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juliorain said the rom hackers might have a use for this too so I should post it in both places

Have you ever wanted to make a custom Pokédex for your Fangame/Hack? Considering you're in this section, I assume the answer is yes.

This is a tool to help visualize the distribution of types (and stats!) of Pokémon in your custom dex.

Just typing in the Pokemon's names, and let google sheets figure out and keep track of types. Probably useless but I figured I'd share it anyway. I just like playing with Excel.

Most Recent Version (1.2, 2/20/19):

Simply make a copy into your own Google Drive or download as an Excel spreadsheet (though I can't confirm my fancy colours will work on Excel), and type in the names of the Pokemon in your dex in the appropriate column. The types will automatically appear in the next two columns and be counted in the list. They don't have to be in order, so don't worry about the numbers. As you go, the count and the table on that sheet will be live updated with the number of Pokemon of each type in your region.

If you have Fakemon in your dex, you can add them to the database the type search function pulls from by adding them to the bottom of the "Ref" tab, which is on the bottom left of GSheets/Excel. Once the Fakemon and their types are in the database, they can be added to your dex the same way as any other Pokemon.

Just remember - the graph's axes scale automatically, so the bigger the average of the bars is the better balance you have!

Features and stuff:
Knows the type of every Pokemon
Count types with just the Pokemon's name
Makes a table to show you how awful your type balance is
Does all the things it normally does with types with stats
Duplicate Protection - Pokes you annoyingly if you add two of the same Pokemon to your dex
National Pokedex numbers appear on the main dex area so you can sort by them if you want
Lots of colours?
Is in Google Sheets, so your regional dex can be accessed remotely from anywhere.
Anti-Talonflame Protection - Will actively attempt to stop you from putting Talonflame into your regional dex, and instead encourage adding Fletchinder

Things that are supported:
All official Pokémon, gens 1-7
Gen 7 typings
Up to 500 in your custom Dex - Don't try to be Kalos.
Most alternate forms except those that are purely a gender change (even then, the only ones that matter are Wormadam and Oricorio)
Stats and other stuff

Things that are not (yet) supported:
Legacy typings
Mega Evolutions (but why would you count those seperately?)
Necrozma's formes because idk
Unown forms because WHY

Features I might add if I get around to it:
A better space to put custom types if you have them - because I guess radioactive is now a type?
Colours by origin region because more colours = more good
Balance Notification - Poking you annoyingly if you don't have enough of a type. Because the chart is too hard for some people.
Suggestions - Will provide completely unbiased suggestions for dex additions based on what you are missing (this may not be possible so idk)

Here's the link again if you missed it the first time

As some examples....
Here is the chart it makes for most of the main series regional dexes! And some commentary.


Kanto is the oldest, and it shows imo. I was really surprised to see Poison being the biggest bar here (that may even be short two, as I wasn't careful with my Nidoran), but not at all surprised to see Water close behind it. Notably, Ghost and Dragon have only one evolution line each out of 151 Pokemon (just under 2% representation). This isn't good IMO, especially for the Ghosts. Dark, Steel, and Fairy get a pass here for not actually existing yet (Normal would be slightly higher using legacy types, as the Clefable line lost their Normal type when the became Fairy). Besides that, the bars are kind of all over the place, but this sets a fairly good precedent for what's to come.

The data here actually includes all the Pokemon from the previous chart. In a lot of ways, this is more balanced than Kanto - the dominance of Water and Poison were significantly cut by the lack of many new Water/Poison types. That said, Ghost and Dragon still gained almost nothing. Dark and Steel now exist and are doing... alright here (Normal, again, is low due to the Clefable and Togetic lines). But yeah. This looks better, but still not great.

Aaaaand we're back to the curse of too many Water-types. This is a theme. Don't fall into it. Bar that and the essential nonexistance of the Ghost (again) and Ice (which makes sense because tropical region) types, it's actually fairly balanced. Dragon is doing nice and healthy for once too.

And in figure D, we have the worst balanced Pokedex in history. One look at that Fire bar should tell you exactly what I mean. There's only 5 Fire types in DP Sinnoh. And 3 of them are the Infernape line, which is literally unavailable to 2/3 of players (the others are the Rapidash line). Flint has THREE WILD CARDS. That's more than half his team. DON'T DO THIS. Similar shoutouts to Candice, who manages to put up an 7th-gym Ice gym with only four Ice-types in her region, both from the same evolution line. Speaking of which, this is a snowy region, so the lack of Ice-types is literally inexcusable.

This looks better! And we only added 50 Pokemon (actually 54 because I counted Rotom 5 times - Electric is overrepresented due to this btw). Simply by adding a few more Pokemon to those weaker types (cough Ice cough), the graph looks much healthier. Could have done with a few less birds though.

And as a counterpoint to the last two, have the BEST balanced regional dex in the series! Bar Fairy, which still doesn't exist, every type is in healthy supply. Ice is still annoyingly late-game, but what can ya do? Make your graphs look like this. Except put more Ice-types. Ice-types are really cool. Add lots of them.

And in the 2nd most balanced dex of the bunch, B2W2 improves on the weakest points (again, Ice) of BW's dex by pulling from outside, while just adding a ton everywhere. It did fall into the "too many water types" thing again as far as additions are concerned though.

Don't try to be Kalos.

And I'm throwing these two together because the proportions on the two Alola dexes are virtually identical, in that they would be amazingly balanced if you took out half the Water-types and 1/3 of the Normal and Flying-types. These are the 3 types that tend to get overrepresented the most. Be wary of that.

Or, like, ignore me and put a metric ton of Water-types in your game. That's fine. I'm a Grass-type user.

If you have any questions about the tool or suggestions for it, feel free to post them here! I'd also love to see your fangame dex distributions - so feel free to post those here as well (just use a spoiler tag or something to save space).


2/20/19 - Version 1.2 - Current
Added duplicate protection
Added STATS!!!!!
Moved some stuff around

2/19/19 - Version 1.0
Initial Release!

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This is brilliant! Wish I'd had this for my dex before I spent all that time making up my own spreadsheet haha. Might actually just delete mine and use yours instead as it looks so much tidier and has more detail, plus that chart is so handy. It must have taken you ages to make. Thanks a lot for sharing it! <3


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Awesome! This is super useful. Thanks for sharing!

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I updated the links in the OP to now go to...

version 1.2 - The stats update

This update adds average stats! That said, it is a little less user pretty, as I moved the Table onto a new tab to save space (though I can move it back if you want).

Also the stats feature is a house of cards that has significant breakage potential but that's okay, right? Also don't ask what happened to 1.1

If you prefer the old (as in, yesterday) look and don't want stats, feel free to use 1.0 - it's in the legacy versions spoiler

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This is awesome!
I used to take a month or two devising a whole spreadsheet and doing mathematical calculations in order to arrive at a balance (that wasn't really perfect, just inoffensive) for so long.
Your resource pretty much dramatically cuts down all of that time if I were to make any hacks!
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