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Error Essentials CRASHING Please Help

Started by Alan Flygon May 1st, 2019 4:07 AM
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Alan Flygon

A new GUY!!!

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Hi guys
Actually I am in big trouble. I accidentally messed up something in essentials and now neither the game nor the playtest is working

This is what I see
When I open the Game

When play testing

I tried to add an Alolan pokemon by debug and thats when this happened
I thinks I messed up something in PBS or with the Graphics

I tried using a fresh Essentials and this is repeating for the new one also which I hadn't even touched
Please help guys I don't know what to do


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The issue is cause because you have a saved file that contains Pokemon that don't have a sprite.

A good practice is renaming your projects when you start a new one, else a clean project will now get stuck with a save file that crashes on load.

You can delete your saved file by going to the Saved Games folder on your computer.

Windows 10 has it kept here: C:\Users\Vendily-PC\Saved Games
Windows 7, it's a folder deeper, in Documents\Saved Games

Find the folder titled Pokemon Essentials, as that's the Project's title in the window bar, and delete Game.rxdata.

EDIT: Oh, and you'll need sprites for the new pokemon too. They can be dummy or placeholder sprites, you just need something.

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