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Welcome to the Fifth exciting installment of our Journey!!!
if you haven't read my FIRST Challenge Log,
and check it out!!!
Don't read out of order!!


Man, that last journey was pretty crazy huh? Knost is in a relationship? He's with a group of people running simulations in a big white room while running from something? Did a few of his old Pokmon have live or did they all live? What happens to Dr. Butts M.D.?!?!?!

As we run into Pokmon White and the Unova Region these questions and more are begging for an answer! Will I give you them?! Maybe...I don't know yet. ;)

Let's play the game!!!

All of that said, TLDR!!!!!...
I'm playing...

Welcome to my Challenge Log!
I hope you enjoy!

All the rules are listed below. Every rule that differs from the standard Nuzlocke has been highlighted in White (grey lol).

1. Any Pokmon that faints is considered too injured to continue and must be released forever.
2. I cannot use any healing items..
3. I cannot buy Pokeballs (I can only use what I find)
4. I must nickname all of my Pokemon.
5. A black out/white is a "game over," even if there are Pokmon left in the PC.
6. Battle type is SET.
7. I can catch whatever I want.
8. At the end of the game I must catch all of of the legendaries to win..
9. No Duplicate Captures.
10. I can use HM slaves for moving around, but if I use one in battle it is an automatic game over.
11. None of the Pokmon in my party should ever be a higher than the Ace Pokmon of the next gym before and when I ENTER said gym. If a Pokmon is in violation of this rule it will not listen to me until the gym is defeated..
12. The number of Pokmon I can have in my party and boxes combined (including the death box) at any time is determined by the number of Gym Badges I have obtained plus two. (For example I can only have three Pokmon in my party once I have obtained my first Gym badge)

I will be playing Pokemon White Version on a Nintendo 3DS.
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"Hi there!" A tall, beautiful woman with green eyes and a stark white lab coat says staring at me with a slight smile and a nod. "My name is Professor Juniper and I'm know as the Pokmon Professor in the Unova region! In Unova, humans lived happily with Pokmon, living and working together, complementing each other. Pokmon battling was particularly popular as it deepens the bonds between a trainer and his or her Pokmon. That is why I research Pokemon..." she pauses. "Researched..." she stops as she clears her throat and shakes her head with a smile. Her brows furrow as she dips her head to hide her face as her cheeks glow red and her eyes well up, her smile giving way to a frown as her chin quivers. She shakes her head again and takes a few deeps breaths. I try to move, but can't seem to. She wipes her eyes with her lab coat and puts on a smile, beautiful, but still sad. "Well that's enough from me," she recovers with a sniffle and a giggle, looking off to her right as she dabs her coat under her eyes as if she was looking in a mirror I couldn't see. She completes her task, her face now evidence free of the emotion just moments before and turns her attention back to me, "I'm going to introduce you to your best friends!"

She disappears in the blink of an eye and a still image of a boy, maybe 13 or 14 years old, tall, skinny with glasses and a confident stance replaces her spot. "This is Cheren. He can be a little difficult, but he's a very honest person."

Now the boy, Cheren, disappears and another still picture of a girl of similar age with blond hair, conservatively dressed holding a green bag to match her bright green hat replaces him. "And this is Bianca." The professor continues. "She's a little flighty, but she works very hard."

The image of Bianca disappears and the Professor resumes her place with a big smile. "This Journey will be filled with difficult situations, so I will be trusting all three of you with very important Pokemon! Once you choose your Pokmon your journey will begin. Just like your past journeys you will meet many Pokmon and trainers, but for you to be able to accomplish your mission you need to focus on finding what is truly important. Good luck Knost..."

"Knost!" Cheren shouts causing me to jump. I look around to find myself standing in a room, my room, with Cheren standing at my side and a large gift box sitting on a table in front of us both. "Stop day dreaming!" Cheren continues. "Juniper came by and said we can have a Pokmon!"

"You had the same dream?" I say shaking my head, trying to remedy my now suddenly tremendous headache.

