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The rom hack is now released!


In it, members of Vinesauce get kidnapped by an unknown person and turned into Pokmon.
You play as Joel, and must find his Pokmon friends, collect them all and then get them turned back into humans, and find out who was responsible.

There are no gyms and you cannot catch Pokmon, only the ones given to you by the game.
So it's not exactly a "traditional" Pokmon game.
There is also some adult language and themes.

What is this?
This is a Vinesauce fan game I created to be played by Joel on his stream.
It came about after he played my joke rom hack (Pokmon Dark Graystone) on his stream,
he loved it so much that I promised to create a new hack, all about Vinesauce.

The hack is 99% complete. A release should be very soon, but only after Joel has first played it.
It's currently being beta tested privately. But pretty much, It is finished.
The length of the game is only about two hours. A quick little silly memey experience.


Scripter, Sprite Artist, Mapping, Writing:

Additional art assets:

Additional help:

Inner Rhymes

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This was actually quite fun to play. I don't know much about vine streaming but it was nice to play something which was outside the box. Looking forward to Bronze 2 yo!
Track Number 2 of my debut Mixtape, Venting Session Vol.1:
What's it like -
A lot of emotions, thought and a bit of nostalgia went into the making of this particular track on the Mixtape.


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Oh my god you didn't.

Oh my god you did!
Hootey is a Hoothoot! Please tell me Limes is a Seel! What would Vinny be?! A Paras? A Mr. Mime?!
There's Guy Fieri saying "RIGHT HERE!"
You made a trainer Dink! I broke his Pokemon!
There's a guy looking for Pep Secrets!

Yes! Drown me in Vinesauce memes!


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Will there be anymore updates to this game, or is it already completed?
it's completed. that's why there has been no updates for a year. so it is done and like he said it is complete (and available to download)
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