HP: 45
ATK: 33
DEF: 22
SP ATK: 29
SP DEF: 20
SPD: 29

Team Update:

NATURE: Modest
ABILITY: Natural Cure
HP: 38
ATK: 12
DEF: 15
SP ATK: 20
SP DEF: 26
SPD: 24



NATURE: Naughty
HP: 45
ATK: 33
DEF: 22
SP ATK: 29
SP DEF: 20
SPD: 29



-Enma won't fare well here so I need Tango to step up and solo the Gym hopefully.

-Tango Mega Drains the first two trainers in the Gym and defeats them without any issue. Time to take on the leader....


-I lead with Tango as Roark throws out her Geodude!! Tango could easily KO this Geodude right away, but I instruct her to use Growth instead raising her Sp Attack. Roark uses the strategy over offense approach as well and has Geodude use Stealth Rock. I guess that seals Enma's place on the bench haha. Tango goes for growth once more and takes a Rock throw to the face which takes 45% of her HP!!!! What?! This could be bad. I decide however that we need to stay the course and Tango uses growth once more. I hold my breath. Geodude uses Rock Throw again. Tango lives with 15 HP. Whew. Tango KOs Geodude with Mega Drain. One down.
-Next Roark sends out Onix. Tango uses Mega Drain again and KOs the Onix bringing her back to full Hp!!
-Finally Roark sends out her Cranidos. I'm worried about this thing. Tango uses Mega's a ONE HIT KO!!!!!

WE WIN!!!!!!!!!!


-The next level cap is 22 so we have a bit of breathing room. That said, I'm not sure what's ahead of us, so I'll need to play conservatively.

-I think that we can go get out next teammate now that I can use Rock Smash!!!! I'm so excited!!!!

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-I head back through the Oreburgh Gate to Jubilife City as Dr. Butts catches me and reveals Eterna City, northeast of Jubilee, as the next acessable city with a Gym.


-Trying to pass through Jubilife, I find the Professor and Dawn being hassled by some funny looking twins. The Professor reveals the twins to be a part of an organization called Team Galactic and he asks me to take them out. Enma is in the lead so he goes on the offensive, does a few hand signs and destroys them with Mach Punch. They run off, I get my pat on the back from Dawn and I continue on my way.


-After trekking through Ravaged Path and meeting a dead end in Floaroma Town due to the Team Galactic twins loitering in front of the Meadows entrance, I decide to head west to Route 205.

-A little girl stops me and tells me her 'papa' is in some place called the Windfall and some 'space men' won't let her in. She hasn't seen him for days and has been wandering around trying to get to him. I take her back to Floaroma Town, get her something to eat and leave her in Nurse Joy's care with a promise to find her father.

-On my way to the Valley of Windfall (thanks for the clarification Nurse Joy) I pass Route 205 where I was planning to catch my next Pokémon. But that will have to wait. These Team Galactic bullies need to be dealt with.


-After easily defeating a Team Galactic Grunt outside of the Valley of Windwork's building, I hear a high pitched, bubbling sound coming from the grass to my left. My attention is only drawn for a second, but I hear a *KERCHUK* as I look back to the building and realize that the Team Galactic Grunt had run inside and locked the door....well crap. Good job Knost.

-Now locked out and feeling foolish, I decide to interrogate the grunts I'd seen on route 205...when something leaps out of the bushes!!!! The Pokedex captures its cry and confirms what I'd's a Shellos! The Pokémon I wanted from Route 205!!

-I only have 4 Pokeballs which I need to use sparingly so I send out Enma to weaken it. Once I have its health low I send in Tango to use stun spore. Now with the Shellos low in health and Paralyzed I throw a, two, three shakes and a spark!

Introducing LAGERTHA the SHELLOS!!

The first thing you'll notice about Lagertha is that she looks like she has been in quite a few fights, sporting scars all over her pink squishy body. She also loves Heavy Metal music.
NATURE: Modest
ABILITY: Storm Drain

-After a brief 'Welcome to the team' moment, I explain the current situation to Lagertha and she seems to understand. Back to our mission!


-After checking with the two grunts in route 205 and getting nowhere, I head off to Floaroma Town in hopes of having better luck with the grunts there.

-As humans will do from time to time, they've moved...


-I find the two grunts picking on a man and trying to steal his honey. When I try to break it up they attack me citing me as a witness. It's doesn't go well for them as Enma has been working hard on his 'Beat up morons no Jutsu''. After a hard lesson learned, the grunts leave in haste, now terrified as Enma goes a little overboard defeating their Pokémon.

-They accidentally leave a Works Key! I can get into the Valley Windworks now! That little girl won't be an orphan!!!


-I take out a few Grunts and switch train Lagertha to level 9.


-After defeating all of the grunts in my way I find a woman who states proudly that she is a Team Galactic Commander. She tells me that their teams aim is to "create a world that's better than this one" and reasons that I can't possibly understand what they are trying to accomplish. I ask her to explain, but she decides I'm not worth her time and attacks me...

-Enma sweeps her team with no trouble. She disappears into thin air.

-A scientist tells me he was taken hostage because Team Galactic is seeking an "energy" to create a new universe. I try to dig a little deeper, but the little girl from before runs in and gives the scientist a hug calling him papa. I'll leave them to reunite in peace.


-Now a hero, I head north to continue my journey.


-I meet a girl named Cheryl who asks if I will protect her in exchange for her healing my Pokémon whenever needed until we make it out of the forest. Sold.

-Had a couple of very close calls because Every Single Freaking Battle is a double battle (thanks Cheryl) and those are terrifying. Luckily we make it out of this double battle hell without any losses.

-I part ways with Cheryl and she try's to give me her number. I have to turn her down as I can't commit to anyone right now. Also, she seems a couple years older than me. Can't blame her for trying though, my scarf and beret game is on point today.


-We've made it!! The next Gym in our journey awaits!!!!...after I train a bit more....

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On my way to train on the route just beyond Eterna City I run into a strikingly beautiful woman with golden hair.

"Oh, oh's you," the beautiful woman says as she walks up to me examining my hat, my scarf, and then me. "...Wow." She giggles. "Well, let's have a look at you. Look up here?" She asks as I turn my eyes upwards to meet hers. "Right...there you are." She smiles and I melt.

"I-I'm Knost." I squeak out, my voice betraying me as it cracks into a million different pitches.

"Of course." Her smile widens. "That's a Pokedex right?" She says pointing to my hip and standing up straight, a good foot taller than me. "You must be helping Professor Rowan with his study?"

I nod awkwardly, my voice suddenly trapped, embarrassed and unsure of itself.

"Well, my name is Cynthia. I'm studying Pokémon mythology, searching for information on Pokémon like the one portrayed in that statue behind me," she smiles turning to look behind her and then back to me. "Perhaps you'll come across a Pokémon like that on your journeys."

I can't stop nodding. This is awful. Why can't I make words happen? Just speak!! "I'll try!" I finally blurt out a little too loudly. Dial it back Knost. "It's nice to meet you," I whisper. Smooth. Nailed it.

"It was so very nice to finally meet you as well Knost." She nods with a warm smile. "In fact, to commemorate our meeting why don't you keep this if you don't already have it," she says handing me a disc. "It's the HM for Cut."

I nod again. Nodding is safe. Less embarrassing.

"Alright then." She laughs pulling her hair behind her right ear and rustling my hat. "Luck be with you my little trainer." She say as she walks away. "Until we meet again!"

...'Until we meet again.'............

-What was I going to do? Oh yeah, I should train.

A short while later...

-We're ready for Eterna Gym!!!!!! Wish me luck!!!!

Team Update:

NATURE: Modest
ABILITY: Storm Drain
HP: 67
ATK: 26
DEF: 26
SP ATK: 31
SP DEF: 32
SPD: 25



NATURE: Naughty
HP: 66
ATK: 49
DEF: 32
SP ATK: 44
SP DEF: 29
SPD: 45



NATURE: Modest
ABILITY: Natural Cure
HP: 55
ATK: 17
DEF: 22
SP ATK: 30
SP DEF: 39
SPD: 36



-This went about as expected having chosen fire type as my starter. Enma had a field day using Flame wheel to KO all of his opponents without issue. In fact, he was so dominant that the gym leader, Gardinia, just conceded the match to us, sparing her Pokémon from a fiery end. Tango swooned. Lagertha turned her music up to full volume and head banged to the carnage.

My team is weird, but awesome.

WE WIN!!!!!


-After defeating the Gym I try to purchase a bike from the local shop, but the employee inside explains that the owner had been abducted by Team Galactic. I'd noticed earlier that Team Galactic owned a building in town so I figure I'll start my search there....What would they want with a bike shop owner?

-After finding the doors unlocked, I'm immediately attacked by grunts. Lagertha seems to invite our assailents and Water Pulses her way through them with ease. I want to use Tango here as well, but I'm little worried her durability in a non-advantaged battle due to her terrible defenses. I'll keep her on the bench for now.