"Dream?" Cheren laughs. "No, Juniper was literally just here and you day dreamed through it!" He shakes his head and raises his arm to look at his watch. "Where is Bianca..."

"Am I late again?" Bianca suddenly appears, running up my stairs. "Sorry." She says smiling and runs over to stand on my side.

"Bianca this is serious!" Cheren says glaring at her. "We have to choose our Pokmon so we can start our journey!"

"I know. Sorry Cheren. Sorry Knost." She apologizes with a courtesy.

"It's ok," I reply with a smile.

"Well the Pokmon are in the gift box and since we're in Knost's house he gets the first pick naturally!" Cheren shouts excitedly, pushing me toward the bigger than nessesary box. "Ok Knost, you choose first!!"

Introducing MIFUNE the OSHAWOTT!!

Equally serious and adorable, I find it difficult to resist the urge to cuddle Minfune as he studies his Kendo.
ABILITY: Torrent
HP: 22
ATK: 12
DEF: 10
SPD: 12

-I battle with Bianca and Cheren easily defeating them both.

-My room is destroyed so they both duck out with a lame excuse and leave me to clean it up....I guess my Pokmon Journey will have to wait.

Next: Our Journey begins!
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A loud roar shakes the ground behind a young boy as he runs, his eyes barely keeping up with the terrain and obstacles it presents as he trips trying to focus. One foot in front of the other. Don't fail. Don't let it catch you. The ground quakes again with another ear piercing roar. One electabuzz, two, electabuzz, three electabuzz, four....the boy's counting is inturrupted by a roar causing the young boy to fall covering his ears. It's getting closer, he picks himself back up in an instant. There's no time for fear. The monster was close, he had to find a place to hide. He glanced around his pupils wide from the adrenaline coursing through his veins. Nothing. He keeps running. Keeps looking. Another roar. One electabuzz, two electabuzz, three....Another roar. Closer. He keeps running. He sees a door. His pace quickens as he wills acceleration towards sanctuary. He reaches the door handle, opens it, throws himself inside and closes the door behind him with a kick.

It's quiet in the dark room. The kind of quiet that is soothing and frightening at the same time. *Ba-dum, ba-dum, ba-dum.* He hears his heart racing. He pulls off his backpack and shuffles through it. He needs a weapon. All he finds is a paper and crayons which he throws to the ground. He grabs a black crayon and draws an outline of a head, body, arms and legs. The boy grabs another crayon as the monster lets out another roar this one louder than the last. There's no time to count, he thinks coloring the head feverishly. Red, light blue and dark blue, there's no doubt in his choices as he finishes the head throwing down his crayon and picking up a brown crayon without a thought. He colors the right leg with different patterns, but the same color brown. He finishes and reaches for another crayon, but finds nothing. He frantically shuffles his hands across the ground feeling for what was missing. Another roar. I don't have everything?! he thinks tearing through his bag now. What am I missing?! Another roar. It's not ready. I'm not ready. He starts to panic shoving the paper in his backpack. Another roar. He turns away from the door and finds himself back outside. He starts to run again.

"There you are!" My mom shouts running up to envelope me in a hug as she shocks me back into reality. "Oh my, look at this mess."

"Yeah, sorry." I say still trying to shake the adrenaline running through my veins. "I'll clean it up before I leave."

"Don't be absurd. I heard the cries from downstairs! It reminded me of my first Pokmon battle!" My mom says excitedly looking around the room. "I'll clean this up. You go meet up with Cheren and thank Professor Juniper."

"You're sure?" I say looking around at the small Pokmon footprints on the walls. "I was going to clean it, but I must have been day dreaming again..."

"I'm sure." She nods with a smile. "Don't forget your cross-transceiver! Better get going honey! Have fun!"

-I find Cheren, but he directs me to Bianca's house. Her Dad is very strict and apparently he's not taking the idea of his little girl running off on an adventure very well.

