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Seen December 17th, 2019
Posted December 17th, 2019
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Hack of the Year 2019 - Nomination Round


Welcome to the Hack of the Year competition for 2019! Each year we celebrate some of the greatest hacks on PokéCommunity by voting for them in several different categories and eventually bestowing the Hack of the Year title on the best of the best. The hard work, effort, devotion and even love that hackers have put into their works throughout the year show their results here.

This year's competition will differ from previous iterations as rather than sending PMs of your votes to an account, you will be able to nominate your favourite hacks from their very own threads! At the top of any hack thread that meets the HotY requirements (see below), there will be a link that will allow you to nominate that hack in a variety of fields such as mapping and graphics. This nomination process will remain open for the first two weeks of December; therefore, any votes sent later than 23:59 UTC on the 15th December will not count towards final total. Following this round, the top three nominated hacks across all categories will be judged by a panel of judges and the hack with the highest resulting score will be crowned Hack of the Year for 2019.

Voting Rules

  1. You may not vote for your own hack
  2. You must have at least 10 posts on PokéCommunity
  3. You must have joined PokéCommunity prior to November, 2019
  4. Do not vote for a hack because you like the author; make your decisions as objective as possible

Eligible Hacks

  1. Hacks are only eligible if they have been worked on at some point during 2019
  2. Hacks are only eligible if they have more than three Gyms of progress, or an equivalent amount of playtime, and has a playable release
  3. Sideshow Showcase hacks are not eligible for nomination outside of the Sideshow Showcase Hack of the Year category
  4. Previous HotY winners are inelligible

All nominations are based on a pre-edited list that the moderators have written up prior to the creation of this thread. If you find a hack that adheres to the above rules but can't be voted for, please contact either DrFuji or Avara as soon as possible to have the voting list updated to include the missing hack.

The eligible hacks are listed below (last updated 2019-12-01 09:09 UTC):

How to Vote

In order to place your vote, you will have to navigate to an eligible hack's thread. At the top of the thread, next to the reply button, there will be a second button that reads 'Nominate for HotY'. This button will transfer you to a new page where you will be able to nominate that hack for in the available categories. If you have already nominated the hack for a category, nominating for a different category will cancel your previous nomination. Likewise nominating a hack for a category that you already have a nomination in will replace the old nomination with the new one. Any votes that are cast after 23:59 UTC on the 15th December will not count towards the final tally. Be sure to review the Rules section above for voting.

If you have any questions, please PM the ROM Hacking moderators and a reply should come as soon as possible.


The explanations of each category are as follows:

Best Mapping - The hack with the best maps
Best Scripting - The hack whose scripts impressed you the most
Most Graphical Appeal - The hack with the best overall visual presentation
Best Storyline - The hack with the best plot/story line
Best Gameplay - The hack with the best/ most interesting features
Most Engaging Hack - The hack that kept you the most interested throughout
Sideshow Showcase HotY: - The best hack you have played from the Sideshow Showcase
Hack of the Year - The best hack you have played

A hack gets one point for every category in which you vote for it. The three hacks which have the most votes overall will proceed to the judging round. In addition, the hack which has the most votes in a single category for this initial round will be awarded with a corresponding title (e.g. Best Mapping). The Sideshow Showcase Hack of the Year award will be determined in this nomination round and will not be subject to a judging second round.


In the past, the judges involved in the final round have generally consisted of the ROM Hacking forum moderators and one or two members that the moderators' choose behind closed doors. This year, however, we are opening up applications to be a judge on the second round's panel. We are also seeking to expand the number of judges to five people, meaning that there are three open spots that you can apply for. In order to nominate yourself for such a position, please check out this thread.

Final Words

As this is the first year we're trying out this voting method we hope that everything runs smoothly, but please be understanding if things don't pan out correctly. Big changes usually come with errors. You have until the 15th December to submit your votes. So now all of that is sorted, let the voting begin!
Seen December 17th, 2019
Posted December 17th, 2019
23 posts
6.1 Years

Hack of the Year 2019 - Nomination Round Results


Now that the nomination round has finished, we have a final tally courtesy of PokeCommunity's new voting system, which was graciously spearheaded and implemented by mgriffin and Dakota. While the winners of the individual categories (Best Mapping, Best Scripting etc.) will be announced alongside the ultimate Hack of the Year winner, we can proudly announce the three hacks that will proceed to the final judging round.

Pokemon Unbound by -Skeli
Pokemon Saffron by mattymannnn
Pokemon Coral by coraldev


For the first time in HotY's history, the final round's judging spots were to be expanded to five members and open to the PokeCommunity member base. Unfortunately, only 5qwerty submitted an entry which (while excellent) means that there will only be three judges this year. The three judges in the final round will be:


It will take some time for the judges to play and write out their thoughts as to how each game plays, so it will most likely be January at the very earliest before the final results are in. We hope you can all wait until then!
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