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About the Recruitment forum
Welcome to the Recruitment forum!
Looking for people to help you with your project? Looking to help others with their project? This is the place to be.


These threads may be applied according to the moderator's discretion, which all serve to ensure a quality/effort minimum in the threads posted in the Recruitment forum.

If a thread has not been updated for a whole month, it will be archived. You may recreate it if you wish, but you should ask yourself why nobody responded to your call for help, and use it as an opportunity to improve your presentation and information.

On top of these requirements, it is entirely your responsibility to present your project properly. If you want higher chances of recruiting someone dedicated or being recruited, try to use proper grammar, punctuation, and so forth. The amount of information you give also influences your chances of successful recruitment. It’s in your own hands.

If the information in your own thread is no longer accurate, you’ve found people for all your positions, or have been recruited, you may request for your thread to be archived. This is not mandatory, but ensures users who visit your thread are up-to-date when it comes to information.

Bumping your thread without a sensible update is no longer allowed.

Discussion in the threads is encouraged!

All global PokéCommunity rules apply in the Recruitment forum.

Fan Games Recruitment Rules

Forum Rules

Contrary to old rules, fan games recruitment is now much more strict. We have several requirements that must be met, or your recruitment thread will be deleted.

  • The title of the thread must be the title of the project if one exists, or "Untitled Project" otherwise.
  • Each thread must have a clear and unambiguous list of positions being recruited for. Nobody is going to contact you if they don't understand what you're looking for.
  • Each thread must have a clear project description, and must state what kit, if any, is being used. For instance, "Pokémon Essentials" or "Pokémon SDK"
  • Each thread must have a plot outline, if applicable.
  • Each thread must have a list of unique features. This does not include commonly used resources such as Elite Battle System, and cannot be very generic, such as "brand new region".
  • Each thread must have at least 4 screenshots that are unique to your project and tell us something about what your project. As such, generic Pokémon Essentials screenshots, such as an unmodified battle system, do not count towards this threshold.
  • Each thread must have a complete list of credits for resources used.
  • Each project is allowed one thread at most.

These rules apply to standard Pokémon fangame projects. If this is not what you're recruiting for, a spriting project for instance, you'll be given more freedom as long as you put sufficient effort into your thread.


  • Essentials: Use this prefix if you're using Essentials.
  • PSDK: Use this prefix if you're using PSDK.
  • Misc Engine: Use this prefix if you are using a miscellaneous engine.

ROM Hacking Recruitment Rules
If you are looking for people to help you with your project or looking to help others with their project, you are in the right place. General discussion of ROM hacks belongs in ROM Hacking Discussions. Questions for help with ROM hacking belong in either ROM Hacking Help or Decomp & Disassembly Help. Before posting in this forum, please read this post in its entirety. Contact a Fan Games moderator if you have queries.

Forum Rules

This forum is bound by rules set in the global Pokécommunity Rules
To make sure that things remain civil, and to make sure that everyone has an enjoyable time, we ask that, along with the global PokéCommunity rules, you observe the rules and resulting infractions set forth.

Do not post, direct users to, or link to commercial ROMs of any sort
Regardless of any purpose, you may not link to a "download" of any .gbc, .gba or .nds ROM file, or direct users to any method to downloading a ROM.
You may be infracted (three permanent infraction points) or risk immediate suspension of your account, should you link to commercial ROMs of any sort.

Additional Guidelines

Thread rules.
All threads must contain the following:
  • The ROM base you are using and whether or not it is a decomp or disassembly.
  • A list of positions you are recruiting for, and what your own contribution will be.
  • A story or overview of the themes and plotline of the ROM hack, or perhaps your goals in creating it.
  • A list of features which can help differentiate your ROM hack from others.
  • At least 2 screenshots of your project.
  • A complete list of credits for resources used.

Threads are subject to moderator approval.
Ultimately, thread approval is at the discretion of the Fan Games moderators who will review threads submitted to ensure they meet the requirements outlined above. Please wait 48 hours after submitting a thread before enquiring about its status.

This forum is for recruitment only.
If you need help with ROM hacking, questions belong in either ROM Hacking Help or Decomp & Disassembly Help.


  • Binary: Use this prefix if you're doing your project on Binary.
  • Decomps: Use this prefix if you're doing your project on Decomps.

Freelancer Rules

Freelancers use the Freelancer prefix. This tag is for the purpose of displaying your skills to be recruited for a project.

Forum Rules

  • Show examples of your work for the role you are offering (e.g. Link to DA for Spriters, Public Scripts for Scripters, etc)
There is no obligation to join a project that approaches you. You do not need to put requirements for projects to meet before you will join them.


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Hi everyone! This is important enough to warrant its own separate post, since there are multiple instances of this occurring. I also want to streamline how recruitment posts are approved here in this section to make things easier on you the user as well as the fan games staff.

Please do not immediately PM a member of fan games staff unless it has been 48+ hours after your thread has been made. We know some of you are excited to join a team (or form one!) but your thread has to come under review from the fan game staff first before it is approved. Due to so many instances of people wanting to rush their thread approval, from this moment forward, an additional 24 hours will be applied to your thread approval if you attempt to rush your thread approval. This is defined as PMing, VMing, or reaching out to the fan games Staff in any way before the 48 hours have passed.

If 48 hours have passed, you may PM the fan games staff as a whole (in case one of them is on leave), and one of them will get back with you. If 48 additional hours have passed and you hear no response, then you may PM an admin, but only as a last resort if you hear nothing else back

Thank you for understanding!