-I enter Bianca's house to find her father screaming at her. She brushes off the exchange grabbing my arm and pulling me out of her front door to Professor Junipers lab.

"That's a secret ok?" She whispers as we near Cheren still standing where I left him. "It's ok. He just gets mad sometimes..."

-We enter the lab and tell the Professor the nicknames of our chosen Pokmon.

-The Professor gives us a Pokedex and tasks us to explore all of Unova filling it will Pokmon Data.


-The Professor has us follow her on the way to Route 1 where she shows us how to catch Pokmon. She also gives us 10 Pokeballs mentioning, "Be care with these. Pokeballs aren't easy to make and you aren't old enough to buy any yet."

-I've already studied the Unova Pokedex (as incomplete as it still seems to be) so I know what Pokmon I'd like to catch and it's not on route 1 lol. I continue on.


-As I enter Accumula Town I watch a large crowd gather around a man with Green hair who's backed by what seems to be a Militia dressed in all White. I step up to join the crowd...

Next: Opposing Truths


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I'm very interested how N will be in your world, after your twist on Cyrus !
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I'm very interested how N will be in your world, after your twist on Cyrus !
Kimborelli: Thank you very, very, very much! I have some big, BIG things planned for N's storyline. So big in fact, it's going to slow me down at first just so I can make sure I have things plotted out lol

Everyone else: So yeah, for anyone else reading this, I'm still working on storyline, but I should have an update for WHITE in the next couple of days. Unfortunately, the updates will be a little slower though, because I love how the story has played out so far and I just want to do it justice, ya know?

Thank you for your patience and all of your brilliant comments! I love you all!
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"Hello, my name is Ghetsis," a man dressed in royal attire and sporting bright green hair says addressing the large crowd that had gathered around him, "and today, ladies and gentlemen, I would like to talk to you about Pokémon Liberation."

The crowd, made up of men, women and children, begin to chatter amongst themselves, most laughing and commenting on his 'funny, out of place' attire and green hair, and some people who are seemingly upset for no apparent reason. I enter the crowd content to stay in the back as I notice that the man calling himself Ghetsis is flanked by a large group of what seems to be a militia all dressed in white.

Ghetsis continues, "Now, I'm sure most of you believe that we humans and Pokémon are partners that have come to live together because we want and need each other. However...Is that really the truth? Have you ever considered that perhaps we humans only assume that this is the truth for our own personal gain and goals?"

"Speak up Broccoli head!" A young woman shouts causing the crowd to burst into to laughter.

"What's with the cape?" Another person yells. "Is this a play?"

Ghetsis frowns and turns to stop his group of militia as they take a step forward. He turns back and takes a deep breath composing himself. "This is very real." He speaks calmly. "And we are here for truth, not conflict." He says causing the crowd to shout back. "Now, if you don't mind..."

"We do mind! Leave our Pokémon alone!" Someone shouts causing Ghetsis pause.

"The truth is Pokémon are subject to the selfish commands of Trainers! They get pushed around when they are our 'partners', or more accurately our slaves, at work! For Pokemon's good we must release them from captivity!" Ghetsis continues before dodging a ball of paper aimed for his head. "Liberation for Pokémon!" He shouts as the crowd grows louder both in laughter and in anger.

"Let's get out of here." I say looking up to Mifune and turning to walk out of the crowd. "I don't want you to get hurt if a fight breaks out."

I move quickly, bumping and swimming my way past the incoming crowd as more people swarm to join, pressing in around Ghetsis and his Militia. I almost make it out when I'm hit hard by someone causing me, my belongings and Mifune to hit the ground hard.

"Watch yourself!" I yell as I pick up Mifune quickly.

The man, tall and skinny, dressed in white similar to the Militia, with green hair like Ghetsis bends and picks up my Pokedex. He analyzes it before handing it over. "The Pokédex, eh? You'll need to confine many, many Pokémon in Poké Balls for that." He says as I take it from him with a nod.

