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So there you have it, it's simply labelled as "Ultra Shiny". What do you think this could entail? I would say this is a new game but then again...trademarked games often don't see the light of day.

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I doubt it's a new game title. If it is something more than 'a trademark for the sake of trademark', some mechanic or merchandise/tcg set is my bet.

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A trademark for merchandising, perhaps? Soon well see Ultra Shiny Pokmon figurines, Ultra Shiny ___, etc. etc. etc.

Toy money.


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I want Pokemon Ultra Shiny.

But yea, I agree it is probably merch, although I swear if it is a third Alola game imma hit somebody.


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I would actually be amused if it really was Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon 2. Since I don't own a Nintendo switch my selfish heart would like to prevent others who have one from being happy.

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I honestly wouldn't mind seeing it turning out to be a game title. Alola felt incomplete (I haven't finished US/UM), but from the OG S/M there are so many questions left unanswered.
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