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[Error] Essentials CRASHING Please Help

Lazy Catalyst

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    Hi guys
    Actually I am in big trouble. I accidentally messed up something in essentials and now neither the game nor the playtest is working

    This is what I see
    When I open the Game
    Essentials CRASHING Please Help

    When play testing
    Essentials CRASHING Please Help

    I tried to add an Alolan pokemon by debug and thats when this happened
    I thinks I messed up something in PBS or with the Graphics

    I tried using a fresh Essentials and this is repeating for the new one also which I hadn't even touched
    Please help guys I don't know what to do
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    The issue is cause because you have a saved file that contains Pokemon that don't have a sprite.

    A good practice is renaming your projects when you start a new one, else a clean project will now get stuck with a save file that crashes on load.

    You can delete your saved file by going to the Saved Games folder on your computer.

    Windows 10 has it kept here: C:\Users\Vendily-PC\Saved Games
    Windows 7, it's a folder deeper, in Documents\Saved Games

    Find the folder titled Pokemon Essentials, as that's the Project's title in the window bar, and delete Game.rxdata.

    EDIT: Oh, and you'll need sprites for the new pokemon too. They can be dummy or placeholder sprites, you just need something.
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    Hi can anyone help I have been making my pokemon game for a while and it was working fine. a few weeks later and i want to test play my game again, it crashes before it even start. There is no error or something like that the screen just gets tottaly black and then the game falls of. does someone no what's going on.