"You're a part of that guy Ghetsis' group too?" I say picking up the rest of my belongings. "I'm sorry, I'm not a part of that crowd. I was just leaving."

"I am with them, but I'm also a Trainer like you," he says putting on a baseball cap. "I wonder what your thoughts are, being as you 'aren't a part of that crowd'. Do you believe Pokémon are happy being enslaved? Yes or no?" He says unclipping a Pokeball from his belt and holding it up as it glistens in the sunlight.

"My Oshawott isn't enslaved." I say as Minfune crawls down my back to stand by my side. "That's where your group is wrong. Mifune's my friend. We're on a journey together."

The mysterious man with green hair laughs heartily at my truth as Minfune nods with a flurry of sounds taking his shell in his paw ready for a fight.

"Your Oshawott uses some very colorful language. Rude even." He says with a smile half mischievous and half annoyed. "Of course, you can't hear it, none of you's sad really."

"You're trying to say you can understand Pokémon?" I reply skeptically with a raised eyebrow.

"I can speak with Pokémon. My name is N." he says flipping his hair. "I'm King of..."

Mifune steps towards him cutting him off mid sentence and again lets off a flurry of sounds spinning his shell in his hand and getting in a battle position.

"I never expected to hear a Pokémon say such vile things. Someone needs to teach you some manners!" N says snarling at Mifune, his smile fading into anger as he throws the Pokeball in his hand releasing a Purrlion and sending it after Minfune with a gesture. "Purrlion! Lower its Attack!"

The match is quick, but dramatic.


After N's Purrlion lowered Mifune's attack two stages with Growl attacks, Purrlion was instructed to use a Sctrach attack on Mifune which hits for critical damage. Mifune Falls hard, but stands back up staying awake with 5 hp left. Mifune, slower and needing to land one more Tackle to down his opponent moves as his opponent moves, "Mifune end it with a Tackle!" I yell. Purrlion moves faster...and uses growl again. Mifune hits the Purrlion with a huge Tackle!

Mifune wins!!!!

"Your Oshawott is strong, but it seems that a life in captivity is ruining it otherwise," he says with gritted teeth as he calls his Purrlion back to its ball in disgust. "As long as Pokémon are confined in Poké Balls they will never become perfect beings."

"And who is the judge of this perfection?" I question N with a furrowed brow as Mifune slips behind my leg. "Your group? You?"

"It is my burden." N replies adjusting his hat. "I have to change the world for Pokémon, because I understand them best. They are my friends. If you truly loved Pokémon like I do you would release your Oshawott before it is ruined further."

"Mifune and I are a team! You need to keep your opinions to yourself and stay out of my way!" I say taking a step back to avoid the crowd as it dissipates and moves between us.

"You will see me again." He says with a smile backing away. "As long as there are captive Pokémon in this world I won't give up. I'll save your Mifune from you soon enough."

N disappears into the crowd.

"We have to train and we need to get you some help." I say looking at Mifune, his eyes draped in fear to match mine. "That guys gonna be a problem..."

Next: What's your type?


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Going to be honest, did not see you making N an actual antagonist, not many do. Keep it up man.
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Now that I'm good after the hurricane I'll have the next update ready tomorrow!! Yay!!

Sorry for the delay :) See you soon!!

Update: I should have this posted late tonight! Thank you for your patience! :)

Update #2: I hate what I wrote for the next update. In gonna redo it. Sorry for the delay :( I swear the end result will be better for it!
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-We head west after our odd encounter determined to find a friend for Mifune.

-My mom catches me walking and gives me running shoes with a, "Get a move on it Knost!!"

-Battling my way through route 2 (and avoiding trainers so as not to exceed the level cap) Bianca finds me and insists we battle.


-......Based on this fight and the last I don't think Bianca is going to be much of a threat lol Mifune wins easily gaining enough exp to hit level 10.