Commander Jupiter

-Her Skuntank had me worried for a second, but after swapping Lagertha out for Enma it was game over. Enma is a simply a beast.

-We win. Jupiter gives a speech about nothing and then disappears.

-Because I saved the owner of the Bike shop he gave me a free bike! I can go on Cycle road now!!


-Cycle road was about what you'd expect. Just a bunch of trainers battling on bicycles. Lagertha and Tango level up a bit though which is nice.


-Coming out of Cycle Road Dawn catches up to us with gifts!!! She me a Dowsing App and a Vs Seeker...I prefer food gift but hey, free is free lol

-I look around and see a bike trail that leads to Oreburgh. I've already been there so I continue to search.

-I ultimately take advantage of my being able to use Cut and, after a bit of exploring, I find Wayward Cave.

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-I'm straight lost in here lol what is the purpose of this place?

-I find other trainers! Maybe they can help me out of here. They want to battle...fine.

At the end of the cave I meet a set of twins who ask to battle. The match goes pretty easily until Lagertha gets poisoned. At the far end of a dark cave. Without any items. I try to stave off panic and keep my cool as I ask the twins for help. Unfortunately, they don't have any Antidotes either. I check my Pokewatch and see that Lagertha still has 33 hp. 'I can make it...' I think searching through my bag, looking for something useful. I find an escape rope!

Now outside the cave, I make my way to Oreburgh. I know there's a PokeCenter close, but as I make my way I notice that for every couple of steps I take Lagertha's HP drops 1 point. 27 HP left now. 'Is the bouncing accelerating the poison damage?' I think.

'Ok, no more wasted steps.'

I can see the bike trail to Oreburgh from here. 22 HP left.

It's getting dark. I don't see anyone around. I walk further and check my watch. 10hp left. I'm still a good ways from the bike trail. 'I have to find another trainer. I need help'. I walk further.

I check my watch again. 2 HP left. I stop mid-step and freeze in place. 'What do I do?' I start to panic. 'I can't give up, but....there's nothing I can do.'

"HELP!!!" I cry as I watch Lagertha's eyes slowly shut. I check my watch...still 2HP. 'Come on please let someone hear me...' "HELP!!! PLEASE!!!!" I yell again, but no one hears me. 'It's too late. I'm too far from Oreburgh. I...if I don't move she'll be ok, right?' I reason. 'I'll just stay here. We can just stay here. Someone will come. We'll just wait for morning. We can just wait here....She'll be ok.'

Hours later.....

I startle myself awake as I stumble forward, catching myself. '....It's still night.' I think as I look down and notice where I am. 'I moved!' "Lagertha!" I scream. "Come on...COME ON!!!" I shake her gently trying to wake her, but she doesn't move. "Lagertha...please," I plead, tears rolling down my face. "Please....I'm..." I turn her slightly as her body shifts without reflex. My body heaves in realization.

It's over.

"I'm so sorry." I weep into her. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry," I repeat reaching for her Pokeball. I roll the ball in my hand to press the button as I prepare to call her back, one last time, when...a movement...I drop her Pokeball quickly positioning her to see her face..."Lagertha?" Her eyes flutter open for just a moment and then close again. My breath gets caught in my chest all at once. 'Lagertha survived the poisoning?!' I check my watch. 'The poison faded away!!'

I look to Oreburgh as the sun starts to rise. I sprint towards the PokeCenter. 'It will open soon and then everything will be ok. We will be ok.'

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"Alright, she's all ready for you!" Nurse Joy exclaims with a smile, pushing Lagertha on a cart towards me. "She's good as new!"

Lagertha bounces and let's loose cries of excitement, bobbing and jiggling like nothing ever happened. As she gets close she leaps off of the cart and into my arms snuggling into my embrace. She'd been through a lot, but you'd never know it seeing her act like this.

I set her down in front of me and grab her Pokeball from my belt. I don't speak Pokmon like some people are rumored to be able to do in other regions, but as I place her Pokeball in front of her, I can tell she understands.

"You can leave all of this now." I say in all seriousness trying to hide my emotion. "I'll take you back home. You don't have to fight for me."

She pushes the ball back at me with a scowl, producing a foam of bubbles aiding a sound I could only describe as a bubbly roar.

"So much attitude," I say with a smile. "Alright, alright. Just...if you ever want to leave, know I won't try to stop you." I didn't expect anything less, her dark Pink scars a constant reminder that her world isn't exactly free of danger, but she should know the choice is hers.

This situation reminds me of what my parents would say about our relationship with Pokmon when I questioned them on the why's of our world as children often do . They would always say that we're not the only species to set out on journeys to grow, evolve, to get stronger, change form. That Pokmon seek us out for a reason. They depend on us as much as we depend on them for guidance and protection. I just hope I'm up to the task.

"Want to get out of here then?" I ask as Lagertha nods with a smile and climbs up my arm to rest on my shoulder.

If she wants to continue her journey she will. I won't try to her choice away from her.

And so our journey continues if not for ourselves then for each other. I'll try not to let her down.


-The next Level Cap is 30 so I can let our team fight freely in trainer battles, but I'll hold off on any training in the wilds.

-I might want to add another Pokmon to the team, but as long as we stay together, our Fire, Water, Grass core should hold strong and buy is time.

-That said, there's a Pokmon on Route 214 that I'm considering. That's a long trek, but we should be good until then.


-From Mount Cornet to Hearthome it's pretty much smooth sailing.

-When we reach Hearthome we find our way to the Contest hall and my mother is there! She gives me a suit, which I'm super excited about until she makes me change into it in front of everyone!

-The trips not all bad though as we also got to rummage through their Pokeoutfits and accessories. Tango took pink bow. Lagertha took a chain necklace. And Enma found a Naruto style headband which he refuses to take off.

-After those thrilling events, we realize that there's not much to do in Hearthome aside from contests, so we head south! I wonder where our adventure will take us next!!!!

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25 steps later....

"Dr. butts!!!" I yell out seeing my friend's awkward blonde hairdo just outside of the City limit. He turns towards me and shakes his head.

"Come on man..." he says running up to meet me. "Call me by my real name. No one calls me that anymore."

"Oh my god! Are you Dr Butts?!" A group of girls screech as they run up to him giggling. "Can we have an autograph?"

"My name is Barry! Barry!" He says as they continue to giggle. "Ugh... they never listen." He says shooing them away and turning back to me. "...You've made my life a living hell Knost..."

"Don't get all bummed out." I laugh. "At least you're famous."

"I'm not." He scowls, reluctantly waving back to his fans as they leave. "You're so annoying. Come on, let's see how strong you've gotten."


-Tango's in the lead vs Butts Starly. I don't like the matchup so I call back Tango and send out Lagertha as Starly uses Double Team. The Double Team proves successful with Lagertha having trouble landing an attack as Starly increases its evasiveness. Water Pulse miss. Double Team. Water Pulse miss. Facade takes Lagertha down to 45% Hp! I contemplate swapping Lagertha out, but I take a deep breath and instruct her to use Water Pulse one more time. It hits!! KO!!
-Butts sends out his Roselia as I swap to Enma for the quick KO with Fire Wheel.
-Butts sends out Prinplup. Tango KOs with Mega Drain.
-Ponyta is last up for Butts. Lagertha KOs with Water Pulse.


"Sorry about the whole Dr Butts nickname situation." I say as Lagertha scurries up may arm. "I had no idea it would turn into a thing."

"It's not all bad." He says shrugging. "I got a free bike because of it."

"Good." I say sheepishly as I hide my own free bike behind me. "That never happens!"

"I know right! Yours probably cost a fortune." He laughs hardly. "Either way, I should leave before those girls tell people I'm here." He turns sharply looking behind him and shaking his head. "They're very sneaky. I'm going to Veilstone City to get the next Gym badge! I won't lose to you again Knost!!"

"Bye Barry!"

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? - "Jerry erased everything?! There's nothing to show?!"

? - "Not everything...Just the entirety of Dr Butts battle #2 He said we shouldn't worry though, it was mostly something called, filler."

? - "Filler?! Wha...That's important information!"

? - "He left a synopsis."

? - "Thank Dialga. He did?"

? - "Would you like for me to read it?"

? - "Yes, please."

? - "Knost had two Gym battles and won them both."

? - "Easily?"

? - "No, apparently they were really good matches. Came down to the wire."

? - "What did he say happened?"

? - "He wrote 'they were really good matches. Came down to the wire. You really should have seen it, they were awesome.' "

? - "FFFFFUUU.....this can't be really happening....."

? - "Two Pokmon evolved and...Knost caught two more Pokmon."

? - "What?! That's huge!!! How did it all happen?"

? - "I have no idea, but it was apparently very emotional."

? - "Should I even ask?..."

? - "Jerry wrote, 'I cried.' "

? - "I can't...." *deep breathing*

? - "There's more if you think you can pull yourself together."

? - "There can't be more..."

? - "Enma died."

? - "NOOOO!!! ENMA DIED!! How?! And how is Tango taking it?"

