This is fine.

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Can't say I'm excited by this having a few of them already.


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I opened the game specifically to catch this guy, because I need all the Pikachu. He spawned in my house the second I opened the game, though. So not much playing was required. I was slightly bummed that I found it so easy. ;;;;

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Can't say I'm excited by this having a few of them already.
But this time... shiny party Pikas yay!

In all seriousness I know that this was a few days ago now but I found this event quite annoying. I did manage to catch a shiny so that's good but these Pikachu were way too hard to catch given how little they're worth having, and when you can't find much of anything else during the event it gets a bit tedious wading through hordes of these annoying rats. I loved the Valentine's Luvdisc event and also enjoyed the Year of the Dog event which happened straight after because both of those events at least gave a mountain of Stardust and were for some quite interesting Pokémon, but this event really didn't follow suit and I'm not sure that I'd complain if they announced they're never bringing back the 'hat Pikachu' gimmicks again.