-After exploring a bit, a creepy guy in a back Ally way gives me a Dusk Ball. With the Pokeball I found on Route 2 that brings my brings my total Pokeballs to 7.

-An old man in sunglasses tells me that the gym leader is at the Trainers school so I head that way.

-Hmmm. There's a good amount of trainers in the school wanting to battle...with Mifune Already at level 10 and the level cap at 14 I retreat, east of Straiton to find another Pokémon to soak up exp.


-.....There's no grass here so an encounter is out of the question. :/

-Luckily there a girl trying to give away a Pokémon! She says that he's hard to handle.

Welcome PYRO the PANSEAR!!!!

Exactly 30 seconds after I released Pyro from his ball to introduce myself I knew why his former trainer had called him “hard to handle”. R.I.P. eyebrows.
ABILITY: Gluttony
HP: 32
ATK: 18
DEF: 15
SP ATK: 17
SP DEF: 15
SPD: 19

-Found a Great ball!!

-Now that Mifune has a bit of help we head back to the trainer school!


-...and no wants to battle -__-

-Cheren tells me the gym leader just left, but challenges me to a battle. We need the exp so I accept.

-Pyro easily takes out Cherens Pokémon and we walk out unscathed. ON TO THE GYM!!!!

STRAITON CITY GYM more trainers to grab exp from. Guess we go into this gym under leveled. Mifune level 12 and Pyro level 11.


Mifune: Water gun
Lillup: Work up
Mifune: Water gun
Lillup: Bite crit to 9 hp
Mifune: Water gun, KO!!

Cilan sends out Pansage so I call back Mifune and send out Pyro as the Pansage uses Work Up.

Pansage: Vine whip
Pyro: Incinerate
Pansage: Vine whip
Pyro: Incinerate
Pansage: Vine whip
Pyro: Incinerate
Pansage: Potion
Pyro: Incinerate
Pansage: Vine whip to 8 hp
Pyro: Incinerate, KO!!!

We win!!!!!

We receive the Trio Badge!!!!

I exit the Gym victorious. My head held high and my shoulders back I smile as a breeze whips through my hair. This must be what victory feels like.

"Hey there!” A shrill voice screams behind me causing me to fall to the ground in fear.

“Holy mother of....!” I roll to my back clutching my chest as I look up to see a woman in glasses wearing a white lab coat as dress laughing at me. “What is wrong with you? Who sneaks up on someone like that?”

“Sorry...” she giggles, “Hi, you can call me Fennel.”

“Knost” I reply standing to my feet. “Nice to meet you.”

“I know who you are...” she says fixing her glasses. “I mean, ugh that was creepy, I know this is a bit of a strange thing, way to meet, but...Your mom called me.”

“Oh, you're the Dream lady?”

“Yes, well not ‘Dream lady’, I'm a scientist, but, yes I've been studying dreams and...”

“My mom called you to help with my day dreaming.”

“Yes! It can become quite dangerous you know.” She says with a hop. “And Oh! I come with gifts! Professor Juniper gave me something to help you!” She says shuffling through her pockets and pulling out a disc. “This is a Hidden Machine for you!"

“Hidden machine?” I reply taking the disc with a puzzled look.

"There are some moves that a Pokémon can use even when it is not fighting! With this Hidden Machine, you can teach your Pokémon a move called Cut.” She looks around and then grabs my hand. “Here come with me!”


“With HM01 your Pokémon can cut small trees like this one.” Fennel says stepping to the side a point at a small tree blocking the entrance to what seems to be an abandoned building.

I load up the disc in my Pokedex and allow Pyro to learn the move. Within seconds he masters his new skill and cuts down the tree.

“Great!” Fennel says with a huge smile. “Now that we're in we need to find something called Dream Mist. A Pokémon found here called Munna is said to leave piles of it laying around.“

“Are we even allowed to be in here?” I say noting the orange construction cones. “Maybe...”

“Shhhh, I need it to help you. And look!” She says pulling me further into the building. “There's a Munna in the court yard now! Let see if it's left any Dream Mist for us!”