? - "She is currently wearing Enma's 'Naruto' headband in mourning."

? - "How did he die? Was it bad? Did he suffer? *voice cracking with emotion* Did he sacrifice himself for Tango?"

? - *shoulder shrug*

? - "I mean!!!!...Can we kill Jerry?!!!!"

? - "He's related to the boss."

? - "F%*#!!!!....Ok, so we're recording now and the Hypnos are in place for Knost's thoughts, right?"

? - "Yes, grunts, move the feed to main screen please."

? - "What are we looking at?"

? - "It looks like Knost has arrived in Celestic town to deliver the package for Cynthia."

? - "Who's that he's standing with? Is that...are we doing another Cyrus event so early?"

? - "No, no, we never deployed ours! Aiyee! He's locked us out! W-we must stop everything..."

? - "No, Knost can handle himself. We just...The grandma is still in the simulation, right?! Get her to intercept! And someone get our controls back up!

? - "Cyrus could ruin everything!! We must stop..."

? - "Knost would never forgive us! And besides there's no time...we slow down now and this was all for nothing."

? - "So you would prefer that we do nothing? Let Cyrus burn all that we've done to the ground for his ridiculous plan?"

? - "We do what we do best Faba....we have faith..."


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In the post above I changed and edited some dialogue. They were small, but necessary changes for my storyline going forward, so please check that out before reading on. :)

Also, I've put together a bit of a team recap below as Jerry, a.k.a. My phone, erased a big chunk of our journey.

Thank you for your understanding and I hope you enjoy! #BlameJerry


He died saving his love Tango from certain death. My first Pokémon, my Naruto watching buddy and a hero till the end, he will be missed.

--Team Update--


Following Enma's death, Lagertha assumed Tango would take over as 'Team Leader'. Unfortunately, Tango, mourning Enma's passing, became quieter and quieter, preferring to stay in her Pokeball at all times. Lagertha, in turn, evolved into a Gastrodon and stepped up as new team members were added, taking on a sort of mother role for the team. A mother who loves heavy metal music and mosh pits.
NATURE: Modest
ABILITY: Storm Drain
HP: 117
ATK: 56
DEF: 51
SP ATK: 71
SP DEF: 58
SPD: 42



Evolving before the passing of Enma, it's been difficult to watch the bubbly, happy Tango trade her normal elegance and grace for violence and recklessness. I've tried to help her as she grieves, but so far I've been turned back in my efforts. She only dances in battle.
NATURE: Modest
ABILITY: Natural Cure
HP: 88
ATK: 44
DEF: 41
SP ATK: 83
SP DEF: 65
SPD: 63



Upon catching Pitch, the Ruin Maniac points out that her pale complexion would indicate that she will evolve and change in appearance to be all black. She loves to snuggle and prefers to roam free of her Pokeball.
ABILITY: Sand Stream
HP: 90
ATK: 64
DEF: 60
SP ATK: 38
SP DEF: 38
SPD: 32



A prankster, I first meet Bonnie as she was trying to tie my shoe laces together. Luckily for me, feathers make it very difficult to tie knots. Unlike Pitch, Bonnie hates to be held.
ABILITY: Super Luck
HP: 90
ATK: 76
DEF: 38
SP ATK: 67
SP DEF: 40
SPD: 82


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"Can you not feel it? The world dying around you? Being torn apart?" I hear a voice say as I walk out of the cave mouth. I look up and see the Leader of Team Galactic, Cyrus, as he traces the stone with his hand.

"You're team Galactic's Boss! What're you doing here?!" I yell releasing Pitch ready for battle.

"Honestly, how can you keep up this charade Knost?" He turns to me unfazed by Pitch's aggression. "Put that Pokémon away, it's almost sad now."

"What's your angle Cyrus?" I step away from him as Pitch pounds the ground with a growl. "What are you planning?!"

"You really do have the mind of a child. You want to believe the lie so badly," he squints his eyes to look at me. "Do you believe in your plan so fully? You just accept this don't you...?" he moves closer as the sky flickers. "Remarkable," he laughs. "I'll never understand what The legends see in you that they don't see in me. But that's why your here, right? 'Know the generations as if they were your own.' 'Befriend the Legends so that they will save us all!' "....he says waving his hands. "As if they care about us at all..."

"Knost! Don't listen to him." Cynthia's grandmother walks up positioning herself between Cyrus and I. "He's just using lies to confuse you! He doesn't want you to see what his team is really up to!"

"Save it." Cyrus says with a curled lip. "I only thought I'd reach out to them all one last time, seems the 'Masters' are too far gone." He leans around Cynthia's grandmother to look at me. "Please, continue on your childish mission Knost. I'll take care of things myself." He pushes buttons on his watch and disappears with a, "Farewell."

"What was he talking about?" I say as I take out Pitch's ball and have him return.

"He's lost his mind child. Don't pay him any attention." She reaches in her bag and pulls out a disc. "Here my daughter wanted you to have this. It's the HM for Surf. Good luck in your next Gym knost. We're all rooting for you."

"Thank you." I take the disc with a determined nod. "I won't let you down!"


-After our odd encounter with Cyrus, I decide to take Cynthia's grandmother's advice and make my way to our next Gym.

-The puzzle here is made up of simple math questions, so I breeze through it pretty quickly.

-I reach the gym leader expecting a difficult battle, but the Gym Leader, Fantina, doesn't prove to be anymore difficult than her gym's math equations.

-Bonnie KO's her entire team and the gym with Faint Attack.


-On to the next Gym.

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-Continuing to move forward in our journey I make my way to Canalave City to take on our next Gym.


-As this gym uses mostly Steel types, Lagertha is my lead here.

-Lagertha sweeps everything to the Gym Leader easily.


-I should've healed. Relying on cheap strategies, items and getting just plain lucky, Byron has me on the ropes. Worse than just feeling like I've lost momentum however is that Lagertha is running out of Surf and I can't use an Ether.
-We get down to Byron's last Pokémon, Bastiodon. Lagertha is down to just one Surf and has been consistently outsped. Tango, recognizing the situation, leaps from my side and hits the Bastiodon with a Stun Spore. Bastiodon let's loose a Flash Cannon. It's a critical hit...Tango dies. Enma's headband lands in front of Lagertha.
-Lagertha picks it up, lays the headband around her neck and with tears in her eyes, attacks with her final Surf. It's hits the Bastiodon. The Bastiodon goes down.

I'm sorry I couldn't help you move on from Enma...I guess I missed him too much. I hope where ever you're going you can learn to dance again. Say hello to Enma for me.

We win.
We receive the Mine Badge.

-As I leave the gym holding Tango's Pokeball, Barry meets me outside and asks me to follow him to the cities library. We meet up with the Professor and Dawn. Rowan asks us to split up and help him find the legendary mirages, as he believes team Galactic is after them. Barry to Lake Acuity, Dawn and the Professor to Lake Verity, and I'd cover Lake Valor.


-As I step through the opening to Lake Valor I realize I'm too late. The Lake had been drained, leaving teams of Magicarp to litter the area, flailing unsuccessfully to find water.

-I defeat the grunts who are guarding what a cave that had been exposed due to the draining of the lake.

-Once inside the cave, I meet a man who identifies himself as Commander Saturn. He attacks me, but Bonnie has none of it and KOs his team without issue.

-Defeated, Commander Saturn brushes off his loss and disappears after bragging that the Legendary Mirage at Lake Verity had already been caught as well.


-I rush off to Lake Verity, flying to my home town and biking furiously through the Lakes entrance. I find Professor Rowan handling a Galactic grunt who he tells me in a panicked voice that Dawn is all by herself trying to fend off grunts and protect the Legendary pokemon that resides here.

-I defeat all of the grunts between Dawn and I, as Dawn tries to fend off Team Galactic's Commander Mars.

-Commander Mars concedes defeat after Lagertha sets up Rain and uses Surf to easily KO her entire team.

-Unfortunately, we're told we were too late as Team Galatic had succeded in its ploy to capture all three of the Legendary Mirage Pokémon.

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-I know we failed Protecting the Legendary Mirages, but no one has heard from Barry and he was there last.

-Having never been to Lake Acuity before, I make my way through Mount Cornet and into Route 216.

-The Environment catches me off guard as I look at my team, shivering uncontrollably, and see our massive weakness to Ice. I decide I should grab another team member on the way if it doesn't slow me down much. It's times like this I really miss Enma.


Jon Snover is a little ball of joy, jumping and playing recklessly despite his many, many, many weaknesses. He loves to build snowmen, watch Christmas movies and he loves eating peppermint.
NATURE: Serious
ABILITY: Snow Warning
HP: 87
ATK: 45
DEF: 45
SP ATK: 49
SP DEF: 48
SPD: 36

-Thanks to Jon, I finally find the opening to Lake Acuity, but two Team Galactic grunts block my path. I rush to Snowpoint City. I check around the city for Barry, hoping he'd somehow escaped, eventually finding myself in the City's gym.

