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Is sableye the only shiny that has appeared so far?
Yep, looks like it is the only new one so far, even if there are shiny models for the other ghosts. Niantic you could have added them all. =p

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Alright, the trumpets have sounded, and so far a Shuppet and a Duskull have appeared in my room. I've yet to find Sableye, but what I'm planning to do is after I evolve my Duskull, is to hoard candies for Dusknoir when it releases next year.

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Sableye must be rare I've only seen 2.

Also no other Pokemon besides Sableye, Pichu and Magikarp can be shiny during the event? Not gen 1 and 2 Pokemon who have increased spawnrates right now like Misdreavus and Marowak?

I've been encountering every Gen 3 Pokemon I come across but there's no point if they can't be shiny.