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I quite like Mareep! I'm just annoyed I walked mine for a good bit for Candy, haha.

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That's it, I'm gonna play GO again. Pink mons <3
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How many shinies did everyone get?

Niantic extended the time here because they turned it on ten minutes late. Unfortunately this meant that anyone that put eggs on straight away didn't get the bonus 4x reduced distance which kiiiiiiinda annoyed people. BUT yay for time extension otherwise I would have gotten no shinies.

I got three surprisingly! Two within five minutes of each other aaannnd the third with about ten minutes to go. I was trying to find one for my boyfriend and I didn't (unfortunately, I tried! I walked for like over an hour lol hatched a Larvitar though).

By habit I went on my account and clicked on the first Mareep I saw, while talking to someone that we hang out with and I was like oh woah I GOT THE LAST SHINY NOT MY BF ;_;, soooooo I felt bad, especially because I was telling our friend about how I was trying to get it for him lol great event otherwise, got a lot of our crew all our together socialising. :)

We all did an EX Raid right on four too, and that went really well. I caught Mewtwo on a Pinap berry. I got skills yo. 12 candyyyyyy!
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i got one shiny at the start of the event and it wasn't until the extension on the event that i got 2 more! really stressing as i only wanted at least 3 so i can have one of each evolution shiny but luckily it all came good for me in the end!
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I saw 95 Mareep and 6 were shiny.

The very 1st Mareep I clicked on was shiny. Overall the Mareep spawns were abysmal. Not much was spawning, most of the spawns were the Kanto Pokemon. They should have increased Mareep and decreased everything else during the event.

I actually walked one of my Mareeps 400 kms before and had just enough candy to evolve but decided to wait for Community Day to get Ampharos.

I hatched 6 10 km eggs, I had saved them thoughout the weeks and luckily didnt put them in incubators before the event. I hatched my 1st Chimecho. I also hatched my 8th Tyrogue but of course it will evolve into Hitmonlee and not Hitmonchan.

It decided to rain ice today so everything was covered in ice and water. But it was the rough crunchy ice and not the smooth slippery ice.

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It was raining all day in Melbourne during Community Day, so most of the Mareep spawns were pretty strong.

And then the rain stopped when I started encountering the shiny ones. Of the three shinies that I found, they were relatively weak. :\


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It poured here so I caught quite a few just walking around a bit at work (lol) but no shinies. :( I did get enough enough candy to max out my nice IV Ampharos I already had though. So basically it was a glorified candy-gathering contest for and not much else.