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This is fine.

A cape
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The pixel thing is neat, imo.


used Sacred Fire!

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I like it but I can't wait until it's done y'know? It was cute on the day but now it's throwing off my vision game and I can't tell what's what straight up lol
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Posted July 12th, 2019
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I was glad to see it go since the shiny Pokemon didn’t appear shiny. But I do prefer some of the old sprites over the new ones like Sentret and Xatu.

But now they’ve changed all the sprites ugh. A lot of the first stage birds are so small you can’t tell what they are. And most of the Pokedex sprites are flat and cartoony looking instead of frozen images of the regular sprites.

It seems they did fix Psyduck’s sprite’s eyes. Before it’s pupils were huge on the little nearby map. He looked funny. Also Poliwag’s swirl was like a blob.
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