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I dislike them myself. Maybe because I have never been to one, but also the concept is just... bad and greedy.

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Haha yeah neither me nor my dad have gotten an ex-raid pass yet and my dad have been saying how probably a lot of it has to do if you "paid" a lot for it. Though there's also a lot of people I know that had their secondary accounts with lower levels getting the ex raids and not their main. It's just messy atm.

Onto the latest ex raids, yeah the Go discord server I'm in a lot of folks were complaining about it being on Christmas. I can see Niantic wanting this be like a cool Christmas present, but a lot of folks will be out of town then. Someone on PC's discord mention you can contact Niantic for stuff like the closed mall there, so hopefully with enough reports Niantic will rearrange some things.

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