As we step into the courtyard of the building we see that the Munna is not alone and is in fact being abused by two Team Plasma grunts. Before I can move we see Ghetsis, leader of Team Plasma, appear out of nowhere causing the two grunts to stop their abuse. Fennel and I slink further into the wall trying to hide ourselves as Ghetsis approaches the grunts with anger in his eyes.

“Leave...” he speaks in a low, gravely tone.

“B-but, boss...” the grunts reply shaking. “You’s said...”

“Leave!” Ghetsis says louder his body literally stretching, his overall size doubling as he stands over them barring his teeth. “Leave!! LEAVE! LEAVE!” He repeats as the grunts obey running out of the building. Ghetsis disappears.

"Wow! Did you see that?!” Fennel exclaims excitedly. “I think I followed that! This is exactly what I'd hoped!.. See, Musharna evolves from Munna. So, seeing Munna in trouble, it used its power-- making dreams into reality-- to save Munna. Which means it may have...wait a second!" She runs off into the courtyard to where the Munna had been. "Yes! It’s Dream Mist!” She bends taking a baggy out of her pocket and scooping the pile of sparkly dust into it. “With this I can complete my research! Come on, my lab is close!"


As we step into the lab Fennel explains that she will enter my Dream in an attempt to “Find the issue my brain can’t work out.” She explains further that she will put the Dream Mist into two separate sensory deprivation tanks that share the same water and that this process will allow us to share the same dream. Before we enter our separate tanks I hesitate.

“Maybe this isn't a good idea.” I say, shaking my head.

“Knost,” she smiles putting a hand in my shoulder. “This is important. You have to promise me you won't give up.”

“I'm just saying that maybe...”

“You will be ok. I promise.” She nods. “Now promise me. This is about more than just the here and now, this is about your life, your journey.” She takes both of my shoulders in her hands and bends to catch my gaze as I dip my head. “This world needs good strong trainers like you. You can't give up. Not now, not ever. You have accomplish your goals. You have to follow through. You promise me that and I promise I will help you with your dreams.”

“I promise.” I nod. “Yeah, ok. Let’s do this.”

I sink, laying and floating in the water. Fennel shuts the lid. I hear nothing. I can see nothing. I feel nothing. Time slips away. I relax into the water, finding solace in the silence when...”Knost,” a small voice whispers. “Knost,” it calls again. I walk, towards the voice. The voice grows louder.

"I, I can't see you...” I say walking further into the a darkness so absolute I can’t even see my hand as I touch my face. “Is there something wrong?” My voice echos in the darkness. “I can't seem to use my...”

“Hello there!!” Fennel appears out of no where as if someone turned on the lights around me all at once.

“Holy mother of....” I fall over, my heart beating out of my chest.

“Sorry,” she smiles a guilty smile. “Sorry.”


“I'm sorry..” she giggles again helping me to my feet.

“I'm going to die.” I laugh looking around as my senses seeming to return to normal, the echo fading.

“You're not going to die.” She smiles. “Here sit down.”

I look around and see nothing but the two of us and darkness. "Where...?" a bright pink chair appears next to me as the words escape my lips, "Witchcraft...."

“Hahaha,” she bursts into laughter again causing me to almost jump out of my skin. “No, not witchcraft. We're in a Dream. Well, you're dream...a shared dream really. But yes, we can do anything we like here because of the Dream Mist.”

“Anything?” I smile with a raised eyebrow.

“Yes, try it out.” She smiles with a hop.

’Anything’, I think...the possibilities. I close my eyes tight and clinch my teeth together. When I open my eyes...

“Really?!” Fennel says looking up to me like an ant looks up to a human.

“AWESOME!!!!!” I hold out my hands which are now less hands and more claws. “I'm a dragon!”

“Ugh boys....” she smiles shaking her head. “Well, while we're in here let's figure out what's causing the daydreaming. Obviously your brain is trying to work something out.”

