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4th Gen Pokeathlon

Started by Palamon 4 Weeks Ago 7:05 PM
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This is an area exclusive to Heartgold/SoulSilver. The Pokeatlon is basically like the Pokemon Olympics. In this huge minigame, you compete with three of your Pokemon in five different courses: speed, power, skill, stamina and jump. Each of these five courses have three games/rounds in them each. If you get the highest score amongst the other NPCs competing, you will get a medal. You will also get athlete points, even if you don't win the course. In order to have a better chance at getting higher scores in Pokeathlon courses, a player should blend Apricorns through the Apriblender to make Aprijuice to raise the Pokemon's performance points up to five maximum. Some Pokemon perform better than others, however. If you have unlocked the Friendship Room, you can also unlock the Supreme Courses, where opponents are more difficult, and you earn more athlete points upon winning.

What did you think of the Pokeatlhon? Did you compete in the Pokeathlon? If so, what were your favorite courses? Were you able to unlock the friendship room? Would you like to see a feature like this return in the future?
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i liked the pokethlon at first, but after using it in many playthroughs to grind to get evolution stones and other prizes, i'm pretty numb to it. i don't find it fun anymore bc i got burnt out on it. i wish the point count was higher or that the prizes were cheaper because it gets really redundant doing trials over and over, especially if you don't have a lot of pokemon. less pokemon mean less skills you'll have available. so you end up using what you have the most skill in and doing the same trial over and over. it gets tiring fast.

i think my favorite events are the rock smashing one, the hurdle jump, and the disc jump one. not a fan of the relay race though. i swear that one is in every trial............god...........

in case y'all wanted to know, the jump pokethlon is the easiest and quickest to get through for back to back sessions of pokethlon to rack up points. requires the least amount of participation.
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I think it's a fun little distraction. I'm glad they added it to the game but it can get old real quick if you need to grind it out for a bunch of the prizes. Plus the fact that the prizes rotate every day is kind of annoying.

But I'd still take Pokethlon over Pokemon Contests any day.
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