-I read the sign in front of the Gym. The leader uses Ice types...Jon won't be enough...I can't beat the gym with the Team I have now...


Betsy is a very focused Pokémon. After losing her initial battle to Bonnie, Betsy now follows her around trying to learn from her. Bonnie allows this, but I may have to put a stop to it if Bonnie keeps convincing her to jump off of high platforms in an attempt to learn to fly.
ABILITY: Pure Power
HP: 93
ATK: 51
DEF: 58
SP ATK: 51
SP DEF: 56
SPD: 75


-I don't have a choice. I can't get past those grunts and I need to find Barry. Hopefully I can convince the gym leader to help me.


-Betsy easily sweeps the gym and the gym leader Candice.

We win!!

-I rush to Lake Acuity as Candice leads and takes out the two grunts that had blocked my path.

I walk through the clearing to see a Team Galactic member standing over Barry, holding him up by the neck of his shirt, as Barry slumps almost lifeless.

"Oh dear...are you not finished yet?" I hear Commander Jupiter cackle hitting Barry once again. "I mean your Pokémon aren't bad, but you, you're laughably weak. You thought you could beat me Dr Butts?" Jupiter says mockingly. "Dream on little kid."

"Let him go!" I yell running closer to them now realizing just how badly Barry had been beaten. "Oh my god..." I gasp seeing the blood run down Barry's face. "Pitch go! Use Crunch!" I point as Pitch charges Jupiter.

"Oh fine then." Jupiter says unflinching. "I guess I'll let him live." He says dropping Barry and pressing a button on his watch. "It's too cold to stay here another minute anyways."

He disappears in a flash as I rush to Barry. I get a pulse.

-Bonnie flys Barry to the hospital as I have Candice give me a lift to Veilstone. I'm done playing around with Galactic. It's time to shut them down.

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Off to Team Galactic's Headquarters in Veilstone City.

I just got word from Dawn that the doctors say Barry's injuries weren't life threatening, but he has at least two broken ribs and he may lose an eye based on the damage...

I tried to get Cynthia, Snowpoints Gym Leader, to confront Team Galactic with me, but she just repeats what every other gym leader had said when asked them the same thing, 'this is something you need to do yourself.' Bunch of cowards. Team Galactic can't be allowed to torture people and Pokémon. If no one wants to help, Ill do it myself.

I arrive in Veilstone and head to the headquarters front entrance. In my haste, I bump into a grunt who's too terrified to battle. He hands me a key and tells me to use the warehouse entrance around back.


-As I open the warehouse doors I find a Dusk Stone immediately. It seems a little too good to be true, but I can't deny that I could use the power boost. I use the stone on Bonnie.

BONNIE evolves into HONCHCROW!

Normally a prankster, Bonnie is all business after she evolves. She seen a lot of death in her time and she's tired of it. I'll have to make sure she doesn't do anything reckless trying to protect her friends.

-One battle later Pitch finally learns Earthquake, so I allow him to evolve!

PITCH evolves into HIPPOWDON!

Pitch, now a gargantuan 7' tall and almost 700lbs, still loves to cuddle despite my trying to explain that she could literally kill me. On the other hand she has luckily taken to staying in her Pokeball a little more....though she still doesn't like it.

I make my way through a maze of hallways, taking out grunts, until I find him. Cyrus...


"I see you're the..." Cyrus starts before I run up and hit him in the face.

What?!" He screams blood now flowing out of his nose. "Who just does that?! You're not even going to let me give a speech or..." I hit him again.

"Stop! What the..!" He stumbles back still holding his nose. "You want the Legendary Mirages? Fine! Take them! I don't need them anymore!"

"It's not just about them and you know it!" I shout shaking in my rage. "Your Commander 'Mars' tourtured my friend! What's wrong with you?!"

"None of its real!" He says stumbling back as I wind up to hit him again. "Ok, ok, the pain is 'real', but...Can't you see?! I offered you a chance to be a hero once before, to save all the people sacrificing themselves for this Granbull-crap, but you're too blinded by your own plans to see reality!"

"Shut up!" I yell grabbing Lagertha's Pokeball. "Enough of your lies!"

"We are losing everything while you and your friends are in here playing games!" He pleads falling to his knees.

"I won't let you hurt anyone else!" I yell in a rage and send out Lagertha. He sends out Murkrow.

-Lagertha leads and is hit with a Crit Astonish. Lagertha flinches. Murkrow uses Embargo. Lagertha sets up Rain dance.
Murkrow uses Night shade. Lagertha uses Surf KO!
-Next out for Cyrus is Golbat who outspeeds and uses Poison Fang. Lagertha uses Surf. Cyrus uses a Super Potion on Golbat. Lagertha uses Surf. A Bite sends Lagertha down to 25
Hp. Lagertha uses Surf!!! KO!!!!
-Sneasel comes out so I swap to Pitch who takes a Slash. Sneasel hits Oitch with an Ice Punch taking Pitch's Hp down to 49. Pitch uses Earthquake!!!! KO!!!!!! Yes!!!!!!!!! WE WIN AND DONT LOSE ANYBODY!!!!

"I'd almost forgot. You are indeed strong..." Cyrus says scrambling to his feet. "How wasteful. If only I could remove those pesky delusional emotions of yours Maybe you'd actually accomplish what we needed from you!" I pick up an odd looking Pokeball from the ground. "That's a Masterball." Cyrus says with a slight laugh. "Keep it. You were intended to get it here anyways. It wouldn't matter if I used it. The legends won't acknowledge me." He stands to his feet and backs away from me. "Not willingly anyway."

"Where do you think you're going?!" I shout as he continues to backs away.

"Mount Cornet, Arceus willing..." he starts to laugh. "I'll bring our new beginning myself. The lights in the room flicker... oops no more time...Hope I see you there Knost!" He puts his foot on the warp panel and disappears.

I run and step on the panel only to find myself in a room with green tubes filled with liquid. "Where is he?!" I shout grabbing a scientist.

"W-who, I don't know." The scientist says shaking. "P-please don't hurt me. Ohh, they're all right. This experiment has gone too far hasn't it?"

I keep running. I run into a back room and find the Legendary Mirages strapped to machine riving in agony. Commander Saturn spots me and moves my way.


"What have you done?" I say stunned at the scene before me.

"Silly 'child!' " Saturn shouts, laughing as he attacks me.

-Kadabra's first out for Saturn. Lagertha is still in the lead, but low in health so I swap to Bonnie who blocks a Psychic attack. Kadabra moves first again and uses shock wave. Bonnie tanks it and KOs back with Feint Attack.
-Next out for Saturn is Bronzor. Feint attack. Confuse Ray. Bonnie breaks through confusion and uses Feint attack KO.
-Toxicroak comes out. Bonnie breaks through confusion flying into the air. Toxicroak misses brick break. Bonnie breaks though confusion again and hits with Fly!!!! KO!!!

"You think you've done anything?" Saturn shouts pushing a button on a console setting the Mirages free. They disappear. "You've done nothing!!!" Saturn continues. "Cyrus already crafted the red chain from their crystals. Right under your nose!" He laughs. "Now he doesn't need you!" He shouts looking around the room. "He doesn't need any of you!! You hear me Colress!!! Cyrus will save....." the lights flicker and then go out. When the lights return a moment later Saturn has disappeared.

Shaken, but thankful my team and I are in one piece, I leave for Mount Cornet.

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-I try to avoid wild battles on the way up Mount Cornet, but due to Jon's poor speed some battles are unavoidable. It slows us down a bit, but in the end it pays off as....

JON evolves into ABOMASNOW!!!

I haven't been able to get a feel for Jon's personality now that he has evolved due to the seriousness of our current circumstances, but he doesn't seem to have matured at all. As soon as he evolved, he immediately demanded all of the peppermint I was carrying, consuming it in one bite, and started humming Christmas carols, his favorite being 'Santa Claus is coming to town'.

-I reach the peak of Mount Cornet.

-The sky flashes and flickers. Is this Cyrus' doing?

Mars and Jupiter appear with Cyrus as he stares at and types on a device attached to his arm.

I walk towards them warily, "So you showed u..."

"Shh." Cyrus says holding up a single finger in the air causing me to pause as he continues to type. I open my mouth to continue, but he waves his finger, "One secooonnddd annnddd.....ok!" He looks up at me. "Sorry, we're good now. So, wow..." he walks toward me looking around, "they still summoned it for you, in spite of everything." He chuckles as the sky continues to distort and flicker like a broken lightbulb. "They must have had a ton of faith in you boy."

"Stop talking nonsense Cyrus." I say standing firm, ready to send out a Pokémon.

"Nonsense? I've never been more real Knost!" He says laughing heartily. "I'm completely off script!" The sky rapidly flashes causing Commanders Mars and Jupiter flinch. "Shh, shh, shh. Don't worry, it's just the summoning. They can't get to us now. I've made sure that it's just the three of us until I have what I need."

"Who can't get to us?! If you have something to say just say it!" I say teeth clinched. "What is this all about?"

