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Soaring Sid


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Show the world that you're a Pokémon Trainer (again) with Pokémon GO’s new feature, which is very similar to Amie, Refresh and Camp!
<~Trent loves the fountain above! (And he credits Haychel for the avatar!)


Take my hands now

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My friend and me gonna be all over that...

you might know me as Drew | paired to Palamon


This is fine.

A cape
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As I hit level 40 last week I have access to the buddy system early in GO. :B

The system seems alright. You throw berries to feed them, keep feeding every so often to see them on overworld. You can increase their buddy-ness, grants perks (catch assist, find presents; find locations (?) and find souvenirs (guess bonus items specific to this); cp boost (I am guessing effectively 5 levels) and a ribbon.

There's much more stats for the pokemon set as your buddy, and daily activities like battling, taking a picture, going somewhere new with it...

Ferroseed rolls around you, it's cute.


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Sounds cute! I think it's live for trainers above lv. 30 now, but I've not tested yet. Gonna walk my shiny sheepy and see how it goes ~
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