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News: Pokémon GO Halloween Event Brings Spooky Friends from Generation Three!


To this day, he still can't beat Air Man...
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    Alright, the trumpets have sounded, and so far a Shuppet and a Duskull have appeared in my room. I've yet to find Sableye, but what I'm planning to do is after I evolve my Duskull, is to hoard candies for Dusknoir when it releases next year.
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    Sableye must be rare I've only seen 2.

    Also no other Pokemon besides Sableye, Pichu and Magikarp can be shiny during the event? Not gen 1 and 2 Pokemon who have increased spawnrates right now like Misdreavus and Marowak?

    I've been encountering every Gen 3 Pokemon I come across but there's no point if they can't be shiny.
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