"This? This is about the destruction of all things Knost! With everything gone there will be no more fighting!" A red chain appears shooting into the air behind him. "No more strife!" Another chain appears as his laughter builds. "Time isn't meant to bend like this! Soon it will snap! And then that's it, we're done!" A third chain appears as it crosses the others and tightens down on an invisible mass. "But I can stop it! Now that I have Dialga, the ancient deity of time under my control!!" He continues shouting now as Dialga appears behind him, shackled by the red glowing chains as it roars in pain. "I can save us all!"

"You're insane!" I say releasing Pitch from her Pokeball.

"You're wrong!!!" he shouts shaking his head and gritting his teeth. He closes his eyes and calms himself. "Can't you see it Knost?! This reality can't be molded into the ultimate world we once sought out! The world we dreamed about!!" He steps towards me. "But I can still save us. With Dialga, I can create a new world, you see? Our God has forsaken us so I shall become a God!"

"Cyrus stop this!" I hear Barry's voice behind me as I turn to see him walking towards me, holding his side with a patch over his right eye. "Knost has a plan!" He smiles. "There's still time. We just have to support him!"

"You! Is it not enough that you lost an eye?! You want to lose your life as well?" Cyrus says with a growl.

"I trailed Knost while everyone thought I was still recovering." He says putting his hand on my shoulder with a smile. "I knew he would need help, so I..."

"Stop! Spare us from the pro-savior, inspirational CHARADE!" Cyrus interrupts, clenching his fists in frustration. "God, this subpar acting is insufferable!!! Mars! Jupiter! Shut them up!"

"We've got it!"


-We defeat the Commanders without much issue, but Pitch and Lagertha are barley holding on at 10 HP and 4 Hp respectively.

-Score! Barry heals up my Pokémon saying, he couldn't go on any further. Adding "It's your show now! I'll go get help!" As he runs off.

"Run off to let in your little friends, Barry! They'll be too late!!" Cyrus says turning to Dialga as what looks to be a mini galaxy starts to form above him. "Oh Dialga, this is fantastic!" Cyrus says in wonder. "It's beautiful! Is this the creation of a new galaxy? My new world?!"

Suddenly the Legendary Mirages, Unxie, Mespirit and Azelf appear surrounding Dialga as it roars in pain.

"W-what?!" Cyrus shouts as his Galaxy starts to diminish in size. "No what are you doing?!" He continues as Galaxy fades away. "I took your power!"

The red chains disappear freeing Dialga as it slumps to the ground exhausted. The Legendary Mirages vanish.

"Nooooooo!!!" Cyrus wails dropping to his knees. "Damn you! You pathetic 'legends'! You've killed us all!! This was our last shot!!" He stands slumped over as his face turns expressionless. "I was so close. I..." He pauses in silence. "I have to start over." He starts to laugh. "I'll catch them again and haha!" He turns and points at me. His laughter now turned to rage. His eyes wide. "The masters will never get in my way again!"


-Pitch leads vs Honchkrow.
A Steel Wing attack takes Pitch down to 117 hp. Pitch retaliates with Rock Slide. Cyrus uses a Super Potion. Pitch uses Rock Slide again, but the Honchkrow dodges it. Honchkrow uses another Steel Wing which crits bringing Pitch down to 54 hp. Pitch uses Rock Slide. It connects!! KO!!!
-Next Cyrus sends out Gyarados. Pitch stays in and uses Protect. Giga Impact from Gyarados misses. Gyarados uses Earthquake and Pitch falls to 12 hp. Pitch uses Yawn. Pitch uses Protect stalling enough time for the Gyarados to fall asleep. I call back Pitch and send out Jon. The Gyarados stays asleep. Jon uses Wood hammer. Gyarados wakes up early and uses Aqua Tail. Jon hits with a Wood Hammer to KO the Gyarados.
-Crobat next for Cyrus. Crobat uses Bite which crits Jon down to 14 HP and causes him to flinch. Wtf hax. I swap in Lagertha. Who gets hit by a Confuse Ray. I switch again to Bonnie. Crobat uses Air Slash followed by a Cross Poison bringing Bonnie to 9 HP. Bonnie uses Roost. Bite to 54 hp. Roost. Confuse Ray. Bonnie breaks through confusion to Fly into the air! Crobat misses Cross Poison. Bonnie breaks through confusion again to hit with Fly!!! Crobat survives on 1 hp! Bonnie uses Faint Attack to KO Crobat!!
-I call back Bonnie and send out Lagertha as Cyrus sends out his final Pokémon, Weavile. Weavile moves first and hits Lagertha with a Night Slash. It's a Crit! Lagertha dies. I send out Betsy. Weavile uses Night Slash taking Betsy down to 16 hp. Besty leaps in the air for a High Jump connects!!! KO!!!!


I hold Lagertha as I fall to my knees. The sky returns to normal.

"Knost, Knost! I'm sorry! Don't let them take me!" Cyrus shouts now with tears in his eyes. "They aren't the same! They'll..." he vanishes into thin air.

I turn as I hear footsteps behind me to see Rowan running to me with Dawn close behind him. Rowan slows as he kneels down next to me.

"Knost, I'm sorry." He says looking down at Lagertha's still body. "I know you're grieving, have to stop Dialga." Rowan says, reaching to take Lagertha from me, but I pull back. "It's only here for a short while! You have to capture it. Knost, we believe in....."

I put my hand up and say, "Please..." He stops talking. 'I'm in no shape to battle and I definitely don't need a hype man right now,' I think as I take Lagertha's Pokeball and call her back.


I stand to my feet and walk, stumble, heart pounding out of my chest, to position myself in front of Dialga. Pitch limps to stand next to me despite his health sitting dangerously low.

Dawn yells something, but I all I can hear is the sound of blood rushing through my veins.

I stand stoic before Dialga as it readies it's first attack. Pitch stands up on its hind legs to prepare for an Earthquake, but I call her back to her Pokeball, gather all of my teammates in my hands and throw all of my Pokémon to the side. I throw my arms out wide.

"This is what you want?!" I shout tears falling, "You just saw us fight for our lives! And you still want to attack?! You want blood that badly?!" I shout as Dialga's attack continues to build energy, the wind and elements reacting, whipping around me as I continue and take a step forward. "Fine then! But leave my friends alone! I won't let them fall to you!" Dialga stops, allowing the energy it had accumulated to fade and stands still. "Come on!! What do you want!!!!" I shout again. Dialga walks forward and bends, lowering his head to me.

"H-he did it?!....Knost you did it!" Dawn yells. "Use the Masterball! It's accepting you! You've saved us!" She cries.

I shuffle through my bag for the Masterball and throw it in Dialga's direction. It taps Dialga on the head and Dialga is turned into a bright red energy that collects in the ball as it snaps shut with a *Click* and rests still on the ground.

The ground rushes toward me as everything goes black and my consciousness fades. I hit the ground with a...*THUD*

"Knost! Knost, are you alright?!"

"He's not breathing!"






A mother to the team, I can honestly say this is a loss I have a hard time moving on from. This may be the end of this journey. I'm sorry. Rest In Peace.

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I wake in pain, groaning as I shift, laying flat in my back. I open my eyes for a brief moment just to close them in recoil as the light sends waves of pain through my head.

"Shh, shh, it's okay. Just lay there, you're still recovering." I hear a familiar, female voice whisper. "Lay back down in bed."

"Someone hit the lights." Another voice, male this time, chimes in. "We don't have much time."

'Recovering?' I think as soft familiar touch guides me back to lay in bed. I try to speak, but as I open my mouth, my throats feels like it's on fire.

"It's ok. You won't likely talk for a couple days. Listen closely." The female voice says gently. "We gave you back your memories temporarily. Think of who you are for me."

'I'm, Knost...' I think, my brain drowning in answers.

"Good, and where are you from?" The soft female voice continues.

'Sinn...' I start before a tidal wave of memories crashes into me. Hoenn, Sinnoh, Kan...' Kanto.' I think deliberately. 'I-I'm from Kanto. My moms name is Lidia. Y-your name is...your name is...'

"Don't try to think of who I am. Not yet." The female voice interjects as she touches my hand. "You're doing great. Now slow down, listen to my voice and try to control the memories as I ask you specific questions." The female voice encourages as I feel her squeeze my hand. "Can you do that?"

'Yes.' I think squeezing her hand back.

"Can you remember your mission?" The female asks.

'........No.' I reply.

"Think carefully. Not long after Kanto you visited many places. While in Sinnoh something happened. What happened..." the female asks.


"No, not that time." The female stops me. "The first time."

'....I met a girl.' I think.

"Yes," I hear the female smiling. "But I asked you not to think about that. What happened after you met the girl."

'........T-the sky opened...' I think my heart rate climbing.

"Yes, yes, good. And then what happened?" The female voice asks getting closer.

'I couldn't stop it...I tried to defend myself. You.' I think, my throat welling up. 'The world kept shifting. Different places...I was lost. I lost you.'

