FireRed Pokemon Retrieved firered (version 0.951)

Started by tzujm33 September 18th, 2019 6:28 AM
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Pokemon retrieved Firered is a Quality of life and difficulty hack of Pokemon Firered. Its the first Firered Hack to include the scrapped Pokemon from the Gsc beta. Most of the Quality of Life and mechanic features have been implemented by using Leons rombase while i took care of the Pokemon distribution and difficulty. The storyline isnt changed and ends after the second e4 battle.

~300 Pokemon spread throughout Kanto. The Pokedex includes
- all 151 original Kanto Pokemon. Excluding Dugtrio and Raichu, the Alola forms were used.
All Prevolutions and Evolutions of those Pokemon that were released in later gens.
All Gen 2 Pokemon that you could find in Kanto in gsc.
Almost all scrapped Pokemons from the gsc Beta (no Meganium because it was avaiable in gsc, but Dynabear is in f.e.)

the 5 scrapped gen 1 Pokemon revealed last year.
Another 46 Pokemon to fill up the e4 roster and to improve types that dont have many strong Pokemon.
Scrapped Mons stats aswell as the first encounter for some of them are listed here:

Pokemon distribution
Each route before the e4 has atleast 2 new Pokemon lines.
Levels have been increased by 5-10%
Rinrin, Tigrette and Wolfman are the starters.
I generally placed the strong Pokemon at the end of the game and the weak Pokemon at the starting routes.
All nonlegendary Pokemon can be catched before the e4
pre e4 Pokemon locations:

Trainer battles
levels have been increased by 10%-20%.
The gym leaders now use Pokemon from the same egg group instead of the same type.
Rocko:Mineral Misty:Water Bob:Humanshape Erika:Plant Koga:Monster Sabrina:Amorph Pyro:Field

The e4 now has teams based on playstyle.
Lorelei: special offensive Bruno: physical offensive Agathe: Defensive Siegfried: Mixed offensive Gary: Balance

Most normal Trainers have kept their Teams, but have their Pokemon evolved. Trainers with only 1 or 2 Pokemon have 1 Pokemon added in addition to the other changes.
You cant use items out of your bag in battle and battle style is set

Move and Ability changes
New moves and abilities from Leons rombase.8 Hms have been changed.
Tm5 Roar -> Moonblast Tm10 Hidden Power -> Fire Punch Tm20 Safeguard -> Ice Punch Tm32 Double Team -> Dragon Pulse Tm34 Shockwave -> Thunder Punch Tm39 Rock Tomb -> Shadow Claw Tm41 Torment -> Poison Jab Tm49 Snatch -> Dark Pulse

Since roost freezed when using it, i decided to give every Pokemon that learns it recover instead

Evolution changes
No trade evolutions. Alternative Evolutions aswell as Evolutions of new Pokemon are here:




Other notes:
Pokemon with a bst lower than 470 received small (5-35) base stat buffs similar to what gf did.
EV boosting items (protein, carbon etc...) now only cost 900$.
All tms and Evostones are buyable in celadon city in the 4th floor.
Some sprites of the scrapped Pokemon look improveworthy. Feel free to send me better versions.
The added scrapped Pokemon dont have their unique icons
The pokedex is bugged, but you have the pastebin that shows the Pokemon locations

patch it onto 1636 - Pokemon Fire Red (U)(Squirrels).gba

Letsplays, Walkthroughs and Reviews If you Letsplay, Walkthrough or Review this game, you can send me a pm and i migth link to it here..
short review by sevenchurces:
written walkthrough by sevenchurches:

Leon for Leons Rombase
The creators of Advancemap, Hopeless Trainer Editor, PGE, G3HS and XSE.
AtecainCorp for the beta sprites

Inner Rhymes

Hip Hop and Pokemon are all I need.

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I really like the idea of this, will definitely give it a shot soon. Thank you for sharing this!
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Yes battle style is set. I wanted to make the game more difficult and instaed of giving the opponent overleveld and/or overpowerd Pokemon or illegal Moves, i decided to take away the players ability to switch and use items, since the opponent cant switch or use items either. Neither the player nor the opponent being able to switch or use items sounds fair to me.
If a lot more people request to have the ability to switch, i could see myself releasing a version that allows that for the next release.

Its great to hear, that you otherwise enjoy to play the game.
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No, i didnt think about that. In the first version, which i didnt publish here, Rinrin, Tigrette and Wolfman werent even the starters, while Puhdi was still the rival Pokemon. I changed the starters to Rinrin, Tigrette and Wolfman, because i was criticised, that the first starter trio was too weak.
I assume you choose Wolfman? I tested Tigrette and Rinrin and had no problems. I didnt test Wolfman, but i guess i should have. I forgot that its weak to Puhdi. I will see that i change something that will make the battle easier with Wolfman for the next release.
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I havent tested it but in Vanilla Firered you could find Leftovers and i assume you should be able to get them in the same place here. There is no place to get Life orbs. You think i should give the player one? I wondered if the last Rocket battle on the Sevii Islands was a good place to give the player one piece of some good battle items (assault vest, life orb,...) that you cant find elsewhere.
About difficulty: I wanted to make the champion battle as well as the rematches stand out. I still was able to beat the Champion aswell as the E4 rebattle with a Team that was sligthly below the Level of the respective champion average. Because of that i thougth they were difficult, but since i didnt had to overlevel, totally doable.