“Ok, how do we do that?” I say whipping my tail around and flapping my wings.

“Do you remember anything from any of your daydreams?”

“Ummm....” I close my eyes and tap my foot.

“Think hard...” I hear her giggle.

I close my eyes tighter. I see Green eyes. Green eyes? The professor?, "Yes, um, I saw the Professor...” I say keeping my eyes closed. “She was explaining something...”

“Ok, what was she explaining?”

“My starter that's not right.” I shake my head. “I'm sorry I’m not doing this right. I...”

“Keep trying.” She places her hand on my massive dragon toe. “Close your eyes again. What was she explaining.”

“I have to stop, something....” I clench my eyes tighter. “someone....or....”


“It’s fuzzy.....” I shake my head keeping my eyes closed tight. “I'm running...”


“Did you hear that?!?!” I shout my eyes shooting open.

“Yes it ok you're in control.” She insists in a calming voice. “What did you hear? This is something you need to start to remember as your journey is coming to a close, but you have to do it on your own. I can't just tell you. Think hard...”

“It's big.” I yell glancing around in panic. “One electabuzz, two electabuzz, three....”


“It getting closer!!” I scream closing my eyes.

“Knost, it's just a Dream!!!” She shouts.

I feel tears fall down my face as fear drapes over me. I open my eyes once again, no longer a dragon, but once again a scared boy looking up to Fennel.

“Knost you're in control here.” She envelopes me in a hug. “Calm down. Think. You're so close. What are you running from.”

I pull away from her and grab her hand yanking her into a run, “RUNN!!!!!!” I shout as we pick up speed. “Look a door! Come in here!!”

“KNOST CALM DOWN!!!” She yells as I pull her into the door and close the door behind us with a kick. “It's just a Dream!!! END SEQUENCE!!!! END SEQUENCE DAMMIT!!!!”

"Shh, it will hear you!!!! Shhhh!!!!” I whisper. It’s quiet in here. Quiet is good. The kind of... I hear scratching...I look down...

“Knost, what is this?!” Fennel cries. “You need to get a hold of yourself...KNOST!!!”

"Hey bud what are you drawing?” I ask looking down to see a boy kneeling next to a pile of crayons, coloring. “What are you drawing there buddy?!”

The boy stops coloring and holds up the picture in front of his face. I see what looks like a man. The head dark blue, red, and light blue. The torso dark blue and light blue. The right arm colored as a rainbow, while the left arm was colored pink and Blue. The left leg different patterns of the same brown and the right leg grey and green.

“That's great,” I say with a smile taking the picture from the boy as he dips his head, “it's all done huh? Hey bud, can you look up at me? I just want to make sure you're...” he looks up and I gasp in fear as the boy has no face.

""AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" Fennel screams in fear pulling me backwards, back into the darkness closing the door between us and the faceless boy.



"END THE PSYDUCKING SEQUENCE!!!!!!" Fennel screams.

I’m hit with a blinding light as Bianca pulls me out of the tank, dripping wet.

"KNOST ARE YOU OK?!!” Bianca yells, her voice causing me to recoil back as it reverberates in my head.

"I-I'm fine,” I say soaking wet and shaking in fear and from cold. “I'm...” I look over to the other tank as my teeth chatter. “Fennel! Get fennel!”

Bianca runs over and opens the tank as I collapse to the floor. Bianca throws open the door to Fennel’s tank.

"HELP!!! Bianca screams to the ceiling, "HELP!!!"

I pull myself to my feet and step towards them. I see Fennel seizing in the water. Bianca places her hand on my forehead and I pass out.

Next: Promises.
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When the interest heats back up I shall continue this :)

Let me know if you’re reading this! Leave a comment!

Hopefully see you soon ;)


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Excellent Chapter man. Think the forums quiet atm as so many games have just been released.
MEGA MONOTYPE- Type 1: Bug 1: Fire Red- 8/8
BINGO Challenge-0/28 Challenges