"Shh, yes good." The voice says I feel a tear hit my arm. "But then you found me. Now, listen." The voice slows. "Can you remember your mission?"

'Yes.' I think my heart almost beating out of my chest.

"Do you want to continue?" She asks.

'........Yes, but...only this one. I can't...I need to see them. See that they're ok.' I think, my brain quickening, flooding with memories.

"Are you sure?" She asks again. "You can say no."

'Yes, I'm sure.' I think, trying to open my eyes. The room is almost pitch black revealing simple outlines of what appears to be a room full of people.

"If we're going to continue than we need to do it now." The deep male voice from earlier chimes in. "It will be too hard if we wait any longer.

"Yes, of course." The female says with a sniffle. "Ok, you're going to sleep again and you won't remember any of this, but...I'm so proud of you." The female voice pauses and then starts again. "I'll see you soon."

I feel a kiss on my cheek as I close my eyes. The world around me starts spinning. There's a commotion of noise....I open my eyes again....

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3 days later....

"So you're off to Sunyshore City then?" Rowan says handing me my Pokeballs as we stand outside of the hospital.

"Yeah, I feel great." I reply clipping my team to my belt. "I mean, as well as can be expected. They said I was in pretty bad shape."

"You were. I was there when you went down, remember?" Rowan replies as we start to walk.

"No," I laugh. "I remember battling Cyrus, standing in front of Dialga and then...that's it...just a few fragments of hospital lights and nurses."

"That's good I suppose." Rowan nods with a sigh. "Are you sure you feel well enough to keep going?"

"Yeah, the doctors say I'm all clear!" I say with a quick stretch to prove it. "Besides, I just need one more badge and then I'm off to the Elite Four!" I yell releasing Pitch from her ball and jumping on her back. "You hear that Pitch?! One more badge!" I exclaim hugging Pitch's head as she lets out a loud, excited growl in reply.

"Knost." Rowen continues. "That was a very brave thing you did on Mount Cornet, but you don't have to shoulder everything in your own. Just be careful."

"No promises," I laugh as Pitch turns with a few heavier than necessary steps. "Opp! Looks like I'm leaving!" I say trying to hold on to Pitch as she stomps off. "Don't worry Professor! I'm going to catch another Pokémon and we'll be fine! I'm going to be Pokémon champion of Sinnoh! Just you watch!"

"Good luck Knost."

A short while later....

-On my way to Sunyshore I cross route 222 and catch a new team member!!

Welcome AQUA the FLOATZEL!!!

I'd heard that Floatzel developed the inflated yellow band around their necks to prevent drowning during water based fights as they often refuse to stop battling until they've passed out. Aqua proved this theory to be true when we first encountered her, fighting until the end despite the odds being stacked against her.
ABILITY: Swift Swim


-No fluff here. I head straight to the Gym for my final badge.


-Pitch makes quick work of all the preliminary trainers in the gym.


-Pitch obviously leads as Volkner sends out Raichu. One Earthquake and the Raichu goes down.
-Volkner then switches it up and sends out an Octiary as I send out Jon who soaks up an Aurora Beam and KOs back with a Wood Hammer.
-Volkner sends out Luxray who goes down to an Earthquake from Pitch.
-Ambipom is last for Volkner. Pitch uses Yawn + Protect to sleep the Ambipom and then KOs with a Soft Sand boosted Earthquake!

WE WIN!!!!

-Now that we have our 8th and final gym badge our sights shift to the Elite 4.

-I feel like our team needs a bit move type coverage so I go to Hearthome and head underground to find 4 heart scales. I use two to teach Betsy, Thunder Punch and Ice Punch. One to teach Pitch, Crunch. And I use the last one to teach Aqua, Ice Fang.

I head back to Sunyshore City and stand on its beach looking out to the last route before Victory Road, Route 223. A woman approaches me as I call out Aqua from her Pokeball.

"Hey, um, you're Knost aren't you?" She calls out. "Here, I'm supposed to....this is the HM for Waterfall. You'll need it for Victory Road."

"Thank you." I reply skeptically taking the HM disc from her. 'This isn't the first time a stranger has given me something in a timely manner like this,' I think. "How did you know I was..."

"Oh sorry, sorry." She says blushing. "My name is Jasmine, we've met...I'm from Johto. Oh, I guess it would be nice if you knew about the Johto region..."

"You know me?" I reply raising an eyebrow.

"I-I know your mom." She says blushing more. "Oh, I'm sorry, just. It's an honor to be here. I mean, you, Jessica, the're an inspiration."

"Is Jessica taking on the Elite 4 too?" I ask still confused. "I'm sorry I'm just not following you."

"Oh, um, I don't know how I should say this, but good luck," She says throwing her hands over her face and running off.

"Good bye!" I say completely confused. "And thank you!" I yell as she runs off. 'What an odd woman.' I think, tapping the disc in my hand. "Hmm. What do you think Aqua? Want to learn a new move?"

Aqua growls shaking her head.

"You're right." I laugh pocketing the disc. "Let's get to the next area first. Once we get there we can fly back and forth." I say looking back out to Route 223 as Aqua jumps in the water. "Let's go."

Next: Team Update, Victory Road, and the Elite 4!!
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Team Update:












There's a reason they use the term 'grinding' in reference to training your Pokémon at times. Without something, people specifically, to break up the battles, training for days on end is tedious and exhausting.

That said, we've grown tremendously. Now with our team at an average level of 65 we're finally ready to take on the Elite 4. Finally ready to fulfill our destiny. To live out the dream that Enma, Tango and Lagertha had in mind when...

"Knost!!! They told me you'd be here!" I hear a familiar voice shout just ahead.

"Get him Barry!" "Beat him into the ground!" "I don't care if he lost an eye. His patch is hot!" "Dr Butts4life!" I hear a group of girls shouting amongst themselves.

"Settle down ladies." Barry's says with a cheesy smile rounding the corner into my view. "I won't let you down."

"I was having a moment Barry!" I shout having been rudely interrupted.

"This moment belongs to me Knost! Prepare for battle!" Barry shouts pointing at me like an anime character. "The Doctor will see you now."

The girls swoon as Barry throws his first Pokéball.

I try not to vomit.

Two minutes later....

-Barry loses badly due to our now, very large level gap.

"Really?" I say with a puzzled look on my face.

"You watch! I'll get tougher and win my way through the Pokémon league!" He shouts with a wink.

I don't move, confused.

"Listen man, you owe me. We all can't be Pokémon Masters." He whispers pointing to his patch. "Just go with it." He waves his hand in a hurry up motion, "Act Scared."

I pause and then shudder slightly.

"Oh he's so Brave." "He never gives up." "He inspires me." The girls begin to chatter again.

"Ha! That's right Knost! You should be worried!" He shouts again walking off with his flock of admirers close behind. "You better not lose to anyone before me!"

I simply wave back. 'That was odd...' I think. 'But good for him.'


-----THE ELITE 4-----


-Bonnie leads as Aaron sends out Dustox. Bonnie uses Fly as Dustox sets up a light screen raising his teams special defense. Bonnie comes down and lands her Attack. It's a KO.
-Next Aaron sends out Vespiquen. I instruct Bonnie to use Fly again as Vesiquen raises her defense. Bonnie hits her Attack and is hit with a Power Gem as she lands taking her health down to 133. Aaron uses a full Restore on Vespiqueen as Bonnie uses Night Slash. Bonnie uses Fly andddd....Bonnie KOs Vespiquen!
-Aaron sends out Heracross next. I have Bonnie use Roost to gain back health and scout Heracross' moves. Bonnie recovers fully as Night Slash from Heracross does minimal damage. Bonnie uses Fly again and KOs Heracross.
-Drapion next. This one could be a problem. Drapion outspeeds and hits Bonnie with Cross Poison down to 129. Bonnie uses Fly taking Drapion below 50% health, but Drapion eats its berry bringing its health to 75%. Drapion uses X -Sissor bringing Bonnie's health down to 89 health as Bonnie uses Fly again. Bonnie takes the Drapion down to 25%. Aaron uses another full Restore as Bonnie goes for roost. X scissor. Fly. Drapion uses Aerial-ace to bring Bonnie down to 102hp. Fly from Bonnie hits!! It's a KO!!
-Aaron sends out his final Pokémon Beautifly. Bonnie uses Roost. Beautifully uses Energy Ball take Bonnie to 165hp. Bonnie uses Fly and KOs the Beautifly!!!

We win!!!!!!!

Moving on.

This is a terrifying battle format for Jon. I'll have to be careful of using Wood Hammer because of its high recoil. That said I don't have another Pokémon better fit to take on this leg than him. Here we go.