Also, since you have played the whole game: Could you write a short review? It should be about the Pokemon distribution, difficulty, stats and abilities i gave the scrapped mons and other stuff you want to mention.
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I have a team of 5 that are in the mid 80s, I'm finding the rematch teams difficult. I can soundly beat the first one, but the second one I've only beaten once so far, and that turned out to be pure luck because they've won subsequent matches.

Edit: I made it to the 4th trainer in the rematches, and lost to his lead. You need to explain how you were able to win. Dedicated EV training? I'm struggling to find an answer, you would've needed someone with a strong priority move to outspeed the 4th guy's lead Pokemon.

Short review? For a good portion of the game, I forgot the main draw was the scrapped Pokemon, I became more focused on getting heavy hitters and favorites. I'd use PGE to look at the stats of the scrapped Pokemon and a lot of them weren't impressive. The abilities on them are, it's why I kept Electiger, plus the fact that it's my starter. Bombseel and PluXXX are in my team as well, but their stats are good enough to keep. I may need a 6th Pokemon, and I doubt a scrapped Pokemon would fill that hole. The other two in my team are Togekiss (my favorite to use in a playthrough) and Gyarados.

The hack's a good showcase for Leon's ROMbase as well. The difficulty is handled very well and is one of the best original features of the game. I could tell trainers were touched up and handled with difficulty and challenge in mind. I blazed through the game because I was overleveled and spent a lot of time grinding, but that glorious run ended with the Rocket Hideout on Five Island. The level curve caught up with my team and since then it's been a struggle for the most part. Lance's Gorochu was one of the most annoying Pokemon to deal with, it was a relief to outspeed it at a later attempt after Pinsir finally evolved.

It's a fine hack, but I think good battle items should be for sale. I'm getting more frustrated at the AI having Life Orbs and getting key victories with them.

Also, a pet peeve with almost all hacks is the lack of PP restoring items being for sale somewhere. That pet peeve has reared its ugly head in the hack I played before this, and it's slowly creeping up to this one. I hate that.
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I made it to the 4th trainer in the rematches, and lost to his lead. You need to explain how you were able to win. Dedicated EV training? I'm struggling to find an answer, you would've needed someone with a strong priority move to outspeed the 4th guy's lead Pokemon.
I just had a better Team. I leveld to Level 90 and my Team consisted of Dynabear, Sylveon, Deer, Dragonite, Mewtwo and Gyarados. Dragonite and Gyarados had Dragon Dance while Mewtwo had Calm mind, which helped a lot.
And yes, Mewtwo and Sylveon had perfect evs since i added them just before the E4 rebattle. The other had their evs boosted as far as Protein, Calcium and so allowed. I remembered to my surprise i only needed 2 or 3 attempts (and i reset the whole E4 after losing one battle), so it would have likely been possible even if my Pokemon were a bit lower leveld. (In comparison i needed 30-50 attempts for the first E4).
My advise would be to to get rid of Electiger and add a physical Tank and Mewtwo. Maybe add 2 or 3 Levels, though im not sure if thats necessary.
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I managed to beat the Pokemon League rematch teams. I didn't replace Electiger, I added Alakazam, grinded it up to the low 80s, EV trained it. Everyone got involved and had key KOs. I guess the MVP would be PluXXX, because of Moxie and how it took out the Champion. I'm exhausted from all these attempts that I didn't feel happy with the final victory. I should, there's some pride to be taken because I went into the Champion rematch with 5 of my 6. I ran out of revives and couldn't revive Bomseel, who definitely would've done some damage.

I'm convinced now that the difficulty of this hack, especially from the first Pokemon League all the way to the end, leaves much more of an impact than the presence of these scrapped mons. Even though I had 3 of those scrapped mons in my team. Anyway, frustrating towards the end, but it's a great hack overall.

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Having fun playing this. I was thinking for the scrapped Pokemon icons you might be able to use the Generation II and or Gen I menu sprites since they're used for groups of multiple pokemon, those icons were used for them, and they don't stick out as much as the gen 3 icons of the pokemon they replaced. It was also done in "Ultra FireRed XD" for a few of the scrapped mons it included.

I wasn't able to find the individual animated sprites but

here they all are animated but idk if it's of any use

And here's a spriter's resource sheet of them