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5th Gen Battle Subway

Started by Palamon 4 Weeks Ago 9:03 PM
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The Battle Subway is generation Five's battle Facility. Here, you battle trainers on well, a subway, until you reach a streak of 7. Once you hit a streak of 21, you can fight Ingo or Emmet. There are various modes: Single, Super Single, Double, Super Double, Multi, Super Multi and the Wifi Train. There is also a train where you can head to Anville Town, which has a train on display on certain days if you go there.

Did you ever bother with the Battle Subway? What was your opinion on it?
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I did enjoy the Battle Subway, specially when doing Multi-Battles with Hilbert/Hilda/Nate/Rosa. Even though they mess up quite a lot it was still fun
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Battle Subway was where I really started seriously making a team with all their IVs and EVs in order, so I've got a soft spot for it. That being said, from then on, it felt like they just did the same thing over and over with a different coat of paint. A tree, a chateau, that sort of thing... It's not the battle subway's fault per se, but it didn't exactly kickstart the best stuff about post game pokemon, did it?


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It's pretty standard Battle Tower stuff but I love Emmet and Ingo, I love the music of the subway, and I love how when you're in the train car the music gets more instruments added to it the more battles you've won. For that alone, it's my favorite Battle Tower.

And Anville Town is very serene, quite a lovely place. I love how it's more lively during the weekends, and the guy who explains about different kinds of trains... It's pretty funny when he tries to pretend there's an invisible car on the turn tracks!

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