-Bonnie vs Quagsire to start. Night Slash. Sand Storm. Night Slash KO.
-Sudowoodo comes out next and fails trying to Sucker Punch Bonnie, as I swap her out for Jon. Sudowoodo Sucker Punches Jon down to 170hp as Jon uses Blizzard. Bertha uses a full Restore as I PRO PLAY HER and instruct Jon to use Ingrain. Sudowoodo uses Sucker Punch again as Jon uses another Blizzard. Jon uses Ice Shard to KO!!
-Next Golem comes out. Jon uses Blizzard as I cross my's a KO!!
-Whiscash next for Bertha. Jon uses Wood Hammer KOing the Whiscash and takes recocoil down to 131 after Ingrain recovery.
-Hippowdon comes out last for Bertha as the Hail ends. Do we risk missing the blizzard or take the recoil from Wood Hammer? I trust Jon. Jon hits the Blizzard! Hipowdon goes down!!!

We Win!!!!!!!


-For the first time in a trainer battle, Aqua takes the lead. Flint sends out Rapidash. Waterfall KO.
-Next out is Infernape. Aqua Jet. Earthquake hits Aqua, down to 122hp. Mach Punch to down to 89 hp. Waterfall KO.
-Lopunny next. Aqua uses Waterfall. CRIT!! KO!!!
-Steelix. Aqua uses Waterfall. Rock Tomb to 45. Another Waterfall. Steelx lives on 1hp. Rock Tomb to 14 hp. Full Restore. Waterfall. Waterfall lives on 1 hp, flinch!!! Waterfall KO!!!!!!
-Drifblim. I know Aqua outspeeds and has Crunch, but we've faced Drifblim with aftermath....I swap to Bonnie. Drifblim uses Double team...dang...Bonnie hits with Dark Pulse. Will-O-Wisp misses!!! Bonnie misses Night Slash! Ominous wind to 78 hp. Bonnie misses Night Slash again. Ominus Wind to 45 hp. Roost to 153 Hp. Double Team. Bonnie uses Dark hits!!!!! Drifblim goes down!!!!

We win!!!!!!


-Bonnie leads again. Lucian sends out Mr. Mime. Bonnie uses Night Slash. KO.
-Lucian sends out Medicham. Bonnie uses Night's a Crit!!! One hit KO!!!!!
-Alakazam comes out next. Alakazam outspeeds and uses Energy Ball knocking Bonnie down to 113 hp. Bonnie uses Night Slash. KO!!!!
-Girafarig next. It outspeeds and uses Shadow Ball down to 88 hp. Bonnie Crits back with Dark Pulse! KO!
-Bronzong next. Bonnie uses Dark Pulse. Bronzong uses Calm Mind. Bonnie uses Night Slash. Bronzong eats it's berry and uses Calm Mind. Bonnie uses Roost. Bronzing uses Gyro Ball down to 135 HP. Bonnie uses Night Slash. Gyro ball to 77 hp. Roost to 185 hp. Calm mind. Night Slash KO!

We win!!!!!

Next: The Pokémon Champion of Sinnoh!
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We step up to the champion. I want to lead with Betsy, but Pitch won't leave my side. I'll have to trust her.

"Knost!" Cynthia shouts waving to me as I cross the room to stand in front of her. "I've been watching your matches so far. You've gotten stronger since we last met."

"I've come to challenge your title as Pokémon Champion of Sinnoh, Cynthia." I shout.

"Right to the point." She says with a laugh and a coy smile. "No time for even a little small talk?"

"I'm serious! Don't go easy on me like you have in the past!" I yell. "I'm going to take your spot and I want to have earned it!"

"I wouldn't dare go easy on you." She smiles with narrowed eyes, unclipping a Pokeball from her belt. "You'd never forgive me if I did..."

"Then you're ready?" I say standing standing tall as Pitch steps in front of me and Cynthia nods in acknowledgment. "Ok, then! Let's go Pitch!!!! Use...."

-Pitch vs Spiritomb. Pitch uses Crunch. Spiriting uses Embargo. Pitch uses Earthquake. It's a Critical hit!!! KO!!!
-Milotic next. I switch Jon into Surf that takes him down to 87 hp. Milotic uses Aqua ring. Jon uses Wood Hammer! KO!! Jon lives the recoil on 21 HP!!!!
-Lucario comes out next as Aqua leaps out to defend Jon. Aqua takes a an Aura Sphere. Aqua dies. Betsy comes out and takes an Aura Sphere. Betsy drops to 118 HP. Betsy uses High jump Kick...KO!!!!
-Roserade next. Swap to Bonnie. An Energy ball takes Bonnie down to 116 hp. Bonnie uses Fly. Fly misses. Crit Shadowball. To 31 hp. Bonnie uses Fly, but hails still up! Bonnie lands the attack!!! Jon jumps out to try to stop the hail. He's too late. Bonnie dies to hail damage.
-Jon uses Wood Hammer in a fit of rage as Cynthia sends out Gastrodon. KO!! Jon dies to recoil.
-Pitch walks out as Garchomp comes out for Cynthia. Garchomp uses Brick Break. Pitch uses Yawn. Pitch uses Protect. I try to call Pitch back, but he refuses to return. Pitch uses Earthquake! CRITICAL HIT KO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WE WIN!!!!!





Cynthia approaches me as I fall to my knees to gather my fallen Pokémon into my arms. I pick up Bonnie as Cynthia puts her hands on my face and turns my eyes up to meet hers.

"Just a few minutes ago you were the most powerful trainer. And now you might be the most powerful of all trainers." She speaks slowly and compassionately. "You gave the support to your Pokémon needed to maximize their power. And you guided them with certainty to secure victory. Like we'd hoped, together, you and these Pokémon can now overcome any challenge." She puts her hand under my chin as I try to dip my head. "Look at me.." she says as I look up, tears falling. "I'm glad I got to be your final battle for this part of your journey...things will get more complicated from here, but just believe me when I say...I love you." She says staring deep into my eyes and then stands. "Take the lift." She says pointing behind me. "I'll meet you up there."

I take a minute to mourn, calling Bonnie, Jon and Aqua back to their balls for the last time. I pass Cynthia as I step onto the elevator and wipe my face as it starts to ascend. In a matter of moments we're at the top, at least 5 stories higher than we were.

I step off of the elevator and look up to see Cynthia waiting for me.

"How did you get up here? Is there another elevator or...?" I ask a little bewildered.

"This," she says looking around, "isn't what it seems." She continues walking towards me. "Ok, close your eyes." She says smiling, looking down at me.

I close my eyes.

"Ok, now...don't freak out." I hear her say. "Open your eyes."

I open my eyes and...'I'm taller than her?' I think. I look down to check 'I'm not standing on anything...'. "How am I taller than you....?" I ask stepping back.

"Knost," Rowan says appearing out of thin air as I jump back in fear, "your last battle was splendid."

"Holy?!" I yell.

"Don't just jump through the veil like that!!!" Cynthia yells. "You scared me half to death!"

"Ha." Rowan belly laughs. "A child I enlisted to fill my Pokedex. It makes sense I be here. But I shouldn't keep referring to you as a child anymore Knost. Now that you've grown into our most decorated champion...and you're 6' 3" again."

"What is happening?!" I yell my heart trying to jump out of my chest. "Why am I taller?" I throw my arms up. 'They're hairy?' "Why are my arms hairy? Ugh?!"

"Drop the veil!" I hear Cynthia yell.

The room moves around me. The wall in front of me disappears. I see..."Enma.." I gasp. And Bonnie and Lagertha. I walk forward touching them to prove their mass. "They're real..." I say walking forward. Tango, Aqua, Jon...Ronin...Everything comes flooding back.

"They didn't die." I stop in my tracks as the memories fill my mind once again. "Red!!!" I yell as my Charizard from Kanto, Red, runs up to me and envelopes me in a huge hug. "Hey buddy!" I cry. "Oh wow! You're getting stronger! Wow and Mach and...none of them died..." I stumble into Red trying to right myself.

"That's not what this was about." Rowan shakes his head with a straight face. "Their pain was real, unfortunately, and they did have to be revived, but you know all of this just give yourself a minute and it will all be coming back to you."

"Wow." I smile wider than I can remember ever smiling before. "They're all ok!"

"You had to believe that the journey, the loss and the victories, were real." Cynthia chimes in. "You caused irreparable damage to your body when you fought having your memory wiped. That's what happened with Steven. He just...lost it."

"I was right there." I admitt shaking my head. "I can't deal with the deaths anymore."

"You chose them for a reason." Rowan says putting a hand on my shoulder, trying to reassure me. "There were options. You chose death. To numb yourself to it."

"Well it hasn't worked." I continue to shake my hand and brush his hand from my shoulder. "If I've learned anything it's that the deaths stack."

"But Knost, you were convinced.." he reiterates stepping towards me again.

"Y-you don't go numb, you just get overwhelmed!" I yell feeling the emotion of death sweep over me once again. "And they never go away! Even seeing them there, right in front of me, I can't forget!"

"Knost..." Cynthia steps towards me.

"What?!" I snap. "I'm, I'm sorry beautiful. I just...." I catch myself as I see her smile. "Beautiful?" I turn towards her. "Hey! Hey, hi!" I yell picking her up with a spinning hug.

"Hi handsome." She replies.

