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To this day, he still can't beat Air Man...

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Well...that was unexpected. Prepare for surfing Raichu and oversized Exeggutor to invade this game.

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I wonder how Pikachu will evolve into one or the other. Will you be able to tell it’s an Alolan Pikachu, or will it evolve differently when you travel to Hawaii? d:


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tfw gen 7 forms make it into the game before gen 4 does. T_T;;;

I'm surprised they're doing this now and not, like, nearer the release of SM/USUM, but I guess the ramp-up for summer makes sense. At any rate, I hope Alolan Vulpix is in the mix! It's my fave Alola form. :D

paired with erik destler.


This is fine.

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My guess is you have an optional evolution, like how Gloom has the choice in evolution, for Pikachu/Cubone/Exeggcute.


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Alola Exeggutor y'all! There's apparently a nest near me so imma go catch!
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