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One of my favourites!

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Well that Community Day was a bust.

The event started at 2pm and ended at 5pm. The first shiny appeared at 4:17, second at 4:53.
The first shiny took 117 spawns.

I ended up evolving 4 Tyranitar including 1 shiny one thanks to the second shiny. Wouldn’t have evolved the first Larvitar. The best Tyranitar I got during the event was an 89%.

I think 90% of the spawns were water types so that helped ruin Community Day as well.

Not the worst Community Day, as that goes to Pikachu but still gets an F.

Starting with Dratini I was getting 1 less shiny each Community Day so was expecting to get 4 shinies to keep the pattern but after 2 hours any shinies were just pity shinies.

If this Community Day did anything it made me realize how much more I enjoy the 2 week events like Fighting Showdown and Adventure Week over it. Not looking forward to future community days now.



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I was at work and still caught a lot of Larvitar, so I feel like it wasn't a bust for me. I'm just trying to raise my own Tyranitar, ok. Small goals.

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I was only able to play for about 30 seconds at the start and caught exactly ONE Larvitar. That's not bad for my first Community Day.

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I keep missing Community Day. Three hours isnt enough to get anything done!