"Oh my gosh! Hey are you ok?" I say examining her face as she leans into to kiss me. "Are you staying safe?" I ask and she nods.

"Yes, good. Can we get back on task." Rowan interrupts. "You don't want death that's fine. In the next simulation instead of your Pokémon dying, when they faint, you will be compelled by the Hypnos to release them. Send them home."

"Ok yeah, that's better," I nod still holding Cynthia tight. I look around. "What is this all for? Why can't I remember that?!"

"You made me promise not to give you back that specific set of memories...." Cynthia says gently. "I've already broken that promise once. I can't do it again."

"Why?" I ask. "What's the worst that could happen?"

"You'd stop." Rowan interjects. "You'd let down tens of thousands of men and Pokémon protecting us so that you and the others could complete your tasks."

"But, if you need to know then...." Cynthia adds.

"No." I smile looking at her again. " some point soon..."

"I know..." she replies.

"So," I close my eyes putting memories together like puzzle pieces, "I'm earning the trust of my Pokémon and I'm earning the trust of the Legends that frequent specific regions." I set Cynthia down and start to pace. "What did we need from this region?"

"Another trainer, originally from Kanto as well, has already obtained the Legendary trio, so we just need the Heatran." Rowan says typing on a wrist band.

"What do our resources look like?" I ask.

"What you have is what we have for now." Cynthia replies.

I search through my bag "5 greatballs and 3 Ultraballs?" I ask continuing to look through the nooks in my bag.

"Sorry." Cynthia walks with me as I start to pace again. "You know how difficult Pokeballs and healing items are to come by. We have a scout team out searching, but it's becoming more and more difficult."

"The Dialga you caught can only buy us so much time and that's only if it wants to cooperate." Rowan adds.

"Thats all part of the memories I can't access?" I ask and they both nod yes. "Ok, well. Seems like time is of the essence. Get me Betsy and Pitch..." I shuffle away from them. "Let's go catch a Heatran!"

"Wise choice." Rowan nods typing away on his wrist.

"Hurry back." Cynthia adds.

"Starting temporary memory wipe for Heatran event in 3, 2, 1...." a voice calls out over a loud speaker.

Next: Heatran, the most intelligent Pokémon in the world, and the End.


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You should be really proud of how this has come along Knost. I've just read the whole thing in one afternoon, and your writing has improved massively! I hope you consider other logs if Sinnoh is indeed the last leg of this one.
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You should be really proud of how this has come along Knost. I've just read the whole thing in one afternoon, and your writing has improved massively! I hope you consider other logs if Sinnoh is indeed the last leg of this one.
I am really proud! Thank you :) I've never really written anything, so this was a big step for me, but it's been a fantastic learning experience.

If it keep improving, and I can pull off the ending I have in mind, eventually I'll turn this into a comic! (Art is much easier for me lmao)

Oh, and this isn't the last leg :) I still have one...or three more games to go ;)


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I am really proud! Thank you :) I've never really written anything, so this was a big step for me, but it's been a fantastic learning experience.

If it keep improving, and I can pull off the ending I have in mind, eventually I'll turn this into a comic! (Art is much easier for me lmao)

Oh, and this isn't the last leg :) I still have one...or three more games to go ;)
Excellent, I hoped you would cover all regions :) and I'd love to read it a 2nd time in comic format. I feel Pokemon stories work really well in comics, whether they are funny and light hearted or, as yours is, a bit of a darker take on the Pokemon universe.
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Excellent, I hoped you would cover all regions :) and I'd love to read it a 2nd time in comic format. I feel Pokemon stories work really well in comics, whether they are funny and light hearted or, as yours is, a bit of a darker take on the Pokemon universe.
Again, thank you so much for reading and commenting. I know I'm really enjoying this storyline, but it's nice to know that someone else likes it as well!

You rock! :)
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-I team up with Buck in Stark Mountain.

-Despite Bucks Pokémon being much weaker than mine we find the Magma stone.

-I ditch Buck and take the Magma Stone back to Heatrans room. The Magma Stone summons Heatran.


Betsy: Drain Punch to 10%
Heatran: Iron head
Betsy: Ice Punch 7%
Heatran: Fire spin
Betsy: Ice Punch 2% frozen
Switch in Pitch
Heatran: Thaws out. Misses Iron Head.
Pitch: Yawn
Heatran: Lava Plum Crit takes Pitch down to 8 Hp.
Pitch: Protect
Heatran: Iron head miss. Heatran falls asleep.
Knost: Ultra Ball 1 shake
Heatran: Sleep
Knost: Ultra Ball
Heatran: Sleep
Knost: Ultra Ball
Heatran: Sleep
Knost: Great ball
Heatran: Sleep
Knost: Great ball
Heatran: Sleep
Knost: Great ball 1, 2,!!!

Welcome MAGMA the HEATRAN!!!

Thank goodness Magma isn't a snuggler, because the immense heat coming from its body makes it difficult to stand anywhere within 3 feet of it. Magma eats and excretes rocks...very confusing.

NATURE: Timid!!!!
ABILITY: Flash Fire

Simulation fades away....

"What...?!" I say gasping as the scenery gives way to an all white room. Cynthia approaches me.

"Take a breath and close your eyes." She instructs as I obey. "It will all come back to you quicker now. The veil was weaker this time."

I take a breath. I feel my heart slow as my memories are slowly revealed. I open my eyes to find Cynthia smiling at me. I smile back.

"Great job with the Heatran. That was very much needed." She says slowly approaching me. "You're adjusting much better now."

"It's easier when you're here." I admit. "Can you show me the Dex of the next region I'm running?"

She types something into the device on her wrist and then pulls it off handing it to me. "This will be a first for you." She says looking over my arm as I scroll through the Pokedex. "Luckily, the veil won't have to be as strong as there's less to trigger your memories."

"I see." I say as I continue to scroll. "There was no migration to this region?"

"No, it's very interesting." She replies. "I didn't even know it existed growing up. All the more reason for you to familiarize yourself with it."

I start to pace as I switch the Pokedex to Sinnoh.

"What are you thinking?" Cynthia asks now leaning into me as she matches my pace.

"I'm thinking while I have a couple extra Pokeballs, getting a Pokémon from home with Arena Trap wouldnt be a bad idea." I say looking down at her and pointing at an entry in the Sinnoh Pokedex. "I've never captured one of these."

"But it won't know you." She says stopping in place. "One of the biggest reasons for the simulation is to mimic a journey. You need to bond with your Pokémon outside of this building."

"But I've always wanted to battle with one." I say with a fake pout.

"Really?" She smiles at me with a raised eyebrow. I just smile back as I approach her with my arms out ready for a hug. "Ugh," she laughs succumbing to my shameless flirting. "Catch what you think you need." She smiles as I pick her up in a hug. "If you could just use one of the Balls that'd be great."

"I'll try my hardest." I reply setting her down and fake saluting her. "Start simulation so we don't freak this poor thing out." I shout into the air. "Put me on route 228."

Simulation starts. A few minutes later....


They were too busy bickering with each other to bother battling with me lol. I've named them individually Regina, Karen, and Gretchen, with Regina being the obvious leader of the group. If they can learn to work together they can be amazing battle partners for Red.
ABILITY: Arena Trap

The simulation ends....

"That's it?" Cynthia smiles with a raised eye brow. "You're not going to train with them at all?"

"Explain the situation to them and have them train with Red." I smile back, tossing Cynthia the Mean Girl's Pokeball. "They are the most intelligent creatures in the Pokémon Universe. They'll understand."

"That is true." Cynthia says clipping the Pokeball to her belt. "You know." She gives me a coy smile. "You don't have to....."


The entire room quakes viciously knocking us all to the floor. Tiles fall from the ceiling. The steel in the room squeals trying to hold its form.

"What's happening?!" I yell.

"Kimbo's team confirmed we've been found!!!" Rowan shouts, trying to keep his balance as he runs into the room. "Get ready for a rough jump people!!"

"Will someone tell me what's happening?!" I shout again, staggering as I stand to my feet.

"How close are we to operation White?" Rowan shouts to Cynthia.

"It's done!" She replies falling into me. "We already started two others this morning!!"

"I'm behind?" I try to yell over the sound of tiles breaking and metal stretching. "Can we skip it? Go right to...?"

"No!" Cynthia yells holding onto me. "This is about life and death, and we can't conquer those until we have the truth! Until we have..."


Another Quake, larger than the last, shakes the room.

Rowan stands and points at me shouting, "If we don't make it, this is on you!! Your little hospital visit cost us a lot of..."

"He almost died!!" Cynthia interjects.

"Stop, just get it started!!" I yell walking away from Cynthia and Rowan. "Thank you Beautiful." I shout to Cynthia. "Have Red and Ronin look after the others for me..."

"Of course." She replies backing away.

"Clear the room!" A voice comes over the speakers.

"Cynthia!" I yell again as she's pulled into a room.

"Yes?!" I hear her reply.

"Starting operation white in 3, 2, 1..."

"I love you too." I exhale with a smile.